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" .lmr advertises
roil comy'j ,, vmlraeif
Tnnlpht nllil WMnnnnilnv fair
. rt,cI? tv at lo Price
JftSiE '5 to sol.
r light frost tonight.
NO. 6056.
tl Onnnrrll Fn
IffllS IVIOIB Olliiifa'J
Itched With Participants
L Ever Before.
Mni Thousand Pounds of
Sold Yesterday, Realizing
I fjoo More Than the Same
Lt Brought Last Year Not a
Li left In the Warehouses
r, Represented Every Portion
(United States Next Sales In
luton June 10.
lulue ol tno wooigrowers as-
b to the sheepmen or tno
I, tnd the merit In the sales
fis proven yesterday whon a
1 of the wool of the county
fct id for sale. Before tho day
lied about 600,000 pounds of this
diD had beou sold at prices
Ir, on an average, from 1 to 1
ttllher than last, year,
Ivoolmen now all concede that
lies day Is a good thing for
fower, and there will be a much
proportion of men who will
heir wool next year Instead of
I It before the open dates, at
t Hies.
n we 20 men horo yesterday,
(eating the most prominent wool
I houses In tho united States,
II wanted wool and wore will
I live all that they could afford
Each buyer wanted to buy
fcme to buy, and was willing to
J Hit his particular house could
I to give. It was not a prlvato
I; In some out of the way place.
me buyer had all tho ad van
BJ the grower none, but It was
i business proposition of "You
tie money and you get tho
The result was that every
i w wool in tho Pendleton ware-
I as sold before night, and all
i igures.
. Owlnn, the secretary of the
rows Association, has linen
! hard for the Dast two or
I months to persuade the wool
their fleeces until thn
nles, and has mpt with mm.
Now the 8heenmn
fcatiifled, and next year a much
rrae win be Hated for tho dates
I M.V.. ..
r -601 unci! or trip rinv wna
for the clip of Douglas Bolts, of
wno sold h i 37.7118 nnnnilH
Lftmu, Farnswnrth t.
p. w cents a pound.
MJt of sales mado during tho
7 am in addition to those
jesieraay, is
P 4 CamDlinii
m i , uh"i hi'uu
rJril.: ' Urwn & Adams,
i". "fc cents.
r ,r." uros'. 21 hags, 5.442
kit ula' wnitmBii, Fnrns'
i luayer, or Boston.
p Warner, m 11 n-t
III,.. . lo 11U1IIIU
9- Snn Francisco.
i i. r., 100 "lmK. 27,331
Henry ScnleB, 49 bags, 17,233
pounds, 13; Brown & Adams.
J, E. Smith Livestock Company,
160,000 pounds, tied at 14 by Brown
& Adams and Livingston, Also 82,000
pounds, 13.; by Whitman, Farns
worth & Thayer.
Santa Fe Is Importing Scab Strike
Breakers From the East,
Washington, May 24. The Interna
tional Association or Machinists
headquarters today reported the San
ta Fe strike situation unchanged with
tho road Importing men from Phila
delphia nnd other Eastern cities, most
of whom, It Is cllamed, know little
about tho trade
Two Thousand Pounds, Worth Eleven
Dollars Per Pound.
Seattle, May 24. Government offi
cials nnd local rrollco seized 2000
pounds of contraband opium this
morning, ono of tho biggest hauls ever
made In Seattle. Threo arrests were
made Saturday. Ono 'confessed where
It wns hidden, later. Its value Is $11
per pound.
Will Negotiate a Loan From the
United States.
San Juan, Porto Itlco, Mny 24. Tho
Insular legislature adjourned today,
but Immediately reopened for tho first
extraordinary session called to nego
tiate a loan of $5,000,000 from tho
United States.
Interstate Commerce Commis
sion Reluctantly Resumes
the Investigation.
Coal Trust's and Railroad Companies'
Private Records Disclose That a
System of Rebates to Favored Rail
roads Existed With Differing Per
centages of Benefits Defense Ob
jecting to Every Step of the Pro
ceedingsLight on a Gigantic Swindle.
Reports Confirm Great Rus
sian Victory at Port Arthur
or Feng Huang Cheng.
General Statement Is Made of an
Overwhelming Japanese Defeat,
But Uncertainty as to the Place
Cholera Said to Be Devastating Jap
anese Army In Manchuria Rus
sians Drive Japanese Out of Anju,
and Massacre Seven Japanese Bat'
13 HI' y.1 ""fin. I, ,1,11
iph eman Broa- Boston.
