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I i, acctimiilnto on
s .i,nm moving
TonlRht anil Sunday fair; cool
er tonight.
! it-i the only way
E& stock.
S"0. 001)0.
(fairs at Port Ar-
I n...knrl trill
aye noaunuu mo
te Point.
powers May Attempt In-
!, when the Rainy Season
v.a to Active Operations
LReiiorted That Rus-
I. Recaptured the Two Im
ports Lost to the Japanese
...I.. o A rniwirt from
r this morning lias It that
. .n,nritW tlinro have
the shops in town and seal-
Sirs ami the last oi uio non-
, Including every nDic
Ma hecn sent out to the
Kith the evident thought
I assault from the land side
fctervention Possible.
luIt 2. Several papers here
i iha mwors are oxchancinc
ili the object of taking ad-
tl the necessary suspension
lei In the Far East during
i season, to attempt inonuiy
jilinj Recapture Passes.
lersburg. July 2. The Bourse
(reports that Russian forces
aptured the Tallen, Motion,
I Fen Chu Cheng passes, out
, they were routed by tho
! Tuesday last.
ij Wheat Crop Ruined.
Ijjde, July 2. A. B. Conlcy,
cat king" of Eastern Oregon,
mt about 7000 acres In tho
trade rallcy, has just purchns
mowing machines to put at
i hi wheat fields cutting out
ktbltten grain for hay. Tho
frost touched his crop severe
jrer, and about 800 acres in ono
I be cut for hay. Tho entire
I (lotted over with frost-bitten
litis the largest Blngle wheat
i Eastern Oregon, and Conley
of the very few men in the
I wo ships out over 100,000
i oi wneat per year.
hatcher Has Appendicitis.
r City, July 2. W. H. Thatch
ertotendent and cenoral maun
the Bonanza mine, wnn riip
Sir Operated lllinn lnnt nir-ht nt
manna Hospital for appondlcl
Wl ws. a. B. McDanlel. O. M,
' "a Dr. Barton, of South
Mr. Thatfhnr urnn .irrti.f-rit
Item Sumpter last evening on
ri irain over tho Sumnter val
m. At midnight tho patient
pHing easy and Is on a fair way
"wy. it was a verv serious
Ntw Governor of Finland.
BMky lias accepted the gover-
rr i nnianu, succeeding Bob
h No; 83 Will Add a Room to
r Th rA n..iui
Bod .. ,
I cuJn,ry' near Fretfwater, has
Iu to muid an -addition of
n to the school house there at
r i approximately $1000. The
hi ul;on som. Tiiere
1 7,i ln tno district. In tho
8 McDonald la principal
tb, vr u is assisted in teach
- "owiio, tho county school
'.uuennen. i . .
t the b ua ueon notmea
H. p7" lour-room school house
tuleli n-ual"ct ua8 J"" been
tki w'.u "reo rooms will be oo
. Pupils next year, two
the b,T,;r'is"'r u"eaB ,n i".
WuR meot lh0 Incroaso in
ktia ' lue aismct for somo
Kter ;, Th0 teacher for tho
. V wacher. mi.p ic u
3011 ... vuu luvai
cmblinB House Robbed.
fcB&,?Iont-. Jly 2.-Tho
houso was this
o Lro.bbea o' 2000 by
.;.'a men. in.
1 Chief of Police
Srt Ti" k,llea nnd Sheriff
i, irreJutf086'1 occomnllcea
Man Who Killed Baker City Saloon
keeper Is Exonerated In Circuit
Baker City, July 2. Llewelyn Ivecc.
tho O. U. & N. fireman, who killed
Jack Hnlstcad, a saloon man, hero,
rour weeks ago, was acquitted in the
circuit court last evening. It bolne
dovcloped In the case that Halstead
was Jealous of Legg and was the.ag
grcssor In tho light, and after throw
ing Lcgg out of tho boarding house,
for little cause, then followed him
three blocks on tho street whore Legg
turned and snot lilm in self-defense.
Legg was paying attentions to a
widow to whom Halstead was en
gaged to bo married and the trouble
arose ov'er this.
