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TheSufferingand Pain Endured
by Many Working Women
is Almost Beyond Belief.
How distressing to sec a woman stnmelinEf to earn a
livelihood, or perform her household duties when her
back and head arc aching! She is so tired she can hardly drag
about, and every movement causes pain, the origin of which is
quickly traced to some derangement of the female organism.
When the monthly periods are painful or irregular, when backaches
and headaches drive out all ambition, when " I-can-hardly-drag-about "
sensation attacks you, when you are "so-nervous-it-seems-as-though-you
would-fly," it is certain that some female derangement is fastening itself
upon you. Do not let the disease make headway; write your symptoms
to Mrs. Pinkham at Lynn, Mass., for her free advice, and begin at once
the use of the medicine that has restored a million women to health
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
Profit by the Experience of the
Women Whose Letters Follow :
"Deab Mns. Pi.neiiasi: Your medicine has
done so much for nio I want to tell everyono how
It absolutely cured me. Threeyears ago, when my
dear husband was sick in his last illness, I lifted
him and hurt myself. I felt the strain, then I felt
something give way inside. Afterwards I found it was my womb, and
I suffered the most dreadful agonies from falling of the womb. I began
dressmaking, but could not do my work for pain and nervousness. Try
ing to sit still and sew seemed to drivo mo nearly crazy, and I did not
seem able to get any help from doctors or medicine. I was so unstrung
and nervous I hardly dared to go out in the street, for fear I would not
gel nomc saieiy. it wouia mauc mc scream 10 see a car cumiug even,
and I was so terribly run down I did not know what would happen.
" A friend suggested I take Lydia E. Pinkhnm's Vegetable
Compound, and on her advice I bought a bottle. It did me so much
good I bought more and kept on taking it, and when I had taken eight
bottles I was entirely cured.
" Whenever I hear of a woman suffering I tell her about my cure, for
your medicine has helped me so much I knew it would help all suffering
women. Women need not get so discouraged over their health, if they
would take your advice and medicine." Mils. Ueiitiia IlEiinr.ua, S24 East
00th St., New York, U. Y.
" Dear Mrs. Pinkham: I cannot tell you with pen and ink what good
Lydia K. I'lnkliam's VcRetablo Compound did for me, when suffer
ing from the ills peculiar to the sex, cxtremo lassitude and that all-gone
feeling. I would rise from mv lcd in the moraine fecllncr more tired than
when I went to bed, but before I had used two bottles of Lydla B. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound, 1 began to feel the buoyancy of my youugor
days returning, became regular, could do more work and not feel tired
than I had ever been able to do before, so I continued to use it until I was
restored to perfect health. It is indeed a boon to sick women and I
heartily recommend it. Yours very truly, Mns. Rosa Adams, 810 12th St.
Louisville, Ky." Niece of tho late General Roger Hanson. C. S. A.
FrtRTFIT If wn rannnt forthwith nrnluna thA nria.
I tnal letters .imloijmaturtaot aWo testimonials, which
will proTo their abwluto eenuineneM.
About 4,500 Homes of 80 Acres Each
Will Be Reclaimed in Western Ne
vada Canal 18 Miles Long and
Monster Reservoir Now Under
Way Will Add 60,000 People to
the Population of the State.
Nevada will soon liavo ono of tho
largest and most comprehensive! ir
rigation systems in tho world where-
plains in the vicinity of Carson and
Humboldt Sink.
Two contracts for tho construc
tion of different divisions of
this canal were made by tho secre
tary of the interior with E. B. and
A. L. Stono Company, and C. A. War
ren and Company, California con
tracting Arms, on August 28 and
September 3, 1903, respectively.
Ground was broken on September
11, 1903, and tho work Is to ho fin
ished by November of tho present
In tho meantime, survoys for tho
requisite syatem of distributing ca
nals aro well under way, and tho de
partment will ho ready in tho spring
to contract for their construction.
This work will bo followed by tho
erection of a dam which will form
tho reservoir on tho Carson river.
Tho reservoir will hnvo a total longth
of about 18 miles and will flood over
10,000 acres of land to nn average
As a slight break may and In a great
catastrophe. Better send your vehl-
-clee to Neaglo Bros, and have neces- wlth to make its desert lands bios
sary repairs m do as soon as thoy Som as tho rose. h. 11. Taylor, dls
.are apparent. Our prices aro rea- trlct encineer for tho United States
sonable and low and our workmen- reclamation service for Novada, has ,, '.h n, ,s ,.
