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The Sheen
reflected from perfect teeth can
easily he destroyed by improp
er dentifrices, There nre many
preparations that will whiten
teeth, but few that preserve the
enamel while they whiten.
siives teeth while it beautifies t :
them. It arrests decay, hardens i
the gums, removes dlscolora- i ,
tions. sweetens the breath '
One Washout so Deep It May Be Best
to Bridge It A Large Amount of i
Debris Washed Down For Half the)
Distance Travelers Abandon the'
Road for the Fields Those Inter
ested Will Try and Interest the
County Court.
and slops there.
Price 25 cents.
Postofflce Block.
Phone Main S51.
All freight handling and other oper
ations In the harbor of Havana are
tied up by a strike.
The EI Paso at Cripple Creok,
yielded nearly $100,000 during the
mouth (if June. It is a gold ledge
running $133 per ton.
Of the three rowboats laden with
passengers from the wrecked Norge.
two are missing and are believed to
bo hopelessly lost. Over S00 were
The Chanute. Kan., oil fields have
paid during the past two years over
1300.000 In dividends. There is ap
parently not the slightest diminution
In the output.
The best known baseball record In
Hie state of Washington was made
July 4 by Chris Steltz, the Sprague
pitcher, who struck out 25 men In a '
game with Cheney.
Reviews of the wool situation made
In Boston ngree that "the prospects
for the woolen industry are consider
ed better than for many a day. and
all values are very firm and steadily
hardening." ,
William J. Dryan states that his
profits from the Commoner average
jaO(K) per year. His Income from nil '
other sources lecturing, royalties
ind writing, reaches from $7000 to
JS00O per year. His real and personal '
property Is valued at between 530.000
and $75,000.
The Information nud the complaint i
and the notion for relief embodied In !
1 the following come from heavy prop-
erty owners between the north and i
south forks of the McKay:
The highway between McKay post-'
, oftlce and Spring Gulch, for about six I
' miles east of Pilot Hoek the route
, followed by the government mall '
' sorvlce is In extremely bad shape..'
The dangerous condition of the np-1
: proaches to the bridge across main
, .McKay creek are noted. The road is
badly 'washed out in places as n result
of the storm of last Sunday. In one
place ihere is a hole 10 feet deep di
rectly in the highway, and the opin
ion Is ventured that it will be nctu
nlly cheaper to bridge than to fill It,
in the long run. It will afford an
, exit for Hood water In the future.
' some observers claiming that the
fact that the channel scoured out just
where It did during an excessive rain
fall is sufficient proof that there
should be a permanent channel there.
The nmount of debris which has
washed upon the road In this six-mile
strip is simply enormous, though not
excessive In nny one place.
For at least half of the entire dis
tance of six miles the rond is tem
porarily abandoned bv travelers, who i
strike out boldly Into the wheat j
fields because there is nowhere else I
for them to go a measure that Is ex- j
pensive nnd exasperating to the far- j
mers. who aie more patient and for
bearing than perhaps they should be. I
Those most vitally Interested are
extremely anxious that the county j
court take hold of the matter and j
make some repairs that the first j
heavy rains cannot wash out, holding
that such a step would bo proven by
time to he far cheaper than the make
shift policy of filling up holes nnd i
shoveling off debris after every heavy
The Pendleton.
E. B. Martin, Portland.
Florence I). Cnlef nnd daughter,
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly. Great Falls.
M I.. Hanllne, Baltimore.
E. Til. Uosetithul, Portland.
J. O. Frledtnann, Portland.
Fren S. Hodgers, Portland.
W. L. Gazznm, Crystnl Springs.
E. II. Clark, city.
E. O. Goodrich, San Francisco.
A. G. ltoesch, San Francisco.
W. D. Chamberlain, city.
W. E. Murray. Chicago.
F. J. Coinough, Boston,
F. W. Walte, San Francisco. .
W. H. A. T. Wallace. Portland.
H. B. .May. Walln Walla.
II. E. Allen, Wnlln Wnlla.
William nonnghy, Spokane.
George Stevens, Spokane.
Edward Golden, Portland.
W. II. Mcltoberts. Spokane.
C. Cardwell. Albany.
Charles H Green, San Frnnclsco.
F. H. Stocker, San Francisco.
Ed Besthorn, city.
S. .enholm. St. Louis,
Miss Grace Isaacs, Walla Walla.
1.. M. Scholl, Portland.
Weston G. Wood, Chicago.
The St. George.
W. B. Walters, Portland.
F. H. Hnradou'. Portland.
S. J. Kraenier. Portland.
S. Powerynrt, Portland.
E. F. Chaplor. Portland.
Dean Belch, Now York.
E. M. O'Brien. Chicago.
William T. Custer, Chicago.
Louis Bergum, Athena.
