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I Eastern Oregon Weather
Tonight anil Saturday rnnl or
snow; cooler tonight.
NO. 4MM.
Is to business I ! f
".ninn Power." I H mA I
.1 prop I an fc X. iM i
' 1 "" IiWiiWIIII in in I i i illrTI
. nirillTim I
l i ill i u i i ii n i r
i i in i,i mi t
Ls for Hostilities Are
-sing with Speed and
T run
the Continent Have
Home by the Govern-
,.- at London Be
i A7nrrl M.1R BfiOn
. - i - inrt Emm
Feb. 5. Hennott iieur
..namiii (1 nn f nf tnn
thin afternoon
Arthur nays war propara-
CM. I.,,-,
. ximui nnva nnvn
i commission,
hat a nppiiii in ii'uvn lii
position alotiK tho Ghlnoso
mncii. if EGiiiiiiu.
t IU.INn
Feb, 5. Minister Hayaehl
-111. T 1 Unlf
morning. TTic Russian
pn lairr hi in iiiiiiii:iiiul(
long cipher message.
jsninese rcHldnntH in tno
mimci id come immeu.-
CU. i). I JlIllIJIIlill H tilt;
I 111 I1I1W If 1IHHII1 R rmiiv
MtWiil nutpi-iYrio H lw-inf-f
A Central News dls-
lotto says tho Japanese
Senders' Risks.
Kb. &. -A commercial
npant ni u .m na Inl.
M Korea can bo ac-
wo Homior s risk.
ICU. Ii A Uhrin irlinl inl.
t the aiobo wires that
no . I
oa utu vluo-iireHluont
io-ril have mumorlallzed
"'fivmiy incrciianiB 1110
1 nI defuiiHlvo alliance
to ffsaln Manchuria.
But Not r.nnflrm-H
v ji IIUH X Dill V.U 1 "
vvvilVlt lluill 11J)-
ays war bas been do-
"Tien Tslu.
11 Will Cost to Gn and
-" ivuiiu rair.
la.i.i ...
'Kelvert a letter from
to St. Tallin nnH -n.
InH ...111 i i-n.
ul win coat Df.uu;
J"l,cost J72.B0, and from
LOUIS nnit rotnrn vln
WH $70.
,vv; iu tjnicaRO ana
"Sltine tho fnlr. JCE:
- mu IIUI'K 1V WILV . 1 1
lt Wilt ho n1aon,1 nn
- win oo on saio
'Oces of thn pnmnnnv
. - ,, juno, juiy,
'"w to bo tho finest
rnd to Death.
(C rob. C.
. ft
... ' .1111.111.
Wd . ,
,,? thoir rosl-
mornlnp. Tho
S5M to bo un
HE STDI C A ctii-c
nrnnonLii . 11111
Tom O'Brien Disappears With Uncle
Sam's Precious Mall.
Burns, Fob 5. Thos. O'Brien,
who hart been driving tho stago to
Venator, has disappeared with tho
mall, horso, rig and all. He left
hero Monday morning ns usual, but
-instead of following the regular
routo which led by tho homo of Con
tractor Hancock ho went via tho Is
land ranch, arriving at Lawen af
tho right time.
Ho had a passenger, ono Ed Levi
son, a drunken, dissipated foreign
nobleman, who had not boon way
billed or paid his fare. Tho stago
loft Lawcn hut never turned up nt
Venator and nothing has been
learned of tho outfit since. Stago
Agent Woldonborg Btarted Sheriff
Allen after tho man Thursday upon
learning tho facts.
The shorlff has a warrant charg
ing O'Brien with stealing tho horso
and rig. It Is possible that when
he Is caught Uncle Sam will also
havo something to do with him.
O'Brien was recently discharged
from tho county jail where he
Borvert a Bentencc for stealing a
pair of spurs, and from his conduct
nlnco It nppearB ho was trying to
get back in jail again.
Mobs and Bloodhounds on the Track
of the Slayers, Several of Whom
Meet Retribution Leader of the
Murderers Not Yet Been Found.
Memphis, Fob. 6. A dlBpatch
from Doddsvllle, Miss., this after
noon states that another of the ne
gro murderers of James Eastland,
has been captured and lynched by a
mob of BOO. Details aro few.
