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NO. 6004.
I M Z ggmppA I nnd threatening: to l
8 to
' hori
SElleton Girl Drinks Acid
...dilution and Dies Horrible
'D T.
L Daughetr of William P. Wll-
Ln, a Well Known Farmer
I Laborer-Was 17 Years Old
Hd Kept Company wun
Li Wall, to Whom She Ad-
Led a Note and Letter, One
Llngef Her Great Love for Him
Other Pronouncing a Curse on
nuh.n I am dead, send this
letter to Charley Wall with
my curie and hate tor mm,
ifeo ha maoe me wnai i m.
a-bye for the last time.
rnngements have yet been made for
the funeral.
Just Returned From Missoula.
From Marshal Carney It is learn
ed that the Williamson girl, ln com
pany with Bort Montgomery, a grain
handler who has boon ln the city for
somo time, and OIllo Maurcr, the girl
who had hor father, Ed Maurer, ar-
rested some months ago for assault
ing his wlfo, went three weeks ago to
. ' . itt i i n 1 1 n
bumpier, weibcr uuu ivubHuuiu. num
the latter place a tolegram was re
ceived by the marshal a week ago,
stating that the two girls were in
Missoula and stranded, ana that the
Williamson girl admitted having
takon $85 from her father ln this
Carney wont -to tho father, who
was willing to Bond for tho girl and
offered to telegraph hor a ticket,
but sho refused to roturn unless a
ticket was sent for the Maurer girl
as well. Williamson refused to do
this, stating that as tho Maurer girl
was tho cause of hor trouble sho
could leave hor behind or stay with
hor. His daughtor then consented
to come homo, and tho ticket was
sent. She arrlvod last night on tho
Hunt train. Tho Maurer girl, It ap
pears, :is still ln Missoula.
It is stated that tho girl left a' loi
ter for Bert Montgomery, ln which
islie accused him of wrecking her
life -and cursed him for his share in
hor 'trouble.
I ill
i Ma Williamson, the 17-
fU taihter of W. P. William
oSoKl Star Btreet. committed
liie Hi morning by taking .a full
Ik fir M-rhlnrlrtf! tablets.
It alied the tablets, 100 .In num-
I In iUea nf nn(ai OtlH flMnk
I tit m giaoo Mt nubi. muu .........
mixture but the pain from the
In. rni-malvn anhllmntn WflR HO
ft that the girl immediately bo-
lURMmtn nnrl urban lint Tinr.lTltH
Ieu into me room sue wuu wnm
on the bed in mortal agony.
J. Cole and Garfield wore Burn
ed and did all In their ppwor,
vlth Tin avail as thn rnrrnrllnrr
Id and so burned tho lining of
flroat that the membrane Blough
1 and choked her, and sho died
peat agony a short Umo alter the
lors reached tho hnnsn.
lions dying, the girl stated to
l doctors that she had tired of
I and wished to end It. She ntat-
Rhat the liarl
tof the tablets,
bo Short nntA nHnil nlinvr. wna
au envelope and addressed to
Irloy Wall and was found on the
Bo in tho room occupied by tho
. ucu sue iook me polBon. An
wr letter wu rmmj i ,
ch had been written on Friday,
f'ujr o ana wnicn had beon ad-
Peu to -Dear Sweetheart."
I Slated dint .luii .i. -
Li.., .C. luuer
r-ucu lun nna rnt.
naed that sbo would bo fur away
elated the love sho bore for tho
10 Whom ihn .. . ,
Iann iuv. HUB auurosa-
ind.i'? "m hat ho was about
Pea. It MM in i.u
tor t,nn t ' ' K'U J011 W"
uX .ffiuch I lve you. I
- . " W'to for tho
snH 1 1 8m ?olnE thl8 for th0
ana I hon (Sat ...
find sorn.' Z7 "m. J.ou
make yo h;j t,r wno
rjnt .Alma thinks
Ia ho.t , """"Bun, uut I guess
r 1 1 N ?e ""I over know
fyou Z;0.1 wish I could
for i ii u'Dyo ror tuo last
f0.r 1 wl "ever see you again.