. ..unman, f'arnsworth &
r!&Sa'l3,"W. 32 bags, 10,018
r. "ft- Brown x. a,i,
0.606 pounds,
""'"nan, Karnsworlh &
n K9' 17-313 Pounds.
C?4 Brothers. Tloston.
I ft Wyatt. 51 i
ii Hm. """ ji.isb
Lfiflnm.... . .
. ---,.M.aH, iir, hnllu on AAA
l Koshlana Bros.' V'
m p.. Wrnor. 18,492
Mosa Vn.baBB' 39,267 pounds,
'.UVvVags, 18.535
Rin" War Threatens.
r U ,C- "i&y 24. -Ranco
MuZV Hills-
C Company. Sena-
i . nlry aga nt ti.A
co' claim tho
" thp lpany threaten,, i
S ltu and talo no..
All Showed Much Training and Natur-
' al Ability Bertha Alexander Not In
the Contest Program Will Be Com
pleted Tonight Eastern Oregon
Contest at La Grande Next Satur
day Night.
New York, May 24. The Interstate London, May 24. Tho Central
commerce commission today resumed News correspondent at St. Petersburg
investigation of the complaint by . Vlegraplis tlint tho Ued Cross hns a
Hearst against the Reading and other report of a Japanese defeat. Tho cas
railroads carrying coal to the sea- ( ualtles are tho same as those given
board from the anthracite regions. , In the Bourse report of a Port Arthur
Under the supreme court's decision 1 fight current yesterday 15,000 Japs
Six of the 13 graduating orations of
the high school class were delivered
to a largo audience nt Assembly hall
last night.
All tho orations were good from
every standpoint, each showed tire
less training, originality, polish and
grace of thought and delivery.
Miss Cbloe Stuntleld was awardod
tho contest nnd will represent Pen
dleton high school at the high school
oratorical contest at La Grando on
Saturday evening, May 28. Her ora
tlon was entitled the "One Man Fa
ble," and was delivered with much
natural grace of expression, and sho
will represent the school In a fitting
manner at the Eastern Oregon con
test. Miss Bortha Alexander delivered
her graduating oration but declined to
enter the contest.
Tho names of tho class members
who took part In tho contest, nnd tho
subjects of their orations aro as fol
Chloo Stanflold, "A One Mun Fable."
Myrtle Dizney, "Tho Power of a No-
bio life."
Bertha Alexander, "Tho Civilizing
Influence of Lltorature."
Will Wyrlck, "Example, Not Pro-
Fred Hartmnn, "The United States
to the World."
Doll McCarty. "The Labor Union
Thwarting Its Own Aim."
Those who will deliver their ora
tions tonight nro Nell Jay, Boy Alex
ander, Ed Jay. Fred Vincent, Ivy Kim
broil nnd So Williams.
A solect musical program wns ren
dered In connection with tho graduat
ing orations. Tho Judges wore Rev.
W. H. Bleakney, Rov. W. L. Van
Nuys and Bert Huffman. Tho pro
gram tonight will begin nt 8 o'clock.
and frlonrts of tho schools are Invited
to attend.
the commission will demand the pro
ductlon of contracts refused to tho
commission last year.
President Baer produced tho con
tracts with tho Temple company con
Jointly with those with the Jersey
Central, Lackawanna, Erie, Susque
hanna and Reading railroads. Tho
counsel read from each the percenta
ges of rebate tonnage to be accorded
the several coal carrying companies,
ranging from 29 to 4, the former be
ing the Reading rebate and the latter
the Susquehanna.
Asked to produce tho contract of
April 10, 1899, between the trunk lines
and tho Temple company, Baer's
counsel objected, saying it was not
called for, but on examination of the
subpoenas he said he would produce
the latter.
Replying to Commissioner Prouty,
Baer said the Delaware & Hudson,
Pennsylvania & New York and On
tario & Western were not In the
agreement with Temple. Tho Penn
sylvania did not own any lines reach
ing the mines.
Baer said ho was not any more pre'
pared to statu now than last
and 3000 Ruslans, The Central News
report places tho fight at Feng Hu
ang Cheng.
Cholera Among the Japs,
1-ondon, May 24. Tho Central News
correspondent at St. Petersburg wires
that advices from Lla Yang state that
cholera has broken out at Feng
Huang Cheng, and hundreds of Japan
ese are dying dally.
After Cossack Raiders.
Seoul, May 24. A forco of Japan
ese has been dispatched from Qensan,
on the east coast, to disperse the Cos
sack raiders. In Northern Korea.
Japanese Lose Three Cruisers.
St. Petersburg, Mny 24. Admiral
Ty Denis reports tho capture of threo
Japanese cruisers by tho Vladivostok
Infantry and Cavalry fight.
