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il JOU cu"'!'r-.. vnnrself
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Tonight clouily wlih posslblo
showers; cooler Wednesday, fair.
1L. J
NO. 5071.
Defendants Who Plead
Guiltyi and More Are
ID I I T ,l.-
Branen Gets Seventy-five Days
Hundred and
...... nv "CaDtaln" Kinn
rtij-n.i. -
.. n.. o.nltcntlarv for Two
10 UIG
..j i.u Mi-nnnald for Three
o.malnder of the Term
Be Short.
... mil- l.n,1...1 nut n f rttlf
uus auernuuu m un.un
tbtt will not bo forgotten for
time bv mo reciiiieiiiB.
CnmiDttl aOCKt'l U1IB IVIIU una
i -i ... ... i .lint.
to do the same.
w... ...... .,.,1 nf noonillllniv
L ..... ...1.1. n J(11HTM.Mtn
i .1 i . .1 .. .. ..Inn .1
ud will doubtless do so when
Bennett, his attorney, arrives
. Bnciam. accused or tne lar-
hnt mar rhnnen IiIr mind and
to plead guilty In order to Rain
-A ' -jr.
men were sentenccu huh
2. &dq an receiver! nretiv
lnnnma Trnm rnn mnrvn
unnen. tne man wno nioaa-
Ann A (1 thpnft tlm 1 d.vnnrwnlii
pr ni in. Ainonn nnaimnuinr in
lor toe nurnosn or iirnKtltu-
u invpn n unnrpnincr innrnrn
court when his sentence was
to him. He was a man of
nd should have known better
DO U hn hflri dnnn hn nhnlllrl
H n.fl vnln.1 ...1.I..I. .1 1I...I
er things. He was a man,
1 Tldlm uid n l..l ..
ud admittedly wanton In In-
ind for tills reason alone
her away from her evil ton
JMttad of having done tho
T.n.. .....!.! ..... . .. . .
-s "ouiuiiiiess or ino gin
3l Would not bo so seviire In
rm.nl . - . ,
in, ivuuin oiuerwiso
IQPrpMPA ,lnn...l .1... tt
uttiijuil (Hill UIUU-
r- uuu ui fluij iir HOIV11
in tne county jail.
Ie was also Hentoncod,
linn lnlL-,.,1 . i .. ij-.i ...
to Judge, lloblo had nlnndnd
."t, wen juinie uunenu
ODOD whtr.li DhA I...I 1
- v.. uu UUv-UUlU
JUQSe OS I,1 l.lu nllnr.ll.n
. ..o ua u miner, mat
Mn.htpr ni.,1 !,- !r .1
tnr manlmnj I .. i.i ....
ar wed to check thn wnv.
or ih -i.i i . " . . "
.-6iii lusLnnii iir nnvinir
10 W her baser linimlnnu nml
Kllf.1. . . . .
man as no was a
'16 commnnliv ni io,.n
I Ofl nut nut nr
In . vr. i.urj LUUIl
u M. K.ni rtf .I,., h
""Ice.' h0 of the checlts
lu grocery 1.111 r.t v,.
-w ... ... wuufii
known man, and had taken the har
ness from the barn Innocently. But
tho court, In view of tho fact that he
had taken tho harness, and that he
had pleaded guilty, and also had tried
to escape from jail slnco ho has been
held there to await the action of the
court, decided that tho penitentiary
should bo his home for a period of
three years. Tho prisoner took his
scntonco harder than any of the other
prisoners, turning pale and sinking
Into his chair when tho time was told
to him by the court.
Tho court then excused the Jurors
until Wcdnescday morning at 9
o'clock, and adjourned for the day.
Tho Juno term will be short, all of
tho civil cases having been practical
ly disposed of at this time, many
of them having been settled out of
court, and tho major part of those re
maining continued or dismissed.
Mrs. D. R. Harris of North Yakima,
Tries to Hide Daughter's Shame.
