East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, May 09, 1904, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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Correct Clothes for Men
STYLE is essential
in clothes, but
it's not every
thing. How they
fit you and wear
arc equally im
portant. This
ojpjmtht Dos, a, d. Co. label
fted benjamin
on your clothes is an assurance
that you will be correctly attired,
that they will fit you as perfectly
as though made to your measure,
and give you the same wear as
expensive custom-mades.
Equal to fine custom-made In all but
price. The makers' guarantee, and
ours, with every garment. We are
Exclusive Distributors in this city.
The Peoples Warehouse
The Leading Clothiers
Traveling Correspondent Tells of Ex.
cellent Resources of Umatilla
Outlook for Dairying Sees His
First) Barbed Wire 'Phone Dry
Land Alfalfa Income From Milk
Cows at Milton.
Is sure to do moro or less damage to
a carriage, but whether you need re
pairing from accident or ordinary
wear and tear, brine your vehicles to
Neagle's. While our roputatlon Is
widespread for doing all kinds of re
pairing In the best manner at lowest
prices, we feel sure that there are
u few good people who don't know
that we are unexcelled In our line,
and we want them to know us.
We have the Winona wagons and
Ilex buggies, the best produced In the
-world. Call and seo our lino of rigs
the Blacksmiths.
Stover Gasoline Engines, safe and
j The French j
i Restaurant I
Best 25 Cent Meal in the City
Private Dining Parlors,
Elegant Furnished Rooms In
C33 Main Street.
All Kinds
I have good sound wood
which is delivered at
reasonable prices
For Cash.
Leave orders at Neuman's
a r?.
The Pacific Homestead, of Salom,
tho leading agricultural nnncr nub
llshed In Oregon, prints the following
interesting observations from M. S,
Slirock, a travbllng correspondent
who recently visited Umatilla rnimty.
The East Oregonian tnkes pleasure
in republishing theso extracts from
the correspondence, as thoy give an
outsider's estimate1 of Umatilla conn
ty and some few of her resources.
Mr. Shrock says:
Dairying in a favored locality like
this would surely mean thousands
of dollars to tho fnrmers ns well as
merchants. Tho distance from Echo
to Pendleton by wagon road over tho
bills Is 25 miles. nu can count all
tho houses along this road on tho
lingers of one band.
This might seem to some of the
readers a lonesome Journey, but It is
nothing compared with the Journey
from Arlington to lrrigon; -10 miles,
35 of which has not oven a growing
crop In sight.
Along the road from Echo to Pen
dleton are the nicest wheat fields I
over saw anywhere.
It is n common thing for a grain
of wheat when sown in this soil to
germinate, stool out, and form 25 to
30 stalks, each of which bears a head
of golden grain.
Most of the grain farmers say that
wheat Is the only crop that will grow
on up-land, hence they try no other.
I passed a place yesterday about two
miles east of Adams where two nice
patches of alfalfa can bo seen grow
ing on hill land. One Held of about
two acres is used for hog pasture,
tho other is lot grow to bo cut for
hay, and was from 10 to 12 Inches In
I find a much bettor class of work
horses as well as driving horses In
Umatilla county than in tho counties
visited before. Moro attention Is
given to breeding pure-bred sires
Better caro Is also given the growing
At Weston I had my first Introduc
tion to a barb-wiro tolophono line. I
talked to a man in Milton, 10 miles
away, and I was surprised to note
that tho ragged edge usually left by
a barb-wlro was entirely nbBcnt. Tho
man on tho other end could be heard
At times I fancied I heard some
one along tho lino mumble something
about a torn coat or trouser log, yet
I would noi be certain that this was
not Imaginary.
It is true that this whole country
is connected by telephones run on
barb-wlro fences. At cross roads and
gates tho current Is carried over
head by a light wire on poles. No
Insulators are used on this line, but
thtt btirb-wr9 i stapled to (he posts
In tho ordinary way,
Ten 'phones are used on a lino and
It gives fully as good service as our
"high" lino at home. I am told that
In wot weather It causes some trou
blo as the moisture on tho posts Is
a better conductor than the dry
Near Milton I mot a very Interest
ing man in L. B. Zoll, a promlnont
poultryman and dairyman. Ho breeds
Buff Leghorns, Buff Cochins, White
Wynndottes, Japanese Pearl guineas,
Indian Runner ducks, and Whlto Hol
land turkeys. Ho has a number of
blue ribbons that ho captured at the
Walla Walla poultry show and at the
Portland show.