Toklo, May 21. Kuroki reports
that May 21 ono section of Infantry
year encountered the enemy's cavalry, 200
what the Increase In the cost of min- strong, eight miles east of Kuantlen.
Ing caused by the strlko- was. I no enemy lied In a norttioasteriy ui
i rectlon. leaving 20 dead. No Japan'
Takes Pronounced Stand Against
Marrying Divorcees.
Buffalo, May 24. Tho special com
mittee on marrlngo and divorce of tho
Presbyterian general assembly, re
ported this morning, recommending
that all ministers bo enjoined to re
fuse to perform the marriage cere
mony In tho cases of divorced persons,
except on grounds recognized na
scriptural In tho stnndnrds of tho
It further recommended that refus
als by ministers of other churches to
perform tho marrlngo ceremony, bo
recognized ns valid nnd binding up
on tho Presbyterian mlnlstery, nnd
obligating refusal upon their part
when the parties npply to them for
the mnrrlage ceremony after falling
to secure It elsewhere.
Tho eommltteo Is working with
committees of 13 other denominations,
all of which form tho Inter-Church
Conference on mnrrlago and divorce.
Message From Synod of Asia.
Buffalo, Mny 21. The most Imitort
ant of the nintters discussed nt this
morning's session of tho Presbyterians
wns nn overture from tho synod of
Asia asking relcnso from Its relations
with tho assembly, that It may ho
made ono with tho synod of India al
ready existing. Referred to tho com
mittee on foreign missions.
National Bank Failure.
Cape May, N. J.. May 21. Tho First
National Bank closed this morning.
Deposits, $50,000.
Conferences Elected Four Missionary
Bishops, Among Them a Negro
Harris Elected Bishop to Japan
Balloting for Editors of Church Pub
lications Is In Progress Adjourn
Trouble Results in Recalling the
French Ambassador.
Rome. May 24. - Cardinal MerrI Del
Drove Out the Japanese.
Mukdpn, Mny 24. The town of An
ju In Korpn, wns nttarked and dQ'
val, papai secretary. Is quoted as say- Ktroyeil May 1C by the Russians. Tho
ing the holy sec is confident a satis
factorv solution of the French situ
atlon wjll be arrived at, but should
tho French chamber Indorse the gov
ernment's nntl-olcrlcallsni tho pope
mny submit the whole affair to the
Judgment of the Huropean powers.
French Minister Recalled,
Paris. May 24. After tho meeting ;
of the council of ministers today a i
noto was Issued olllclally, announcing
tho recall of the French ambassador
to tho Vatican.
Indians Murdered.
Tacoma, May 21.--Andiw Price
and wife, Puyallup ludlaris, wero ruur
dored yesterday by Price's fnther,
near Everett. The Indians nan an
been drinking and the old man was
sloonlnit within 2" feet of his murder
ed relatives when arrested. The only
wllnosH to the (rime was tne moiner
of the murdered man. who Is over 100
years old.
stores and retired In good order.
Massacred Seven Battalions.
St. Petersburg, May 24. Russian
correspondents at Lloyang telegraph
that according to Chlneso reports a
forco of Russians under General Fok
surprised and massacred soven Japan
ese battalions near Klnchau.
Tho Japs aro reported leaving Feng
Huang Cheng and moving northward.
British May Be Compelled to Abandon
Advanced Position.
Unidon, May 24. Tho gravity of
the Tibetan situation Is causing un
easiness In the cabinet. It Is believ
ed Colonel Young will be forced to
retire from his position near flyantzo
soon, which will not only bo a blow
to British prestige, but will arouso the
frontier tribes for tho reconquost of
tho whole Himalayan hinterland,
Hoinrich Melmann's Famous
Pendleton-Dayton Scheme
is Now on Its Feet.
will ask Walla walla
for a new franchise.
By Its Terms the System la to Be In
Operation Within Two Years, With
Light, Railway and Power Two Mil
lion Dollars Is Needed for the Com
pletion of the Project, and the
Money Is In Sight Company Con
trols a 10,000 Horse Water Power
Between Dayton and Pomeroy.
Los Angeles, Mny 21. Another sen
sation was sprung In tho Methodist
conference yesterday.
Dr. James R. Day, chancellor of Syr
acuse, (N. Y.) university, resigned
tho bishopric to which ho wns elect
ed Saturday, Day's election was duo
to tho published story that ho had
knocked down Professor Hnnlle, of
San Bcrnnrdlno, Cnl., during nn argu
ment on higher criticism. Tho story
turned tho tide In favor of Day, who
was Immediately elected. Day this
morning mndo a request that his res
ignation ho accepted becnuso of thn
sensational Incidents connected with
his olectlon. Tho resignation was ac
cepted. Day's act established his
honor, nnd ho Is beyond doubt the
most popular man In tho conference.