Spokane, Juno 14. Mrs. D. II. Har
ris of North Yakima, who murdered
tho Illegitimate child of her 20-year-old
daughter, In this city, to hide
her daughter's shame, Is thought to
be demented over tho disgrace
brought upon her.
She brought the 2-day-old babe to
this city to place It In a foundling
home, hut being refused at several
Institutions of the kind, tied a cord
about the infant's neck and threw it
Into a clump of bushes, leaving It to
die of strangulation.
She Is now In jail but shows every
symptom of Insanity and It Is thought
she was driven insane by the shock
of her daughter's disgrace.
Mrs. Harris is the daughter of a
well-to-do mining broker and prospec
tor, and the daughter has always
been highly respected.
The venernblo grandmother who Is
guilty of the most horrible crime in
the history of the city, excites more
pity than blame In her present condition.
Cripple Creek Citizens' Alli
ance Describes Their Metes
and Bounds.
Walking Delegates, Agitators and Or
ganizers Will Have No Part in the
Affairs of the Camp Hereafter Es
pecial Declaration of War Made
Against the Western Federation of
Miners It Will Not Be Tolerated
Nor Will the Trades Assembly.
Cripple Creek, Juno 14. The Citi
zens' Alllanco and mine owners to
day issued a statement regarding
their position towards union labor.
which means that all unions eventu
ally must disband in this coi.2ty and
"In tho future," says tho statement,
"neither wariklng delegates, agitat
ors nor labor unions will he allowed
to say who may or may not labor In
Teller county or who may nor do bus
iness here.
"The Bource of all strife is the
Western Federation," declares tho
statement. "Its existence will no
longer be tolerated. The union of
tho various crafts already organized
will not be interfered with, as their
local or International affiliations pro
vides. The Trades Assembly must
be forthwith disbanded and no simi
lar boycott agency organized."
All the Prisoners Awaiting Execution
of the Death Sentence Try to Carry
Out a Scheme for Release Guard
Brutally Beaten and Bound The
Resulting Alarm Led to the Arriv
al of Help and Complete Frustration.
iv. .. " ui oervo two
Penitent arv vn
teemed in i.. .
v7.'c"tBnu to bervo two
King ti
Iclam o
nV thn
Ktlv. i wavB-
t the th;;rm "u ".au-
WBle nf . 1 nav'nS
tore,:.r'Du ?a to
l... lew thlnrrn
. wan c.n... .: .
. hUiiLY. iii.r f. 11.
.""UO, Bnl . "
I. . ."v ITUVfl niB nnn.
HehaT ?.le.h' havo to
. tvuuwn rnnr
tn ...:Mei. but had Blm-
- C11 l . .
di,V no.tl,or man.
ehn,. r""- 'caving
f brant of tho trouhu?
8eont of tho tin-
Columbus, O., Juno 14. Shortly be
fore 1 this morning tho 10 men
awaiting death In tho state's prison,
led by Moses Johnson, attempted a
desperato escape.
Guard Hichards granted an appeal
by Johnson to ho permitted to go to
tho closet, was knocked down, brutal
ly beaten and bound. The other nine
murderers were released, but they
failed to find the key to release them
from the ground floor, and help soon
arrived. The gang was locked up
Illinois Democrats Listed for a Great
Springfield, 111., June 14. When at
noon the democratic state convention
met after the morning congregational
district caucuses, marked by bolting
factions nnd disorder, the Indications
were for a riotous convention with
bitter contests on all propositions, es
pecially for Instructions.
The report of the credentials com
mittee covers a possibility of two
conventions, with ex-Mayor Hopkins,
o Chicago, in the saddle, and with
Hearst and Harrison hauling ammu
nition wagons.
Temporary Chairman Qulnn.
Springfield, June 14. Following
prayer and reading tho reports of the
congregational caucuses ant." Intro
duction of Tem.Kirary Chairman
Qulnn, of l'eorla, by Hopkins, chair
man of tho committee, tho convention
adjourned till 3:30 to await report of
Opponents of the Hopkins machine
protested vigorously against Qulnn,
but in vain.
