East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, July 12, 1904, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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The Sheei
reflected from perfect toeth can
7 easily l)o destroyed by Improp
er dentifrices. There aro many
preparations that will whiten
teeth, but fow that presorvo the
enamel while thoy whiten.
5iives teeth while It beautifies
i them. It nrrcsta decay, hardens
the sums, removes dlscolora-
lions, sweetens the breath
nuil stops there.
Price 25 cents.
Successor to the Van Dran Brothers
Is a Hotel Man of Experience and
Comes From Bozeman, Mont. New
Management Will Introduce Some
New Methods Casper Van Dran
Will Go South for His Health.
The Hotel Pendleton will chance
i hands either this afternoon or tomor
row. Van Dran Urol hern aro to re
tire from the management in favor of
; J. J. Kelly, of Ilozeman, Mont
I While tho formal transfor of the
' hotel property lias not yet taken
' place, the dual Is to all intents and
! purposes consummated. An luvolco
i of the hostelry was taken yesterday
and the terms of tho transfer agreed
I on. A large amount of stock Is now
on hand.
' Air. Kelly rame to Pendleton with
I the Intention of Investigating tho
proposition about 10 days ago. He
was accompanied by his wife, anil the
two have thoroughly familiarized
themselves with the details of the
local business. Tho new proprietor
of the hotel is a man of experience
In his line and conies highly recom
mended. He was in the business at
(Ireat Kails, Mont., prior to going to
Ilozeman, nud has conducted hotels
in a number of cities of the Kast and
The rate of Increase of tho negro Middle West,
in the United States was considerably Van Dran llrothors have conducted
loss during the 19th century than it the hotel for several years, and under
is supposed to have been during the their callable management It has
Uih century. grown to be a popular institution.
Seven thousand truck drivers In the Tlle Pendleton has always paid well
imploy of tho Now York Truck Own- mI tho sale ls ,Iuu t0 of's'1 "'an
crs' Association, are expected to financial reasons. Casper Van Dran
atrlko. Tlioy claim the employers " railing liealtli for some
Fostoftlce Block.
'Phone Main 851.
have violated all agreements.
William Noerllng, of Brooklyn, N.
time, and at tho earnest entreaty of
his wlte consented to sell out and go
The Pendleton.
Thomas A. Purdy, Portland.
Adolph FIsk, Portland.
It. E. Paddock, Portland.
James E. Amnient, Ann Arbor.
J. W. D. McMillan, Portland.
George Dove, Portland.
W. D, Chamberlain, city.
P. 11. Cnldcrhead, Wnlla Walla.
J. J. Cleland, Portland.
0. J. Lubbert, Seattle.
0. S. Youugman, Portland.
R. I). Conian, Portland.
William Donnghy. Spokane.
C. J. Freeso, Spokano.
A. W. Llckiicr, Spokano.
11. M. Mnyberry, city.
A. II. Grant, Portland,
H, c. McAllister, Portland.
W. 11. Uoyd, Echo.
T, shot and killed his wife and then r.. ' ., , ' o 1L ., "
Tile 1 ,vm u oi-tiuiu. Kin uiijiuui.
iieurgc its s.iiii m iiiive unci no ueiuilie
liimself, while in a Jealous rage.
couple had live children, all present
when the shooting took plnc.e.
Certificates of stocks and bonds
plans for tho future as yet.
A number of changes and iniiova
Hons .are said to be planned by tho
ytth a value of $20S.O0O. were lately I10w pmretor. It is understood that
round In an old store room of a tIlero aro , bo challR(;8 , tho
Greenwich stree hotel in New ork. hotel aa regnr,Is the 1)resent attaches
There Is absolutely no clue to their of j,0 hostelry
ownership. i '
Charles J. Denny, member of the
St. Louis city council, is the third
The St. George.
E. N. Hutchinson, Portland.
L. II. Hogan, Milton.
J. J. Hums, Portland.
L. S. Heed, Portland.
.1. M. Dollnrhldo, Portland.
A. I). .McDonald, Portland.
E. A. Woiro, St. Louis.
Chnrles L. Weldler, San Francisco.
