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    OHuGON. FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 1904.
Ladies9 Shoes and Oxfords
GOOD SHOES CHEAP. 'Phone Main 1131.
Cold Storage Company Working to
Its Full Capacity.
l me fenuieion ice aim uuiu aiw
Aftcrvard a Permanent Drain Will
Be Put Through at That Point In
to the Rlvei" Denizens of Thst
Neighborhood Are Uneasy, Being
Fearful of Typhoid Slack Water
Is .Rising Around Residences,
Flooding Cellars A Portion of
Stonewall Jackson Street Is Under
The street committee has a force
at work on the streets, cleaning
them up, raking all the loose gravei
from the surface, and putting them
into the best possible shape general
ly. The debris is being hauled into the
old fire cisterns located in various
parts of town. There are two of
these cisterns on Court street, two
ob Alta and one cn Main, and all
have been filled with rock and rub
bish taken from the streets.
The cisterns were made years ago
before the present gravity water
system was organized, and when the
fire department had to depend on
water pumped from the river or
from the cisterns by the old engine,
now kept at the pumping station.
Since the reservoir was made, the
engine has been dispensed with, as
the water from the mains furnished
a better, steadier and more reliable
pressure in time of fire than can bs
obtained from the engine. The city
has no further use for the cisterns
and they are being filled in before
the wooden tops become rotten and
a source of danger to teams and
peonle that are compelled to pass
over them.
niRiu, ana is viurhiug uvw umc iu,
fill the large orders that are begin
ning In mqh in with the warm i
The Unused Pits Were Rapidly Be- weather. The outside orders are
coming Sources of Great Danger ! drawing so heavily on the local
There Were Four of These Water ' company that it Is hard for them to
o .,-! ii. iii, .h kv iici u- keep any stock on hand, It being all
Reservoirs, Utilized by Using the gh, ' d of ugcd ,n the ,oca,
Old Engine, bince oiscaraeo, tor traue ns fast as made.
a Hoist
Of condolence and respect adopt-j
ed by Integrity Lodge No. 92, I. O.
O. F., as a tribute to tne memory of
Tivls McBroom, who was drowned
on April 1. 1904.
Whereas,. The kind Father, in
His all-wise and divine providence.'
has seen fit to remove irom our
midst our esteemed friend and broth
er. Tivis McBroom, and as we be
lieve that our Heavenly Father
doeth all things well, therefore, be It
Resolved, That the members of
Integrity Lodge extend to the be
reaved wife and parents in their
dark and gloomy hour of sorrow, our
tenderest sympathy.
Resolved, That we assure them
that, while they mourn the loss of
their dear one in the home, we
mourn the loss of a faithful friend
and brother and that the removal of
such a one from our midst leaves a '
vacancy and a shadow that is deep
ly felt by the members of our lodge.
Resolved, That in respect to our,
departed brother, a copy of these i
resolutions be sent to the bereaved j
family, a copy to each of our city i
papers for publication, and that i
mese resolutions ue Bp.eau un me
records of our lodge.
Geary Kimbrcll, In company with
the street committee, made an Inves
tigation of the condition of the
flooded cast end, and have decided
to cut the levee at the end of Ixing
street, to allow tho largo amount of
water collected in Byors' grove and
nt the end of Stonewall Jackson
street, to be drained off.
Since the high water and the re
cent rains a large part of the neigh
borhood in and around Byers' grove
has been under water, while the
north end of Stonewall Jnckson
street, next to the levee, is sub
merged and out nf sight. The water
has no nutlet and is stagnnnt ami is
becoming a menace to health, so the
committee has decided to have the
levee cut through and a temporary
drain made. This will draw off all
the water with the exception of that
collected in some of the low places
In Byers' property, and this will be
put up to grade In a Bhort time.
