East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, July 05, 1904, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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At the Alexander Department Store
Extra Fourth ot July bargains.
Extra special ribbon bargains:
No. 5 Taffeta Ribbons, all silk 6c yapd
jlo, 7 Tnftcta Itlbbons, all silk 8c yard'
No. fl Taffeta Illbbons, all silk i0c yard
No. 12 Taffeta Illbbons, all silk 12c yard
No. 10 Taffeta Illbbons, all silk 14c yard
No. 22 Taffeta Illbbons, all silk ; isc yard
No. 30 Taffeta Ribbons, all silk ... 18c yard
No. 40 Taffeta Ribbons, all silk 20c yard
No. fiO Taffeta Ribbons, all silk -., 22c yard
No. CO Taffeta Ribbons, all silk 25c yard
ir per cent reduction on ladies' parasols.
20 per cent reduction on ladles' shirt waists.
IK per cent reduction on muslin underwear.
15 per cent reduction on summer underwear.
liny your shoes and Oxfords on Friday and Saturday and save from" 60e
to $1.00 on every pair.
Alexander Department Store
toodman-Thompson Hardware Co.
i Eastern Oregon Medical Asociation,
j Hot Lake, July 7.
I .Na.,!1.al 0lIanl Encampment,
Washington, Idaho and Oregon,
American Lake, Idaho, July 7-21.4'
I August 22-27 American Mining
i Congress, Portland.
I National Irrigation Associatlon7"El
Paso, Texas, November 1C-18.
Wants Agency for "Trib" After Tak
ing It.
Walla Walla, Wash., Jan 14, 1904.
Ab I have taken "Trib" and know it to
i be a cure for the liquor and tobacco
i habits, I would like to act as your
agent in this state or any other. If
you give agencies, please let me hear
from you by return mail.
Yours respectfully,
For sale by Tallmau & Co.
Ery Impurity and foreign substance Is absolutely removed.
The water is heated to stea m. mnH-nftfH. r.holted. cooled and
Into lee.
For the tame price at the same time.
to anA CA C-
Telephone Main 1781
It l hard to teach an old dog;
For once he told the truth
Give the pup a trial,
For the old do It out. of style.
on Steam Latmdty
The' new Laundry on Cottonwood 8tret.
. .
vj.. i-i. a- viKiiir
" W th ,!. .... . . . . .
h u 70U wl" " satisfied, his work is always
' particular.
' tl flpllra .l.u ...
-v mui y0U on piumuing.
1 ' Pai.mA n
m-' wnJl. ODDOBlte Hotel nickara.
In order to accommodate fishing
parties the O. It. & N. Co. will, until
close of season, have train No. 2,
leaving here at 6:46 p. m., stop at
North Fork on Saturday evenings,
and train No. 1, due in Pendleton at
9 a. in., stop at some place Monday
morning. This arrangement will be
In effect Saturday, May 14.
E. C. SMITH, Agent.
Working Night and Day.
The busiest and mightiest little
thing that ever was made Is Dr. King's
New Life Pills. These pills change
weakness Into strength, listlessness
into energy, brain-fag Into mental
power. They're wonderful In building
up the health.' Only 25c per box. Sold
by Tall man & Co,
The State Owes the State and May
Foreclose on Property Which Be
longs to Itself Indebtedness Dates
Back Over Twenty Years Began to
Get Loans From the State In 1885
Since Which the Fair's Affairs Have
Cone From Bad to Worse.
$10.00 Panama hats, to close, $C.7C.
Lee Teu,tscb.
Require tbe Mont Careful Attention mm
Well an Good Hull.
Did you ever bco a rosebush which
despite the most beneficent environment
of soil of sunshine and of atmosphere,
seemed never to acmeve a nealtny
A ton of manure will not help a plant
that has a canker eating out Its heart.
Tou must destroy the cause before you
can remove me errect.
