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tnrtav The East I
V ii the only paper In;
Tun receiving mc news ci ,
MS" . .
PL. 1G-
Lr Fairbanks Opens Ar-
nent in Favor of Pending
fly With Panama.
to Reimburse Colombia for
Lois of 1 errnory, wmcn
tit Is Expected to Gain Dem
Votes for the Canal Treaty
Governor and Vice-Gover.
Irf the Philippines Inaugurated
Great Ceremony.
NO. 49(51.
Large Number Have Gathered To
gether at Mitchell, S D
Mitchell, S. D., Feb. 2.Thc open
Inft of three conventions today has
attracted to Mitchell one of the
argest crowds ever entertained yy
the city The State Butter Makers
Association, State Livestock Breed-
Zl T ute Poultry associations,
are all holding forth In annual ses
sion and the three together have at
tracted upwards of BOO visitors from
all parts of the stale.
Tho poultry association In Con
ducting a state poultry show In con
Junction with Its meeting and the
stockbreeders are holding n sale of
fanry bred stock, both of which have
added Interest to the triple gathcr
ng. For each of the gatherings an
Interesting program has been ar
ranged and many noted agricultural
and dairy authorities will be heard
during the week.
xjton, rcD, -. in tne sen-
Fairbanks warily defended
liialnlstratlon on the canal
(sieved the majority of tho
t had been Inspired by pol-
linga the subject ought to be
jolltlcs and upon tho high
It" national duty and honor. Ho
; Colombia with attempting
! up America and the French
iKnpany, matting mention or
a'l perfectly natural right to
, there being no other cour3o
: tlarge that tho admlnlstrn-
Ira a party to tho revolution
lim ahown by the records to
i cnlr on vague suspicion,
honed assertions and wild con-
World's Fair Loan,
jenate committee on appro-
i today decided to report tho
: ticiency bill, including the
Iain to the St. Louis expo-
IB Sorrow $4,000,000 to be re-
lbs the gate receipts.
If) Reimburse Colombia.
aiions for the payment of
k 15,000,000 and $10,000,000 to
have it is snld, reached
fiuje that they will be con-
Mtbln 10 days. For this
fie republicans are said to
Stswfnr- n nrnttnoltlnn frnm
xnts to adopt a resolution
; the president to use his
f peace between Colombia
Itona and nay Colombia
fit the loss of -territory. Tho
i asrec If tho republicans
iliem, all will then vote for
1 treaty
ft Philippine Governor.
Feb. 2 Wrlirht. ds covcr-
f ' He as vico-govemor, were
" with lmiinslnir ceromonv
Tkree thousand troops were
1 inaugural address Wright
Hi Intention of adhering to
Pies of the Taft admin s
Ittd urgeu Increased frlondli
p lie natives, and asked tho
of all Americans for
Rthe welfare of tho islands
I- tnelr personal gain.
Propose to Back-fire the
Feb ?
uakotas, Iowa, Nebras
r niimbcr of other states
i today at tho opening of
1 ranicrcnco of tho Amerl
'era' Exchange. Tho pro
lch Is com nosed of farm
1 ccomniih
, gy. v-v. v u WUVWHtl
; vnicago rccontlv nnrl tho
ll?,efenc0 Ia for th0 Pur
iTpiing tho organization
I OUT n n an t
'"nlzation alms to control
n farm produce, tho
He Was One of the First In the
Burning Theater and Gave Absolu
tion to the Dying at the Risk of
His Life Fell In the Harness of
His Holy Office.
This is the View Berlin Takes
of the Situation on Strength
of Latest Advices.
Fifty Thousand Reinforcements for
Vladivostock During Present
Month Japanese Are Hiking Out
of Territory Traversed by Russian
Railroads Korean Minister Re.
called From Pekln Japan Increas
Ing Her Demands on Russia.
Borne, Fob, 2. The popo today
conferred with Goetl, prefect of
propaganda, regarding the best way
to recognize the heroism of Bishop
Muldoon at the Iroquois Arc. The
pope Is especially anxious to recog
nize the bishop because of the
groundless attack on him when he
was n candidate for the archbishop
ric of Chicago.
