East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, June 17, 1904, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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Special Sale
On all oar Ladies,' Men's,
Misses,' Children's, Boys,'
Youth's and Little Men's
We liavo Inaugurated a Sweeping Special Sale on nil our Ox
fords and will make It n special object to buy now.
We are an exclusive shoo liouso and handle only Btrlctly good
shoes. Not a cheap, trashy article, mado only to sell, enters our
store. Every piece of footwear 1b good, solid and honestly made,
and can be depended upon.
THIS SPECIAL SALE on Oxfords Is something extra special.
When we announce that we will cut prices wo mean that when you
call at our store you will find the prices greatly reduced.
All goods are marked In plain figures.
Get Oxfords at this sale. They are right In season.
Prisoner Told the
Told When Arrested and Sticks to
- It With Remarka'ble Consistency
Has But One Witness In His De
fense Besides Himself Arguments
Finished Today.
ml nlnns. He baa boon
touch with them during the voting of
the bond Issue, has discussed at their ,
meetings tho plans for the buildings, J
and hns gone nuo uiu wuu mm-,
! "Uglily. .. .., It
I There are oilier cnnuiuiuus iuiki-u i
of but none nave announcoa inem
EVIDENCE, goives tip to this tlmo. Petitions will
, bo circulated at once in uouaii oi
'both Mr. Cohen and Mr. Smith in
Same Story He order that they mny bo plnced regu
larly before uio peojnu.
Removal Sale
The trial of William Morton for
the shooting of Pat Dougherty, waR
resumed this morning after the
night's adjournment. Yesterday so
much time was Uikcn tip In tho exam
ination of the witnesses that the case
wbb baroly begun by tho tlmo even
ing came, and court ndjourned until
8:30 o clock this morning.
Platzoeder's Mare Dislikes the Odor
of Elephants.
By tho kindness of fate and tho
heroism of S. A. Forshaw, Conrad
Platznedor Is alive today aftor hav
ing lived through a harrowing exper
ience with a horso mado Insane with
fear by the circus elephant yester
day afternoon.
Mr. Forshaw and Mr, Plntzoedor
wore taking n drive in tho delivery
wagon of the latter gentleman yes
terday afternoon. Ab they wore drlV'
,il mo morning wus mheii up ., .,.. ,i, ,.i.
the examination of the remainder of ' " ' ,"" -
who tins in the past borne the best of
GOOD SHOES CHEAP. 'Phone Main 1131.
The Number Is Increasing and Among
Them Are Some Who invest In
creasing World's Fair Traffic, One
Line Selling Thirty Tickets Tran
sients Keep the Real Estate Men
leave to look over property in other
parts of tho state. On other days
one, or maybe two travelers will
tho city, but there Is generally
i nt least that many take advantngc of
tho privileges of their tickets.
The world's fair tickets oro being
COUNTY 8o111 at a good rato also' fu,ly 30 liav"
' iug been sold out over one lino since
they were put on the market. Those
who have made the trip and those
who are still In the East send back
word that it is worth the while to
make the visit, and many people of
Pendleton and vicinity are planning
to leave as soon as business Interests
will nllow, for tho East.
The homeseekers are beginning to
come In from the East In small lots,
singly and In bunches, but the trou
ble is that they tarry but a short
time, look over the country for a day
or bo and then leave for other points.
"Whether or not they will return is
unknown, but It Is known that somo
of tkoni will come here to locate.
Some days a party of a dozen or
more will stop off and make tho
rounds of the real estate offices, look
over the available property and then
E Prospect for a Large Yield
and Increased Acreage.
E. W. McComas has returned from
Echo and Switzler's Island, where he
lias been in company with F. S.
Bramwell, of La Grande, looking ovor
the sugar beet prospects. Tho beets
In both localities have been thinned
out and are growing rapidly, and
there Is every indication of a heavy
It will be necessary to cultivate
them from tlmo to tlmo during the
rest of tho season, and the water
will soon have to bo turned into the
fields. So far there has been no Ir
rigation, but the hot weather is fast
taking the moisture out of tho ground
and artificial irrigation will have to
bo used from this time on in ordor
to insure tho heaviest yield. Tho
prospects for a good crop are very
flattering, and the experiment has al
ready proven Itself, so that the acre
age in the Echo country next year
will bo n great deal larger than this.
the witnesses for tho state, and Don
'aid Itoss and the defendant himself
for the defense Mrs. Morton, the
aged mother of the prisoner, was
present at tho trial, and snt besido
her boy, and as the details of the
shooting were brought out one by one
and as the Dougherty family gave
their version of tho troublo which
painted the prisoner in the blackest
of corors, she would shrink back
against her chair and look appealing
ly nt Judge Bennett nnd the defendant-,
though she never at any time
broke down, or seemed to lose hope.
