East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, April 12, 1904, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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E'SHT Pages,
ill i mil H IM mum m m lM
Business Chances i
ONE DRUG STORE .or snlo ;
nt whatover stock Invoices,
Approximately $2,000.00. Busl- I
ness Inst year amounted -to J
over 15,000.00. This Is a splen- J
did opportunity to buy a good,
profitable business. o
BUSINESS centrally loeeted
at whatever stock Invoices,
and a small additional sum
for the good will of tho busi
ness. Business of last year
amounted to $16,560. Has a
lease of four years on the
building now In.
Merchants Protective
Despnin Building, Boom 43,
Telephone Black 1161.
Not an ordinary article, but
something extraordinary Is
Hill's Pate
Olive Oil
For medicinal use as well as
for salads and table use.
This Is the highest quality
and purest oil made.
Sold exclusively In Pendleton
Despam & Clark
Open day and night. Billiards,
Pool, Shooting Gallery, Bowl'
Ing Alleys, Throwing Racks.
Good music every evening.
Under W. & C. R. Depot
Seeks a County Where Lightning
Will Not Strike Him Nor Blizzards
Freeze Him Would Like to Die a
Natural Death Commercial Asso-
elation Receives Many Interesting
.Letters From Anxious Homeseek
ere Who Would Leave the East
Lumber and
Building Materials
If you are arranging to build or
make Improvements, come and see
us for your, lumber. Our stock Is
large and well selected. Wo want
(Q figure with you on your lumber
bill. We make sash, doors, and
Planing Mills
Corner Webb and. College'.4
11? '1 'I' ''b
Made to order. Building pa
per, lime, cement, brick and
cnnrl unoH nutters for barns
and dwellings a specialty.
t $
i Oregon
I Lumber Yard
$ Alta Street, Opp. Jo.irt House.
Insure in
Reliable Companies
That pay their losses
, promptly. Our companies
1 stand at tho head of tho Hat.
"(Hartford Fire Insurance
Co .jia.zoy.uvu
Alliance Assurance Co .. 29.030.9C3
London & Lancashire Flro
Insurance Co 2,544,683
North llrltlsh & Morcantllo
Co 19,695,974
Jtoyal Insurance Co. .... 22,897.15
T.ho followlnc letter from n real
dent of North Dakota Is a sample
of the Inquiries received from In.
tending Bottlers, every day, by Soc
rotary J. F. Robinson, or tno uom
merclal Association.
Some of them nro oven Yuore om
uhatlc In their determination to
leave tho bllzzard-rldden East than
this man, but It Is a fair sample of
the literary matter that graces tho
desk of tho secretary ot Pendleton's
live commercial association, and a
hurried answer was sent to tho mix.
lous homesecker, telling him of the
glories of tho country nnd sending
him In advnnce a warm welcome to
Unmtllla county. Aside from a per
sonal answer to the letter, tho as'
socintion turned the letter over to
E. T. Wade & Son, who will write
him more fully on the subject.
Mr. Wade will write him that oven
In this country a man takes the risk
of dying n violent death, while not
necessarily from lightning. It may
be from different causes. In the
first place the climate Is so cxhllar
atlng that a man gets gay and young
after a short residence here and his
exuberant spirits may get him Into
trouble, which might result In seri
ous bodily harm.
The letter Is as follows:
Mitchell, S. D.. April 4, 1904.
Secretary Commercial Club, Pen-
dleton. Or. I nm looking for a new
location and would like to got Into
or close to a city of 2,000 to 6,000
population, where general farming
nnd fruit Is a success.
I want a city where fuel Is not too
expensive and where there is a Cath
olic church and school, but first of
all, I want a country where it Is
warmer than here, where there Is
little or' no snow In winters, where
water is good and where the climate
Is dry and healthful, where winds
don't blow so blamed hard and much
as they do here, where there are no
dust storms or sand storms, where
lightning does not keep one In con
stant fear and a man would have
an opportunity to die a natural
death If ho behaved himself, and
live reasonably comfortable during
his stay on this earth, where there
is a chance to earn bread and but
ter by hustling at any old thing. 1
do not expect to find all my wants,
but am going to try the place that
I think Is nearest. What haB your
place to offer?
I would like to know the annual
rainfnll and, too, what amount of
foggy and damp days you usually
have per year. I am writing this
letter to about a half a dozen places.
but no other town In your vicinity.