E. C. Wnrren, Portland.
C. A. Pagan, Seattle.
It, H. Wilson, Portland.
S. P. Meslek, San Francisco.
.1. Murphy, Portland.
V. H. Chastain, Milton.
Mr. and Mrs. Nat Webb, Walla
Miss Hattlc Harston, wnlla Walla.
A. W. Moreland, Portland.
A. H. Pearson, Sioux City.
.1. E. Farnsworth, Now York.
K J. Metcutf, Knllispel.
H. H. Samuel, Chicago.
W. Harvey Wells.
John P. Ilaydeii, Portland.
.1. A. Young, San Francisco.
A. O. Fomlell, Senttlo.
Charles Ulsliop, Portland.
T. W. Hartley, Moscow.
Stewart Young, Kathdriim.
E. J. Ilurdlek. Portland.
Mrs. M. Stanton, Wulla Walla.
Ceorge McGllvery, Spokane.
A. W. .Moreland, Portland.
j Men's Harvest Supp
Wo nro headquartors for liarveat Biippllcs for men.
Cloves from 8c a palrtoii
Straw hats, all shapos and prices. u a
Underwear 25c, 30c 45c, 50c, 75c and $i on
Socks fur hot woatlior -w 1 Sarmett
Shoes for mun $1.40, $1.50, $1.75, $2.00' 'j,c 4 Wt
Shirts, heavy black striped, double front ' " ll up
Striped Overalls 50c, 60c" Vbo'b'V 45e Mcl
Jumjiors to mntch overalls nbovo gn a pji,
Whatover your needs for your harvest work, como bom I . 755 eacl1
you. uuu ' Us oat.
: . 1 t -A
JR. JL B mir- JL. JL
Ijiles 1
Biles 1
nieniher of that body to plead guilty You peope.8 Reigous Order Hold-
influence on a city lighting deal. ,n9 statc Convenion.
Nineteen members were Indicted. Allentown. Pa., July 12. With
Owing to falling health, Henry Uus- Christian Endeavor banners Hying to
Un, chief mechanical and electrical "10 breeze an army of .enthusiastic
engineer of the World's Fair, has re- yl'ng people has captured Allentown
signed. Ten years ago he was chief aml will remain In possession for
electrician for the Portland Hallway three days. The visitors are the del
Company. egates to the state convention of tho
Robert 11. Taylor was for 3(1 years Christian Endeavor Society. Thoy
-a scrupulously honest and very mlmljer between three and four thous-
pinus" employo of the Central Na- nml represent every section of
tional Dank or Now York. He lately Pen"Hylvanio. Preliminary meetings
forged checks against tho Institution 01 "10 "lcf r ,nml various commit-
10 the amount of $6500. and hiked out. ic V"-,u , "ller""- V'
He was captured In St. Louis. formnI "I'enlng of tho convention
takes place this evening in Salem He-
PACIFIC NORTHWEST NEWS. ! orm chapel. The program for the
opening session Is as follows:
, . Call to order by the Row Dr. Allen
The regular summer forest fires are n. Dartholomew, president of the
v raging In-British Columbia do- at.p , sm serv e(, ,
ing immense damage to standing Urn- c Ulu,oln ()f iniilelplila. and devo
er' 1 tional exercises led by Hov. W, S.
Point flravlna, ono of the most pros- Cntlett of Allentown; addresses of
Iierous Indian towns in Alaska, has welcome by Mayor Lewis on behnir
been destroyed by lire, which caught of the city, Hov. Dr. J. F. Pollock on
Train an explosion In a saw mill, loss behalf of tho churches of Allentown,
Id the village about $20,000. ( and Hov. Theodore F. Herman, speak-
In response to large petitions from 1 Ing for the local committee; response
taxpayers, Portland's school board to the addresses of welcome by Rev.
will probebly allow full pay to all , Edwin II. Homlg of Lancaster; an
Portland city teachers during the nual address of th.o president and re
tiree months summer' vacation. j ports of the other olllcers. The ses
Tho Dalles Is now constructing a slo wl" lje concluded with quiet med
$50,000 water system which will bring' ,ta,lon amI prayer, conducted by
icr city supply direct from Mt. Hood. Rov- WIlHnm Powlck, of Allentown.
