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TonlRltt fair,
I lug cloudiness,
by showers.
Saturday Microtis
posslbly tollowoil
". ' .Ml
NO. GU77.
'5 lis.
" (
" mem
"If. C.
re the Scene
Ld Three Hours
L ,nd Her Eng-
OverDoara ,
jrthlp Fouls An-1
Lvudivostok Fleet
Lnthe Run North
Lpjntse Fleet.
Imfnt. by which our artillery was mls-
lied and suspended Arc.
I Correspondent Arrested.
, Washington. Juno 17. Minister j
i Grlseom, of Toklo, cables the stnte
1 department inni nccior ruurr. me
I mrfinnnni-ills News correspondent. Is
under arrest at" Port Arthur. Fuller
was picked up Juno 13 In an effort
to reach the besieged port.
Li-a-ding ' Sl
h i naval battle is
it Tsu istanas,
L ty Russians.
I-The survivors of
kport Hitachi Jlaru.
Mrehips In the
Wednesday nave
hssians were sight-'
Japanese attempt -
it 10 the Russians
i trt and in a few
i of the transports
: corpses, A sueii
; room, killing 200.
UeElCE the Hitachi
bbe.,, the Encllsh
Ewi overboard The
killed on the
rommander of the
lit Jag burued when
lloi' and be and the
I! other officers com-
hisport Sunk.
r-The Japanese
r liani today fouled
5 Mojl The for-
ftrt on the Run
-A r"por frfiin Su-
i tavs rannonadlng is
I coast The Japanese
l met the Russians.
i It that the Russian
N off Okl island yes-
it is probable the
the Russian squad-
III not believed here It
this evening says
fcjkt up with and sank
vessel off Shlmaneken,
Trend of the Sentiment Seems to
Favor Fairbanks.
Chicago, Juno 17. Congressman
Hemonway. of Indiana, this afternoon
niado the following statemont, believ
ed to be semi-official:
"Fairbanks will accept tho nomina
tion provided it is tendered him. but
will not do anything calculated to in
dicate ho is seeking It."
In this connection it is said by
friends of the administration that tho
program Is to nllow the matter to
rest until Sunday, awaiting the arriv
al of other persons, when a delegation
of representatives of the administra
tion will call on Fairbanks and offer
him their support for the nomination
and Fairbanks will accept gracefully.
Despite tho general Fairbanks feel
ing, there is an undercurrent of talk
of stampeding the convention for
Two clsssos of. people are here.
Fairbanks and a lot of expectant pol
iticians. With everything depending
on some statement from him, the sen
ator talks about the weather. Fair
banks seems to enjoy his peculiar
situation, but even his friends do not.
They are excepted to know some
thing, but ure compelled to admit
they are not In his confidence. As a
result the situation is gradually be
coming more irritating.
Elklns' name Is being circulated of
late more freely, but it conies through
The Hitt boom appears to be strict
ly local.
Cullom. who Is behind Hitt. said
to Fairbanks this morning: "What
are you going to do; made up your
mind?" "Nothing to say," answered
Fairbanks. "Then I'm for Hitt." said
the Illinois; senator. "A good man:
ery good man." remarked the Indl
aulan. Cullom afterwards said. "1 think
h wants the nominntion. but wants
to be coaxed."
Over 600 Bodies Had Been Identified This orning 599
bodies m the Morgue at One Imp,
Will Plead June 21.
New York, June 17 Judge New
berger today denied the application
of Mrs. Nan Patterson's counsel to
Inspect tho minutes al the grand Jnrj.
In conoectloirwith her lnd4Unwt .for
Young's alleged murder. The court
set Tuesday next as the day for
pleading. Mrs. Patterson was not In
I Cku'i Report.
t 17. Cen. Oku n-tKiriH
Itle Japanese main body
wwira m two columns
MT einellnir IIir .n.