" "i'".i recently ueen in wasningion aim T0 iamis to bo Irrleatpii liv tlinin
nall repairs aro Just as cheerfully , reI)0rts tho satisfactory progress of ' W0V, a "g rCga 0"a hMt 300 OOff ncroa
looked after as complete renovation. , tho Truckee-Carson reclamation pro- lx. aa r X n hn
Winona waironK nml linirtrlps nrn h : i. ,.,v,.i, 1... i. .i Sltuateil in tho lower portions Of tho
i7l w 1 1 m IT..:" .....UCu.uvU Truckee, Carson and Humboldt rlvo
PUverOasolliie Kngloei-Hafe and reliable
j: Mists' Supplies j
'- ..... j ,iesert jn Western
; lands will furnish
I , 1 vuiouii uuu xiiiiiiuuiuL river
1 , . . , . .u ... ' "aslns. In tho upper valloy of t
This project contempla es tho utll- TrucJeo am, Carson r, J r
iza Ion of tho waters of the Truckee 000 acres of a(jlt,onal Ialul w, ,)0
f ,Tr , irwKuuuu HIIpje(1 ,rom works tn ,)(J collstrllct.
LtUL lrr5.,fBt,T" e" time In tho future. As those
Novada. Theso
homesteads of
great areas aro gradually brought
If you are interested in Oil
Painting see us. Our line
is complete
We make a specialty of fram
ing pictures. Newest stock
of frames
aro to be added.
.tnf.r.r f r.vni.nn ritxi .nntf..
?lnV aCh f,r, "Iw JVw IMly Is required, 10 additional
IS '"? m," ."f'61 that", W'U' reservoirs, Including I-nke Tahoo.
lages that will naturally spring up
in tho district, tho population of tho
stato will do increased In tho next
lew years uy ni least w.uuu people. This seems to bo a sacred phrase.
Active construction Is now In with rovorenco Impassioned
progress on a main canal about 31 a thing como down from righteous
miles long, which Is to divert tho
waters of Truckee river to a largo
storago reservoir on tho lower Car
son river. Thoro tho waters of tho
two streams will bo mingled and Ira
pounded, and thonco led out upon tho
Oiem Houfeo Block
Have you road It? If not, you
nhould do so. It Is n nplondld book
or young men, It Is u book that
gXvon tho oxporionces of many of tho
successful men of today. A book
tall of helpful ndvlco by thoso most
cximpotont to glvo It. If you want lo
Jook this book over, drop a card to
621 Calvin Street
And ho will call on you.
Quaintly hut nobly fashioned.
It will becomo nn honest face,
A volco that's round and cheerful;
It stays tho sturdy In his place,
And soothes tho wok nnd fearful.
Into th'o porches of tho ears
It steals with subtle unction.
And your heart of hearts appears
To work Its greatest function,
And all day long with pleasing song
It lingers to caress you
I'm snro no human heart goes wrong
That's told "Good-by God bless
I lovo tho words perhaps because,
When I was leaving mother,
Standing at last In solemn pause
Wo looked at ono another.
And I I saw In mother's oyes
Tho lovo sho could not toll mo
A lovo eternal sir tho skies
Whatover fnto beroll mo;
Sho put hor arms about my neck,
And soothed tho pain, of leaving,
And though hor heart was llko to
Sho spoko no words of grieving;
Tho showing of ladles' watches is
more than usually interesting. Wo
have added a largo number of now &0 " -designs
and now Htyles to our al- Kor Ular lat ml(!ht ,fltresa 'm0i
I mil luifju innw tmuiii. iviiuiu wv. w
is so much beauty and morlt a choice
may bo difficult, but prices will holp
to a selection.
ally East Oregonmn by carrier,
LADIES' WATCHE8 from G up.
Warranted movomont in reliable 29
year case, ?1G.00,
Jeweler and Optician
Potolflce Block.
Ilut kissing mo, sho said good-by,
Anil asked our God to bless mo.
Eugono Field.
Notice to Taxpayers.
I horoby notify all taxpayers, not
oxompt from poll taxes, that I m
collecting tho poll tax, which must
bo paid by April 1.
City Marshal.
Wife of Multi-Millionalre Takes Po
sition With Noted Pascal Institute.
Mrs. Itusscl Sago has accepted the
presidency of Pascal Institute, nnd
Is now tho recognized head of tho
freo trade school for girls, which has
for so long been her pet philanthropy
says tho Now York World.
Tho Instltuto at No. G7G Lexington
avontto, was established by .Miss Mar
garet Pascal sovoral years ago to
glvo the daughters of thoso unabln
to pay for such Instruction a chance
to becomo skilled workers. AH tho
departments of sowing and dress
making constitute tho curriculum. It
found tho Indorsement of many of
tho leading dressmakers who prom
ised employment to the graduates im
fast as they could ho turned out.
WI1II0 learning tho girls wcro nlso
to work for tho wealthy women who
gavo tho school their patronage.