A. W. Geesey. San Francisco.
J. J. Dennis, San Francisco.
.Mrs. Ella Porter. Boise.
F. E. Flaherty. New York.
Lieut. B. E. Hyatt, llolse.
Sam Irwin. Island City.
S. Redmond. Dlcklson.
Joseph Smith, Butte.
A. W. Blue. Spokanu.
.Mrs. Dlekison. .Milton.
.. H. Plnkhnm, Portland.
N. B. Kruuse, Seattle.
William P. Folger. Spokane.
J J. Burns. Portland.
I.. P. Sherman, Salt Lake.
H. J. Carter. San Francisco.
Dr. W. N Wear. Adams.
O. T Gulllxson. Boise.
The postofflce safe at Newberg,
Former Echo Farmer Invests In Valu
able Birch Creek Real Estate.
Yesterday evening Charles McBee,
who recently sold a magnificent al
falfa farm on Butter creek, purchas
ed through E. T. Wade & Son, the
Henry Scales form on Birch creek.
five miles southwest of this city, con-1
slsting of 130 acres for the sum ofi
.Mr. McBee has been looking over
the county since selling out in the
Butter creek country, and decided
that there was no better investment
Yamhill county, was cracked Thurs-, for him than Umatilla county real
day morning and $300 stolen, J estate, and this purchase Is the re-
Herbert Hayward, of Boise, shot suit,
and killed Mrs. Alice Moore and then . The Scales place is ono of the most
killed himself, Thursday morning. prominent stock farms In the county.
Portland Is said to be filling up with j T1ere are about 200 acres In ctiltiva
thugs and thieves, 10 hold-ups and on tne Illrcl' crecI Bottom, the
robberies having occurred In one day remainder being pasture land and
this week partly unfenced, having been used for
The body of John Carsten, a sailor -P jp 8f
drowned in the bay at Seattle. lies tons ami Mr. McBee began
unc aimed In the morgue, no friends " , b , , ,
having been found to bury him. w 'amount n,)0t 2000
The services of a diver have been bushels,
employed to recover the body of J. There are two small orchards on
A. rtotan from the Willamette river. , tjle iace, a new farm house, nnd all
iiuiuil un,nui;u iiimncii hi duivm ; ti,,, nppilpr iarm COO VenieilCuH.
Mr. McBee left for Echo this mom
Inc to bring his family to his now
Fire in the Lander oil wells, nt Lan
der, Wyoming, threatenes a storage
lake containing 500,000 gallons of
tntde oil. Fire Is now raging and Is
bqyond control.
Brakeman L. D. Chute, of the Ore
gon Water Power Company, was In
stantly killed In Portland, Thursday,
by being caught between the bumpers
of two cars.
The date of the county seat remov
al from Union to La Grande has been
fixed for September 3, at which time
La Grande will present the new court
bouse to the county.
Earnle Powell, a fast young man
of Spokane, who had been playing the
races at The Dalles, attempted sul
olde at the latter place Thursday
morning by taking morphine.
Mrs. James White, of Portland, shot
her husband, mulcting a mortal
wound Thursday evening, following
a family quarrel, In which he brutally
choked her. She was not arrested.
Edward Grady, the last of the trio
of bold robbers who held up the Owl
saloon and gambling tables at Bil
lings, and killed Chief of Police Bob
Hannah last Friday, has been cap
tured through the treachery of his
sweetheart, who sold him for the re
ward of $C75.
home. Mr. Scales will remain on the
place until Mr. McBee can got moved,
when he will surrender possession.
Mr. McBee will immediately Im
prove the place by fencing It and
plowing out all the tillable land and
adding to the alfalfa acreage.
There Is on abundance of writer to
irrlgnte all the tillable land on the
farm and Mr. McBee has bought this
for a permanent home In Unintllla
If you want to buy wheat land, a
lock ranch, town property, vacant
lots or anything in the real estate
line, Just drop In and see us.
Office in E. O. Building, Pendleton,
Or. 'Phone Black 1111.
Town Out of Debt and Many New
Buildings Now Under Construc
tion. A. S. Pearson, city recorder of Free
water, was in the city yesterday, re
turning home on the evening train,
after transacting business here. Mr.
Pearson Is justly proud of his little
town, which enjoys the unique dis
tinction of being tho only town In
Umatilla county which has money in
the treasury and no debt.
A new bank building 80x100 feet, of
brick, two stories In height, will be
commenced in a few days, arrange
ments having been completed for the
opening of a national bank at that
place In the near future.
Monster Alaskan Nugget.
