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frionilH will ho -legion and Umatilla
county will not suffer.
Hut If a vicious, boycotting, cheap
flht Is made against men because of
their honest principles, the liquor bus
iness will drive Umatilla county Into
at rondleton, Oregon, by the prohibition.
EAST OREGONIAN PUDLISHING Whether this county or auy portion
COMPANY. J ,,f It carries for prohibition at the
November election, altogether tic-
,?.-.oo penils npon the actions of tho llauor
suiiscniimoN hatijs,
Dally, one year by mall
Dally, six months by mall
Ilnllv Mio... months tiv mall ....
Dally, one month by mall j0 upon tho community by unwise action,
men, themselves. They can forco It
Dally, per motitn Dy carrier .
Weekly, one jear by mall 1.00
Weekly, six months by mall ip
Weeklv, four months by mall .50
3eml-Vcckly, one year by mall . . . IJ.OO
Semi-Weekly, nix months by mall .. 1.00
SeLll-Wcekly, three months by mall .. .uO
Kcrlpps-Mcliue News Assocla-
The Kast Oregonlan Is on sale nt U. II.
Klcli's News Stands nt Hotel l'oitland and
Hotel l'erklns, Portland, Oregon.
San I'ranelsco llnrcati. 408 Fourth St.
Chicago Ilnrenu, lliKi Security llulldlnjj.
Washington, 1). C. llnreau, ."01 14th St.,
X. W.
Telephone. Main 11.
2a:ered at Pendleton postoltlre ns second
clay matter.
You ask me to what creed 1
pin my faith.
To none. And yet I love
(Sod's temple, and
My life Is shaped and molded
to n creed
So simple that a child may
I think If we reach out a help-
Iiir hand,
To those who faint and falter
, by the way
If by our sympathy and kindly
Some sorrowing liPirt lluds
happiness each day:
And If we ever carry In our
Tho mantle of sweet charity
and grace.
To shield the weak and erring
ones of earth
And lift them up to a secur-
er place
Then I believe ir by this sini-
pie creed
Which any Utile child may
Our lives are molded, wo at
last shall And
Heyond. the sapphire sea u
happier land.
Lizzie Clarke Hardy.
or they can educate public sentiment
:t thc-lr favor bv conducting a clean,
fair, honest campaign. Nobody will
be won by threats.
The Union Republican suggests
thai the Australian ballot law bo
changed to print the straight tickets
on the ballot so that marking ono
cross at tho head of the ticket will bo
the only mental effort needed In vot
ing. There Is too III tie effort required
of the voter now, to get tho best re
sults. Instead of malting It more easy
to swallow the wholo ticket, there
should bo still moro technicalities to
bring out I lie highest mental effort on
the part of the voter. The ballot
must be safeguarded with moro ob
stacles to defeat tho ring, rule and
straight ticket nonsense. Instead of
reducing the mental requirements of
tho voter, election laws should make
them still moro stringent, so Intelli
gence will be brought moro and moro
Into execution In selecting public
servants. If a man cannot select his
candidates Intelligently from tho
present arrangement of tho ballot,
nothing should bo done by law, to fur
ther encourage Ignorance. If anything,
the law should encourage higher qual
ifications for voting by making moro
mental effort necessary.
clal club before the St. Paul Federa
tion of Qrado Teachers.
An organized movement to securo
higher salaries was vigorously advo
cated. Some startling comparisons
wore drawn by Professor James to
show how poorly teachers are remun
erated. "At tho university we often get -applications
for a high school teacher.
Ho must leach several sciences, Greek
or Latin, have a knowledge of vocal
music and talto chargo of athletics.
"Kor this he gets $60 per month
for 10 months out of the year." said
(he speaker.
Hero again Is tho wage system
shown up In Its dovlllslinoss. Even
In the great school system of America
of which wo boast so proudly, there
Is such competition for place as to
reduce wages to the minimum living
point, and as n consequence the best
teachers are leaving the schools and
going Into other occupations which
pay higher salaries.
