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IlfCt Vf " , ecl your of-
NO. 6030.
yni Mi Illll I IIIMII MMmMBMw
H faV, fllllBMP'" a.lLHHHB .r 1lKlt tonight; warmer
JH mJ ' mmammlr Thursday.
L. 17-
Lrcial Association Ar-
ngesfora Farmers' Insti
lls on May 26.
n( Partners and
fet comrnm v. .
.mess Men Appointed to Pre.
L for the Meeting-Agricultural
Ltrts Will Address the Farmers
Lve Topics of Dairying, Diver-
Led Farming Forage Crops, and
ieedlns-Elght New Members Add-
I to the Association Membership
i Now 90, Greatest Number In Its
h-k. lorroei attendance Olid tUO
UUC '"'B-
teat enthusiasm in months mark
iha rBs-nlar monthly meeting of
I "v -o -
rvimmorrlal Association last
iTho ranid crowth of the assocla
til HUU. IV v - -
membershln of 90. at
L. rVnm in mpmhnrR IIIRt a lew
lis time, Is telling in its nenenciai
Beets for the city of Pendleton.
Will Hold Farmers' Institute.
I After auditing the expense nc
lmnts unrl appnntlnfr elchL new
lembers, the association took up the
utter of holding a farmers' institute
i this city, this having been present'
I tn Prrcidpnt norle after tno sue-
islnl meeting of farmers at Echo
ist Saturday.
I President Borlo, T. G. Hallcy and
bee Teutsch spoke enthusiastically of
the benefits to be derived from such
i meeting, in educating and furnish'
' Information to the tannine com'
amity. Mr. Teutsch, who attended
lie nlenlr at Echo, outlined the mil-
illcent offer of Colonel R. C. Judson,
if thr. Inriiiarrlnl rlpnflrtmfint nf the
In R J& V In fnmlah lontnrpra fnr
tie institute and after some interest-
Wtfm A Umtoalnn It i-ta rlns-lripn tn
Inld ft farmpr'n Inatltutn fn thtfl nitv
Im Tfiireitdr Mm" O C tn V. tin lift
souse grounds at which tlmo at least
Isu or seven prominent agricultural
MfUlffll frrtm (tin TnnHInn- rr 1 rrnii nnrl
I Institutions of the Northwest will ad-
Iaress tne farmers on tne practical
questions of dairying, forage crops,
feedlnz. divnrfltflp., fnrmlnrr. rrpflm.
I try prospects and other live topics
umi concern umauna county,
It Is nnt fho Intpntlnn nnr thn nlm
of the association to Imitate the
maicniess preparations of Echo, In
it. .... . ...
uiu meeting, in tne way or nierary
such would be out of the question
c uui me meeting win oe Smci
lf durational nnrl will hrv trli'nn nd
n expression of the highest objects
Of the nnmmnrMfll ARenplntlnn In
benefiting the community In every
Possible way
With the hearty assistance and co
operation of the O. R. & N. company
k Is hoped to hold a profitable meet-
rnr and tn - - , - il a , I ii
-o uU tu umnu me larmerri iubu
tote a regular event hereafter.
Committee on Arrangements.
President Borle named Bort Huff
man as chairman of a general com
mittee of arrangements, the commit
tee to be appointed by the chairman,
ad the following farmers and busl
"Ms men of this vicinity were ap
pointed to have charge of tho lnstl
ww. and confer with Colonel Judson
once In the matter of selecting
Pikers for tbo meeting: John Ma
d t ,E" J' Melnors, Jurgen Mumm,
Lalng, George Perrlnger, J. H.
wguson, William Blakeley, W. W.
' 11 M- O'Brien, W. M. Rob-
p7C uneny. Dave Carglll, U C.
otbrock, purl Bowman. John Crow.
E. Mrfltan t a -n t m r
- racueuan. J. A. Borlo. T. Q,
"ey, Ue Teutsch. Dr. C. J, Smith,
Thomas Thompson, C. E. Roosevelt,
Mat'ock. Leon Cohen. R. Alox
?,. ' Jl S- Whlttlnghlll, O. A. Hart
Mn, and j, r Robinson.
e.nJa?t,l,g of tne committee Is
nn . TJ 'clock Saturday aftor
"n. at the parlors of tho Commer
iwoclatlon to decide upon tho
Sam Parks Dead.
