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J There are many little
things that add material.
ly to the liealthfulness
Z and comfort of the bath.
: We have
: 'em for you
Suspected That a Former Sweetheart
Is Involved In the Disappearance
But That Is Only Inference May
Be Only a Case of Cupid Gettln
Cold Feet Deserted Wife Is Try
Ing to Locate Her Husband.
One sweet dream of romance has
been Hhnttored and two fond hearts
have been tony asunder, and nil on
iiccoiuu or a vanisncu inco and
lock of braided hair.
Mrs. Hoy Hose, a very pretty llttl
girl of 19 summers, Is mourning for
an absent lord after Just six weeli
of wedded bliss, and the lord Is wnn
derlng from the path In fields un
On February 28 Hoy Hose, the 10
year-old son of William E. Rose, n
Main street barber, was married to
.Miss .May Holleby. also 19 yours of
ago, and the couple went (o house
keeping In n little cottage in the edge
of town, on Hnllroad street. Iist
Tuesday the husband loft n note
with his wife, since wnlcn lie has not
been Been
The history of the case Is a little
mixed and seems to uo in part child
ish, but It is very real to the young
woman left behind, and she Is seek
I ing by thu aid of the law to locate
the executive committee of the her wandering liubby and bring him
American Federation of t.nuor is in back to his home.
session at Denver. For about three days after the wed
.lames S. Vancnurt, a wealthy Now ,1I"B- so Mrs. Hose says, no two poo.
Yorker SC years old. has Just married ! llo earth could have been hap
his fourth wife, who Is 40 years old. ! P'er or more contented, mid then the
The Petrovnlovsk was n 10,9C()-ton
vessel, with H.OOn innlcnted horse
power, and had been finished six-years.
Iguntz Homonso and Thomas Ta-
trouble began. It came In the shape
of n little hnlr necklace or chain, the
material being taken by Llllie Pot
erson, a former sweetheart of the
newly married man, from her own
head and woven by her own fingers
i n i mi ,"?rn"-H a ?mThe chain was sent to the young bar
... i ,,,, ,uu ... a.,,,,. i)er wltn 10 mos3ago tMat tno seml
uie i.uier unu w.en mow nis own et h,ve(, ,l)m ,, wo, , walt
lirnltio nr . -
" i tor liim until he tired of his bride
Tlie works or the Fore Hiver Ship and would return to her
Engine Company at Qnincy. Mass., I The chain was a hoodoo, and Hose
are tied up by a strike of 2.H00 men. struggled against Its influenco for a
it delays work on tho battleship tlmo In vain. He then made up his
uiiuue isuiuu.
The liner Ciaollc. just arrived at. wife there on Sunday morning, two
San Francisco, narrowly escaped be- weeks ago. Ho secured work, and
ing sunk by two waterspouts on tllff- niter working one nay went rrom ills
erent dates, east of Japan a fow , nome in tlie morning and never re
hundred miles. I turned. His wife found Instead, the
James Oruhb. ianltor of a Nw note which bade her good-bye and
York apartment house, tried to )0. stated that "someone had crossed his
son his six children. His wife Is '",th ,f wll0m 1,0 t,'olBllt n,oro tlm"
dead and he worried himself half in- of n''body else on God s green world
sane over their care. luul "e waa B"uu "'rover.
.urs. nose spent several nays iook
i.r i
rmi nt n?'m nnnnnn T "i"' cltllur for liois City or Salt Lake,
frozen out. Over $13a.000.noo Is in- ,n eompanv wltll nnotMor young
, I woman. Tho officers have been fur-
Tlie authorities of Kansas City, nlshed with pictures of the girl and
Kan., backed up the civil rights law, of the man, and these will be sent to
and under police protection tho 7(1 the East In hopes of finding them.
colored pupils are attending the nub-, If Hose is found alone ho will be for
lie schools. Some white children ' given, so Mrs. Hose says; but If he
have been taken out of school, hut has his former sweetheart with him
not a teacher, or member of the she will prosecuto them both. The
A CM, ft I,f1c l.nnn Iw..ti., ,n
... ... , . ing tor him In Portland with tho i
V . "'"f1 "u:of the police, and then r
'"... . . . . . ! liomo. Sunday last sho heard
vwuiimn iiiimii,y uuhi.i l)v HIOCK- 1... l.o.l l.,,..., .... ....,..
school board has resigned.
mntter now rests with the sheriff.
J. J. Larson, a teamster, of Seat
tle, is In jail for stabbing his young
son In a family row.
Josephine county democrats have
passed resolutions In favor of V. H.
Hearst for president.
.Matthias Dorr, n well known citi
zen of Seattle, was drowned In Lake
Union, near that city, while fishing,
Thomas Morlnrlty, a Northern Pa
cific switchman, was mangled under
the wheels of a freight train at llutto
Tuesday morning.