I of Wafanir Tlpn
lie enemy made a stand
fi ime uei wem Lung
ft Titans Stun After
-"i uu nnc sjeiween
nil WK
uhiiicu I'ttSLWUVU
U advanfnu- uIKm the
"g Shiakow and Na-
lonnit thn .
uu ui-iuy year
im &s reinforced.
- cutuj)- n"ar Tells
'wo half divisions oc-
i a ii an
1 Ruuian rw.it
Japanese opened the
?a body aclvanrW
" a m. tno
1 iiuiKKnur nnrt nt
"Tuunueu near
witr severe flchtini?
are estimated
iaowa wo fnnti,r..,i
i... . -6 kuub. Rnniif inn
'inunt tho .
oi snarpshoot-
enemy's kliiwi an,i
to Ln 010 battlefield.
" enemv mnr-,inn.
m uiia engage-
to in Cuba.
Cuba, June 17 -
CZlJ, The water
in sight
This Is the Opinion Rendered by At
torney-General Crawford Ques
tlon Involved Was Whether the
State Could Furnish a Clear Title
If it Cannot It Is Nevertheless
Obligated to Refund the Money of
Innocent Purchasers.
Salem, Or., June 17. The state
latwl l.smr.l rniict rmiaV tO the PUT
chasers of school land the amount of
partial payments made uy mem.
when tho state's title has failed, and
this repayment must be mauo, even
i.,.,,t.i, nnrnVinaftm nre more than
.tniinncni This Is the
UIIC uiillWiuvM.. " "
tipinlon expressed by Attorney-General
Crawford. . ,
The opinion was rencierea in an
swer to questions by George G.
Brown, clerk or the state land board.
It semes that the state sold many
sections of lieu land the title to
which failed because the base upon
which it was selected proved to be
invalid. A few of the people who
had purchased this land wcro more
than a year delinquent in their pay
,.,t0 Tho otnto tnw nrovidos that
in case of such delinquency the cer
tificate of sale snail uecomo uw
the money already paid shall be for
feited to the state.
Tho attorney-general holds that tne
forfeiture of purchase money wou d
not apply to cases where tho state
u tuie so that the
purchasers who were delinquent, as
well as those wno nave
payments' up, are entitled to repay
1 . .i Vi. .. IHfi has fall-
ed. Not many sales are affected by
this decision.
oar Serious Disaster.
naiiimnrfi Md.. June 17. A Capo
Henry dispatch states that a quan
tlty of burned wreckage, cabin furni
ture, oil ' cases and passengers hag
cago of an ocean steamship company,
b b -i - j i t Pnlse Cane.
wero wasueu uouvio v - - - -It
Is feared that a serious disaster
has occurred.
Treaty Signed.
Washington. June 17.-Tne cxtradl-
a i.. .uh amin unit the UnlWO
UUU I lent uf" - - - ,j
States, was signed at Madrid today.
xAW bo thorouKhlv
ts wreckers bollovo
ay. Tlw w
wlH ht r
Four Investigations Into the Cause a nd Responsibility 't the
Will Be Made, One by the Secretary of the NavyBodles
Miles Away From the Burned Hulk, and Within Itsjuulns
More Greatest Marine Disaster That Has Taken agflace
Hundred Years New York City Is Horror-stricken, jf
New York, Juno 17. At S:30 this j
morning bodies of B29 persons who
lost their lives in the Slocum disas
ter havo been identified. The uni
dentified number 75. Six hundred are
reported missing. At the morgue are
107 bodies this morning, 32 of which
are Identified.
The stricken district Is swnthed In
black emblems of mourning. Great
crowds throng tho district, many of
whom stop at houses of the dead to
pay their last respects.
599 Bodies at the Morgue.
At the morgue this morning the
coroner's list showed 599 bodies have
been recovered.
The majority of the dead recovered
have been identified and nearly 500
bodies reclaimed, removed by friends
and relatives.
Less than 100 bodies remained on
the East Twenty-sixth 6treet pier at
10 this morning, but scores of per
sons are again on hand, looking for
lost ones.