Osslning, NV.. May 4.-
dM.ark8' forme- walking
delegate of tho Housesmlths'
of t0 ,New York. convicted
iLll tIon &nA Perjury in
ttaeeUon wltb tho building
S8' .lied at .,15 this
tal ,1 ,n tho nrl8 "OBpl.
' o was sontenced to
H.1??, and 8 months,
niately after h foil i.
: sratMpis ,aw anrt
details of tho Institute, and make
Anal nrrnntrnmnntR fnr thn Rnnftkers
with Colonel Judson, who Is expected
to bo proscnt ni ino niccung.
Experts Will Speak.
While tho sneakers have not yet
boon solectcd, It Is almost certain
that Dr. James Wlthycombc, of tho
AtrHcnltiiral HnlWn! Profes
sor H.' T. French, of the Idaho Agri
cultural College; I'roiossor u. l..
Smith, of Spokane, and Dr. E. N.
Hutchinson, of tho bureau of animal
Industry, will bo among tno numoer,
besides other able speakers on spec
ial subjects to bo designated later.
The farmers of tho vicinity of Pen
dleton aro especially Invited to take
nnrl In fhln work, and ho nrosent at
tho Institute, as it Is the beginning
of a regular course oi insiuuics iu
bo held here, from which tho farm
ers will be able to draw Incalculable
benefits. These speakers are experts
In their lines and aro employed by
..nrlmie firfitpa nnrl mvernment to
further the work of agricultural sci
ence ana tnoir experiences are valu
able to, the farmers.
. Meetings Twice a Month,
rinforn adlournment It was decid
ed to hold meetings of the associa
tion every two weeks, ana tno meet
inr nrilnnmpd tn meet on Tuesday
4 " ti . T "
niirhi xiov 17 at which time a nrot-
osltlo'n will perhaps bo presented to
r-hnriep the constitution to fix the
rpr-iiinr mpptlncs twice cacn moniu
Women Would Assist with umrary.
a .fimtnlttpo fmm thp. Women's
Clubs proffered tho assistance of tho
clubs in placing tne norary in suua
of a librarian.
and the matter was referred to the
library committee. It was decided ot
llUiai j "- vi. ww.
defer papering tno rooms uuui il nao
i i. m. ... nii.n. mnmrnTnuriH
tnn-a-n -u-hpthnr other improvements
would bo maae in me associunuu
Membership Campaign.
Thn mnmhprahin camnaicn Is as
suming immense proportions, and as
means of further adding worthy
members to tho association President
Borle stated that each member would
nA tn hand in the annlica
Hon of a new member by the next
tion ot a new mumuer u) m u1-
meeting. The cluT, is in a highly
prosperous condition and the mem
bershlp Is greater man over ueiuic.
New Members Added.
Th fnllnwlnir members were ac-
.-.anturi nt thn ineetiuc last night:
Chester Foster. Conrad Platzoeder, A
Kunkel, Royal sawteii, a. j. oou
man, Frank Duprat, Itank G. Mitch
ell T. D. Taylor and E. A. Schiffler,
Rnm Veterans Object to It as 3
"Pauper's Pension" Nevertheless
There Have Already Been Filed
Over Eleven Thousand Applications
and There Will Be Many More.
Wnahlncton. May 4. Applications
ni nenslons and increases
under Order 78. making C2 years of
..t,tn,ino nf nlivslcal disability.
hli: . v. " - .
nnw number 11.500. Commissioner
Ware says It is impossiuie io niipiu
lmatb the number of applications that
will result from tne oruer.
ir.v vPtr.raiiH ou learning from
Worn thp nn rticulars of the order, de
m nvnll themselves of what
khey call a "paupers' fienslon.
Crew Worked Unceasingly at Pumps
for Nine Days.
t... vri- Mnv 4. Cantain Berto
,i o nmw of eicht from the
A..in Vinrk'Pntlno MarlJc. abandon-
a i mMrfippAti Sunday, arrived on
GU ill wwv - -
tho German steamer rnncess nn
i,i..t, unu fllRmastcd 111 a
wuuy, ..v- -
The Marije sprung a leai; aim
nine days the crew lauoruu iu
- .hiin thn oantaln stood over
thorn revolver In hand and compollod
a continuance ox moworK.