Muldoon was one of the first on
the scene and made his way to the
galleries, where he pronounced ab
solution to the dying until nearly
overcome by smoke and refused to
lc.-ve his post until dragged away by
the police, when he continued ad
ministration In an adjoining restau
rant until he dropped from fatigue.
tUiailntr thnt fUr. n.n.lu
lUted by nthpm Ihnn tho
' ""a that tho rnrmoro rn.
"mt of tho transaction
Shorn. nn cir.
Feb, 2. Tho ma-
PS II tl,n tin .l ft A.
'M Cnlnml.l, . r.
ratltL-n.. -
"111 l;uuBni pro
fW d urH,nE- Tho on-
' w nrnvont .ii
i 0 saved aovoral
rjMualile machlnory.
Z..Lss, $10,000. But
,,,, UI lilU T
t ""I havo boon fc-
H. A. Thompson Succeeds Ethan
Houser on "The Force."
Ethan Houser, who has been the
night policeman for nearly a month,
has resigned and Marshal Carney
has appointed H. A. Thomson to
serve In his place. Mr. Thompson's
appointment will bo placed before
the council Wednesday night, when
It will doubtless be confirmed.
Mr. Houser took the position in
duced by the higher wages paid by
the department, but found the night
work not to his liking, and when his
former employes offered to raise
the wages In his old position to what
he was receiving on the police force,
he resigned to resume work In the
meat market,
Mr. Thompson, who takes the
place on the force loft vacant by
the reslKiiatlon of Mr, Houser, is an j
old resident, and has been employed
for some time by the Gray's Harbor
Lumber Com natty. Ho Is well
known In tho city, and will make a
good officer.
Berlin, Feb. 2. The Schlesslcne
Zeltting, a conservative newspaper,
asserts today that war between Jap
an and Bussla Is certain, and an
early outbreak Is imminent. The
paper adds that at a recent council
where the czar presided, orders we're
Issued to stop all traffic over the.
trans-Siberian railroad from Moscow
eastward save trains for military
uses. Goods awaiting dispatch at
Moscow were returned to the send
ers. The paper states these facts
created excitement on the St. Pet
ersburg bourse.
Because of the Zeltung's high rep
utation for veracity, business cir
cles of Berlin are alarmed. The for
eign office has no notice of a crisis
and the railway managers say they
have received no Intimation of a
stoppage of trains carrying Siberian
War Preparations.
St. Petersburg, Feb. 2. Fifty
thousand additional Russian troops
are expected to strengthen Vladivo
stock garrison during February. Or
ders for a mobilization of reserves
throughout the far east are also ex
pected. Dispatches here are to the effect
that Japanese are Intriguing to ere-1
f- . , under a forest of umbrellas
Japanese In alarm are leaving the
country traversed by the eastern
Chinese railroad.
Sinister News.
Edward Files His Opinion on
the Issues of the Day at the
Opening of Parliament.
Friendly Tone Toward United
States, But Has His Regrets Con
cerning the Boundary Award
Urges the Development of Cotton
Growing Capabilities of the Em
pire "Guy Fawkes Day" Observed
According to Old Custom.
1-ondon, Feb. 2. The king opened
the last session of the present parli
ament in a speech today from the
lie uwelt at length on the pro
gress of arbitration.
The scene In the house of lords
was brilliant, the floor and galleries
being packed with nobility In full
regalia. The king and queen left
Buckingham at 1:30 and passed
from the robing room at 2. Ho ex
pressed hope of continued peace be
tween Japan and Russia.
After friendly utterances regard
ing the United States, the king re
ferred to the Alaskan decision, say
ing that on some points he favored,
while on others he was adverse.
Much as the last circumstances is
to be deplored. It was nevertheless
a matter of congratulation that the
misunderstandings which ancient
boundary treaties made possible
when based on Ignorance of geo-
graphical facts have In this case
been finally removed from the field
of controversy.
Colony Cotton.
Ho referred to the shortage :n
cotton by urging that the empire
take all steps to Increase its culti
vation In British possessions.
An Immense crowd stood outside
In a
downpour of rain. Although the
pageant was sadly enched, none
of the time-honored features were
lacking, Including the search of tho
vaults for conspirators.
Paris, Feb. 2. News are received Minister Choate Is ill, confined to
hero this afternoon of the sinister his home and unable to attend.
Import that Japan has Increased her
demands on Russia.