Tho firemen and trainmen on the
O. II. & N., headed by Conductor H.
C. Grady, raised a sum of money to
biro able attorneys to defend 1-egg,
and succeeded ln bringing out tho
More Land Frauds.
Portland, July 2. Edwin Whitney,
allns Edward V. Whitney, was arrest-
oil yesterday ln Northern Idaho for
filing a forged timber land applica
tion. Ho was placed under ?20,000
bonds to appear before the next ses
sion of tho federal court to convene
in this city.
Wall Street Manipulators Are on the Ground and Confi
dently Predict His Nomination.
Open Charges of Disloyalty Against Hearst's Instructed Delegations,
Many of Whom Are Accused of Parker Sympathies Good-Prospects
for the Adoption of the Mississippi Platform, Which Ignores the Kan
sas City Platform and Bryan Nothing Definite as to Chairman,
the Leading Candidates Are Parker Men.
St. lxiuls, July 2. If the views of For several days John Sharp
delegates and alternates and others i limns, the minority leader In
interested in the democratic national
convention now here, are to taken
1ms hpnn n Work whllllllllC tllO
platform draft into shnpe. Of course
Hotel Burned.
Snrntoga, July 2. Fire last night
destroyed the Blue Mountnln House,
a prominent resort Just opened for the
season. Uikh, ?&0,0(i0. The guests
escaped without Injury.
Idaho Killer Exonerated.
Emmott, July 2. Albert White,
who killed Thomas Hamilton Monday,
was released last evening, after exam
ination, It being shown that he act
ed purely In self-defense.
Secretary of State Resigns.
Havana. July 2. Secretary of Stato
Sealos' resignation has been accepted.
Secretary of Finance Montes will
probably succeed him.
Umatilla County Is Sending Out Many
High-Grade Animals to the Sound
Market, and More Are In Sight for
the Same Destination In Short Time.
Andrews Herd Sold.
Five hundred and fifty head of cat
tle have boon shipped out of tho city
ni tho last few days by L. Stubble
field, a representative of the CarBtens
Packing Co. of Seattle. The ship
ments included 250 head of grass beef
from Camas Prairie; the remainder
were fed cattle. Stubblefield says ho
never saw finer animals ln his life.
"1 bought tho famous Andrews
bunch of cattle at Echo, said to bo
tho finest beef in the country," said
Stubblefield. "There were 75 head in
this bunch. Tho last shipment was
made Wodnesday. I have several
deaU on hand now and shall remain
In town a few days longer. Then I
am gofng south into the John Day,
Canyon City and Izee country."
Stubblofleld has been in the employ
of the Carstens about six years. He
makes an annual trip Into Eastern
Oregon and has a crack local repu
tation for his aulllty as a cattle buyer.
"Billy" Colb, Well Known Vacquero
of Umatilla County, Has a Thrilling
Experience at Hldaway Springs.
Tiring of the prosaic work of lasso
ing cattlo and bronchos. "Billy ' Colb,
tho well Known vacquero of this city,
has gone in search of more exc ting
game, and on Thursday roped aud led
Into Hldaway Springs a yearling bull
Tho oik was caught on the moun
tains a few miles from tho springs,
and despite the bucking and Ponging,
at the. end of a well seasoned lar at,
"Billy" coolly led the game into tho
camp, to the consternation of several
dozon women who wero enjoying the
quietude of tho mountain resort that
0VBy "Ifchanco "Billy" came upon the
oik grazing on the mountain side and
KVntedonhis best horse
made a uasn ni iuc ....".. "
Within about 40 feet. The , d : darte
and dodged dui iue ui" ---lowed
him, and before ho could reach
a c?ump of timber, the wol aimed
lariat had encircled his arching neck
and there was a sudden tightening
of 'tho rope, a sudden summersault,
accompanied by somo high kicking
and wild plunging, bellowing and
snoring? all of which was enjoyed
hugely by the vacquero.
