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( U your " " f.ed t0
f"' 'lfied C0'Umn8 '
UK 'M Ian.
I ,he East or
NO. 1)9(J.
lepresentative Gathering De-
cided to lmjuim, mo uuu.
of the Law.
Ipecial election will
Lir, Impartial and Comprehensive
Dtbate Resulted In the Board Be
ing Instructed to Call an Election
to Vote Upon a $62,000 Bond Prop-cjltloh-lmperatlve
Needs of Bet
ter and more extensive Accommo
dations Shown.
Ipssp Falllns. tlio veteran chair-
Uan ot the school board, culled nbout
100 representative taxpayers or me
tit to order last night at 8 o'clock
or the discussion of tho question of
whether to bond or not to bond. For
tvo hours tho question was discuss
ed In atl of Its phases and but one
iirprise was sprung: there was no
opponent to the bonding proposition.
Some oojectlons wero Taiseu to tne
jlan adopted, but not to tho general
imposition. Those wno last year
ight the proposition to a finish and
.eattd it at the polls; those who
A utd much and voted, and those
no had tali little and voted, came
Into line and not only seconded the
request ot tie school board for $30,-
000, tul tapped Its ban., and nut a
151000 let before tho people all
that the law will allow.
u. m. ...... ,i
nr. ncrec aiaies xne uuesiion.
Walter Pierce addressed tho meet
!l on the schools, their growth In
He last five years and their needs.
He showed that tho attendance had
tabled, that thfl phllilrnn worn nnnlr.
Ed Into the rooms llltn fmrillnna In n
, that buildings were Illy ventl
ited and heated, and also run down.
e pointed out that .the levy for tho
itnool district tux wna nnt no hi eh
It had been In years past, even
.ft lkn J ... . .. .
r uid uouuio attendance; that tho
Renses were lower in many ways.
Li,, u uewissny mat me
MUlngs be provided.
ItJ tW ,u ,0ctober' an no
ntered the whrmu ,v, .i...
iry term opened wimn n.r
h. o. 9 "'K" 8cl100'. wure
ro 130 m.nl Is In y. "oro
teachers to i J nn"
Thorn hml i
ears, and the board now m,l ,,or
Norv mw -,."."":u.1 "mn und
- -v..i.a uvui iimn mn.n i. .
t llzed nniii . .' tu "a" ,CQ"
It Was nnt n ..
hn,;.r . ucsun or a site with
Nlnuanco or tLR 1,1"i3llon ,)f
IT Place In ,nn T. ', "uu".1 n('H.t
ttpayers. ""snaied by the
In ordpr in ..
n ml. ""a? Issue before.
60.7a ?a .L&1 that
iuo of ; totzr 10 cal1 ror
I "'scusslon.
'bS0nRWIJBth0? Kll,,"ra11
lln. Dr. W o nder' K a
. Dr. C A. D, Still-
T- G. Hallev T,', i 1 ' w- VIn
,n1 George a w,ud.R0 S' A
Ul were in r Harllnan.
1 nr n. ? fttvr of a bond in
I m.000 Si l? .mal0 tno
b"'W elthe lZ 30-9?. ud
or two el.hi IT"" 1,B-rom
mot on wa1 . nouses.
wh .", fayred by all of
.,:.,"VURB on the niiMtinn uV
Low. h .ovenln
Mse Lowell ,r Wderatlon.
M'WOO or' 0 ''t that to ask
.""aauro: ZMlm b to kill
"Worse that am ,,, 4peon'e would
M a good ? , at tho Polls.
and Its S b0 founI, but
. h'r aettoJ: Th0,r, "0manfl8
mhusia iBT5v:iw not
. ZzUI 'ho moment
run away with tho hopes of Its suc
cess. Ho know the sentiment ot tho
town, and ho did not think that tho
people would stand for such an add
ed burden.
Tho board must romembcr, nnd tho
people did, that it was not alone a
question of school tax; It was a
question of bearing the burden of the
state, tho municipal, the county and
the district taxes. All had to bo
borno, and besides, It was wrong to
think that an enormous bond debt
could be voted, because the children
of tho present generation and their
children would have to pay It. That
spirit was the curse of tho western
Tho speaker was In favor of build
lng smaller buildings in different
pnrts of tho city, of rearranging the
school population, and of asking for
a smaller bond issue.
Decision Was Reached.
The question was then put and It
was decided to be the sense of tho
meeting' that tho board bo authorized
to call for JC2.000 in bonds, to tnlio
up tho floating debt, and to build
oithor ono 10-room building, or two
eight-room buildings.
