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. . The East
L '.. Lannr In
Eastern Oregon Weather
Tonight and Thursday, occa
sional rain or snow.
r.Kn7w. of
19)1.. I
y in
NO. 4UG2.
Js bo;
ill cu
t uss
wish tl
tlAort Will
Also Be
Expense of
Lter commission.
L H Been In Ser.
uf Will be Replaced
commission Will
w Saving Device in
kith Sprinkling -me
eflil Street Pumps to
considerable Discus-
Instruction of Second
L Will Soon Need High
nf tho city water
Iist night the matter of
tori for tho year was
H was decided that it
bid to the building it
lk at the pumping
the Installation of o
stake tne icu u
h uhlch Iibb been in
Ik past 17 years.
I u contempiaieo win
to J5.00O and will
improvement in the
lie wtcm. The old
(turndown nnd the new
fli nt?r the numns and
Um is thov now stnnd.
lemlll not ho molested
ihomuzhly overhauled
i reserre for ubo in time
we Watted Water.
utoers linvo in hand
i b tie wav of water
fcto will try early In
lull It Is a success will
i tit work of tho strest
Idfjutmcnt during the
!& the Installation of a
r Damns at thoso parts
pre water Is going to
could ho used for
Isold reduce tho strain
; it the station, de-
Icmnt of fuel necessary
ft lessen the operating
lie plan and tho wear
Ernest Cashel Hanged.
Vancouver, n. C, Feb. 3.
Ernest Cashel was hanged
yesterday for tho murder
of a ranchman. Ho confess-
ed on tho scaffold. Soon
after his conviction Cashel
escaped from the mounted
police barracks and remain-
cd In hiding 45 days within
six miles of tho barracks
One-third of French Town Is Under
Water Panic-stricken People Flee
to Hills for Their Lives Floods
Came at Night Number of Dead
Not Known,
Russia's Concessione May Not
Be Sufficient and War Will
Japs Have Taken Possession of Se
oul Railroad They Have Also
Taken Possession of the Guns
Seoul for the Protection of the Le-
gations First Important Advance
Already Made Want Final Decls.
Ion Before February 10.
s s
Redmond Demands Home
Rule for Ireland in a Fierce
Irish Gave Statesman a Tremendous
Ovation When He Concluded in
Speaking on Behalf of Them He
Says They Are Governed Against
Their Will He Declares the Gov
ernment Promises Have Been
Brest, France, Fch. 3. A tidal
wave, last night, off tho coast of
Ponmarch, wrecked many fishing
boats. Many were drowned hut the
number Is yet unknown. Immense
damage was canned. One-third f
Ponmarch Is under water and inhab
itants have fled to the hills.
Grave Fears Had Been Entertained
Over His Arrival In South Africa.
Berlin, Feb. 3. A dispatch today
announces the Bafe arrival of Gover
nor Leutwln, German, to Southwest
Africa, at tho coast station and he
has successfully ended the trouble
with tho rebellious Herroeros. Grave
fenrs for tho safety of the party had
been entertained during the past
bIod could by the use
inure save at least
Miter formerly used on
Fled thus cut clown tho
iw-talf, which would be
Report That He Was Dead Caused
Panic at White House.
Washington, Feb. 3. This after
noon n rumor which was circulated
that Senator Hanna was dead, creat
ed a panic In the corridors of the
capitol and at the principal hotels.
It is announced at the Arlington
hotel that his condition since morn
ing is unchanged, and he Is still 'r
ritniiio nnd wnak. Hlxev Is constant
ly at his bedside. Tho latter still
Insists there Is no cause for alarm
But Did.
Spokane, Feb. 3. In just exact
K- ii iinvR from tho day the preach
err, voted to close tho ulvcs through
iiriapniitiiiif tho vice landlords me
'it during tn niimmrr i vtplnrv is won. The final surrend.
