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(o business
Eastern Oregon Weather
IfJ, "0 machinery.
MmS """"" i '"SUTmmmZ m
Tonight and Sunday occasion-
rnln or snow, probably coolor
Sunday: high winds.
NO. 4005.
If past Week Suc-
L Soaking Rams
Southern Part.
L,, 01 U" -
Great Excitement,
precipitates a Run-
in-NY. B. Ewlng Sen.
L Quentln for Fraud-
the Malls Had Oper.
-?!. fi. A sharp
nture accompanied by
I " urn f t n .
-California by mo "-
urcau. Hut iuobo an-
Nous will bo ionoweo
i south of Toliachapl
-k.f -rood urutiumiiu
(j this morning. Tho
niton amounts to from
I, thrce-nuartora of an
cloudy In that section
Iillfornla was visited by
i last night. At day
Irous rain set in. Tho
expected to contlnuo
be day.
Il-ailure Reported.
111. Feb. 6. The expect-
lie Bank of Savings
tht morning failed to
I A number of timid cus
?red In front of tlio
I hour Moro the doors
kheu the sront heaps of
n on Ho imyinc tot
fcre seen, many loft, con-
tunds are safe. But fow
llr dtJXJSltB.
I tie bank's affairs boing
! condition wuro frooly
It nkht. but mot with
kdler Sentenced.
Feb C W. H.
atenced to 15 months
pi and fined $500 by
1 District .liidcrn Delia
Ewlng was an ill
pel guilty of using tho
!ntl many victims on
Record for January Is a Long and
Bad One.
SnnVnnn. Fob ft A
' ' - " i unusual
Item nnnoarn tn thn mnnihiv
..... " w.tt.Mj IUJIUII
of Sergeant Holloway on the work
nunu uy mo pouco department dur
ing January. Probably not in the
history of Snoknnn. at lp-ist tint fnr
many moons, has this police report
I .. 1. .. .1 ,., , ...
uwuu umieiiu wun bucii a weighty
matter as eight arrests for renting
houses for Immoral purposes. That
Item marks a rod letter day. Will
thnro be morn of them Is what is
troubling many In and about tho
report. Tho rcnort makes no com-
mont on this item.
Tho remainder of tho report Is
humdrum. It nhnwe n. rnthnr hlch
dogreo of efficiency In the pollco de
partment In splto of Mayor Boyd's
emergency message declaring tho
opposite a fact.
There wero 334 arrests In all, 275
hnintr rltv rnnna nnil ctntn Thn
various offenses were divided as fol
lows: prostitutes, 77; vagrants,
71: drunks, 08: nctlt larceny. 38:
disorderly conduct, 31; unlawful co
habitation, 7; hold on suspicion, 7
grand larceny, 6; peddling without
license, 4; disorderly persons, 4;
nssault and battery, 5; robbery, 4;
miscellaneous, 3. There wero 50
Blcopors hooked and eight were held
for safe keeping for outside officers
American Sailor Killed by San
Domingo Rebels, and Other
Venezuelan Supreme Court Decides
the Famous Asphalt' Case Smoot
Investigation Will Begin March 1
and the Committee Promises It
Shall Be Thorough Will Also In
vestigate the Mormon Church
Hanna's Condition Unchanged.
Information Comes From Un
official Sources and is Not
STAKES, $31,000.
tat Tear Out About
Iwirty Bents.
. Feb 0. Monster
up from tho south-
r even nir curried twny
Ms of tho Columbia
Examination of tho
e twlco daily and tho
Iaiscovorcd when tho
Nation was made, Tho
lettv nu-nnt away
P feet In longth and lo-
ulstnneo from the
' the breakwater. It
te work, having boon
wnmor. Tho damago
IJortlon not fully corn-
Neither the Climate Nor the Associ
ations of the Vatican Agree With
Him He Longs for the Simple
Life and Companions of Venice.
