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ss55!, advertises
Tonight and Wednesday fair;
warmer Wednesday.
it.,,, to sell
KO. 60(58.
LI ....
i. .
1 FIG!
"" not.
Attack by Land and
jj the Russian Meet
Icjccver ana ....-,
Ijmher of Floating Mlnes-
, intercept Wireless. Mes-
Ly, Disclose Kuropatkln's
L Relief of Port Arthur-
routed Near Takushan,
Utese Are Successtui in
all FiBht-
Ing continued on tho heights of Ixjts
ynpudza four hours. Tho Russian
cavalry won, losing one officer killed
and two officers and 73 men wounded.
Kuropatkln also gives tho details of J
a fight at Wnfangon last week, when
the Russians loss was three killed and
34 wounded. Tho Japanese dragoons
lost TO men killed and wounded.
Cossacks Routed.
Choo Fpo, Juno 7. A troop of Cos
sacks has been routed by a forco of
Japanese near Takushan.
Ijo, June "--An attack from
Id on Port Armur uutu.
ifeht anJ early today, ac-
j reports reacuius ucc. n
Ijat ws first to onng iuu ,
i report that the Japan-1
lusJvance by lanu, mo neei
(the movement. The rem-
, Russian Port Artnur iieei
Vii the harbor In an attempt
pe Japanese warships.
tattle in Gulf of Pechlll.
I reports tend to confirm tho
as. Indicating a naval bat-
IfccgM In the Gulf of Pechlll.
s easslnc Lalo Bban promon-
ri of Port Arthur, heard fir-
i reports from Teng Chen
! bearr firing was heard
1 11 p. m. to 2 a. m.
(from Mia Tao Islands con
s reports, while residents of
i near here state they saw
in lie direction Indicated
Yiihima Not Lost.
i June ".A Chee Foo dls
ens that the story that the
e nip sunk In Tallenwan bay
le battleship Yashima, is not
, is Togo makes no mention
i Hi report noting tho clearing
Exercises at the Frazer Tomorrow
Night Bishop O'Relly Will Address
the Graduating Class.
Tho graduation oxercises of St.
Joseph's Academy will bo held at tho
Frazer tomorrow night, at which time
Misses Frances M. Fitz Gerald, Ame
lia Rabblnnovltz and Elsie Mi Grant
will rccoivo diplomas of graduation.
Bishop C. J. O'Reilly will address tho
graduates, after tho exorcises are
Tomorrow afternoon the school and
art work of tho academy will be on
exhibition at tho academy school
rooms and tho public Is cordially In
vited to inspect it. The past year
has been especially prosperous and
satisfactory for tho academy, and the
Sisters of St. Francis are grateful for
tho liberal patronage accorded tho in
stitution by tho people of Pendleton.
Each of the graduates will deliver
an oration, and a musical and liter
ary program will be rendered at the
Frazer, nfter which the bishop will
deliver tho address.
The East Oregonian's Legislative TicketW. D, Chamber
lain, William Blakley and Dr. W.'G. Cole Elected.
D. Taylor Elected Sheriff by at Least 1,200 Plurality Policy of C. P.
Strain Vindicated by 800 Majority Folsom, Sommervllle, Klmbrel and
Walker Re-elected H. J. Bean for Judge, Has a Plurality of 20, Which
May Yet Be Reduced G. W. Ph elps Carries Morrow County by 300,
But Colonel Raley Has 150 Majority In Umatilla Holbrook Snowed
Under Local Option Runs Strong.
Destroying Mines.
I June 7. Togo reports that
a nave been discovered and
I Jarlnr the past two davs In
wm mj. unincse who were
f Russian Dllots. are belner
sweate mem.
tepted Russian Dispatches
I June 7. Dlsnatches rmv ho
tireless telecranh fmm Pnrt
su neen intercepted by the
, which indleatps tho
Fr plan to act simultaneously
topatkin la an effort to dls
Japanese forrpn ih rnatnnlncr
it. " : r.r
... n.uruiJaiKiu planned an
tie Japanese from tho rear
pt to annihilate the entire
'iuioi the infnrmntlin t
latZ" ,Vslon 18 belus dls-
latMny, the remainder at
' The Jauannea
N armj of 200.000 ready by tho
re week to meet anv omor.
Arthur Must Be Held
HanMr r -
. " "V"" '.me so-
acre nub eh iha
J t the fflVr . . ?'
tkln ...ti racsraiu lo
statlne: "Tho , ...