Altken closed his dens in tho main
building under his control in tne
tenderloin, unfl he ,0180 closed those
in tho Paris hallway, controlled uy
Mtw Reservoir,
of tho conHtriictior
Itwrvolr waB discussoi
I decided to put tho con
until tli rnmlnc- vroir him through a woman
L. . .. ..till n Inimiwiun V'i
fvn nand would use the
Sslonprtl linvn i-..ntl7nl
't that tho canaclt yof
I reservoir Iu Inn nmntl
p luring tho season when
'avy but at the ores
lannni l. n.,tnHnn.l ll
Ml next year a now and
reservoir will bo built
I the north sldo of tho
Snnnlv thn ilnmnnrl
EtOa thn fiumn Inunl mlih
"uo will hold twice as
ft! more.
Line Tank.
JOn IVinfM.Kn 41 ...
"Ich they have not yot
replying to thoso who
On land Mffcnr ihan
I.... .. o
rir uno.
KCMllllAln ,
' reaorvolr and pump
-"".mun is mot, for the
""oir could not bo con
' the nrnantit avolam
. ,'uv,. .'J It
1 lOttnr hnnlnn .1 1-1
".WHO UlUlIllIlb
iuo.ot us water. Whan
raaao tho coramisaion
-ea io constmct a
S tort nt - - - . - - 1. 1 1 1
II l.t.l 1 MMU
Up.! ' 1110 "'Ei sorvico
L.v.T ' 'ul I'om me
In towns similarly
, tpuiuij nave oui-
LCBU a RVRtnni wnnlfT
' thin tin nnn
. W tho city treasurer,
"Mlea thn f.,nH
I'on, was Axed nt
' 19 will furnlBli In a
Eft u Jnompson, attorneys
kC.tHal In tho euporlor
Mt " c"mo or arson,
fim, 08 B- Palmer, on
There are
still seven Japanese women in what
iu l.nriun n "Jan n lei. ami iutne.
with one white woman, have been
allowed to remain over night, owing
to tho fact Hint as yet the ministers'
committee has not caused tho arrest
of, the person collecting tne reins
from that side 01 tne uuuums.
The Colfax Horror.
rv,ifnv Wash.. Fob. 3. Paddy
n..i. ., nt thn trin arrested In
ivitli tho Ida Leo outrage,
today entered a plea of guilty to tho
charge of selling nnuur iu mi.
.... d.iod r.n nnd costs by Jus
iwimin Nnrke. vhen first
.arrested, was charged with indecent
ly exposing the person of another,
nnd pleaded guilty to mo L-.m.,
tho punishment of winch offense s
a fine not oxcoedlng 1200 or six
. n, onnntv tail. Prose-
monius iu vw v .. , .i
tin,p Aftnrnev Hanna Uismisseu
this charge. uui-ko win .
his fine in tho county Jail.
Fowls at Walla Walla.
Walla Walla, Fob. 3. - Fivo hun-
, ...rn In llliirn lflSt night
UrOU UII11D ... I"--- - -
in Armory hall when the last little
corterlo of the fattniui siopiuu
among tho cacklors and Quacken
who herald tho oponing of the an
nual poultry show of the Walla Wal
la Valloy Poultry association. This
' '...,. mrn dnlecat OnS 'jf
moriuug duic.. ...
fancy fowl will arrive and chicken-
mon last nignt sum iv "
would bo In for tho Judging.
Chicago Wheat.
".,in vnh 3. Wheat, 92
93; May corn, 62.
Kentucky Hemcmuc." .
..,. v., Fni. a. foday was
the annlv aVy 'of the death of Gov
ornor William Goobol and in honor
of his memory appropriate pxorclses
woro hold by tho state legislature i n
' .... ArlHrnnsos OlUOgmui:
rtnoclter PubUc deeds of
tho dead oxocuuvo --
and b a further mark of rosnect to
. . " tmiii chambers of too
London, Feb. 3. Letters from
leading men of Tokio to friends here
state that everything is In readiness
In Japan for war and that an out
break Is inevitable.
Russia's concessions arc not like
ly to suffice and this is the last phase
of negotiations before they resort to
Influential Japanese citizens from
Europe, Including noted diplomats,
have advised Japan that now Is the
time to strike.
Have Taken Guns at Seoul.
St. Petersburg, Feb. 3. The Seoul
Fusan Railway, according to a dis
patch to Vladlvostock has been oc
cupied by Japanese troops.
