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EThe ntonVhomes, and I.,
at goes Into c . ra of the
Tonight ami Thursday occa
sional light rain or snow.
fr"1 by that's why the eve
Sypa St" t "turns
t adveru'-
NY). 1091.
(president Smith, Recalled,
Gives Some Interesting
president brigham young
t Is the Duty of Bishops to Investl-
gate the Moral Character of All Of
ficial Members of the Church
"Revelations Do Not Come'at Will,
But As the Spirit Moves," Which
is Smith's Experience "Sealing
for Eternity" Is Recognized.
Washington. March 9. President
Smith was called to the witness stand
again thlB morning ana questioned
labout an Interview In tho Deserot
News of December 3, 1902, In which
lie was quoted as uuvocaung uiu
fetation of Smoot to the senate. He
admitted the accuracy of tho report.
JEiaminea as to uuiijuiiuu uiougu,
Jr, president of tho faculty of Brig-
foam loung Acauemy, au uummuu
Clongh was a polygamlst, but said he
loia ioi Know uis wives, nrnuui is u
trustee in the academy.
k Asked whether ho had Beon tho
LttatAinftnlt nuhllahnri thnf- Alirnlinm
cannon naa married Gillian namnn
lis late as 1898, Smith said ho had
bald no attention to that charge, bo-
Fause It had como from newspapers
iclonsly bitter toward the church.
"Sealing for Eternity."
From the Rnmn nnnrno ht linrl anpn
statement that Cannon claimed
i De entitled to talco Lillian, Hamlin
I a Dlural wife hnrnnnn rihn hnrl
leen betrothed to his dead brother.
I He has Rnpn tho Htntnmnnt rtrtntnri
Ihat Apostle George Teasdalo took a
iurai who since 1890. As head of
e church he had felt called upon
o investigate it i tlm hii.v ., l.inh.
OPS to investlcate tho mnrnl nhnrnn.
per of the official members of tho
Dubois askpri u-linllim- T M1I TI..
h, . ...i.. iillllUM
tv Vv a chlld named Cannon, and
r- sue ciaimeu for that child
ft share of the Cannon estato. "Could
not nro It w .,.
Bald "'" iuu witness
The Chalrmnn nelrnJ l un if
fctnrnltv" "tU " OBU11I1E lor.
W. 1 vlnE mortals. "Had heard
r- .usiaoces.
Whether h v-.i .... ,
Intinn .1. i "-""veu any rovo-
E: "wu sustained bv tho
hurch. Smith oou .i... ..
hcelve reV; , r '.ul". ma.n. c0.u"
benatnr iin-i- ,.. . .
tiled hi. .... hc" now 110 recon
li?Js.ltateon' "at It Is not sun-
ivoidd';; ' ( "! church
B890 with .hi, 1 .7 marriages sinco
tracers 8tlMefact, hat 80mo ths0
pmcers still are living wUh plural
The rpnlv ........
Inly that ,m. . WB llavo fo"- ""I
Eft0'111, but tho state
In Utah mrC "g, ??nltIons
Eursulnc h 1B83 jnat'iy us In
arTtl,00"80. 'lid in re-
fot belle ZZ "'arnaEes, and I do
N0 Emperor" for him.
h:"" De Not Want Fred-
Wa m " . !- B at W"hington.
lonal. eVaT,r' .Marcn 9-DurlnK tho
(mate Sent. n uay- uui ln th0
urnoso nDhl ?acon "enounced tho
I stati.fi SLD. government to erect
inted by th tho Grcnt' nr-
I" nation-. capUa ' m,,oror Bt
"a thoucht ti, '
Ised and th vmvT0T 's action ill
by the Jnoua0contanco tho
e.l that such lmsty- Ho rt
his country! V f 11,0 1)001,10
s, tho aged I ,iinrLo.rd AuKU8t'"
Is deadf dlp,nmat "nd states-
Monday, 1 amt!F. Q"oe.
i iiiuvuio girl.