E wabart'7, tb though tho
Ibroueh7,r, Hno was f0nl
hum? t in 7v vuu:u an mis
kl l 5 10 "dock.
teltl of it a "Sht-halrod lit
city ?Lv"loua rtos around
the ha,ZL,m.e-. F
with Wall fr "eP"B compa
Wndenel ."h,.h'm and a t of
(W father iT . . maon
rell kleLls,-a . arer and labor-
Lyvr soL,nLcty whoro h0
Srtlyi.. aa tho
B cltt:umt pwent and foro
W Nat1' Bank, cosed. !
W!on.-. March 24.- !
Kr W , M iS th0 ur.
F" atr Clonal
EonaM cashlnr T" J1"0", tho
Kia ?nler, who in
naDk. ad7ntn0n7'1 Natlona
fecelver, aPPlntmont of a
At Alba There Was Already From 10
to 14 Inches tf Old Snow Storm
Yesterday Covered the Foothill
Ranges Completely. and Stock Are
Being Driven to Vicinity of Pilot
Rock May Be Some Stock Losses
The snowstorm which visited this
section yesterday, extended all qver
Eastern Oregon, and in the southern
portion of this county In the vicinity
of Alba, uklan and Dale, from 12 to
IB Inches of now snow fell. There
was already about 14 Inches of old
snow ln many places, and stock are
boing driven to tho vicinity of Pilot
Rock, where the range is bare ana
tho crass growing niceiy.
Beginning ut Pilot Itock yesterday
morning, there was about two Inches
of now snowi ion Bear creek, four to
six inches fell, and on tho higher
slopes at Alba, fully 15 inches coV'
ored tho cround.
Soveral bands of sheep had been
shorn and a great many stock had
boon turned .-on tho foothills to
lirowsof- but tho now snow covered
un every lmrtlclo of feed.
If tho snow He's on ln the vicinity
of Dale and Alba much longer there
will be a loss of stock yet, as iced
is scarce and it is Impossible to got
at tho grass. .Stock are in vory
good condition on account of tho
mildness of tho past winter and the
abundance of feed to start in wun.
Thn foothills in tho vicinity of
Pilot Rock aro covered with stock
from all portions of Southern umo
tilla county, and unless tho hills far
ther south becomo baro very soon,
tho rango that Is being used in tho
Pilot Rock country as nn outlet, win
bo overstocked.
Matter of Great Concern to People of
West 'Virginia.
rinritHlnirir. w. Vn.. March 24.
Tlnolnnon tnnn nnil Others TOnreSOnt
1n 1. nH nrndlllllni, f1 H 1 1 tl M I1 R of
West Virginia met here toay in re
sponse to call and discussed uiu an
nation with, regard to tho supply of
natural gap and Its possiuio eximus
tlon. The urgont need of measures to
provont tho waBto of tho natural gas
product of Wost Virginia Is now gen
erally recognized and stops will bo
tnliitn in hi-lno Ihn Tnnttftr bOfOTO tllO
ntntn ir.crioint.irr with a view to hav
ing tho necessary legislation w pub
erty regulate tho production uuu
transportation of tho gas.
Son of Prominent Politician Was
Under Sentence of Death.
m i r 1. n.4 T? II 1 Till
uiruuueiiiun, muiuu --
Armstrong, son of tho Iato Colonel
Armstrong,- minister to -Brazil under
Cloveland, and under sentence of
death for tho murdor of his cousin,
Miss Alice Armstrong, hanged hlra
aelf in.- a coll at Tuskogeo today.
Will Buy Now Fire Engine.
TOniin -nrnn ..ni. ni The city
' I 1 1 1 liu.m, illftiWll - '
council last night decided to pur
chase a now chemical flro onglno at
a cost of fl.OBO and 1,000 feet of now
, Chicago Grain. .