By all means, tho teachers and all
other wago workers should organize
for mutual benefit,
The liquor dealers are unnecessar
ily disturbed over the fact that the
local option amendment has carried
by 93 majority In Umatilla county.
Because peoplo voted for the local
option principle, which means local
self-government. It does not follow
that the same people will volo for
Although Umatilla county may have ,
decided that she wants to exercise
the- democratic principle of local self
Rovernment. she will never vote to
bring business disaster upon herself
by precipitating prohibition npon
cities that have so much money In
vested In liquor business and other
industries dependent upon that busi
ness. There Is no uso to cross tho bridge
before reaching It. Tho local option
Ists are not unreasoning people. They
are not pushing tho matter to further
Issue. The principle Is now In forco
and the peoplo can ally themselves
on either side of the question of pro
hibition, and it Is safe to say that
Umatilla county will not bo made to
Tho East Oregonlan can pay Judge
Hartman no higher compliment In his
defeat, than to repeat the following
merited commendation from tho Wes
ton Leader: "Judge Hartman should
feel consoled In defeat by the Halter
ing vote which he received In his
home precinct. North Pendleton, and
his old home town, Weston. He did
not want the 'nomination, which was
twice thrust upon him by his party.
Taking it. he made a strong campaign
and although a beaten man he stands
higher than over In tho esteem of his
irlends ami party. To bo beaten by
about three dozen votes In a county
several hundred republican, with bit
ter political enemies hot after his
scalp, is no disgrace. Moreover,
Judge Hartmuu is able to retire with
the knowledge that ho has given tho
people a taithtul, economical and
honest administration. Abuse has
lei I no stain upon htm."
The czar rdles 40 races, .irenrditig
to a writer In tho Chicago Tribune.
This writer says: "in this mighty
empire 40 languages are spoken by
as many races, and the dialects are
The empire Is made up of Husslans,
Poles, Finns, Lapps, Canf.nldn3,
Svans, Lesghlans, Georghin, Tartars
Turkomans, Kirghiz, Usbegs, Kirghiz
Kazaks, Yakuts, Ostlaks, Samoye les,
Glllaks, Kalmuks, Zungars, Tunguses.
Lamuts, Orochea, Golds. Dmigans,
Soyots, Taranchas, Tajiks, Ugrlans,
Kodaks, Chukchls, Kamchadales. Es
kimo, Uurlats, and others.
All of these races intermingle, ana
many of them aro subdivided into
lesser racial groups. The religions
nre almost as diversified as the races.
In European Russia tho Greek chruch
rules. In Asiatic Russia there are
.Mohammedans, Buddhists. Jews and
Christians. These strange peoples
live In environments but little bettor
than those of savages: but they are
are of a much higher Intellectual
Caucasian blood predominates iu
their veins. They nre a blend of the
Caucasian, Indo, Malay, Mongolian,
Tartaric and Manchu, but under tho
progress of civilization they come out
Now that tho peoplo have Indorsed
tho policy of C. P. Strain by a ma
jority of over 1000, the taxes due the
people front tho railroad should bo
paid at once. The county has col
lected taxes from other peoplo and
the county government must be main
tained nntl the Indebtedness met. This
hearty Indorsement of tho assessment
under which the company protests Its
taxes means that other property own
ers are willing to pay taxes on In
creased property values and Ibis case
In court should bo hurried along, with
all possible haste, and not become
moro costly by tho longer delay. The
! nprinln nre Pllltth.fi In Immpillnt.. mn.
slderatloii, after such a hearty public
Indorsement of the assessment of
l 1903.
At St. Helena Napoleon said to Dr.
O'Meara concerning Russia: "Sho
I ftin navur illun tm In T? ti oa I n nnnA a.
suffer because of the success of " , so10ler, always a soldier barbarians,
local option amendment here. j who, ono may say, have no country.