Dairying in this vicinity is yot in
Its Infancy. Not many hand separat
ors are used, but tho Hazelwood
Company has a skimming station at
Milton and tho milk Is hauled there
and tho skim milk returned.
Mr. Zoll's cows netted him last
year $C0 each. During the month of
March, this year, his cows netted
$7.50 each. Thoy woro fed on alfalfa
hay and flvo pounds of mill feed each
per day. This means CO per cent
profit on feed cost.
a k
m aw m i
10 GET rr.
J-WWmL The First I ,
mn p jiiiio j
Mm will convince you 01 IIS unusnai quamj aim iragrancc. mm
The first hundred will prove their uniformity. '
TJrjA7HMnwillsubstantiatethefcttliatItisacigaryoaneverlireof 5C. kk
Largest Seller in the World.
Hi The Hand is the Smoker's Protection.
We Shall Spend $500,000
To Give Liquozone Away.
DRS. F. C. & ML E.
Will spend tho summor In tho East
visiting at Washington City, and talc
ing post-gradunio courses in Phila
delphia and Now York. All partios
doslrlng work dono boforo wo leave
for tho East must call nt once and
arrango for tho same.
Ppnmnt attention uivon and all
work oxocuted proporly
Electrical Supplies of all kinds
(Trlbuutj Ilulldlug)
Fight With Railroads for a Differen
tial Rate.
Memphis, ' Tonn., May 9. 'iho in
terstate 'commerco commission met
In Memphis today for tho purpose
of continuing tho hearing of tho
case of tho Planters' Compress Co.,
In which a number of tho lorgest rail
road corporations in tho United
o... ,nr. tlm jlnfVinflnrtta. TlK'ltlfleri
qitltvn v fc.if i. .....
among tho defendant roads aro tho!
Pennsylvania, Mlcnigan uonirni.
Southern, Missouri, Kansas & Texas,
Miamiri Pnpinr. T.niilsvllln & Nash
ville, Illinois Central, Cincinnati,
Hamilton & Dayton, Nashville, Clint
tanoogn & St. I.ouls, Yazoo & Missis
sippi Valley, and nig Four.
nil... attl wna Inqtltllfpfl RnmO tlmO
AMU nu,i , .
ago and originated In a donuuul of
tho compress company " wu
c.twiiint railroads for a dlfforontlnl
of 10 cents a bnlo In fnvor of tho
round bnlo as against mo rocinnK"-
ml.A fullri-intlu Ir ia nndfir-
Btood, recoglnzed tho domanft of tho
compress company to tho oxtent of
making nn nllownnco of 10 cents a
bnlo, or the r-ost of compressing n
rectangular bale, hut a further reduc
tion Is Insisted upon.
Tho outtomo of tho Issuos involv
ed nro awaited with much Interest,
not solely bocauso of uio niouuy m
rcctly Involved, but bocauso of tho
rivalry existing between tho round
bale and tho square halo compress
companies. '
This Comoanv. after testifier Linuo-
zone for two years in the most difficult
germ diseases, paid 100,000 for the
American rights. That is the highest
price ever paid for similar rights on
any scientific discovery.
We are now spending $500,000 to
give the product away one bottle to
each of a million sick ones. We are
doing this so that every sick one may
let Liquozone itself prove what it
can do.
Kills Inside Germs
The greatest value of Liquozone
lies in the fact that it kills germs in
the body without killing the tissues,
too. And no man knows another way
to do it. Any drug that kills germsi is
a poison, and it cannot be taken in
ternally. Medicine is almost helpless
in any germ disease, as every physi
cian knows.
Liquozone will do for sick humanity
more than all the drugs in the world
combined. It does what no skill can
accomplish without it. It cures dis
eases which medicine never cured.
Acts Like Oxygen
Liquozone is the result of a process
which, for more than 20 years, has
been the constant subject of scientific
and chemical research. Its virtues are
derived solely from gas, made in large
part from the best oxygen producers,
By a process requiring immense ap
paratus and 14 days' time, these gases
are made part of the liquid product.
The result is a product that docs
what oxygen does. Oxygen gas, as
you know, is the very source of vital
ity, the most essential clement of life.
Liquozone is a vitalizing tonic with
which no oincr Known product can
compare. Yet it is a germicide so cer
tain that we publish on every bottle
an offer of $1,000 for a disease germ
that It cannot kill.
The reason is that germs are vege
tables; and Liquozone, which like
oxygen is life to an animal, is deadly
to vegetal matter. It is carried by
the blood to every cell of every tissue,
and no touch ofa impurity, no germ of
disease, can exist where Liquozone
Germ Diseases
These are the known germ diseases.
