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Fair tonight ami Saturday
cooler tonight with light frost
VOL. 1".
NO. 5053.
J. ft. LEftTHERS
Demise Undoubtedly From
Natural Causes, Probably
Heart Disease.
Dead Man's Transition Was Beyond
Painless Taklnci Place
uh.rr He Had Sat Down to Rest
in the Laatz Bros.' Woodyard Was
an Indlanian. and an A. F. and A.
M., and Had Lived In Pendleton
Five Years Leaves Three Grown
John A. Leathers, one of the well
known residents of Pendleton, was
found dead this morning In the Laatz
woodyard, where he had evidently
lain all night.
Steve Leonard, a yardmaster at the
0. R. & N. freight yards, while pass
ing on the switch engine, saw Leath
ers sitting by the side of a woodpile
In the hot sun, and thinking that
something was wrong, went to where
the man was, wheu he discovered
that he was dead. The coroner was
notified and upon Investigation found
that the death had been from natur
al causes, heart failure being given
as the cause for the death.
When found, the dead man was Bit
ting with his back to a pile of wood,
the legs crossed in .front and tha
while the head wbb dropped clown
Just as though the man had gone to
sleep and passed from that into
The bodv was taken to the morgue,
where it will be prepared for burial.
The funeral arrangements have not
yet been made.
The deceased was born In Indiana
in 1850 and lived in the East until
about five years ago, when he came
to Pendleton with his family. He
has lived here continuously Blnce
that time most of the time being em
ployed by Laatz Brothers In their
woodyard, hauling wood, and part of
the time attending to their engine.
What time he was not working for
them he ran an express wagon.
Mr. Leathers was, a member of the
Masonic fraternity and in good stand
ing. He leaves three children, all of
them grown- .Mrs. S. P. Lipscomb,
Lakeside, Wash,; Mrs. T. E. Good
sell, Spokane; W. A. Leathers, a well
known Pendleton expressman. The
daughters have been telegraphed for
nd the funeral will be delayed until
they can he heard from.
Steps Taken Toward Union of North
and South Churches.
Buffalo, May 20. Dr. Tennis Ham-
"a, or Washington, this afternoon
Presented a motion removing all as
persions cast by previous assemblies
state Pmil,yterlan church In any
The motion as framed. Is a fore
runner of the union of the churches
"una ana south. Thp motion passed
imost unanimously.. It is hoped the
rresbyterlanR nf l. 'c,.u, ,m
Jake such action as will assist in the
iron or the two bodies.
imaging Circumstantial Evidence
hu - DU...I.I
- w r-iibtcicin
Bedford, InU.. May 20.-The trial!;
in- nald was rosumetf this morn-1
fonnrt . 1!LBt' lestlfied l' e hair
'"una in the hand of th'eSJead woman
and ,aopPr0xmateIy the same in size
hesrt f ,e fts Bone taJn from tho
'endant McDona'd. "10 de-
Unn Times Will Be Greatly Re
duced In Price.
went"!!!' May 20--The announce
te Lnn,? un2,?clay made today that
lU nrw ?n lmes wtendo to reduce
penny Vh y,e.arIy subscribers to one
w ha . . 811 Kay8 the "Thunder
taflwSL' )cl,?aHy succumbed to the
of live Journalism.
A It Again.
UUIeHlUen- Ma' 20-In
t'oopa L otWBCn government
furces t. the Government
! 0DaB(1ha,,T 300 killed and
IoU hravii ho ""evolutionists
i 21! .F,ve evolution
porto OtW havo Be to
c jr narcIly Prevails.
Methodists Elect President Anti-Saloon
Los Angeles, May 20. Dr. U B.
Wilson, of Baltimore, president of the
Anti-Saloon 'League, was elected
bishop this morning.
The committee on episcopacy rec
ommended one additional missionary
"bishop to Africa, t,wo to Southern
Asia and one to Japan and Korea.
The report on federation adopted,
provides for a common catechism,
order of worship and hymnal for the
Methodist church and Methodist
Church, South.
Illinois' Republicans Temporarily End
Springfield, May 20. After a nine
days' session, eight of which were
spent In fruitless balloting, the repub
lican state convention this morning
adjourned until May 31. after taking
the 5Sth ballot, which resulted:
Yates, 483; Lowden, 392; Deneen,
385; Hamlin, 113; Warner, G3; Sher
man, 4G; Pierce, 29.