Tho weather bureau of Portland
announces that the Willamette and
Columbia rivers will now recede, the
highest stage being over for soveral
Leonard Jackson, n young druggist
of Seattle, has been missing from
his home for three days and his pa
rents fear suicide, as ho was despon
dent over a love nffalr.
Minnie .Martin, of Silver Lake,
committed suicide Tuesday by taking
strychnine. Sho was but 11 years of
age and took tho poison without
cause, other than curiosity.
Hecaime he failed to win the hand
of a fair grass widow, Mrs. Hello
Jones, of Portland, Charles S.
Mensch, a steamboat fireman, com
mitted suicide at Portland, Tuesday.
Mrs. Anna Lindquist, of Skagway,
Alaska, has Just completed the long
est sledgo Journoy on record by a
woman. Hho came from Tanana to
White Horse, a dlstanco of 1,500
miles, without a companion oxcept
her dogs.
Arthur Burke, aged 23, was com
mltted to tho Asylum Tuesday, from
Knlania, lor planning tho murder of
his entire family, consisting of fath
er, mother, two brothers and four sis
ters. He had just been released from
the California asylum.
More Letters Deposited at Box In
Front of Hotel St. George Than In
Any Other in Town.
, Naturally patrons of the mall box-
, es distributed over tho city wonder
which box Is most generally patron
Ized. Tho department has shown
, great public spirit in distributing tho
' boxes for tho receipt of mnll over n
I wide scope, with the vlow to accom
mnilatlng the greatest possible mini
her of people.
Statistics from tho carriers show
that the outside boxes nre patron
J ized but very little, Tho boxes in
the remote streets do not receive
mnll from one-tenth of .o residents
1 In tho district In which the boxes nro
I located. As people naturally come
! to the business districts every day,
and many times each day, they mall
their letters In tho Mnln street boxes.
Tho box receiving the greatest
amount of mnll dnily, and which
keeps up Its high nverago Is the ono
, located at tho northeast corner of
I Main and Webb, In front of tho Ho
j tel St. George. Tho next highest is
i tho one In front of tho Tollman
Drug Company at corner of Alta and
Wheat Lands.
Citv Property.
Fifty residences, 150 vacant lots,
business oponlngs, hotels, feed yard,
llvory stablo, stock ranches, wheat
lands and all kinds of real estate.
E. T. WADE & 80N,
E. O. nidg. 'Phono, Illnck 1111. V.
O. box, 324., Pondloton, Oregon.
Good Attendance and Excellent
Spirits at M. E. Uiurch, South.
Ruv, Robert Warner will preach at
tho M. E. Church, South, nt 7:30 this
The meeting opened with good In
terest last night. There are indlca
tlons of a good rovivai. Workors are
needed. Come and help us.
Presbyterian Muslcale.
The women of . tho Presbyterian
church will give a muslcale at tho
church tonight, which promises to be
a highly entertaining event. A select
musical program has been nrranged
and the best musicians in tho city
will take part. The program as pub
lished in tho social columns of the
East Oregoulan on Saturday will bo
A Thoughtful Man.
M, M. Austin of Winchester, Ind.,
know what to do in tho hour of need.
His wifo had such an unusual case
of stomach and liver trouble, physi
cians could not help her. He thought
of, and tried Dr. King's Now Llfo
Pills, mid sho got relief at once and
was finally cured. Only 2Cc at Tall
man & Co.'b drug st re.
Tim Architectural Record for Anril
ileclaros that "there is absolutely no
engineering or economic limit of
holglit of buildings uoiuw auoui bu
Hotel Pendleton.
W. L. Thompson, city.
W. Maher.
C. M. Smith.
C. A. Chlsman, San Francisco.
E. A. Flndloy an., wile, Echo.
F. C. Grnth and wifo, Oniiihn.
W. Lean, San Francisco.
J. F. Woorter, Sun Francisco.
J. iH. Stevenson, San Francisco.
C. R. Penke, Detroit.
E. D. Fendloy and wife. St. Louis.
O. T. Watson, Portland.
H. W. Cameron, Spokane.
O. H. Hnndonburg San Fronclsro.
J. C. Renvls and wife. Enterprise,
R. M. (iahcy. Walla Walla.
Charles Isnncs, Portland.
G. S. Dunn.
Mrs. Campbell, Peoria.
Edwin J. Hurkc. Hartford.
W. J. Moore, Spokane.
J. H. Freas. Spokane
G. S. Youngnian. Portland.
E. H. Coman, Portland.
E. E. Shurtz, Portland.
' F. W. Sherwood. Portland.