Tho election of another bishop Is
mado necessary.
Four Bishops Chosen.
Returns on tho ballot on threo mis
sionary bishops was announced this
morning as follows:
Rov. J. II. Scott, to Africa, first col
ored man so honored; Rov. W. F.
Oldham: J. P. Robinson, to Southern
Asia. Morrlam C. Harris, former su
perintendent of tho Pacific Coast
Jnpanoso mission work, waB elected
missionary bishop to Japan on tno
first ballot.
Not Belieyed That the Corwln Has
Been Wrecked.
Seattle. May 24. The only founda
tion for tho report that tho steamer
Corwln from Seattle for Capo Nomo
has been wrecked off Vancouver
Island, Is tho fact that the vessel put
Into Kotshlknn to readjust hor cargo,
which was topheavy. Sho left Ketch-
knn Mny 21 In good condition.
Ballotnlg on Editors.
Iis Angelos, May 21 Inability to
transact business for want of a quo'
rum In tho Motnoiiist coniornnco
threatened after Friday. Many dnlo-
.gates Hie asking for lonvo of nlmonco
to see Southern California attractions,
Balloting fur editors of church perl
odlcals Is progressing todny.
Station a
Suspended Publication.
Baker Cltv. May 24. Tho Baker
City Herald Is again In a logal tnngle
and tho Monday odltlon was Issued in
tho form of a dodgor CxO Inches, be
cnuso of tho offices being locked and
tho presses tlod up by tho creditors
of tho old Herald company. Thoro Is
a strong effort on tho part of uauor
City people to contlnuo tho paper
undor tho management of L. Bush
Llvermoro as editor.
Dominion Liner Afloat.
Quoboc. May 24. Tho Dominion
liner Vancouvor, Is ashoro on Mntano
Bank No danger Is anticipated.
"Now Is the tini- to begm gathoring shipment, after being collected hero.
...u,i.. t,..i r'lnrit fair." All kinds of growing grain, alfal
UA ..U. . .. - f(t( cIoverj vegotabos fru,t8 ghoul(J
said ox-Mayor 1. C. Halley, to tuo U0 soIectC(l wll,0 nt ,10r 1)08t gtaBU8
East Oregonlan today. and preserved for tho Umatilla coun-
"Whiid tlm best crone of wheat, at- Hy collection. Our best foot should
fnifn fruit nnd wool ever enjoyed by be put forward at tblH exposition.
Umatilla county are growing and bo- "Homeseekers who will certainly
in? hnrvnstad this year, tho people I gco and udmlro the products of Ore
should take especial pride In selecting gon next year, should bo struck with
ii, o hnat Hiincimens for exhibition. the peculiarly wide and diversified In
"It will bo too lato to get certain I terests represented from this county,
ktnria nt Armis and fruit after this I and especially by the oxcelfenco of
crop Is out of the way. That exhibit tho products shown
should be selected at leisure, and It , "By co-operation and general Inter-
oi,n,ii,i .nvor pverv field of Industry In est tho exhibit can bo collected with
tliia rinintv fully, and be a fair ropre-, little exponso and Is a matter of prldo
Bontntlon of tho products of Umatilla and should not bo forgotten.
county "I will furnish laud freo to nuyono
"If wo wait until the last moment to who will ralso some experimental
begin mnklng the selections, tho ex- crops for exhibit. Tho moro varied
hlblt will boar evidence of having boon tho products we show tho better for
collected hurriedly and will necessar- the state. People will bo present at
Ilv bo incomplete. The best of every- the J.owls and Clark exposition who
thine crown this year should bo saved will bo In search of every Imaglna-
bnr f for the oxliiblt. hie kind of land and surroundings.
"Everv farmer and stockman should Nothing shown nt that fair Will bo.
take osnoclal pnde in this muttor. It amiss. Every exhibit wjll attract some
should not be nocobsary for a com- particular class or condition of poo-
mit ee to be appointed, excopt to pie to the wonderful resources of;
classy mui prepare the exhibit for Imatllla county"
Electric Light and Power
Total Loss.
Boise, May 21. The plant of
Highland Power Company, on
Bolso river, 20 miles abovo (ho city
was swept away yesioruuy auoriioon
Tho loss Is about $160,000.
Tho river had been dammed with
a crib da tn. and the power house stood
under tho river bank, CO feet below tho
dam. This plant was used for pump.