Not one-half of tho people who and to whom every country Is better
toted for the local option principle Jhnn the one which gavo them birth.
, . . , , ,,., i, When I am dead and gone my mem
will vote to make a dry town of Pen-'ury wl ,)0 esteenled( am, , slmI1 bo
lleton. If tho liquor dealers will now i rQVered, in consequenco of having
say nothing, refrain from making foreseen and endeavored to put a stop
enemies by tho boycott (which, by the to that which will yet take place. It
, !,, ,n ....mi 1 w 111 be revered when the barbarians
way, Is a two-edged sword), public , ho N()r(h wJ ))0sgegs Eim)p0i
sentiment will not bo further incensed wl,cll WOI1(t havo happened had
against tho liquor business. It not been for you, sirs. Englishmen."
But if the liquor Interests now i On another occasion tho conversa-
, ., ., ... ., .,,.-i ,.,i I lion turned upon Russia and tho East.
plunge Into a vicious campaign and(aml Naloeon ,,. .., ,he C0Ur80 ot
boycott this and that respectable bus-, a fuw year(,- HS8a wm uavo Con
iness man because of his principles, stantlnople, the greatest part of Tur
ihelr actions will Anally mako Uma-1 ly. and Greece. This I hold to bo
lllla county prohibition,
Public sentiment on tho liquor bus
iness Is just exactly what the liquor
business makes It In every commu
nity. If saloons are run on a clean,
buslness-llko order, anil mako a spec
ialty of refusing minors liquor, re
frain from maintaining boxes In which
half of tho ovlls of the business
have their beginning, public senti
ment learns to respect that business
and tolerate It.
But where I ho business takes tho
extremo limit of license, nntl trios
bow many Immoral features can bo
attached to tho business In tho faco
of the community, then public senti
ment revolts und tho saloon man
brings prohibition upon himself.
Umatilla county is for locnl option
but not perhaps, for prohibition, at
this tlmo. If those engaged In tho
liquor business now go about their
business In tho usual way, and don't
as certain as if It had already taken
place. Now, as to Austria, It will be
very easy for Russia -to engage her
assistance by giving her Servla and
other provinces bordering upon tho
Austrian dominions, reaching near to
Constantinople. Tho only hypothesis
that Franco and Englaud may ever
bo allied with sincerity will bo In or
der to prevent this, But oven this
alliance would not avail."
At another tlmo, referring to Alex
ander, then tho emperor of Russia,
Napoleon said: "He can go a groat
length. If I tlio here, ho will bo my
real heir In Europe I alono was ablo
to stoji him with his deluge or Tar
tars. This crisis Is great, and will
have a lasting effect upon the conti
nent of Europe."
"Moro thnn 100,0.00 school teachers
will this year abandon an occupation
which does not yield them living
wages." Professor Georgo F. James,
dean of tho department of pedagogy
at tho Minnesota Stnto University,
mndn tli In Mtntemmit thn other dav In
try to whip anybody Into line, their an address delivered at tho Cotmnor-
"The chewing of gum Is generally
regarded by tho parents of children
who aro addicted to It, as a pernicious
habit," said the dentist. "And yet.
In certain cases, I have no hesitation
In saying thnt It is a most excellent
thing, in fact, on more than ono oc
casion I atlvlsed the parents of chil
dren whoso faces wero narrow and
whose jaws wero not sufficiently de
veloped to make them chew gum.
Tho constant exercise has a tendency
to widen an otherwise narrow Jaw
nnd thus mako room tor teeth that
show evidence of crowding each other
out of shape. Tho constant chewing
of gum for two hours every day Is
sufficient exercise to bring about a
most desirable result In the dwarfed
formation of a child's jaw. Even
when no such treatment Is necessary
I see no reason why the children
should be forbidden to chew gum. It
can do no harm and may possibly tlo
good In keeping the teeth white anil
clean." Philadelphia Record.
Big Contract.
