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The Sheen
of Pearl
reflected from perfect teeth can
easily bo destroyed by Improp
er dentifrices. There are many
preparations that will whiten
troth, but few that preservo the
enamel hile they whiten.
saves teeth while It beautifies
them. It arrests decay, hardens
the gums, removes decolora
tions, sweetens the breath
and stops there.
Price 25 cents.
Prospectors Are the True Discoverers
! Ulccly that more than this numhor
hnve met their death, says the Ilhio
! Mountain Eagle.
! In this cabin Saturday. Juno -I, Sol
omon Ynrber, who was at that time
residing there, was ' oporated upon
nml died from blood poisoning, cnilBed
by a wound In the thigh.
After the operation the blood from
the wound and the bandages used he
fore and durlnc the operation were
. , , tnrown on the ground near me cnoin,
and Forerunners of Prosperity In , ml ,ilr. rt.sllIlR ... carelessness is
Any Country Excellent Varieties of the loss of several head of stock.
uumuiiiij oiune, rm: uramie ana j
High Grade Marble In the Wallova
Mountains Greatest Source of
That Country's Wealth Lies In Her
PostoQlce Block.
'Phone Slain S51.
Joseph, Or.. July 1. "Adventure.
I discoveries, restlessness, peoples, nnd
I ! Industry develops a community,"
t , says Opie Read, and the typical nd
I I venturer is your prospector.
He has felt the lure of the mysteri-
I ous West. Just over the next range
f may lay his long sought for. long
I ureamed or Eldorado. Having once
tasted of the wine of the wilds, having
onpe seen the line of yellow In his
I , pan, lie It coarse gold or colors, he Is
t a true nomad.
I What is $3.50 a day to the man who
may any day, tomorrow, or at most,
the next uncover a vein that will
bring him millions and repay him the
j , days when grub was short and work
J t was long.
- 1 Have not other men made millions,
- why not he? Yesterday, at Joseph, I
i talked with a bronzed and bearded
man who was tugging post holes. He
a,,.. . ... .,. ,,. . , seemed intelligent nnd I expressed my
iuc i.u?i Ul .. oiMiiwu-nuran.. sllrnrisp n KPnlntr him n-nrHnn- nt
... tnzu nn. nnn. nr nnAn nno i otruui
$1400,000.000 "Dies, your soul, you don't suppose
There will he a national convention t am diSBg these post holes for the
of osteopathic doctors In St. Louis ove Df the thing, do you? Just as
from July 11 to 16 inclusive. soon as I get enough money to buy
The Japanese government Is said me some Hour, beans and bacon, and
to have placed an order with a New a few other little things, I will hike
lork firm for 10.000 cavalry horses of back to the hiils, where I came from,
the smallest type. . "There is some Incentive there for
Henry Walter caught a six-pound "slug a shovel. You don't know what
fish with a hook and line at Jamaica shovelful will put you on the high
Bay, N. Y., and found in It a diamond roal ' fame and future,
ring valued at $35. "I ain't wearing the worn-out duds
irom cnotco. Just wait till I make
The Southern Pacific has won in Its
contest at Gan Francisco with the
freight handlers, who struck for an
Increase of pay from 22. cents per
hour 10 25 cents.
Henry Jones and Elmer Durnnt.coll
mates at Trenton, X. J., penitentiary,
fought with knives. Jones had a hand
cut completely off and Durant was
killed. Both were colored.
After a year spent In travel, Syl
vester Donohue, a San Jose, Cal.,
merchant, landed July 3 at Xew York,
apparently in excellent health. An
hour later he was dead from heart
It is claimed that the gun crew of
the British man-or-war Venerable, has
broken all records for accuracy In
my strike, then, you'll see. These
hills are full of wealth. Look at that
young feller In Southern Oregon the
other day. who hasn't put In a devel
opment hole yet, and has taken out
"I've stayed with It too long to quit
now. if you play the machine long
enough she's hound to ilrrm vnn n
hatful of nickels; same way nhout I
prospecting. ' I
"These hills are full of metals, cold
and copper, the only trick Is to find
where they are."
Undoubtedly, my friend, the pros
pector, is right. Wallowa county will
some day be a recognized producer of
mineral wealth. Eighteen miles south
or Joseph, on the Imnaha, the Tender
Total ADnroorlatlons Foot Up Over
Seven Millions for the Term.