The surface of the ground in that
part of town is about two feet above
the present stage of the river, fo
there is no danger in making the
opening in the wall, and as soon as
the water has been drawn off and it
is possible to do tho work, the coun
cil will have a large drain pipe put
through the trench and the levee
built up again in ns good condition
as it was before the opening was
made. The drainage will be greatly
appreciated by the residents of that
part of town, many of whom are
becoming alarmed lest the stagnant
water should breed typoid fever as
the hot sun began to beat upon it.
fCut Glass!
They are yours if you want
them at a reasonable price.
We have them in our front
window, and as it Is a now
shipment, would like to have
you come in and see the pret
ty new cuttings.
: tallmajN &co.
Leading Druggists
Samuel E. Nye, of Walla Walla, a
pioneer of the Inland Empire, died at
Walla Walla, Thursday, aged 70
Talented Company Coming to the
Frazer for Three Nights.
Miss Margarita Fischer, the talen-
ton vnnnp Ifirlv nnri hfr nwn well
hnlnnnpri pnmnanr who. will nnnnnr
at the Frazer opera house for a lim-
iteil engagement of three nights,
commui.cing Monday, April IS, is un
rlnnl.tpHlv thf most versatile nctrpRR
on the American stage, for her age,
She plays soubrette roles, ingenue
parts and emotional leads In a man
ner that deserves comment from the
most severe dramatic critic.
The management has received
some Eastern people for this season
and surrounding her, is a cost of ex
ceptional worth. Those who saw
Miss Fischer with this company last
year. with her laughable humor, keen
wit and sweet voice, will remembei
what an impression she made. New
and up-to-date specialties between
Egg and
Still Owns His Famolis Trotting
Horse Uno.
The East Oregonian is in receipt
of a letter from C. A. Chapman of
Moscow, Idaho, formerly of this
city, who is now conducting a gen
eral merchandise store at Moscow.
He sends a picture of his well known
trotting horse Uno. Uno was tram-
Ied on the George Perringer track in
this city. He has excellent blood
, on both sides, being sired by Silas,
I who was sired by Chehalis, he by
IAltamont. His dam was Maude,
who was sired of Black Boy, out of
1 Uno Is a seal brown stallion. lbA
hands high, weighing about 1.200
pounds, and 5 years old this spring.
Uno will undoubtedly do much, to
ward bringing up the grade "of
norses arouna .nascuw.
Prices for Hauling Freight.
Ott-lnf. in Ihn cnnnrnl rrood condi
tion of Umatilla county roads. Into
the Interior, many freight teams arc
nor engaged In hauling supplies to
th - camps, stores and rancnes m
Southern Umatilla county. The
nri.-n fnr linlillnr- froleht from Pen-
dleton to Ridge and Nye, a distance
of SO miles, is 25 cents per iuu
pounds, or $5 per ton. a goou uwu
i-'ll null twn fnnn f mm here to Nye.
ma!lng $10 for the day's work, in
making the round trip.
Noted Minister Coming.
Mrs. Wesley Matlock expects her
father. Rev. T. H. B. Anderson, of
Shclblan. Mo., to arrive next
Thursday to conduct a two weeks'
revival at tho Methodist Church,
South. Rev. Anderson Is one of the
ablest speakers In the entire coun
try, and comes to Pendleton at the
earnest solicitation of the church
here to assist in the meeting.
Case of Facial Paralysis.
The old town clock is partially
paralyzed. The time registered by
the south face is just half an hour
behind that of tho other three, and
when tho clock strikes two it is only
half past one by the south face. Thnt
Is the face nil of the married men
are telling the time by ns they re
turn home from lodge in the morning.
A Correction.
In the dispatch from Portland,
concerning the republican district
convention, in yesterday's East Ore
gouinn. it should have been said
thnt the convention passed a reso
lui:tn "commending" the president,
instead of "condemning" him.
Jeffersonian Banquet.