Finally with his tongue hanging out
in exhaustion, his logs gabbling
weakly under him, "i-f
lne eyes riveted upon tho horsoman,
h! conquered bull trotted quietly in
o camp; where William Scott, proprl
otor of Hldaway Springs paid Colb
$5 for him, for tho beginning of a
zoological garden.
convention now nore, are to f taken platform draft Into shnpe. ur course
as a criterion, the nomination of Par- winiatna nlntfnrm will bo sublcct to
l;er would seem assured on either the ! revision by the other party leaders,
second of third ballot. I chief nmonc whom will be Hill, of
Thus far the Hearst boom has fnl- jfew York, and Cnrinack, of Tenncs
Inn flnt ntwl nvnn Ihn Invnltv nf ilfiln. ' nn
frntlnnn inatrllrtf'ri for him la tint In ! 'Ullo.o taa lm nnlluir nf the
question. Allegations are made in all I platform adopted by tho Mississippi
seriousness that ho cannot rienosd on j democratic convention June 15, and
flHtmle 'UTncltlnn-.n T.lnttn nA.r.n . .1 . ...111 fnrrn thn
.lunula, nuinmbiuu, "UUU v (.(, , m tlOlUUH'IU IIUUUUUOB . ' I
or Missouri, ana inai on me nrsi ' groundwork at least or me piaiiorm
break the delegates from eati. and all which will be approved by tho conser-
nr tlmcn cttnna it'lll ftntr In Tnrl.-ftr !.... n C? T mila Thorn In
Ul H"-BV Ul'" ..... ...fn ... . U...W. , limit? I'llHlVMl fit fcJV. ll"'0' ....w .
Tho convention leaders aro posl-1 i,B demand today for copies of the
tlve tnat it rarner is ueieawv me Mississippi platform ny unmiormea
nomination can go to no other New , delegates desiring to bo Informed of
Yorker, (meaning McClellan, nor to whnt to expect in tho nature of reso-
...IJ . MIIIII.UIIJ ihtuiiii., .... u.....n , 11HU11I!
Cleveland.) j Mississippi Platform.
Gorman talk grows stronger wim , ,nlfnrm ,.n,u for tariff laws
Parker eliminated. There is a dls-1 . . ,0
I"8 Z ZrZlZT a S,r01,K P0SU'n home consumers at the same price
... , nn fi iiv forelcn consumers, u aiso
nryan s sirengin mus lar is inn m i M : rollll(.l,on.
a positive character. i .,., , ,., wiiitnmn
may be not only temporary chairman , on the "ach7yS"r
i,nnni tM nuiirn lPPiHintivn runctions.
John D. Martin Escaped the Big Horn
Massacre by Being Sent Tor Help.
WnehliiL-tmi .lull- 5. John IV Mar-
tin. the bugler with Custer's command,
who escaped death In the massacre
of the Little Big Horn by being sent
back for reinforcements, has been put
on the army retired list and Is spend
ing tno remainder oi nis mo in seuing
refreshments to his former comrades
nt a. little stand Just outside the main
entrance to Fort McHenry. In the sub
urbs of Baltimore.
Iln enrvivl .til Venn. III tho nrmv mid
for the last 15 was tho chief musician
at Fort McHenry. As n valued retic,
his last IiurIo not tne ono no useu
In Custer's command, for that, ho
t.ny. Is In the Smithsonian institu
tion -hnngs by its rul com upon me
wall of his lunch room.
T,ihn n Mnrlln ur tlliivnnn Mnrtlnl.
as he was known In Home, the city of
Ills blrtli. owed nis escape on mm
mininiiir dnv. .tnnn 25. 187C. when CllS-
ter'i command was cut to pieces, tn
tlie fart ttint no tinu neon seni wmi
a diipatr-b to a point mroo mues
away. He returned with tho troopers
Just tn time to witness the close of
the massacre.
Paul Delaney Acquitted.
Baker City. July 2. Paul Dclanoy.
reporter on the Baker City Herald,
vlw iit.Knuli.nl n miner in the linr-
room of tho fielser (Irnnd. two mouths
ngo, with a printers "shooting stick,
Inflicting almost fntnl Injuries on him,
was discharged by mo grand jury yen
terday evening, no trim bill having
been found ngalnst him.