Japanese soldiers have also taken
the guns at Seoul for the protection
of the legation.
Russia Is Given One Week.
Home, Feb. 3. News from the far
east today asserts that Japan Is ae-
termlned to present an ultimatum to
Russia on February 10 If no conclU'
sion is reached prior to that date.
Has Reached Climax.
Tokio. Feb. 3. An important
council attended by the mlltado,
three admirals and the war minister,
ns held here today. It is believed
the Russo-Japanese situation has
reached a climax.
The highest officials make no .t-
fort to conceal their exasperation at
the tardiness of reply.
George Rose, Embezzler, Gets Heavy
Sentence for Looting Bank.
Cleveland. Feb. 3. George Rose,
cashier of the Produce Exchange
Bank, who embezzled $87,uuu, was
today sentenced to 10 years.
L. A. Esteb, Attorney, Elected First
The vote on the incorporation
proposition at Echo yesterday, stood
28 to 10 for, which makes the burg
a "city."
There were no disturbances dur
ing the day, though the feeling was,
to put It mildly, intense.
The protestants against incorpora
tion had "economy" as their shibbo
leth, urging the expense of maintain
ing a municipal government as a
deterrent against voting for the in
corporation. The liquor question
was a side issue which was recog
nized, but which was not organized,
and it is understood that the bulk
of the strictly "dry" element refrain
ed from voting for the only ticket in
ni,i whifh. it will be noted, re
ceived practically the same vote as
did the incorporation prujiumuuu.
The only division so far as tho
ticket was concerned was on mar
shal, and the contest was purely on
personal grounds.
The vote on candidates was as fol
lows: .
...... r. A Esteb: recorder, H.
C. Miller; treasurer, W. H. Boyd;
marshal, Arthur Hammer; cuum;..-
r ttr rinnnhill 31 : John
Dorn, 34; C. J. Gulllford, 31; Joel
Halstead, 28; W. T. wcrerreu, ,
R J. Oliver, 28. For marshal, Mr.
Hammer received 11 majority over
Will Benedict.
Colorado Damage Suit,
Victor, Col.. Feb. 3. 3ov-
crnor Peabody, General Chase
and several other officers are
defendants In damago suits
aggregating $1,000,000, was
called to trial before Judge
Lewis who expected to sot a
date for hearing. The suits
grew out of tho recent mill-
tary occupation.
4- l- 't'
40,000 PEOPLE
London. Feb. 3. Redmond, in be'
half of the nationalists, demanded
home rule for Ireland today In the
house of commons. There was fre
quent cheering, He said the present
government had pauperized and de
populated Ireland.
He said no greater delusion could
be entertained until that question
could be got rid of. Neither force
nor concession could relieve the
British government of necessary con
sequences of maintaining a system
opposed to the will of the governed.
He predicted that If the liberals
came into power they could get the
Irish vote on the promise of home
rule. He said:
"Our present government is cor
rupt. Ireland would rather govern
herself badly than bo governed well
by another nation. Ireland lags tie
hind in commerce and agriculture!
art because the education board was
Imposed on the country, which was
antl-'notlonal, narrow. Incompetent,
and should now be swept Into the
dust-bin. The government's tttltude
on the university educational plan is
dishonest. The government's prom
Ises have been false."
The Irish gave Redmond a tre
mendous ovation when he had con
Noted Historian Gives Out State
ment as to Facts He Obtained
While Recently Traveling Through
Macedonia Many of Those Killed
Were Aged Men, Along With Many
City Clock Has the Drags and Peo
pie Miss Trains.
The town clock Is getting so that
it hits the time about as close to
tiie mark as the weather man docs
the condition of the weather. I-ast
week It was seven minutes behind
time and this week It still lacks four
minutes of having caught up with
the standard. People who rely on It
for guidance are Just in time to seo
their train pull out of tho station
or the man with whom they havo
or, nntrneflment. vanlBhlnc from
sight. Probably tho cold weather
has made It stiff in its movements.
Sweet Scented Meeting.
New York, Feb. 3. The Manu
facturing Perfumers' association of
tho United States, is celebrating the
tenth year of Us existence with a
largely attended convention opened
today. A two days' program has
been arranged. The proceedings
are devoted to tho consideration of
matters of Interest to the trade only.