C. AI. Cleveland. Spoliune.
F. M. Hell, Spoknne.
Walter F. Case, Portland. '
E. Eloison, Louisville.
Elsie McCully. Elgin.
Mrs. Ofllcer. Baiter City.
Hats Free with Men's and Boys' Salts. Suspenders - Free with
Petticoats Free with Ladies' Salts. Belts Free with Skirts. Ribbons K
.... . . ... . . tf T7 !it C Cinirntnl' T7i ....lit- ITr
witli Shirt Waists, nose rree wuu ouuta. -j""-'"""'-1 wnu wrap
Saturday Specials
5 yards Muslin for 19c
5 yards colored Outing Flannel, 10c grade, for 3gc
5 Yards 84 Bleached heavy Sheeting for 99c
5 yards 9-4 Bleached heavy Sheeting, for $1.20
1 5 yards double-fold zephyr Gingham, for 39c
, 5 yards Calico any pattern In the house, for 25c
' V 4 yards Crystal Cord Silk Waist Patterns $1.75
Agents McColl's Patterns
Hotel St. George,
L. O. Laliln, Portland.
H. H. Johnson, Portland.
Miss Mac Osgood. Similiter.
J. W. Bennett. Portland.
W. N. Kendall, Portland.
E. H. Cooper. John Day.
W, H. Olllcor. John Day.
William I). Strauss. Portland.
A. (3. Smith, Dayton.
J. D. Coloninn, Portland.
Gus A. Lnwol, Now wirk.
Mnx Cohen, Now York.
J. H. Phlman, Dalles.
T .C. Benson, Dalles.
J. W. McCulloch. Yale.
I. S. Smith, Yale.
J. M. Stephenson. St. John.
J. L. Kreps, Wnlla Walla.
George F. Sargent, Vnllejo.
J. H. Mills, Portland.
M. L. Stanley. Joplln.
J. D. Hnnan, San Francisco.
F. 1.. Bruce and wife, Syracuse.
H. Council, Umatilla.
rioiei Bickers.
Frank Hack. Echo.
Harry Dunn, Coyote.
John Relem, Chicago.
.Miss Edith Wortroso.
Frank E. Montgomery.
W. H. Morgan.
Frank Clayton.
Miss Elsie Clresham.
J. H. McCowell.
Marney Athey.
Dr. Rome.
S. R. Thome.
John Fischer.
Mrs. John Fischer.
Miss Mnrgarita Fischer.
Miss Lottie Fischer.
Fred Lewis.
Mrs. Fred Lewis.
Miss L. A. Lehman.
E. K. McOlllcrroy, Goldendalo.
M. E. Skldmore, .Moscow.
C. Y. Dnnlell. city.
Mrs. Y. Latham, Siimptcr.
W. L. Davis, Portland.
W. E. Gilford and wife. Prairlo City
Albert Hnrala, mlams.
A. A. Cabod. Pilot Hock.
J. H. Gill. city.
W. A. Mlkesell, Echo.
Mrs, Edna Hipper, Echo.
.Master Percy Ripper, Echo.
Miss Clara Ripper, Echo.
J. S. Cunningham, Portland.
$100 Reward, $100.
The readers of this paper will be pleased
In learn ttiat tbere Is at least one ilreid-
ed disease that science lias been able to
cure In all Its stages, nml tliat Is Cn-
tarrli. Halls Latnrrli Cure Is tlie only
positive cure now known to the medical
fraternity. Catarrh belne a constitutional
disease, requires n constitutional -re.it-
merit. nans Latarrn cure is tnuen in
ternally, acting directly on tlie blood pml
raucous surfaces of the system, thereby
destroying the foundation of the disease,
and giving the patient strength by build-
ng tip tlie constitution ami assisting ua
urc la doing Its work. The pronrletors
iave so much faith In Its curative nowers
that they offer One Hundred Dollars for
any case that It falls to cure. Send tor
list of testimonials.
Address :
!'. J. CHUNKY C O., Toledo,
Hold bv Druggist, price 75c.
Take. Hall's 1'amlly Tills for constipa
Four children of tho Capistrand
family at South Hadloy, Mass., died
suddenly with Indications of poison
Ing. The lives of all wero Insured.
The Columbia
Lodging House
Well ventilated, neat and com
fortable rooms, good beds. Bar
in connection, whore boat
goods ore served.
Main street, center of block,
between Alta and Webb
Side Hill Combined
Tho latest Improved two-wheel, sldo-hlll combined harvester has
proven a boon to wheat raisers. It is 'ho most successful, most
economical and easiest machlno to operato ever built.
Those harvesters have been given abundant trials right here at
home and all users are highly pleased. Nono hnve been dissatisfied
and all aro high in their praise.