Tried to Keep Cool, so He Was
Into the Cooler.
A Jjalf drunken man of unknown
namo camo to tho conclusion this
mornliiL' that he was In need of
sunshade, and accordingly solected
one of bright green hue from tho
rack In front of Loo Toutsch's store
and raising it Jauntily, zig-zagged
down tho street.
Mr. Teutsch saw the shado vanish
Ing around the comer, and knowing
from Its color that it belonged to
him. navo chase. Willie tho man
with the sunshade was the smaller,
ho had to go 1" too 'crooked a lino to
mako cood time, and was overnauieu
on Wbter street by Mr. Teutsch after
a run of several blocks, The shade
wnn returned to tho rack anu me
strnnged wns cached away in
him ,,." ' met... .. . ..in i u.H
. nUol Qu .jail to miv , ' rmin
Knrest firnvo. Or.. Juno 14. A tor-
r Wo flro tlirentnns tlio IMCnaiuni iur-
csts, ono of the most heavily wooded
sections In tho state, Tho flames are
now sweeping ovor many acres be
fore a high wind, carrying it into
splendid lumbering regions.
It nrli-lnntp'il yesterday from sparks
from the brokon stack of Itamolln &
Sons' Bhluglo mills. It destroyed the
on Mm nlnnt nnd ndlolninc residences
and leapod to tho surrounding woods.
Nothing but a cnange oi wiuu i
extra heavy rains, the latter being
improbable, can prevent lramonso
1 the
Found Dead
T... . .
n . 'i
K .M.toun'l 'lead In
k.,"' morn n
'U1f tin' . M,6 iue
-him .... v: uiun
Bh a i...
rll. ""I. IlOth
"Cod and
"Brick" Johnson Wants to Die.
La Qrando, Juno 14. "Brick"
Johnson, tho notorious horse tnlof
and tough confined In tho Wallowa
county Jail at Enterprise, attempted
auicldo by stabbing hlmsolf over tho
hoart, Monday. Ho is dospondent
and foora a long torra in tho ponlton
tlary on account of his long list of
crltnos In Eastern Oregon.
Robbers Get Twenty-eight Hundred
Dollars at Pipestone Springs.
Hntto. .Iiilv 14 Robbers at 3 this
morning blew tho safe In tho hotel
at Pipestone Springs, securing $1200
belonging to the proprietor, C. II.
Kurket, and I1C00 of the guosts'
money, nnd escaped, leaving no clue.
Tho outer door was unlocked and tho
Inner door blown with nltro glycer
ine. Land Office to Be Moved.
Portland. Juno 14. It Is seml-olllc-tally
nnnouueed that the Oregon City
land office, the oldest land office In
th n!nti. will bo removed to this
city In order to conconirate govern
inr.ni 'liimlness in tho federal build
im mwi fnt down tho oxpense of
Mm- Knnarato buildings for each
branch of government service In tho
vicinity of Portland. It U barely
possible that Tho Dalles land offlco
will also bo merged In tho land offico
In Portland.
Latest News is That the laps
Gain Important Advantages
at the Beginning.
Attack on the Stronghold Expected
Friday Japanese Mine Explodes
While Being Planted and Twenty
Are Killed and Nine Wounded
Russian Reserves Called Out In
Several Provinces Japanese Short
of Supplies in Manchuria.
St. Petersburg. June 14. An offic
ial dispatch reports that two Japan
ese divisions Monday began an ad
vance to the north of Pulnndlcn, In
tho rear of Port Arthur and north of
Klnchow. It occupied Tou Dla Tung,
Jantsln Tung and tho heights of Lint
sla Tung, south of Vandego.
Scores of Great League Games Played
Inland Empire.
m At Salt Lake Salt Lake, 14; Uolse,
At Dulte Ilutte, S; Spokane, 2.
American League.
At St. Louis lloston, (!; St. Unils,
At Chicago Chicago, 2; Now
York. 1.
At Detroit Detroit, 3; Washing
ton, 0.
At Cleveland Philadelphia, 9;
Cleveland. 2.
