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Jin l. otelso
is list
is the
last day
Irrigation In the West Is manifest
ly on the up-trend.
Tho first boom In building largo
Irrigation works at tho West was at
Its height 15 years ago. The Invest
ment was then very popular and
Eastern and foreign money readily
responded to tho call of the promot
ers. With only a few exceptions
ovcry Western state and territory re
ceived the benefits of this expendi
ture. Dut this development proved dis
appointing on the side of coloniza
tion. It was found that nrld land.
worthless without water, was still
without practical valuo after tho wa
ter had been Drovlded unless thero
was a man thero to till tho soil. And
this man did nit come In sullicieni
As an Investment, Irrigation lapsed
Into unpopularity ana tho active
eamnalcn of reclamation by means
of private enterprise came to an end,
Since then two tnings nave nappen
Tho tido of settlement has caught
up with Irrigation. There is now but
little vircln soil onon to the home'
seeker except In tho valleys of the
arid region. Furthermore, tho people
have become educated as to tno mer
its of the irrigated farm. Thev un
derstand whnt It means to have their
crops Insured by tho ditch. They ap
preciate tho advantages of self-sufficiency
and of near neighbors offer-
el by the small, diversified irrigated
farm. So they aro moving into nil
tho places prepared for them by tho
enterprise of other years.
California Is getting many of tnem.
Hut Just how many will not bo known
until another census is taken. The
railroads report that thoy brought
350.000 people to California during
1903, of whom only 90,000 had return
One hopeful report comes from the
nowiy-reclalmcd desert In tho eastern
part of San Diego county. On January 1 Smythe.
1, J'.iOl, there was not a single white
mnn In tho neighborhood. On Janu
nry 1, 1902, thero was only a camp
of a dozen surveyors. January
1903, saw a population of about 2,000
while January 1. 1904. finds nbout b
000 on tho ground. They aro still
coming very rapidly and another
year Is likely to disclose an oven
larger gain.
Tho beautiful Yakima Valley In
Eastern Washington is witnessing
similar growth. Indeed, this holds
tvuo of many parts of tho Pacific
Northwest drained by the Columbia
river and Its tributaries, including
Eastern Oregon and Southern Idaho.
The Rocky mountain states are
finding a strong demand for their ir
rlgated lands. Wyoming, Colorado,
Utah and New Mexico aro gaining
recruits very rapidly. And, perhaps,
more encouraging than nnythlng else
Is the nctivlty of settlement In tho
long-neglected state of Novada. Hall
road and mining development have
much to do with It, but Novada Is al
so the beneficiary of tho general
movement of population to Irrigated
Tho lesson of all this is that the
Inauguration of tho new national ir
rlgatlon policy is well-timed and that
the duty or saving the public, lands
for actual settlers presses urgently
upon congress. It can no longer be
claimed that tho people do not crave
homes in tho West. They arc clam
orlng at the doors of this great em
nlre and every aero that tho govern
ment shall reclaim will bo promptly
taken by those who aro ready to cul
tlvnte the soli In good faith.
If we have needed the speculator
in the past as a sort of advance agent
of prosperity wo need him no longer.
The land laws under which ho has
grown rich should be repealed and a
true homestead law put in place of
them, so that no one except the ac
tual settler can get possession of
this public property. William E.
Sweaters for
Monday, class night. Thurs
day and Saturday, classes from
7 to 9 o'clock. Socials from 9
to 12.
Children's Matinee, Saturday,
The French
Best 25 cont Moal in the City
Private Dining Parlors
Elegant Furnished Rooms in
633 Main Street
A wounded soldier in a dwelling
Is a protection thereto.
Wounded or sick shall be cared for
by friend or foe.
Warring nations have the right to
confiscate all movable property be
longing to tho enemy.
Private property may be seized
when necessary.
Property of tho enemy In a friend's
ah In m n r Kn nnliarl
Property of a friendly nation In an I
I enemy's ship should Do returned if
, seized.
The Blood Aflame with, an Itching
Humor that sets the
Skin on Ftrc.
Six years ago my wife .hod a breaking-out below
her knees. At first red. bumps appeared, but soon
white, husky scabs oamo, and when those would
ahnri nfl thn nlnnn lianamA red nnain. and WOUld
Itch and bum so that she found it Impossible to
sleep. At times a yellow water ran from tno
bumps, and. it kept getting worso and worso.
Our family physiolan pronounced It Eozema, and
prescribed ointments and powders, but It kept
spreading, breaking out on her body and arms,
and almost olosed up her ears The druggist at
Garner told ma to trv 8. B. S.. whloh she did. and
after taking several bottles was cured, and Is well
to-day and has been for years.
Qarner, o. w. a. auuu 1 i.
Object of Bonded Warehouses is fori 0n.th,e high seas the right to
. ... ... search for contraband of war is un-
Storage of Liquor Under Govern- clenled and does not Infringo on neu-
ment Bond exclusively will Mean tral rights
Large Expenditure for Portland
and Also Large Corps of Employes.
