East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, June 15, 1904, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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Drawn In Stone
A delicious, healthful, strength
giving drink served In an ap
petizing way.
A drink men like, anil women
A spicy, aromatic food drink,
cooling, refreshing and- palate
pleasing. 10c.
Government Services to Secure a
Thorough Investigation of the Sub
ject Have Been Enlisted Growth
of the City and Increasing Density
of Farming Population Makes Some
Radical Departure Necessary.
J mon
! Ply
The members of the water commlS'
sion have long been looking for a
more satisfactory source of water sup-
for the city than at present used,
F. W. SCHMIDT t ' amI nave been Investigating various
ways anil moans to bring the best
that can he hnd Into the city.
a snort instance irom town on
Wild Horse, there Is a place where
numerous springs break from the
ground, and It Is supposed that there
is a strong underflow of water along
the bedrock at that point. Acting on
,l.t. t .. n Tl r- 1 ....... .. t I . .
i . UJIS lUl'Ul. V . u. uiuiuuu litis written
I : to the department of he Interior ask
J lug that a member of the bureau of
J the geological survey be sent to Pen-
(ileum for the purpose of making tests
J for the benefit of the city.
a 1 In answer Mr. Clopton has received
- 1 a letter from the department stating
thnt the matter has been considered
by them and it is thought to be feasi-
ble. and that, If it were possible. In
Aurello Herrora knocked Benny the near future an hydrologlst would
i anger down and out at Butte in the iJe set here to make Investigations
eighth round. ' and find If there Is at any place an
The Standard Lead & Smelting underground How sufficient to supply
Company, of Jlontu. Mo., has failed, the city water service. "The Import
with a pacital of $1,000,000. nnce of the question Is realized by the
Archie Price, the best known con- department and will be given due at
tractor in Montana, wns found iImaiI tentlon."
Fostoffice Block.
'Phone Main S51
In his room at Butte. Heart failure,
or aiKiplexy.
The accidental discharge of blast
ing owder In the Potrero quarry at
San Francisco, killed Michael Grif
fin and Andrew Qulnn.
Frederick Warren, of Buffalo, X.
Y.. lost $5000 cash in 10 minutes in
New York at a game called "English
faro." and then squealed.
Vincent KereiiB. sou of Republican
Mr. Clopton has now written to J.
X. Williamson, urging that gentleman
to use his influence with the heads of
the department in securing early ac
It It is found, when the tests have
been made, that there Is any place
within a reasonable distance where a
flow of water can be secured that will
meet the demands of the city the
commission will bore wells and build
a mimniiiL' station nl that nlace. and
ISatlonal Committeeman Kerens and will draw the entire supply of the city
a prominent society man ut at. 1.0111s. from the wells.
tins been Mini-hammed out of $20,000. ti,0 present service Is good, as good
Dr. George C. Kambuud. at the perhaps as any ynter supply In the
head of the Pasteur institute In New eastern part of the statu, but at the
lork, hud his right leg badly sunt- same time It Is close to town and It
tered by the accldpntal discharge of will be but a short time until the
a shotgun. growth of the city will force the resl
General Stenhon D. l.eo is slated dences out around the present
to succeed Gonornl .Tnlm TV Gni-Hnn na ' KOIirct of supply.
commander-in-chief nf tlm ..v.nnnfpil. Again, the country is fast settling
erates. but stronc nnnosltlon has de- antl the wa,er of tlle rlver Is BUb-
jecteu more ami more to me i-umuiu
Inatlon that a denser population will
give it. This has to he guarded
veloped to him In Texas.
Morris Menges. attorney, "sued the
estern .Maryland Railroad Compa
ny comm on ' Us saie" "ami ' '"r,h"!'f:1'..t.h.! "l
secured Judgment for $1,100,000. J'"u'i'--u " "
...v.!-,. i . . : ..u. , from under Its bed, and in time the
" - '"""".a. firave wl Krow folll as anJ- otnt.r
' iilter-bed, and the water supply be
come contaminated.
It Is to cuard acalnst these contin
Local option carried in Malheur Bences that the commission Is now
county by but 34 votes. ; striving, and if their expectations are
T 1. .. t .1 -,., fi , I . . . . i ...i.t I .. ..1.1.. .. .-!...,
iuc uiura .tiuiui uumpuii is exca- reauzeu mey win huuh ut uuiu iu br-
vating for a monster smelter nt Wei- Pendloton the best service In the in
ser. . land Empire, if not in the state,
William Barlow, one of the oldest
pioneers of Clackamas county, is
dead nt ttin mro if Sfi
A resolution tn .li,frnnnh.o ,h. i New RP" Will Imitate the Finan
Mormons will be presented to the ces of tne United States.