Tho prisoner was calm and collect
ed in his demeanor, but the linos of
his face told that his mind was not
easy, and that he haB been worrying
more than he would admit over the
outcome. On the stand he gave his
story in n straightforward manner,
clearly and coolly, adhering in the
main to the story he told when ar
rested, and changing nothing, even
under the rigid cross-examination.
Tho arguments wore opened at
11:30 o'clock by T. G. Holley for tho
state, who spoke for 30 minutes. He
referred in the highest terms to
Judge Bennett as a man nnd a law
yer, saying that thero were none net-
ter in the state or in the ?ortnwesi.
He then reviewed the testimony of
both the state and the defense, and
held the prisoner up to the jury as
a thing beyond the pale, a monster
who drove women at the point of his
lovolvor across the snow-clad hills
with murder in his heart. Hp closed
by citing the law governing the evi
dence to be considered, and the duty
of the jurors. The court then ad
journed for the noon hour.
Judge Bennett commenced hlR ar
gument when the court was called for
the afternoon, nt 1:30. He started
out slowly, but gradually the jury and
the crowd lost sight of the prisoner
and the court room and saw only the
barren hills with tho lonely man i
herding the sheep in tho snow, and .
the nged mother sorrowing at the
reputations for gentleness nnd so
briety of couduct. Hiiddenly caught n
whiff of the elephant which was
across the river In the circus tent,
ami made a wild bolt for less contam
inated atmosphere.
Mr. Forshaw was driving, and pull
ed back so hard thnt he broke the
headstall on the bridle, allowing tho
bit to slip out of the mare's mouth
and down about her neck. The ani
mal raced down Jackson street, ncross
the Main street bridge nnd up Main
street, the wnrning shouts of Mr.
Plnuueder nnd the clatter of the
bounding rig clearing tho wny for
their pnBsngo. The nvatancho hurt
led down Main street and turned up
Wpbb. where It headed for tho reser
vation at an awful paee. Tho race
continued until the mare was Bitre
Rhe had escaped from the circus,
when stu slowed up nnd allowed the
men to fix the bridle, when she was
driven hack Into the city. Mr. Plot-
.otnler will shun the vicinity of cir
cuses when lie goes nut driving In
the future.
$6.25 for sack sugar; 15 lbs. for $1.00
Johnson Bros', seml-porcelaln pie plates, each
6 Good glass sauce dishes
1 Good size glass frultbowl
Deltz tubular lantern, now
A few extra heavy, roll rim breakfast plates, each
10-quart tin water pall at 1Ce
Pharaoh's horses and other pictures, size 19J4x19
A lot of white and decorated china at less than cost. There are toi
many articles to enumerate. Ask to see' them.
Good seml-porcelaln butter dish, regular price 60c, now 43.
Veavy handled cups and saucers, set
Heavy seml-porcelaln oreakfast plates, set 5
Two porcelain nest eggs for it je
Big lot of fruit jars, Jelly glasses, etc.
Consolidation of Pendleton and La
Grande Business Colleges.
Professor E. Ray Jones loft yester
day for La Grande, where ho will
visit with relntlves for a few days.
He will go to Union the flrst of July
to take a position In the office of the
county clerk.
Mr. Jones has become well known
In Pendleton us the huad of the Pen
dleton BuslnesH College, and his de
parture will be felt In commercial
and educational circles In the city.
The branch school nt La Grando will
lie closed permanently, tho work
there being consolidated with the
Pendleton institution.
Baseball Manager In Town.
Georgo O'Connor, of Walla Walla,
was In tho city today. Mr. O'Connor
Is the manager of the consolidated
baseball teams representing tho W.
& C. rt. and tho La Salle college
teams, both of Walla Walln, who will
play a double-header in Pendleton
next Sunday with the O. It. & N.
team and the Wonders. He Is also
to Cure Either of These Complaints ' Ul. heatl attraction of tho excursion
r tin ltd run T)Ait((lnlnn rn llinf ,lni
iu mu 111 J. UttU4UlUU UU VllUb UUlUi
Foot Powder
For Sore, Blistered, Aching and
Sweating Feet. We Guarantee This
or Money Refunded,
Tallman & Co.
Tho visitor returned homo this morn
Giving advice to a young man who
Is in love Is like giving bird seed to
a cat.
mlanrt- if lior Kim. T(l tllfi RDOCtatOrS
nt i,.nKt tl.n tnw was forsotten and Yield Will Be Much Larger This Year
only the sorrow and the coldness was J Than Last,
left. He closed by admonishing the barl , fl
jury that they were to consider nn I lig,n one d , w ,)e bar.
reasonable doubt though It might be , everyone when the grain Is
slight, and give the prisoner its ben- lhre8,oU a ow weok(i from ,low.
c"'' Umatilla county is not iv barley pro-
I- ducing county. looking at the quostlou
from nn exporting standpoint, for the
reason that tho farmors raise the
grain for their own use largely and
Lively Bunch Handed to the Blind
folded Goddess.
