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Tonight fair with Unlit frost.
Sundny fulr and warmer.
NO. C030.
' IN T
-r THi
n it
epilation oi me
,aw Separately.
Lection is
ndered necessary.
quoted nbovc, and gives to the state,
land board the preferential right to J
buy any bonds issued by any school
rfuirlrt: furtnor nrovldlnc that the
'honds as issued shall not bear less!
I than 5 per cent Interest. This Is in
OppOSlUUIl Ul 11". nwilM Ul mi:
board, which desires to put out long
time bonds at low Interest.
These arc the principal stumbling
blocks over which the board has fal
' Ion and it seems now that It will.
L i0 OmiSSionS I n , in order to legalize a bond issue, be
He 1 , compelled to first call a special and
I legal school meeting at which it
shall be decided whether or not the
I bonds shall be local or general, after
j which the notices may be posted and
i the election proceeded with as be
fore. If this Is a fact it will require 10
days' notice to, call the school meet
ing, and then 20 days posted notice
for the election, throwing the dep
th tmn a '"l'p ovor a month from now.
I lit Law im" " The board is considering what Is
of the Legislature best to do.
ln:orporated In the &ep- roslplintjon of c. s Jackson was ac.
of School Laws and ccpted after having been in the
He is a Thorn in the Side of
the Second Greatest Mo
nopoly on Earth.
hands of the board for some time,
tlooked-Quest.on of Lo Co,)en wag appolmed to
Lnn Subscription to the
1st Be Decided by the
fill out the unexpired term, which
will be until the general election in
His Coming Is a Signal for Every
Republican Member to Be Present
and on Guard Against the Great
Editor's Wily Assaults His Reso
lution for Investigation Defeated
He Charges Attorney-General Knox
With Wilful Neglect.
Reported Through Russian
Sources That They Lost
7,000 Men on the Yalu.
fci board Is up against a
5if law The people oi
Save not voted any
recent election at which
hczis was authorized is j strike
I no effect ana a new ana
l-.lon will be necessary to
defec's Such were the
I of the board at the meet-
la afternoon at 4 o'clock.
Intricate Laws,
of the great state of Ore-
i tangled skein of yarn.
to a certain and a den
ad Is all complete when
the direction or the
one strand cannot be told
lamination of a few inches
Is;. It takes an expert to
ft knots, and the board
r.te the bond election ques-
lent expert examination be-
Ir the recent election.
be a great many technical-
! observed, and it takes all
books to show all of the
board, In calling the elec
ted the provisions as laid
School Laws, and finu
l fallen down because all of
tslons were not stated in
At the last session of
liture a change was made
tinner of calling elections
Busies, and this late amend-.
rot noted in the School
therefore was not observ
April 23. William
Labor Troubles Cause Widespread ! Randolph Hearst appeared before
I uie nouse commiuee on judiciary
' today to attack the anthracite coal
- "A,u I trust. He spoke at length, but fail
Constantinople. April
Russian Account Confirms the Claim
That the Petropavlovsk Was Blown
Up by a Japanese Submarine
Wn rinuin In h Mirtef nt a fi.n. ' ,ISe.
I Even then
eral Engagement Other Russain
Boats Were Injured, and the Bal
ance Fled to Inner Harbor.
Special Correspondent Tells of Or
egon Timber Exhibit.
St Ixmls, April 23. One of the
most attractive cards In the out
door exhibit of the Forestry display
nt the St. Louis fair. Is the big
spruce log wjilch will represent Ore
gon there.
It is n veritable monster and
thousands of people dally are at
tracted by Its enormous she. It Is
by far the largest log on the grounds
and old-timers ennnot remember
when they have seen anything nearly
so large.
It towers above the other out-door
exhibits and can be seen for n long
distance. Gonernt Superintendent
Wehrung thought that he had n
white elephnnt on his hands, ns there
seemed to be no feasible means of
unloading the Jog nn. getting it into
position, but nfter carefully looking
over the ground, he decided to hnve
a launching, nnd accordingly ways
were prepared and jncks brought in-
Government to Reclaim 200,
000 Acres by Pumping
Water From Snake River.