Dawson, July 8. To No. 3, Ameri
can gulch, belongs the honor of pro
ducing tho biggest nugget ever found
In the Yukon torrltory, or for that
'matter In the entire north, Tho mon
ster wolghs -150 ounces, and If It
wore all gold It would bo worth at
$15 an ounce the tidy little sum of
What percentage the boulder, as
such It might with proprloty bo called,
Is quartz could not bo told without
grinding It np and separating tho
dross from tho pure gold, hut minors
who have seen tho piece havo no hes
itancy In declaring It to contain by
far more gold than any other similar
find In the Klondike,
Triple Murderer 'Hanged,
.Michigan City, lnd July 8. Jorry
Dugglns, who murdorod Mrs. Sarah
Itamsay and her two children near
Torro Haute, was hanged today In the
Michigan City atato prison,
The Bickers.
Dan C llrownell. Umatilla.
Miss Doshia Graybeal, Umatilla.
Henry l.ninkn and family, Uklah.
It. A. Johnson. Baker City.
W. Cowles, Yakima City.
I). F. Mclntyre. Siokauo.
W. M. W. Boots, .Monmouth.
George Donohue. Spokane.
A. P. Donohue, Spokane.
Thomas Struve.
H. W. Martin, San Francisco-
I. . Clark, Portland.
Mrs. L. Clark. Portland.
II. L. Stout, Kewanee.
W Caudlsh.
J. P. Newell, Portland.
E. L, Harnett, Athena,
Joe Gay, Athena.
Ed Clossey, Starbuck.
Josle Ambrois, Kilter.
E. H. Burke, Portland.
J. W. Walton, Sou Falls.
Vernon Foster, Walla Walln.
Jerry St. Dennis, Athena.
J. J. Bremustool, I.oa.
Jessie .Moore. Helix.
J. B. Snyder, Portland.
John Terpen, Portland.
A. V. Gulllford, city.
C. E. DeGraff, city.
U. Crnll. city.
C. Armstrong, city
G. W. Soper. Portland.
J. D. McCulley, Portland.
W. E. Harvey. Portland.
J. E. Bate Portland.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured.,
lly local applications as they can not rm:U
tlie diseased portion of the ear. There
U only one way to cure deafness, and that
Is by constitutional remedies. Deafnes is
i-uuseil by an Inflame-J condition of the
mucous lining of the Kustaculan tube.
When this tube Is Inflamed you have a
rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing, and
when It U entirely closed, deafness Is the
result, nud unless the Inflammation, can. be
taken out and this tube restored to Its
normal condition, hearing wll be destroyed
forever: nine cases out of ten are caused
by Catarrh, which Is nothng but an. In
flamed condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars Xor
any case of deafness (caused by catarrh)
that can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure. Send for circulars free.
K. J. CIIENKY & CO., Toledo O.
Sold by all drugfcsts, 73c.
Hall's Family l'llls are the best.
The Dalles Paper Speaks In Highest
The Dalles Chronicle says of tne
Dixie Carnival Company, which comes
here for the Eagles' carnival next
The Dixie Carnival Company, which
came hero from Salem Sunday,, hare
given exhibitions in this city yestor
day and today, greatly to the satisfac
tion of all those in attendance. Every
evening the streets are thronged in
this vicinity, and when the shows are
opened they are always thronged with
sightseers. The Dalles has had
many of these carnivals, hut none
that will excel this In any regard.
One thing; about the Dixie company
Is that Its advertisement Is a simple
statomont of facts. There is nothing
that Is not produced as described. The
Electrical Palace, Swiss Village,
Olass Blowers, Luna, etc., aro all as
ropreseuted, Every one who has
No Dessert
More Attractive
Why usj gelatine nnd
spend 'hours soaking,
sweotening, flavoring
and coloring when
produces bottor results in two minutes?
Everything In the paokase. Simply add hot
nuwruiiuavtiocoui. iva penectlon. Astir,
prise to thu housuwifu. No trouble, less ex
pense. Try it to-day. In Four Fruit Plfc.
vorat Lemon, Orange, Strawberry, Hasp,
berry. At yrocora. 10c
We nre headquarters for harvest supplies for men.
! Gloves from 8c n pair to $150
Straw hats, all shapes and prices. Mr
; Underwear 25c, 30c 45c, 50c, 75c and $1.00 a gu
' Socks for hot weather 6c me'
Shoes for men 51.40, $1.50, $1.75, $2.00, $25 andP r
Shirts, heavy hlnck striped, double front UJ
Striped Overalls 50c, 60c, 75c and90e ,
; Jmnjiors to match ovoralls abovo 50o and 75c '
; Whntevor your needs for your harvest work, como here and let us n
1 fit you. ut"
seen these exhibitions, sny they were
perfectly satisfied and got the full
worth of their money.
The attractions on the outside are
well worth seeing, and large crowds
view these with a great deal of pleas
ure and cntor'tnlnnient every after
noon and evening. If these feats
were performed under canvas they
would bo well worth paying an ad
mission to see. But they are given
free simply to nmuse the crowd dur
ing the intervals between perform
nuces, Tho Carnival compnny will remain
several days yet, nnd those of our
cltbens who hnve not been privileged
with seolng these shows should not
miss this opportunity. An afternoon
or evening could not be more profita
bly spent than Inside these tents, wit-
nesslng the performances or viewing
the wonders which are exhibited.