Oregon Man Succeeds to the Isthmus
"Washington, March 9. Tho presi
dent has decided to appoint John
Barrott of Oregon to bo minister to
Panama vice Buchanan, resigned. He
will be succeeded as minister to Ar
gentine by Arthur Beaupre of Illi
nois, now minister to Colombia. Beau
pre will bo succeeded by W. W. Rus
sel, of tho District of Columbia, now
In charge at Panama. Barrett was
formerly minister to Slam.
City Has No Authority.
Kansas City, March 9. Tho su
premo court has decided the city
as no authority to regulato tele-
phono tolls, the company being a
creature of tho state.
Fifteen Hundred Homeless.
Wllkesbarre, Pa., March 9. Three
bridges were swept away and 1,500
homeless people havo fled to tho
mountains at Bloomsburg.
Robert Taber Dead.
Saranac Lake, N. Y., March 9.
Robert Taber, actor and divorced
husband of Julia Marlowe, died last
Prince and Princess.
Toklo, March 9. It is announced
that Prince and Princess Arizugawa
win represent the mikado at the St.
Louis expdsltion.
Shipping Bill Passes Senate.
Washington, March 9. The senate
has passed the Philippine shipping
Bonds to Be Voted at Coming Elec
tion Will Be .for the Purpose of
Building a Court House for La
Grande, to Be Presented to the
People, If the County Seat is Re
moved to That City.
Ia Grande, March 9. Whilo the
city will vote on $25,000 bonds, for
the ostensible purposo of building a
city hall at the coming election, the
real purptse Is to build a hall suita
ble for a court house, to be presented
to the county, In case tho county seat
Is moved from Union to La Grande.
Tho main objection to the removal
of tbo county seat has been that tho
cost of a new court house would be
a heavy load on tho taxpayers, and
to avoid this objection In the coming
county-seat removal campaign, this
city proposes to presont to tho coinr
ty a now building suitable In every
way for a court house.
If the county seat Is not removed
to this city, the hall will servo as a
city hall. It will bo built in a sub
stanlal manner to cost at least $25,-
000 and will be a much more Impos
ing building than tho present coun
ty court house at Union.
Bombarding Outlying Points in That Vicinity as a Blind.
Reported Destruction of a Russian Squadron.
The Authorities at Washington Deny That Russia Has Refused to Al
low American Attaches to Join Her Army Turkey Orders Two More
Battleships American Builders Russians Capture a, Telegraph Station
In Korea, and Are Resisted by Korean Soldiers Czar Falls Heir
the Throne of a German Province, But Renounces it. '
Washington, March 9. The navy
department has Chee Foo advices
which state that a largo Japanese
land force has arrived at Fung Wang
Chang and Tahin. These points are
so located, It Is believed tho Japan
Japanese squadron met Russian
cruisers In the vicinity of Polsset bay
and gave battle, tho result of which
Is not made known.
Tho purposo of tho Japanese ships
ln proceeding to Vladivostok waB not
Foundered and Sunk In Storm In In
dian Ocean.
Paris, March 9. Official details
havo been received of tho loss of th 1
French steamship Cambodge, near
Rangoon, India, February 17, for
Kuropo, off tho coast of Cochin Chi
na. It Is believed 100 persons perish-1
ed In a terrlfflc storm. A scries of
hugo waves broke over tho ship, Sormgl f0 FftV(Ml MlirHorS in
which finally sank In eight motors of MU' 'u LIUVLII IVIUIUUb III
water. Help was sent from Saigon.
Tw Years in Clark County,
Largest Party Majority In the History
of the City. '
Seattle, March 9. The republicans THE VICTIM SHOT AND
have carried tho city by' a majority
of 4,000, tho largest In tho history of
the city, nilllnger, bond of tho tick
et, Is elected by 1,200, being slashed
by antl-corporntlon republicans.
Blew Up a Bridge.