A contract for 2,000,000 lines of
space was recently closed by tho In
dianapolis Star with tho Merchants'
Association or that city. The prleo
Is $120,000, and it Is believed to bo
tho largest advertising deal ever ef
fected by a dally paper. Tho New
York Store, Indianapolis, took tho en
tiro back pago of tho Star for a year.
Printers' Ink.
Wlsj Jacifc Tor.
"Jt is the word generally asso
ciated with the jack tar. He is the
picture of health, and the health bub
bles over iu mirth and merriment. When
people are sick,
especially when
sick nesj attacks the
lungs the doctor
often advises a sea
voyage. Hut in the
large majority of
cases the sea voyage
is impossible.
It is to the men
and women of the
workaday world to
whom sea voyages
or change of climate
are impossible, that
Dr. Tierce's Golden
Medical Discovery
conies as the great
est earthly boon.
The effect of this
medicine upon
those whose lungs
are "weak" is re
markable. Even
where there is bron
chitis, spitting of
blood, emaciation,
weakness, condi
tions which if mi-
checked or uuskillfuUy treated lead tr
consumption, "Golden Medical Discov
ery" in uiucty-eight cases out of a hun
dred works n perfect and permanent
cure. It strengthens the stomach ami
other organs of digestion and nutrition,
so that the body in all its parts is not
merely fed but nourished, Ami it is by
nourishment that Nature builds up ttt;
body to resist or throw off disease.
tl had a terrible couzh something over a yee.t
ago ami could find nothing to Hop it, or even to
do me a particle of good," writes J, M, l'arr,
Uwi., of Cameron, Screven Co.. Ga, 1 clianccJ
to tee an advertisement of yours, aud forth
with bought a bottle of your Invaluable ' Colden
Medical Discovery' He fore I lud taken half s
bottle I was entirely well,'
Dr. Pierce's Pellets cure constipation.
Walters' Flouring Mills
Capacity, 160 barrels a day.
Flour oxchanged for wheat.
Flour, Mill Feod, Chopped Feed,
lie, always on hand.
. e II -iA S i
0 Members of Uonqress oenu uetiers m endorsement
To the Inventor of the Great Catarrh Remedy, pe,r
Congressman Llaaeytrom North Carotin.
Writes: "My secretary hail as bad a
ciiso of catarrh as I cvor'snw, nnd since
liu bus taken one bottle of l'ertina he
seems like n different niiui."Ki"ulus
.. Llnnoy, Taylorsvlllc, N. V.
Congressman Ogden'trom Louisiana,
Wrllc.i: "I can conclentloimly recom
mend your Porunn." H. W. Ogden,
Ronton, La,
Congrcttman Smith from Illinois,
Writes from Murphyshoro, III.: " 1 have
titkeii ono bottle of Perunn for myt'a
litrrb nnd I feel very much benclltcd."
Ben. AV. Smith.
Congrettman Meekltoo from Ohio,
Says: "I have used etiveral bottles of
Perunn nntl feol greatly benefited there
ij from my catarrh of the head."
Dnvld Meoklson, Nitpolcon, O.
Coagrettman Dunnell from Minnesota,
Writes from Owatowna, Minn.: "Your
l'-runn hns boon used by myself and
friends not only as a euro for catarrh but
i!o as an admirable tonle for physical
Congressman Thompson ot Kentucky,
.Vrltcs : "Besides being ono ot the very
l Ionic Perunn is n good, substantial
'arrh remedy." Phil. II. Thnmpon.
Senator Thurston of Nebraska,
ltes front Omabn, Neb.: " lVrumi
. in ly relieved mo of a very Irritating
.h." .I.St. Thurston.
Congressman Worthlngton from Nevada,
Us: "I have taken ono bottle of
. una iiml and It has benclltcd mo lin
,JCj ." II. O. Worthlngton.
Congressman liankhead from Alabama,
-.: "Your l'erunnlsonoof the best
K'iiu-i I car tried," J. II. Bunk
., J''nyette, Ala.