The property across the road from
the Lane school was named as ono
acceptable slto for the construction
of a building, and a part of a block
near tho ball grounds, between Alta
and Court, was recommended as the
other. The board wll look over the
grounds and make a recommendation
In tho near future as to tho place
of building, and will the make a call
for tho issuo.
" 0,rke, or N . ..
henln. a '"day until c. ......
!oteona Z00 n'nors win
the &aItlon to stm"
tMy dpnio ohn MUoh.
Iven v.: . aeclared i, ... .
Lro anael0,f0rla avert
Pen i? a now its ,,
urns wr8'vcs, -Tll0" "
Socialist Candidates All Defeated,
But a Strong Vote Was Cast.
La Grande, March 15. The city
election passed off quietly yestorday,
the following candidates being elect
Mnyor, J. E. Foley, 289 plurality
over the socialist candidate; William
C. Miller, recorder, 55 plurality over
tho socialist; L. Rayburn, marshal,
159 majority over socialist; E. J.
Walsh, treasurer, 83 majority over
tho socialist. Independent republi
cans wero eloctcd to all the positions
excopt Ed Walsh, a democrat, for
treasurer. The total vote was C47,
The division was on tho .g&mlillng
question, 1K6 mnr'shal being against
and the mayor for open gambling,
Tho socialists cast over 100 votes
and made closo calls for councllmcn
In all three of the wards.
Tho question of bonding the city
for S25.000 for a new court house and
city hall carried by a majority of
Resigns From Commission.
Fort Worth, March 16. Former
Governor Stanley, of tho Indian Tor
ritory, has resigned from the Dawes
Sheep and Wool In the Best Condi
tlon, the Fleeces Averaged Heavier
Than Last Year, the Quality is Al
so' Better, , and It Is Cleaner and
Charles Cunningham has returned
from a visit to his sheep ranch at Pi
lot 'Rock, whero ho has finished
shearing his bucks and ewes. He
roports tho sheep and wool to bo in
tho best of condition, and from one
to two pounds heavier to the lleeco
than last year's clip. It is also a
better grado of wool than was shear
ed laHt year, und Is cleaner.
Mr. cunulngham reels sorry ior me
woolbuyers who failed to mako any
monoy last year ou their buys, and
who are depending on paying less for
their wool this year.
He thinks that if they made llttlo
last year they will make less this, if
they glvo n lower figure, for ho does
not think that the growers will con
sent to sell for a lower figure, and
will think some about selling at tho
samo price. Their wool is better and
should bring more, and having con-
nuonco in the strength or the mar
ket, ho is Inclined to believe that a
higher price will bo realized in many
A Hot Time Was the Latest Encounter Between the Japanese
and Russian Torpedo Boats.
China Declares Her Entire Neutrality Two Skirmishes Between Cavalry
men Near the Yalu River Russian Convicts on Saghatlen Island
Will Be Liberated and Armed Russian .Fleet at Port Arthur Said to
Be at Large and Headed for Vladivostok Japs Said to Maintain a
Perfect System of Espionage. V
London, March 15. A Rueter's Port Arthur Russian licet, a threat
Toklo dispatch gives Interesting do- enlng factor in transport matters. As
tails of the torpedo encounter be- Togols second attempt to bottle ap
tween Russian and Japanese boats at parently failed, further delay in Jap
Port Arthur tho 10th, Ten Japaneso anese landing it is believed will oc-
were wounded and nine killed. Eight cur.
have reached Sazabo. The survivors
give unstinted praise to tho Russians
for their heroic attack upon the Jap
anese torpedo flotilla.
Tho Interesting Incident Is told by
ono of the sailors who had a personal
encounter -with tho captain of the de
stroyer Steoregughtchl, which was
sunk by the Japanese. So close did
tho opposing vessels fight that tho
sailors boarded the Russian destroy
er, and with several others rushing
along the deck, encountered the com
mander Just leaving his captain. An
exciting fight followed, tho Japanese
finally felling the captain with a cut
less. The Russian was stunned and
attempted to arise, but the Japanese
kicked him overboard and ho drown
ed. The Japaneso say 20 sailors lay
tJead on the two Russian destroyers
which stood the brunt of the fight.
At Sazabo full honors were paid
the Japanese dead.
Two Cavalry Skirmishes.
London, March 15. A Central
News dispatch from Port Arthur re
ports a skirmish between Cossacks
and Japanese cavalry on the banks
of the Yalu. The Japanese horses
were killed and the Japanese forced
to flee afoot.