Rugg Brothers Lead Shearing Indus
try This Season.
The first wool of this season's
clip, was brought into the Furnish
warehouse today, when tho firm of
Ti,,n,r Tlrnlhnrs lirnneht 75 Sacks Of
now wool in from their ranch near
the city. They have not yet nnisueu
This Is a pretty early date to
shear sheep but the firm has sold a
t..n pinmhnr in .Tames Wrlfiht. the
North Yakima sheepman, who wants
them for the wasningion uiamc.a,
fnr Immediate deliv
ery they are being clipped before
thoy are loaded, in oraer uii
owners will bo able to save the wool,
Will Be Burled Friday.
v-tr mat. It Ik exnected
Whitney's funeral services will be
held Friday.
Fflh. 3. In tho house i
today Congressman Olle James, the.
now congressman irum
hta mm maklne extraditions
njjiu " -
of Indicted criminals botweon states
obligatory. H. created l a storm
rovlowing tne uuuum .""'
fairs. . . ..... i
Ho ridiculed hoobovoiib mum""
on oxtradltlon from forolgn countries (
when there is so much to bo doao
at home. Ho referred sarcastically
to the recent attempts to extradite
millionaire Zelglcr from New York
to Missouri. Cnimpacker,. of Indi
ana, undertook to defend DurblnB
action regurmuK
tlon Tho discussion became bo
warm that tho Kentucky members
were on heir feet most of tho time
.. onabr with OU6S-
interrupting iu . , t
tlons and denouncing tho statements
ae untrue.
Berlin, Feb. 3. Pressowalsky, the
noted Balkan historian, who ha:
Just concluded a six months' tour
through Macedonia, asserts that In
1903 Turkish reeulars razed 300 vil
lages. He also says they massacred
40,000 people, mostly aged men anu
women, along with many children.
Queen of Gang Also in Coils
of the Law. Implicated by
a Letter.
They Consist of the Most Desperate
Band of Criminals Ever Known in
That State Led By Ruby Taylor
Were to Receive $8,000 for Two
Murders Were Regularly Organ
ized for a Killing Business.
Ex-Postmaster James Marries Young
English Lady.
London. Feb 3. Former Postmas
ter-General Thomas James, of the"
United States, today married Edith,
daughter of Alderman Colbourno, In
Shakespeare's church, Staford-Avon-.
Tho bride Is 30 years old and James
73. Only relatives and close frlenls
were present.
Butte, Feb, 3 Tho police today ar
rested tho most desperato gang ot
criminals ever known In Montana,
nnd Intercepted a letter written to
a woman known as Ruby Taylor,
disclosing n plot to murder boiuo
well known Butto man nnd nnothor
at Helena, for which the gang was
to receive $2,000 and $5,000 respec
tively for doing tho Job, to bo paid
by some unknown party.
Tho police have tho names of tho
conspirators and Intended victims,
but refuse to mnko them public un
til other arrests aro made. Ruby
Taylor Is in Denver.
Tho men arrested hero gavo tho
names of Harry Taylor, John Iaw,
Charles Mooncy, C. L. Warner and
William Harris. Also a woman
known as Lysle. Another mombor
of the gang, known as Lynch, was
cniititriil In Anaconda after a dos-
perate tight. His two companions
were arrcBtcd.
The police Bay they havo evidence
of a most startling character, to
show that lao gang has lcgularly
organized for the business oi com
mlttlng murders, for a money consideration.
Their Assessment Likely to Be In
creased In Washington.
.Olympla, Wash., Feb. 3. Members
of the state board of equalization
started for Spokane yesterday to
meet with the county assessors who
will hold their annual convention In
that city, beginning Wednesday. Tho
state board of equalization Is com
posed of State Auditor Atkinson,
State Secretary NIcIioIb and State
Iand Commissioner Collvert. Ono
of these state officials predicted that
one of the results of tho annual con
vention will bo to mako a higher as
sessment of all railroad property In
the state.