It wns no easy mntter
to move the huge- monster which
weighed 60,000 pounds. Quito a
crowd of spectators had gathered to
witness the sight, nnd they were not
disappointed, for tho log seemed
alive and went tumbling and rolling
Paris. April 23. A dispatch from I llown tm "B slope like a young
St. Petersburg states tho Japanese nlU'r honi'- brought up
losses In the reported engagement ntlwlthln a. fow foel (,f lls Io,'B resting
Yalu river numbered 7,000. The in
formation Is contained In a private
mails have arrived since Thursday. ( eil to mpress the republican com-1 messago from Port Arthur, which Is
, ',um ,u l,,u """sury mlttee. who are attending in full
; force to prevent any more "snap"
1 actions.
I The Hearst resolutions of inquiry
! were voted down by the republicans
I and were then referred to a snb-com-I
tnlttee. Hearst contended that Attorney-General
Knox failed to take
action, "nor has he permitted any
other officials In his department to."
Hearst submitted correspondence
on the subject with the president,
the attorney-general and District At
torney Burnett.
The Hearst resolution was defeat
ed on the ground that the matters
provided therein are already covered
by the Williams resolution for an in
quiry now before the house.
Bill of Complaint.
Mr. Hearst today followed his tes
timony by filing with the attorney
general a bill of complaint against
the anthracite roads mining compa
nies, alleging violation of the Sher
man anti-trust law. and praying the
United States to take action to re
strain them from further violation.
Mr. Hearst goes fully Into the his
tory of the alleged combination
Twenty People Injured and Fire Ap
paratus Crushed General Panic
Among Spectators and Throughout
the City Fire Started by Burning
Tank of Naphtha.
act Terms of Law.
to the act passed at the
, found on Daee 331 nf
il Laws of Oregon for 1903.
L-l-., . . "
iiirea in section 1 that:
i w legal voters, present
"jallj called school meeting,
-orue tne directors of mirh
Wirt to make a loan, bor-
J or reiund any existing
cess created by a vote of
or by the directors, in
Fe of any statute nnrt
Mi therefor, tbey shall de
&X and by a majority of
Wen present, whether the
Mthorized to be Issued.
Ptlated and eold accord
J( Frerlslons nf i,.ii
te US9 of Bell tlPPf JP- rrt.
ffi Code or the provls-
--.uioq oi said sec-
5 lit Urni chli .i
11 Wd under ko i7
fusion so selected by
11 totem."
rtjJoa e of thf or..i.,
lilies ln 8Ub8tance that
, Zl authorized to
debt hv i...
hilt T "Jiy vote
-w uyt in PTr Cu-J F.
e taxabiB 1."
01 the dlatrlnt 1 1. .
wane In hlori, r
W. This r,;" " ".l
l0' lie . pro
.Jto Purcso of all of
WUlOn 31. nf ,u
F He eleV,.' TL B?.cuon
I, the boZ u 11 was 10
Newark, N. J., April 23. Two fire
men and two citizens were killed and
20 Injured by an explosion In the
factories of the Weiner Company &.
Cassady, hardware manufacturers,
this morning. The dead are: Jacob
Bleyhle, Patrick Donahue, William
Crane and Leo Ross.
Origin was a tank of naphtha tak
ing fire.
Fourteen engines and four truck
companies were massed in front of
the building when tho explosion oc
curred. Falling walls, burning men
and crushed machines filled the
street, and a general panic ensued
among the bystanders and through
out the business part of town.
The loss to the building is $50,000,
while the city sustains a loss of at
least $9,000 to ruined machinery.
said to further confirm the rumor of
a battle in that region
"Somebody Blundered."
St. Petersburg, April 23. Viceroy
Alexleff's full report on the loss of
the Petropavlovsk and destroyer
StrashnI on April 11, v.-as published
He says the mistake of both offi
cers of the StrashnI, who mistook
the Japanese destroyers for Itusslan
ships, led to the grader disaster of
the loss of the battleship. The
cruiser Diana, when It was seen that
the StrashnI was at the mercy of the
enemy, went to nor relief, but too
late. The vessel sank. The Diana
picked up five survivors.
The Japanese deotroyers withdrew,
but n half dozen cruisers appeared
nnd attacked the u.ana. It was then
that Makaroff Btarted to rescue the
Diana after a short fusllado at 10.