Were Fishing From a Boat on Owen's
Boulder, Col., May 20. A. C. Giller,
T. P. Jackson and H. F. Kiser, em
ployes of the Colorado Southern, were
drowned last night In Owen's lake, 4
miles east of here while fishing from
a boat which capsized, due to a high
wind. All were married men.
! Likewise He Gets His Thirty Pieces
' of Silverware.
Pittsburg, May 20. The National
Association of Manufacturers today
re-elected D. M. Parry, of Indianapo
lis, president and presented him with
a silver set of 30 pieces, valued at
Warrants Out for Magnates.
Las Augeles, May "20". Warrants
for H. E. Huntington and I. W. Hell
man, of San Francisco, and other di
rectors of the street railway, were Is
sued tonight charging them with Ig
noring the street sprinkling ordi
nance. Pioneer Found Dead.
Baker City. May 20. Sam Full
bright, a pioneer of the Burnt river
country, who was about 55 years of
age. was last evening found dead in
his cabin on his ranch some Beven
miles south of Pleasant Valley. Death
evidently occurred from heart dis
ease and no inquest was held. Mr.
Fullbrlght was the owner of a fruit
ranch and was a well known charac
ter of the section where he had many
To Pay Death Penalty.
San Francisco, May 20. The exe
cution or Joseph Murphy is scheduled
for today at Folsom state prison.
Murphy was one of the participants In
the break at the Folsom prison last
July, which resulted In the death of
Prison Guard W. L. .Cotter.
Steamers Collide.
Falmouth, May 2(1. The Kronen
steamer Circe arrived this morning
damaged from a collision with thp,
Spanish steamer Scstay. which sank
with five sailors.
Forty Men Are Employed and Five
Carloads Per Day Are Unloaded
From Washington and Far Distant
Localities Top Speed and Full Ca
pacity From Now On.
The scouring mill now has 18 sort
ers at work, and tho mill is running
night and day. There are between
35 and 40 men employed during the
24 hours, aud the machines will not
Btop running from this time until the
end of the season unless something
breaks and forces tne rest.
nlrloe llin Inrep amount Of local
Mint la beintr bought here and
scoured for shipment East by the
buyers for the Eastern nouses, mere
are about five cars being unloaded
from outside points each day. Wash
ington and the Southeastern part of
ti, ftntn nnd far into tho Interior are
all sending their store to the Pendle
ton mills.
pt, mrinm nru about a day ahead
of the machines and will be kept that
way. so that there will bo no need for
the mill to wait on tne wool ior any
Chicago Grain,
fi.lni-n Mav 20 May wheat
opened 99, closed tho aamo, old July
n,.an,t sn ptnsnit R8- now July open
ed 87, closed 86 July corn open
ed 48ft, cloaca
Incendiaries Burn Over
lion Feet of Lum
California. $1
Mills at Chlco Destroyed, and Narrow
Escape for the Red Bluff mills,
While Interior Plants Have Been
Flre,d Believed That Reduction of
Wages and Other Actions of the
Lumber Trust Have Precipitated a
Reign of Retaliatory Arson.
Redding, Cal., May 20. Incendiar
ies set fire in three places to the
main lumber yard of the Terry Lum
ber Company In this city, this morn
ing at 12:45.
Over 1,000,000 feet of lumber burn
ed, and the loss Is estimated at about
$25,000. It made a terrific fire and
for a time the north end of town was
In great danger.
Taken In connection with the ; fire
at the Chlco mill yesterday, lumber
men believe there Is an organized
pain to destroy all the lumber
yards In Northern California.
The decrease In wages and consol
idation of lumber Interests Is belleV
ed to be the cause.
An Ineffectual attempt was made
to fire the Sierra Lumber Company's
mills at Red Bluff, while three small
er mills belonging to the company,,
have been burned within aweek at
different mountain camps.
Barrett Gives Away the Source of His
Washington, May 20. Harrison
Barrett, on trial with General Tyner
In the postofflce cases, today testi
fied that the greater part of the $40,
000 he earned the first two years
after he left the government service
came from publishers who contested
an order of the postofflce department
excluding certain publications from
the malls as second-class matter.
Thirteen of the Crew Were Lost Off
Halifax, May 20. A steamer struck
near Southwest Light at 8:30 this
morning during a dense fog and a
heavy sea. Fourteen men were
brought ashore, five of whom died of
exposure. Thirteen of the crow wero
lost. The steamer was coal laden
and belonged to the Black Diamond
Fraudulent Promoter Cleared Up
$250,000 In Four .'ears.