A second skirmish Is reported near
Anju, JCorea, In which tho Japanese
wero repulsed.
Grand Duko v ladimlrovitch, tho
czar's cousin, Is expected at Port
Arthur tomorrow.
Choking Off American Papers.
Stockholm, March 15. Thirty
three foreign papers. Including five
Finnish: papers published In America,'
are prohibited circulation In Finland
for not speaking the truth.
Left Port Arthur.
Iondon, March 15. A Reuter's To
klo dispatch says persistent rumors
are current that the Russian fleet
left Port Arthur after the attack of
the 10th, and Is now endeavoring to
reach Vladivostok.
Damage a Cruiser.
Yinkow, March 15. Foreigners
from Port Arthur report a short en
gagement off that place Sunday, In
which the Russian cruiser Diana was
Believed That One Hundred Passen.
gers Were Lost.
Hrisbane, March 15. it Is feared
tho 100 passengers on tho steamer
Aramay, from llrisbnno for Cavlneo
wrecked oft tho Spit near hero Sun
day, are lost. When tho stenmer
struck and began to break, six small
boats put to sen. Of these two con
taining 68 passengers nro safe. Sev
eral steamers nre searching for tho
other four, but yet have obtained no
liews. Had weather prevails and
heavy seas nro running.
Serious Fight at the Rawhide Mine,
In California.
Stockton, Cal,, March 15. Another
net of violence of striking minors,
occurred In Jamestown yesterday, In
which Splo Torch, night foreman of
tho Rnwhldc mine, was hurled
through tho glass front of n store nnd
dangerously cut by broken glnHS. Ho
swore out warrants for assault
against Albert Soraronl nnd Mc
Nnughton, members of tho JnmuH
town union.
They Were Shelled Out "No Amer
cans Were Hurt."
Manila, March 15. Colonel Wood
reports nn attack on a reconnoltorlng
forco cast of Cottabato, by a strong
party of Moros, whoso position was
shelled out and tho works taken. No
American casualties.
In Other Words, They Must
Must Not Trample Upon the
Rights of the People.
Daughter of Senator Mitchell Passes
Away In New York. ,
New York, March 15. Mrs. Griffin,
daughter of Senator Mitchell of Ore
gon, died this morning.
Russian Families Going Home.
Mukden;- Mareh 15. Severe" cold
weather has given place (o fine day
Passenger trains have resumed th
carrying of Russian families homo
ward. The military forces contlnu
to work southward from Harbin.
System of Espionage.
Berlin, March 15. Tho Koelnlss
cho Zeltung reports tho Japanese
have organized tho most complete
spy or espionage system of Russia.
Twenty-five hundred patriotic Japan
ese volunteered to perform tho dan
gerous service.
Arming Convicts.
St. Petersburg, March 15. A dis
patch states that Viceroy Alexleff
has ordered the Immediate liberation
nnd arming of all convicts on tho
Island of Snghallen, just north of
Yezzo, who aro willing to enroll to
relp defend tho Island against the
Japanese attack thought to bo imminent.
Japanese Are Laggard.
Chee Foo, March 15. It is report
ed that tho Japanoso land forces aro
still In Japan, despite contrary state
ments. Thoso In Korea are merely
for garrison purposes, to hold the
Russians In check along tho Yalu.
The main army Is destined for some
China Will Be Neutral.
Washington, March 15. Resides
her general proclamation of neutral
lty, China has sent a special dec-
laratlon to tho United States, called
forth, probably, by tho Hays circular
note, to tho effect that Its set pur
pose Is to remain entirely neutral
throughout tho war.
Collier Gone Ashore.
Nagasaki, March 15. Tho Urltlah
collier NIgtotta, laden with coal for
the Japanese, Is ashore at Sazabo.
American Refugees.
Washington, March 15. The navy
detriment Is advised that tho cruls
or Cincinnati returned to Chemulpo
from Chlnnampo, with 23 American
Ready to Loan to Russia.
Cologne, March 16. The Gazette
quotes a St. Petersburg financial pa1
per stating that a group of interna
tlonal financiers have undertaken to
advance a war loan for forty million
pounds sterling should Russia desire
Correspondents Detained,
Seoul, March 16. Tho nowspaper
correspondents at Illng Yang and
Anju havo been ordered to return by
tho Japaneso military authorities.
and will bo held at Seoul. No per
nolnt alone Lino Tunc Gulf, but Is mlts to go to tho front-have been ad
nwaltlng tho final disposition or uio i vuuceu, wmcu is sigmucam.