Chicago, March 24. May whaivt
nnnnnrt fiQ nn,i ,inwi n.i. nbl July
opened 87 and cldsod 88 j new open
ed 8G and cloBOd 87. July corn
Blown Up by a Floating Mine
That Was Derelict in Port
Arthur Harbor.
Korea Undertakes to Keep Yongam
pho Open to the Commerce of the
World Firemen Are Being Ship
ped Into Port Arthur From Odessa
to Fight Fires Resulting From
Bombardments Captain Ivkoff
Accused of Selling Secrets to
Berlin, March 24. Tho Schles.
si8che ;Zcltung announces that it
was not tno uussian torpedo ooat de
stroyer Skori that was' blown up by
a floating topedo ln Port Arthur har
bor March 16, but tho armored cruis
er Bayan. Almost the entire crew of
700 was killed.
Modification of Import Tax
Defeated by a Strict Party
Vote in tho House.
Entire New Board of Managers
Named for National Soldiers' Home
Great Postal Carrying Graft
Discovered, Exposed and Shut Off
Alleged That General Brlstow
Manipulates Good Strong Graft for
His Family Secretary Taft Rec
ommends Pardon.
Firemen to Port Arthur.
Odessa, March 24. Twenty fire
men have been dispatched to Port
Arthur to deal with fires started by
the Japanese bombardments.
Russians Not Defeated.
St. Petersburg, March 24. Gene
ral Pflugg telegraphs from Mukden
today stating that there Is no truth
In tho report that Japanese have
crossed Tatung Pe Soa pass, or had
any engagement with the Russians.
Tho same applies to an alleged en
gagement at Port Arthur March 19,
in which COO Russians are alleged "to
have been kiled and wounded.
A Lio Yang dispatch states that
Kurapotkln is welcomed to the trans
Baikal territory by 'Llnevltch, In a
telegram saying tho troopB are thirst
ing for revenge.
Southern Manchuria and Southern
Korea are reported quiet.
Washington, March 24. Tho dem
ocratics tariff revisionists on the
house committee on ways and mcanB
made an assault on tfio Dingley bill
this morning. Williams demanded
a vote on his bill putting salt, hides
and other commodities on the freo
list. Got It and was defeated along
partisan lines.
Clark of Missouri, made a similar
demand ln behalf of his bill taking
tho tariff off twine, wood pulp and
agricultural implements. Ilia bill
was laid on the tabic.
Die of Plague at Bombay.
United States Consul Feo at Bom
bay, India, cables tho department
that his daughter is dead of tho
plague, and his wife baB been attacked.
Walla Walla Boy Confesses to Keep
ing Money Entrusted to Him.
Wnllii Wnlln. March 24. On n
chargo of falling to turn over post
office funds entrusted to his enro.
Ray York, mall carrier on rural
route No. 6, was nrrested lalo yoB.
terday Rftornoon by Postofllco In
onnrtnr ptnrlt. Thn nrrest wns tho
outcome of an Investigation made by
Inspector Clark on reports irom pa
trons of routo No. 5, that moneys en
trusted to young orK3 enro uuu
never reached their proper destina
tion. Tho young man was called Into
Postmaster Brunton'a prlvnto ofllco
yesterday afternoon after ho had
came off his routo nnd confronted
with a mass of ovldcnco accumulated.
lnstimil nr ilenvlnc thnt anything
was wrong tho young man Immedl
ntniv nu-nml mi that ho lind taken
money entrusted to him nnd made n
complete confession. When intorm
mi Mint lin must lm turned over to
tho United States authorities for tri
al, York nearly collapsed. IJito ibbi
evening ho was taken before Court
fYimmlsRlnnor Strone nnd bound over
to await tho action of tho grand
jury ln tho um of $500. Tho nmount
tnken will not exceed $40.