San Francisco, May 20. George W.
Rumble was found guilty In tho
I'nlted States district court today.
He was accused of having used tho
United States malls for fraudulent
purposes. Ho organized a corpora
tion known as the Sunset Mining
Company, and asserted there were
12 mines belonging to the promoters
he represented.
During four years' time Humble
took In $355,000. Postal Inspector
O'Coi.nel asserts that Humble clear
ed up $250,000. The case will bo
appealed. In the meantime Humble
will be given his liberty upon, a bond
or $iu.000.
Struck and Sunk,
Halifax. May 20. The steamer
Turret Bay struck St. Paul'B Island
today, backed off and then sank In
20 minutos. Many wero drowned.
She was bound from Sydney, Aus
tralia for Montreal.
rn... ru.nii nt thu French-American
marksmanship tournament at Uayon
v i won thnt the French team
won the rifle shoot by 750 points, and
the Americans won the revolver
shoot by 311, leaving a strong net
victory for the Frenchmen
The school board has called a mass
meeting or citizens residing east of
Slain street for 4 o'clock tomorrow
afternoon at the old academy build-
lug on Bast Webb street, for tho pur
pose or discussing the various loca
tions for a school building in the east
end or town
Several locations are in view ana
ihe board desires a full expression
frnm ilifi natrons of tho new school
building to he erected, before decld
ing whore to locate It u is urguuuy
a Mil-
m in
With the Place Were Cap
tured 300 Russians and
Korea Breaks Off All Diplomatic Re
lations With Russia, Which In
cludes Important Trade Concessions
Wholesale Emigration From Rus
sia Because of Hard Times Rus
sians Lost 1,363 Men at the Battle
of the Yalu Japanese Have Re
verses, Toklo, May 20. The official report
of the taking of Kalchow by tho Jap
anese Monday says the total casual
ties of the Russians was 300. The
place was defended by the Fifth',
Fourteenth and Sixteenth sharpshoot
ers, and eight quick-firing guns. The
Russians left on the field 30 dead 'of
ficers. Japs Retire on Feng Huang Chang.
London, May 20, Router's Nlu
Chwang correspondent says tho ..re
tirement of the Japanese army on
Feng Huang Chang Is officially con
firmed. Japanese Checked.
St, Petersburg, May 20. It Is re
ported that Kuropatkin is command
ing the Russian forces in person and
checked tho Japanese advance toward
I la Yang, tho headquarters of tho
Russian army.
Japs Effect a Landing.
London, May 20. The Japanese
minister is advised of the landing of
a Japanese army at Takushan on tho
east coast of I. la Tung peninsula, a
short distance southwest of Antung.
Firing Off Port Arthur.
Chee Foo, May 20. Heavy firing
Is heard In tho direction of Port Ar
thur today, and It Is believed a battle
Is being fought there.
Hayashl Is III.
Ixmdon, May 20. Ilnrou Hayashl,
Japanese minister to England, Is
confined to his bed today, suffering
from Influenza and refuses to recelvo
visitors. He Is very much depressed
over the losses off Port Arthur,
Japs Retreated.
Nlu Chwnng, May 20, Monday last
20,000 Japanese troops encountered
32,000 Russians GO miles west of Feng
Huang Cheng. Tho Japs retreated
without serious loss.
The Japanese retreated because It
was deemed unwise to risk a battle.
i The Cossacks harrasscd tho Japs'
i flanks with considerable Iobscs on
both sides. Tho muln body of Jap
'anese soon Joined tho army when the
Russians Btoppcd the pursuit.
Losses In Detail.
Toklo, May 20. The announcement
Is made that tlx; losses among llio
officers on the battleship Hatsuso are
Commanders Tsukamato. Nlro. Arlm
ori and 20 others, On tho cruiser Yo
shlno, sunk In collision with tho Kal
uga, -Captain Ayekl, Commander HI
rowaterl and 20 other officers were
Tho. report that the hattlslilp Shin
klshlma and Fuji wore damaged off
Port Arthur Is denied.
Japanese Victory.
It Is officially given out that a sec
tion of Japanese Infantry, of tho Liu
Tung forces, reconnolterlng In tho di
rection of Shanchusan, met two sec
tion of Russian Infantry. Tho Rus
sians were repulsed In 30 minutos.