HJ inn. A - . "uuui Ul
leleTdV rr"!th.at p" Ar
te!, m. " - "?r,nS him to
luons to that end.
r1 I" Personal r.
LJl Cen i- . ' a!"ern wa-lL.!?-..Amaeata
is prenarinf
rv shjiih i MAM.U "
j-orr, Ar-
Minor Enaagement.
i .I-?uropat.
l tm.. .C. Ule Japanese
forrl "ver Koullndshlr,
opposed .and fight-
wjUe the following.
to1 Wlnr 2.Dr Doutsch.
8i :lnS, Farnhnn, r,.,.'
htaK : "'won.
iDehsmor,, , Me.onT"ar.
itor;'.uoa win
About 4,000 Cords at Kamela and Per
haps More at Meacham Awaiting
Buyers at the Right Price.
There is estimated to be 4000 cords
of wood In tho timber tributary to
Kamela, ready for a buyer. A largo
number of men have been employed
in that vicinity during the past win
ter and the best timber for miles
around tho station has been thorough
ly culled out.
Yesterday an offer was made to
Kamela woodmen of $2.75 per cord
.for 1000 cords on board the cars, but
the ofTer was refused, the owners
holding for $3.75 on board tho cars.
Not very much wood is being hauled
into the stations at this time, as the
roads arc still in bad condition.
A still greater amount has been cut
at Meacham, which is not sold at this
Attempt Is Being Made to Secure Her
Release by a Writ of Habeas Cor
pus Theory of Attempted Suicide
Resulting In Young Being Accident
ally Killed.
New Yor, June 7.--Caesar Young
was burled today in Kunsico cemetery.
Nan Patterson still languishes in
jail, the coroner having refused her
release for the $0,00. ball previously
fixed. Her counsel this morning ap
peared before Justice Clark of the su
preme court, for a writ of habeas cor
pus, but on representation of tho dis
trict attorney that be had not had
timo to prepare, an adjournment was
taken until afternoon.
Miss Patterson was brought into
court garbed entirely in black, with
a heavy veil. Sho had regained her
The new theory of young's death Is
that tho woman attempted suicide be
cause Young was about to leave her
and in a strugglo for possession of
the pletol. Young was killed.
jorlty which, though not so big ns
j Taylor's, Is a good ono and leads the
forces of the republican camp far
and away to tho good. Tho run that
was made by his opponent, I.lglitfoot,
was a surprise to many, however, and
took away moro of tho votes than
was expected.
Cole, Chamberlain and Blakley.
Tho legislative ticket is democrat-
Ic, both Chamberlain and Dlakley be
ing conceded tho election by the re
publicans. . With tho precincts of Rlngham
, Springs, Cottonwood, McKay, Pros
. pect. Union, Vinson, Willow Springs
. and Yoakum yet to hear from, lilnk-
. ley had 1,708 votes, Chamberlain 1,
. CC5, Adams 1,593 and Ualleray 1,500
All of theso precincts nro republl
can, but they are small and It Is not
thought even by tho republicans In
whoso breasts hope springs eternal
that the majorities small as they nro
can bo overcome.
Ualleray needs ICG votes to beat
Chamberlain, but the votes of tho
seven unreported places aro not suf'
flclent were ho to receive tho most
of them to hardly put him over tho
danger line.
Holbrook, tho Irrigator, has plow,
ed tho valley full of ditches In his of'
forts to get out from under the land'
slide, which caught him and put him
out of tho race. Ho was so far In tho
rear that the democratic calculators
abandoned any effort to keep his to
tals checked up early in tho day and
lett his with tho general assuranco
that ho was out of Bight under tho
Hood that was sweeping Dr. Colo to
victory. Tho voters have called to
him, not to speak for them In clarion
toneB in the hall of fnmn but that ho
' go hack and recline among the sago-
The results of the election as brush and tho sand of his Irrlgon,
shown by the returns from tho pre- where ho has been called by a great
clncts that have uow reported show voice to ranke tho valloy full of
.that the contest of yesterday was ditches and the desert bloom as tho
ono of tho fiercest and closest, If not rose.
the Closest that has ever been fought PhHn Election Conceded.
out in the county. I .., . . . ,,,. , .,
Party lines have been swept away t.0,ln.(1 In by (llL. ri!I)Ubllcans to tho
In some Instances, but In others th , tuno of ir,0 fr , ()Htrct HIa m.