Idaho democratic convention, ; Washington, June 15. The Paua'
Hoo.i nivor u-m vni n o i.nn.i iu. '. ran Joint commission met in Secre
sue of $13,000 for the purpose of 1 '"O- Taft's ofllce today and spent two
mil U nc a tnlnl arcn Hchnn hmiKi iiuurn 111 umusams i.u,.-w
llev. Henry Spickler. of Chicago ! ;Hl'""c
University, has arrived at San Frau-
cisco on a bicycle tour of the world.
In which he has already traveled S",
000 miles.
At a chance party of friends In
Portland Monday, an luvtMtlgation
showed that there were 12 betrothed
maidens present out of a total of 21
in the party.
It was ovldent from the views ex
pressed by the Panama representa
fives that they weru Inclined to ad
here strictly to the currency system
used In the United States.
The Panama commissioners pre
sented their views nt length, and pro
duced a copy of the bill pending be
, fore their legislature providing for
l the establishment of a gold standard
Mrs. Jane Abraham, a pioneer wo-, In Panama on the same basis as In the
man, once well todo, died a pauper United States, 'except a provision for
at Portland Monday. Her estate was j subsidiary coin In sliver at the ratio
consumed by litigation over her litis-' of 32 to 1 (the same as that obtaining
baud's will. (n the Philippines).
For the past 20 days the Columbia I Secretary Taft Insisted that ade
p1a. n, i, n iw 4 ic I mimo nrnviHtnn be made for a suffi'
to 21 feet above low water mark, the clent reserve fund to maintain the
longest continuous period of high
water for 10 years.
Now that a democratic sheriff Is
elected In Multnomah county, the re
publican county commissioners have
decided to cut down the force of dep
uties auout 25 per cent
Dr. H. A. Sturtevant, of The Dalles
foil 60 feet down an embankment
Tuesday while fishing, a small tree
breaking the force of the fall and
preventing Instant death.
In an accident to the Brltlch steam
or Algoa, just arrived In Portland
from Calcutta, 2,000,000 grain bags
were so badly damaged by salt water
as to be unfit for use. The Chlco has
Just nrrlved at Portland, bIbo, with
3,000,000 bags on board from India.
If you want to buy wheat land, a
stock ranch, town property, vacant
lots or anything In the real estate
line. Just drop In and see us.
Office In E, O. Building, Fonrtloton,
uiacK 1111,
silver on a gold basis If the silver coin
was to be used In the canal zone.
The Panama representatives stated
that their government had already
given study to this question, and had
provided so a deposit of $6,000,000 for
the benefit of posterity, allowing tne
remaining $4,000,000 of the $10,000.
000 received from the United States
to be employed in public work.
They expressed the belief that their
government woum adopt a plan sat
Isfactory to the United States, but
they wanted time to redraft the pond
tng bill and consult with their prlncl
Two Hundred Delegates From Labor
Rome, Ga., June 15. Two hundred
eminent representatives of the brain
and brawn of the state were present
today at the opening of tho sixth an
nual convention of tho Georgia Fed
oration of labor. The gathering was
called to order at 10 o'clock by Pres
ident U J. Kllburn of Macon. The
opening session was devoted to the
welcoming addresses and responses.
A brief business session was held
after luncheon for the appointment
of committees and other routine busi
ness. Adjournment was taken early
in the aftornoon to jiormlt visitors
to partake of an outdoor entertain
ment at Mobley park. Tho business
sessions ' will be resumod tomorrow
and will likely continue four or five
days, as many questions of import
ance to organized labor in tho state,
are to bo discussed and acted upon.
Fresh Hood Itlvor berries from
Hood River, Ore., every day by ex
press, 3 boxes for 25c or $2.00 per
crate. F, S. Youngor & Son.
The Pendleton.
H. Rlttenluiusc. Portland.
Thomas Nestor, Portland.