A cement reservoir Is being construct-
cd at tho foot of the mountain for a , Tollman & Co.
uaerve supply. ( ask the readers of this paper who aro
Fat hogs from Wheeler county, are suffering with Indigestion to get a
being hauled tiO and SO miles overland , hottlo of Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. If
lo reach the railroad to be shipped to you knew tho value of this remedy
aurket. In tho past we,ok about 50 as wo know It, you would not suffer
head havo died from heat, on the trip another day. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
Irom the interior to the railroad. j Is a thorough dlgestant and tissue
General Frederick- Pnnstnn. mm. building tonie as well. It Is endorsed
wandlng the department of tho Co-1 Personally by hundreds of people
milium, naa ueen given command or"'""" ul uuiiBoauuu,
U10 department of the East and Gen-, dyspepsia, palpitation of tho heart and
eral Constant Williams, now at San : storaacii iroumes generally. Kodol
The Bickers.
Miss Gladys Augell, HIUvlllc.
T. C. Conklln, ivlgin.
D. M. Conklln, Elgin!
C. B. Jlace, Baker City.
It. C. Easterman, Baker City.
C. 'Itoades, city.
J. 11. Haley, city.
(leorgo Blnncliard and wife, Helix.
It. It. Colitis, Kameln.
H. C. Tompleton, Eclio.
Arthur Prlchnrd, Portland.
P. J. Kelly. Portland.
AIlss Sarah Harrison, Echo
II. It. McCalluni, Eugene.
J. S. Cunningham, Portland.
(!. W. HunbecK, Clielialls.
C. A. Johnston, Portland.
W. E. Hnrvey, Portland.
Vincent Brothers, Seattle.
Charles Miller. New York.
Lilian Downs, Athena.
W. E. Bate, Portland.
C. D. Winn, W.eston.
L. M. Hallam, St. Charles.
S. A. Dolln, Vail.
Mrs. W. J. Sturdian, Lind.
Miss Pearl Sturdian, Linn.
Mrs. J. Hiehm, Walla Wulla.
J. L. Haley, Gold Hill.
W. A, Russell, Spokane.
S. S. Gill, Spokane.
H. Boylln, Pilot Hock.
J. M. .Stanton, city.
Charles Coker, Weston.
Mrs. J. M. BrinliloV, Mt. Homo.
D. L. Carter, Ontario.
Mrs. J. M. Angel!, Rltzvllle.
Miss Heta Angell. HItzvlll.c.
Antonio, Texas, will have command
of the Columbia.
A. M. Larson, of Resort, Idaho, was
kurled Monday, and while returning
from the cemetery, his friends mot a
woman who claimed to be the fiancee
of the dead man, who Insisted that he
was not dead, and caused him to be
disinterred. After taking a look at
the corpso alio permitted it to be re
burled, Miss Elizabeth Hamilton, of Port
land, a winsome lass of 17, over whom
Mrs. James White shot her husband
a fow days ago, attempted suicide by
snooting herself twice, Monday. She
will recover but says sho wants to
il(e, because she cannot have White,
las wife having a prior claim
Dyspepsia Curo digests what you eat
It Is pleasant, palatable and strength
If you want to buy wheat land, a
stock ranch, town property, vacant
lots or anything In tho real estate
Sine, Just drop In and see us.
Office In E. O. Building, Pendleton,
Or. 'Phono Black 1111.
Battleground Monument.
Washington, D. C July 12. Tho
monument In uattleground National
cemetery, commemorating the battle
fought on that snot 40 years airo. was
unveiled today with Interesting exer
cises ami in the presence of a largo
number of civil war veterans. Tho
monument was erected bv tho sup
vlvors of the 122d Now -York Volun
teers, a regiment which lost five mem
hers In tho fight. Tho success of the
Union forces in tho battle saved
Washington from capture. President
Lincoln witnessed tho struggle, and
the site chosen for tho monument Is
where ho stood while viewing tho
The pill that will, will fill the bill,
Without a gripe.