Tho Japs casualties wero ono officer
and four men killed, and ono officer
and eight men wounded. Tho Ilus
slans lost ono officer and 40 to 50 men
To Unite Naval Forces.
Rome, May 20. -The Agenstla LI-
requested that all people residing east
of Main street will attend this meet
ing, as they are directly Interested
and tho board wishes to know public
reeling on tho various sites available.
There are three sites now being
discussed, towlt The Parsons prop
erty, thp vacant lota In the Iiyers'
grove, and the old academy silo and
tho people are to choose which will
be most desirable and satisfactory
Don't forget tho time nor place of
meeting, nor the Importance of tho
matter to be considered,
beria dispatch from Harbin says Ad
miral Skrlrdoff arrived nt Vladivos
tok from St. Petersburg and later put
to soa with five cruisers and tbreo
destroyers. It Is conjectured ho will
attempt to reach Port Arthur.
St. Petersburg Rejoices,
St. Petersburg. May 20. Rejoicing
over the Japanese losses off Port Ar
thur continued today, large crowds
tnwlng possession of tho principal
streets and cheering. The sinking of
tho wnrshlps Is attributed to Russian
torpedo boats, not to Moating mines.
Battle Statistics.
Toklo, May 20. General Kurokl to.
day sent tho following list as tho ex
act number of killed and wounded at
tho bnttlo of tho Yalu:
Japanese, 31G killed and "83 In
jured; Itusslnns, 13C3 corpses wero
buried bv tho Japanoso and 613 wero
tnkon prisoners. Twontyfiilno guns
and 1021 rliles weru captured by the
Korea Breaks With Russia.
WnshlnRton, May 20. Minister Al
len cables tho stnte department from
Seoul thnt tho Korean government
has, by an Imperlnldecroo issued to
.Int. r,M-ttitltr nnntltln.l nil ll-.mlv
1W......OJ ............ ..
agreements with tho HiiBslau govern
ment, .Including timber concessions on
the Yrilu river.
Russians Emigrating.
St. Petersburg, May 20. Trade; de
pression has become so ncuto that
emigration to America, England mid
Argentina Is by wholesale
Japs Win a Sklrrrjlsh.
Toklo, May 20. A report Is receiv
ed hero toduy that a force of Japan
ese reconnolterlng In tho direction of
Schanchung, northwest of Feng Hu
ang Cheng, repulsed n force of Rus
sians. Tho Japanese loBt five killed
and the Russians 50.
Togo Continues Active.
Toklo, May 20. Rear Admiral To
go from Msall, rcportB thnt the HueJ.
under his command (four crulfti)
three gunboats und torpedo flotilla
after successfully repelling an attack
by tho enemy's destroyed, w
emerged from Port Arthur when t
disaster to tho HntRtisu occurred, and
rescuing tho battleships, proceeded
the 15th to Pechllll Gulf and recou
noltcred along Klchou promontory.
On tho ICtli tho enemy wns discov
ered ashore, nnd fled nfter being
fired upon. Tho 17th tho fleet enter
ed the Gulf of Klnchow and bombard
ed tho enemy's railways, edifices,
bridges and military trains,
Japs at Vladivostok.
) St. Petersburg, May 20. A Vludl
, vostok dispatch of today's date snys
i JuiiuncHu ships ure hovering nbout
hhi' entrance to tho horbor.
Report of Russian Victory.
Si. Petersburg, May 20. A Muk
den dispatch announces Mint a Rus
sian detachment encountered a Jap
anese force marching westward tho
18th and succeeded In turning It.
Another detachment met a force of
Japancso 12 miles north of Feng
Huang Chung und after a hand to
hiiiid encounter, the Japanese fled,
panic Hlrlckeii, driven by Russian hay
oiietH The genural staff denies tho report
that tho Russian emitter llogalyr was
wrecked In tho entrance lo Vladivo
stok harbor
Eighty Mn Now at Work on Reservoir
and Pipe Line Much Rock Work
to Be Done and Difficult Road to De
Built Will Be In Operation by Nov
ember First.
Work on I lie Immense plant or the
Oregon & Washington Light und Pow
er Company on tho Walla Walla river,
six miles above Milton, Ih progressing
rapidly and at least 200 men will bo
employed by July 1.
At (he present tlmo there Is a force
of 80 men working on the rosorvolr
silo and pipe line and when these
preliminaries aro completed, u lurgo
forco will begin work on Iho site for
tho plant, and buildings.