All that medicine can do for these
troubles is to help Nature overcome
the germs, and such results are indi
rect and uncertain. Liquozone kills
the germs, wherever they are, and the
results are inevitable. By destroying
the cause of the trouble, it invariably
ends the disease, and forever.
Abscess Anemia
llloort Poison
HrUht's ium
llowel Trouble
Coufbs 014t
Coll o Croup
Catarrh Cannr
I7 sentry Diarrhea
Hat Fever influania
manor mseases
1a Urlppo
Mrer Trouble
Malaria Neuralf la
Many Heart Troubles
Pile 1'oeumonU
Vleurtay Quinsy
Haln Diseases
(Stomach Troubles
Dyspepsia. , Throat Trouble
Kcioma Erysipelas Tuberculosis
Voters (lull Bioncs 'rumors-Ulcers
lloltre-Gout Varlococeln
Uouorrheo Gleet Women's Diseases
All diseases that begin with fever all InOamma
tlou all catarrh all contagious diseases all ilia
roaulta of Inipuro or poisonous blood.
In nervous debility Llquocona acta aa a vltallsar,
accomplishing what no drugs can do.
50c Bottle Free
If you need Liquozone, and have
never tried it, please send us this
coupon. We will then mail you an or
der on your local druggist for a full
size bottle, and we will pay your drug
gjst ourselves for it. This is our free
gift, made to convince you; to show
you what Liquozone is, and what it
can do. In justice to yourself, please
accept it to-day, for it places you un
der no obligation whatever.
Liquozone costs 50c. and $1.
for this offer may not appear again. Fill oat
the blanks and mall it to the Liquid Ozone Co.,
SS-i9) Wabash Ave,, Chicago.
Xtydtsasse ! M.
I hsva never tried Liquozone, but if you will
supply tut a Wo bottle free I will take It.
1 3 4
Q K Give full address write plainly.
Any physician or hospital not yet using XJqcoxona
will be gladly supplied fur a test.
Wine Boxes, Dance Hall and Lodging
House Under One Roof It is 8aid.
Tho now Martin building on ue
corner of Webb and Cottonwood Is
nenrlng completion, tho olectrlc wir
ing and call boll wires now bolng in
place, and tho plastering In progress.
There aro 23 rooms upstairs, ono
sulto of threo rooms In tho front, for
a reception parlor, three insldo rooms
and 17 outside rooms, all connected
with an electric enunclator In the
bar room on the first floor. A trout
stairway leads to thn second lloor,
toilets and closets will be placed on
tho second floor, nnd a kitchen will
possibly bo built In the rear of the
east half of tho lower floor, for n
short ordor lunch counter, which will
bo run In connection with the place.
Tho lower lloor Is divided Into two
rooms, tho cast half to b fitted up
for a' jjar and two elegant small oiiicti
rooms In tho front, and a long room
for gaming tnblos In tho rear of the
bar room, It Is said On the Cotton
wood street sldo aro flvo half win
I dows, 10 feot from tho ground, where
a row of prlvato wlno boxes will be
. built.
1 Vno west half of the building has
no windows In it, except In tho front
and rear, and It Is said will bo used
as a vaudovllle theater and dance
hall, which will have no need of day
light, as tho amusements will bo run
at night only, until tho 24-hour serv
ice electric plant Is In place.
It Is expected that the building
will be ready for occupancy about
June 10,
Made Young Again.
"One of Dr. King's Now Life Pills
each night for two weeks has put
me In my 'teons' again," writes D.
H. Turner, or Dompsoytown, Pa.
They'd tho best In the world for liv
er, stomach and bowols. Purely
vegetable. Novor gripe. Only 25c at
Tollman & Co.'s drug store.
"Mayfiowor" Shoes nt Teutsch's,
School District Election Notice.
Of election to determine how in
debtedness obligations shall bo ne
gotiated and sold.
Notlco Is hereby given that at a
school mooting of School District
No. 16, of Umatilla County, Oregon,
to be hold at tho county court house.
In said district, on tho lCth day of
May, 1904, there will bo submitted
to Iho legal voters of said district
the question whether thn bonds of
the district proposed to bo Issued to
tho amount of Sixty Thousand Dol
lars shall be negotiated nnd sold nc-
,wir,1l..r- n !,.. ....... lu I,.., .F xti.,1 1 il.
sion u or section 3;isu or uciiingor ct
Cotton's Annotated Codes nnd Stat
utes of Orogon, or tho provisions of
subdivision 31 of Bald section. Tho
veto to bo by ballot, upon which shall
be tho words, "Sub-division C, of
Section 3389," and tho words "Sub
division 31 of Section 3389."