Brutally Tortured.
A case came to light that for
Blstont nnd unmerciful torture
perhaps never been equnlod.
Gobolick of Colusa, Cal., writes:
15 years I endured Insufferable pain
from rhoumntism nnd nothing reliev
ed mo though I tried everything
known. I camo across Electric Bit
ters and it's tho greatest medicine on
enrth for that trouble A few bottles
of it completely relieved and cured
me." Just ns good for liver nud kid
ney troubles and general debility.
Only 50c. Satisfaction guaranteed by
Tallman & Co., druggist.
Get a "top cont." The Boston.
Is an ordeal which ell
women approach with
indescribable fear, for
nothing compares with
TL. n i
Lodging H
Well ventilated, nMt
fortable rooms, goal
In connection, J
goods are Berred.
Main street, center
uutween tfl
cmiQ-Dirin. ine ttiought '
of the suffering and danger in store for lior, robs the expectant mother I
of nil pleasant anticipations of the coming event, and casts over her u t
shadow of gloom which cannot be shaken off. Thousands of women
have found that the use of Mother's Friend during pregnancy robs i
confinement of all pain and danger, and insures snfety to life of mother ' 1
and child. This scientific liniment is a god-send to all women at the
time of their most critical trial. Not onlv does Mother's Friend I
carry women safely through the perils of child-birth, but its use
gently prepares the system for the coming event, prevents "morutnc
icknesa," and other dis-
I.OO Der bottle. Rnnt mmm " " MlmM & WUF
containing valuable information free.
TIm Bradfield Regulator Co., AtlasUa.Ga.
: F. X. SCHE
I Proprietor!
Cool, refreshing and !
lug. Our drinks go rigi
spot. Call for Soda Pal
panua, iron Brew, Dr. I
Phosphates, Mineral I
Boot Beer, Ginger a
Cider, and all kinds
drinks. Our drinks J
and only distilled prill
from condensed ste nj
Manufactured by
Factory under St. Georl
Has been the trade at our little Btore. People realize that tho
size of the store, the number of clerks employed or the size of the
stock carried has nothing to do with the money saving values
given. Its the quality of the goods nnd the low prices placed on
each article that counts.
The compulsory sale moans a great deal to the buyers of
clothing. It means the best suits at lower prices than ever quot
ed In Pendleton.
This shipment of clothing sent us through an orror on the
part of tho factory before we are ready for It makes it Impera
tive that we get rid of it at once. In order to dispose of a large
shipment like this It is necessary to give great Inducements and
make the prices so low and the values so big that people will
be compelled to buy because the bargains are irresistible.
And people who have callod have found the greatest, grandest
and most convincing monoy-savlng prices ever offered In Eastern
Oregon. We propose to close out overy article by the end of this
month. Clothing and furnishing goods. Its up to you. to take ad
vantage of this sale.
Tho manufacturers of tho clothing who made the error, wired
us to net rid of the goods and charge the loss to 'them.
Don't hesitate, but come In and see this magnificent line of
clothing and soparate trousers. The price is the main thing to
you, but on that scoro we are positive .to please you.
Rock Spring
Recognized as the tJ
most economical fuel
are urenared to contnl
you for your winter's
We deliver coal or
any part of the city.
Laatz Br
Prices on furnishing goods are more wonderfully low
over. We are doing it. Como In and see.
Shoe Repa
I have moved my shop to
door east of tne
imirini? of all kinds dote
mnnner at reMOl
As I have been in busla
years, I need not spe
llv nf mv work for it speJ
if.. ii- nt ahnes WU
ill BWl-ft " . ,l.
damaged by water and tw
company told me w
what I could get, so I
sell 1
for less than
Greatest bargain In Pondloton's merchandizing. Coat and
pants, best grade, regular army make, for only U suit. Come la
and let the goods and prices talk to you,
Sullivan Bond
Compulsory aud romoval salo.
lng nil bargain records.
The little store that Is break-
ti. iMa In In4 '
need poultry and ita"
and ask for w -nniillr
and Stoat
Kow Kure for jour
C. F. Coleswoj
9T.i!9 East A" 1
Agent for Lee'a
Tenderfoot Transporu
' We have just jmt
line from Elgin to JM
points. We v'SSdrt
good horses and careim
schedule will put JJJ
faster time and w ' J" u
than by any other In
gin dally after the tram
leaving Joseph at 5.
morning. Having 1W n ,
Joseph and Los InjgT ri
date commercial ijw" ,
times. Whoa you
the Wallowa canyon, try q
foot line.