Farewell to the Overland,
Boise, July 2-A banquet to tlolso
pioneers was given at the Hotel Over
lnnd Friday, in honor if tho removal
of the old Overland building to mnku
way for a magnificent new hotel on
the site Over 200 Holso pioneers
were at the baimuet Tho old build
ing will be torn down nt onco.
nriini rTfim nnrrr
iruiuLLiuii ruai
Aro Largo, But Slightly Less
Than for the Corresponding
Quarter Last Year.
three Increases in
Receipts (or Past Quarter Are Over
Thirteen Hundred Dollars Mor
Than the Disbursements Total Sale
of Stamps Nearly Three Thousand
Dollars and the Heaviest Source of
Income Outgo for Salaries Largest
Item of Expense.
Special Maryland Train.
WnKhlnirton. .lulv 2. Senator Gor
man did not leave for St. Ixnils this
restoration of tho Washington
and Jefferson foreign policy, tho cos-
cntlnn lit tllfl lnlnllltOUB lia T t II t3T fill I U
between the government and banking
mnmnr oo tinri wn nvnecled. Tho institutions, itpbuildlng a merchant
special train bearing the first section marine without subsidies, statehood
of the Maryland delegation, passed for Oklahoma, Indian Territory and
through Laurel, the senator's home: New Mexico and territorial govern
town, without stopping. Gorman willlment for Porto Hico.
probably leave tomorrow. Jib reference Is made to the Br) an
' Kansas City platform.
Damper on Parker Boom.
St. Louis, July 2. At 10 this morn
ing the sub-committee of the demo
cratic national committee was to
have met to select Williams, of Mis
sissippi, temporary chairman. Not
enough members could be gotten to
gether to work, aud It adjourned until
3 p. m.
A crowd of boomers arrived at Jef
ferson Hotel this morning from Cal
tr.Mntn Ar rrmn nnd Nevada. They
Immediately put a different note Into
Wall Street on the Ground.
St. Louis. July 2. August Belmont,
the New York banker, arrived this
morning and took charge of the Par
ker campaign. Ho declined to discuss
the situation, but is confident of Par
ker's nomination.
Former Senator .ilen, of Nebraska,
is another arrival. Allen predicts
that Bryan will make a speech beBldo
which blB Chicago effort will pale in
in iui,.nl(Uiinp,. Mlr'ti Ik bound for
Immediately put a different note Into Springfield convention of iopu.
the prevalent tone which has hereto- JgtB
foro been strongly pro-Parker. Con-. NthIn; aefinto yet as lo tho
gressman Smith, of Arizona sal d: j aut,nt charmanshlp. Bailey, of
"Our delegation is for Hearst untl Texag may nHl attend the couven
tho last ditch. We havo no second (on 0luT8 ken ()f aro Tlloina
choice; but If It should come to a nrkworth ()f jiiPhKan; Mayor Hose,
show down between Parker and Uoe l)f Mwaulee nna pfltrck Collins, of
land, we would be for I arker. Boston. All three are Parker men.
No Loyalty to Kansas City Platform. At n,o Planters this morning boxes
"There is no demand in our part j containing 25,000 Parker buttons wero
of the country for a reiteration of tho . opened.
Kansas City piauouu. wu. -don't
want to ride a dead horse in
the race
McLean for Vice President.
Senator Newlands, of -Xovada, who
Tammany on the Way.
New York, July 2. Charles K. Mur
in,l ln Kin fllll'll Willi II TO ID I
nent Tammany men, left for St. Louis
hfibiB tho nroxy of the late national this afternoon. Bourke Cochran,
comraltteman, Ilyan, of that state, Charles A. Towne, Bird S. Color and
avs while the Nevada delegates are others accompanied the party.
for Hearst, there Is a friendly feeling
among them for Parker. Will Nominate Parker.
John K. McLean, of Ohio, is a can- st LoulB Ju)y 2 it Is probable
dldate for vice president, according to , ,,nrkor.g ame wl1 ,,aced before
his friends. Ho will not attend the )0 (.onVentlon by Martin Littleton,
convention, and neithor will Hearst. ,,rcgdcnt of the borough of Brooklyn.