Tburo Is a vast amount of rock
ork lo do, and expert rock men will
1 1. iwx.fli.il In Inriii mimlierM Itv Julv
I Tho wagon road from Milton lo
the plant will bo greatly Improved In
order to facilitate hauling Iho heavy
machinery lo Iho situ from the Mlltou
This is lo bo the most complete
and costly light and turner plant In
tho inland Kmplro. excepting thu one
at Spokano and will furnish a 24-hour
service for all tho towns between
Walla Walla and Pendleton It Is now
expected that tho company will bo
able to lum on tho current ut this
plant by November 1,
Claim Gross Swindles in the
Manipulation of the Ana
It Sold Vast Quantities of Property
Without the Knowledge or Consent
of the Minority Stockholders Pad
ded the Expense List and Cut the
Dividends Down 66 Per Cent by
Manipulation Another War of the
Copper Kings Now Under Way.
Anaconda, Mont, .May 20. Sensa
tional udmlHsloitB wero made tills
morning ut tho meeting of tho stock
holders In thu Anaconda Copper Min
ing Company, by representatives of
the management lit answer to tuis
tlons by thu minority stockholder!
and representatives.
The ndmlssloiiH weru made thai
In 11)01 thu output wuh 10,000,000
poumlB of copper Ichh than In 11)01.
but thu reason why was not explained.
It la Btatod, also, that thu company
has disposed of timber lamia, sawmills
nnd conl mines and nowspapom,
It Is denied tho Anaconda mliiu has
been worked out.
Refuse to Explain.
The acllvo managers refiiBod lo an
swer, questions as ti whether the
Anmjjimiued directors own tho
Mulalu Selling Company, and
ised to explain why tho stock for
cli tho Amalgamated paid CO, In
rth but 2a today, or why It cost $2,-
0(1,000 more to sell tho 1003 output
Hum the 1900 output, though tho for
mer was 10,000,000 pounds less,
They nlso refused to say why tha
dividends are not $3 per sharu Instead
of $1
It Is reported the men making tha
charges and uHklng the questions rep
resent Tom l-awson, of Boston, anil
the Rothschilds of Loudon ami Par In.
Progress of the Trial of James Qlllea-
. pie for Murder.
Rising Sun, Iml May 20. Tho do
! fenue In tho (llllesplo trl.nl opened ttiU
morning, No motion wuh made to ill
) iiiIsh, though tho right to do bo was
1 reserved. Tho ilofvnsn'H counsel Id
,1iIh opening statement wild all thu ev
idence yet Introduced has l)cen puro-
ly circumstantial.
! Texas Qralndcalers.
! Fort Worth, Toxuh, May 20. AH tho
grain growing sections of the statu
wero represented today ut thu opening
!of tho annual meeting of the Texan
iralndealers' Association, Tho meet
ing will 'continue two days and will
lie devoted to a thorough discussion of.
! railroad rates and numerous other
mutters affecting the Interests of thu
Fred Runke, Formerly of Pendleton,
Return for a Visit After Several
I.'reil llimkii n former resident nf
l Pendleton, hut who has been on tint
lire department In Unite for the pant
I seven years, bus returned for u short
He says tho Clurk-lleliu.- mining
light Is the host thing that could han
pun for that city, us It tends to c ro
il to competition. If either Clark, or
llelnzo wins and gains control of thu
large property Interests each aro con
(finding for, that tho town will bo
pructlcally under control of ono com
pany and theru will bo no coinpell
lion. Thu woililnguiui! of lluttii hopo
to suo the Interest divided.
While thuru urn many vacant
Mouses all over the business and res
idence districts or Hutto this sprint
-ii la uiui vnrv lilL-h a three-room
dwelling renting for $18 In $25 In ny
good location.
Ho will visit his biothur, Al Runke,
iii.. n it. n. N. mutineer at Kamela,
a few days beforo going lo Arizona,
on a short trip,
Thieves stole $10 from u room In
Iho Yamhill ilnitso In Portland, la
daylight, Thursday.
Republicans Bolt,
Muillsori, Wl. May 20. Lu
folletlu wan renominated fur
governor for a third terra by
the republican convention.
Tho bolters held a separata
convention anil noinlnatpd '
ontlro Htalo ticket he'i(?' W. '
8am Cook and suppurM wr .
the two Unlteij t?tte n