I am going to make a change if I
can see any place to better mysolf,
not from a standpoint of wanting a
place of prosperity, as this country
Is all right In that respect, but tho
climate is too much for me hero. I
would want to rent till I cou.J
build, so would like the name of
some real estate outfit that rents
property, as I want to do something
soon. Yours respectfully.
ft . r St
1 V JSB3
To sweeten,
To refresh,
To cleanse the
There is only
one Genuine
Syrup of Figs;
to get its bene
ficial effects
Always buy the genuine -
Dispels colds and i
headaches when 1
bilious or con
stipated; For men, women
and children;
Acts best on
the kidneys
and liver
stomach and
Manufactured by tihe
rrniaFg Syrup (?
Louisville, Ky.
Sjm Francisco, Cad.
The genuine Syrup of Figs is for sale by all first-class druggists. The
full name of the company California Fig Syrup Co. is always
printed on the fiont of every package. Price Fifty Cents per bottle.
Ar9 YH ? Dyapeptlc7
If V0U are- a dyspeptic you owe It
Id yourself And your friends to get
Well. Dyspepsia annoys tho dyspop-
tic's friends becauso his disease
sours his disposition as well as Ills
stomach. Kodol Dyspepsia Curo will
not only curo dyspepsia, Indigestion
and sour stomach, but this palatable
reconstructive tonic dlgcstnnt
strengthens tho whole digestive ap
paratus, and swootons tho Hfo as
well as tho stomach, wuon you
tako Kodol Dyspepsia Cure tho food
you eat Is enjoyed. It Is digested,
assimilated and Its nutrient proper
ties appropriated by tho blood and
tissues. Health is tho result. Sold
by Tallman & Co.
Southern Machinery Dealers.
Old Point Comfort, Va.. April 12.
Tho Southern Supply and Macninery
rwinrs' Ansnclatlon beenn Its an
nual meeting today at tho Hotel
Chamberlain and will continuo In I
session until Friday. Memphis, Now
Orleans, Birmingham, Dallas, Knox
vlllo, Charleston nnd other leading
cities of tho South aro represented
at tho convention, which is tno larg
est In point of attendance over held
by the association.
Good for Children.
Tho pleasant to tako and harmless
Ono Minute Cough Curo gives Im
mediate relief in all cases ot cough,'
croup nnd la grlppo, becauso It does
no't paBS Immediately Into tho stom
ach, hut takes effect right nt .ne
seat of the trouble. It draws out
tho inflammation, heals and soothes
and cures permanently by enabling
tho lungs to contrlhuto puro llfo
giving and llf estistalnlng oxygen to
the blood and tissues. Ono Minute
Cough Curo Is pleasant to tako and
It Is good nliko for young and old.
Sold by Tallman & co.
To Prohibit Live Bird Shootlna
Tronton, N. J., April 12. Pursu
ant to tho call of Governor Murphy,
tho stnto legislature convened In
special session today. Tho primary
object of the session Is tho passago
of tho bill to proyont tho shooting
of llvo pigeons at trap shooting tour
naments. Tho Morris cannl amend
ment bill, which was submitted Into
In tho recent session, will also bo
talton up for consideration.
Clot a "top coat." The Boston.
ill j
There is uo other brand of Canned Fruits and Vegetables and Oysters and
Salmon in the Northwest which equals MONOPOLE in stylo and quality.
Most first-class grocers carry MONOPOLE Canned Goods, Spices, Syrup,
Baking Powder, Coffee, Etc.
Monopole Grocers and Dry Coffee Roasters
Makes a Clean Sweep.
Thoro's nothing llko doing a thing
thoroughly. Of all tho salvos you
over heard of, Uucklen's Arnica to got tho best work lot us do It. Our facilities nro unoxcellod.
Salvo is tho best, u sweeps away i jjost materials always used.
and euros burns, soros, bruises, cuts , our oxporlonco Is yoi.rs without cost.
bolls, ulcers, skin orupiionB nnu
piles. It's only 25c, and guaranteed
to glvo satisfaction by Tallman &
Co., druggists.
11.26 hats at the Boston.
Sanitary Plumbing
To got tho best work lot us do It. Our facilities aro unoxccllo
t tnntnrlnln nlwtivn used.
Our oxporlonco Is yoi.rs without cost. '
Court Street, opposite Ilotol Dickon,.
'-w vim n
TO MEET Tuc r-..
of those with oyo troubles this
It Is our business' n
tests, proscribe a rum . j.:
rvrm a eo fro
Tor tho tost of thn
charge nothing If glasses are V
dorod hero nnd for tho glasses oor
nrlces aro onlv rennnnnhio r
Wo make a completo examination.