Vienna, March 9. Itnllnn work
men, with dynamite, today blow up
a bridge over tho rlvor llegns, In Hun
gary, killing tho Clerman engineer,
Llncbach, and two others, and injur
ing four.
Negro Dive Afterward Destroyed and
a General Cleaning Out of Negroes
and Their Places of Business Is
Threatened The Mllltla Has Been
Ordered Out and Serious Trouble
Is In Sight Judge Mower Declares
the Lynchers Will Be Prosecuted.
ese are on tne missian Ilanit, anil no uomoaru tno town, out to locate i
the naval attacks at Port Arthur and jReltzcnsteln's ships, which aro
Tallen Wnn were merely a diversion thought to havo left tho harbor. Tho
to distract attention. 'Japanese squadron Is sufficiently
strong to divide, one portion guard
Did Not. Snub America. !'nE the harbor, tho other seeking ino
Berlin statement that permission has
been refused to havo American mili
tary attaches with the army.
Bombarding Forts Near Port Arthur.
Toklo, March 9. Japanese war
ships Tuesday evening bombarded
Fort Tallen Wan on Korean bay.
Later they proceeded to Port Arthur
and bombarded the fortresses there.
Capture Telegraph Station.
Seoul, March 9. A small party of
Russians seized the Korean telegraph
station at Yung Won today. A re
ported fight occurred between Kore
ans and Russians on the Korean side
of the Tumen river.
Japs Seize Contraband Meat.
Nagasaki, March 9. The govern
ment lias seized 2,100 barrels of meat
on the steamer Coptic, Just from San
Francisco. Tho meat was consigned
to Port Arthur.
Renounces Succession.
Berlin, March 9. The czar has re
nounced the succession to tho ducal
throne of Oldenburg, to which he is
entitled in the event of tho death of
the males of the present dynasty. In
calculable complications would en-
Elder Statesmen Convene.
Toltlo, March 9. Tho older states
men meet tomorrow to discuss the
ways and means of prosecuting tho
Triple Stores Burned.
Scranton, Pa., March it. Fire last
nicht destroyed tho trlnlo stores of Springfield, O., March 9. Richard
Goldsmith Buznar, and dnmnged two Dixon, a negro, who fatally Bhot Po
other buildings, lxiss, $200,000. Ilccmnii Charles Collins yostorday.
. wan taken from tho county Jail at
Strike In Chicago. this placo last night by a mob of 800
Chicago, March 9. Fivo thousand non and shot to death In tho Jail
workers ynnl. Later tho body was hung to
Increased a telegraph polo nt thu corner of
painters and 800 cement
struck this morning for
pay and n closed shop.
America Badly Snubbed.
Berlin, March 9. Tho Lokal An
zelger asserts that Russia has re
fused permission to America to send
military attaches with tho Russian
forces In tho field, whilo free permis
sion to continental powers is given.
Probably Vague Rumor.
London, March 9. No verification
is yet received of tho Toklo dispatch
stating that tho Vladivostok squadron
sno should ho become the sovereign bas been destroyed or captured. It
Mam street anil Fountain avunuo,
and tho mob spent half nn hour rid
dling thu body with bullets from sev
eral hundred revolvers.
Collins was Bhot by Dixon Sunday
morning whilo tho lattor was In his
room ln a hotel removing his bag
gage. He aad decided to quit tho
place, and fcnrlng trouble with Anna
Corbln, a woman with whom ho was
acquainted, Dixon asked Collins to
go to tho hotel with him. Whilo In
his room Dixon nud Miss Corbln
quarreled, and Dixon Is said to havo
shot hur In tho breast. Tho police
man then attempted to arrest Dixon,
when tho latter fired Into tho officer's
First Report to Congress Contains a l"ly Inlllctlng fatal wounds.