Congressman I'owers from Vermont,
v from MorrUvlllo Vt.: "I can
'immcml Perunn as an excellent
niily rojiiody." II. Henry Powers.
Senator Sullivan from Mississippi,
Writes from Oxford, At Us.: "1 take
lleastiro in recommending your great
national catarrh cure, Perunn, as the best
I have over tried." W. V. fSullivau.
Congressman Saover of Michigan,
Writes from Port Austin, Sllch. "I have
lound Perunn n very efllclent nntl speedy
emedy for n persistent nntl annoying
.ottgli." II. (1. Shover.
Senator McEnery ot Louisiana,
Writes: " Perunn Is uu excellent tonic,
thavo used It sulllclently tosny that I
boliovo It to bo all that youelnim for It."
-S. I). SIoEnory, Now Orleuiii, La.
Congressman II row n low of Tennessee,
Writes: "I have taken three bottles of
IVrttua nntl feel bntislled that I am mm
Unmit, If not permanently, wired of ca
tarrh of the stomach." W. P. Brown
low, Jont'slHiro, Tenn.
Senator Mallory otptorloa,
Wrlti'rt from Pensacola, J'la.: "lhave
Usui ouroxeellentrcnu'dy, I'cruuu,nntl
ltac rt'i'iiinmeutletl li both nsntoni"iintl
n .ifc catarrh remedy." HUipheu It.
i lory.
s,ninrltutler of South Carolina,
U. H. Snnnlor SI. V. Butler writes: "I
can recommend Perunn for dyspepsia
nnd stomach trouble." SI. O. Butler,
Kdgfleld, H. t
Congressman Urookshlre ot Indiana,
Says: "From what my friends say Pe
runn Is n good totiln and n safe catarrh
cure." E.V. Brookshlre.CruWfordsvlllu,
Congressman Dovlnerot West Virginia,
Writes from Wheeling, W. Vn.: " I Join
Willi my colleagues In thollousoof Rep
resentatives In recommending your ex
cellent remedy." B. B. Dovlnger.
Congressman Uroderlck of Kansas,
Writes from llollon, Kns.: "I hnvotnkon
iwo bottles of Porunn nntl (Ind it to be
an excellent remedy for cold and thronl
trouble." Case Uroderlck
Congressman Voder of Ohio,
Writes: "I only used Peruun for a short
time nntl nm thoroughly snlislied us to
lis merits." S. H. Yoder, Lima, O.
Congressman Mahon of Pennsylvania,
Writ,..! fniiii 'linmbersburg. Pa.: "I
commend Perunnnsnsubstantlat tonic."
Thud SI. Million.
jit j H
i L'upltol at Wa.liliitttiii, 1. C.
Congressman Sparkman ol I'lorlda,
Writes rromTiimpa, Florida: "I enn In
dorse Perunn its a first rale tonlt; and a
very offenllvo .euro for catarrh." H. SL.
Congressman llrewer ot Alabama,
Writes: "I have used one bottle of Po
runa for lassitude. J recommend It."
Willis llrewer, llivynesvllle, Ala.
V. S. Senator Clear of Iowa,
Writes from Burlinglon, la.: "Porunn
T can recommend to all as a very good
tonic." .lohtt II. (lenr.
Congressman Culberson ol Texas,
iWrltes: "1 can recommend Pernna as
one of the very best of Ionics." 1). B.
Culberson, .leirerson, Texas.
Congressman l.hlngston from (Ieorgla,
Writes: "I take pleasure In Joining with
("leneral Wheeler, Cougrer-smiin Brewer
and others In recommending Perunn as
an excellent tonic and u catarrh euro."
L. I. Livingston, Kings, Cla.
Congressman Clark ol Missouri,
Kays: "I van recommend your Peruna
as a good, substantial tonic and us one of
the bestremedlesfor catarrhal troubles."