London, Fob. C. A dispatch lo
Dalziol's Agency from Rome, reports
on authority of a person having con
stant contact with tho pope, that tho
latter is practically blind, his Bight
having been failing over since his
accession to tho papacy, owing to
tho extremely damp air of tho Vati
can. Two celebrated oculists have
ordorcd him to rofrain entirely from
His holiness' gouoral health is
known to bo unfavorably affected,
and thoso in his dally company who
havo been acquainted with him long
est, ainrm that he is a victim of nos
talgia that nothing will appreciably
roliovo except a ronowal of tho
old friendships and associations at
Venice. Ho Is much moro cheerful
and resigned to his voluntary lm-
muromont In tho Vatican when nis
i-lntivn- nnil nthnr old associates
nrw! frli-mln from VollICO are VlSltlllg
him. and ho is known to havo many
times oxprcssed a longing lor ine
milntnr and moro slllllllo life which
ho had for bo many years at Ven
Washington, Feb. C The govern
ment has issued no new instructions
regarding action to bo taken in San
Domingo, regarding the killing of
Sailor Johnston by tho rebels. It is
assumed Minister Powell is taking
all necessary steps to capture the
Advices today are that the lnsurg
cntB contlnuo tho devastation of
nronerty without regard to owner
ship. Thoro Is a strong feeling
against Americans.
Venezuelan Court Decision
-Jnchlnf.tn-i Fnl, P. Thn efllto
department has cabled advices today Great Britain, believing war be-
conflnnlng tho report that the fa- tween Japan and Russia to bo ine-
mous asphalt case which two years vitable, is now giving Japan active
nrni thvnntnnn'l wnr hptWPPn Amerl- nnfiniirafrniTi01lt
Great Impatience in Japan
Washington. Feb. C Minister
Griscom. at Tokio, cables the state
ca and Venezuela has been bciiicq
bv unanimous decision of the su
nrpmn r-nlirt nf Vnnp7.llola In faVOr
of the New York and Bermudese As
of the New York anu uermuaese -, ,..nt tho
phalt Company,. All the contentions ""J '
o the United States wero sustained
Smoot Investigation.
Wnchlnirtnn Tfnh fi. Tho trial Of
Senator Smoot will begin before tho The dii
1 Will be Held at Port-
ft March 4.
Iwnvcntlon of tho Soc-
i uregon has boon cnl-
0B March 4. 1004 nt
I organization wilt ha
PS deleirntn nt Inrirn nnfl
no membors of tho
I" bo hold on Fob. 27,
14 of electing dologatos
invention. Tho soc
Oremn tn 1AAO n,nn R.
14 AHtlmntnJ 1 1
rt' least ?nnn mntrinn u
fWlOn nt thn nlntn
1,400 delegates, If
la Pntlflnnfl n thn nr.
- ....wu iw
"1 each nrninlTntlnn
FWta of dologatoB.
4. 4.
r,r"l Wrecke.
fW-LFob. C Throo
Wind in Montoroy
ino nnnt twn
I to tlln l.nll
? in tho vicinity.
, "ro picked up
wth of Point Pi-
,eBl In Ftnllnnn
'led t ji-. .
. thlfrl J.lflAil
t. "lu" "u
Nonn nf thn
Condition Unchanged.
Washington, Fob. C At 10 o'clock
bulletin shows Senator Hanna's
temperature to be half a degree
higher than yesterday. - Ur. Ilixey
believes the disease is reaching a
climax. Ills general condition is un
Interesting Event In Annals of Ma
chine Roadsters.
