East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, May 14, 1904, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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raMlshed every afternoon (except Similar)
at I'endleton, Oregon, bj- the
Imllj, one year by mall ,$5.00
alz months by mall 2.50
Bally, three months by mall ...... 1.23
iMuly, one month by mall so
vaiiy, per month by carrlar ll.i
Weekly, one yenr by mall 1.G0
""ekly, six months by mall 70
TTtekly, four mouths by mall BO
Steal-Weekly, one year by mail .... 2.00
Sl-Veekly, six months by mall .. 1.00
&tul-Veekly, three months by mall . .GO
Utniber ScrlppaMcItae News Associa
tion. The Kast UrcKonlan Is on sale at It. It.
Kali's News Htunds. nt Hotel l'ortlund,
a Hotel l'erklns, Portland, Oregon.
3an Francisco Iturenti, -I0S Fourth St,
Chicago llurenu, 1)00 Security llulldlnR.
Washington, I). c llureau, 001 11th
Vt- N. W.
Tclepliuue. Alain 11.
J!tered at IVmllotmi postoOlre as second
class matter.
Thcro'B lots of kinds of sinuln'
That the flood Hook tulls
Slus conceruln' which a body
Needn't never be in doubt,
But there's one sin that I
Many a man who doesn't
Will be held to strict account
When he goes ncrnss the
For the wrong that's done a
By another's want of
Hurts as much as though the
Was a victim of a plot.
S. E. Kiser.
honored furthor by this county.
whoso intorcsta ho has so closoly and
ably guardod during two terms aa
county clerk. His presence In the
legislature would mean strength and
inlluence for Umatilla county.
Dr. W. Q. Colo, candidate for joint
representative between Morrow and
Umntllln counties has served this
county as coronor in n manner that
entitled him to this promotion. Mor
row county had the roprosontatlvi
the last torm and tho Intercuts of
Umntilla county domnnd that a rep
resentntive man from this county
now bo elected to tho legislature.
Dr. Colo is pormanont In this conn
ty. His entire Intorcst Is hero. His
onorgloB will bo directed toward the
upbuilding of the entire district he
P. 11. Holbrook, his opponent is
working on a salary nt Irrigou, super
intending tho sale of the lands of tho
Oregon Land & Water company, and
when that tract of laud is sold, his
Interest in the district ceases. He
would not truly represent the people
of Umntilla nor Morrow counties, and
therefore the East Oregonian must
oppose bin election, although It ad
mires his energy as n promoter of the
Interests of his employer.
Wlllinm Dlakeloy, W. I). Chnmbor
lain and Dr. W. G. Colo form a legis
latlvo ticket which it should be the
especial pride of this county and this
district to elect by hnndsome major
There remain but three weeks be
Store election, The situation can be
jfturty summarized at this time, and
She voter can reasonably determine,
.alter a month's study of the cundl
flates. just exactly what the best in
terests of Umatilla country are.
Ihls is the privilege and duty of
wrcry voter. This country belongs
rto no party, but to tho people and
aieir Interests alone should guide
atnd will guide the East Oregonian in
its policy.
u. nas uareu to attack every
ucheme and combination which has
jiroved detrimental to the people, and
1U reserves the right to support any
man or set of men best ntted to
aerve the people.
In the mntter of selecting candi
dates for tho legislature, tho peoplo
alrunld be represented In the highest
crou In legislative delegations.
.Raws are not made for a day, nor for
:a temporary purpose, or for private
iaw mukers should bo men who ex-
ytect tn remain in the state, to see
SSe trultH of then- efforts and to be re
sponsible to the people for tho lion
sty and public spirited nintives be
Hind the laws they supported.
"With this end In vlow, the East
(Oregon fan has chosen Its candidate
JSr the legislature and believes It Is
r&ht. viewed from tho standpoint of
afte greatest good to the greatest
aramber of people in Umatilla county.
For the legislature the East Ore
Saanian. will support three men who
possess the highest qualifications for
She legislature, regardless of their
politics. It will meet with a hearty
response, when It says that these
tlkxus men truly represent tho people.
'Cub of them has already filled pub
fie office in this county, efficiently and
conscientiously, and each Is entitled
to this deserved promotion In tho gift
T the people.
Each of them is heartily in favor of
ekt- most aggressive irrigation law for
feregon, each of them will work, first
last and all the time for tho law pro
Based by the irrigation commission,
X it is within reason, and each of
tbaa Is permanent In Umatilla coun
ty, endeared to tho peoplo by efficient
gut service and ontltled to their sup
art by reason of their ability, dovo
Bfen to the Interests of the county,
ma their broad sympathies with tho
These candidates are William
JBakeloy, W. D. Chamberlain and Dr.