UBlng tho best of the late Imnrowi
Jeweler and Optician
Postoffice Block.
The Columbia
Lodging House
Well ventilated, neat and com
fortablc roomB, good beds. Bar
In connection, where best
goods aro served.
Main Btroot, center of
botweon Alta and
In thn nirriilt PonH nf thn tlrllM
Stntes for tho district of Oregon.
a. . iiunoru, complainant, vs. u.
TV Wnclfl nml T. ("!. Tnvlnr triwtu.
In bankruptcy of the said C. D. Wade,
Notice Is hereby given that a de
cree has been entered In a certain
suit pending In tho circuit court of
tho United States for tho district of
nrnirnn whArnln A. T?. rinrfnrd Is
complainant and C. D. Wade, et a!.,
are defonaants; and by earn decree
ho iinilorolmnrl hnR hnnn ftnnnlnted
commissioner for the purpose of mak
ing sale of certain property pledged
by tho saiu a li. wano to tno uai-four-Guthrlo
Investment Company as
noonrlfv fnr hn nnvment Of twenty
thousand dollars ($20,000) with in-
terest from Decemner a, iduj, ai me
rate of eight per cent (8 per cent)
nor annum, which nroperty Is de-
Bcrlbed as follows:
Threo (3) promissory notes, eacn
for tho sum of ten thousand dollars
($10,000), each dated February l,
1002, each executed by ono w. i.
Klgby In favor of said C. B. Wade,
mntiirlnir rnannptlvfllv on February 1.
1907, February 1, 1908, nnd Febmary
1, 1909.
Elchtoen (18) promissory notes ex-
nnutn.l v tho T V. Smith LlVeStOCK
V V It J hUU w f
Company, a corporation, in favor oi
said C. JJ. wane, eacn oaieu
01 innO drnnrn rORnnPtivplV for $I"
000, $5,000, $5,000, $5,000, $3,000. $2.
000, $2,000. $1,000, $1,000, t,0f0. : Jl.
000. $1,000. $1,000, $1,000, $5,000,
$5,000, $5,000, $5,000, each w
Ing interest from Its date at
tho rate of eight per cent
(8 por cent) per annum, and matur
ing rospoctlvoly July 1, 1906. July i.
190G. July 1. 1900, July 1. 1907. Jul?
tni t..i.. i mm Inlv 1. IVvli
July l. 1907. July 1, 1907. July l.WOJ.
July 1, 1908, July 1. 1908, July J
1908, July 1, 1908. July 1, 1908. JW
1, 1908. July 1, 1908, and July 1. ""s:
Flvo (5) certificates of the capital
Btock of tho Pacific Realty Company
each for fifty (50) shnres of
Itnl stock, numbereu rcsitaw
' hi "Di8- m nnrsuance
of said decreo the undersigned, as
commissioner, has nppoi men o-
day, tho 23rd day of Apr 1, 1901,
tho limir of eleven o'clock in me or"
noon, as tho time, and the cou"
house door of Umotina uou.iu.
gon, In Pondloton. Oregon, as "
plnco for making sale of said proper
ty; and at said time and place . IM
undersigned will oner """',''';'
,r a. .t.. i..i,oaf hiildcr or
ior huiu iu mo flrt, he oi-
casn. Tno proporiy w. but
fored as a wholo or collect voiy. ou'
bids made for It w
lOCtlVOiy Will UO ruumvi". v....
ally. It will then be offered for
soparatoly, each paper oy ""',I(ig
;lf tho aggrogato nmounV(l.0o(fered
ma,ln for tho said property oliereu
for sale separate y
amount bid for said property w
offered' for Bale as a whole o - coW
tlvoly, tho property will I't
arately; but If the ngurosj.
of tho bids rocoiven ior "" ew
ty when offered for sale sopor atw
bo loss than tno omuuiu . )9
mado for said property w 11 fce
or colloctlvoiy, tno 1','' ,Vniv A
sold as a wholo or collectively fl
sales will bo mnoe m'J"". tne
approval of tho Circuit Court or i
United States for the District of v
ogon. and must bo confirmed 1 by or
of said court, and tho vropyj'
bo delivered only upon confirm"
of salo. Arirll 1501.
Dated this 11th day ot April. w
T. 0. TAL-011'
Dally East urenoman by earr''
only 15 cenU a week.