Probable Less 00.
It Is still oxtremelv difficult to es-
timnto Hin number of mlsainc. Some
city officials stick to yesterday's fig
ures that over loou pensuea, wnicu
would show the missing list 100. It
ia Viniiovnri imu-pvpr. this Is an exag
geration, and that when tho story Is
all told the dead win ue iouuu io
number S00.
The men to whom was assigned tne
gruesome task of recovering tne
bodies from tne vyreci; anu wuiwb ui
the Sound, wero at work oarly this
more slowly, but will sticl: to tne
tatk for some days to come.
Are Many
Within a
Ilaron Do Crawhes, (llelgtnu); lluf-.
faux, (Swiss).
Opel soon wont out' with broken
Frenchman Won.
llnmlmi-tr .limit 17. Therv. French.
driven by Richard master, won tho
By a Narrow Margin.
Thory bent Jenntxy by but a few
minutes, He was glvun n rousing
ovation. Severn! French ladles em-
iiiiirn.1 niui i.lsBPil the victor. The
knlsor summoned Thory to tho Imper
ial box and congratulated mm.
Time of the Race. '
Hamburg, Juno 17. Tilery's tlmo
was five hours, fifty minutes and
three seconds; Jonntxy, six hours,
one minute and 21 seconds. Jenntxy
arrived first, but his actual running
time was less than tho Frenchman's.
found entangled
The wreck
searched today. T
manv bod es v
In the port paddl
Bodies Miles Away.
tli.illa n .v nrwt flltAl.i riinnvnrnil In
Bast river, mlle,s&Tfom the scene of
the accident. JL-
Four Investigations. '
Vnm cminmfn f tnvrtaHfrntlnnfl nrn
under way looking; Into tho causes of
the disaster to dejormlne the blame.
Secretary Cortolyou Is lioro with
Supervising Inspector Uhler. District
Attorney Jerorao Is making a rigid
Investigation, Fire Marshal Secry is
making an inquiry," whllo the coro
ner's Inquest begins Monday.
Diver Illco at noon reported many
bodies in the submerged paddle-box.
First Funeral Today.
The first of the funerals was held
this atteruoon. N'.arly 100 ministers
of all denominations met this morn
ing at St. Mark's Lutheran church to
make arrangements to officiate at
funerals and doviee means of raising
funds for tho noddy. The Injured In
the hospitals are recovering.
At 3 this afternoon the morgue fig
ures remain unchanged. All but 51 of
5t9 bodies have been identified. Mora
bodies are coming up In the river
and will bo placed in tho morguo.
At noou over $8000 had been Btib-st-rlbi'd
to the relief fund.
Albany Capitalist Victim of Acciden
tal Shot.
Alhnnv. nr.. -Tnno 17. Henry F.
Mfllwaln, n prominent capitalist, wns
nppiiinntaiiv mint nun Roriuusu
wnuiiiloil IIiIh mornlnc on his ranch
ui-nrnl mllou frnm tills cltV. 1'V tllO
discharge of a, 22-cnllbro rllllo In the
bands of Mrs. Jlcliwnm. rnu rmipiu
liml L-min In tlin ranch for a day s out
ine and the wlfo was snooung ai n
bird lu the brush. Mcllwnln, who
was in the brush, was shot.
Mrs. Mcllwoln promptly piaccu mo
,vmmii,ii mnn In n rurrlniro mid hur
ried him to Albany, where medical
attendance was secured, tho nunei
entered tho body two Inches below
the heart. It is thought that the In
Jury Is not necessarily fatal, though
tho' physicians ennnot yet toll what
tho result may be.
Mrs. Mcllwnln Is frantic over tho
Three Men Said to Havo Ta
ken $60,000 From North
ern Pacific Express Car.
