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Tonight iiml Wednesday,
imrtly cloudy with showers.
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NO. 6001.
VOL. 17-
. . r :uJ
loth Graphically uesunueu
by Natives of Africa and
Participants in the War.
Instructive and very
loubert and O'Donncll Declare That
the Boer Cause Is Not Forever
Lost Nor by Any Means Abandon.
erf-They Aver That England Lost
twice as Many Men as the Com.
bined Forces of the Boers, and
That the Transvaal Will Yet Be
nm n. n. Joubert nnd Cant W. S.
IODonaell, two veterans of the Boer
wr, fSTe a most Interesting lecture
it the Fraier last night, to an en-
Itkasiastlc audience.
Tie sneakers treated of tho war
Items all Its three years of horror.
lui tram their talk it Is easy to be
is mat tne uoer repunnc is not a
Iufcj utogetner 01 tne past, ana mat
Tieitle time comes for their next
I inapt to regain tneir liberty tne
M -ho nro vol rnnni.
rww r 11 W 11 1 J J i' n 11 fl
mvtri tn rot Into thn flolri wilt ho
I found llrritln,- clrlo hv nlno irlth ns
fnipr nf tlio vnnni. pannpfltlnn no
I V w """ft few,. ..,
BIT ho lpft from tho r-nnr-pntrntlnn
ranps of the British, striving to re
fifn the liberty which they have
lost, yet three times won."
Both speakers were In command of
troopi, and told In graphic manner
of their experiences. They both
tontend that the Boer cause is not
lost; that the fight was given up for
time only because tho methods of
the British were exterminating the
Inraen ana cmiaren or tne lioers,
tui not the army The surrender
Hfl Tnarlo that trmcci nntil.1 lio coi'Arl
Ihat were lpft nf thpm nnrl Tint thnt
the Boprs mnlrl fliht no Innmr At
the close of the war there were 14S.-
ITJlrulSD ,orces ln the flel(J against
1 Boers- and still the war was
not at aB end,
The conflict started with 47,onn
lioers In the field and when it closed
tne South Afrioon t,.,i
7,000 men In vnioH .ii
?k n t . 5 romd nuiabers, 100,000 of
-c um.su ine greate8l logs of tne
I IlOerS was In tr, -. t.ii
rLWhJ, "If6 sl"yei ln tQe camps.
tV , l"em navlne perished In
those places during the war
I AS to tho pnlnnl.ln- it. .u
wes it is held by the lecturers that
l.r.7 . f. r, ra would v0 here
.h.d.tSfJ?lnr while
Pn.i..i . pan 18 m power ln
with thelr ,ove woW be
whL ,to aDli of thplr ulrUl ana
aTd.t-88 have suffered
ICverr in-r f.LdU5e 01 "berty.
I67. . "f th0 Kro"nd Is made
Inn wu, auu luey will
ic: 'l will th-
lltr tV LB Bna antl her brutal-
idoar ,o thn. ur,e ev?.r ronl.aln
EromM .i m ""Hn lno time
. n -!.fourth eff0" liberty
I oomo vprv ..,
I of tha h,.n 6 "J V1CWS are Bhown
the ..J"": aPd other futures of
ota was 2 . e ,ei!t!rtalnment in
kuilenrt ne Terr 'natrucUve to the
orr.r?etl0:Fee" the Of an
7an ,or th Coming Campalon.
f''tennyTmorerfrhh 22-U ,s Per
W CItV hJI, J fbe.t0 thRt th Ba.
nrch faction node 0baenrcr in a
lc'e 1 a mSr and tbe Chron-
Paper maae.
Hcrlber organ. conTeed
M,tchel' WmNot Run. I
-CriT March 22. I
tlonY fh-iVtlnucd Bug-
4I1 to. Vl b the
?Be Party ''-President of
1 a not . mornIng said.
"' omrndlaato fr any .
nomination ??w i01 aecept
at any tlmo." .
End of a Desperate Cattlemen's Feud
In Western Kansas.