Korean Minister Recalled. -Pekln,
Feb. 2. Disquieting news
regarding conditions In Korea con
tinue to be received by the Korean
legation. The Korean minister has
been recalled and will leavo, Pekln
In a few days.
Postponement of "Blbl, the Comedy
of Toys."
"Dibl the Comedy of Toys," which
was to havo been presented at an
early date by a number of young
people under tho direction of the
ladles of the fansn aiu, hub ui-t
portioned for a time owing to the
nroximlty of Lent. There are some
hard scores in tho music, which
could not rccelvo sufficient drill In
iiiD iimn inft hefoio the ploce should
have been presented, and it Is there
fore thought best to postpone n mi
ni oftor- iiio Intcn season was over.
Th nomnns who are In the cast
. .. . j u
are fast learning weir pans, uuu
will bo but a short time wnen
taken up until the
ladies will be ablo to present It to
the public.
Will Organize With Seventeen Char.
ter Members.
r VrlAnv next the Knights of
Pythias will Institute a lodge at Ad-
26 or more. Seventeen havo already
signified their intention of joining
llitf order mat nignt. ouu
monies will bo mauo a grem. .n.
Tho members of the lodge hero
are making arrangements for a spec
ial car Friday evemus.
thought that about 25 people will go
, hnro i. w. Maloncy will have
charge of the ceromonles at Adams,
and will Induct tho now ofllcers Into
their duties,
America was
tary White.
icpresented by Secre-
Annual Convention In Session at At
lantic City.
Atlantic City, N. J Feb. 2. Dele
gates numbering several hundred,
and representing all tho chief cities
In tho .United States, are attending
tho annual convention of tho Mer
chant Tailors' Natlonnl Kxchang.J.
which opened hero today. In his an
nual address. President Harvey A,
Patterson, of Now York, reviewed
the work of the last year and told of
tho plans being made for tho sx
change's exhibit at tho St. Louis
The report of Samuel H. Spring, .f
Boston, secretary of tho association,
showed n gratifying Increase In
membership, and Treasurer Richard
C. Notbohme, of Milwaukee, report
ed a good balance In the treasury.
Rochester and several other cities
are In the Meld for next year's con-
vcntlon of the exchnnge.
Householders are Dilatory and are
Laying up Much Trouble and Ex
pense for Themselves Danger
of Smothering Cesspools Instead
of Cleaning Them.
Congress Asked to Appropriate $50,-
000 for Salmon River.
Lewiston, Feb. 2. Copies of peti
tions addressed to congress and asking-
for an appropriation of $50,001
. , . . . c .. i
10 luipruvB ic game wlU bo yed between
!!CCX? ed... ." L,e,"1St. 'r"flrst and second girls' teams of
nas oeen seiuneu. H ., ,,. rowrtrt ,i,ia nv(.n.
Similar petitions are now being l , ' . ,,,,
Prospects for an Exciting Game at
Assembly Hall This Evening.
The members of tho Weston bas
ket ball team reached the city this
afternoon, and are In good trim for
the battle this evening with the
boys of the city high school.
Great Interest is being taken In
the game by tho members of the
schools and their friends and an ex
citing time Is expected, with a close
score. Preliminary to tho game be
tween the boys of the schools, a
school. It is expected that Asseu
circulated in Lemhi and Idaho coun
ties. The benefits to result to a
vast country by the Improvement
are cited in detail In the petition.
Ing when the game is called.
The plumbers and engineers who
have been granted licenses to mako
connections with the sewers, are be
ginning to get Impatient because
the people think thcro Is too much
time ahead of them to bo In any
hurry to make tho connections to
the general system.
The plumbers think that there is
enough work ahead to keep them
busy until after the time limit of
July 1, set by tho council, at which
time all tho houses In tho sewer
district shall be connected to the
system. Providing they wero to
begin to work now It would take
them until after that tlmo to get til
of tho work done, If they were to
put all of their time and men at the
work, and yet tho people aro all
waiting until later to begin tho
Another thing that Is agitating
the minds of those of a sanitary turn
Is tho practice of tho peoplo who
have already made the connections,
of simply filling In tho old cesspools
nnd vaults with earth without clean
ing them. This practice, It Is
claimed by the engineers, Is detri
mental to tho good health of the
community. It has como to tho
pass now that tho wells ire fnst by
Ing contaminated by the seepage
from theso sources, and tho water
is becoming dangerous to use. It
Is claimed by them that all other
cities, when they put In a sewer
system, require tho cltlzciiB to havo
the vaults and cesspools pumped
out nnd cleaned before they are
filled In by the owners, and It Is
hinted that the matter will be
brought before the city council nt
an early date. In the Interests of
the public health.