Express Car Blown to Bits The Pas
sengers Were Not Molested Brake
men Escaped Through a Fusllado
of Bullets and Gave tho Alarm A
Hundred Men Ar In Pursuit, Stim
ulated by a Reward of $10,000
Kid Curry May Be In Gang.
Government Vlll Investigate.
Washington, '.Tm'iSy. ,17. Secretary
Cortolyou toduydrdored u- rigid in
vestigation of tho Slocum disaster.
Rich Diggings Close to Early
Placer Mines.
Medford, Or., June 17. There Is a
ureat stampede of miners to uraj-
monlze. Each sldo was granted two
hours to present its case.
Roosevelt Snubbed.
I No Roosevelt plcturo Is in ovldenco
at any republican headquarters, while
in marKeu contrast nanua puoio'
Move to Counteract Effocts of Habeas
('rliinli. Creek. Col.. June 17. As-
uiuinnt ntutHpt Atlnrnev Cruiiii) him
wired the shorlff at Teliurido to hold
Mr.yer, president of tin- Wnstcrii red
(ration of Miners, until n secret serv
ice ngent can bring him to crippio
Mover will bo brought helo on a
warrant charging htm with aiding
nnd abetting tho murder of Charles
McCormlck and Melvln Heck, who
wero blown up In the vindicator
mine by an Infernal machine Novem
ber 21. It la rumored w. u. mi
bo uccu
have been sent to Denver for him
great siampeue oi unui iu vji..- . ,
back mountain, 30 miles east, where graphs are everywhere in profusion.
Is the greatest gold strike ever mado Tho president's friends are Indignant
. n..ns il.n nitna.Atil alltrltt
In Southern uregon. "- i'i''-.
An 18-year-old boy and a compan- Delaware Contest.
Ion found the ledge while hunting, Tll0 famolIS Delaware case, being
and brought In iud gathered with a a flgnl b(il,wecn Addlcks and anti-Ad-mortar
and pestle. Three other men (llckgj resulted In a completo victory
rushed om and gathered ti&Oti In one f()r tjMJ former( a j,8 delegates at
largo being recognized, anu iwo irum
.lav'd M-fivL- viterdav
The location of the strike Is almost
on the California line, near the scene
of the early placer diggings,
Hot Contest on Among the Wisconsin
Chicago, June 17 Behind closed
doors, the Wisconsin dispute was
taken up this morning by the republi
can national committee.
Chairman Payne surrendered the
chair to Senator Scott, so no charges
of untalrness could be made. Both
the LaFolIette and Spooner factions
were well represented.
That Roosevelt's chances in Wis
consin may not be Jeopardized, a
strong effort Is to be made to bar-
congressional districts.
Ohio Destroyed at Seattle by Spon
taneous Combustion.
S.!iltlii Innii 17. Thn Irrin steam-
Ubjp Ohio took flro at Moran's dock
nt minnicni. i no tieriti uock uu wun
destroyed; loss, $45,000, Spontaneous
combustion In tho linen room. hiii
was formorly un Atlantic greyhound
of 3400 tons.
Chicago Grain,
Chicago, Juno 17 Old July wheat
tmi'iiml KHU. closed STA,: new July
opened 84, closed 84. July com
opened 48, closed 48.
Hamimrir June 17 The committee 1 prince, Grand Duko Ernest Louis of
for tn management of the Bennett I Hesse, and Grand Duko Frederic
Z uS? Z announces this Francis, and nurncrous princesses
T '7i,or 9Knn iiir-asuro motor who, with their suites, rnako a BiriK
r", "1niwl?KeCrbef spec-! ing group in which tho gorgeous mil
vain a b ' b ' , .
! a rfi.a hnva arrived
Emperor William, accompanied by
the empress and their suites, arrived
this morning.
His majesty went over tho course
In a motor at a high speed, rushing
down descents at dizzy speed, in
specting dangerous spots and revis
ing arrangements where be tb1oulKn!;
Itary uniforms
are a conspicuous
30,000 Spectators.