Ing water for placer mining, and was
to be convorted Into an electric plant
when tho placer ground had been ox
liaustcd. Tho homo ofllco of I he com
pnny Is In Now Hampshire.
Sarafolf In Macedonia.
Sofia, May 21. Sarafoff, tho Mace
donian leader, has crossed tho fron
tier Into Mncodonla. It Is believed It
presages the renewal of tho insurrec
tionary movement.
Roosevelt In Massachusetts.
Gorton. Mass.. May 21. Tho presi
dent arrived this morning to attond
tho commencement of the school hero,
whore a son attends.
Lynch Re-elected,
Indianapolis, May 24 -Lynch was
re-elected president of the Typograph
leal Union by a majority of 7.000.
Hoinrich Melmann, of San Francis
co, wus n guest nt tne Hotel St.
Ueorge Inst night whllo on his way
to Walla Walla, where ho will appear
before tho city council this evening
to ask for tho renewal of thu electric
light, railway and power frnnchlso
which he holds In that place.
Mr. Mclimiun Is the prime mover
In tho electric motor schema which Is
to bnud Dayton and Pemlleton to
gether In n short timo. Ho sees that'
Fiich a lino would not only be of un
told bcucllt to thu people In general,
but would bo of great profit to tho
owners of tno property, nnd so no
has been working steadily on tho
proiKisltlon for u long time. Tho fran
chise which hnd been secured for tho
railway lino In Wnlla Walla will ox
plro In July, and for that reason Mr.
Melmann Is making tho trip to tho
Onrden City this evening. Ho hns a
draft of another frnnchlso, which Is
practically a counterpart of tho ono
now on tho books nt Walla Walla.
In Operation In Two Years.
By its provisions ho Is granted the
rluht to construct n rnllway along tho
principal Btroots of tho city, and to
maintain nnd operate a streot rnllway,
pledging hlmsolf to hnvo tho plant In
operation Insldo of two yenrs from
tho date of tho piiBsngo of tho ordi
nance urnntlnc tho privilege. Ho al
so will nsk for n ronownl of his light
ing nnd iiowcr franchise.
Mr. Melmann oxplnlns tho dolny In
thn commencement of tho Dayton
Pondloton project by saying that
monev of Into has been hard to got.
nnd It will tnko $2,000,000 to put tho
scheme on Its feet. This Is a presi
dential year, and until tho election ie
out of tho way and thliigH havo Bot
tled down to tho usual run ugaln, It
will ho hard to start anything so big.
Ho now hnB Eastern capital hack of
tho enterprise, however, nnd vlll ho
able to float bin bonds readily whon
tho time comes.
First-class Water Power.
Mr. Melnmnn ;ob success In his
plans on account of tho water power
rights which tho company hns secur
ed In tho Two Canyon country ho
tweon Dayton and Pninerny. Hero tho
company has a water right In Its own
natno which will yield 100.000 horsn
power. Tho stream bus a fall of 450
feet In ono milo at tho point whom
tho power sln'lon Is In he located.
This unrivaled power facility ban led
tho Eastern men lo lake hold of tho
proposition, wlileh will In Um ensure
Its Miircess.
The company now linn contracts for
4 200 homo po'.vor, to he glvori to Iho
ii'miinfnctiirlnu nlnnlH nlo'iit Hit Uno
between this city and Ptylon. and
havn contracts ilrnwn which will Blvo
It the prlvllene of ppM" In nowsr as
soon as the itatlon In In munition.
As soon an the bond ar flontPd,
and the details are strlhteiio1 out.
tho first iliadeful of earth will ho
turned In the conitrurllon of the road
and It is the boue of the projector tn
havo tho illrt flylnic In a eompnra
tlvojy short spaco of time.
Chicago Grain,
nt.hiii'o. May 24. May wheat
opened 95, closed 9614: old July opou
od 88. closed 87; new July open
ed 87. elose.l 8014. July com opened
48. closed 47-y.
Deep Laid Plot,
Canton, O., May 21.The po
lice onrly this mnrnlntc nrrfst
ed Rlrhnrd Quldlev, Harry
Plorco and Tlney Lnbelle. bus
plcloned In connection with Hie
murder nt ueorim j.-. tutwr,
the merenaiir inneu nuiuruuy
night, and whose common law
wife, Grace Dortoff, )ina huon
under survulllnnco ns a bus
iect. It Is hellqvort liy mniiy
that a plot to obtain Tnylor'8
lfn Insurance and proporty an
tedates Iho intimnto relations
of Taylor and tho Dortoff woman.