Tou cannot cure Dandruff and Bald
ness by rubblrnr on hair lotions, and
Tubbing in vaseline, etc.
Tou must look to the cause of the
trouble It's a germ at the roots of
your hair which causes It to tall out.
Newbro's Herplclde destroys the eerm.
and healthy hair la the sure result.
Sold by leading druggists. Send 10c. In
tamps for sample to The Herplclde Co..
Detroit. Mich.
F. W. Schmidt, special agent.
both demand a ring, and as the occa
slon Is an important one, get a ring of
lasting quality.
Our assortment ot
contains every kind known to the
trade. Plain band rings of 14 karat
gold in all widths.
Solitaire diamond rings at all m-lcea
Size and quality govern the price. '
Jeweler and Optician
Postofflee Block.
The Salem Dally Statesman dls
cusses the affairs of tlio state fair on
tcrtalningly, making some disclosures
of great Interest and heretofore tin
known to the general public, as fol
Is the Oregon stato fnlr open to prl
vato purclmso?
That is the question soon to be rals
ed If tho proceedings proposed by tho
stato board ot school land commls
slonors against the Oregon state board
of agriculture, usually known as tho
Mate fair board, are carried out.
In order that tho general public may
see what, tbeso proceedings are, and
may lend to, It Is necessary to give
here a brief resume of the history ot
late years of tho Oregon stato fair
In 1885 the old Oregon Agricultural
Society, tinder whose auspices a state
agricultural fair had been held for a
number of years, getting In a very bad
way financially, went before the lcgls
latlve assembly and secured an appro
priation from tbe general funds of the
stnte for the purpose of assisting in
Its maintenance.
Things not going prosperously with
the association apparently, It was de
cided to fund the outstanding Indent'
edncss of tbe old association, and a
general loan was made from tho
school fund of tho state, for this pur
pose. This fund was then and is now
under the charge of the state land
board noted above, and they loaned
tho society the sum of $11,000, at 8
per cent Interest for one year. This
was on December 29, 1894, and the
loan was really the outcome of tho
'hard times" period through which
everybody had just gone.
A year later tho board of managers
was notified that the amount loaned
was due, but as no funds wero In
sight with which to pay It back, the
matter rested. In statu quo. This con
dltlon ruled year after year until 1899,
when the board found Itself in pos
session of 'a depleted exchequer and
$7,000 of additional Indebtedness
hanging over It In the form of "war
rants on the treasury" Indorsed "not
paid for want of funds."
The legislature was again appealed
to In 1899, and an appropriation made
to pay the warrant Indebtedness, but
the stato required that the lauds bo
deeded to the stato of Oregon, which
was done. A now board of fair man
agers was then appointed known as
the Oregon state board of agricul
ture, of five members, and this same
organization still rules In the fair
The transfer of tho fair grounds to
tho state was made subject to tho
mortgage, so the condition Is now
that tho state of Oregon owes to tho
school trust fund the sum of $11,000,
with nearly $9,000 additional Interest.
The stato of Oregon, trustees, repre
sented by tho stato board of school
land commissioners has made various
demands on tbe state ot Oregon, as
represented by the state board of agri
culture for tho payment of tho above
sums without result. As Secretary
Wylie A. Moorcs said yesterday: "We
admit that the demands havo been
made on the stato board of agrlcul
turo for the payment of this sura, but
we do not admit having paid It, The
reason Is wo have no funds available
for this purpose and tho legislative
assembly should have mado tho appro
prlation to cover tho amounts Into
the school fund."
"The stato board of agriculture has
no funds nor income," suld Secretary
Mooros, "from any source except gate
receipts and concessions, and thoso
together with the annual apnronrla'
tlon are necessary for tho support of
the fair. Tho $10,000 appropriation
can oo used lor no other nurnoso CX'
copt tho payment of premiums, and
tho other revenues are necessary for
the payment of expenses. Thus you
seo why nothing has been dono in
this matter. The land belongs to the
state and the stato owes the money,
ana except a specific annronrlation
be made for Its payment, I don't, see
now u can no aone."