Norton, Kan., March 22. Chauncey
Dewey and his two cowboys, Clyde
Wilson and William J. McBrido were
acquitted tonight of the charge of
murdering Burchard Berry by a Jury
which had considered the case 28
Chauncey Dewey, a young million
aire ranchman, went to Cheyenne
county Kansas, early In 1900, to man
ago the Dewey ranch. He became
Involved ln trouble with the Berry
family, who were also prominent
cattlemen. The trivial misunder
standings grew into serious differ
ences, which culminated ln the kill
ing of Burchard Berry in June, 1903,
at tho home of Alphcus Berry during
a fight ln which Dewey and 10 of his
cowboys were pitted against all of
the Berrys.
Dewey and his cowboys went to
tho Berry ranch to get a tank that
Dewey had bought in at sheriff's
sale. When the Deweys started to
take the tank away the Berry boys
rode up and a battle took place be
tween the two factions, ln which
Burchard, Daniel and Alpheus Berry
were killed.
Tasmanlan Regulars Disbanded.
Hobart, Tasmania, March 22. Ow
ing to numerous manifestations of
mutiny over pay grievances, the
Fourth British Tasmanlan forces
have been disbanded.
Train in River.
Oil City. Pa., March 22. The train
for the Allegheny Valley railroad Is
reported to be ln the river east of
Sandy Hundry, GO miles south. Doc
tors have been sent.
Court Orders the Room Cleared of
Women Spectators Who Act Un
seemly Mrs. Botkln Danced the
Cancan on the Chiffonier First
Witness for State Is Defendant's
San Francisco, March 22. District
Attorney Byrlngton made the state
ment for tho stato In the Botkin
case. When he referred to the orgle
In the flat occupied by John Dun
ning, (whoso wlto was ono woman
poisoned) and Mrs. Botkln, during
which Mrs, Botkln danced the can
can on the chlftouier, a number of
women, who composed the largest
part or tho spectators In the court
room, laughed aloud. Twenty of
them were Immediately expelled by
order of the court.
The first Important witness wan
Harry Pennington, brother of Mrs.
Dunning. He testified to taking the
packago or candy out of tho Pen
nington box In tho Dover postoffico
and carrying It home.
Necessities of Life Being Distributed at Government Ex
pense -6,000 Soldiers in Hospital.
St. Petersburg .March 22. Tho
(Trtvnrnmonf hnc npilprort trnlnn tn
distribute the necessities of life along
the trans-Siberian railroad, and thus
put a stop to tho rise in prices.
One result of the war has been a
tremendous revival ln the leather
trade, but other trades suffer heavy
At Odessa the financial crisis is
severe, at Warsaw, the clothing
iMitu to TiirnlvTOfV Tiosnlto thpsn
conditions the public response to the
request lor contributions to tne war
fund haB been remarkable.
Kuropatkln Arrived.
Irkutsk, March 22. General Kuro
patkln arrived last night and left for
Lake Baikal this morning.
Troops Arriving Dally.
Hnrhln Mnrrh 22. In the last 40
days about 20,000 troops have arriv
ed. Twelve thousand were aispatcn
ed to New Chwang, Port Arthur and
Mukden, and two thousand to Vladi
vostok. The greater part of the re
mainder are in Hospital.
the outbreak, but half brought muni
tions and provisions. It Is hoped
that next week troops will arrive at
tho rate of 1,000 dally. Thero is still
great disorder at Harbin Junction,
where fortifications are being made.
Port Arthur Fallen 7 ? 7
lxiiulon, March 22. A sensational
Tokio report to the effect tlmt Port
Arthur has been taken, Is given no
credence today. Tho Ico around 1.1a
Tung peninsula has not broken up,
henco It would bo Impossible for tho
Japanese to land a forco thero suf
ficient to prova a serious menace In
Port Arthur's rear. Without this
land attack It Is impossible to re
duce the fort.
Graft In Japan.
Tokio, March 22. Tho proposal
for tho government to creato a to
bacco monopoly is creating a polltl
mi Ktlr. it Is nllecptl certnln mem
bers of the diet agreed to support
tho movement to incrcaso compensa
tion to uo paid manuiaciurers mr u
umuci mu iu uubjiiuh
Of 33 military trains arriving since share In the increaso secured.
No Prospects of a Settlement at Sac
ramento. Sacramento, March 22. The situa
tion in the labor difficulties is prac
tically unchanged. The non-union
carpenters are still working, but con
struction work on all large struc
tures in the city has stopped.
The open shop policy was Inaugu
rated this morning, but the Citizens'
Alliance Is not crowding tne me in
bers would bo taken to ascertain
whether thoy re-engago Hov. Cart
wrlght another year or not.
