East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, May 30, 1904, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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Bargains All Over the Store
hTt tiidil 1 I 1 1 1 1 Tf TT-- - 'tr ! t i ! mu
'"iniiiininiiUII I
Monday 30 to Saturday, June 4
This week wffl fce oe of the special money saving opportunities at, The Fair. Every deportment is represented. Every
person in town should be interested.
Meas Clothing
As before advertised we are closing out our
xmen's clothing, and suits are being sold at prices
that are little above hair what others ask for. the
same suits.
Men's fine all wool black clay worsted suits,
good, heavy weight cloth, sale price $6.98
Young men's Rults, same as above,, sizes 14 to
20 years .' 56.24
Men's dark colored wool suits, good weight'
and quality, worth $8.50 to 9.0'0, our
closing price $6.98
Men's pants of all grades from 75c to $5.00, re
duced 20 pep cent.
Boys' long pants, all prices, from 60 to $2.00,
reduced 20 pep cent.
Men's Furnishings
Striped overalls with bib, blue or black, our
regular 60c overalls, for this sale only . . .48e
Men's striped shirts, light or dark, good heavy
work shirts, worth 50c, sale price 39c
Men's and boys' neckties, all colors, silks 25c
kind 18c each
Men's dress shirts, 50c and 60c kinds, sale
' price 44c
Silk Coats
"We have only a few left and they will go at
reduced prices this week.
Latest Btyle silk coat, regular price $5.50, sale
price $455
Latest style silk' coat, regular price $6.50, sale
price w $5.00
This week we will make a special of boys' and
men's work shoes.
Men's heavy shoes, Kan't Rip, sold everywhere
for $3.00, our special price on this shoe for
this sale is .t $2.48
Boys' heavy, Kan't Rip shoes, same as above?- .
sizes 12 to 2, price $1.59; sizes 3 to 5.
Price $1.79
Men's Stonewall seamless shoes, our regular
price $2.25, for this sale our price will he $1.98
Boys' Stonewall shoes, same as above
$1.48 and $1.65
Men's heavybttckle nhoes, worth 1.50, our
special Rale price on this shoe is $1.20
Boys' calfskin dress shoes, sale price
' $155 and $1.45
Ladies' dress shoes. $3.03 regular price, for
this sale we will make a special of. . . .$2.50
Misses' dress shoes, all kinds, reduced 10 per cent
Misses' tennis Oxfords 50c and 55c
Boys' tennis Oxfords 50c and 55c
Ladies' tennis Shoes .'.75c
Men's canvas Oxfords and shoes ....75c to$1.50
Hats, 20 Per Cent Off
For this sale all Men's and Boys' Felt Hats
WI1 be reduced 20 per cent.
Shirt Waists
Our line of white wnlsts and fancy waists In
silk and fancy materials Is very large, and for one
week we will reduce every waist in stock 10 per
$5.00 Waists go at $4.50
$3.50 Waists go at . $3.15
$2.50 Waists go at $2.20
$2.25 Waists go at ......, $1.98
$2.00 Waists go at $1.80
$1.75 Waists soli for $1.35
$1.25 Waists sell for ' $1.12
$1.00 Waists Rell for 90c
50c WalBts sell for 45c
Ladles' muslin drawers, sale price
19c, 25c, 30c, 48c, 75c and tip
Ladies' muslin skirts, snle price
39c, 75c, 98c, $155 and up
Ladles' muslin gowns, sale price
39c, 65c, 75c, 98c and up
Ladies' muslin drawers, sale price
. 15c, 20c, 25c and up
Ladles' muslin corset covers, sale price ....
10c, 15c, 20c and up
Ladles' muslin gownB, sale price. .39c, 48c and up
Ladles' knit vests, sleeveless-
10c, 13c, 15c, 25c and 48c
Ladies' knit drawers, short length
20c, 25c, 30e, 45c and up
Ladies' knit union suits, knee lengm, 45c, 60c, 75s
Dry Goods
Bleached muslin, Co klncf, 10 yards for 39.
Calico, 7c kind, 10 yards for 49.
Zephyr gingham, double fold, 10 yards for . .79;
Jnp silk, all colors, 4 yards for
Lyon dye wash silk, 50c silk, 4 yards for . .51.59
cuts, special $1.59Crystal cord silks, iyarl
Heavy outing flannel, 10 yards for ....