Chicago Grain.
Mnv 4. old July -wheat
vmb". . - -v, . ....... T..I.,
opened 85, ciosea oovn;
opened 84, Ciosuu oitb.
opened 47. ciosou to.
Some Pendleton Boys Who Are Mak-
ing Reputations.
Tinhort. Krucer left this morning
for Jacksonville, where he has sign
.i . l.nii with tho Jacksonville
league team. Krugor Is one o the
best known of the younger oaseuan
valley league, which now has soveral
will unoouoiwi t- ::,i:r::i0m car will bo put in sorv
of tho older players num
Iiugheaa, who who
with Dayton
Wilner. well
jfnowneTn Pendleton, aro both with
the Salora uagians aim '"""''
good. Winer Is At tho head of tho
batting Hat on tho saiem team.
owa and Illinois Line Up
Decisively for the Great
Great Victory in Both Cases for Rad
ical, Progressive Democracy Gen.
James B. Weaver Heads the Iowa
Delegation Backed by Instructions
The Anti-Hearst People Opposed
to Bolting Hearst Carries Eight
Out of Ten Congressional Districts
In Illinois.
Des Moines. Iowa, May !. When
the democratic convention assembled
nt 9. thla nftprnnnn. Hnarfit was mas-
rpr of the situation, and It wes a fore-
Eone conclusion that Iowa's 26 dele
gates to the national convention will
bo instructed for the New Yorker.
rpl.n nnnnfilfirr foi-ttlnn Vl O ntrmdll ffl
1 UU UjiiJUOiUb .utviuu uud w (f v. -v- v. vw
abandon Its ulans lor a rump con
ventlon, out of deference to the
wishes of Congressman wade, or me
second district, (the only national
renresentative Iowa democpats hav
r-hfiRpn in manv vears.
Wade is iersonaiiy opposeu
Hearst, but against bolting,
The address of Temporary Chwr-ij
man Culllson did not enter into lac-
tlnnnl Hlffprpnrps
Ex-Congrcfsman Butler was cnosen
- -- , 0v.,i
permanent chairman. He shouted
some for Hearst.
Hearst Resolutions.
The resolutions committee by a
vote of eight to three, reported a
strong Hearst Indorsement.
Sixteen out of 22 district delegates
and each of the four delegates at
large were named by the Hearst
force. The latter are General James
B Weaver. J. M. Parsons. Judge E.
M. Carr and S. B. Wadsworth.
Hearst Carrie sChlcago.
Chicago, May 4. Hearst has car
oItV,. ,it nf the 10 congresslon
..v. ' r" - - -
.i .u.,,,.1,,,0 ir, f-hlr-nL-n. This insures
Illinois to Hearst by au orerwhelmlng
majority. Illinois ban Decn securea
by Hearst despite the opposition of
the and state democratic machines.
It means Hearst, if nominated, will
carry Illinois by 75,000 majority.
Utah Authorities Want to Get Hold
of Montana Deputy.
r.i,.., rtoh T.iav 4. Officers aro
looking for Deputy Sheriff Miller, of
rtuttn. Miller reported to Sheriff
Quinn last night that murderer I;n
.!., ,.. htnl ln custody, escan
.. a t .hp trnln. He follOWOU him.
but seeing he could not capture him.
shot Lennox dead. When tho sheriff
started this morning to recover the
body Miller bad disappeared and
canntt bo located. His story is not
believed here.
Milton and Freewater Districts
Make First Shipment About
The strawberry crop Jn tho Milton
and Freewater districts promises to
lm verv heavy, ana mo iirei bjiiii-
'...tn i. mado about May 20
this year.
., a.. .h larui! crowcrs aro en
... immlln the cTOD and
from all the present prospects It will
bo a serious matter to secure pickers
just at the right tlmo to put tbo
crop out as fast as it ripens. Uma
tilla Indians have been engaged to
pick by several of mo large miuiuio
and all tho local women and children
that can bo Induced to work, have
: " .iH Tim eron is In excel-
,ur.n and It tho weather
...--m thn harvest will nec
COUUUUUB - ,, onik
essarily begin earlier than tho 20th,
as the berries will ripen rapidly.