True to tho instinct of human na
ture, the house was filled to Ub ut
most at tho service hour. Itev
nhllilors nreached a sermon on
"Brotherly Love," which seemed ap
proprlate for tho occasion.
At 12 o'clock the ofilcers wero call
Felt From Massachusetts Into Cana
dian Provinces.
Bangor. Me.. March 22. Profes
sor Knight, the widely known scien
tist, says thero wero ntno distinct
shocks of earthquake this morning,
covering a period of two hours. Tho
severest lasted 25 seconds.
Seasick From Earthquake.
South Fnrmlngton, Mass., March
oo Thn fofituro nf tlila tnnriilntr'A
earthquake shook was tho sonelck
iinss fnlt hv npoule for nn hour after
the tremors hnil passed.
Earth Quakes In Canada.
Montrnnl Mnrrh A slltrht
shock of earthquake was felt In the
province or ijiiciiee, ami niso in mow
Brunswick this morning.
Expected to Show Porto Rico the
Straight and Narrow Industrial
Now York, March 22. Samuel
Hnmnnrc rntltrnoil frimi Pnrtn Mll'll
this morning, whero ho made n close
study or labor conditions.
It is expected ho will mnko a sen-
antlonnl rmmrt ITo tlllnkH mnilt.
Hons can bo Improved DO per cent
in n snort tlmo, nut just now no win
not discuss at this tlmo. In Porto
Illco he was hailed na n labor mcs-
Sounded by the Missouri State
Convention to Elect Na
tional Delegates.
National Convention Will Declart
for the Gold Standard, Contlnua.
tlon of the Imperialistic Policy,
Adherence to Energetic Disposal
of the Canal Question, and Will
Make a Magnificent Straddle on
the Labor Issue,
Fire at La Grande.
Iji Orando, March 21. Fire hroko
out at midnight In tho ofllco of A. . ,, . j8tiltlln cftnai
Kansas City, Mo., March 22.
Thomas Alkuns, In charge of tho fed
eral Bub-treasury, nnd republican
Htnto chairman, on opening tho
Btnto convention for tho election of
delegates to tho national convention,
outlined tho national platform to be
protection, sound currency, tho early
a. Enlow, city water superintend. Jimt,co (( , nml mlHU. ftUk0i
ent, destroying all tho records of tho ,mrnntoonK cnl,ttal ond lnbor tholr
ofllco. Mr. Eiisiow wonted an my llhorpnl lliwflll rKi,tB nmi wm op.
vnstnnlnv c.n his nnnual report, which' ,,, , i.t.,.i.... f nini
wns destroyed.
been ordered.
An Investigation Una
resentatives to Work for Irrigation
The Government Should Be En.
couraged In Its Work of
matlon Umatilla County
Be Alive to Her Interests.
ori nnrl n business session convene
for tho abovo Btated reasons.
Ti.o nhloot nf thn mpptlnir wan
Alliance IS IlOl crowums me i"e - ;
viting of union men to go to work stated, and Mr. Inglo was asked for
.... . . . .l . . I ... . ...l.lnl. tin linM.'nfl ill, 11V
on ine Old terms, uuu uu nut - -
to extend the open shop to other Bible scenes, such ns tho dividing or p t sh ,d p d t8 R
trades at least at present. The the flocks because tho pastures were "ery t-ariy O"ou" rieoge i nop
irauea, ttt Jt,ai. F.v . ., . , , , rnnttlus to WorU for Irr n.ltinr
bulldlng Trades Council says It wni Bnort, and mo iwo no
not call the other trades out unless men because they couldn't both soo
the open shop is rorced on them. alike, when ono went ono way and
ono tlio other, gave in a oriei mm
. . ..r-.,-r- n.ciur. concise manner, hut thought Jis
aomti 'raPttt.rlrht nlunvs lma lieen offen
r- r,o.r in That VI- lvo to him, ho (Cartwrlght) should
Levees In Great Danger In That VI
clnitv I pastures and all, In other words, ho
o Mnrot, o?. xho river hadn't anvtlilnir to repent 01 or upoi
oav.ioiAi.-Mv. ....