Polls to bo opened at 1 o'clock p.
in., and remain open until 4 o'clock
p. m.
My order of the Board of Directors
of School District No. 1C, of Umatilla
County, Oregon.
Dated this 25th nay of April, A. D.
JOHN HAII.KY, JH., District Clerk.
Chairman Moard of Directors.
School District Bond Election Notice
I Notlco Is horoby glvon that a
school moetlng of School District
No. 1C, of Umatilla County, Orogon,
I to bo hold In tho county court house
, in snld district, on tho 17th day of
.May, 1901, thoro will bo submitted to
I tho legal voters of said .district tho
'Munition nr rnntrnctltiir a bonded debt
of Sixty Thousand Dollars ($60,000)
for tho purposo of buying the nocos
snry grounds and eroding three new
school buildings thoreon, tho voto to
bo by ballot, upon which shall bo tho
words "Bonds Yos" and tho words
"Bonds No." Pohs to bo opened nt
1 o'clock p. m., and remain open un
til 4 o'clock p. m.
By ordor of the Board of Directors
of School District No. 10, of Umatilla
County, Orogon.
Dated this zGth day of April, A. D.
District Clerk.
Chairman Moard of Directors.
"u- KINDS,
D I r vrv.v..
J m a fill IV aU n
Court St
TO Al I MV rnim,..
i 1 huns:
. W 11 w L. L. AND
Tunnnnnuiu n.. .'
- - 11 I I LliUMMI
he nns WU TC AC ri
ri acq n r iitipt ...
HKriJhi:T. awn tlfn,
' " ' ' 1 niiu TV ILL u
. 1.,,1 1 1 n rnvun f
A N V nr MV DATleu.. h
PI ire Turin run .
wni 1 1.
fc. A. MANN
r 1 mi . iVt..
uuirv iiiiii riMiii i.iimmiasiu
M. Douglas.
Presidential Electors-Ma
Jeffrey. T. H. Crawford. W. B.
and J. II. Smith.
Concross. Second District 1
District Attornoy, wum
Morrow J. II. Haley.
.Tnlnr TJonrpqnntntlvP. MorrtT
Umatilla K. B. HoIbrooK.
Judge G. A. Hartman.
Sheriff T. D. Taylor.
Clerk J. E. Cherry.
Aaunnanr fl. P. Strain.
Commissioner William Uojl
Ttnnrisfmtatlves W. D.
lain and William Blakeler.
School Siiperlntendel-.
Surveyor C. C. Berkeley
Treasurer S. G. , LIsM'Mt
llonnnlrr W. H. TOtVler.
f,Tir t. M. lleBaw
w . . . . 1. Ytri r a S K
PnnBlnblfi John M. JKBU.J.
Rerjubllean Ticket
For Presidential Electors;
W. V. inunyiun
J. N. Hart
W. H. Gore
James A. Fee
For Supremo Judge:
For Food nna uuirj
J, W. liauoy
For Prosecuting Attorney'
G. W. Phelps
For Joint nopresentatlre
"'....-' 1. onid
For Congrossmnn i
- . . nfiillnmDnn
J, IN. VII'l"""v"
For Iloprcsentatwes:
, t TlollorflV
jonn j a"-"
TInnrv Adams
rvr rnimtv Judge:
Henry J. Venn
For County Clerk:
Frank Sallng
For Sheriff:
C. A. Barrett
For Treasurer;
E. J. SommerTllie
For Recorder:
W. H. Fol3om
For Assessor:
w. t, nifiby
For Commissioner:
Horace Wa ker
Fr A W. Botkin
For Survoyor . .,
J. W. Klmbreu ,
For Justice of Peace, P
trlct: . GcralB
Thomas Fltz lew
For Constablo:
v w, Earnnan
"How doro you flBh In my pond, boy?"
Who Is opunklng?
The East Oregonian Is Eastern Or
egon's representative paper, It leads
and tho people appreciate It and
show It by their liberal patronage. It
Is the advertising medium of this
. Tit
M. v. Howoro.
tlvo Morrow ana t
N. A. Davis, nevr"
llobort wn'' -- Judje.
' IV V,","hmnn,l, Cuw
I'". 11.
sionor. , gbcrlff
Ollvor U'cf county
W. A. Banlstor, toui
William Tolbort, ' r,
t. t- Rtowart, l'lTL,er,
1 u.