East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, April 14, 1904, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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    "5 ,
Hit mm
of those with eye troubles this adver
tisement is inserted.
It Is our business to moke eye
Jests, prescribe a cure for defective
sight and xo provide the necessary
For the test of the prescription we
charge nothing if glasses are or
dered here and for the glasses our
prices are only reasonable.
"We make a complete examination,
using the best of the late improved
Jeweler and Optidan
Postoffice Block.
The Columbia
: Lodging House
Late Spring All Over the State Farm
Work in Full Progress Although
Delayed Ranges Excellent Or
chards In Full Bloom Summer
Fallowing Being Done Fall Wheat
Looks Well. i
Well ventilated, neat and com
fortable rooms, good beds. Bar
in connection, where best
goods are served.
Slain street, center of block,
between Alta and Webb
In the Circuit Court of the United
States for the district of Oregon. !
A. R, Burford. complainant, vs. C.j
B. Wade, and T. C. Taylor, trustee
in "bankruptcy of the said C. B. Wade,
defendants. ,
Notice is hereby given that a de-j
free fi&s been entered in a certain ;
ult pending In the circuit court of1
the United States for tne aisinci ui
The first two days of the week
were rainy and cold, but the latter
part was warm and pleasant and ideal
for farm work. A few frosty morn
ings occurred, but the frosts were too
light to do any harm.
Plowing and seeding has been
pushed as rapidly as .possible The
soil on the high lands' is in excellent
condition for plowing, and that on the
bottom lands is fast drying out.
Early gardens have been started and
some early potatoes have been plant-'
ed. ;
The season, however, is very back
ward, the farmers generally are be
hind with their work, and many fear
that they will not have time to pre
pare the land they Intended for
spring seeding before it ig too lafe
for wheat and other small grain. Fall
wheat is doing nicely and but few
complaints are made regarding its
Hops are beginning to sprout, but
the hopgrowers have not yet had
time to thoroughly clean and culti
vate their yards, although they are
now very busy at this work. Goat
shearing has begun and the clip, so
far as learned, is an average one.
Pastures and stock are improving.;
and in some sections stock has been,
turned out on the range
Early cherries peaches, plums and
bush fruit have come into bloom dur-l
ing the week, and the outlook for
fruit of all kinds is much better than
usual thus early in the season.
Kingsley. Wasco County. George J.
Friend. Weather fine, with very lit
tle frost; fall grain doing nicely;
stock in good condition: grass grow
ing; plowing just begun; fruit trees
not hurt yeL
Wasco. Sherman county. W. C.
Morehouse. Fall wheat doing finely:
spring wheat being sown rapidly; J
weather fine for all kinds of growing
Glex, Gilliam county. George W.
Marvel. Weather dry. cool and fros-
Golden Gate Coffee
SI s-
Always the Same ,
A reoutation gained by 54 years of coffee
this coffee. For
experience 13 um-n. ji v.-j -
this brand we select the choicest coffees grown. Golden Gate
will please tnose whu uic an.iv.u" & m
quality of the coffee they drink. It is coffee perfection.
Sold in l and 2 lb. aroma-tight tins. Grind fresh each day-not too fine
I fy. . i u bu.n. WW..
Importer. nd Roaster, of Tin. Old Coffee.
General Land Office Decides That
Sleeping Once in Six Months on a
Homestead Does Not Constitute
Residence Land Must Be Lived
Upon and Improved.
irhorpln A. Tt- Burford
W - fa " " . v- . . .
complainant and C. a. vaae, ei iu..
are defenamts; and by said decree
the undersigned has been appointed,
commissioner for the purpose of mak-'
Ing sale of certain property pledged:
by the sala C. B. Wade to the Bal-j
four-Guthrie Investment Company as
security for the payment of twenty
thousand dollars ($20,000) with in-,
terest from December 2. 1903. at the
rate of eight per cent (8 per cent) I
per annum, which property is de
scribed as follows: I
Three (3) promissory notes, each
for the sum of ten thousand dollars:
($10,000), each dated February 1,
1902, each executed by one W. T.;
BJgby in favor of said C. B. Wade,
maturing respectively on February V
1&07, February 1, 190S, and February j
1. 1909.