! is at 20.2 and rising slowly. Most of oghe for.
t .. . ..... i ml. . m n I ,.n . 1 1 il II 1
tne iriuutariet oiu icwuuh. uiulxth auu uiuiui v
All trains aro running except on nite Bce a8 Mr. Inglo did, and gavo
the Marcus and Orovlllo branches. njm onu rnoro week to consider tho
!The high water in the river nas matter
I broken the piles driven at bdwards , no,iwriht confessed his
Lake and tho work of closing the wrongg and apologlzed. Tlio next in
.break is abandoned. It Is feared the ()rdcr vag Ul votlnff contest, hut
i.nni, ...ni lo oninrpoil lifilr a mile ..u, ....1.... ...
mean r ... mi,,, wr. vjariwrmni. bimilmi u"ifi i.
on thn smith Pnd bV tOnlgbt, AllO .... , ,...,,. tillrrolinilpil
... w. 111,, 11 lUlllOLtlllV.U
city levee hero Is perfectly nrm. ,( t,nrph nt tlil time, ho wouldn
" accept tho position though ho worn
BRITISH shim lusi. unanimously elected, nenco no voie
was taken and tho church 1 still
Her Wreckage Found Off West Coast wjthout a preacher.
Problem That Arises From Dispos
session of the Friars.
Home. March 22. The pop" nas
ordered Archbishop Ouldl. the apos
tolic delegate to tho Philippines, to
investigate the claims that America
should pay indemnity to tho ramllles
of Filipino priests alleged to have
been maltreated and killed by Amer
ican soldiers during tne lorcioio uis
posscssion of tho friars of their
Vancouver Island.
Victoria, B. C, March 22. It
Oreoon Ore Exhibit Shipped.
Baker City, March 22. Tho Ore
gon ore exhibit to the S Iuls ex
position, was shipped irom win -.ij
last night. It consisted of 198 cases
and required a car to transport U
to tho fair. It was gathered largely
from Eastern Oregon, altnougn some
of the best specimens came from
tho mines of Josephine, Jackson and
Douglas counties.
Contract Signed Up.
Indianapolis, March 22.-Tho min
ing contract for the Central district,
covering tho working conditions of
177,000 miners for the next two
years, was signed by the operators
and miners this morning.
Gold In Tibet.
St. Petersburg, March 22. Tho
Novosto declares tho real secret or
tho British Tibetan expedition la the
discovery of immensely rich gold
deposits In Tibet, second only to
Leading Merchant Dead.
San Francisco, March 22. Adam
Orant, ono of tho best known mer
phnnto o tho Tntflp Coast, and a
. u uu k ti u v.
member of tho wholesale dry goods
house of Murphy, Grant & w.. "luu
this morning of old ago.
Parliamentary Election.
Dublin, March 22. Waldron, na
tionalist, was elected to parliament
today oyer Matheson, unionist. .
now almost certain the British ship! - -
"amorna is lost, with all aboard, off Objected to Having His Repose
the west coast. Indians today re-1 turbed by a Steady Roomer,
ported finding B T rnEnv nn,, .Tn,ln naldroch wero
7Sm report bare. and pof'up against tho law this morning for
and aiSO rt-iwri T1' .....i knlhi, Hltrl,n,1 thn narn Iiml d IT-
a ship's outfit and w, f "r""- ,'C i .iMn. houso
.m off CaDO Beal. Tne inaians . ' .....
Ww a big ship close to shore , uaiarecu nas ueen a rooi iur at lUu
ri;rnv r.ll'ht: nOU80 IOr BOmO lIDiq, HU I II.
. - n cr whnn hn Uftnt ItlTfl II1R rOOIIl.
. , u found Caeey In h!a bed. Ho ordered
thn nlaco and
March 22. Tho funeral
wan tnlfl thnt thn nour roomer had
of the Duko or Cambridge was held) ,d for bu JodgIng ana WOuld ro-
In Westminster ADby mis morunB. mam Daidrcch insisted and Casoy,
imM ereat ceremony. Too
rnnnt was made In Kcnsal
Presidential Appointments.
Washington, March 22.-Tbo presl
dent today nominated Norman Hutcn
Inson, of California, as secretary or
the legation at Caracas, and M"ard
o.i,.t.io nf TTnwall. to be collector
of customs ln that territory.
Rev. Cartwrlght Declines to Preach
Another Year.