"Tho establishment at Portland of
a bondell warehouso for tho United
States internal revenue service,"
said David M. Dunne, colector for
the district to the Oregon Dally
Journal, "will fill a much needed
want In tho Northwest and will mean
much to tho business interests of
Portland and the state. The internal
revenue service has no bonded ware
house In the Northwest at tho pros-1 jea to capture
ent lime, 'ine nearest is at
Further than the notification that
a warehouse Is to bo -established at
Portland, Collector Dunne has re
ceived no Information regarding tho
Institution and Is, therefore, not in a
position lo give out particulars.
"It will bo for the solo purpose of
storing liquors and wines, subject to
tax," ho said.
Throughout the country bonded
warehouses are fow In number. In
Kentucky, whero n great deal of
whisky Is distilled, there are several.
Their establishment ana mnnago-
meat Is under the Jurisdiction of tho
trvlsury department.
E- .... . .
liy means or .tno uonueti warenouso
system manufacturers of liquor may
store their products and arc not
obliged to pay tho revenue tax until
tho whisky is taken from tho place.
Asldo from tho payment of storage
rates the distiller Is not obliged to
put up any money and has tho use of
funds that otherwlso would have to
bo expended in payment of tho tax,
until ho is ready to place his product
on tho market. In a majority of cases
liquors that aro aging aro stored in
a bonded warehouse.
Asldo from allowing tho producer
tho uso of the rovenuo money until
his liquor Is ready for tho market,
tho bonded warehouso is a tcstfmonl
al of tho purity of tho goods. The
term "bottled in bond" is used by the.
distiller as a guaranty of tho gcnu
Ineness of his wares
Tho construction or tho ware
house," said Mr. Dunne, "will mean
nn expenditure of quite a sum of
money and conduct of tho establish
ment will necessitate a considerable
corps of employes.
An enemy's commerce under neU'
tral disguise has no claim to neutral
An attempt to cover contraband
of wnr from selzuro identifies a neu
tral ship with the 'belligerent sho
tries to protect.
Neutrals may sell to either bollig'
erents any articles thoy desire to
Furnishing money to belligerents
Is not a breach of neutrality.
ArmB and ammunition may bo
shipped to a belligerent from a neu
I'flt port by a neutral subject, sub'
San ei ent.
It Is a bicach of neutrality for one
sovereign to recruit in anothers
Sending armed ships to belligerent
ports for sale Is permissible, but
such ships may bo seized by tho op
posing belligerent.
It Is permissible under the neutral
ity law to leavo tho United States
with Intent to enter bolllgerent sorv
Ico. It is against tho law of nations
to permit men to enlist before leav
ing tho country.
A foreign minister enlisting men
in this country may be expelled by
tho president.
The attempt of ono government to
enlist troops in nnotnor country
without permission Is cause for war.
For a neutral to permit a belllger
ent to fit out in his ports to cruiso
against tho other belligerent is a
breach of neutrality. ..
6ds taken twit of care of. Lean
srdera at Ttutuch'. Those Main 1271. lug for sick or wounded.
International Law Covering All the
Questions of Rights and Prlvl
Formal declaration of war Is not
Notico of bombardment Is glvon
when admissible to let noncombat-
ants escape. It Is no Infraction of
tho common law of wnr not to notify
the enemy.
Bombardment of unfortified towns
s not permitted by tho law of na
tions unless tho Inhabitants npposo
tho enemy.
Ambulances and military hospitals
containing sick or wounded aro neu
tral property and shall bo prolected
by either bolllgcront.
Tho neutrality ceases when armed
forces shall occupy either.
Surgeons, nurses and attaches of
hospitals or ambulances shall enjoy
tho benefits of neutrality when car-
Traveling Man Dumbfounds Clerk In
a Spokane Hotel.
Clerk Armstrong of tho Hotel Kid
path has met with about all tho
queer vicissitudes of tho avorago
clerk, but tnls morning ho was treat'
cd to something that mada his eyes
blink and caused him to wonder if
bis oyeslght was deceiving him or If
ho had suddenly beon transmigrated
to some other globe, says tho Spo
kano Press.
A traveler camo to tho hotel this
morning. Ho looked as most travel
ers do with nothing out of tho ordi
nary about him. Hut ho -roglstored
from Heaven. That struck tho clerk
as being queer and ho gazed at tho
name, J. B. Markwoll, then at tho In
dividual, who signed It, all tho tlmo
keeping himself in' readiness tn
dodgo In case tno man showed signs
of distemper.
Armstrong was too dumbfounded
to Inquire as to whether Mr, Mark
well had coma via tho hot air line or
Hying ruachlno routo until tho man
from Heaven left tho office An in
vestigation was started.