, . , . . ... . Aftor the shooting tho mob visited
Plea for Repeal and Strict Revls- , binatlon ,vo and boarding
Ion of Objectionable Laws Tim- house wich was tho scuno of tho
ber and Stone Act, Desert Land Act murder of Collins, and burnod It. Tho
and Commutation Clause Should Inmates had lied beforo tho mob
nno reacneti tnu place.
Mllltla Ordered Out.
With tho arrival of soldiers this
Washington, March 9. Tho great- morning order prevailed. Tho streets
be Revised.
Big Slump Due to Heavy Liquidation
and Longs Are Big Losers.
Chicago, March 9. May wheat,
921; old July, 89, 89; now July,
88'., 88.
July corn opened at 51; closod at
49. May corn 54V4 to 55.
Tho slump was duo to tho Ilqulda
tlon of a number of millionaires and
longs, who aro said to bo big losers.
indicate In Souls.
Nlu MarchVTll0 KlBln
r-- 8ay8 a syndicate .7
I'l' Ittl of 21 nnn
IP" Bt St T r.,',l . nas
s r.7 "'" ior tho
1 "t city Z,ne lrls
P during f?L ,mmornl ur.
Mil- . c "u uvnnai.
or .!, ".
line , " u indicate nro
Famous Herd of Thoroughbreds to Be
Sold in This City Next Saturday.
Tho famous herd of C. B. Wado
thoroughbred cattle, consisting of
about 100 head of roglstorea snort
horns and Hcrefords, will be sold at
tho O. K. feed yard, In this city, next
Saturdny. by W. T. RIgby.
This hord of cattle holds more
premiums tnan a,ny other herd of
stock In the Northwest, and has fur
nished more prlzo winners than any
othor herd over raised In Oregon.
This will be nn elegant opportunl
ty to securo some of this stock for
Umatilla county and Eastern Orogon
herds, and this oalo will bo attendpd
by many of tho leading stockmen of
tho county, on account of tho promt
nonce of the stock to bo sold.
Twenty-Five per Cent of the Voters
Are Now on tho Books.
Tho roirlfltriitlnn Is progressing
slowly but surely. At this tlmo South
Milton Is m tho lead, with a total
registration of 158. Umatilla, Wil
bur and Bingham Springs nro the
lowest In the list, with ouo votor
To dnto a total of 1,234 votors havo
registered out of a voting population
of 5,000. Tho books cioso on May
of a federal state of the German em
Sultan Ordered Two Cruisers.
Constantinople, Mnrch 9. The sul-
.on Imo rinMrinil tn nriler two cruisers
'of the latest improved typo from tho
Naval Battle Reported.
London, March 9. A Toklo dls
patch reiterates the belief that a
is thought
Canal Litigation Brought by Colom
bia In French Courts.
Paris, March 9. Tho case of tho
Republic of Colombia against tho
Panama Canal Company, (ln which
the former seeks to prohibit tho Pan
ama Canal Company from ceding its
property rights to tho United States
government) camo up for hearing ln
tho French courts today.
It Is freely admitted that Colom
uin'a nnlv nlilect in pressing tho liti
gation is to retain tho ownership of
nut alm ntftir mnrlit Inwnnl I lw rormtil tin urn ft I rn 1 1 if (latum! ml tlila mnrn.
to be another vague ru-()f lu timber an.i stone act ami tho Ing, tho ruins along tho railroad
l,lnnrt Innil Inw linn tilHt tipnn mtliln. frnrl; linlni- tin. nnlv rmiiliitlnr nt
'in tho recommendation of tho public last night's stirring scenes, Through-
Engagement In Progress. (land commission, appointed by Pros- out the series of mob acts not a per-
Washington1, March 9. Tho com- Unt Roosevelt, to report on land son wuh scratched except tho victim
mander or tho gunboat Helena at Jaw abuses. of lynch law, Richard Dixon.
Yalnkow reports this afternoon an I Ths colnin,gBon cl)nB8t8 ,,f w. A.
engagement is taking placo at Hmg jU(.nan8( commissioner or tho gen-' More Trouble Threatened.