Well Known Painter of Milton Takes
Hlo Own Life Had Suffered In
tensely With Headache, Is the
Only Known Cause Left Wife and
One Small Child Funeral Tomor
Will Be Court-martialed.
St. Petersburg, March 21. It is of
ficially denied that Captain Ivkoff,
coramissariatt of tho department and
accud of being a Japaneso spy,
was shot as stated. He has been re
moved from tho service and Is now
under arrest awaiting court-martial
for selling information.
Tho work of rushing troops to tho
frontier proceeds regularly. Thfi
last of tho railway equipment for tho
lines of Manchuria passed Lake Bai
kal today.
Port Yongampho Opened.
Washington, March 21. Minister
Allen, at Seoul, cables that Port
Yongampho will bo opened to tho
trado or tho world by the Korean
government. Thousands of Rus'lans
have moved Bouth to tho Anju river,
but floating ice makes crossing diffi
cult. There have been a few en
counters but with Blight casualties.
Attack on Port Arthur.
Tnlfln Mnrrh 24. Admiral Togo's
report of the Port Arthur attack of
tho 22d has Jieon received. 11c says
the combined fleet acted according
t.lntv whllB thn destroyers wero
under nre, but sustained no damage.
The battleships Fuji and Yashiml
were directed to mane an indirect
linmimrrimont nuftlnst tho Inner side
of tho port. During this the enomy's
fleet came out to uraw us hcuiui
thnlr fnrts. Manv of their shells fell
near the Fuji, but the ships sustain
ed no damage.
Board of Managers.
Washington, March 24. Tho
house committee on military affairs
has authorized a favorable ronort on
a resolution selecting tho following
board of managers for tho Natlonnl
Soldiers' Homo: Martin MacMahon,
of New York; J. M. Holley, of Wis
consln: William Warner, of Mis
souri: W. U. Shatter, of California
II. II. Palmer, of Nebraska; Franklin
Murphy, of New Jersey.
Great Graft Exposed.
During considering of tho poatof-
rico appropriation bill in tho house
Robinson, democrat of Indiana, at
tacked the subsidy of $45,000 rec
ommended in tho bill for Oceanic
Steamship Company, for transporting
tho malls from San Francisco to
Tahiti. Tho appropriation lias here
tofore been sneaked through con
urcss In a cowardly manner.
Robinson then moved to strike on
the subsidy, which was dono.
Brlstow as a Grafter.
All members of congress in tho
mall today received cards printed on
both sides purporting to Bhow tho
record of Brislow as shown In tho
Franklin County, Kansas, directory,
Ho names himself and four relatives
on tho Rovernmcnt nay roll In an
aggregate sum of $9,700 per annum
Brlstow's partner, Henry Allen, is
candidate for congress.
Pardon Recommended.
Secretary Taft has recommondod
tho president to pardon General
Aquino, tho Filipino Insurgent court
martlaled for ordering Ave Ameri
can prisoners shot, resulting In tho
death of throe. He has served threo
years and denies having issued tho
Deny Having Yellow Fever.
Austin, Texas, March 24. Tho
health officers have received from
tho governor of Nuovo Leon, Mexico,
a denial of the report that yellow fo
ver uxlsts there.
San Francisco, March 24. In tho
Botkin trial today tho dofendant was
inqualifledly Identified by F. S. Gray,
. drug clerk, as tho woman to whom
he sold a quantity of arsonlc, Juno,
189S. Ho declared ho romombcreu
tho woman bocauso he had seen her
in tho store in company with John
Dunning, husband of ono of tho pris
oner's victims. This positive Identi
fication almost caused tho prisoner
to collapse.
Mrs. J. J. McGInnls, formerly clerk
In tho candy store, could not poal-
Hvnlir lilnntlfv Mrfl. Tlfltltln OS tllO
woman who bought the box of choco
lates. Ilolloved alio was, howovor.