A posso Is still pursuing Luther
Holhort, leader of tho conspirators,
with fresh bloodhounds. Eastland
was a well known planter. He and
a negro Bcrvant were brutally mur
dered in the field yesterday by Hol
hort and two other negroes.
One" of tho murdorers was shot
down by a mob a short time after,
and hounds put on tho tracks of tho
other two, who separated and es
caped into tho woods.
Beautiful and Unique Exhibit for the
World's Fair.
St. Unils, Fob. B. California will
have one of the most Interesting
mineral exhlbltB at tho approaching
World Fair.
Ono of tho principal features la to
bo a stono arch 23 foot high. This
nrch will bo composed, of 'tho leading
building Btones of Callfornlo, nnd tho
ornaments will he bears' heads and
tho state seal. In addition a column
of lnpldollts, will graco tho Interior
nreas of which chrystals of tourma
line will ho a marked feature.
Naturally, tho magnificent gold
quart!! which played such an import
ant part In tho early history of Cal
ifornia, together with placer sands
nnd their products, will not ho over
looked. Cinnabar In its natlvo
state and qulckstlvor with tho Indi
cations of Us extent and production
wilt not ho forgotten, nor will the
beautiful oynx of tho San Luis
Obispo quarries, and tho blue mar
bles of Hlvorslde, and tho building
stones of many other districts ho
overlooked. Tho magnesitcs of Por
torvllle, nnd tho chromo ores from
tho northern districts will also ho
well represented, togothor with
thousands of varied mineral products
thf havo mado Cnllfornla famous
since tho forties.
Reported That Hundreds Were Kill
ed In a Dutch Java Town.
T-nmlon. Feb. B.-A dlflpatch from
Amsterdam says cablcrna.m, Irvnm
Poland, Java, reports n fatal vol
conic eruption In which tho entire
town was swallowed by a lava flow.
Hundreds woro kllled
Courthouse Row According to Mod
ern South Carolina
. ...... ........ woh R. Svell to
st. roiuiBuiiibi - - .
. iii irh Imtwnon
MatcmliansQ .u. .
n drew a revolver and flrod three
ni, ll.uw "'... rnrl nnl flrod
t mos inoneciuiui. - ---twice,
mortally wounding his oppo
Ladies to Meet.
at In clV-
All ladies mvuuu '"""' r
in tho leap year P' ';":'.'
February lb, MO roquuunm i
romUcla. Club to-
morrow iw",uu -
porfoct arrangomoms.
Ex-Postmaster Lorenz Denies,
Admits and Explains Bris
tow Laid Up Very Sick,
Loan to St. Louis Exposition Is In
dorsed by the Senate Subsidy for
Education in Porto Rico Appro
priation to Advance Vineyard In
terests on the Coast Special Sen
ate Committee to Investigate Sen
ator Dlterich.
Washington, Feb. B. Ex-Postmaster
Lorenz, of Toledo, a witness in
the postofllce conspiracy ca6e today
testified he received as his share
from a half Interest In the Oroff
fasteners, SCO.OOO. He denied ever
having dlBcussed tho matter with
Machen until after he had acquired
a half Interest in the business, and
was then told by Machen the govern
ment had already adopted It.
Brlstow Very .Sick.
Washington, Feb. B. Fourth As
ulRtnnt PnstmaKtfir-Reneral Brlstow
Ir vnrv HI with la cranne. He has
been unable to appear at the depart
ment for two weens. His condition
Is said to bo largely due to over
work and nervous strain In connec
tion with the postofllce Investigation.
Blew Off Their Muzzles.
Washington, Feb. 5. The navy
ilonnrtmpnt this mnrnlnir received
tho following from Captain Train,
president of the board or inspection
ilnt ml FortreRR Monroe:
Whllo fpstlnc tho batten- of the
Iowa this morning, both guns in tho
forward eight-Inch turret blew off
their muzzles. No casualties.
Loan to World's Fair.
Washington, Feb. 5. The senate
today voted to keep In the urgent
deficiency bill the provision or a
loan to St. Louis of $4,000,000.
Porto Rlcan Education,
Chaplain Hale's prayer opening
tho senate referred to Senator Han
na The bill providing for transporta
tion for not to exceed GOO Porto
Rlcan school teachers to the United
States and return passed.