party vote has been more In evidence. jrty , Mriw conty was 350,
in wiiii mu one or iwu i.xcuuu on , wh0 Ua),.y rarr(llI Umatilla by about
wie voters iuj u uum .... .u , ICOi giving the olllco to Phelps by
pnny uimms uin.uBwi i , about 150 votes. These figures havo
not been verified and aro partly ru
mor, but the democrats concede
Following are the new coun-
ty officials and their majorl-
ties and pluralities, according
to the unofficial count this
Joint Representative
Dr. W. G. Cole, 400 majority.
District Attorney
G. W. Phelps, 100 majority.
Wm. Blakeley, 150 majority.
W. D. Chamberlain, 100 ma-
County Judge
H. J. Bean, 20 majority.
T. D. Taylor, 1,200 plurality.
Frank Saling, 250 plurality.
Wm. Folsom, 250 plurality.
E. J. Sommervllle, 1,000 ma-
C. P. Strain, 800 majority.
F. K. Welles, 600 majority.
J. W. Kimbrell, 300 majority.
Dr. A. W. Botkin, 90 major-
Horace Walker, 450 major
. Ity.
Justice Pendleton Precincts
Thomas Fitz Gerald, 1,000
i Constable Pendleton Precincts
i John M. Bentley, 1,000 ma-
Henderson, 44; I.Ioyd, 93, Walker,
tickets throughout thi
ll was a contest of tho peo-1
the man and not on party ,
I I'liulpH' election.
plo on
The contest of the year and day
was centered around tho .fight for tho
tuna liBiii. mi- "i " ' oil tl,.. ,.!(,. I.. ,I.,l
joruy Ol -l luira. .... nlnrwi,! him It. Ihn frnnl rnnV ,if 1. 1 a
Vo to noon at the democratic neati- . , - -;-
quarters hope had not been lost al-' " l i" ,r u Z
mat ;" .7-1..-. V; ... V ,
It Is Assessor Strain
Strain Is the assessor for tho com
, n,i (i,., ,1,11 , "am ih mo assessor tor mo com-
i of county J go a J" Z 1 lnB tl'n' lllu having vlndlcat-
.cLa," .U:.i:..lCtr b aB ant I ed tho policy In ringing terms and
Athcnn, South Simmons, 84 i
Stone, 17; Williamson. 25: Rrlght.
12; Milskelsen, 4; Moore, 25; O'Day,
37; Unlley, 3G; Uerry, 14; Douglas,
36; Rnsmussen, 25; Pholps, 25; Raley,
52; Cole, 35; Holbrook, 31; Howard,
IS; Adams, t9; Ilnllcrny, 26; lllakloy,
42; Chamberlain, 46; Dean, 29; Hart
man, 52; Uarrett, 14; iny!or, 63;
Cherry, 50; Saling, 24; Folsom, 31;
Fowler. 39; Ughtfoot, 37; Somnier
vllle, 39; Hlgby, 14; strain, 56; Mny
berry, 50; Wells, ,30; Rerkcley, 47;
Kimbrell. 25; Rotkln, 33; Henderson,
43; I.Ioyd. 3S; Walker. 33.
Echo Simmons. 65; Williamson,
S9; Mooro, S9; O'Day, 71; Ralley, 72;
Douglas, 52; Phelps. 71; Raley. 99;
Cole, 05; Holbrook, 70; Adams, 65;
Ualleray, 67; Dlakley, 109; Chamber
lain, 90; Hoaii, S8; Hnrtmnn, 72; liar
rett, 62; Taylor, 117; Cherry, 51; Sal
ing, 10S; Folsom, 89; Fowler, 68;
Ughtfoot, 50: Sommervllle, 111; Rig.
by, 7S; Strain. 90; Mnyberry. 61;
Wells. 92; llerkoloy. 70; Kimbrell,
90; llolkln, 61; Henderson, 98; Uoyd,
105; Walker, 56.
Encampment Cook, IC; Simmons,
25; Stono, 1; Williamson, 27; .Mlllk
elsen, 13; Moore, 28; O'Day, 26; Unl
ley. 25; Uerry, 2; DonglaH, 24; Rns
miissen, 6; Phelps, 30; Rnley, 37;
Colo. 29; Holbrook, 35; Adams, 20;
nniierny. 21; Ulnkloy. 30: C hninber.
lain. SO; Slkes, 10; Turley. 12; llean,
32; Ilartimui, 28; lllgby, 21; Uarrett.