Tho Holt side-hill harvester on a side hill is able to stick to
flm ni.ln nf tho hill, while tho header will slln down the hill. Tho
main wheels are vertical, which braces the machine to the side
J hills. It works equally adapted to lovol land.
t Tho Holt harvesters aro sold exclusively in this section by
X 21 8 Court Street, Pendleton, Oregon 3
All extras for Holt machines on hand.
J7Cn T nvtlrn . ..I
r,,, Luinur 101 TVlthJ
the flnest residences in tl(
"oiuui vAiuuru uniy thi
"ira wain irom tno
Terms If desired.
$2,600 Two lots and goi
room hoiiHo in perfect
three blocks from center
city. You can dispose
cunt lot for $1,000.
$800 Two lots with good tot
house. Ground enough he
ueop Romo chickens and to t
goou garden, Kasy watt!
tance. A lino little home
too low a p. Ice,
We liavo two or thrpn fln ,
. for snlo cheap and on easy W
Cholco vncnnt lnts In Ilia ,
which wo will loan you nctJ
Insurance, Real Estate, L:J
111 Court Street ?t
The marvelous secret of llfo nt last discovered. Tho most wonder
ful discovery of tho age, tho latest system of applying
Oxygen and Electricity for Curing Diseases
No drugs, medicine or doctor; you treat yourself. The ncme of per
fect home treatment. Thousands are quickly cured of overy known dis
ease, from whom I havo letters that can he seen nt my olllce.
Hear this in mind when
need poultry and stock tuppl
aud ask for the Interaatioi
Poultry and Stock Food.
Kow Kure for your cow I
C. F. Coleswortli
127-129 East Alta St
Agent for Lee's Lice KM
Prompt attention Blven and all ?
nn.i, MvMNiitArl ninnlt
work executed properly.
Bleetrleal Supplies of all kinds
(Trlbuno Building)
Walters' Flouring Mills
Capacity, 1C0 barrels a day.
flour exchanged for wheat.
Flour, Mill Feed, Chopped Feed,
)tc always on hand.
And Western representative for the Washington and Idaho.
Ri.RrrrniKimE CO.. of Now York. SPECIAL, NOTICE: All of our
and tho JUDD ELECTRIC CO., of De- batteries are guaranteed to work
trolt. Michigan. Patentees and sole properly, and will bo kept in good
manufacturers of tho Electrlkuro, tho working ordors, free of any chargo
Oxelic and Judos body batteries, and excont nostago to and from our of
other appliances. nee. This Is moro than any othor
Remember these batteries and Ills makers will do
I Treat All Diseases.
Uo not hesitate to writo or call bo
cause some ono told you that your
disease is Incurnble. Every organ In
system of applying electricity aro
different from all others.
Ho is located at the I'nlnce, C27
Main street, and will give treat
ments. Also will furnish you with ti1Q body is a porfect machine and
tho battery that you need for your wm wori perfectly If it is supplied
dlseaso and teach you how to uso it witn ho proper force from the
properly. When his patlonts leave norves. and sufneiont nourishment
him thoy havo moro knowledgo how from tho blood. I have learned how
to treat with olectricity than nlno out to supply tills norvo force and blood
of ten that aro practicing with it to- nourishment. This Is why I can cure
day. where others fall.
Theso batteries nro endorsed by For proofs of cures In your city
tho leading medical and scientific call at parlors 2 and 3, Palace room
men, both of this country and Eur- ing house, G27 Main street. Consul
ope. Hundreds are sold annually to tatlon freo. If unable to call writo
tho British Marino hospital In Horn- mo. plainly giving your symptoms in
bay, India. full. Address
Thoy aro recommended by many PIIOF, F. F. SHADDUCK,
well known physicians of Oregon, Pendleton, Oregon.
Used with enthusiastic satisfac
tion throughout tho civilized world.
A useful and n ndsome book which
tells how to shave comfortably, sent
for the asklnn. R, R. Lewis, Distrib
utor, Echo, Or. $1.00 postpaid.
All persons knowing
themselves to be ia
dobted to mo will ! j
and settle their '
counts as I need tie
Conrad Platzoeik
Meat Market
Let us fill your
bin witli . .
Recognized as the W
and most economic
We are prepared to c
tract with you for yo'
,..r,r,llf. Wed
W1IUC1 o auj-v 1
liver coal or woodtoifl
part of the city.
Laatz Bros
Main Street
One 2-year-oiu . i
will sel or trauo; anm ,
of young horses or 1 ' p
ll...lnM D HP Jt
tor ptuwui,B "
Pendleton. Or.
- . n 1 nl nDQ
Open day and nlpht J I
inn neyo - .
. . ..... -uv eve
Good music . jj.
Under W. & C.
office Large """2te pJP
coatalulnc over 100