W. H. Raymond, Portlntul.
R. C. Canfleld, Colfax.
C. A. Jtny, San Francisco.
H. C. Turner, Spokane.
J. Muehlhaupt, Portland.
F. C. McMahon, Portland.
S. V. Knox, Weston.
S. O. Dunn, Spokano.
W. Donnghby, Spokane.
It. A. Seeds, Spokane.
F. J. Walsh, Portland.
A. B. Datson, Portland.
A. I.. Trowbridge, Portland.
Will Marks, Omaha.
A. S. Bennett, The Dalles.
W. H. Casey, San Francisco.
J. E. Stewnrt, Rinnevillo.
T. E. Raster, Portland.
A. H. Sinshelmer. Portland.
J. H. Kloeckner, Spokane.
C. S. Yannuker. Portland.
J. J. Balleray, city.
B. L. Sheridan, Portland.
C. Xeel.
Charles H. Genry. New York.
W. Schwarz, Xew York.
S. Hexter, Xew York.
W. A. Allen, Chicago.
N. A. Cohle, Boise.
A. A. King, wife and child. Walla
A. E. Fitzgerald. Chicago.
J. 1.. O'Brien, Seattle.
William Mnher. Portland.
C. M. Smith.
Miss Matlock, Portland.
W. S. Taylor. Chicago.
T. T. Matlock, city.
C. M. Cook, Portland.
J. McGllvory. Portland.
O. B. Prael, Portland.
The St. George.
J. C. Lonorgan, Seattle.
R. H. Burdall. Portland.
M. Williams, St. Joe.
F M. Saxton, Baker City.
.1. W. Scrlber. La Grande.
H. E. Wnlte, Weston.
George W. Campbell. Minneapolis
H. J. Merriam. Spokane.
M. G. Thayer. Delavnn
G. Oldenburg. La Grande.
W. E. Kane and wife. Eugene.
J. A. Wood, Walla Wnlla.
A. J. Martin, Ohio.
R. E. Folding, Dallas.
.7. D. Crawford, Taconia.
U C. Banks, Chicago.
Will H. Jones. Chlcngo.
Harry Gllmore. Pocatello.
Miss Kent, Salt Lake City.
H. Milligan. Dayton.
R. A. Carpenter. Spokane.
George A. Davis. Spokane.
Miss Burrell. Spokane.
J. J. Williams, Portland.
Mllo E. Trent. Walla Walla.
C. L. Downer. Spokane.
J. A. Barsdnle. Spokane.
D. McBain, Arlington.
J. A. Allison, Portland.
F. J. Gardner, Portland
J. G. Hubbard. Billings.
R. F. Strain, Chicago.
J. D. Holman, San Francisco.
E. F. Fllckner, San Francisco.
R. 1.. Parsons, Portland.
J. G. White, Seattle.
The Bickers.
Ben Stanton, Helix.
E. P. Camber. Ukiah.
E. W. Lockwood. Helix.
Mrs. Lockwood, Helix.
Mrs. Murry. Adams.
Mrs. M. Mortes. Dalles.
W. M. Marks, Spokane..
W. J. Forrester, Portland.
W. E. Knox, Portland.
E. G. Newby, Portland.
H. L. Hackott. Portland.
O. Luper, Amity.
Mrs. O. Luper. Amity.
Airs. M. E. Jones. Boise.
Xlel McDevitt, city.
Emery Jones, Taconia.
Mrs. Emery Jones. Tacoma.
A. S. York, Portland.
Joe P. Dorthy, Portland.
R. E. Ward, Echo.
W. H. Kelsey, Chicago.
C. S. Walker. Milton.
Highly Recommends "Trio" as a Cure
for Liquor and Tobacco.
Wo. the undersigned, residents of
Baker City. Oregon, have watched the
good results obtained by the use of
Trlb" as a cure for the liquor and
tobacco habits, and we can heartily
recommend It to anyone In need:
Signed Capt. Samuel White, chair
man of the democratic state central
committee, and district attorney of
the eighth Judicial district of the
state of Oregon; L, P. Desmarals, pas
tor of Roman Catholic church; Rev.
J. R. X. Bell, the oldest living chap
lain of the grand lodge of the Masonic
order of the world, and pastor of the
Presbyterian church; R. D. Carter.
mayor; W. H. Kllburn, chief of po-
uco; h. l.. uaer, vice-president 'Cltl
zens Xational Bank; W. F. Butcher,
lawyer; A. Welch, manager Baker
Gas and Electric Company; J. F. Fer
guson, real estate (27 years): Grace
& Bodinson, druggists: John O'Con
nor, agent Pacific Express Company.
por saie uy 'lallman & Co.