Drafting Platform. Bailey, of Texas, wired Judge Parker
i ., m the naturo of the he could not bo relied upon on ac
p,a?fo?mattakes8Son0 a" Un'nterest. , count of the illness of his son.
Water and Lightning Accomplish
Great Damage.
Salt Lake, July 2 -The heaviest
losers from last night's c hours'
wbb the Consolidated Hallway &
Power Company. Bolts struck three
power Plants within a radius of 60
miles. Almost every cellar on the
east side is flooded, streets torn up
and tracks demolished. No lives lost.
Off for Oyster Bay.
Tntv 2. President
Roosevelt and bis office forco left this
Register Davis' Good Record.
La Grande, July 2. Since E. W,
DaviB has been register of the I
Grande land office, he has passed up
on 21 land contests and out of this
number 20 have been confirmed by
the commissioner.
Trouble In Nubia.
Aden, July 2. The Mad Mullah,
with C000 followers, many well arm
ed, 1b encamped south of Nogal and
again on the war path.
Henry M. Stanley's Fortune.
T nnnn T.tltr O Tim pfltflta Of tllO
r. i. ..,! hia nfllce forco JCH misi
jvooDo.d oyster Bay lato Henry M, Stanley was proveu iu
morning a W o clock for Oyawr "'y d u amounU to 14BjgCB i-ounds.
OU u ---: ,.. ,rflln.
nlng as a section of the regular train
Tho party will nrrive at 4; 30.
Installed As Lord Warden.
n,.vr TnW .. Vlcerov Curson
was today Installed as lord warden
I ..inma nn.1. omfrl trrfnt ceremony.
. . I -a nt
Boise' July "-The Vld son !n,uoVrtB, amid great ceremony
of SIgmund Grass was arowneu ... "
Irrigating canal in this city yesterday
evening The child fell from a foot
Celehrated Painter Dead
Iondon, July 2. George Frederick
help could reach him.
Many Crops of Winter Wheat Will Be
Cut for Hay Only Pierce Brothers
Lose Three-Fourths of Their Win
ter Wheat Crop as Grain Others
Not So Fortunate.
Kin! Senator Walter M. Pleri'O re
hinw.l thin mnrnlni! from his Oraud
Hi. mi., vnllov farm, near 1-a (irando.
and reportB very heavy damages from
frost in that valley.
Tiio winter wlirnt In ilamaKed more
extensively than any other grain and
many crops will be cut for buy. Out
of 400 acres of winter wheat, Plorco
Brothers, of which W. M. m mo boii
i,.- ..artimr win nit 300 acres for hay.
Having a large number oi ruiuo w
feed, they will not bo very heavy
frntii utter all. as thoy
can use tho wheal nay lor noma iuuu-
I.... ,nwi siiin timir iimomy aim run
..... m nr,.t nml realize almost UH
..innh from this as from tho wheat
But others are not so fortunately
ullnntrri Mnnv olltiro rrODB Iiru I'UlH
ed and will make very poor hay.
Gen. Blnnham Retired.
Washington, July 2. -Tho president
today promoted Major Bingham, of
.i... ..miiniiiir nirnH. tu brluadler gen
.ral with an order for his immediate
w..lr...n.nf IllllL-lllllII riHt'lltlV llUd U
leg amputated as a result of au acci
.i,..,. ... iiiiffnln Ho served as auner
Inteiidenl of building and grounds,
aud as the president' military aid.
Killed by Mistake.
South Bend, Wash., July 2. Ham
Trfplett, of this city, wa accidentally
i,iii,., i i,v v. n Mall whllu out liuntlliK
yesterday evening. Hall and T,rlpltt
were botom friends and Hall Is ai
most Insane over mo acciueni.
Hoee Team Will Qo to Walla Walla
with Intention of Wlnnlna.