-.-John 11. Clark.
m an If iv
?8 irnm t .
dfestlv "I '"."'M
ConrrtMlm n
rites: "I cheMfii..
asaverv in.i . ' "y0
'It, Clad ' Tl
Writes from lti
given me aim '. ' '
tarrh of tho ZS?
tlon.".i t . tch4
Congress,. HM,C,M
Writes from Tarl v
runa to bo an
cr tiiiml ' """H
"-' iroin Onroni.
"1 am fill i v i.ni.u.,,
.... ..uvuim p
you claim for lt.-DavldIY
Conrrriiirnn n,,.. .,
Writes from Jackson.O,: "I,
Perunn to anyone In need o
"" ""'iV'-lrvlnoDana
Congressman Dtrhtm has
Wrllcs from Kntiti .
- m,.
vour Pernna im,t ...t....
; i,. , -'
...v.... .,, .,. iiarnim.
Congressnua Den kw Ina
Writes: "Iiriin i.u .
household." John 1.
Congressmsa luntrlm
Writes: "Peruna It certainljn
enmrrii." i.. j, turner,
Oilier members' of Confrtsi
dorse Peruna, are.
Ex-U. S. Senator, B. F, k)kt,
Congressman Frti, S,
Congressman ttsm en.
ivonn t-uruiina,
Ex-Congressman L. P. Fml
I U.UUlIUIIlj j k. u
Congressman J. li, rnrni
Congressman I). L Russell,
ot norm urona.
Congressman Turnet of htnl
r - r..i .it.
Congressman A'unn, ot T
Congressman Fitzpttric
Congressman Purmao, from
U. S, Senator Call, of florid.
For free Hook auuren m
,. .... .... r.Al. Akin
AieUIUlllO UU., vuiuunmi"
beMfest, 1
Six of the housekeeping
questions are settled:
tt baking-powder apicrt
cotfc flavoring extract, aotL
and settled for good.
Schilling's Best at your
grocer's ; ntoneyback.
l Material
Made to order. Building pa.
per, lime, cement, brick and
sand, wood flutters for barns
and dwellings a specialty.
Lumber Yard
Alta 8treet, Opp.
rt House.
i t I t i 1 f 1 1 1
Wo do only good work and j
at right jrlcea.
Our facilities aro unexcelled. ! !
Wo nro experienced In tho bus-
iness, and all work receives 1
our personal attention.
Neatnoss and promptness. I
No matter what 'ou want
In painting or paperhanglng, I
wo'll do tbo highest grade ot T
i ... T
worn. inuoor auu ouiuoor
! Wilson & Carnine
Shop on Cottonwood street,
near Neaglo Bros. 'Phono,
X Black 1043.
Tho season for hammocks Is hero. Time to get tlen 1"
and the place to get the best nt tho lowest prices is w
Wo have spread ourselves In securing the newest ana
patterns turned out by tho manufacturers. Just look at our
Goodman-Thompson Hardware b
Side Hill Combined
The latest Improved two-wheol, slde-hlll combined
proven a boon to wheat raisers. It Is '.he most o
... ....... .... t ver built-
economical uuu ouaieat. wtteuinu iu uioi. itktlfl
These harvesters havo been given abundant trials i
home and all users are highly pleased. None have been
nnd nil niA litci In thntr nmlflfl
10 I1"
The Holt side-hill harvester on a side niu -..
. . ... .. .. .... . ... ,ni iin down tn
iuo biuo oi tne uui, wnno tuo uouum n I
.... nfhl!lA tO
main wheels aro vertical, which braces me w
hills. It wnrlfd enuallT adanted to lovel land.
m sectlo "
Tho Holt harvesters aro sold exclusively In w
2X6 Coott Street, Pendleton, Oregon
All extraB for Holt machines on band.
The East Oregonlan Is Eastern Oreoon'a 'ePrhsee,Jlt?beral PlW1
leads and tho people oppreolate It ana snow
It Is the advertising medium of this section.