Chicago. 111., Feb. C. Chicago's
nnnl,nl nillnmnlilln SllOW OPCHCd in
rviiiamtm tm av m a umzn in
glory. Tho show follows closely mo
recent exhibition in Now York,
,i..,..i, i thn Tinmlier nf exiu ins
tho Clilcngo affair Is a llttlo ahead of
its Eastern rival. Tho ontiro ground
lloor of tho Collsoum and tho annex
i.. -i.. t thn n sn av or com-
,,ioi nnra nf all sizes, descriptions
nnd prices, wlillo tho spacious gal
leries aro used for an oxmuuiuu ui
automobile parts and accessories.
nil.- ..!,... mill nnntltllin fOT tWO
-weeks, during which tlmo thoro will
bo hold a numbur or meetings ui
automobile manufacturers, good
roads advocates and others inter
ested dl'roctly or Indlroctly in the
Tim nrinnniincu 11110
auto tll"ui. - 7. ,.,!
f.,nnn uinn lareo and all Indlca-
ttlWi.MUWH . . , ,
HUilD v- -
nres In this particular.
Iron Dyke Property in Baker County
qh.h for Lame Sum.
Baker City, Fob. fi. - Conoral
Manager Frank IS. Perec, of the
.... .i Hironii to Bakor
iron uyno iiinio. w-ip
City last nlnht from a t P to Erie,
Ponnsyivan a, at
cipai ownerut ...-
tondod ft conioreueu ui --
nt which Plans for tho future do
nl.w" . f th., nronorty wero
VOlOpilluiil" "
outiinuu. tftr Pearco
Th a moriiiub - ,n
was served with papow in a suit In-
Z M080. and another suit to
of A: Cli"z. nm, is tho samo
mo tg'Ko A l toTlJ "'or
Copper Mining company to Wm tor
S. X ciaimsTnlho8 iron
Mikado's Government Summons Its
Citizens Home From All Parts of
the World Japanese Minister Is
Hiking Out of St, Petersburg, and
Both Governments Are Actively
Preparing for War Great Britain
Will Favor Japan.
London, Feb. 0. Tho Echo says
tho rumor current that certain Lon
ilnn merchants havo received a
cable from agents in Japan that a
battlo occurred between Russia and
Japanese battleships, In which three
Russian and two Japanese battle
ships wero sunk. Tho rumor is not
Not Confirmed.
Tho .TnnnnpRp pmhaRRV hprG has
heard nothing to confirm the report
of a battle and gives It no credence.
England Encourages Japan.
London, Feb. C It Is learned that
That Is the Figure to be Paid Out
for Twelve Events.
Chlcngo, III., Feb. 6, Entries
closed today for the twclvo stakes
to bo decided at tho spring meeting
of the Chicago Jockey club and
though the exact figures have not
yet been announced by tho club of
ficials they aro said to be of n char
acter to Insure ono of tho best
meetings ever held under the au
spices of tho organization.
Tho gross value of tho stakes is
$31,000. The most important of
these Is the Chicago Derby, with
$10,000 added, and, with tho fees,
It lis eMioctcil to bo worth about
$20,000. The Northern handicap,
with $5,000 ndded, is tho event next
In Importanco to the Derby. Of
tho twelve stakes, five aro for three
year-olds, and upward, and three
for three-year-olds, nnd four for two-year-olds.
Lives Lost, Injuries Sustained and
Mine Damaged.
Scranton, Tn., Feb, C An cxplo'
Rlnn of cbr took nlnco In Storra
mine this morning. Evan Gabriel
was killed, three wero burned and
fivo seriously so. The mine is badly
feeling obtains in Japan that more
than a reasonable period lias eiaps
ed since sending a note to Russia,
and great Impatience mannests.
imats feel that a note is
itatlne -that rotations be
Gives Values of the Principal
Roads of Washington as a
Basis for Assessment.
More Than the Legal Quota of
Names Signed to Each, and It Is
Believed That There Will Be
Enough Signatures When Elimina
tions Are Made,
senate committee un uiui-uuua un i prouauio -uiaung -iui. iuiMiiu. v
March 1, according to the date fixed tween tho countries may bo broken
mis morning- ine c-uniiiiiiifu um- on ui uhj muuicm,
ml tn makn a full and complete in-1 D., ,.i..
vestlgation, not only of the specific Ij0ndo Fcb. 6.-A dispatch from
charges against the senator, but alao poter8UUrg this aftornoon says
as to tho practices of the Mormon ,... m,nlg,e, Kuln, is mak-
church, Its connection witn poiyg.a- preparations to leave,
my and alicbed Interference in poll- "h ' 1
Him-nnnrp. Fob. C. The new Jap
anese cruisers, Nisshln and Kassago
sailed from hero this afternoon.