; nt t.urrip.g is very heavy.
and tho crop promises to show a bet
tor quality all over tbo strawberry
distr ct man usuui. - --
n..nHn of water and the
" -.i. i.oa i,pnn cool enough to
LiVi i.nnk tho vines and produco
i owpotpr berries than
larger u a" . . ...
where the warm weather crowds tho
vinos and berries too iMr.
Tho prices for picking will rango
- . ,,r .,. io rnniB tier crate, ac-
lLl ,,: Hip rush. Tho O. It. & N.
coruinu .u d," " 0 immense
ouipui . im. , BCrv
ular uaggaBu ----- r
Ice on tno uranu.. .
ry and cnorry ";; ,n
mixed smoker an" u6bt
use ordinarily.
. m innt is now being
erected ! at Merlin, near Grant's Pass, I
Feat Accomplished While the
Japanese Fleet Was Under
Heavy Fire.
Rumors That the Japs Have Captur.
ed Nlu Chwang Russian Ex-Con
vict Students Executed for Betray
Ing Secrets Chinese Generals Are
Backfiring Against the Russians-
Oriental Liner Stopped by Russian
Warship and Malls Overhauled.
Rome, May 4. A Tokio dispatch
asserts that tho latest Japaneeo at
tempt to block the chanuel at Port
Arthur was successful. Two vessels,
tho telegram says, now He In the har
bor entrance.
Confirmed by Reuters,
lymdon. May 4. Tho Reuters' To
kio correspondent also states the Jap
anese were successful ln the attempt
to bottle Port Arthur Monday.
Three Student Convicts Hung.
Uprlln. Mav 4. A St. Petersbur
dispatch states that three students
sent to Siberia in 1901, wero paru
tQ th(j froU nn(, hftvo
been han(;ed (or attempting to betray
the Russian cause
Ready to Advance.
Seoul. May 4. A dispatch from the
.TnnnnpRn frontier olonir the alu
states that the dead nave bovn rjurica
and all wounded given medical at
The army is ready to continue the
advance. The message auas: "Many
of the enemy wero found hiding un
dor brush and taken."
Stopped and Mall Examined.
London, May 4. Router's Port Said
correspondent reports tho peninsula
Oriental liner Oscis wns stopped by
a Russian warship and her mall gone
thmneh in anarch of Japanese let
ters. The Japaneso mall was at tbo
bottom of a hugo pile tnai was not
touched. Tho Oscls was nine hours
from Brindisl when stopped by a
blank shot from tho warship Kratzrl
and was detained two nours.
Terrific Resistance.
Pnrt Arthur. Mav 4. An Idea O
the terrific resistance offered by tho
Hueslans defending me cnannci Mon
day Is gained from tho fact that 3,500
nhnta mom flrn.il hv th Russian bat
teries and guardshlps on attacking
the flreshlps.
Chinese Are Pro-Russian.
St. Petersburg, May 4. The news
paper Navlkrai claims to havo auth
rirllv fnr thn nsnnrtlon that the Chi
neso generals, Yuan Shlkal and Ma
aro promoting anti-itussian agitation
in tho llowery Kingaom.
Still Grounded on Sandbanks.
St. Potershure. May 4. All efforts
to dmi? tho battleship Orl off tho
sandbanks in tho Nova today failed
Rumored Capture of Nlu Chwang.
London. Mny 4. Nothing further
ban been received concerning tho
en ni tin. nf Ntti Chwnm;. un to 3 I), ni
The accuracy of tho report Is doubt
Man Who Attempted to Commit 8ui
clde at La Grande, Passed Away at
the Asylum.
Portland, May 4. Henry Smtlh,
who attempted to commit suicide at
La Grande, about two monthB ago, by
cutting his throat with a razor, died
at tho Htato Insane asylum at Salom,
last night.
(Henry Smith was In St. Anthony
hospital hero for several weeks fol
lowing bis attempt to commit aulcldo
and was Anally adjudged Insane and
sent to tho asylum. He Is a brother
of Conductor J. II. Smith, of tbo O. R.
& N. and was despondent ovor tho
loss of all his means In a mining
venture. Ho was 40 yeard old and
bad no family.)