The volume of appropriations, new
offices, etc., required by law to be pre
pared nnd published at the end of
each session of congress, has been
completed for the first tor extraordl
nary) and second sessions of the Fit
ty-elght congress by Thomas P
Cleaves and James C. Courts, clerks,
respectively, of the senate and house
committees on appropriations.
A summary of the appropriations
shows a grand total of $781,172,375
Those of the army w" $77,070,300,
for tho navy $07,505,110. for pensions
$13S,3tS0,70O, and for the postolllce de
partment $172,545.'.)S
In addition to the specific appropri
ations made, contracts are authorized
to be entered Into for certain public
works requiring future appropriations
by congress aggregating $222,891,300.
a reduction of $14.0!)S,559, compared
with the contract liabilities of the Inst
session of the - .fty-seventh congress,
The contract liabilities on account of
the navy amount to $21,100,000.
The new ofilces and employments
specifically will show a net Increase
of S105 in number nnd $5,431,805 In
amount, the increase including 214 for
the department of commerce nnd la
bor. 470 for the military establish
ment, including 452 for the slgnnl
corps, 30li8 for the nnval establish
ment, Including 30ihi seumen, nnd 4258
for the postnl service, including post
masters, posiofllce clerks and railway
postal clerks.
A comparison of the total appropri
ations for the extraordinary and reg
ulnr sessions of the Fifty-eighth con
gress for 1905 with those of the last
session of tne last congress for 1904
shows an Increase of $2S,U3,8(!9.
Summer Dress Goods of evory description; Lawns, Batistes Qlngha
nil go at rednced prices for Thursday'6 Sale.
All 10c, 12c nnd 13c goods for Thursday, 11 yards for ..
All 15c, 17c and 20c goods for Thursday, S yards for ....
All 25c and 30c goods for Thursday, Bynrds for
- r
The Iggarotes of the Jungle Know
Hot Time in the Old Town."
firing at long range, off the island of foot Gold Mining & Milling Co. Is put-
Malta. The feat is said to have been
accomplished with a 12-inch gun.
Hold-up men attempted to rob a
North Kinzie avenue saloon in Chi
cago, July 4. In the moleo that fol
lowed Auguat Ragal, the proprietor,
was shot and badly hurt, and a by
stander, John Lane, was shot and
ting In a tunnel. Edward It. Trippe.
the superintendent, recently returned
' from San Francisco, where ho ordered
the machinery for a 20-stamp mill,
and also nn engine, boiler and other
machinery for a saw mill. He says'
that as the snow is still many feet
deep on the trails, It will he several
i weeks before the machinery can be
taken In. It is now on the way from
I san r ranclsco.
; Although copper has been extens
ively lounn in tne mountains near
Filipinos are naturally as musical
as Italians and Oermnns. This Is true
even of the Inland tribes not quite
One of the men who was a prisoner
with Lieutenant Oilmores party tells
of an experience which Illustrates
this point In nu unusual and delight
till way.
"I had escaped," says he, "and was
making through the mountains for
the coast. It was a wild, rugged
country, and I had to be careful that
I did not run into hands of natives
"Coming through the Abra Pass I
had just time to hide In a clump of
bamboos as I saw a string of Igar
rotes coming up tho trail.
"They were almost naked, carried
spears and knives, and looked wicked
enough to lie hostile to anything
they came across. To my horror they
halted Just outside my hiding place,
and seemed prepared to spend some
time there.
"Suddenly one of them began
whistling. The others Joined in, and
before I knew It, thoy were singing.
The words were some wild dialect,
but tho air was familiar. It wbb
18 "dt'ndav "TTSr ' " of .
nli'sn Rlver',oty" nature, no veins of sufficient
OBr su, Jan- ' size to be commercially valuable hav-
The Idaho peddler's law has been ing yet been located, but It is very
declared valid, and hawkers of all probable that such a vein will he dls
klnds will he required to pay a 11- covered some day.
Conse. ' Some distance from the lnko n i
James Sloan, proprietor of the For-! group of men have located the Badger I ""thing more or less than 'There'll
est Grove hotel, shot himself dead mine and are working upon it. Wheth
Monday, brooding over Imaginary er they have a good thing or not re
financial troubles. ! mains to be seen.