000 yards, a squadron of Japanese
battleships appeared and the Rus
sians retired.
Two Explosions Under Petropavlovsk
"At 9:43," the report continues,
which he states was tor the purpose '"ar explosion under the right side of
of stiflinc pomnetition and avers It, me J'ciropaviovsK. nnri a second un
to be a device of the holding compa-
place, whero It wng placed on a cra
dle to be the pet of nil tlmhermeii.
Secretary of Interior Sets ABlde $2,
600,000 for Government Project
Will Be the First Pumping Plant
Attempted Under the National Ir
rigation Act Water Will Be 30 to
40 Feet Out of Snake Rlver Soil
Is Rich, Sandy and Productive
Minidoka the Center of the Dis
trict U the Gateway to Southern
ny which 1b illegal.
English Baseball Fans.
London, April 23. Forty thousand
football enthusiasts today witnessed
der her bridge. A column of smoke
was seen to arise from tho battle
ship. He mast, funnel, bridge and
turret were thrown up, and tho bat
tleship keeled over on her starboard
side. The ship was surrounded by
Are Prone to Revolt at Polygamy,
Which Is Unpopular With Them
The secretary of tho Interior yes
terday set aside the sum of $2,('.00,0()0
for the purpose of constructing uu
irrigation project nt Minidoka, Idaho,
for the reclamation of 200,000 acres
Mil arid land In the heart of tho
I Snake river desert.
Tim project will consist of mon
ster pumps to lift the water out of
Snake river at a point about 20 miles
east of Mlnldoku, with canals and
ditches covering the entlro body of
land to h( reclaimed.
Tho lund lo be reclaimed lies la a
vast seml-elreulur tract, north nnd
east of Minidoka, and Is compara
tively level, with Jutting lava cliffs
and rocky ridges running through It
and a Source of Trouble Worst I iroin east to west, parullol with the
Feature of the Mormon Church Is ' river course. The soli Is sandy,
IU Unamerlcan Meddlesomeneas. , rlch I,ml ,u'ul and produces abund-
' autly under Irrigation.
At places in this desert some small
Washington, April 23. Resuming HI"" llllV1' I'"" reclulmed by springs
his testimony in tho Smoot case, found among the lava cliffs, and
Judge Powers wns asked how tho win. re wuler can bo secured the soil
younger Mormons regard the prac- produces anything planted,
tice of polygamy. He said they are raising the water from Snako
opposed to It, and belluvo if the river n distance or 30 to 40 feet, by
church attempted to re-establish It) nieans of pumps, and delivering It
would meet with trouble from that , ,nt" 'ron pipes 10 feet In dlamoter
Tho younger pwiple are also rest
ive under church control. Some sub
which will bo extended for several
hundred feet from tho pumps to tha
level of tho plain, to u luulu canal,
mil Madltw ,u.lhl.ni .iint.. t... It (u Huutf-M Mint nt limul tr.n nni
it, some under protest, and some not acres of desert land can bo covered
lit all. , by this project. The laud lies fa-
Tho worst feature of tho Mormon I vornulo to Inexpensive irrigation as
the final match of the Manchester nnu ln tw" mlnut('s Bunk- bow church, continued tho witness, was I thuro are no deep channels to build
TJetectlve Agency in Trouble at Lon
don, England.
London, April 23. Henry Slater,
head of the largest private detective
agency in England, and four assist
ants w.ero arrested charged with pro-
curing false evidence to permit
woman client to obtain a divorce.
City Club and Dolton Wandorers.
Standing room in the Crystal Palace
is at a premium.
Chicago Grain.
Chicago, April 23 - May wheat
opened closed old July
opened 85, closed S4Vj. new July
opened 84, closed S33). July orn
opened 47. closed 47.
r-', aitof -ui-.
P lor if. noee shall
h teak. :uo- This sub.
r w not 7h. i B,on as t
hr i"rl. ,n Issue mv l,
i ' man . . ww
r the n,.....orelen capital.
. Bond I..,
Nearly Half Million Acres In the
Rosebud Agency.