-. . . . .. v. oo frhn fnrt wr! L'ht
million, luuiwu, . ,
Inglo affair, which has been closed
to the outside world for the last few
ilnvD WOO HvPil fin airing last Sun
day In the ChrisUan church.
On Saturday tne wora m tm-u-lated
around that Ingle would make
., ..nnfriDDlnn llTlll rPDfint Of blS OCtS
In the affair and a vote of the mem-
who (a Irtuh anl hnt.fpm npred. Hit hQ
testified in court, arose from his ro
pose and smote the old-time renter
In the race. Furniture, uouuing aim
profanity filled the air for n time,
and when tho scene changed tho
stage was set In tho police court.
Judge Fltz Gerald fined Casey 5
for getting Into another's bed, and
fined Baldrech 3 for causing a dis
turbance In a lodging house. Both
men went to Jail.
Milton Property 8old.
Laura E. Davis and husband and
other owners, havo sold to F. B.
Steen for $2,250, all of block 1 In
Nichols' addition to Milton, transfer
ring with tho property the right to
.. . . wn
tne ireo uso or waier irum iuu m..- u. ... - -------
ton city waterworks for both domes- resigned from tho board, leaving an
OnH If flfrattncr tl BA I It 1 H Tin VI ! I ULULT 1ltlCU 1UI UUIVluut
mains of the water company.
nortinnH Mnmh 22. The Indict- uoased the papers.
monts against Judge George A. Hart- The investigation Into tho other
man and Joe S, Parkes, of Pcndlc- cases Is progressing slowly. It will
,, i , l rAntilra Envnr.l Anvu to oomoloto tho
ton, were aismisseii itxa. c.cuiugi uv.v.. " w.w
thero being no evidence of any intcn. examinations and It Is thought now
tinn nf fraud or complicity In the that more witnesses will be Bum-
land transactions ln which they wlt-jmoned Irom Umatilla county.
,ioao lllnr-nl nfimhlnntlnnH nf ennttnl
organized for tho purpoHo of fixing
rotes nnd stilling comiKitltlon, and
rejoloo that tho position or tho pres
ident linn been susinined ny uio bu
preme court In tho Northern Securi
ties caso.
"I hopo tlint Umatilla county re
incnibcrH tho subject or Irrigation In
ovory ono or her political platforniH
tills year," Bald I). C. Ilniwnoll, or
Umatilla, to tho East Orogonlan to
day. "I seo tho republicans or Morrow
county rorgot to mention Irrigation
In their county platform, nlthougli
thoy havo a portion of tho Echo Ir
rigation tract In their county, uml
will probably reap ns great a bono
fit as Umatilla county from tho gov
ernment work on this tract.
"Tlio government should ho en
couraged In ovory possible manner.
The pooplo Bhould remember Irriga
tion, ploilgo their roproHnntutlvoH to
tho leglHluturo to work for an Irriga
tion law, recommend co-oporauoii
with tho government In
wnrlf. nnd allow that tho
ptogroHs Is nllvo In the west.
"It Is not a political question,
nvorv nnrtv Rhould ho nrotid to men
tion this groat subject in Hh plat
form, nnd Hliouid no proim in uie;v
men (o tho legislature, pledged to
work for this causo. No matter how
brier tho platform may bo, thero
should bo an Irrigation plank In It.
Prove to tho government thnt Uma
mi,, wmntv in nllvn tn her Intcrostu
and ready to accomplish what Hob
now In easy roacn, tnrougn irrigation."
Who Will the Governor Appoint to
Succeed G. A. Wettgate7
ir v MattoiL- hnu rnlnrnerl from
wooi'a vlult tn Portland, whero ho
attendod tho meeting of tho Orogon
stato board of agriculture. Tho
meeting bad been called to elect a
president in piaco 01 uoorgo unuiiu.
Icr, of Baker City, whoso terra as a
mntntmp nr int. nnani nun exuireii.
Mr. Matlock being appointed by tho
governor to nil mo vacancy.
W IT TViwntntf. nf Ralem. was
eloctod to tho ofllco of president, bo-
nc t.,o o.ioar mnm.ipr nr rue iKiurd.
G. A. Westgate, of Albany, has slnco
Republican Central Committee Meets
and Fixes Dates.