Eighteen (18) promissory notes ex-'
ecuted by the J. E. Smith Livestock
Company, a corporation, in favor of,
..m c n urri onrh dated January!
fMU V . - ' - I
21, 1902, drawn respectively for 11,-1
000, $5,000, $5,000, la,iMit, Ji.uvu.
000. $2,000. $1,000, $1,000. $1,060. $1.
000. $1,000. $1,000. $1,000. $5,000.
$5,000, $5,000, $5,000, each bear
Hnc interest from its date at
the rate of eight per cent ,
(S per cent) per annum, and matur- j
ing respectively July 1. 190C. July 1.
1906. July 1. 190C, July 1. 150", Julyi
July 1, 1&07. July 1. 1907. July 1.1907.
July 1. 190S, juiy i, 13UB. ju
1S0S. July 1. 190S. July 1. 190S. July
1, 1908, July 1. 1908, and July 1. 190S.
Five (5) certificates of the capital
stock of the Pacific Realty Company
each for fifty (50) shares of said cap
ital atock, numbered respectively 3.
A, 5, 7 and 8.
And that under and in pursuance
a ntA Haaa f Vi o imrtftrRirmpri. as
U Da.u UVW.bU vw -ri (
commissioner, has appointed Satur
day, tne 23ra aay ot April, w"t, i
the hour of eleven o'clock In the fore
noon, as the time, and the court
house door of Umatilla County. Ore
onr, in ppnrllntnn. f) ran on. as the
place for making sale of said proper-j
ty; and at said time and place the
undersigned will offer said property ;
ior sale to the highest bidder fori
cash. The property will firbt bo o
fered as a who'.e or collectively, but
bids made for it as a whole or col
lectively will be received condition-1
ally. It will then be offered for sale,
separately, each paper by itself, and
if tbo aggregate amount of bids,
-jcado for the ald property offered f
or" it'.b separaiel' OXteeds the
amount bid for said property when,
Offered ior saiu a h uviv v..
lively, tho property will be sold sep
arately; but if the aggregate amount
I..', i.i. fnw unlil nroner-
ty when offered for sale separately
vA i,. thn nTTinnnt of the bld!i
K UU It'DB lliaU V.
I Mnjn anl.4 nrnnnriv &S a Whole
L or collectively, tne property . j
som as a w&oie or coiincuvuij .
sales will be made subject to Uie
-approval of the Circuit Court of the
United States for toe District of .Or
egon, and roust be confirmed by order
of said court, and the property will
lie delivered only upon confirmation
Dated this 11th day of April. 1904.
ty; crops growing slowly; spring
seeding pretty well done; fruit not
Lexington. Morrow county, Edwin
R. Beach. Summer fallow grain
sown last fall Is looking well; volun
teer grain is somewhat weedy; spring
sown grain is just now coming into
sight; fruit buds are swelling; snow,
is in sight on the foothills and deep!
1U UiC (UUUliiaiUD, LUC c.vuuu .a
everywhere wet to a good depth;
much spring grain is yet unsown.
i ,1 TTmll1n .....- r c fov
AUaUiD, UI'IU.IUU LUUUtj. V 1 . j
guson. eatner nne; never saw a
better prospect for fall sown wheat;
spring sowing nearly completed;
summer fallowing progressing nice
ly; pasture short, fruit trees nearly
in full bloom; gardening begun;
ground heavy and cold for the season.
The Best Family Salve.
DeWitt's Witch Hazel gives In
stant relief from burns, cures cuts,
bruises, sores, eczema, tetter and all
abrasions of the skin. In buying
Witch Hazel Salve it is only neres
sary to see that you get the genu
ine uewitt's ana a cure is certain.
Thprp nrp manv rhpan counterfeits
on the market, all of which are
worthless, and quite a few are dan
gerous, while DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve Is perfectly harmless and
cures. Sold by Tallman &. Co.
Congressman Moon Renominated,
Chattanooga. Tenn.. April 14.
Congressman John A. Moon was
unanimously renominated by the
democratic congressional convention
of tbe Third district held in Chattanooga.
A Cure for Headache.
Any man. woman or child suffer
ing from headache, biliousness or a
dull, drowsy feeling, should take one
or two of DeWitt's Little Early
Risers night and morning. These
fommm lirrle Tiills nre famous he-
cause they are a tonic as well as a
ilil Wlillo thpv cleans the sys
tem they strengthen and rebuild it
by their tonic effect upon the liver
and bowels. Sold by Tallman &. Co.