13; Taylor, 34; Cherry, 31; Saling,
31; Folsom, 31; Fowler, 30; Ught
foot, 25; Sommervllle, 34; Rlghv, 23;
Strain, 41; Mnyberry, 28; Wells, 31;
Herkeley, 21; Kimbrell, 34; llolkln.
20; Henderson, 10; Uoyd, 31; Walk
er, 27.
Ruddock Pholps, 22; Rnley, 29;
Cole, 30; Holbrook. 12; Adams, 21;
Ualleray, 20; Ulakloy, 19; Chamber
lain, 1C; llean, 29; Hartman, 21; Uar
rett, 20; Taylor, 28; Cherry, 19; Sal
ing, 29; Folsom, 32; Fowler, lfi;
Ughtfoot, 11; Sommervllle, 37; Rig
by, 17; Strain, 30; Mayborry, 20;
Wells, 25; llerkoloy, 18; Kimbrell, 26;
Hotkln, 16; Henderson, 29; Uoyd, IB;
Richmond, 4; Walker, 29.
South Pendleton: Congress Sim
mons, 58; Stono, 10; Williamson, 115;
Supremo Court Urlght, 13; Mlkkel
sen. 20; Moore, 121; O'Day. 5C; dis
trict attorney Phelps, 110; Raley,
195; joint Rep. Colo. 127: Holbrook,
7ii; Howard, 15; Iloprcs. Adams,
86; Ualleray, 88; Ulakloy, 93: Cham
berlain, 87; Davis, 5; Slkes, 24; Tur
ley, 23; Warner, 3; Uean, 109; Hart
man, 91; Rlgby, 10; Uarrett, 57; Dick
onson, 4; Taylor, 157; Ilanlstor, 5;
Cherry, 93; Saling, 117: Folsom, 117;
Vigilance Committeo Round
ing Up All Union Men for
Declaratlon of Martial Law Expected
at Once Mine Owners and Citizens
Alliance Formulating Plans for the
Comnleto Suppression of Organized
Labor The Writ of Habeas Cor
pus Is Denied President Moyer, of
the Western Federation.
(Continued on pago 8.)
Includes Balsley, Maxwell and High
land Mines Is a Well Known Mine,
ral Tract and Is Partially Covered
With Heavy Pine Timber Now
Used as Summer Sheep Range.
Mr. and Mrs. Silas H. Soule of Port
land Are In the City.
Mr. and Mrs. Silas H. Soulo of
Portland, aro guests at tho Hotel St.
George. Mr. and Mrs. Boulo aro on
their wedding trip through Eastern
Mr. Soulo Is tho well known piano
tuner of Portland, Mrs. Soulo was
formerly Miss Gertrudo Stahley 'of
Salem, whore sho was lor several
cars recognized as ono or tno load
ing pianists of tho valley.
Sold High Priced Cow.
W. O. Minor sold a Shorthorn cow,
calf and a yearling to H. W. Peel at
Spokane. The prico paid was $800 for
tho three. They aro very lino cauio
and will compose a part of Mr. Peel's
show herd for tho coining season.
Heppner Times,
Guest of Mrs. Vert.
Mrs. Stephen Chadwick, of Colfax,
ifo of Judge Chadwick, ono of tho
foremost Jurists of Washington, was
tho guest of Mrs. John Vert Sunday,
wb.Ho on her way to Chicago for a
visit. Tho visitor left yosterday
ornlng to continue her Journey i
toirothor. though it was known
tho precincts yel to be heard from
wero republican.
It is generally concodod, however.
that Dean has won out though his
majority Is mj small as to bo un
safe until the olllflal count has come.
It Is hlntwl by the supporters of
Judgo Hartman that If some of the
votes wero looked up on the other
side that the little shelf upon which
rests tln hopes of the opposition
would fade away and let the nominee
go tumbling down to dufcat.
Til Taylor Elected.
T. I). Taylor Is so far ahead In
tho race for sheriff that thero Is but
a faint memory in the minds of men
that there was another candidate for
tho office at all.
Tho result had not been chocked
up, but it is estimated that Taylor's
malorltv will rr-ach 1.000 votes or
moro. Taylor Is certainly the next
Saling Is Clerk.