Now the stato land board has In
structed the attorney general to In
vestlgato tho matter and seo if the
hoard can foreclose tho mortgage. At'
torney General Crawford said yester
day that ho thought proceedings would
iiKely bo commenced soon, and of
course, under such proceedings, un
less tho legislature should sten in and
appropriate money for tho purpose of
uuying tho lands and paying the mort
gage, tho property would havo to go
to mo niguest bidder. It Is admitted
that if tho stato could buy tho land for
a valuation In excess of the amount
of the mortgago It could pay the
If the school board should take, thn
lands In, it would have to do so for
the face of the mortgage, which Is
more or less $20,000 now. Tho lands,
which contain nbout 160 acres, are
easily worth thirty to thirty-five thous-
ana aouars, so Salem's citizens can
seo what a menace this will be to tho
stato fair. Tho stato could not buy
the property from the general or stato
fair fund .without further Instruction
from the legislative assembly, and a
sale would mean that It would go to
private parties.
Is tbls tho first step toward moving
the stato fair to Guild's lako?
Those Indobted to me for wood and
coal will please settle the same by
July 6tb, and save cost. P. P. Collier.
New spring shirts. Tbe Boston.
Preaching at Kidder 8chool House
Crops Need Rain Harvesting Be
gins Preaching at tho Kidder
School House.
North McKay, July 2. Our prayers
are now to Jupiter Pluvlus.
Vegetation Is now suffering for
Haying hereabouts Is about conclud
ed and the hay crop Is Just about an
Mr. DcLatcnr, on tho Daniels ranch,
1ms nearly completed his tlumo and
will soon have water on his exteuslvo
Joseph Snyder has completed prep
arations and will start with his new
threshing outfit on Tuesday next.
J. S. Wheeler has completed tho
haying on his own and the 1). C. Kid
der ranches. Some of his hay turned
out two and a half tons to tho aero
and of good quality.
liny, as also grain, seoms to bo
headed Unely in this locality, tho ker
nel being plump and largo.
Messrs. Ed and lAion Kidder, with
tow teams, stnrt out with Mr. Pun
cher on Tuesday next for a two
months cnmpalgn of harvesting.
Mrs. August lull left on Thursday
last for an extended visit among rela
tives In Baker county.
Mrs. Georgo 11. Kidder Is qulto seri
ously 111 at her homo near tho mouth
of Hlrch creek.
The Sunday school so auspiciously
started at school houso 39 some
months ago, seeniB to lag ti trifle, no
doubt caused by tho busy harvest
time. There will be preaching at tho
school houso by Itev. G. U Hall, tho
pastor of tho Baptist church of Pen
dleton at 2 o'clock p. ra. tomorrow,
July 3.
Mr. Knmel Do Latcur, who has been
employed on a ranch on Butter Creok,
has returned homo.
Brutally Tortured.
A enso camo to light that for per
sistent nnd unmerciful torture has
perhaps never been equaled. Joe
Gohollck of Colusa, Cal., writes: "For
16 years I endured Insufferable pain
from rheumatism nnd nothing reliev
ed mo though I tried everything
known. I camo across Electric Bit
ters and It's tho greatest mcdlclna on
earth for that trouble. A fow bottles
of It completely relieved and cured
mo." Just as good for liver and kid
ney troubles and general debility.
Only 50c. Satisfaction guaranteed by
Tallman & Co., druggist.