W. O. ,Colo. Thoy need no introduc
Ufan to the peoplo of Umatilla county,
nor to Eastern Oregon, for that mot
tor. William Dlakeloy has filled ov
rrr offlco which tho peoplo have
Winist upon him with unorrng, stead
conscentlous dovotlon. Ho will
He elected again by tho same hand'
ammo majority that was accorded him
thro years ago.
W D, Chamberlain, whoso frionds
tssemed almost determined to forco
at third torm as county clerk upon
lata, so groat Is his popularity and fit-
for public servant, tihould be
I Tho farmers and business men o
I Cnllfornln are forming a permanent
1 "Hlver and Transportation Assocla
Hon," for. tho purpose of aiding logis
latures and congressmen in making
needed Improvements in the water
ways of the state, and In cheapening
transportation In every possible man
ner. At The Dalles next Tuseday
the farmers of the few counties bor
derlng the Columbia river in Oregon
and Washington will meet in tho In
tercsts of the portago road. At that
meeting a pcrmamcnt "Open Hlver
Transportation Association" should
be formed, with fixed alms and pur
poses, officers, committees and a dec.
Juration of purposes, just as the state
Irrigation association. Without river
transportation into the Inland Em
pire, irrigation will be delayed and
Its rapid oxtenslon handicapped. With
such an organization formed from
the actual shippers and producers of
this rich empire, working in unison
with congress and legislatures, the
Inland Empire would be In a fair way
to be made what nature Intended it
should bo-rone f tho greatest em
pires of wealth in the world.
The evil of modern commercialism
is well Illustrated In what Governor
Murphy of New Jersey, says his state
should do to attract more business
from the predatory trusts. Governor
Murphy says: "Other states are bid
ding sharply with Now Jersey for cor
poration business, and If New Jersey
Is to retain Its business In this re
spect It must meet tho reasonnblo de
mands of those who desire to Incor
porate under Its laws." This state
ment comes In the faco of the fact
that tho Now Jersey legislature has
relieved tho directors of corporations
from criminal prosecution on account
of paying unearned dividends. This
permits them to deceive would-be in
vestors by declaring dividends and
paying them out f the proceeds of
investments. This Is not a bit better
than selling gold bricks or green
goods. And yot Governor Murphy
thinks that New Jersoy Is not lonlent
enough with the corporations. Would
ho issue them state licenses permit
ting them to rob banks, burglarize
houses and forge checks?
St. Petersburg at length gives out
the long-expected official reading of
the Kusslan retreat toward Harbin.
It is preclsoly the lino of thought
which military experts have adopted
all along as to the advantage Inevi
tably to accruo to Itusala when, with
her prostlge In Southern Manchuria
unimpaired and her baso at Harbin
in quick and unmenaced communica
tion with Europo, sho could bldo hor
time and await tho precarious ad
vance of Japan hundreds of miles in
land from her homo base.
But tho Kusslan falluro does not
consist of tho rotroat to Mukdon.
That piece of military strategy tho
world was propared to approve. It
lies rather in the circumstances of
the rotreat, which go to show that
to unproparednOBB sho has added iu
competence at almost ovory point
whoro the Incidents of tho war hovo
tried her mettlo. It Is admitted at
St Petersburg that tho conduct of
tho engagement at Kullen Ohong wob
unfortunatoly directed; but this Is
only ono count of a long and spocHo
Trained obsorvors cannot holp los
ing confidence in ItUBSla's military of
flcloncy when thoy seo how little
confldonco tho Russians have In
thomsolvos, ub thoy show In tho pan
icky flight of offlcora from Port Ar-
Umr and th0 eonoral Bl0?m, whlclJ
porvadoa administrative circles at
every fresh triumph of the Japaneso
grins. Oregonian.
Hussion soldiers rocolvo but 3,GQ
a year. They fight Mo It.
Prltheo tell mo, Dlmplo-Chln,
At whnt ago does 'Lovo begin?
Your blue oyos have scarcely scon
Summers threo, my fairy queen,
But a miracle, of sweets,
Soft approaches, sly rotreats,
Show the little archer there,
Hidden in your pretty hair;
Whon didst learn a heart to win?
Prithee toll mo, Dlmple Chlnl
"O!" tho rosy Hps reply,
"I can't tell you if I try,
'TIs so long I can't romombor:
Ask some younger lass than I!"
Toll, O toll me, Grizzlo-Fuce,
Do your heart and head keep pace?
Whon does hoary Lovo expire,
Whon do frosts put out the lire?
Can its embers burn below
All that chill December snow?
Care you still soft hands to press,
Bonny heads to smooth nnd bless.
When does Lovo give up tho chnso?
Toll, O toll me, Orlzzlo-Knce!