Things becamo moro puzzling than
over until thoy wero cleared up by a
traveling mnn volunteering tho in
formation that Markwell was from
Horse Heaven, a stretch of country
about a hundred miles long down, in
tho Columbia river section of tho
Eight Persons Make Up Average
Family, With an Annual Income of
An nnalysls of tho avorago Hub-
Eczema, the most common and terrible of all skin
troubles, begins sometimes with a slight redness of the
skin, which gradually spreads, and as the inflammation and
itching increase, the entire system is thrown into a restless.
ievensn condition, ooon nme watery blisters or
pimples break out, from which a clear liquid or
yellow fluid is discharged, which forms thick crusts
and sores, or falls off in fine particles or scales,
leaving the skin raw and tender, or hard and dry
like parchment. Eczema attacks most frequently
the legs and arms, back and chest, face and hands,
and is a disease that comes and goes in the earlier
stages, but is a perpetual torment and constant
annoyance when chronic. At times the itching and
stinging is so great that the sufferer, driven almost
to distraction and fortured beyond endurauce,
scratches and rubs till the skin is broken and bleeds;
but this only aggravates and spreads the disease.
The humors and poisons that produce the itching eruption, roughness and redness of the
skin, must be rooted out before there is complete relief from the terrors of Eczema.
Nothing applied externally does any permanent good, for whenever the blood is overheated,
or the skin is reacting during Spring and Summer, the disease breaks out again. You
can't rely upon washes, soaps and salves, or such tnings as are applied to the surface, for
they do not reach the seat of the trouble, which is internal and deeply implanted in the
system ; the blood is aflame with the itching, burning humors, which are carried by the
circulation to the surface and are being constantly forced out through the glands and pores
of the skin, and you can never heal the sores or stop .the aggravating eruptions with ex
ternal applications.
lo neutralize the acids 111 the blood and expel the humors and poisons is the only wav
to get permanently rid of this torturing skin trouble, and no remedy known does this so
quickly and thoroughly as S. S. S. It purifies the blood and restores it to health, and the
outbreak of the poison through the skin ceases, and the sores and eruption gradually
disappear. S. S. S. builds up the thin acid blood, makes it rich and strong, and restores
to it all the elements of nutrition, and drives from the circulation all impurities; and
under the tonic effect of S. S. S. the general system is invigorated and toned up, and you. '
not only get rid of j-our old skin trouble, but the health is benefited in every way. S. S. 8.
being a strictly vegetable medicine, acts gently, leaving
no bad after-effects, as do Arsenic, Potash and other
minerals which are usually prescribed in skin diseases.
Eczema cannot be cured by anything applied to the
surface of the body; the blood must be purified and the
cause removed, and in no other way can this deep-seated
skin disease be reached. If you have Tetter, Psoriasis,
Salt Rheum, Nettle Rash, or any form of Eczema, you
will find S. S. S. does its work well and thoroughly, and relieves the itching and burning,
soreness and pain, and soon produces a lasting cure.
Write us, and medical advice or any special information desired about this King of Skin
Terrors will be given without charge. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC COMPANY, ATLANTA, Gfs
sian peasant's family in the prov
inces of Russia, and their economic
conditions, is as follows:
Average farmer's family consists
of eight persons.
Annual gross rovenuo from all
sources, $212.20. Of this, $106.0S is
In monoy and $107.12 Is In farm
produco at its cash value.
Of tho cash, $48.80 goes to pay tho
taxes and rent for lanu, leaving $5t.
28 for clothing, tea, sugar, oil, Im
plements, furnlturo and necessaries
for eight persons.
Tho avorago family spends $8.81
annually for clothing, $1.9G for tea
and sugar, $1.64 for household furnl
turo, $1.20 for salt, 88 cents for kero
sono, 39 cents for soap, 4 cents for
articles of personal comfort.
Tho Russian minister of flnanco is
said to have narrowly escaped a de
ficit last year, and wnrned all heads
of departments to tako energetic
measures to provont further lncreaso
of expenditures this year.
South Dakota Socialists.
Sioux Falls, S. D., March 15. Tho
socialists aro the first of tho political
parties in the field In 'South Dakota
this year. Thoy assembled In stato
convention here today to nominnto a
full congresionnl and stato ticket.
The party will wage a long and ag
gressive campaign with a vlow to
malting tho best possiblo showing nt
tho polls next November.
Gt is Fine
To all of my Frlonds nnd Patrons:
I tako pleasure In Introducing to
my friends, Drs. L. L. and T. H. I
White, to whom I have sold my den
tal business In this city. I thorough
ly recommend tho Drs. Whlto as first
class dentists in every respect, and
will esteem It a favor for any of my
patlonts to placo their cases In tho
hands of tho Drs. White.
IN 1 and 2 LB.
Fourteen thousand coal miners In
Iowa will probably go on strike soon
unless tho operators make wago con
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of 904 patterns
is now In
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Successor to P. P, Collier
The East Oregonlan Is Eastern Or
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is the advertising medium of ni