Senator Mitchell favorably report
ed tho Jordan resolution which was
afterwards agreed to, calling on Gen
eral Payne for full reports of the
postolfice investigations.
For Vineyard Protection.
In the senate ls a discussion 'if
the deficiency appioprlations bill.
In tho house Is a discussion of the
agricultural appropriations bill.
Doll, of California, announced be
v.xuld propose an amendment pro
viding for an Increased appropria
tion for pomologlcal investigations.
Ho made a strong appeal for tho
vineyards of California and the Pa
cific Coast.
To "Investigate" Dietrich.
The special committee of tho sen
ate consisting of ollar, Piatt, Spoon
or PiiPirnl! nr.il Pettus. annolnted
on request of Dietrich, of Nebraska,
to consider his Nebrasua case on
which he was recently cleared from
lit. Minrfn nf Rnlllnir nostoffices held
a preliminary meeting this morning
nnd decided the course or proceaure.
It will gather copies of all records
and testimony in the proceedings,
nnd statements of interested parties.
Including tho prosecuting attorneys
In Nebraska. Also all facts obtaina
ble rolativo to tho appointment of
the postmaster at Hastings, Nob. It
will probably be tho latter part of
hn nnnth hnforn tho commlttco
gathers all this information in, when
tho Investigation win uegiu u --"-est.
No Clew to Robbers.
Baker City, Feb. 5. No trace of
How Much It Will Cost, to Go and
tho Gelaer Grand hotel here on
Wednesday night, has yot been
Tin Knriirnd J7B from tho
night clerk and fled In the darkness.
Snokano, Kob. B. In secret ses
sion at tho courthauso yesterday,
the county assossors of Washington
votod to add a trifle to tho amount
of taxes to bo paid by tho railroad
corporations of tho atoto. Fiftoon
cents a foot was added to tho assess
ment rate of railroads of tho first
class, 10 conts to tho socond-claes,
This is the Conclusion of the
Latest and Most Careful
There Are No Complications, But
Mr. Hanna Is Greatly Depressed
Funeral William C. Whitney, Ex
Secretary of the Navy, Attracts a
Large Concourse of People to and
Around Grace Church Interment
in Woodlawn
Washington, Feb. 5. Senator
Hanna has typhoid fever. The diag
nosis Is confirmed by a complete
blood examination reported this
morning by Dr. Rehrond. The sen
ator rested fairly well last night.
This morning his temperature ls 100
and pulse 82. The above bulletin
was given out by the senator's secre
tary and by DrB. Rixoy and Magru
der at 9:30 this morning.
The official announcement caused
great apprehension among Hanna's
friends, who regard typhoid, for a
man of his age and enfeebled consti
tution, as very serious. The phy
sicians, however, continue to express
confidence. They advised against
sending for the members of his fam
lly this morning.
Mr, Hanna has been on a milk
diet for several days. There is no
ailment of the liver, kidneys and
heart. The malady ls characterized
as a regular typhoid. Roosevelt
walked from tho White House to the
Arlington hotel to make Inquiry.
Constant Depression.
Dr. Magruder at 1 this afternoon
reported the patient unchanged. It
was decided this morning to send
for Dr. Osier, of Baltimore, tho fa
mous diagnostician who attended
Mrs. JlcKlnley when she was ill In
the White House. Physicians say
the most discouraging feature Is
Hanna's constant depression.
Funeral of Mr. Whitney,
New York, Feb. B. fhe William
C. Whitney funeral ceremonies were
simple. Four thousand people crowd
tho street In tho vicinity of Graco
church aud watched the cortege
start. A special train went to Wood
lawn, where the burial took place.
Many distinguished peoplo attend
wl, including Rear Admiral Rogers,
of the Brooklyn navy yard, and his
staff, General Corbln and staff, Rock
efeller, Keeno, Whltelaw Held, Perry
Belmont, Mayor Van Wyck.
The only outward exhibition was
rthen the distinguished pallbearers
emerged from tho church, a score of
photographers pushed their way for
ware' repeatedly, to snap their cam
cas upon tho mourners.