Returned Alaskan Knocks the' Alsek
District Hard.
Vancouver, B. C, May 4 Dan
Kinnon arrived from tho Alsok dig-
.,, .nda
Ho says there is nuito
from tho creeks. Ho
Lmn"nFM lhn dieclnirs a fako.
Wnnr Chinamen were deported from
Portland. Tuesday, by Immigration
Did Tobacconist Get a Tip From the
lnmlnn Mnv 4. Thorn wnR a scono
in tho houso of commons this after
noon when McKenna, niierai, insinu
ated that Oallngher, a wholesale to-
Chamberlain's tariff commission, has
Bccureu ndvnnce inrormnuon oi tno
mM.nrnniiml'ii tntpntlnn tfl lmtMisp. n
tax on tho importation of stripped to
Gallagher has been buying unusuni
nnnnimpH nt tohncco nrevlous to the
Introduction of tho budget.
McKenna suggestea mat uimncei
lor Austen Chamberlain revealed tho
mnko-up of tho budget to thn tnrlff
commission. liOlll Uio uuuniuuriiiiun
vigorously denied tho allegations.
Narrow Escape off the Southern Cal
ifornia Coast.
1 r,a AnrKlim MnV 4. Cntltnln J()8-
mil, cniinu.-R nml prow nf the yacht
Minerva, wero rescued this morning
12 miles ofr Kan pearo nnrnor, urivun
south by tho storm of Sunday from
nntninn fnr 9.1 hours. Thev wero 25
miles off Snn Diego. The ship was
dismantled and given up ns lost.
Pope Is Undecided Regarding Anoth
er American Cardinal.
Mnv 4. The tiODO today
stated ho would not tako any dcflnlto
action toward tho creation of another
American cardinal until ho conferred
with Archbishop Fnlconl. tno apos
tolic delegate from Washington.
Rebellious Hereros Are to Be
marlly Suppressed.
npriln. Mav . Lleutonnnt General
Tcrothn has been appointed to com
mand tho troops operating against
the rebel Hereros of German South
west Africa. Stringent measures to
suppress tho rebellion will bo taken.
Two Children Killed.
nhiin Mnv 4. A wnconetto con-
vnvlnir tho Cahia convent school chil-
.lrmi nml HPrvnntH from a visit to
K-inr. Hiiwnril at Hnnndbally. over
turned nnd two were killed and oth
era Injured.
Will Be Erected on the Company's
Lots at the Corner of Garden and
Webb Will Act Upon the Suppo
sition That the Company Will Be
Here as Long as the Town.
Vice President McCobe, of tho W.
& C. R., was In town today, and bo,
In company with S. II. Cnldorhoad,
tho general pasBonger and frolght
agent, went over thn depot question.
It has been decided that tho com
pany will build a modern depot build
ing on Its property nt tho corner of
Wlil, nml Harden streets. Tho cost
and bIzo of tho building has not as
yet been derided upon, uui mo com
pany will put In a structure that will
bo n credit to tho corporation and an
ornament to tho town.
For a tlmo It was thought that tho
rnmlinnv wnlllll llprliailM lllllld a lirlfk
on Its proporty, that could bo uboi!
In part ror a storo room ami nusimmH
block; but Mr. McCabo Is opposed to
this policy. Ho thinks that tho
building will bo a permanent one,
that will bo needed by tho company
for nil tlmo to como, and that whllo
tho building Is being put up In tho
first piuce, it naa juhi h wen iw u
minii nnn nu Homothlnir that tho com
pany would not bo proud of and that
tho city would wish out of tho way,
Tho work on tho building will ho
started an soon as tho plans can bo
perfected ana uio worKmon urouwH
to tho scene.
Mrs. Thompson Alleges All Sorts of
Ungentlemanly Conduct as Cause,
A fllvnr'n Ml! It unn filed this ufto
noon In which Mury(L. Thompson
peeks to sccuro a divorce from Juntos
L, Thompson, and to hnvo tho ens
tody of tho minor children.
Tho plaintiff alleges thul slut upd
tho defendant wero married in Logan
county, Illinois, In 1877- Then aro
two minor children living at this
tlmf with tho plnlntlff Jesse, ngJd
17, and Amos, aged J3.