Carrier Off for Vacation.
L. L. Lerone, the well known malt
carrier, will leave In the morning for
a month's vacation at the headwaters
of McKay and In his absence his
place on the delivery force will be
filled by Ernest Hupne. the mihatl.
tute carrier for the Pondloton sorv.
Mor Mar See Ilut It Takta Gealua io
When Jnmes Watt naw it,.
causing the kettle lid to Jump up and
down he uald 'There must be power In
hunt BIVHIII IUUI 4t Will HH SUCtl fl,
There was.
Millions prior to him h.iA
same phenomenon and regarded It as
an unexplained mystery.
Recent nclentino research has put IU
finger on the "cause" or rnn,irrr uv.ii-
Ing Hair, and consequent Baldness, and
iV,ne,T,hed.Jl tlny serm which eaU
i?.wi .rom1nB T,?l" ot '"'man hair,
Newbro's llerpiclde destroys this
eerm and consenu'nntiv - .
hair to Its natural state.
Bold by leadlnsr drueelm a a in.
W. Schmidt, special agent.
.IMS. 8 Rr M Jft.. .IU
Trimmed tints of all kinds, 20 per cent reductln
Street Hals reduced 20 per cent for Circus n
Ribbons of all descriptions 20 per cent HI
Ladles' lace hose. 35c kind for Circus Dny, only "l
Ladles' wnlsts. all kinds 10 per cent off the regular pric!
Summer parnsols for one dny 10 per ee f '
Kid gloves, with enke of cleanser free with each pair.
Moil's dress shirts, 60c kind, for Circus Day
Men's 25c ties for Circus Day, onl '
Men's fancy hose, 25c kind, for Circus Day 19e '
A guaranteed watch free with each suit of clothes costing $3 0On
more. Boys, buy a suit and got n wntch.- They keep good time '
The Pantheon Theatre j
Webb St. cor. Cottonwood Open Every Eveiung
The Pantheon Is a strictly high-class, moral vaudeville thca-
ter, catering to Indies, children and gentlemen. Connected with
the Orpheum circuit. Performance will consist of opening act of J
30 to 40 minutes by the great comedian,
A ronr from start to finish. .
in the funniest of all farces. X
In her Inughable act. A great lilt.
pictures by Edison Vitlscope. Doors open at 7
p.pi,ii ....
-"";ij uie Kit
Any quantity jn
elrn nll- j .
...... iraucrra u
Always can or
The season for hammocks Is here. Time to gc them is now
and the place to get tbe best at the lowest prices is at our store.
We have spread ourselves in securing the newest and prettiest
.patterns turned out by the manufacturers. Just look at our lines.
Goodman-Thompson Hardware Co.
f . I Bit., I III
. r
EJegant FurnWied
r.nc l nPnVTAINF.
C33 Main Street
We Make New Roofs We Make Old Roofs New Again j
This is our exclusive business and we have hnd somethlne over
twelve years experience nt it. We ought to know what we are doing, :
hadn't we? Well, we do know. 1
ELATERITE ROOFING Is rigidly guaranteed. It has a Dast of which
we are not ashamed. It will pay you to investigate the matter. We shall
be pleased to quote prices and to answer questions.
The Elaterite Roofing Co., 10 Worcester Block, Portland, Oregon
Its Rich and Delicious
Our cold storage meats are always right; always tender, always
Try our mild cured Hams. They are free from that strong taste.
The Schwarz & Greulich Meat Co.
i T T T
1-1 l-i. V Mil U
done in first-class i
Let Mm do the work and you will be satisfied.. Ills work is always
first-class Jn every particular.
Always let us figure with you on plumbing.
BECK, the Reliable Plumber
Court Street, opposite Hotel Blckors.
Milwaukee Beer
J. E. Rueiell & Co, Props.
. .l .i.,.n,l fl MB, .
-, i ., ImnorUUU
lasting quality.
Our -ssof"0??'.? bIS
contains every
trade. Plain land rlrt d
trnin in nil n iu-- . .
Solitaire dlamoao
Open day and n&i
r.ood music
Under W. .
.m. tiii, -
,.inini? artr J "aiiilt
1 (ur 23 cent'
'Phone ihta Ml
cAtiin? and Sr
OF Ai""-