Ladies' lace hone, 30c and 35c kinds .. ,se
Ladles' black hose, Topsy brand, ISc kind,
2 pairs for ,25c
Misses' hose, worth 13c, for Saturday only....iOc
Hoys' heavy bore, 20c kind, for Saturday only
3 pairs for
Lace collars for Saturday 20 per cent off
Embroidery sale Saturday, all 25c embroidery
fr 15c yd
Ribbon sale Sat irday, 50c worth of ribbon for ,35c
Ladies' dross skirts, $5.00 kind, sale price .$358
Ladies' dress skirts, $4.25 kind, sale price ...$3.75
adles' skirts, cheaper grades, cut ....10 per cent
Ladies' crash skirts from ..... . .25c up to $2.50
Shirt Waist Suits
" We have some beautiful shirt waist suits,
made especially for warm weather wear
Ladies' suit. of flake suiting, $4.50 regular sale
price $3.50
Ladies' suit of (lake suiting, $4.00 regular sale
price ,, . .$355
Ladles' duck shirt waist suits, worth $2.5n, sale
price $1:98
T . . . .............. ...... t iniiiim
TTyTTTTTrr I I tl I I I I I I I I 1 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I l"l I I I I I I I I III II I IITT'IT'H 1 I I 1 'I 'II 'I I'fl "IWTTrf I I f I I I 1 I
Fancy Clover I .eaf
1 55c pet "Roll
at Out Sti re
l Despain &- Clark
Our method of t sting : the eyes
eurprise people who h ave bad glasses
"JSUS delicacy -d
precision are brought into use here
Human akill and acl enUflc accuracy
aH combine to proda ce satisfactory
nwults. We make a o charge for a
teat of the night. W 3 charge moder
ataly for
'whether they are takn from stock or
jaade specially.
' Dos't take chances- Come, here.
Foil Information About the Great
State of the Pacific Northwest.
Orecon" is the title of a nana-
Jobbing trade amounts to $175,0001)' OHIO'S NEGLECTED CANALS. 1
a year, and Its maufactures to $49.-
500,000. Since 1900 it has erected 1 Great Highways of That State Have1
nearly $10,000,000 worth of new build- '
Ings. It has 1C3& miles of electric
T nL,-.rftf n. booklet de- Btreet car lin,?8 anu annually cuts
somely Illustrated OCpage booklet, de- .00 00 000 fee, ... ,,.,.
scrintlve of the resources and Indus
tries of the gTeat state of the North
Pacific coast, and the Inducements It
offers to Bottlers and investors. There
Fallen Into Decay.
An Interesting and timely contrib-'
400,000.000 feet of lumber. Its bank "Hon to canal literature Is furnished ,
deposits amount to $35,000,000. Eight by the Cleveland Leader's 32-page
large steamships aggregating 60.000 "Canal Supplement," containing un
tons, ply between its wharves and the exhaustive review of the artificial
Oriental ports.
I waterways of Ohio, their history.
are cUapterS, also, on IBB , ... nr.nl nnnillllrm of neelfiet. and fu.
Washlncton Idaho Montana anu wy-' "" ihjhkiihh jHirjujHUH ui me , " . ,
"seven?" pVes are devoted io j Lewis and Clark exposition Is to bring . "re prospects under the stimulus
oraing. aevtrai pb " . , th Uni,ed states and thn nrinnni of legislative aid.
.ItloTwhlet TwM beheld 1 countries into closer trade relations:' I Ohio, as in New York he sys
In MOB Tto coTebrnto the 100th annl- r A8la and Oceanlca would buy. for lem of Internal transportation by
vJtl VwitorttoOr inhabitant, as little as halt a : water, formerly productive o wealth
gon country by Captains Lewis and , rent's worth ot goods per day from has been tnnltted to lapse into . dls
riapk commanding a covernmortt ex- Vncle Sam, the foreign exports of the uso and dilapidation, from which t
iflrtiiinn whirh had been commission- ' United States would increase to the l hoped to rescue It anu restore it
ed by President Jefferson. . ; extent of $4,250,000 per day, nnd $l.-ito Its original condition of userui
T.m...i,. i.rf.rrp him been 551.250.000 per year. ness.
u.. nnirv in r.-rent ! The state's main canals are the
rphio ,nin imnrfHiii nil of I "bufpalo bill's" r.APTivF Ohio and Erie, extending from Cleve-
,...c nr nrotrnn. Wash-: : land to Portsmouth, a distance of
Ington and Idaho and the western Tells of Stranfle Adventure With an;3"9 mlles nnd thc M,aml an'i,1Er,,e'
parts of -Montana and Wyoming. ,ndan ch,d- from Toledo to the Ohio at Cincin-
is nreir. when cxDlort-d in 180E-C, Inati, 244 miles. Tbo syBtem was be-
wffl 307 000 snuare miles, nearlv "Buffalo Hill' was looking at the) Kun in 1825. The total expense of
mini in that of Italy and. Illustration in a novel and came construction up to 189C was $15,007,-
Spain combined. Its popfllatlon in I across one which showed a man on C52, from which a net revenue was
1850 was 13,330, while Jn 1904 It Is I horseback with a child In front of derived of $5,583,751.