The Walla Walla Union gives the
following land decision which will
also be of vital interest to many
homesteaders in Umatilla county:
"Tbe local land office has again
been upheld in a decision wherein
a settler's entry when contested, was
held for cancellation. The decision
of the land commissioner was receiv-
A raciimlar riYir! It nffirmprf pvprv
contention of the local office in deal
lea with the case. -
"Lafayette Buff, who was postmas
ter at Hay. Whltn-an county, filed on
a homestead January 30, 1901, the
land lying about five mlies from the
station where X-r. Buff bad a small
business in connection with the posi
office. Hptit-v r. tVnod filed a contest May
14, 1902. alleging that Buff had not
tho land, bad
not Improved it, and the cultivation
and fencing had been negiecieu. me
case was heard at the local office July
8. 1902. and the register and receiver
held that the law naa not Deen cub
plied with, and the entry snould be
held for cancellation. From this de
cision Buff appealed.
Lacked Residence and Improvement.
"The facts brought out at the trial
of the case and on the appeal can be
briefly stated: Buff was a married
man with six children, and held a
nroAmntinn rlnlm nparbv Hav Sta
tion, where be kept the postoffice and .
. . , .( l.U -
telepnone in connection wuu a muc
store. I
"After filing on the land he buiit
a shack 14x18 feet, but did not finish
the doors and windows, neither did
he lay a first-class floor. He plowed
less than one acre of the land and
seeded none of . The nearest school
was five miles distant and he claimed
that he could not keep bis family is
olated from educational advantages
by living on the land, while it was
lamely unproductive and likely to
remain so.
"Mrs. Buff and the children visited
the land and remained over night oc-
Micfnnnllv rptlirnlne tn the little vil
lage in the morning. This was also
shown to be the custom ot .Mr. uun,
wr-en not otherwise engagea.
"The testimony was contradictory
in Its nature, and the witnesses
oupmori tn mnkp Rfnrips so wldelv
different that It was difficult to har
monize them.
"The land commissioner holds that
ret idence was not made in good faith
an. I that tho oiilt li-ftt Inn nf the land
was neglected, if not abandoned."
Maine Republicans Meet.
Portland, Me., April 14. The re
publicans of Maine In state conven
tion here elected, delegates to the
national convention at Chicago and
Are all who get their suits of us.
We represent the largest tailoring
establishment In the country.
We want you to take advantage of
the offer we make as you will get
a more satisfactory suit and at less
cost than you ever did before.
You select the cloth you like and
the suit is made to your own meas
urement. A guarantee of perfect fit
and best workmanship at a low
WIIHIHI I 1 I I I f-M 1 1
I -
: U
Made to order. Building pj.
per, lime, cement, brick and
sand, wood gutters for barm
and dwellings a specialty.
Lumber Yard
Alta Street, Opp. -o -rt Howe.
adopted a platform endorsing the ad-' Oregon Republicans in Session,
ministration of and pledging support Portland, April 14. Oregon is to
to President Roosevelt The resolu- be first pacinc coast state to en
tions expressed commendation of the ,jorse the candidacy of President
wise, patriotic and progressive ad- Rooseveit for renominatlon and to
ministration of President Roosevelt, cboose delegates to the Chicago con
to whom it promised renewed allegi-, vention pledged to his support. The
ance and support. The work of the rCpUbiican state (Convention was call-'
senators and representatives of the c(1 t0 order shortly before noon to
state of Maine In congress was like- any wjln an attendance of 360 dele
wise heartily enaorsed. I gates. In addition to choosing eight
! j.t..(n. tn thn natlnnnl rnnvpntlnn
uuic(,oico vv .............
Are You a Dyspeptic?
if you are a dyspeptic you owe it
to yourself and your friends to get
well. Dyspepsia annoys the dyspep-tir-'c
frinnria hwntise his disease
sours his disposition as well as his
tho nnvpntlnn will nominate candi
dates for the minor offices to be filled
at the next election.
Good for Children.
If yon arf Interested in 00
Painting, y.'c us. Our lfc is
'We make a specialty ol
framing PICTURES. Newest
stock of frames.