The school census nf w.ill.i Wnii.i. 1 Te" r 12 years ago the Hamilton
Just completed, gives that district a llo'8 rmi across what looked like good I
school population of 309", an Increase ore ,lear tno head of Wallowa lake
of 687 over last year, I aml m ,he el-8t 8'l,e- Tl'e assays
Willie, the 7-year-old son of William 1 f ei, tlmt. ,u ,r?n from, Jlfl t
Forbesh, of Centralla, Wash., was ?, ! ii. 1, iS' e' a led 1
rtmwno, in . ,m r, ,,,.' ,, the Lucky Boy" mine. But It turned
nnnn .hii .,i..i . out to be an unlucky boy, as it pinch
children " , e(1 out nnil Beomed as though a body
. nf nPD lt ftnnalilfli-rtliff olnlinndB lirwl
A stray bullet crashed through the ueen placed at an entirely dissimilar
window of J. P. O'Brien's office. In the character of rock.
I,, "g, .uT1-For 'ears t"e- Prospected for the
nV", ? t?'", ,the heacl ot '"'BO from which this body of ore
Chief Clerk D. Skinner. must havt. sIlll. Tw0 weoI?s ng0 a
The measure for the protection ot young man named Bee!, with one nf
Chinese pheasants failed In the last the Hamilton boys, discovered the
legislature, ana tne attorney general ledge from which the original ore had
nas aeciaeu mat tney may now be broken off and slid down.
ahot without fear of prosecution. The mass of ore which thoy had at
.urs. rranK weiner, ot l,uuo rails, nrst located had been loosened from
Mont., clubbed her husband to death the side of the mountnln and slid
Monday, in order to wed her para-' down half a mile or so.
mour, John Kardasch, aged 17. Mrs. Higher up the earth had broken
Weiner Is but 1C, while her husband t loose and, alldlng down, had covered
was over 70. ! the exnosed face of tho ledco from
Seventeen bids for the construction j which the Lucky Boy ore had come.
of the Mlnadoka, Idaho, government
irrigation project vere opened in
Boise, Monday, tho lowest bidders
being Nels J. Blagen and the Pacific
Coast Construction Company, of Port
land, bidding $390,203, and $456,004,
respectively. The bids will all bo
submitted to F. H. Newell, of the re
clamation department before final acceptance.
If you want to buy wheat land, a
stock ranch, town property, vacant
lots or anything In tho real estate
line, Just drop In and see us.
Office In E. O. Building, Pendleton,
Or. -Phono Dlack 1111.
They traced the flood rock up till no
more could be found nnd they dug
through the slide rock above In vurl
ous places till they came to a ledge
Identical In character with tho Lucky
uoy ore,
If there Is a vein of any size of this
ore they havo discovered a valuable
property. When a railroad comes In
much ore can be worked that would
not pay to handle under existing con
They can then also quarry the vast
deposits of marble and granite which
exist In tho mountains near here. One
of the well known business men hero
said to me, In speaking of tho mineral
resources of Wallowa county: "Valu
ablo as ore Wallowa's stock Interests
I bollove tho chief producer of tho
wealth will eventually bo her miner
als. It may he years hence, but some
day valuable minerals will bo dlscov
ered hore and wo will havo a mining
camp that will rival some of tho big
camps of tho past." t reu Lockloy,
Licked the Ground Where Poisoned
Blood Had Been Poured Out.
By licking the ground and chowlng
tho old rags ot tho Tupkln cabin,
about four miles above this city on
Canyon creok, five head of eattlo wero
killed this week and it Is thought
He a Hot Time in the Old Town To
"I made up my mind anybody who
could sing that would harm no
American, so I stepped out.
1 was right, they treated me to
rice and bananas, and before we imrl
ed they gave me to understand that
they had learned the tune from the
insurgent brass hand, who in turn
had It from the Americans In Maulla
before hostilities broke out."
Curious Little Buffalo Brought to
America From Philippines.
There's a new and strange beast at
me I'liiiaueiphia zoo, extremely rare
In any country but his own. which Is
the Island of Celebes, eastern archi
pelago, south of the Philippines.
When his keeper pronounces Its
name it sounds like "I know hor."
But the animal is a male. It Is an
anoa. a curious specimen ot dwarf
nunaio, allied to the tamarau, and It
has 13 pairs of ribs, says the Phila
delphia North American.