Unusual Amount Has Fallen Adja
cent to San Jose,
San Jose, Feb. B, Tho heaviest
snow that has fallen In five or six
years, covers the mountains on both
sides of the valley this morning, ex
tending far down towards the foot
bills. It Is not raining this morn'
ing, but Is cold and threatening.
Crown Prince Hurt.
Berlin, Feb. 5. Crown Prince
Frederick was thrown from his
horse while drilling guards today,
and brulsod, but not terlously hurt
Venezuela Award.
London, Feb. 5. Tho Venezuela
award mado by The Hague tribunal
will bo announced to the powers
Ftbruary 27.
Chlcano Wheat.
Chicago. Feb. B. Wheat opened
96. closed 9B. Corn, B6. Wheat
slump due to failure of war to ma
Spanish officials have Invited
imn.i.an mnmirnptnrnrfl tn Install an
exhibit of agricultural machinery :it
mi inn to tho third-class. There
oi- n.,ntiia in this state.
m i. ...Annettlnn tn nntabllsh a unl
. . . ono nn nn, mltn nn first
state oi ' ,
.. .i ..ni. ..rtia nnnrnvnn
class raurouu nmo n
by tho representatives of but 14 '
theso counties, two moro than one-
tlilrd ol too vrnoie buiuum.
Will be 30,000 afloat by the end of
Next Season.
New York, Feb. B. Arrangements
were completed today for tho exhi
bition of motor or power boats
which will bo held for two weeks,
beginning next Monday. In the Her
ald Square Exhibition Hall. The
exhibition, which will bo tho first of
Its kind held In this country, will
be under the auspices of the Nation
al Motor-Auto Boat Exposition.
Some of tho best known Ameri
can manufacturers of marine mot
ors, hulls, auxiliaries and complcto
power boats will exhibit their new
est products. There wero 75,000
motor boats In American waters In
the yachting season of 1903. From
tho talk and correspondence of tho
manufacturers who aro Interested in
the motor-auto boat show there will
bo 1B.000 new ones afloat before tho
middle of next summer.
Tho unique Engclhnrdt collapsi
ble lifeboat Is entered for exhibition.
This new device for the safety of
the public when traveling by water
occupies but one-third of tho space
filled by an ordinary lifeboat on nn
ocean steamer, though it weighs 1,
300 pounds. It enn bo launched
collapsed and receive Its human
freight In that condition and be
opened In a few Bcconds.
Elegant New Structure Now Under
Contract Will Cost $30,000 Will
Be Equipped With Monster Pipe
Organ To Be Main Place of Wor
ship for Union County Mormons.
La Grande, Feb. B. C. R. Thorn
ton, a La Grande man, has the con
tract and ls tho architect for tho
$30,000 Mormon tabernacle which
will bo erected In La Grande In tho
early spring. The building will be
entirely of stono and brick from tho
quarries of Union county, and about
50 men aro already employed In
hauling lumber and stono aud many
of them are cutting stone on tho site
of the building.
Tho Assembly hall, Sunday school
rooms ami heating apparatus will be
on the first floor, and tho main an
dltorium and gallery on tho second
floor, and will bo tho finest place
of worship In tho city when com
pleted. Arrangements ure also be
ing mado to put a plpo organ in tho
building shortly after It Is completed
which will cost several thousand
This will bo the only Mormon tab
ernacle outside of the state of Utah
aud will bo onu of tho Suest struc
tures in Eastern Oregon.
Tho building committee and pro
moters of this building are F. S.
Brannvell, chairman; C. W. Nlbley
and George Stoddard, all prominent
members of the church lu this val
ley. This will be the main placo of
worship for the church In Eastern
Frank Romogoux, of Alkali, Passed
Away This Morning.
Frank Romogoux, of Alkali, who
has been dangerously III for soma
days with pneumonia, died at his
home this morning at an early hour.
He was BS years of age, and has
been for many years ono of the
prominent residents and farmers of
his part of tho county.
Tho deceased was a member of tho
Woodmen, and tho funeral will prob
ably be held tomorrow afternoon
under tho auspices of that order,
though definite arrangements havo
not as yet been mado. Ralph Fol
som, of tho firm of Baker & Folsom,
went to Alkali this morning and will
return with the body this evening.
Tho funeral will bo under tho aus-
pices of tho Woodmen.