Tho republican county committee
met this nftemoon nt 2 o'clock nt tho
court hoiiHO, to consider tlio dato for
tho primaries. Tho ImBls of ropro
Huntntlon to tho county convention
and the Blnto mooting aro matters to
bu settled. It Is thought thnt the
representation will ho put on about
thn sanio linals iim that of two years
The committeemen who wore ex
pected to lio present woro:
AilniiiH, W. M. llaliorj Alhn, .A S.
Quunt; Athena, N., U. I Barnott;
Athoua, S K. U. Cox; Bingham
Springs, A. S. Thompson; cotton
wood, (loorgo (linn; Echo, J. II.
Kooutas; Encampment, J. II, Baker;
Fulton, J. 11. llniiKoomb; (lllllland,
(ieorgo E AiIiiiiih; Iloguo, Joe Arkol;
ilollx, II. II, Itlchnrils; Juiilper. Ken
eth Mcltno; McKay. II. A. Faxon;
Milton, S., (Iiih Wlnltlor; Milton, N.,
N. V. Mumford; Mounlaln, Charles
E, Wells; Pilot Hock, William Fol
hoiii; Poiidlotoii, John Bryant; Pon
dleton, N., ThomiiH Thompson; Pen
illelon, H., u. O. Fnizler; Pendleton,
E., F. S. Curl; Prospect, John Dun
can; IloKcrvallim. J. M. Coruellaim;
lludilock, E. S Wilbur; Union, A. B.
Cooloy; Umatilla, H. A. 8aylor;
Uklnh, T. P. (lllllliind: Valloy, Frank
K. WoIIh; Vancyclo. J. I. Joy; Vln
son, Donald Hobs; Weston, O. 0. Tur
....... u',.oi,,n i.: H A Harnos: Wll-
I ill mil I uvi i ,, ...., . -- ---- .
ItH nohlo low SjirliigH, Harry Whlltiiuer; too-
Bplrlt of.kuin, II. F. I.ano.
Tho committed iixon mo iiasm ui
representation to tlio county con
vention, nt ono ilologato to every 30
votes ciiHt for supremo Jmlgn In 1902,
with ono ilologato nt largo, which
miikeB thn total number of delegate
The prlmarloH will ho hold on April
2, and tho county convention will
meet In thltt city on April 9,
uc bdq irrigating use. iuib yririi- . . r. .
ego is given In exchange for a right lain to fill thereon. Just which part
nf wbv nvpr fhn nrnnfirtv for tie Of the State will got thO appoint-
lAlOMV WIHVVVt w . "
em Oregon baa but one representa
tive and Is really entitled to more,
.,. It ! nrnhohlo tllflt thn crnVOmOr
will see the unbalanced condition or
tho ropcsentatlon and appoint an
Waatom Hrpfrnn man.
Another meeting will be held In
William U. Hearst's new Boston
rumor, thn "Iloarst Boston American
and New York Journal," made Its
first appearance Aiarcn zi. it was
thorauehlr characteristic, and com
prised 24 pages,
Testimony of a Man Who Hat Been
n Webfooter Many vear.
anlnrilnv A. ilrOBS. Of BrOWnSVlIIO,
Or., nrrlved In Athonn, Ho has como
to visit nt uio norno in mo n. w.
tir n n it I.. 1871 Mr llrOHS IHUl
w, ..Minn, i ---- ..
Tom Kirk camo no from Brownsvlllo
nnd Bottled nt Athena.
"My two hoyH, (loorgo and Jorr,
ai.riml hern In Athena without a
cent nnd now they nro both well
off," said Mr. Gross. "OoorBo has
' to.., oronnrtv and a
conBHinrnuiu mwu ...........
fine 800-acro ranch near Athena, ana
Jefferson, who now lives nt Walla
Walla, also owns a largo ranch.
Though I havo been down In
oo for thn nast 11 years, I like
Eastern Oregon best. I tWnk Un
ti a county is a uuu
.. mnn who wants to get ahead
and Is willing to work."
Two Townships Withdraw.
Washington, March 22.
Two townships or land have
been withdrawn from Bottlo
ment on tho headwaters of
Butter Creek, for the pur
pose of protecting tho sources
of water used for Irrigating
tho arid lands of the western
portion of Umatilla county.
Two townships havo also been
withdrawn from Tho Dalles
land dlstrlst adjoining.