Dotoctlvo Mcvey, or uover, tuu oi
flcor who worked up tho ovidonco ln
tho Knat. doniod that former Chief
of Pollco I.eea told him ho had or-
dorod Chomlat Wolfo to report no
1,0,1 rnnnii nnlRfin ln tho candy. Ho
also doniod ho had heard of a threat
mado by tho cook in tho Ponnlngton
family by placing poison ln tho cof
Trial of Hyde and Dlmond.
San Francisco, March 24. Freder
ick Hydo and Henry Dlmond wero
placed on trial before Court Commis
sioner Peacock this morning, charg
ed with conspiring to defraud tho
government of land, wboso value Is
estimated at many millions.
Inimodlately .after the oase was
called tho attornoy for tho govern
ment submitted the Indictment and
then said tho government would rest
its case. Tho defense objoctod, but
Gov. Peacock decided tho govern
ment could rest Its caso on the In
dlctmont without going to tho ox
penso of oral testimony, Tho ruling
will stand, despite tho protost of
counsel for tho defonso, who claim
a great lnjustlco Is being dono tholr
clionts, inasmuch as they aro called
to prove a negative fact, which doos
away with tho presumption of inno
conco and shifts tho burden of the
proof from tho government to do-fondant
Milton, March 24. William A
Jones, a well known citizen of this
placo, killed himself in his barn, yea
terday, about 5:30, by putting a bill
let through IiIb brain. A plBtol was
still clenched in his bond when ho
waB found by Mrs, Jones, who heard
tho shot and went to seo whnt was
the causa. Ho was dead when sho
reached him and no cnuso la assign
ed for tho deed, except that ho had
suffered Intensely all tho day before
with a Bovoro headache
Ho was u pulnter by trado and had
res ded in this city for Bovorni years
being an industrious man and appar
ently contontnd.
An Inquest was held today In
which It was decided that Jones
camo to hla death by his own hand.
Tho funeral will bo hold tomorrow.
Jonea leaves n wifo and ono small
Council Acts Upon Questions
That Have Excited Much
Comment and Argument.
Arrangements Completed for Having
Rlprapplng Replaced on the Levee
Webb Street Will Not Be Grad
ed, But the West End of Court
Street Will Be Wheeler Building
Ordered Closed Until Alterations
Are Made Clearances Around the
Pumping Station.
State Convention of the Order at Ev
erett, Wash,
Kverett, WaBh., March 21. A
hearty welcomo was accorded today
to tho delegates who assembled hero
from nil parts of Washington for tho
atnto convention of tho Ladles of tho
Maccabees. Tho gathering was for
mally opened in Fraternal hnll with
Mrs. Martha K. Stewart of Port An
geles presiding. Tho roll call showed
a full attondnnco of delegates rrom
nil tho local branches of tho order
throughout tho state
Tho convention, which will bo In
BCsalon Boveral days, will bo aildrcHS
od by Mrs. Lillian M. HolIlBter of
Detroit, supremo commander, unu
other prominent officers of tho order.
8pokane Home Ransacked of Over
$500 In Money and Jewelry.
Snokano. March 24. Burglars last
nleht secured Jowelry and money ag
gregating more than $500 ln valuo
from tho homo of David It. McCIuro,
ono of tho proprietors of tho Crystal
steam laundry.
Taking advantago of tho absonco
of tho family, who wero attending
servicos at tho Centenary church,
tho tblovos, somo time between tho
hours of 0 and 10:45-p. m ransacked
tho residence
No 8unday Closing.
Walla Walla, March 24. The city
council has passed up the Sunday
closing question presented by a list
of petitioners last week, aa not hav
ing BUttlclont bacKing 10 warrant action.
Tho council meeting did not lm
press Itself on tuo minus or nil or
the aldermen last evening, nnd na a
result there wna bnrely a quorum
present. Besides Mnyor Matlock,
Aldermen Ronii, Johnson, Wells and
Ferguson wore In attendance
Tlio first Horn on tho list was an
application Tor a renownl of tho
llaker & Garrison liquor license
which wbb granted.