Reply Received,
rntin fi. Thn Russian renly
wns received today through tho Rus
sian minister, DerroBcn.
Ciphers Prohibited.
xt.,. Vnrir Poll r. Thn Commer-
..ini fniiin Piinuinnv todav anounced
it has been advised by tho Japauese
government that Secret language is
prohibited In all private messages to
Japanese Called Home.
tjnn Ti-rnnclKril Feb 0. Tho Jail-
ftnnen pnnRll 1 todav confirmed tho re
port that the Japanese governmnt
has issued a first call to all citizens
nf that country res ding in foreign
lands. Tho call Includes Japanese
Salem, Feb. C W. S. U'Rcn, of
Oregon City, yesterday evening filed
petitions with tho secretary of stato
for direct primary nominations,
bearing the names of 8,538 voters,
and E. O. Miller, secretary 01 me
Btato prohibition alliance, filed peti
tions for local option, . bearing b,hu
The legal requirement of eight per
cent of tho voters on both of those
would bo but 7,018, and it Is thought
that there will bo sufficient actual
voters on the petitions after tho
miontlnnnhln ilium's urn eliminated.
to Insure them a place on tho olllelul
It will ren.ii re several days for
tho secretary of stale to go over tho
list of names and Cetcrmlno tho bona
fldo voters, but both tho direct pri
mary pcoplo and the prohibitionists
feel that their petitions aro safe.
Chicago Wheat,
Chicago, Fob. C Wheat opened
959i. closed 94. May corn opened
GCHs, closed 5494.
Has Captured Thirteen Deer Skins
From Parties Who Had Violated
the State Laws.
Tinnntv rJnnin Wrrden A. W. Nyo.
uho has been Jt Heppner for sever-1 Q haV(J comi)ietC(J services In tho
al days in scares of violators of Japanese army within the last four
Hintn name laws, lias capturtti to
inn. ul.-Inu from nartles who
violated tho gamo laws and Is now
on tlio trail or nuutuio m iui
. . . ,
a larco number of ueer nas oeeu
wnnrted killed in tho hills near
ii.nnnnr nnil Mr. Nyo will not return
,,m im illRcovers and brings to
Justice tho violators of tho law.
years. Somo will sail weanesauy.
r.nlden Rule Broken Into and some
Cash Was Taken
Thn Golden ItUIO Store wb uiur-iim4w" rjv." ,
T?0.. .... ..iiZ ,, , fn tilr-kles mer seized a woman. Tho gendarmes
CO mid IUBI Ulb"l "-,"-"- I .,l.,ln flnn TlllRRlfln WBB
U11U u 1 1.' - -
Tho .-.nil nrnatpil Intenso excite
rtcnt In the local Japaneso colony,
where it is tanen to mean tuai jun
nn C about to declare, or has :il
ready declared war.
Sacrificing Property
1Mr!lvnatrwl.- t'nli fi. All JaDall
ese aro leaving in uaste, uibiiuoiub
of their goods at 5 cents on tno aoi
clnhtlnn In Korea
London, Feb. 6. A Seoul dispatch
savs Russian soldiers encouuturuu
Knrnan cendarmCH becauso tho for
Ister. As 1M as can ue torn ul una
is nn further loss. The
limu i"i - .
thieves gained an entrance to tho
store by prying open the back doors.
have no dUO BS tO WDO
did tho deed.
n.j,.tnK Hrnun Returns.
rt n H nrown. of the O
i- ,M MtnrnDii ttllS mOrulUK WULU
n prtpnilod visit at Hot Springs,
Thn Wnreans declare. Russia win
thnli- nniintrv.