Epidemic of Hen Rustling In Walla
Walla Walla, Feb. B. The pollco
arrested Marvin Glaspy, Thomas
Vernon and Oliver Bergman Oils
afternoon for stealing chickens. This
makes five chicken thloves confined
In tho city jail.
After they wero arrested tho boys
admitted that they had been engag
ed some time In stealing chickens
all over town. They would go to a
chicken house and take several of
tho fowls and then trade them off
at a Chlneso noodlo restaurant. They
pleaded guilty before Justice Huff
man and wero flnod $26 and costs
East Reno, Nevada, was struck by
a cyclone February 8, which wrocK'
nri Revoral buildings which woro
nniiRtantlal and of good size. No
ono was injured.
Weather, Business and Indus
trial Affairs of Moment and
More Precipitation Predicted A
Change tn Organization ol Pacific
Coast Electrical Employes New
Order Includes Arizona and Brit
ish Columbia Stock Brokerage
Firm Falls, With Two Officials Ac
cused of Falsifying.
San Frnnclsco, Fob. B. Southern
California is rejoicing today. Rain
though not copious, fell throughout
night Hint section below Tehachapl
last night nnd this morning, and
moro Is expected tunlght and to
me r. ow.
Tho storm that struck Los An Ho
les last night continued southward,
going as far as San Diego, whero
up to B this morning n precipitation
uf .14 of nn Inch Is lecnrdcd.
Conditions throughout tho stato
are cloudy and unsettled, especially
In tho northern portion. Showers
aro predicted for tonight in tho ter
ritory visited by Friday's rainfall,
with frost In tho northeastern por
tion and a cold snap In San Joaquin
Affairs Electrical Workers.
San Francisco, Feb. B. Tho West
ern Conferenco of Electrical Work
ers went out of oxlstenco this morn
ing, a now organization, known as
tho Pnclflc Council of Electrical
Workers of tho Sovenlh District tak
ing Its place. The work wns accom
plished at this morning's session of
tho conferences.
Tho new organliutlon Includes all
Pacific Coast states, British Colum
bia and Arizona. Tho change was
mado according to plans dovlsod by
the International brotherhood at (to
last nntlonal convention.
The following ofllcors woro oloctod
today: i'rcslileiit pro tern, II. I-
Worthlngton; socretary-tioasuror, J.
1 4. Cook; organizer, B. A. Holden.
Shortage and Failure.
San Francisco', Feb. B. Creditors
of tho grain nnd stock brokorago firm
of Bolton, Deruytcr & Co., which
closed Its doors yesterday, met mora
hers of tho concern this morning to
discuss plans for a settlement.
Tho lirm still promises to settle
dollar for dollar,
Richard doming, mnnagor, and
Daniel O'Connol, bookkeeper, who
nro accused of falsifying tho ac
counts to tho extent of $100,000,
were present and denied tho charge.
No action will bo taken against
them, ns their alleged nctlon Is con
sidered only n breach of fuith.
Storm at. San Diego.
loiter advices front Ban Diego, re
ceived by tho local weather bureau,
placo tho rainfall tliero at .38, whllo
In tho mountains nt 10 tho precipi
tation had reached half an Inch and
Is still raining. Wind at Ban Dlugo
last night reached a velocity of 36
miles per hour, tho highest eluco
Eighty Business Men Sign Request
for Change In the Time of No, 41.
Tho monster petition (o tho O. It.
& N asking for tho chango In tho
llmo of tho schedule of train No. 41,
now contains tho signatures of 80
business men of Pendloton,
Not half of tho business and pro
fessional men havo been seen, but it
Is thought that sufficient names
havo now been obtained to secure
tho change In tho time of this train
if It Is posslblo for tho company to
do so,
Tho committee circulating the pe
tition met with tho heartiest recep
tion, and could havo secured four
times tho number of subscribers U
the paper, had It been desired to1
send In a long petition, rather than
ono representing tho business Inter
ests of the city,
Tho petition will probably bo sont
to Portland by a special committee
from tho Commorcial Association,
Six Burned to Death.
Pottsvlllo, Pa., Fob. B.
Flro this morning destroyed
12 frame houses occupied by
foreign miners. Flvo men
and ono boy wero burned to
death, and hundreds were
compelled to floo for their