Wang Chang, and the Japaneso havo , ,um, 0lcn; 01ffor(, i.m(.lot, for. Sprlnglleld, March 9. "Look out,
landed at "uslian. , ester, and F. H. Nowoll, chief of tho for tonight other dives surely will go
I reclamation service, and Its recom- tho way of tho Lovee," Is a reinnrk
-- - - -- inundation to congress Is that tho heard on all sides today,
noon Kdward Hoch, a county auditor timber and stono act, tho desort Of 5,000 negroes In tho city fow
of Marlon was named for governor, land law nnd tho commutation clause nro seen, Many havo loft tho city,
Thomas' Murdock who selected of tho homestead law bo ropeuleil or tho balanco havo barricaded their
Hoch, was stricken blind during the strictly revised to prevent rrnuils in Mouses.
nnv tmuMllitfi manner. In,!.-.,-
Hearing Postponed.
any possible manner. Iiii'i;c Mower this morning suld a
It recommends that agricultural cpoclul grand Jury will bo called lia
lands bo taken within forest reserves mediately to prosecute tho lynchors.
with recard to tho natural bound- I no Jiiugo tunes tno riot na a per-
TVuTlZi E' c'agS '"ICS neural - w. I. on the verge of
inus ui' .ilium.,, i, ,,wktit,n muv -
tillable land, regardless or tho sec-
Hvde and Benson, set for this morn
Ing, has been postponed until March
Infernal Machine Found.
San Francisco. March 9. What
rnmlhlin TTlaV nroflt in the distrlbu
tinn of the money uald by the United
K.o.na tn tlm French company. In
any event it is not believed that the
outcome of the case will interfere
in any way with tho transfer of tho
concession of tho United States.
was found on tho beach near Young " " .
Corbett's training quarters this morn- n'rcaH
ing. TIIU puneo uiu ii.vi;nnftii.h. i
.tlon lines and comers.
I If a body of tillable Inml Huh along
a crock bottom, In a forest reserve,
tho homesteader should bo allowed
to tuko tho land, In any shape lo In
clude all thu ulow-Iand upon tho
Dalles Times-Mountaineer Horrified
at Cost of County Printing Here.
Tho Dalles Tlmes-Mountalnoer,
'.'"" ' t .1... TT..,f,l.1,i r.,.n nl l'
oxcludo all proper for- , ' " ili
lirii.llllK "... "I litunvHwi v'i
Army Bill Passed.
Washington, March 9. Tho sen
ate passed tho army appropriation
bill without any material modlflca-tlous.
was womXn ROBBED?
Spokane Citizen Attacks His Ceme
tery Bill for That City.
"Senator W. B. Hoyburn of Idaho,
lloo introduced a bill in the senate
of tho United States to set apart a
park and graveyard on tho odgo of
Coeur d'Aleno lake which, If passed,
will bring such a pestilence to tho
city of Spokane as will depopulate
It" said Dr. D. C. Nowman, former
health officer of Snokane, reports tho
Spokane Lally Press.
Tim Rnnknnn river haB a direct
outlet from the lake, and if the citi
zens of Spokane do not make a roar
against tho passing or tno bill, tho
city will bo in an unhealthy condi
tion from the time tho first body Is
laid In tho cemetery.
r nnmint understand how Sonator
Hoyburn could havo tho hardihood,
.. ... , l Cnnlrnnn RO
lv" " : o bl R. the train, as it seems Impossible to
i,:' "U w n.n tannin nr this : believe that such a bold robbory
H?v aTo comne led to use tho water could be committed ln daylight with
which comes from the Coeur
Wallowa Woman Claims to Have
Been Robbed of $40 While Trans
ferring at Pendleton.