Tho stato board, while having no
vote in the coming convention, Is
closely allied with tho county as
sessors, for tho reason tho equaliza
tion of stato taxes Is based upon the
returns made by the county assessors.
Will Meet April 10 to Arrange for
Reserved Seats.
St. IjuIs, Feb. 3. The democratic
national committee adjourned nt
noon today to meet again April 10.
It decided to mako no reservations
for seats until tho April meeting,
when newspaper men will bo ap
pointed to tako charge of tho mat
ter. It has reserved tho entire Jef
ferson hotel for convention head
quarters. Ministers May Pay Full Fare.
Spokane, Feb. 3. There Is a sus
picion that ministers of thogospol
In Canada will not entirely approvo
tho new railway legislation in tho
province, under which tho commis
sion began work yesterday. Begin
ning yesterday preachers havo to
pay full fare when they travel, In
stead of tbo usual half rates hereto
fore allowed. Notification to that
effect has been sent out by all the
Canadian roads to their ticket offi
ces everywhere.
Forty New Flat Cars.
Astoria, Feb. 3. Forty new 41
foot flat cars for uso on tho Astoria
& Columbia River railroad are en
m Aoinrln from Baltimore Md.
These cars aro considered tbo finest
of the kind mado and liavo a capa
city of 40 tona each, Tho now cars
were purchased because of tho great
amount of loog stuff bridge- Urn
bers, etc., haulsd over tho line.
Now They Will Have to Be Satisfied
With Water,
John Johnson and John Taylor,
two of the transient residents of tho
city, who were afflicted with a large
thirst, were fined $5 by Judge Thorn
T7t. in.oii thla mornlne and 'n
default of the amount are mw In
the city Jail, where mey
for three days.'
Several Persons Killed.
Halifax, N. 1!., Feb, 3. The Cana
dian Pacific express, on tho Inter
colonial railway, was wrecked near
hero this morning. Sovon porsons
aro reported to havo been killed.
William Ewlng Is Found Guilty -of
Defrauding Standard an compa
ny. Km. i.'rnnrlHro. Feb. 3. William
E. Kwlng was found guilty today ot
using tho mall to dcrrami tno bocto
i,,r nr ili Klnndard Oil Develop
ment Company. He was accused of
gathering several thousand uunur
from Investors throughout tho Count
region. It developed that ho had
very little properly to back up his
glowing promises.
He Says Butler Is Guilty of Boodl.
Fjilton, Mo., Feb. 3. In tho But
ler trial today John Murrell, former
member ot tho Ht. Imls boodllnn
combine, who returned from Mexico,
turned stato'H evidence. Ho describ
ed tho delallB of haggling over the
price with Butler. Ho filially receiv
ed 2.G00 Bhares out of 47,600. John
Helms followed Murrell and testi
fied of repeated boodllng conversa
tions with Butler, seeing lilm hanllo
Labor War In Walla Walla.
Walla Walla, Feb, 3. Unless
something unforseon Interferes
Walla Walla may eo a bitter wr.
,..rr. .,.,., i i.ntwnen tho bulldora
and contractors of tho city and tho
local carpenters' union, uio ..
.,in iiirni.LPli its oincors today
served public notlio on overy con
tractor and builder In tho city that
on and after April 1 of tho presont
year members of tho union, repre
senting tho majority m i '""V'","
les of Walla Walla would positively
... . .nv ,i,m anv IjulldllltC
reiuutt tw ,pv
where non-union men are employed.
More Telegraph Lines.
nT.ii., v.... in. P Sm th.
superintendent of tho construct on
, ' -. . f ii.n Wrmtorii Union
Telegraph company, Is in the city
making an Inspection of the lines
j ,.,, nt tliii rnmnany In tills
section of tho country. While here
It is understood thai ,Mr. n n,,,
superintend tho construction of ad-
dltlonal lines aiong iu ,
and the Northern Pacific railroads.
Fined Fifteen Dollars.
La Grande. Feb. 3.-K. W. Bart
lett appeared before Justice of the
Peace Grant this morning and paid
a flno ot $15, tho lowest provided by
the statute, for trespass In the way
of going on a farm near Island City
for the purpose of shooting wild
gtr IT"?" " V