Near the starting line on the oppo
site side or tne course are iwo grunu
stands, each seating 5000, packed with
eaKcr spectators, whllo 20,000 moro
sightseers assembled in mo grana en
Ing arrangements where be (closure six miles in clrcumferonco.
they were needed. Utter m "alarl t drawing Jots for places of start
watched a display at the I w jeantsy, a Gorman, secured first
the kind of work the ancient Roman , . and ,ed off on th0 Mser-a
artillery did. Ambassador Tower is
among visitors. . ,
The concensus of opinion Is mat
the course Is extremely A011
and tho races will be marked by a
succession of serious accidents.
Emperor Started Race.
Hamburg, Juno 17,-Emperor Wil
liam gave the flag signal for tho
first start at precisely 7
and with a mighty cheer of thou
ands, the great Bennett automobile
"to the8 ?mperlal pavilion with the
kaiser were tho empress, king oi
Wortemburg, the German crown
chance and led off on tho kaiser's
signal. His car leaped forward and
i. turn pfinr1ti wnu biftt tn view in
the crowded lines. At intervals of
seven minutes the cars started, each
encouraged by rounds of applause.
Order of the Race.
Following Jenatzy came Edge,
(England); Werner, (Austria); Land
lllancia, (Italy); Thery, (France);
Hautvast, (Belgian); Baron Von Ca
ters, (German); Girling, (English);
Braun, (Austria); Cagno, (Italian);
nallnrnn fFrenrhV Auelerles. fBol-
Elan): Opel, (German); Jarrott,
(English); Warden, (Austrian);
Storee, (Italian); Itougler, (French) ;
Untie. Juno 17. At )0;45 Inst night
tho North Coast Limited, castbound,
wns held up one mllo east of Hear
month. Three oxploslona of dyna
mite In tho express enr complotgly
demolished tho enr, according, to tho
reports obtainable.
Tho engineer wns killed In tho
tight with tho robbors. Tho ronr end
hrnkoninn was sent bnek to Hear
mouth convoying word of tho hold
up. A speclnl wns sent out from
Missoula to lioarmouth, whoro It nr
rived nbout midnight. Tho limited
was still there.
Tin iiliinilor tnknn Is bill oved to bo
largo. nlthmiRh tho safe Is still Intact.
Tho bandits, three In number, escap
ed In the largo timber lu the moun
Many shots nro being hoard east ot
Heiirmoulh nnd It Is bellovod that a
battle Is In progress between tho
,uii.iiii nml Ilia riililinrin. who It an
pours, nro hemmed In by n canyon.
Took $60,000.
Ilutte, Juno 17. BloodhoiimlH from
tho state penitentiary nt '.1 o'clock
this mornlnc look up tho trail of tho
man who lust night held up and rob
bed tho Northern Pacific train near
Iliwrinoiilli. The trails showed tho
men on foot proceeded south ouo mllo
to wbero their horsoH niui neon lieu.
(I. .secretary of lho fodeiallon wllj Tlioro wero npparoiilly threo robbers.
'cuselTof being- itaWf oY WWJJlU' 'l?4il Z
iplracy and a wnrnu.t Is said to , dogs ha. (raCke.1 Wt 1 "f
hft mtfn n nuuiiuiK -
at 10 o'clock nnd expect soon to over-
, inko (hum.
' The train Rrrlvod nl lliitlo tit 0 this
! inornliig. The piissoiiKer say thoro
wero three oxplosloun which broko tho
I windows and lights of nil tho
j roaches.
I The robbers uro said to havo so-
cured about ?B0,OiiO from tho oxpress
i BIlfo- . . ,.
! They blew lho oxproM car to blta.
I Passengers Not Molested.
Ileforu tho uxploalon ono robbor
said to tho express nioHsenger, "Wo
i nro human, you know," mid untied a
. Vntllllllll. HMttf'I lIllL- owned by a paa-
sengor and led tho nnlmnl from tho
Those Who Favor the More Souther-! exiuoss car so It would not bo killed
liy WIU UAJM.iniwi..