Mrs. Harriot Powers of Wallowa,
claims to havo been robbed of her
satchel containing $40, whilo pass
ing through this city, a few days
Her small grandson was wnn ner,
and ho was carrying a satchol con
taining the money, and in transfer
ring from ono train to another in tho
evening, It is claimed that some ono
took the satchol from tho boy, and
that It was not missed until after tho
train had left tho depot and was wen
nn thn mountain
No roport was over made to tho
doIIco or such a robbery, and It very
so I llkoly the satchel was lost or loft on
out discovery.
' '.' county paper would stir up If It woro
... . i . o ifi .... lt..l. Trie Inv utttn m.h.
screens required by law for ' irrlgnt- 1cnon()i" ,rll0 IllKhcHt ,irico rharged
In this county during
years Is $1.50 an Inc.i,"
thn past 10
Deepest Snow In Years.
J, C. Oldham, bookkeeper nt Fletch
er's sawmill, 12 miles from Woston,
Athr. Nnmlnitrr! Governor Of 'u i" jvn.uua u.i uuiouun uoiv.
Man Who Nominated uovernor ui Athmm Pmna that
Kansas Meets With Strange Mo-.thoro ls ijoeper snow in tho moun
fortune. tains now than ho has soon ln 13
Wichita. Kns., March 9. Tho ro- years. Tho roads aro almost Impas-
mibllcan stato convention met nnd liable, aftor tho foothills nro roachod,
organlzod ttila morning.
This aftor- and ho looks for very high water.
Trlhuiio, says:
j "In Umatilla county tho nowspo
nors charge $2,00 an Inch for advor-
D Using tlollnquont tax solos. Tho
A. W. Nye Answers Numerous Re- TrJlmno , iumoton last week pro
quests for Information on Suitable suutcd a bill for 237 Inches or tax
Fish Protection. alo publications, amounting to $C1C-
... . . .. .... . 20,
A. W. Nye, uopuiy nsn ami guim , ,,oriiofH nest a Wasco
warden huh ri:..-iv.ju iiniiiin
onirics concerning the manner
Ing ditches and mill races, and thcro
Is a general incluiat.on uniting an
tho rarmers to comply with tho law.
Owing to tho ract that a small
wlro screen will 1111 up with mud and
trasli, ami ciioko up mo mini, mr. t h t Q t Adtfantaoe of the
Nyo suggests, In unswer to tho niim- ur
erous Inquiries that a screen ho Rebato uause.
mudo or iron rods, from one-quarter Tho shoriff'B ofllco Is crowded theso
to flvu-olghths of an Inch In diameter, days from tho tlmo It is open until
according to tho slzo of tho stream, It Is closed with thoso who aro wait-
and sot ubout a quarter of nn Inch Ing In lino to pay thoir taxes boforo
apart, placed In a regular frame, ; March 15, when tno ronaio nause
am! set nt an angle of about 45 de-.gocs out of effect. Tho oDlco turnod
grees in tho stream, with tho lower over to tho troasuror today $13,528.
end or tho rramo pointing up stream, 68. Tho sheriff has now turned In to
to allow tho trash ln tho stream to the treasurer a total of $30,200.
bp cast up higher on tho rnime, and
not choke up tho passago for tho,
stream. This trash can then ho eas-
ily removed with a pitchfork.
Mr. Nyo suggests tins as n suua-
Rear-End Collision.
bio and safe screen, nnd one which
will provont most of tho small flsh
from passing, and at tho same tlmo
It will not choke up tho irrigating
ditches and cause tho wntor to overflow.
Tho Intention of tho law is to pro
tect tho fish Industry, and yet not
Intorforo with irrigation In tho least.
All Industries must bo guarded by
the law, and this kind or n screen.
ho thinks, will answer tho best pur
pose of any in uso,
Jefferson City, Mo., March 9.
Iu a rear-eud collision in a
tunnel four railos oast'ot hero
on tho Missouri Pacific this
morning, Brakeinnn Wyant
Novlns and Conductor Schu
machor were killed. Severat
wore lnjurod. A haW-drunk
switchman caused tho wreck ,
by getting his signals confused.