J. E. Cherry lias been sent to tho
woods In tho race lor county ciern,
and Frank Baling will take tho chair
left vacant by W. I). Chamberlain on
tho first of July. His majority is good
and sure. Doth of tho men havo made
good races and tho honor of tho suc
cess docs not cause any snog on ino
defeated candidato for he made a
eloan and honest fight for tho place
he has lost.
Folsom Re-elected.
William Folsom Is re-elected to tho
office of county recorder by a good
majority, though tho race was much
closer than was expected by those
who claim to be wlso and on tho In-
sldo of tho ring. Fowler rotlres
beaten, but not discouraged.
Sommervllle Wins.
E. J. Sommervlllo Is at tho head
of tho republican ticket with a ma-
I ty, his stand agalnHt the railroads,
land his clean campaign havo all en
deared lilrn to the common peoplo of
tho county, who rallied loyally to his
support against ono of tho cleanest
and best men In tho republican ranks.
Kimbrell Re-elected.
J. W. Kimbrell defeated C. C Dork
cloy for surveyor by a small major
ity after a good and earnest contest
on tho parts of both candidates. Kim
lire I seems (o have a cinch on thu
affections of tho people which noth
ing can break or diminish.
The rest of tho ticket yet uninnii
Honed was republican nnd lilg ma
Jorlty of that party overcoming tho
tendency of tho voters of tho county
to scratch their tickets and giving tho
elections to tho republicans by small
margins. Following Is tho voto of tho
precincts, so far as completed:
Adams Simmons, 43; Stono, 6;
Williamson, 79; Urlght, G; Moore. 82;
O'Day, 43; Dalley, 69; Uerry, 3; Doug
laB, 34; Pholps, 77; Raley, D4; Colo,
87; Holbrook, 89; Adams, 75: Ualle
ray, to; jjiakloy, 5G; Chamberlain,
60; Uean, 79; Hartman, 44; Rlgby,
10; Uarrett, CO; Taylor, 73; Chorry,
70; Saling, CI; Folsom, 85; Fowler,
4C; Mghtoot, 32; Kommervlllo, 89;
nigby, 75; Strain, 49; Mayborry, 44;
Wells, 83; Uerkeley 43; Kimbrell, 82;
Ilotkln, 79; Henderson, 39; Uoyd, 60;
Walker, 77.
Athena, North -Simmons. 105: Wil
liamson, 75; Moore, 81; O'Day, 108;
Phclpa, 91; Haley 122; Colo, 97; Hol
brook, 93; Adams, 59; Ualleray. 69:
Ulakloy, 120; Chamberlain, 163; Dean,
84; Hartman, 110; Uarrett, 45; Tay.
lor 107; Cherry, 120; Saling, 81; Fol
som, 104; Fowler, 99; Ligbtfoot, 71;
Sommervlllo, 108; jllgby, 41; Strain,
156; Mayberry, 112; Wells, 77; Borko-
ley, 112; Kimbrell, 79; Dotkln, 167; I
liaker City, Juno 7. Register W. IC.
Davis, of tho Ia Grandn United
Stales land olllce, linn announced that
a largo acrcngo of land previously
unplatted In tho land olllce, therefore
not subject to ontry, will bo platted
and openod to location.
The land lies to tho north of Sump
tor several miles nnd Is largely in tho
undefined section left uiisurvoyod ut
high altitudes of tho mountains.
portion Ih In the Immediate vicinity of
DntKley. Ellihorn, Maxwell nnd High
land mines, 12 miles west of this city
while other jKirtlous Ho further to tli
Tho official description of the laud
as sent from tho olllco of tho register
and the ilato when the plats will bo
filed aro as follows:
"Notice Is hereby given that tho
approved plats of thu surveys of sec'
Hons 19, 30 and .11, wost half section
20, west half section 29, and west half
section 32, township 8 south, rnngo
38 oast, Willamette meridian; all of
I ho unsiirveyed portion of township
3 south, range 37 cast, Willamette
meridian; fractional sections 13, 14
15, 16, 17 and 18, township C north
raiigi) 43 east, Wlllnmelto meridian;
all of thu unsiirveyed portion of town
Hhi j 2, north, range 3G east, Wlllam
ctlo meridian; ull of township 2 north
range, 37; Wlllamotto meridian;
uusiirvoycd portion of township
north, rango 60 east, all of townshli;
3 north, rango 49 east und township
3 north, range 50 east, Wlllamotto
merldlaif, havo been received In this
"Tho above plats of surveys will bo
filed in this offico on Saturday, tho
10th day of July, 1904, at 9 a. in. On
and after that dato this office will re
ceive applications for tho entry of
lands In said townships,''
Portions of this land aro covered
with a magnificent growth of plno
timber and It also Includes some of
tho best minora! land In tho state.