Lazy Liver
"I bane Ufru troubled a cecal dJ
urllb u torpid lifer wtiiwli ptiMtiuen eoDKtlpa
lion JfonnUt AS AlllPS u. boallroucUtm
tortliem. ml vcmoil kucb teller the tlirl trial
Uit I purcliaat-d auotlier mrppi 3ml u emi
plciel eared slilV uii y to uxiglkrt lo teo
ouiTucod Cosfiireta wbeiteter tbe opportunn7
I preaonted J A HMrrn
SV25,,vebnB Ate J'lilladclptila. P.
nallv East Oreaonian by carrier.
m...f,t l"a jbi it intent
Oooo. ter Bicacli W n k'n
rr-.t ttJL. TV
Line Kc &C.WC
mine rntlSTIPHTlOM. ...
(u,iU( m.i. nw. ei -m
un -rn DIP h. d a itrearaiiteedbt Bllttruf-
Walters Flouring Mills
Capacity, 1B0 barrels a day.
Flour exchanged for wheat
Flour, Mill Feed. Chopped Feed,
itc, always on hand.
sours nis uisposiuuu cu a ...1 The pieaBant to take anu narmi'ss ,
stomach. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure will Qne jtinute Cough Cure gives im
not only cure dyspepsia, indigestion raedate reief in aj) cases of consh,
and sour stomach, but this palatable j croup and Ja grppe because it does
reconstructive tonic dlgcstant ; no pasg immedately into the stom-1
strengthens the whole digest ve up- acn but takes eflect rtght at .e
naratus. and sweetens the life as i , f th t rn,,Mc, t, ,iraws out
well as the stomach, hen yol,tne inflammation, heals and soothes
take Kodol Dyspepsia Cure the rood;and cureg permanentJy oy enabling
you eat is enjoyed. It Is digested. . j t0 contribute pure life-
Opera Jlouse Block.
you eat Is enjoyed. It Is digested. lne ,ung8 t0 contribute pure life
aHslrallated and its nutrient proper- v,n and llf esUBtainlng oxygen to
i r,A Kv trio tilrmn ana . . . ... . . i
tissues. Health7 Is the result. Sold
by Tallman Sc. Co.
Cough Cure is pleasant to take nd'
it is good alike for young and old. (
Sold by Tallman &. Co.
New Jersey Democrats.
1- ,.. V t Anrll 14. A feW . . , , ,
weeks ago It hBlevi .' 32,000 acres on Grande Ronde river.
tHhlnTt8eoTnenwarindthehrnveS. Grande Ronde Lumber Co, Perry. Or.,
but the old-iine democrats at last - ..
opened their eyes to the situation; Exports and imports ol the Phllii
and their delecates came to the con- pines to and from the United states
vention prepared to B8ht to a finish. In 1&03. amounted to $4,000,000 and
to defeat the purposes of the radl-; $11,000,000 respectively. The export
cals This morning both sides were and Import trade of the Hawaiian
claiming the upper hand and the ul- , Islands with the United States dur
tlmatu outcome of the contest is in Ing the same period amounted to
doubt ! $11,000,000 and $26,000,000.
"If ypu would
said Benjamin Franklin,
"think of saving as well
Start today. No matter
how little, save something.
'Begin with
by buying nothing but the bw
dry wood and Kemmerer Coal
Phone Main 1121.
Savings Bank Building-
"You hit the bullseye, didn't you?"
"Yes, and had to pay for tbe bull, too."
Insure m
Reliable Companies
That pa)' their los
promptly. Our compani"
t thfi head of the W
Hartford Fire Insuranc- 12 269i()7
Co-.' 09039,9s1
Alliance Assurahce to
London & Lancashire Fire 2 64erj
Insurance Co
North BritiBh & Mercantile t
C 22,89745
Royal Iusurance Co. .
for K
IH4, the
lection 01 ralnS
.r sal''
nne invo
fid- Tarse amo'
r ' The land
St 1Ps 1
11 ,
urn ,
' . ..-at nro'
11 snf the '
r ... .rnllS tti.
find's :Vnd
thus r"'-Lung
BaVer Sher
t W00l3hipl
6s bBinu .
eject upon
Inter now l'
tvery si"
Lge way Int
3 tms mi""
i fatter ana
' l.ofnf'
, height and
. prom""-.-
jrje Consig'
From East
rain Firm
psmty 64 a week.