An insurrection nas DroKen out w
miles north of Seoul, ana tno pro
feet's house has been destroyed.
Has Distributed 1,300 Pounds mii
fa Seed In F ve WeeKS.
.t nr, Mm. n C. Judson wero
an extended visit at ot P"DBB' tb ' 8ts of the Hotel St. George
Ark., where ho went in search o we gu yesterday and to-
health. He returns greatly improv
ed and will soon rcsuiuo jub iwu
.i... i irn Granted A. o.
Ortiuwii ' - .
ci.nh.nc Amournea I in
I . .1.1. mnvn. Rlll.'ll 11 VJ nu " " " ...
Tho county court mot ' month ag0, and is daily be
lui " v , . ..
day. Mr. Judson is on ms "
.,rno ,hnrn hn will assist In
vvauu vuii, timv.w - -
m nf tho Northwost
Livestock Association, which is now
under consideration mere.
w ij.n. hno nlnnnned of Over
13,000 pounds of dryland alfalfa sood
Tin wno in LUU UlLY vww
ing for tho purpose . of gr anting tn , otters from all ovor the
CCDn8, 1' Tho paper 'i0 f
"n ZTonnd to be in proper shape the merits
this time, and the license was gran . morn,ng tr In t0-
ed. Tho court then adjourned until in ' mado the trip this far
Monday, when It will moot for tho day. nav g bonoflt 0,
revising of the list of Judges and with m
Independent League of Workmen
Will Be Organized at the Court
house Tonight,
i.iitlier llolromb. nresldent of tha
American league of Independent
Wdkmen from Spokane, will nrrlvo
i ii. n .Itv thta nvpnlni. anil will or
gtuilzo a league of that order at tho
courthouse tonight, tho meeting do-
ing called for 7:30.
Th,. Ainnrlpiin Inuue of Inde
pendent Workmen, is an order mado
up of employers ana employes anu
its prlmo object is to promote, peace
nnrl hnrmnnv hntwppn WOrklllKmeU
and their employers, Thoro is no in
surance or risk benefits in tno or
der, and It Is solely ono of social
and Industrial advancement.
Tho branch at Spokane now has
over 400 members, all classes of
reputablo people holding member
ship. It is mado up of largo employ
ers and workingraen in an stations
of llfo and has outstripped all strict
ly labor unions in that city.
Held Up Train Crew and Get Free
Ride Into Pendleton.
Thlo mnrnint- tho nlcht IKllICO re-
i -.! n mpRR-iirn from Gibbon ask.
int. thpm tn meet tho westbound pas
senger train at tno switcu, as more
were four hoboes aboard who wero
.. ,i imithin tn I lm train crow.
Tho messago was delivered bo Jato
that by the tlmo the pouco roacuou
, ,inn thn train was In and tho
men had gotten off at the switch
above tho city.
It Is reported that tno uraKoman
i, r, tn nut thn men off tho
train abovo Gibbon and they refus
ed to obey, drawing a gun on mo
trainman and afterward standing tho
conductor up until they reached tbo
city. The police nave no trutu vi
th-j men.
If the Value of $7,292 Per Mile Cor-
responds to Other Property Values
It Is consistent Says Washington
Assessors Laid Themselves Open
to Censure by Discussing Vital
Public Issues Behind Closed
C J'. Strain, county lusoasor of
Umatilla county, whoso high assess
ment of railroad property In this
county Is inrgely rcspoiiBlblo for tho
present agitation for higher as
sessment In tho stato of WnBhlng
ton, Bald this morning to tho East
Oregonlnn, in regard to tho results
of tho meeting of tho Washington as
sessors at Spoknno:
"At tills distance I enn only guess
nt tho way property Is assosscd in
tho Btato of Washington.