T. G. Hailey is In Walla Walla for
a short visit, having gone over yes
terday to attend the Jeffersonian
banquet laBt night In honor of the
anniversary of the great democratic
statesman's birth. Mr. Hailey was
one of tho speakers
Along the wenry pilgrimage nf life
we seek the incomplete. we live for
three score years nnd ten and prove
nothing, find nothing, die empty-handed.
All Run Down
In the Spring is when you notice u
the most. The system is full of im
purities thnt have accumulated dur
ing the winter months, which must
he dispelled at once. The quickest
and safest way is .o take Hostetter's
Stomach Bitters. Nothing else is so
good to cure Spring Fever, General
Debility, Sleeplessness, Indigestion,
Dyspepsia, Constipation, Liver trou -
ies, La Grippe, Colus or Malaria, Fe
ver and Ague. We urge you to try
a bottle today.
April 16 Meoung of Oregon Cattle-growers'
Association, Portland.
April 19 j5emocratic state con
vention, Portland.
Mnv 2 Oregon Federation of La
bor, Oregon City.
May 4 General M. E. conicronco,
Los Angeles.
May 18-211. O. O. r . granu iouuu
nt Astoria.
May 27-28 Caledonian picnic at
June 2. 3, 4 Umatilla county pio
neers' reunion, at Weston.
June G Gonernl election in Oregon.
June 15. 16. 17 Oregon encamp-,
mcnt ii. a. it., nuuu iuii i.
'Frisco Woolbuyer.
Charles Green, the vetoran wool
ly. ....... nt Can TVnnrlarn. is in the
city and will make this his head-
qunrtors during the wool season, j .
which is now opening. He loft this
morning for Washington points on n ;
business trip.
While fording Mciay creek, near!;
Prinoville. Thursday, Henry Zimnier-
ly. a young rancher, was drowned.
A FronnU hi
mm a u I ill 1
in 1720 brought a mH
in a flower pot to n?
Indies. From this
-. ,. ul
trees of the America
Tinnt. nnri n-Vt .
Thfi trPn lo Mil .
holcht nf arT a-Il1
plum, blossoming in the
and yielding '
' iUB ripening perloi
u.; iu mx monuu, mj
often soeB the ripe bem
blossoms on h . '
The blossoms are white
. . n,iaui.
We blend our own cof
ouiuruuy special six
On T U...
in i i i- ii 1 1 1 1
v i I uu lull
The Boston Store's
to close out quickly effective
April 16 and Monday, April 18
Let us figure on your job.
All work guaranteed.
Goodman-Thompson Hardware Co.
643 Main St
Home iot the Afflicted
Dr. Sabina Leach's Private Sanitarium
Chronic diseases a specialty. Her remedies arc atricUy
herbal! assisted by magnetic processes, and medicated vapor
tls, colds, liver nnd kidney troubles, nnd all diseases poculiar to
Special attention givou to the
Whiskey, Opium and Tobacco Habits
Treatmont, nurso, board and room nt reasonable rates. Con
sultation free.
Corner West Bluff and Mario Btreots.
Graves of 13 Old Soldiers Marked
Today by Suitable Headstones Fur.
nlshed by the Government.
The members of Kit Carson Post,
G. A. R today put in place 13 head
stones over the graves of old sold
iers hurled in Olney cemetery. These
stones were furnished by the United
States government freo of charge,
and bear the name, number of com
pany and regiment of tho dead.
There are still more unmarked
graves in Olney cemetery and as
soon ns the names and numbers of
companies can be ascertained head
stones will be supplied for them.
Will Take Place at Athena, and
Many Will Attend.
The Athena Gun Club Is preparing
to hold a social shoot on Sunday,
April 24, to which the mombora of
the Pondleton club navo been in
vited. A largo Hat of ovents has
boon prepared and It is expected
that a very Interesting shoot will bo
tho result, with a largo number of
tho sportsmen of tho surrounding
country in attendance.
Real Estate Transfers.