Third Professor in Ohio State Unl-
veralty In Eighteen Months.
Columbus. O.. March 15. Charles
Walter Maaloch. assistant profossor
of Gorman and other languages. In
iiie state university, killed himself
this morning by poisoning. Ho Is
tho third nrnfnnsnr tn milcldo Inside
of 18 months. Mnsloch was oxpoct
od to get tho plnco of Professor Eg
Bors. who klllod hlmsolf with a pistol.
Nine Jurors Selected.
San Franelapn. Mnrnii IB. -Four
additional Jurorn lu tho Dotkln enso
wore chosen today, making n total of
nlno. It ,1a oxnnntnri thn lurv will 1)0
completed tomorrow.
Frank Sayers, Walla Walla Turnkey,
Bobs Up Drunk In Tacoma, and Re
Walla Walla, March 15. Frank
Sayers, turnkey of the penitentiary
here, who dosorted his wife nnd
three small children a week ago, has
turned up In Tacoma, ropentant ana
willing to come back.
Ho writes a sickening letter to his
wlfo blamlne his act to drink and
nromlalnir to return and be good. In
tho same mall that brought his letter
to his wlfo, a letter came addressed
to Sayers from a strange woman, re'
counting a promise he had made to
her to meet him In Montana about
May 1, whoro arrangements had boon
made to go into the lodging house
Mrs. Sayers was prostrated when
she read this letter from the woman
with whom hor husband had evident
ly made all arrangements to finally
desert h a family on May l.
It Is believed that Sayers ran away
with another worthless woman from
this city, and has boon deserted by
hor In Tacoma.
Chasing Them Out of Colorado Un
der Pain of Death.
Tollurldo, Col., March 16. Ono
hundred mombers of tho Citizens' Al
llnnce. nil armed, last night raided
tho homos of union miners nnd sym
pathizers and forced them to march
to tho depot, when they were placed
aboard a train at 2 this morning,
again deported, and warned not to
return under pain of death. Resist
ance In several cases brought severe
beatings. A number of tho mob are
well known business men.
Puts In at Port Townsend Many Days
Port Townsend, Wash., March 15
The schooner Antelope, 68 days
from San Francisco for Coqullte
River, Or., arrived hero in a badly
battered condition. She was given
up as lost, being caught In a storm
a'lJ blown sevcrnl hundred miles out
of her couraj.
Walla Walla Race Meet.
Walla Walla, March 15. The
spring meet of the Walla Walla Coun
ty Fair association will bo held from
Wednesday, May 25, to Saturday,
May 28, inclusive. It Is expected
that thoro will bo about 100 horses
hero, and a very Interesting affair Is
looked for.
The program will consist of one
harness event each day and throe
running tests.
Estabrook Has the Grip.
12. O. Estabrook, of tho poatofflco
forco, has been HI at his home for a
couple of days with an attack of the
Fight In San Domingo.
Washington, March 15. Minister
Powell of San Domingo, reports an
other engagement botweon govern
ment forces nnd Insurgents at Mako
rls In which tho government was vic
torious. Tho Insurgent leader es
caped. " " T
In the Final Analysis No Combina
tion Is Stronger Than the Law
Creating It Wall Street Dissatis
fied Jim Hill Says, "Well, They,
Cannot Take Our Properties Away
From Us" Governor Van Sant,
Who Started the Fight, Is Greatly,
Washington, March 15. Tho decis
ion In tho merger case wns by a voto
of llvo to four. Holmes, Peckham,
Whlto and Fuller dlscentlng.
Synopsis of Opinion.
Washington, March 16. Tho su
premo court denied that tho snored
ness ot tho doctrlno of Btato's rights
Is being trespassed on by tho Inter
state law.
If a stato should allow the rail
roads to do thoso things which In
terfere with interstate commerce,
should congress bo compcllod to hold
aloof on tho ground thnt It would In
vade Rtnto rights? Such doctrlno
could not lie given fact without de
stroying tho power of tho national
government. No slnto law can glvo
nny corporation rights to restrain In
terstate or International law.
The foderal courts cannot Interfere)
with tho Northern Securities Compa
ny from oxorclBing nil Intcrstatn
rights Justly given It by tho statu;
hut It can prevent It from doing that
which would destroy nn net of con-
Government Defeated.