To cleanse tho llvor, without a quiver,
Talco onn at nldit
DoWltt's Llttlo Early Ilisers aro small,
easy to take, easy and gentle In effect
yet thoy aro so certain In results that
no ono who usos them la disappointed.
f or quick roller rrom biliousness, sick
headacho, torpid liver, jaundice, diz
ziness and all troubles arising from
an Inactive, sluggish liver, Early Ris
ers are unaqualed. Sold by Tollman
& Co.
Bids Wanted.
Bids wanted for excavating for tho
new Schmidt building on Main street.
Bids will be opened Tuesday noon,
July 12. Call at John Schmidt's at
Louvre saloon for particulars,
Now spring shirts, The Boston.
This cofice i $old in 1
and 2 tb. tint. Grind fresh
each day not too (inc.
San VrmncUco
Importer ef fins Coffaaa
Dimension lumber of all de
scriptions. Sash, Doors, Blinds,
.Moulding, Building and Tar
Gtays Harbor
Commercial Co.
Oppotlte W. & 0. R. Depot.
Walters' Flouring Mills
Capacity, 150 barrels a day.
Flour oxchanged for wheat.
Flour, Mill Foed. Ohonnod Fu1
etc., always on hand.
"He's a very courageous man."
"Ah! then Colonel, so you've seen his wife, too, eh?"
1 he Col
Well ventilated, J
lortable roonu, soj
in connection,
goods are senet j
Main street, cent!
between i:ta
F. X. SCHl
Has been tho trade at our llttlo store. People realize that tho
size of tho store, the numbor of clerks employed or the size of the
stock carried has "nothing to do with tho monoy saving values
given. Its tho quality of tho goods nnd the low prices placed on
each artlclo that counts.
The compulsory sale mouns a great deal to the buyers of
clothing. It means the best suits at lower prices than over quot
ed In Pendleton.
This shipment of clothing sent us through an error on the
part of tho factory before wo nro ready for It makes It Impera
tive that wo got rid of It at once. In order to dispose of a large
shipment like tills it Is necessary to give great Inducements and
make tho prices so low and tho values so big that people will
be compelled to buy becauso the bargains aro Irresistible.
And people who have called havo found the greatest, grandest
nnd most convincing money-saving prices over offered in Eastern
Oregon. Wo propose to close out ovory artlclo by the end of this
month. Clothing and furnishing goods. Its up to you to take ad
vantage of this sale.
The manufacturers of tho clothing who made the error, wired
us to aet rid of the good and charge the lots to them.
Don't hesitato, but come In and see this magnificent lino of
clothing and soparate trousers. The price Is the main thing to
you, but on that score wo aro positive to please you.
Prices on furnishing goods are more wonderfully low than
ever. Wo are doing It. Come In and see.
Greatest bargain In Pondleton's merchandizing. Coat and,
pants, best grade, regular array make, for only 91 suit. Come In
and let the goods and prices talk to you.
Cool, refreshing ui
ing, our drinks m i
spot. Call for Soda
parllla, Iron Brew,
Phosphates. Mind
Root Deer, Ginger!
uwer, ana all kind!
drinks. Our drlnksl
nnd only distilled
from condensed ste I
Manufactured by
Factory under St. Gal
Rock Sprin
Recognized as the I
most economical II
are prepared to cona
you for your winter"!
We deliver coal or j
any part of the cltf.j
Laatz B
Sullivan (b Bond liTcndcrMfc
a nut I" '
Compulsory and removal snlo. The Utile store that Is break
ing all bargain records.
Modem School of Commerce
A Business and Shorthand Training School.
Write today.
Car Fare Free.
Two Months' Tuition Free.
Pendleton, Oreoon.
ir vou are Interested!
n.,l.,lrc SPA US. 0'J1
& nii.....o,
w make
framing PICTURES.
Btock of frame
Opera House
We have u p j
line from .Elgin to JoP;
po nts. vc - M
faster time asd wljf '
than by any
gin daliy aiier ,,
leaving Joseph at s.' ,t
morning. csn
Joseph and Lo,8 lu itli rl
date commercial men
tne wh"b v"
foot line.
I Sol