Christophor Watson and wife havo
sold to Dennis Higgle for $2,500, 10
acres of land in section 15. town
ship C, north of range 35, being in
tho vicinity of Freowator.
Lnfayotto Naff and wifo havo sold
to Samuel C. Dlttner for $7,350, lots
3, A, 11, 12, 13 and 14 of block CO,
of tho reservation addition.
An appropriation of $100,000,000 for
deep-draft canals In Germany nnd
Prussia Is probable.
Vntlno to hnrnhv p! vnn. thnt under
and by virtue of that certain chattel
mortgage made, executed, acknowl
edged and delivered, on the 12th day
of March, 1?02, by Edwin Wooddy
and Jane Wooddy, mortgagors, In
fevor of Madison Jones, mortgagee,
upon forty (40) head of dairy cows.
branded "W" on ngnt snoumer, auu
Hnlv rpnnrded on said date, in Vol. 6
of Chattel Mortgago Records of Uma
tilla county, Oregon, on page i.
And also under, and by virtue of.
that certain chattel mortgage made,
executed, acknowledged and deliver
ed on the 14th day oi January. 1904,
by said Edwin Wooley and Jane
Wboddy, mortgagors, to, and in ta
vor of Madison Jones, mortgagee,
upon fourteen (14) head of dairy
cows, branded "W" on the right
shoulder, all of said cows being then
on the Pat Kine place, and said
mortgage being duly recorded on the
16th day of January, 1904. in Vol 7
of Chattel Mortgago Records f
Umatilla county, Oregon, on page
277, both of which said chattel mort
gages wore given to secure the pay
ment of a certain promissory note.
executed oy saiu tuwin woouuy aim
June Wooddy in favor of said Modl-
on Tnnoa nnd flntftd on the l!th (lav
of March, 1902, for the sum of J86G,
with interest tnereon ai wie ruie oi
10 per cent per annum from dato
ihnnmf until nald. interest thoroon
to be paid annually, and to securo
attorneys tees a reasonauio nmouni.
and all costs and expenses of sale,
and feed and care of said cows In
tnon nf fnror-lnnnrn nf wild mnrt.
gages, said note being due In one
year from dato thereof, no part of
whlnh linn lieen nald excent S12C.10.
paid on account of Interest thereou
and tne conuutons oi pom oi which
on hi nhnttnl ninrlirnL-pH have alreadv
been broken by said mortgagors, I, T.
D. Taylor, snerirr ot umaiiua uoun
t- nmfnn nR ncrnnt of said mortira
gee, havo takon possession of said
50 head of cows described in said
mnrtfnfnd nnri will, as such ncont.
on Saturday, the 23d day of April,
A. D. 1904, at 10 o'clock in tho foro-
nnnn nf and! iIav nt thrt Fliitrh Hnnn
Feed Yard, on West Alta street, in
the city of Pondleton, Umatilla
County, State of Oregon, sell all of
tho above aescnueu personal prop
orty, to wit:
Vitlv fKOl lipnil nf rialrv enws
branded "W" on right shoulder, nt
public auction, for cash In hand, to
satlsry tno saia sum ui ;suu.uu, to
oolVinr with th. lifilnnpn nf the Inter.
oat dun thnrean. at the rate of 10
por cent per annum until paid and
the lurtnor sum or jso. Auoruoys'
fnna hnrnln find nil rnsts. feed and
caro of said cows and charges nnd
nvfuinfinn nf such salo. in accord
ance with tho terms and conditions
of said mortgages.
Dated this 14th day of April. 1904
t n TAvi.nn.
Sheriff of Umatiiio County, Oregon,
Agent or Aiauison jonon, oiurtga
Attorneys for Mortgagee
1 lot of ladies' button Shoes,
fine kid sole at $2.50, nod $1.00
1 lot of ladles' low Shoes, heavy
soles, sold at $2.00, now.. $1.00
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heavy soles, sold at
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