"Ah!" the wise lips reply,
"Youth mny paHs and strength may
But of Lovo I can't fortoken;
Ask for older Bago tnan I !
Edmund Clarence Siedinan
A mother who took three children
to the exposition on the opening day
offers Instructive and interesting
reading for tho World's fair ninn
ngers. It wns a simple narrative of
the experience of a family, and dC'
scribes hardships imposed upon
them which should recelvo the
thoughtful attention of the exposition
The mother, who describes liersolf
ns poor and ns having saved up
enough money to take herself and
her children to the opening, found
herself unable to satisfy the prima
ry necessities without paying, unci
tumble to get even a convenient
resting place on the grounds. She
had to pay for the use of a toilet
room, pay for water, pay for a seat
and when she nnd her worn out sick
children attempted to sit down In
the open space thoy wore roughly
driven away by the guards.
Briefly Hummed up, therefore, the
comforts which should he supplied
to the people free and which she
found lacking were water. Hents,
toilet conveniences nnd official courtesy.
The story Is not a pleasant one.
but on tho contrary Is full of pathos
to nil those who know the trials of
women, especially poor women, with
children in public places.
This woman represents a great
mas3 of people who will go to tho
fair and whoso support is necessary
for its success. The exposition can
not live on tho support of the rich
alone. The bulk of Its receipts will
come from people of moderate nnd
small moans. The management
must consider tholr needs, tholr
means, their comfort; It must pro
tect them so far as lies in Its
power from extortion. It must pro
vide necessary conveniences for
them without charge. St. Louis I
uatarrn opnng p ever is spring Ca
I.eono Dolohan. In a letter from tl
ipolis, Minn., writes! nulCn,
Mrs. Leone Doleliun.
The Poruna Medicine Co,
Gentlemen: "For two months mv u , ,
with mo trying to euro a hard cold which , jl
eauslug indnminutton and Cltm-M. t ""a
lie was slmnlv uuublu to Imi., J. ...
lliittorlnc testimonials ns tn tl i ' "a
I thought I would try it. ttns
"It was six weeks before I could cat a meiUi J
effects, but I have now boon woll for sir 1
(l,n (.rnillt In Ti.rnna tl nr.. T . rvu'"l,l
. . . , . ....... ...in, jvi-iiiio iin .k..
:xxxzrxcx XXXXXXrrrrrr
, Columbus, Ohio,
Miss Helen Whitman, 110SK annul
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis,, writes:
"There is nothing like l'eruua for
!... t...l r,...ll... ..l.f..l. ..I...... ...... .,n
. 1 1 i. v tti.vi ,i-uiiu, unit j w .
ambition for work or play. After u pro-1 H
longed HlncHS, about n year ago I felt J
unable lo regain my health, but four ,
bottles of l'eruua made a wonderful
changuuml restored mo tnporfcot health. .
As long uh you keep your blood In n
good condition you uro all right, and
Poruniv seems to 1111 tho veins with pure,
healthful blood. T thoroughly umlorHC
it." Miss Helen Whitman.
Mow to Oct Strong Nerves.
First, repair tho Injury ulroady done
to your nerves. The way to do this Is lo
do exactly ns did Mr. Hal. I. Denton,
Chief Department Publicity nnd Promo
tion of National Export Exposition.
Ho writes: "Toward tho latter part
of August I found myself iu a very
much run-down condition. My family
phynlelan said I had nervous prostra
tion mid recommended a cua voyage. J
gradually grew nnrw. A kind friend
whom I had known in Ohio recom
mended Poruna. Though skeptical, I
finally yielded to his advice. After
using ono bottle I wan much improved
unci with tho fifth bottle came complete
recovery. I nm in porfeet health today
and owe everything to Peruna." Hal.
J. Denton.
A Spring Tonic.
Almost everybody needs u Ionic in the
Miss Helen "Whitman.
spring. Something to braeo tho nerves,
Invigorate tho brain, and cleanse the
blood. That Peruna will do this is be
yond nil question. Everyone who has
tried it has had the same experience as
Mrs. D. W.Tlmburlake, of Lynchburg,
Va., who, iu a recent letter, mado tise of
tho following words: " I always take a
dose of Peruna after business hours, as
it Is a great thing for the nerves. There
is no better spring tonic, anil I have
used about nil of them." Mrs. 1). W.
Catarrh In !
Tho spring I the best tiijl
catarrh. IuUiro renew htifl
spring. The system li rejaij
spring weather. Thli rail
clnes more effective. A t
Peruna, assisted by the I
spring, will cure old, lubU
eutarrh that have resisted tml
yuars. Every body should hut
of Dr. nartman's latest wn'
Address The l'eruiu MtdlcUiS
lumbus, Ohio.