1 500 000. In 1850. it produced 27C-1 him. i Tho decline of the canals dates
nun i..ihl of eraln and In 1000 over I "That's a pretty picture." said he. from 16C1. when, at tho height of
C4.000.000 bushels. Its' manufactures i "It reminds me of something that ! tbelr prosperity, they, were leased
have grown from zzou.vw in joov . "ii'o" - " jemo uK". jfor private operation
to $200,000,000 In 1004. It now annu-! We were having a scrimmage wlth.Tner worc returned
allv adds to the nation's store of
wealth $70,000,000 in gold, sllvor, cop
per and lead.
Concerning the present state of Or
egon, the following facts are uhown:
Value of the standing timber at an
average price of $12 per thousand feet
of lumber, $3,600,ooo,ouu; xoreign com
merce, $12,000,000 a year; exports of
hreadstuffs in 1903, $8,66819; gov
ernment and state lands open to set
tlement, 23.350,000 acres; output of
dairies, $3,500,000 a year; annual pro
duction of hops, 16.000,qQ0 pounds;
value of poultry and eggs. $450,000,
value of livestock, $34,000,000; value
of manufacturing output. $84,000,000
a year" output of fisheries $3,000,000
n vnar: value 'of orchard products, $3.-
000.000 a year; product of mines. $6,
000 000 a year. Climate, irrigation,
education, scenery and many other
topics of interest to buiuc.
ore ana iouhhib wo
Portland, theu princlpal city of Ore
gon, is shown to haye a vopulation of
136,000 as agaiwrt 821 in 18S0. lta
for 20 years
to the state by
Injuns, and I was chasing a particular iv, io.,. nndredced. their locks
one who'd been trying his best to rttcd and generally in a state of
get me. I was following him around ba(1 r()par, wth their popularity as
among the rocks and the mesqulte , comraon carriers gone. From this
and sagebrush, when my horso nearly ; raHUge thev have never recovered.
stepped on a little Injun boy about
C or 6 years old.
"I reached down and picked him
up and set him in front of me. He
had an empty cartridge shell in his
mouth, trying to blow it. and then
looked at mo gravely, and then slow
ly took the shell out. .of his month
and handed it to me. . He thought J
was going to kill him; and ho was
trying to buy mo off by offering me
tho only thing he had.
"I forgot all about tho Injun I was
chasing, and ho got away that time,
I took the boy .back to camp with me.
and afterwards we gave him to the
Injuns, and ho found his mother all
rleht ncaln. It's nueer. Isn't it, bow
you remember things sometimes? I
hadn't thought anout mat ior yearn,
till this picture here .reminded me of
The present legislative bill provides
for their widening and deepening and
their restoration to usefulness and
An Optimist.
Yes. sir, I alius have believed Prov
idence does ever'tblng fer tho host!
How liout that .March harrlcaneT
Split the trees to kindlin' wood-
stove length.
Well.Jiow 'bout the airtnquaKCi
Swallowed the land 10mlnutes 'lore
the sheriff came to levy on It praise
God! Atlanta Constitution.
I)y being sweet and beautiful you
add to the sweetness and tho beauty
of the whole world.
Removal sale at Owl Tea House. J
If you are interested in Oil
Painting, see us. Our line Is
We make a specialty of
framing PICTURE8. Newest
stock of frames.
Opera House Block.
1 1 t
i J
Bear this In mind when you
need poultry and stock supplies
and ask for the International
Poultry and Stock Food. Use
Kow Kure for your cow trou
bles. C. F. Colesworthy
127-129 East AIU 8t
Agent for Lee's Lice Killer.
Prompt attention given and all !
work axeeutad properly. J
Klsetrleal Supplies or all kinds
Tribune BoJUlni)
Pal mo
See our window display-
Brock & McComas
Cor. Main and Court St.
Pendleton, Oregon.
! The French
Best 25 Cent Meal In the , W
Private Dining P"'
I Elegant Furnished Room4 "
! C33 Main Street.
Walters' Flouring H
Capacity. 160 jurat -Flour
axchawjed 'ffi;f
Hour. Mill TM VWfrm--,