It looks'more like a big goat than
any animal known to Americans. Its
coat Is as brown as a bear's and fur
ry. It has a pair of short curved
horns and the head and legs of a ram.
also tho bucking propensity of both
ram and goat.
It Is fed on oats nnd hay. Tho best
natural history book on the subject
has the anoa listed as "shv nml mtir.
Ing," but the kcoper of the sneolmen
at the zoo takes exception to that des
ignation, recnlllng readily sovoral ex
periences ho has had In being hutted.
Beware of Olntmenlt lat Cat.irrfa
That Contain Menury
as mercury will surely dtrn th .on..
or smell and completely derange the whole
system when entering It through the mu
cous surfaces. Such articles should nerer
utj uni civein uu prescriptions f0m re
V"m " ,PuJ"lclans' as the damage they
possibly derive from them, Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure, manufactured by V. j. Che-
j v.u,, Mutrau, uu u. conininn nn mar.
curr and Is taken Internally, acting di
rectly upon the blood and mucous surfaces
of the system. In buying Haifa Catarrh
Cure be sure to net th ,.ni
taken Internally and la made In Toledo,
Ohio, by I. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials
So d by druggists, price 73c per bottle.
Take Hall's PamlW imii. .,. ....,:..
tlOn. vuu-i.yu-
The Pendleton.
W. P. Allen. Portland.
B. C. Drake, Portland.
W. D. Chamberlain. Portland.
Nellie M. Stevens. Weston.
Mary Stevens, Weston.
E. V. Hlco, San Francisco.
A. C. Funk, San Francisco.
Charles E. Dufuis, Weston.
J. J. Fowler, Portland.
F. H. Stockor, San Francisco.
T. H. Smith, San Francisco.
A. L. Snow, Spokane.
S. O. Dunn, Portland.
J. Fred Fisher, Simkaue.
J. H. Kloeckner, Spokane.
W. T. Hlslop and wife. city.
George C. Monbell, San Francisco.
W. C. Sawyer, Baker City.
P. C. Holland, Portland.
S. S. Houston, Portlnnd,
I.. Stubblefiold. Seattle.
M. E. Bead, Umatilla.
F. Frond, San FranclBco.
H. W Cameron, Spokane.
J. D. Newmnn, SiKiknne.
D. S. Tatom and wife, city.
William Donaghy, Spokane.
G. J. McEioy, Spoknno.
Ed Castle, Starhuck.
C. Adls. Spokane.
O. I' Rnnoy. Spokane.
W. Mnher, Portland.
C. jr. Smith. Portland.
W. A. Canyshell, Pittsburg.
T. Donnghe, Portland.
M. A. Ferris, Fiato.
J. W. Robinson, North Platte.
Fred Linden, Itussell.
L. It. Dickson, Tho Dales.
The St. George.
S. P. Nanawalk, Portland.
J. L. Handley, Denver.
Louis Proebstel, Weston.
J. .Meade, Echo.
F. A. Holbrook, Irrlgou.
W. M. Owen.
Jl. G. Royal, Portland.
J. J. Burns, Portland.
Elmer Chalerapt. .Washington.
John B. Jloran, Washington.
H. H. Jliddleton, Spokane.
W. H. White, Seattle.
George McClenry, Seattle.
J. Rusk, Spokane.
C. E. Hutton.
J. TV Caster, Spokane.
JI. McDonald. Walla Walla.
L. Stubblefiold, Seattle.
Thomas J. Christy, New York.
JI. Preston nnd wife, The Dalles.
H. Connell, Umatilla.
William Elole. Portland.
It. Sheridan, Echo.
L. V. Dorman, Baker City.
The Bickers. .
F. W. Baley, Portland.
W. C. Bland, Portland.
Jlrs. C. H. Phllcraft, Portland.
B- B. Haggard, San Francisco.
E. C. Smith, Portland.
J. Tomllnson, Umatilla.
W. JI. Howoll.
Dr. S. K. Blakeslee, city.
W. E. Sannel, Jlaywood.
J. A. Chidester, Spokane.
W. JI. Fraker. JIcKay.
S. A. Frans, Spokane,
r H. Starkey, city.
Ed Clo8sey, Starhuck.
H. R. Chancy, city.
Noll J. StcDevitt, Heppner.