Spokogee, a town In the western
part of the Creek nntlon, is the onl
town of 1,000 population In the tor
rltoy that has no town officers nnd
u not want nny. Thoy pay no taxes,
and whenever thoy want any public
Improvement thoy call a meeting of
citizens nnd raise tho monoy. A dep
uty United States marshal is located
there, and Is all that Is needed to
keep tho peace. There Is not a gam
bler or gambling house In tho town.
and the peoplo will not permit them.
school house was needed, so tho
peoplo got together and built a good
two-story building for that purpose.
"I tried all kind of bloo4 rmdl4i which flld
lo do ma any good but 1 hv found th rlffht thine
t Ut t. Jlyfiicewa full of pimpUn and blek.
he till. AHr taking UtMftreti ihey all Iflfl. 1 mm
continuing the ua of them and roramndlnir
them lo mr f rlendi. I feel fine when I rise in tho
morning. Hope to hare a chance to reeoauneod
U,wVrtd C. Wltten, 7 Elm St., Kewark, N. J.
Sunday Dinne
Bear For
The Bowels
The Carnegie Institute In Pitts
burg has received ovor 3000 applica
tions for admission, although the
school Is not yet opon.
From 5 to 7:30 p. m.
Cooling OIL
The man who would sit on a cake oC
fee to cool off would be considered crazy,.
Yet it is a very common thing for a per
son heated by exercise to stand in, a. coot
draught, just to
cool off. This
Is the beginning
of many a cough
which ultimate
ly involves the
bronchial tract
and the lungs.
For coughs iu
nny stage there
la no remedy so
valuable as Dr.
rierce's Golden
Medical Discov
ery. It cures
deep-seated, ob
stinate coughs,
bleeding of the
lungs, BUU
conditions which if neglected or nnskill
f ully treated terminate in consumption.
There is no alcohol in "Golden Med
ical Discovery," and it is entirely free
from opium, cocaine ami oilier narcotics.
Accept no substitute for "Golden Med
ical Discovery." There is nothing "just
as good."
I took a Kvm cold which tettlttl In the
bronchial tubei." write Key, Frank Hay, of
Norlonvlllc. Ieflcron Co., Kauaai. "After try-
iug medicine labeled 'Sure Cure.' almoat with
out number, I wax led lo try Dr. Tierce's Golden
Medical Discovery, I took two bottle and was
cured, and have itayed cured,
"When I think of the great pain I had to
endure, and the terrible cough I had. It seeuu
tlmoat a miracle that I waa ao noon relieved,
That Ood may (pare you many years and
abundantly blesa you I the prayer of your
Kratcful friend,"
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser, containing 1008 large; pages, is
sent free on receipt of stamps to pay es
pouse of mailing only. Send ai ont
ceut stamps for the book in paper cover
or 11 stamp) for it In cloth binding. Ad
dress Dr. R. V Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
rieuant. PlUbl. Potent, Taita Oood. DOm.
Naur Hiekeu, w..k.a or drip, 19. is:. Wc.N.T.t
old In bulk. Tb innln MkUt Umiwl CCC.
Qnaranteed lo cur or your meuey bek.
StorUnc Remedy Co., CJdeago or N.Y. 39
Prompt attention glvan and all
work executed propsrly. a
Xlsetiisal Suppllss of all kinds
(Tribune Building)
Tho llttlo lonses of glaojea Joined
by tholr frame of i;old or nlcltol are
wondorfully potont for good or evil.
n.nnr nttiwl Hinv build UD tho
oyes and prosorvo the sight Improp
erly fitted, tiioy tear uowu unu uu
8 troy
Tinofiinir n fow lines of print with
n nnlr nf classos is no tost. The
sight must be triou uy muueru mm
n.iAntlfln mnHinrlfl.
nr ,otm nvnrv focllttv for making
tosts and can supply any kind of
glaBBOB required nt raoaornio cum.
Jeweler and Optician
Poatoffice Block.
Dally East Orenonian by carrier,
only 1B cents a week.
Cove Oyster.
! J.
Baked Halibut, Drawn Butter.
Ox Tongue, Egg Sauce.
Chicken Fricassee
Mince Sirloin of Beef, Mushroom Sauce.
Braized Shoulder Lamb, Caper Sauce.
Apple Fritters.
Oreon Onions.
noaat Chicken, Oyster Dressing.
S - Prime Ribs of Beef, Brown Gravy.
J T Loin of Pork Apple Sauce.
5 - f Mutton With Jolly.
- ' Vegetables.
' Asparagus, Mashed Potatoes and Oreon Vcura.
I Desert.
1 pic
Ico Cream, Assorted Cako and Creen APP'e
I Drinks.
5 . , in. ,1 inn Tea.
J Tea, ConoOj miik uu -