National League.
At Philadelphia Philadelphia, 6;
Cincinnati, 4.
At lloston Pittsburg, 11; lloston. 4.
At New York Chicago, 3; Now
York. 2.
Will Attack Friday.
Home, Juno 14. Tho Toklo corres
pondent of tho Courier Dcllascras
says tho foreign nttaches are leaving
tho Japanese capital for Kwang Tung
peninsula, which they hopo to roach
Friday, as a declslvo attack on Port
Arthur by tho Japaneso will begin
that day.
Stoessel Loses a Leg.
St. Petersburg, June 14. A report
has reached hero of a naval battle
fought outsldo Port Arthur Juno 10.
General Stoessel, commander of the
Russian troops, was wounded, ono of
his legs being amputated at tho
Hoist by Their Own Petard.
Cheo Foo, Juno 14. Whllo th
Japanese transport Tal Coka Maru
was laying mines In tho entranco to
Port Arthur harbor Monday evening,
one mine exploded, killing two offic
crs and 18 men and wounding two
officers and seven privates.
Mrs. Patterson Will Answer Charge
of Murder Next Friday.
New York, Juno It. Mrs, Patter
son was arraigned before Judge Now
bergor In tho court of general ses
sions this morning to plead to an In
dictment of murder returned Mon
day. At the request of her oouiihoI, Abo
Levy, the pleading was deferred un
til next Krldny, when a motion fqr
an Inspection of tho minutes of tho
grand Jury was mado. Levy this
morning said It was his purH)Ro to
bring tho enso to trial at tho earliest
"Nnn Patterson will g6 on tho
stand and tell her story of tho death
of Young," ho snld, "and her story
will clear her. She will conceal noth
ing. Levy hopes tho trial will bo called
sometime In .Inly
Complications With Great Britain
London, June 11. In tho house of
commons Earl Percy, under socro
tary of foreign affairs, admitted tho
fall of Port Arthur would mean tem
porarlly, perhapB permanently, tho
loss of Wei Hal WL'I to England ns a
port. Ho said tho convention of July
sth leased Wei Hal Wei to Great
Britain only as long as Port Arthur
was occupied by tho Russians,
Transport Damaged.
Tokio, Juno 14. It Is officially an
nounced the transport Tal Holm Maru
was damaged by tho explosion of a
mine at tho entranco to Port Arthur
yesterday. Ono officer and 10 men
were killed and two officers and
seven men wounded. Damage to the
ship was unimportant.
Calling Out Reserves.
St. Petersburg, Juno 14. The Kus
slan army reserves In tho military
districts of Klcff, Moscow und Kal
san havo been called out to take tho
place of troops already gone to tho
Llao Yeng, Juno 14. Tho Japaneso
army In Manchuria Is said to bo ex
ceedingly short of supplies, for which
they are wholly dopendeut upon
water transportation to the north of
the Yalu and Takushan.
Electric Road to Milton.
Walln Walla. Juno 14. J. M. Gal
loway 1ms had a topographical sur
vov maiin of tho military reservation,
with, a proposed lino through it for
an electric railway to connect Walla
Walla with Milton, Tho officers havo
expressed their approval of tho loca
tion of tho line, and the map will be
forwarded to Washington for approv
al by the war department.
Will Visit England.
Manchester, Juno 14. Tho Dls-
ntnl. nnrlemtaniln that at an eany
date nn American naval squadron will
visit British waters and bo received
by the king.
Chicago Grain,
nhmtrn .Tnnn 14. Old Jllly Wheat
opened 87, closed 85; now July
opened 80, closed 8C. July corn
opened 49V4, closed 48.
Tho lfo nf Professor J. C Wilson,
of Knoxvlllo, Tenn., was fatally pois
oned by tho blto or a largo uiula
spider on her hip.
Get Away With Funds of Lauren
Stock Camp Village.
Butte, June 14. Baudlts cracked
the postoffico safe at tho Lauren
stock camp, 200 miles cast of hero,
yesterday morning. They got $2000,
Including all the vlllago funds. It is
believed to be the same gang that
got $8000 at Billings recently.