Tho plaintiff alleges as a cause for
her action that tho defendant 3 a
...i i, I, Hunt ilrnnkard nnd not
conducting himself as a husband anil
father should, wnicn luciuues iimuim
and battery.
Roy Athorly, aged 0, of Trail, H. O.,
was drowned Tuesday, whllo playing
ln a small stream near bis home.
Their Delegates to the M.
E. Quadrennial Conference
Will Insist Upon It.
Their Influence Will Be Against Con
solidation of Orders Probable the
Book Concerns Will Be Merged
Proposed to Raise the Salaries of
the Blshons Estimated Value of
the Church's Hold.ngs Is $10,000,
000 Editors and Publishers to Be
Uis Angeles, Mny 4. Dr. J. W. B.
Bowen, colored professor of history
and theology In tJnmon Somlnnry,
South Atlanta, Gn., said today tho
colored delegates to tho Methodist
conference will ninko n hard fight to
secure tho election of n colored
Ho said tho colored delegates stand
r,.r ii... r..i..niliiii of thn amusement
cIoubo, but fear consolidation, as It
may wlpo out tho Freedmnn's Aid So
Candidates tor colored uisnop aro
Dr. Rowan, Dr. M. C. U. Mason, and
Rov. J. B. Scotl.
Value of Church's Holdings.
Ti.mnrtn of thn iiubllBhlnc agents of
tho church will show that whllo tho
physical assets aro worth at least
$3,000,000, tho properties of tho
church, Including Its periodicals nnd
paperH, aro valued at fully 10,000,
000, Editors and publlshorH whoso
salaries range from $750 to $5,000,
will bo elected and a consolidation
of tho publishing Iioubcb Is to bo pro-
posed. , ,
Advisability of Increasing tho sal
arlua of bishops from 15,000 and trav
eling oxponsos, to C,000, will bo dis
cussed. Two days will bo occupied
with organization, nfter which will
bo heard roports of committees me
morials from conference.
Skirmish Over Book Concern.
joh Angeles, May 4. Tho first
skirmish over tho MothodUt Book
Concern tight took place thU morn
ing, when tho book commlttco mot
to coiiBldor tho consolidation of tho
Eastern and Western concornB nt
Now York nnd Chicago. No roport
will bo mado till tho regular session
of tho conference but It Is undor
stood tho commlttco favors consoli
dation. Every trnln Is bringing In scores
of delegates nnd friends, and tho
city Ib rnpldly filling up.
All arrangements for tho opening
of tho conference tomorrow morning
aro completed.
Dr. W. Thomas of Philadelphia,
KiIIh an awrul story of tho sufferings
of tlioimandH of delegates at tho
Grand Canyon without rood or wa
ter for 21 hourti. Thn dologates
worked Sunday laying a temporary
track around tho wreck.
Still Lacks a Quorum.
IiB Angi'los, Mny 4. Tho first
special train over tho Bimtn Ko with
delegates, arrived this morning.
Twelve sections with 3,000 othorfl nro
botween hero und tho Grand Canyon,
anil thn opening bohhIoii Is delayed for
lack of a quorum.
McAII Mission Body Meets.
East Orungo. N- J.. May 4. Tbo
American McAII AflHoclatlon began
Its annual meeting hero today with
Mrs. Charles 11 PnrkhurHt. wlfo of
tho pastor or thn Mudlson Avtmiio
Presbyterian church. New York, pro
siding. Branch societies as far west
as Chicago, Milwaukee and 8t. Uiuls
aro roprosente.1 ot tho mooting,
which will bo In hobbIoii two days.
Tho lint of speakers IncludOH promi
nent mission ami BOttlomunt work
,.rH from various parts of thl coun
try and sovoral from Ixindon and
Formally Turned Over.
Panama, May 4. Tbo for
mal net of turning over tho
Panama rannl to tho United
States government, was per
formed with much enromony
at 7 this morning. The canal
was rccolved hy Gonoral
Brooks ami staff on hehoir of
tho United States. Consul
general Giidgor . nnd other
prominent Amorlcnns witness
ed tho coromony, which con
cluded with raising tho Amer
ican flag. Tho. natives ox
press much satisfaction.