Most Wonderful Railway In the World
Which Was Built at a Cost of $500,'
There can bo no doubt that tho
credit for being tbe most wonderful
railway In the world fairly belongs to
the great trans-Siberian Hue, which
carries passengers from Central Huh
Bla to Vladivostok and Port Arthur,
on tho Cblluesu coast of tho Puelllc,
says tho Waverly Magazine. It Is
C450 miles from Moscow to Port Ar
thur and the train accomplishes the
Journoy In 14 days, so that a person
may now travel from England to Ja
pan by this route In less than three
As everybody knows, this lino Is a
very Important feature of tho sltua
tlon In tho war on between Ilusslu
and Japan, and, Indeed, without It
Itusslu would find It next to Impossl
ble to conduct a war against her cne-
my. For tho time being it Is used
for nothing but carrying troops and
munitions of war, and tho mail serv
ice which began only a few months
ago has been temporarily stopped.
This lino of 6460 miles has cost tho
Russian government ovor 100.000,000
pounds to build. No fowor than 70,'
000 men wero employed In construct'
Ing the chief section ot 3742 miles
ncross Siberia. In making tho
bridges and carrying out various
other works as many us 104,839 tons
of cement wero used, and 9,000,000
sleepers and baulks of timber wero
employed in laying the rails and In
erecting the houses and station build
ings. To provide all this wood more
than 100,000 acres of forests had to
bo cut down. There wero 800,000 cu
bic fathoms of sand as ballast.
Weak Hearts
aro caused by Indigestion. If you eat
a nttio too much, or If you aro sub
jeci u aiiacxs oi inuigesiion, tno
stomach expands swells, and puffs
up against tho heart. This crowds
tho heart and shortens tho breath.
Rapid heart beats and heart dlsoaso
Is the final result. Kodol Dvsnonsla
Curo digests what you cat, takes tho
strain off tho heart, cures Indigestion,
dyspepsia, sour stomach and contrib
utes nourishment, strength and health
to every organ of tho body. Bold by
Tullman & Co,
wr cz 'tf ah a
&. ts cents
Attention Sheepmen.
Itanea to lease and can locate
some good range and water. Address
box 44, La Grande, Or.
For JsHflgfl
we have ' maintained our '
I . i
reputation as roasters and.
blenders of coffee
always uniform
San Francisco
Impostors of Tlnm Coflr
fTec that isj
in quality.
Sold tinder a $600 guarantee that It
contains uo cream ot turtar or ,grap
acid, or leaves any Injurious deposit
In any food lu which It is used.
26c per pound, Ot all grocors.
Per set, $6.00; gold crowns,
$4.00; sliver filling, COc; ex
tracting, COc.
We are thoroughly equipped
with all modern methods and
nppllancos, and guarantee our
work to bo ot tho highest stan
dard, and our prices the lowest
consistent with first-class work.
White Bros.
Association Block.
'Phono Main 1CC1.
Trv tho hnt fro liinnh t,
- w M y VMV MICA
chants' Cafe, 12 to, 1 fit noon; 4 to
6 p. m , and at midnight.
F.E. Van Dtisen
& Co.
Boiler setting and fire places
dono In first-class manner.- -
Address Box 466, Pendleton.
The Beer
Is Pure
Tito Pendleton bottled beer, 'bottled
at tho City Brewery Works, .la the
most refreshing and healthful drink
Our superior bottling process, tak
ing tho beer right from tho brewery
and putting it In bottlos koops , the
beer good. It loses nono of Its good
qualities causod by changing of torn
poraturo, as It Is always kept the
Ilottlod in quarts, pints and. halt
pints; Free dellvory to any part ot
tho city In any quantity doslred.
Phono 2981. An order by 'phone
will recelvo our prompt attention.
We make a Specialty ot Building
Round or Square
Also Header Bods all sites-' and
kinds. Wo mako them right and they
always give satisfaction. Our work
Is neror slighted or botched.
Pendleton Planing Mill
and Lumber Yard
Corner Webb and College.
j The French !
j Restaurant!!
Best 25 Cont Meal Ip the Oriy
m Prlvata Mining B..i ' -
.T ...,a 1JC, VI
Eloflant Furnished Rooms lr 5
Connection. 5
S 93 Mala Street. J