Washington, D. C, April 23. The
president this morning signed the
bill opening for sale 416,000 acres of
land In the Rosebud agency In South
Tt strikw11 eary April
t dJiT'os raliwav mn
went. Zl' hy tho env.
i u? iJ anv tl 00 8UP
"Hed ui. af thouaan,! .n'
lonT. In manyo !
Will Manage Large Properties.
Denver, Col., April 23. Lafayette
Hanchett, a well known mining r
of Idaho Springs, has been appoint.
ed general manager of all the mining
property and mills of the reduction
works owned by Samuel V. New.
nouse, the millionaire mine owner
in Colorado, Utah, Montana and Cat
lfornta, with headquarters at Salt
Lake, Utah. He will receive a salary
of $25,000 per year.
Pendleton Marksmen Accept Invlta
tlon Tendered Them.
The Athena Rod and Gun Club has
sent an invitation to the members of
uie Pendleton Sportsmen's Associa
tion to attend tho shoot given by
them tomorrow at the Athena
grounds, and quite a number will
tako advantage of tho Invitation to
enjoy tho hospitality of tho Athena
U is expected that several crack
shots from Walla Walla will he in
attendance sIbo, as well as sonio
from other clubs ln the nearby towns.
Among thoso who will attend from
hero are Dr. T. H. Whjte, William In
gram, James Sponco, Sam Thorn p-
Hon, D, C. Clark. Charles J. Fergu-
Bon, c C. Borkeloy and II J
Gernfl to Italy.
Paris, April 23. President Ujubut
started for Rome today id vlflt lin
king of Italy.
Alexleff tells of the rescue of
seven officers, Including Cyril and 73
j seamen.
Probleda's Narrow Escape.
Tt was while nearlug tho harbor
that the battleship Probinda npnrly
met a like fnle. A mine exploded
under her starboard Bide. The ship
listed, but entered the harbor. So
mention Is made of damage.
Intimations that the Japanese laid
the fatal mines is given. Alexleff
says the night preceding the sortie
lights and ships were seen In tho
The viceroy says tile morale of tho
crews remain despite the 111 success
attending the Pacific fleet.
not polygamy, but tho unamerlcan I'ut few ravines to cross In
domination exercised by the hlernr
chy over Its people and that forces
obedience to tho word of tho church
leaders as though It were (Jod him
self speaking, nnd also the power of
the church to control commerce und
O. R. & N. Freight Train Goes In the
Ditch at West Switch With Disas.
trous Results.
An extra eaht boutid freight train j Petition Being Circulated to Prevent
was wrecked last night at 3 a. m.,
at the flour mill switch just west of
the yards at Echo, derailing four
carloads of lumber and tearing up
considerable track
The east-bound pat-senger train
was delayed about seven hours,
reaching here at noon and the west
bound trains were de!ai at jcno
until 11 o'clock
A wrecker was brought from J.a
Grande and the derailed cars were
moved and a track built around
tbem to allow the passenger trains
to pass. The damage was ery slight,
as the train was not moving at a
high rate of speed at the nine of tho
Foreman Rounds went down on
the wrecker to assist In clearing tho
Last of the Personal Property of the
Wade Estate.
T. C. Taylor, as tnutne of the
Wade ostato. sold this afternoon In
accordance with the direction of the
United State court, the Jiairour-
Guthrle notes and tho certlflcatoa of
the Pacific Realty Company, as ad
Tho nrooerty was bid ln as a
whole by tho First National Hank for
$21,000. and by Jame If. Raley. sep
arately for $18,000. The returns will
be itent to the court at Portland, and
If the vale Is confirmed the bank
will undoubtedly gain possession of
the notes and stock. This winds up
the sale of the personal property of
Still-' the estate The real property win
J lie sold In a wcrk from now
Plant From Being Located In Resi
dence Section of the City.
A petition Is now being circulated
asking the city council lo refuse, to
permit the gas plant now In contem
plation, to be located near tho elec
tric light station, in the residence
portion (jf the Pity.
Mr6. Cooper Buys the St. George
Mrs. Cora Cooper, formerly pro
prietress of tho Btrahon lodging
house, has purchased the business of
the St. Georgo restaurant of II. Mul
ligan, who has been conducting it
for several months.