Each season at tho commencement
Airs. Sngc, who was tho first patron
ess of tho now venture, presented
their diplomas to tho graduates with
somo word of cheer and encourage
ment. The girls, each In n dress or
her own handiwork and design, wen
mado to feel that ueedlowork was one
of tho proudest of crafts when Alr.i.
Sago brought an Infinitely dainty lit
tlo robo sho had worn ns an Infant
and told them that tho woiulerf.il
hemming nnd tucking wo.ro all
wrought hy her own mother.
It was through hor Intimate sym
pathy with tho lives of tho youthful
workers as well as through tho schol
arships sho has presented that tho
wife of tho financier has been Iden
tified with the school, and her ac
ceptance of tho presidency is felt jy
tho board of managers to ho an as
suraiico of the Institute's success
Mrs. Snge's belief In Industrial
training an tho solution of tho prob
lem of tho vast army of tho poor is
Infinite, and sho carries hor theory
Into active practice whorover possible.
about 013,000 acres of land In tho vi
cinity of Hart mountain.
Col. Cody was accompanied by his
nttornoy, II. S. Itldgeloy of Cody,
and E. F. Stanley, nn English capi
talist. Cody and Mr. Stanley ex
pect to sail for England on April 7.
It Is Fine
IN 1 and 2 LB.
Pierce's X
i o
Will Surrender 110,000 Acres of Land
to the Government for Irrigation
Col. W. F. Cody, "Iluffalo Hill,1'
spent last night In Denver. Ho left
this morning ut 7 o'clock, via tho
Union Pacific, for Choyonno, whoro
ho will remain today and tonight,
and then ho will go to Cody, Wyo.,
nnd rest for throe duys, says tho
Denver Post.
This rest will bo takon prepara
tory to a business trip to England.
Col. Cody camo to Donvor from
Washington, whoro ho and tho sec
retary of the lntorlor perfected plans
by which Col. Cody Is to relinquish
110,000 acres or land on tho nortl
side of tho Shoshono rlvor to tho
stato of Wyoming, which In turn will
doed It ovor to tho govornment.
Tho government Is to build a res
orvolr that will cost 3,00"0,000, and
It will ho built near tho town of
Cody. Work will bogln April 1, and
at that tlmo thn lnnil will l.n a, ii.
Ject to homestead entries. Tho res-
orvoir will also aid In reclaiming
Not an ordinary nrtlclo, hut
something extraordinary is
Hill's Ptire
Olive Oil
For medicinal usu as well ns
for salads nnd tublo imo.
This Is tho highest quality
and purest oil made.
Sold exclusively In Pondloton
Despain & Clark
This Is Pendleton Testimony and Will
Stand Investigation.
If you should doubt tho following
nnd wish to investigate, you Imvon't
to go to somo other stato lu tho union
to prove It. It's not a long story pub
lished In Pendleton newspapers about
a resident In Knlamnioo, Mich., or
Tampa, Fin. It's ubout n resident of
Pondloton and given In his own words.
No stronger proof con ho had.
H. A. Thompson, rotlred, who lives
on Stonewall Jackson streot, says:
"My kidneys troubled mo by spells
for 10 years ,and nt such times with
steady dull aching across my back.
I used largo quantities of various
kinds of medicines said to bo good
for it, but thoy never benefited mo
enough bo that I could notlco It. Fi
nally I got a box of Doan's Kidney
PlIlH at tho Brock & McComas Co,
drug storo and I found thorn to ho
Just what I needed. Thoy wont right
to, tho spot nnd not only rollaved my
backncho, but cured It -porraanontly.
I will bo only too pleased to toll
othors about tho merits of this romo-
For salo by all dealers. Prlco 60
cents por box. Foster-Mllburn Co.,
Buffalo, N. Y solo agents for tho
United States,
Ilomomber tho name DOAN'S
and tako no ollior.
S a r s a p a rilla
The Spring Tonic
Tones up the system, clean
ses the liver and kidneys,
purifys the blood, builds up
and strengthens the nervous
system and imparts new life
to the body. The best
remedy made for Catarrh
For Sale by
Brock & McComas Go
4- ! fr 4- 4-
I Mil I I 1 I I I I
J All persons knowing
themselves to be in-
1 debted to me will
J call and settle their
their accounts as 1
need the money.
Conrad Platzoeder
Meat Market
Bear this In mind when yon
need poultry and stock supplier
and ask for the International
Poultry and Stock Food. TJm
Kow Kure for your cow trou
bles. C. F. Colesworthy
127 tag East Alta St.
Agont for Lee's Lioe Killer
Should havo that best of
DRY and PINE, that
you will find with
found on solo at Fraxlor'a book Btort.