Supposed Anarchist Arrested.
Johannesburg, Juno 14. Three
men supposed to bo anarchists, were
arrested hero today following tho
threat of ono to murder Lord Mil-
Will Tour America.
Munich, June 14. Princes Qcorgo
and Konrad of Bavaria, elder sons of
Prince Leopold, loft for America to
day to tour that country.
Mrs. Valentine Reprieved.
Trenton, Juno 14. Acting Governor
Wakeleo this morning grautod a ro
priovo of 21 days to Mrs. Anna Val
Montana Building Dedicated.
St. Louis, Juno 14. Tbo Montana
stato building was dedicated today
with appropriate ceremonies.
The delegates from Oregon to tho
republican national convention favor
Fairbanks, of Indiana, for vice-president.
A. Fi A J. HAS
Scottish Rite Degree Conferred on a
Class of Thirty
Conclusion oi a Case in
Which the. Public Has Been
Greatly Interested.
O. R. it N. Loses Its Contention In
the Barnhnrt Station Insurance
Case Resulting From a Fire Com
pany Is Held Responsible for tho
Fire, Which the Original Plaintiff
Alleged Was Caused by Sparks
From a Passing Locomotive.
.Major .Moorhouso received tlve opin
ions from the supremo court this
morning which had been handed
down on rases heard nt tho Inst ses
sion here.
One of the cases Is from this coun
ty, being that of Iho Firemen's Fund
Insurance Company nnd tho North
western Warehouse Company, respon
dents, vs. tho Oregon Railroad & Nnv-
Igallon Company
The ease was tried boforo J ml go
Kills about a year ago, nnd tho plain
tiffs asked for daniitgcH rnused by
the burning of the wnrohouso at
llaruhiirt station, which house, so tho
plalutlffH alleged, was sot on flro by
a Hpnrk from one of (ho engines ot
the railroad company. The wnrohouso
company had the contents of tho
house Insured with tho Firemen's
Fund Company for $1250, which was
less than Its true value. Tills sum
was paid by tho company a short
tlmo iifter thn fire. Sam Davis, a far
mer, uIho liuil a quantity of wheat In
the hoiiHO and assigned his claim to
the warehouse coiiiinny.
The Insurance company brought
suit to recover the nmount of tho In
surance pnlil, tne company tor iib
Candidates Last oamages ouihhiu oi uio uuiiniiiiu,
I nn, ,.f llin ujlinul iwnml hv Iliivlll.
&vcninQ .lie umnu luuub wun-
venes Wednesday at 10 a. m. Mys
tic Shriners Will Close the Week
There Are Now Over Six Thous
and Free and Accepted Masons In
riie case being heard by Jttdgo Kills
was decided In favor of tho plaintiffs,
iiikiii which thn railroad company np-
! pealed. JiiHtlco V. H. Wolverton
wrote tho opinion In which no omrmi
the decision of tho lower court, and
concurs In Its Judgment
Tho other opinions were In tho
.nana .f I' U' Oltviir. rflRnondnnt.
Portland, Juno 14. This la Masonic vu Th.. nri.L.,.n Hniriir (Vimimnv. nn-
week In this city, ovcry day In tho ....mint, an appeal from tho court of
week being slated for programs by jmK0 n,irt Eakln of Union county.
boiiiu oi me vurious untiiciiim in inu , fl rnic
Yesterday and todny Is glvon ovor
lo tho Scottish rllo degrees, a cIbsb
of 35 having received the degrees
from tho Gth to lliu 32d, in tho elegant
new Scottish Rite cuthedral,
Tho Grand Chapter R. A. M., will
hold tho annual session tonight, und
the grand lodgo A. F. & A. M., will
conveno nt 10 a. in. Wednesday, for
the atinuul meeting.