The now firm of C. C. Ilrolllor and
T, I. Crowncr, who luivo bought tho
liquor business of II. A. Kllno, on
Main Btreet, asked that the Uconso
taken out by Mr. Kllno bu transfer
red to them until its expiration, May
1. Tho question provoked n llttlo
discussion, but was at last allowed.
Alderman Wolla, of tho Btreet com
mittee, reported that ho had had a
talk with 11. O. HnwkB about replac
ing tho riprap which ho bad tnkon
from tho top of tho loveo, and thnt
Mr. Hawks and doclded that ho
would roplaco tho rock. Owing to
tho high stngo or tho water, how.
over, ho aaked to wait until it was
more convenient to mnko tho re
pairs. TIiIb wns allowed by tho
council, with tho understanding that
tliu work bo dono before next winter.
Court 8treet Will Be Graded.
Tlio roixirt of tho commltteo which
has been Investigating tlio Webb
street controversy, put a quietus on
tho Improvement of thnt street. It
was discovered that thoro wero 36
milium on tho petition, which repre
sented an ownership of 7,500 front
feet on tho street. Ao tho longth of
tho street wna 11,000 feet, tlio peti
tion represented u majority of tlio
property owners, nnd tlio improvo.
inont could not bo forced. Tho sub
ject will bo therefore dropped, but
an effort will bo made to open Court
street and have It graded at tho low
er, or west end of tho city.
Tho property which would bo In
toroHtod In thnt part of tho city Is
owned by tlioso who, with tho ox-(-option
of ono or two, huvo nlrondy
Hlgnlllcd their willingness to stand
tho exponso, and It Ih thought by tho
council that there will bo no troublo
in having tho Improvement made. If
tlio street la opened 11 will give ac
cess to tlio city both from above and
below, so that tho condition of Webb
Btreet will have but llttlo effect on
tlio country triilllc, which was ono of
tlio main feattircH of tho wlHhod-for
Improvement of that Btreet. Tho po
tltlnn will bo circulated at once, and
tho ImproveinontH In tho stroot mado
whlio tho ground Is In good condition
for Btreet grading work.
Wheeler Building Condemned.
City Attornoy Cartor, at tho re
quest of tho city health olIlcorB, pro
Bonted a resolution to tho council,
condemning tho upper story of tho
Wheeler building, on Court Btrcot,
now used as a lodging houso. Tho
property la owned In part by Mayor
Matlock, and ho was uncortuln
whother or not tho resolution should
bu mado known to tho tonunt or tho
owners, and ln order to make no
mlstako, both wore incorporated. Mr.
Matlock put tho resolution, which
condemned his own building. Tho
placo will bo closed until It Ib bo al
tered as to comply with tho health
and flro regulations.
Thirteen Men Killed.
Berlin, March 24. Tho Flora vari
ety tbeator, boing demolished, col
lapsed today and 13 workmen woro
Snow and Landslldeo.
San Francisco, March 24.
Wrecks from landslides and
snowslides ln tho snowsheds
region In the Sierra Nevadas
$38,397.60 for a Leg.
Los Anceles. March 24. Anita
Knllv. a Now York society girl, was!
awarded $38,397.60 damages against j BaVo impeded progress on tho
tho Hotol Potter company, at Santa , a central Pacific, carrlod away
Barbara, for tuo iobs oi n log in uu o
elevator accident.
Concussion of the Brain.
Kansas City. March 24. A. V.
Morrill, a spectator, may die from
concussion of tho brain as a result
of a stream of wator striking him
that was intended for a fire,
telegraph wires and practical
ly cut off all telegraphic com
munication with tho East.
Two trains, ono freight and
ono wrecking, wero caught in
slides, but with no loss of
oponed 49, closed 40.
family, that ho Intonuou to km wu