"Tlio threo principal roads of tho
state of Washington nro tho North
ern Pacific, Groat Northern and tho
n ii m Annnnilii-r thnt railroad
Investments aro worth S per cent
above operating expenses, tno
Northern Pacific, west of iuauo, is
worth an nvorago of $39,812.60 per
mllo, nnd tho Great Northorn is
worth $25,895, por mile In tho samo
"Thcso figures nro basod on tho
nvorago earning capacity of tho
roads during a period of fivo years
r ions m l nni Inclusive. Tho
t J (1.11 lonu i " , - .
nvorago annual earnings of tho
Northorn Pacific aro $3,io6 per mnu
nnd tho Great Northern $2,07l.-0
per mile. , , 4
"Tho O It. ft. N. is viiiuuu . f"-.-823.85
per mllo basod on tho earn-
, ..l!., tn n norlnil Ilf flVO
years from 1898 to 1903, Inclusive
and Its avorngo incomo per muo
an 8 per cent Investment woul Lo
$3,005 por mllo.
"These figures aro arrlvod at by,
way of tbo unit rnlo, thnt is by .itc
Ing tlio enllro vnluo of tho property,
...i .11. .1.11.,,. II ho thn niimlior of
miles of trnck In tho systom, Local
assessments nro maiio on lorminm
grounds, and water craft, at tho
principal ports, and I would Buy that
I l.itvo not ascertained tlio valun of
tho water craft ami terminal
grounds, of tho Great Northorn or
tho Northorn Pacific, nnd am thoro
foro not qualified to say Just how
much of a deduction should bo mado
from tlio total property of tho com
panies to nrrlvo at tlio right valito
or their roadbed and roiling stock.
"However, tlio pilncipal valuo con.
slsts In tho roadbed and rolling
ui,.ni nml thn valuo of tho wntor
craft and lermlnnl grounds would
not materially reduce tho values por
mllo as given abovo,
'According to tho publisiii'il ro-
ports of tho assessors' convention,
now being held in Spokane, thuy
propose to assess first class roadbod
ut $7,292 per mile, which probably
closed Freewater Saloon.
t r Tnvinr has returned from a
X, V J
-svnnuintpr. where ho went to
... nnnnM In the attachment case
(JUl IU iuyr
of Kelly & Kelly, the saloonkoepers
of that city, who navo gottou imo
. , ...in, a wlinlnRaln houso which
has boen furnishing them with liquor
.... ,hioh timv have noglocted to
pay. Tbo saloon is still closed.
Lni nm iniirn than U tho AC-
I UJH Lxniim ..... ...... . -
tual vnluo of thn roads. If thoy aro
taking other property at v i
actual value, then their railroad as
sessment is consistent,
'It Is to bo presumed mat an mo
assessors are acting with noncm
purposes, in this manor, uui -cussing
Bitch a vital public Ujuo.
behind closed doors, they havo laid
themselves open to pumio u
which is probably not deserved.
O. R. & N. Loses Case.
iti.. 1.-..1. r. in thn caBO of II.
UIII"U M. l ...
ih,. n. k. & N. compa-
uy, for $30,000 damuges, tho Jury has
returned a veraict ior i,v.
mi.. nnnn-,vlinnln KlirllltV Of NOW
I I1U I IIIH1""-
York, organized In 1899, has moro
than 500 memuors ,
Bacramonto, Fob. . Stato
Vetorlnarlan Bloraor return-
ed from a trip of Invostlga.
tion made by request of south-
crn cattlemen, to abolish
tho quarantine lino. Ho gays
ho hopes noniiurn tuiu-u
will withdraw their protests
against abollsmng tno uno, b
conditions now omer irom
.ono mliAn thnrn w&B no law
for inspection, callio can t
now bo inspected and pass
north safely. Tnousanas o t
cattle aro starving in tho
To 8uspend Quarantine.
ciorua ior mo ww6
- al AMin ninnrinn. i .-
buildings, ui"'- -
lanoons oaulpraent.