Tho highest peaks lying within tho
descriptions aro covored with snow
10 months In tho year, and aro prac
tically barren. Tho entlro area la
now used as summer rango for Uaker
county sheep,
Denver, Juno 7. Delegates to tho
Western Federation convention nnd
the olllccrs of that organisation in
Denver aro aghast at tho torrlblo out
rage nt Independence, and open ox
presslous of sympathy for tho unfor
tunato non-iinloulsts nro henrd on
every side.
Tho wholesnlo murder Is vigorous
ly condemned, nnd Secretary-Treasurer
W. I). Haywood said Hint tho man
or men responsible for tho crlmo
should bo given short shift.
"We bellovi) In fighting for every
thing wo believe Is right," said Mr.
Haywood, "and lighting most vigor
ously; but no ono has aver accused
this organization of murder. I want
It distinctly understood that tho fed
oration Is opposed to anything llko
that which happened nt Crlpplo Crook
nnd I hopo tho guilty parties, if tho
explosion Is thu result of a conspira
cy, will bo punished to tho full ex
tent of tho law.
"Our advices from enmp nro mcngro
and none of us caro to mnko an ox
tended statement, ns It Is bnroly pos
sible) that the oxploslnn was tho re
sult of an accident of somo kind, Wo
hnvo already scut detectives to mnko
an Investigation for us,"
Full Military Control.
Victor, Col.. Juno 7. At 9 this
morning tho district hnd almoBt re
sumed its normal condition of iUlo
tudo. Tho suspension of City Marshal
O'Connoll nnd forcing of Sheriff Rob
ertson nnd Coroner Dornn to resign
placed tho city under military con
Wliolcsalo arrests of unionists nnd
announcement by tho authorities that
no quarter will bo shown any ono evi
dencing a disposition to mnko trou
ble, served to rostoro peneo and bring
order out of chaos. Tho authorltlos
now havo tho situation In hand, nnd
there nro sufficient troops und dopn
ties on tho ground lo maintain order.
Sheriff Uell this morning announc
ed Unit all citizens must go unnrmod,
dlsolioyiinco of which means arrest
by tho military.
Fifteen Killed.
Tho full casualties thus far In
cludes 15 killed, li wounded. John
Caldcrwood, ono of tho most promi
nent union loaders In tho enmp Is
among tho lallor.
Tho vlgllancn committeo organized
yeslorday'ls still ut work In Him small
towns of thu district, arresting union
ists mid bringing them to Victor,
where they nro placud under n heavy
military guard, Theso arrests will
coiitlnun until every mnu of Inlluonco
In union circles Is u prisoner, when It
Is understood thuy will bo placeil
aboard a special train ami deported.
Upon thu return of Poubody tomor
row from St. I.011IU, It Is helluvcd
martial law will bo declared mid kept
In force Indefinitely. Mineowiiurs und
the Citizens' Alliance are formulating
now pluna along this lino.
Martial Law Before Night.
Denver, Juno 7. Acting Governor
Haggott this aftornoon announced ho
would declare martial law in Teller
county beforo night and order troops
to that camp.
Tho latest reports from Crlpplo
Creek aro that wholesale rosiguatloiiB
havu been demanded from publlo of.
fleers by tho Mlneownurs' Association
ami City Marshul Urn hum has already
roiircii. (liners to go aro AxulHtiiut
(Continued on page C.)
Correspondent Killed.
Uindon, Juno 7.--A Shan
Hal Wuu dispatch adds some
details of tho reported killing
of Newspaper Correspondents
Elzel, of thu Iudoii Tolu.
graph, and Urludlu of tho Dally
Mall. They wero fired cm by
Chinese soldiers whtlu In a
Junk helwcon Hwantuitu and
Edlno. Etzol was killed, hut
Urlndlo is roportoil uafo, Thoy
wore Investigating tho movo-
montH of tho bandits. Htzol'B
fathor llvoa at Ban Diego, Call-