J. A. Nelson and wife, Athena.
J. D. Toney, Haines.
Mrs. Laura Flicklnger.
W. Bentler. JIace.
Miss Veoletta Le Bard, city.
Miss Viola Jlyrlck, city.
J. H. Bittler, Arlington.
J. H.-Myers, Arlington.
Harry Johnson, Portland.
Mrs. R. Johnson, Portland.
J. S. Cunningham. Portland.
Milwaukee Bet
J. E. Russell & Co., Props.
Try the hot tree lunch at thn Mnr.
chants' Cafe. 12 to 1 at noan; 4 tn
6 p. m., and at midnight
Baptist Young conies' Union of
America, international convention
uetroit, Sllch., July 7th, 10th. 1904
Annual meeting Grand Lodee Be
nevoiont and Protective Order nf
tuns. Cincinnati, Ohio, July 23d-28th
imperial Council Anc lent Arniilo
uruer Mystic Hhrlne, Atlantic City,
N. J July 13th-lBth. 1904.
National Encampment Grand Armv
of the Republic, Boston, Mass., Aug
ust jDtn-zutn, lwi.
Knights of Pythias National en
campment, Louisville. Ky.. Auenat
16th, 1904.
lor the above occasions the O n
in. manes a rato ot ?71.B0 to Do
iroit and return. Tickets on sale
July 2d. Limit 90 days from date ot
To Cincinnati, Ohio, and rettn
$69.25. Sale dato of tlckots July 10th,
"in, aoui unu ntn. final limit 90
days from date of sale.
To Atlantic City, K J and return,
$83.26. Tlckots on salo July 7th, 8th.
TiMnnl limit f A .1 m ... - '
4ui mini, ou uuyn irom unto or salo.
Boston, Mass.. and return. R4 kk
Tickets on salo August 8th, 9th, 10th!
rmui limit uu nays irom dato of salo.
Louisville. Ky.. and return JtfiR. or
Tickets on sale August 8th. 9th, 10th.
Final limit 9t) days from dato ot sale.
For particulars call on or addross E,
C, Smith, agent O. R. & N Fondle
ton, Ore.
The Family Theatre
Webb street, corner Cottonwood. Open every evenhf. Ctepl
ui luumuui every dionaay ana inursuay evenings.
Entire change ot program, with new people every Mondaj.
The Family Is a strictly high-class, moral vaudeville tieit(r,
teriug to mules, children and gentlemen.
Commencing Monday, June 27,the Famous Trio
Frank Sam Mable.
The Howards came directly from the East and their actilinl
proven a house packing and mirth provoking sensation.
Is one ot the sweetest singers on the vaudeville stage.
The blnck face singing and dancing comedians. Their danclaj ft il
hit everywhere. They have no equals.
New pictures on the vltascope. New Illustrated songs.
Doors open at 7:30.
The Wood Shipper of Kamela, Oregon.
There Is a reason for It You save the dealers' proBU ul l I
full measurement.
Best sound red fir and tamarack.
$3.00 per cord on board cars at Spring. Spur.
Address R. B. CUMMINS, Kamela, Oregon.
We Make New Ronfs We Make Old RoofsNeW ApH
This Is our exclusive business- and we have had sometllJI
twelve years experience at it. We ought to know what we m
hadn't we? Well, we do know. rf
.bniLnnc nuvrmu is ngiuiy guaruuicuu. . - .
we are not ashamed. It will oar you to Investigate the matw.
no pleased to quote prices and to answer questions
The Elaterite Roofing Co., 10 Worcester Block, Porllg&i
V -sssssssssssslk" K 1 1 W
inion made,
clear Havana.
When you call for a TRI.UMPH.6) CI VNN & CO
GET IT. Don't accept a substitute.! T makers.
: n
Begins Us twenty-thlrd year September 20, 904'E?Si !
, each school year, affording equal opjwrtunltles tor uegn"" t
In September, November, Fobruary and April. j
40 mu iMirmui course, wun us assurance u b-,t0n cow-. 3
I wages. Write for now catalogue containing full BBder 1
ing courses ot study, training in actual teaching affor.U iboatt,'J
conouion8 m towu and country schools, ana m .ttc
advanced courso of study with the additional advantage Wi
Address Secretary J. B. V. Butler, or President E. nrtlM,
... Monmouui, .