It Is expected that tho gram! lodgo
will last until Saturday noon, and on
Saturday, tho climax will ho reached
lu tho meeting of tho Mystic Shrin
ers. tho highest degrco of tho York
rites. All tho various bodies will par
ticipate In tho festivities of tho Hlirln
crs and their banquet and program
on Sutuiday night will be tho crown
Ing ovont of tho week
Charles Altschul, resiKindent, vs.
William T. Casey, appellant. An ap
peal from Crook county, W. I.. Ilrnd
sliaw, Judge. Affirmed.
Lillian II. McDowell, respondent,
vs. Frnnk H, Perry and II. 15. K.
Brown, sheriff of Baker county, Rob
ert ICakln, Judge. Affirmed.
Tho Pacific Livestock Company; ro
siindcnt. vs. Kenneth Murray, ap
pellant, reversed, and a new trial or
One Captured by the Sheriff,
Other Escapes,
.Sheriff Taylor returned last night
nfinr ii llii-.io iIiivm' neon 1 1 ii ir trln
There ui'ii ,lmll,,i, ,), mkiuiiIuIiih In search of a
now more than 0000 Masons In Oro- f0,,i0 f outtlo thieves, bringing
K". 'with him J. W. Duffy, who Ih accus
ed by Hoi Lomory, of Adams, of thn
theft of sovorul head of cattle which
ho took lo Walla Walla and sold to
Results In Three Men Dead and Two ' the butchers.
Dnffv liiiriicd that he was wanted
limirnr.l In.l lime 1 1 Ah I tin rti- ''V ' Hllurlff und IhU AtllOlia, Wliort
(mirord, inn,, June il. as Uio ro- ' . ....., ,,mll,.inn..
suit of a duel fought on the publli
streots of Bryantsvillo, eight miles
west of hero this morning, James
Rout und MIR Tow uro dead and
James Tow und Frank Tow wounded.
The shooting followed tho alleged de
termination of the Rout brothers to
get oven" for a fancied insult of a
week ago. and had its Inception over1
attentions lavished by a woman upon
Charles Rout.
ho has been living, for tho mountains.
where ho has boun dodging tho offic
ers for some time. He was located
with difficulty und lal.cn Into custn
dy. and will bo tried ut tho enliven
loneo of tho district utloiiiny. Tho
other mim connected with the theft
escaped Into tho mountains anil his
win realinuts are not known.
Trans-Continental Cyclists,
Chicago, Juno 14. VV. H. Goodrich
and Philip McAnany, Ijjh Angeles
cyclists, arrived at noon, They left
Los Angeles March 9.
Oregon Timber at St. Louis.
Albert Tozlor, secretary of tho Or
egon Press Association, ro turned yes
terday from St. Louis, whoro ho at
tended tho mooting of tho National
Press Association, says tho Oregon
Daily Journal, Ho Btatca that tho Or
egon Umber exhibit had not yet boon
completely arranged, and a part of it
will bo Bet up outsldo of tho building,
Including a standing fir trco, Tho
timber exhibits of Washington and
Oregon are a croditablo display of tho
timber resources of tbo Northwest,
and tho cedar arid yellow fir lumber
products of Oregon attract consider
ablo attention. Tho cuts from largo
trees show up tho Immensity of
growths of Oregon forests in a cred
itable way.
I-ocal option carried in Oregon by
2087, according to tho official count.
Alleged Deaf Mute After Assistance
Which tho State Provides.
Roy Murry, a deaf mtito from some
sister statu, Is In town with a sot of
cards enlisting tho sympathy of the
peoplo In his behalf. Ho Is seeking
to securo money on which to go to
Iho deaf rnulo Bchool, nnd mukoB n
pathetic plea for holp.
Tho Bloto law provides for the free
tuition or all deaf mutes- at tho school
at Halem, anil further than that furn
ishes them with transportation to tho
Khool from wherever thoy mny bo,
Rush of Immigrants.
New York, Juno 14. So
great is tho number of Immi
grants oxpected to arrlvo this
week that Kills Island authori
ties bollovu It will ho necos
snry to erect tents on the Is
land. The great Influx is dU4
to the $10 rata from Loudon.