London, March 15. Tho govern
ment was defeated In tho houso oflgress,
commons today by a voto of 1-11 to An affirmation of tho decision lie
13, ou a motion by Redmond against low would only menu that no comb!
a reduction In tho Irish educational nation Is stronger than tho law fro-
8aved From Wreck,
llrlshlne, .March 15. All but one
of tho boats launched from tho
wrecked steamer Arnmoc, hnvo been
picked up by steamers sent In
ntlng It, or enn avail Itself of tho
pretoxt that stato rlghtB aro nttnek
ed In tho enforcement of a lawful
act of cnngresH. No combination, bo
it ever so powerful, Is boyond tho
reach of Iho supremo court, If It un
dertakes to restrain conimorco.
Largest Project In That District Now
Under Way 18 Miles From Ontario
Mountain Valleys Are Settling
Up Harney People Hope For Gov-
crnment Aid.
Wall Street Dissatisfied.
Now York. March 15. Wall Btreot
expected nn adverse decision In tho
Securities company, consequently
vnluoH fell orr only fraction. So
fiirltlufi stock dropped nearly throo
J. .1. Hill wild: "I cannot discuss It
until we have moro nuws. I havo no
Idea at present what its scope Is.
Our railway properties nro still thoro
anil they cannot tuku them from us."
Mr. Hill Is this afternoon closeted
In conference with tho directors of
the merger coinpuny, and declined to
lie scon
J. S. Hunter, a well known stock-
man or Malheur county, was in tno
city today, and says tho activity in
irrigation work In his county Is very
marked this spring.
Ono of tho largest Irrigation enter
prises In that district Is now under
way, 18 miles above Ontario, on uio
Owyheo river, whoro a dam 100 feet
high will bo built across Iho ennyon
of tho Owyheo, and a reservoir form
ed sufficient to irrlgnto 50,000 arres
of desert land below.
This dam will form a reservoir
about a mile In length, with u depth
of from 10 to 30 feet, and a main
canal will lead from it above tho
present ditches operated by tho Ne
vada and Owyheo canals.
In timo It Is hoped to extend this
canal about 12 miles further down
Van Sant Vindicated.
HI. Paul, March 15. Governor Van
Snnt Is much gratified at tho uocis
Ion, which "melius moro to tho peo
ple or Iho country than any ovont
since Iho civil war."
Will Obey the Law.
Now York, March 15. J. J. Hill,
Imrnro going Into conforenco today
with tho lawyers nnd bankers Inter
esled In the Northern Securities,
said: "Tho company will obey tho
law. no mattur what Its liironven
lenco and discomfort. Ah I under
stand the situation, tho decision acts
as a finality. I don't think wo shall
havo a rehearing. What planH wo
uimii tmrKuo doncmls entirely upon
tho advlco of our counsel. After tho
calmest deliberation, our lino of con
duct will he determined."
Will Not Incorporate n Canada. .
xi... vi,ru March 15. J. J. Hill
ii.ia nftprnno'n Buld. regarding tho ro-
ri that tho Securities Company
i.a.i neciriioratod in uunuu";
the foot'jllls above Owyheo to cover 'nnv0 utt much notion of Incorporat
ing In Mars or tno moou -ada."
Consul at Dawson.
Washington, March 1B--T"0 presi
dent has nominated Iou!s Dent of
ilit .District of Columbia, to be con
sul at Dawson, Yukon.
tho famous Dead Ox Flat, ono of tho
most fertile and promising tracts of
land In Eastern Oregon when put
under Irrigation
Tho entlro valloy of tho Owyheo
river Is a solid alfalfa farm, now
growing from two to three crops per
year, wullo it was a desert less man
five years ago. Ho looks ior sun
greater development in bis county Jn
tho futuro and hopes to boo tho Har
ney county government Irrigation
project carried to completion.
Most or tuo mountain vaueys oi
Malheur county nro now reclaimed
and nro supporting a population, and
ho savs that fruit and vegetables
grow in abundance lu places whero
It was thought flvo years ago It would
bo lmnosslble to ralso such products
on account of the frost and dry cli
Prohibits Docking.
Des Moines, March 15. Tho bill
prohibiting the docking of horses'
tails passod tho house.
Fireworks Factory Fire.
Chicago, March 16. Threo
and probably four mon wero
killed this morning by au ex
plosion ami fire lu tho Chi
cago Toy Novelty Company
plaut, Foreman Gordon drop
pod a box of toy torpedoes.
Its detonation set off other ex
plosives and Uio building was
completely wrecked. Ills body
and that of two boys wore
buruod beyond recognition,