Mrs. Cooper will take chargo on
tho first of May, and will open tho
Place under her management by
giving a special Sunday olnner. Shu
will run tho rostnurant with tho In
tention of making It tho first-class
eating place of tho city, and she has
had largo experience In the bus
reaching the fnrtherest limit of tho
tract. Tho It act lies north of tho
Short Line railroad, add would all
be tributary to Minidoka,
Mlnldoku Is tho gateway to a largo
district in Southern Idaho, It Is ICS
Milieu lust of Huntington, und U ilio
point from which tho principal stago
lines start southward Into Albion
Goose creek, Salmon river und other
thickly settled portions of the statu
south of Snako river. It enjoys a
large travel, as much of tho busi
ness of Southern Idaho must pasB
through this place to Ilolso City and
other principal Idaho towns.
This will be tho first pumping
plant Installed by tho government,
all the other government Irrigation
projects being either rusurvolr or
dum piojocts.
I Will
Special Train for Odd Fellows.
Tho O. R. A N. has granted tho
request of Pendleton Odd Follows to
furnish a special train from this
city to Milton on Tuesday. April 26
on tho occasion of tho joint celebra
tion of tho Milton and Pendleton
lodges thcro on that day. The
train will Jeavo here at 8:30 a. in..
and returning will leave Milton at
C p. ra. Tho exercises will ho held
In the forenoon.
Preach Tomorrow at
Methodist Churches.
Mrs. W. H. Kelsay Goes South.
Mrs. W. II. Kelsay ond her daugh
tor, Mrs. C. H, Lyman, havo gone on
an extended visit to tho southern
states and tho St. IjuIh fair. They
will visit all the principal southern
cities, especially in Tennessee and
jwniucKy, ana expect to bo gono
about tnreo months. Mr. Kolsay and
unver expect lo join them at St
Louis about July 1.
Dairy Cows Sold,
Fifty head of dairy cattle, tho
property of Kdwln Wooddy wero sold
at public sale this afternoon at tho
Dutch Henry food yard, by Sheriff
Taylor. Tho cattle brought $1,040,
and were bid in by R IJ Stewart, of
Rev. Anderson naB arrived and
will preach at the M. K. Church
South at 11 a, m. and at tho Thomp
boii Btrcot M. 12. church ut 7:30
Heglnnlng with tho Monday bctv
Ices these churches will hold joint
services in tho M. K. Church South
building throughout tho remainder of
next week, and as much longer as
Mr. Anderson remains In town, or
uie revival is continued.
Ernest Younger to San Francisco.
Krnest Younger will leavo this
evening for Han Francisco to attend
the convention of tho National Ore
cers' Association, which moots In
thut city during tho coining week.
Mr. Younger Is delegate from tho uh
soclatlon hero, and will bo gone for
n couple of weeks.
Fraternal 8urprloe Party.
Tho members of Umatilla Tout No.
27, of tho Knights of tho Maccabuos
surprised tho ladles of Juno Illvo No,
10, while at their mooting last night.
Tho visitors brought refreshments
with them and turned tho sosslon of
tho lodge Into a social, Tho surprise
wus complete and acceptable
Conducted by Rev, Rlgby at Athena
This Afternoon.
Rev. (J W. Rlgby left this morn
ing for Athenn, where ho wiib called
to conduct tho funeral of Frank
Ileal, a young man who formerly ru
slded In this city, hut for some
time huso been In tho butcher busi
ness In Milton. Mr. Heal has boon
a sufferer with dropsy, the result of
Inflammatory rheumatism. Ho wur
a popular young man of good busi
ness nttulnmont8.
Tho funeral was hold In Athnnn
this afternoon, tho burial being made
In tho Athena cemetery.
James M. Krumnr and Miss Fran-
klo Thrasher, of this city, wero mar
rlod at tho residence of Mrs. Stella
Ross, this morning, Rov. M. V. How
ard officiating. They will reside on
llluff street,
For Popular Government.
llorlln, April 23. Tho
Frankfurter Zellung reports
that the Russian council of
ministers, consisting of old
und conservative, statesmen,
have demanded u limited form
of popular govornmcint for
Russia, mid Minster Interior
Plohv Is said to havo ngrood
to tholr demands to a degree.