Tho passongors on tho train woro
not moleslod. Most wero going to
tho Ht. UmIh fair and carried largo
iiieb with other vnl-
Against tne i-arK a xc uc,u i 7iiih wero hiirrledly hidden when
desirable for Various Reasons- ",,'nl oxpU,B0 0Ctlurrcal.
Juestlon Now Up to the Board. During tho two bourn mid a half
I the robbers woro blowing up tho ox-
..proas cur und leisurely garnering up
imiiI ui1,!.,, tin.,i ruin, the nnssoiigora
ly Location Point to the Balance
of Population, Present Location of
West End 8chool, and Inveigh
Against the Park Site as Being Un
Tin. iMinvasH of the west
town was completed last night by
Messrs. J. F. Carrier anil II L Ubk
blinifk. who wcie delegated Io drill
late the petitions to gain Hi- opinion
or the school patronH on lh- location
of the new school bourn'
Mr Hasbroilck. who currlid the pe
tition favoring the luuoball park lo
cation, secured 50 muni' to his pa
per: whllo Mr. Carrier, who repre
sented tho location south of tho O.
R. & N. track, secured 158 slgm-rs U)
tho paper ho carried.
The reason given by those who
signed for tho old poor farm site or
some other place to tho south of tho
railroad, was that the majority of the
patrons of tho school llvu south of
the track, and that If tho building
was put thoro their children would
not havo to cross the truck at all, or
until tliey reached such an ugo that
thoy would bo unlet to tako euro of
themselves. Further, there was al
ready ono building In tho vicinity of
tho baseball grounds, and therefore
thu new building should bo put furth
er away to equalize tho distribution.
Tho nature of tho location was also
gone into, it being claimed that tho
place chosen by tho school board was
on a gravol bar, that It would cost
nearly J000 to fill In to proparo it for
growing trees, or grass, and that It
was also Uablo to bo Inundated In
tho spring by tho heavy floods. Tho
opponents of tho sito remember tho
tlmo when It was undor three or four
feet of water during tho spring
floods, and aro afraid that tho base
ment would ho flooded each year and
tho place would prove gonerally unde
sirable when tried.
Tho two petitions will bo presonted
to tho board at their next meoting,
and It Is certain now that soma other
placo will bo selected, au tho board
has promised to abldo br tho wishes
of a majority of tho patrons,
..frui, I iii li.iivn tho curs.
Tho robbers fired several hundrod
xhotH Into tho air to keep tlm pus-
Hungers Inside. Tho rouuem ihh
llrod severul shots after tho biuko
men, but missed two who ottcupoil
from tho train and hurried to tho
nearest station to wlro nil alurm to
tho officials.
A hundred men heavily armed uro
lu pursuit, and tho oscupo of tho rob
Ihth Is believed to bo Impossible.
Thought to Be Kid Curry.
Tho loader of tho robbers Is.
thought to bo Kid Curry. Ten thous
and dollars reward Is offered dead or
hIIvh und scores of cowboys and
rani bers havo Joined thu chuso.
Newspaper Man Suicides.
San Francisco, June 17. George
Haspen, assistant Bunday editor of
lho Call, suicided at Golden Gato
Park this morning by shooting him
self through tho ln;art. Ho was do
HiMindont over lllnoas.
Over 1000 moro acros of sugar
beets nro growing around Tokoa,
Wash., than wero plunted last year.
Royal. Blue Wrecked.
Ht. Louis, Juno 17. Tho
westbound Royal Illuo Flyer,
on tho Baltimore R. Ohio, col-
lldod with a freight at Casoy.
vlllo, III., this afternoon. En-
glneor List was killed und boy-
oral Injured, It wna tho hand-
soincst train on tho road and
was badly damaged. It waa
crowded with Easternora to
tho World'a Fair.