If hard and conscientious work can
accomnl i anything in a iimueu
iimn Hi,. iwi. (nun which will retire
u..,i .nilltnn In dm race at Wallu
Walla on the Fourth, should carry off
tho laurels, -l no local uoya were
rViuri utr,.ot nrflrtlclntr ul b O CIOCK
this morning. Tho practicing team
made considerable noise, and tho only
thing that caused Bieopy peopio iu
tho vicinity from filing a protest was
a knowledge that uio worn wbb ju
tended for tho glory of Pcndloton.
Manager Nolf says the team ex
pects to make tho hub and hub run
in 2C seconds. Tho total rlstanco to
bo covered by tho competing hoso
teams is 200 yards. It is probable
that several members of tho local
team will take part In tho individual
races and sprints at Walla Walla,
good first purees having boen hung
up for tho contestants.
The team will go to Walla Walla
tomorrow morning, ana wm uo con
Tho Pendleton postoftli-o roKirt for
the quarter ending Juno 30, which has
been In preparation for several days,
was completed this morning by Assist
ant Postmaster Chnrles U rronch.
mid forwarded to tho auditor of the
department at Washington, I). C. Tho
total receipts for tho quarter wero $3,-
155.87. and the total dlBbursouionta
$i,!"2l.01. leaving n balanco of 1,33L-
Sil duo tho department. This amount
him been rorwariieu to mo urnncu uu
partment al Han Francisco, to bo do
IHislled In tho United Htntos sub-treasury.
Three Increases In salary nt tho lo
cal poBtolllco went. Into effect yostor
day. Asslstunt Postmaster Fronch
has been receiving mui a year, no
ginning yesterday hu will hereafter
i, .mill mi ilin basis of S 1200 a year.
The salaries of MIhh Wlnnlo Prlvett,
. . . . a t. SI
the generul delivery eiern, aim u. u.
Kstubrook, the mailing cinrK, navo
been Increased from $500 to G00 per
Tho quarterly report mailed tho
auditor of the department at Wash
ington, I). C, hIiowh tho following
Total sale of stamps J2.S73.21
Newspaper KHtugo at pound
ratu ;
llux rentH
Total ! 13,256.87
Salary of postmaster ..... C0O.0O
Salaries of assistant and
.iti.rlo. B2B.UU
Hent, Janitor's wagoH and In
Inllverv service 377.75
Special delivery aurvlco 13.62
T.ilnl $1,921.01
Balanco duu dupartment $1,331.80
Vnr ilui cnrrestiond UK nuartor Inst
year the recelpta wero 13,4511.07 and
tho disbursements il.uan.m, leaving
balance sent tho depanmeni oi ti,-
521.03. This year tho oxpenHos have
been much larger than for tho cor
responding quarter last year.
Needs 510,000 for Mining Congress,
Portland, July 2. Tho commltteo
In churgu of local arrangements lor
.li,. A m.irlf.nil MlfiltiJr Cmmroas. to bo
held hero on August 22-27, has ralsud
J6000 so far, and announces wmi mo
will need xsouu more id cuiiidiuio u.o
arrungementb for entertainment of
the guests,
Mrs. Watts Retains the Property In
Full Durlno Life.
According to tho terms of tho will
of A. L. Watts, who died Juno 27 at
his Weston home, all his property
goeu lo his widow during her life ex
cept bequest of 10 each to till chil
dren, Mary C. Derrick, Josephine
Grant, Kllzabeth Perklui and Bessie
M. Watts. At her death the properly
Is to bo divided equally among the
children. Tho valuo of the estate U
said to bo about 13000. M. L. Watti
Is named an executor without bonds,
whllo tho appraiser appointed by tbo
testator aro Will Mctlrldu, B. I). Jar
mon and O. G. Chamberlain.
Wheat In Fine Shape.
Lars Hanson, on old-time resident
of this county and for tho last 10
years a resident of tho Cold Springs
country, Is spending the day In town.
Ho report wheat a being In splen
did shape and giving promise of a
large yield.
Armenian Massacres.
Washington, July 2. Tho
state department today receiv
ed the following, dated Ispa
han and signed by tho Arme
nian bishops of Porslat "Turk
ish barbarians nro massacro
Ing thousand each day. We
humbly solicit tho United
Hlates government In tho
name of Christianity and hu
manity, to sayo human Uvea.