Tho city court was busy this morn
ing for some time with tho remnants
of tho circus jollity which pervaded
the city yesterday afternoon and last
Threo drunken white nion and one
Indian had been boisterous and were
sent to Jail for three days each to
learn better manners for public occa
sions. William Davis, a farmer who lives
near town, had started out with Rosa
Bowman, before known to tho police
circles, to see tho circus, but had
stopped at too many refreshment
stands, with the result thnt when the
shades of evening had fallen they had
got only as far as the Main street
bridge, at which place the woman
gave out. Tho pair were taken to
the city jail and Davis was senten
ced to eight days, Tho woman was
turned loose this nftornoon upon hor
promise to get out of town ns soon,
If not sooner, than she could.
William Hope, tho man of many
thefts, was turned over to the mercy
of the district attornoy and was taken
to jail to await his trial. There were
three charges of larceny from a store
lodged against him ono for tho theft
of tho BhlrtB from Sullivan & Bond,
one for having taiten tne coal and
vest from the Prlvott barber shop and
not for sale. Ench man sows about
what he thinks he needs for his stock
and so but little Is raised for export.
Last year It Is estimated that not
more than 10 or 15 cars of barley
were sent out of the county for ex
port; but this year tho shipments will
' be much more owing to tho large
yield that Is promised at this time.
. Going Into Camp.
Mrs. Penrl E. McDuff, accompanied
by tho children of Mr. and Mrs. M. A.
Under, will leave the ilrnt of the week
for Bingham Springs, whero they will
camp, for several weeks during the
hot weather, or until the return of
Mr. nnd Mrs Under from their east
orn visit.
Were Members of a Pleasure Party
of Campers.
I.ewistoii, June 17. The Hteamer
Lewistuii today brought tho news of
the ilrownlng of two women In the
Snake river Monday morning at the
mouth of Deadmnn creek, about 15
miles above Iliparia.
One of the womon was MIsb Mabel
Dcnkins, who resides near tho May
vlow tramway, but tho boat officers
or crow could not learn the name of
nn. fnr Rtonllntr nhnixt from tho st 1 the other victim. She Is said to bo
Joe store. A chargo of simple lar-iMr8- barker, of Mayvlew.
ccny was lodged against him for hav
Ing attompted to run away with the
bicycle taken on Main streot. He will
bo arraigned at this term of court,
and will In all probability plead
guilty, as tho evidence Is plain
against him.
E, L.
Smith and Leon Cohen Avowed
The olectlon in this Hchool district
to nil the place left vacant on the
school board caused by the expiration
of tho term of C. S. Jackson, whoso
plnco was tilled upon his resignation
by the cloction of Leon Cohen, will be
hold next Monday at tho court house.
Thoro aro at presont two candi
dates for tho place Leon Cohen, who
Is now serving, and E. L. Smith, also
a woll known business man. Many
frlonds of Mr, Smith have gone to
him and urged hlra to make the race,
urging thnt ho has a groat Interest
In the schools, having soveral child
ren who aro now attending, besides
bolng a heavy taxpayor In the dis
trict. He has announced that he will
bo a candidate for tho place.
On tho other hand, tho friends of
Mr, Cohon urge his olectlon. as ho
has boon aorvlng on tho board for
somo time, and Is woll versod In Its
Miss Don-
kins was about 20 years of age and
her companion's age was reported to
he 40. Bath bodies wore recovered.
From tho information secured by
tho boatmen, It appears tho women
wero members of a camping party
and later Intended to cross the river
nt Control Ferry and proceed to Spo
kano on a visit. They arose at an
early hour Monday morning and pre
sumably wont for a boat ride. Later
other members of tho camping party
noted tho absence of tho. girls and
Investigation disclosed that they had
mot with an accident nnd were
drowned. Thoro Is an eddy nt the
mouth of the creek and the bodies
wore not carried Into tho main river,
thus enabling them to bo recovered.
Tho boat yesterday brought to the
city tho saddle taken from the horse
that was ridden by young Taylor, of
Clarkaton, when the latter was "drown
last week near Alpowah
Dies In Electric Chair.
Columbus, O., Juno 17. Michael G.
Schiller was oxecutod by electricity
In tho penitentiary annex today.
Schiller's crime for which ho paid tho
death penalty was the murdor of his
wlfo at Youngstown two years ago,
A syndlcato is about to open ex
tensive coal oroas under the sea near
Boston Store
SaBe On
Hot weather Is here and we can make you feel comfort!
with our
Skeleton Clothing
COATS $1.00, $1.50 to $3.00.
COATS AND VEST $4.00, $5.00 to $7.00.
One Price Furnishers and Hatters
It la hard to" teach an old dog;
For once he told the truth
Give the pup a trial,
For the old "do. Is out of tyle.
Pendleton Steam La'
The ew Laundry CbHonwood 8tr. (