Attempt to Effect a Cutoff of a
Mile and a Half and Avoid
Two Tiresome Hills.
Proposed Change Would Be an Es
pecial Favor to the People of Ad.
ami, Athena and Other Northward
Points Will Effect a Perpetual
Saving of Time and Concrete Ex
penses The Only Deterrent 'is the
Probable Heavy Cost.
Taking a Daughter to Portland
Hopes of Saviflftlfc
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph SfPllllams, of
Mountain Home, were ,in the city
yesterday while on their way to
Portland, where they are taking
their daughter to receive treatment
for an accident to her eye. Some
days ago, while chopping a piece of
beefsteak, a small piece of bone flew
from It and lodged In the young
lady's eye, working clear into tne
Mr. and Mrs. Williams brought me
sufferer to Pendleton, where they
were advised that the member wouia
have to bo taken out. Wishing to
save tho eye, It was decided to go to
Portland In hopes of finding some
one who would undertake to do it.
For Stay of Execution.
The case of E. L. Smith vs.
D. Taylor and A. Nelson is being
trle'd today before the circuit court.
It Is an action brought by Smith
for a stay of execution. In the first
place Nelson claimed that he was
owed a certain sum of money by
Smith, which was denied, but never
theless a writ of execution was se
cured and given to the sheriff to
6erve. The present suit Is brougat
to bring a stay In this proceeding.
Fine Stock Association.
Pullman, Wash., Feb. 2. The third
annual meeting of the Inland Empire
Registered Stock Breeders' Associa
tlon will be held in Pullman Febru
ary 24 and 25. A largo attendance
and profitable meeting Is expected.
The meeting will be held in the new
livestock pavilion of the Washington
Agricultural College, which will be
formally dedicated on this occasion.
Portland. Feb. 2. (Special to the
EaBt Oregonlan.) On tho applica
tion of the creditors, Judge Bellin
ger, of tho United States court, to
day appointed T. C. Taylor, of Pen
dleton, receiver or me u. a.
estate until such a timo as t(io cred-
t.. i.iiln Flvnn. of Chicago, is
dead at tho ago or iw. " i,orB of tho estato Bhall appoint trus.
.1 onnrnfll P It II 1 1 IIUU luu uuw l - - - - .
live mm u.b. --- - . , hn(i n tne business.
of her mental faculties um.. -u bIqco the
time the matter was taken from the
bands of the trustees appointed oy
Mr. Wade, there has been no one
legally in charge of the property,
and this appointment is simply to
provide for some responsible person
to hold the property In safe keeping
until such a time as it will be
brought before the courts tor seU
Baker City Man May Open a Branch
House, Buying Out Basler.
M. Michaels, of Baker City, was
In the city on Saturday last looking
over tho field In this city with a
view of location here In tho furnl
ture business, Mr. Michaels Is one
of the firm of Michaels Brothers i.t
Baker City, who own tho Standard
Furniture Company thcro, nnd th'oy
are desirous of establishing a branch
house in this city. Mr. Michaels left
Sunday morning for Portland and is
expected back In a short timo, when
he will open further negotiations fur
a location here.
While hero Mr. Michaels Inter
viewed Joseph Basler, and it Is like'
ly that In tho event of his coming
here ho will buy tho business or Air
Basler and put In a larger stock of
furniture in that room. )r no takes
the business Mr, IiaBler will add two
stories to his building, all three of
which will bo used by the now firm.
They consider this to bo a flrst clais
They Must Be In the Hands of the
County Clerk This Evening.
The direct primary petitions are
meeting with a cordial reception
from the people of the county, who
seem to be willing in all cases to
give them their support.
All of the petitions have to bo In
the hands of tho county cleric this
evening, that ho may certify to tho
names sgned in timo to get tho pe
titions filed with tho secretary
state by Fridey night, which Is he
timo limit placed by law for thcil
reception by the state department.
Only 363 voters registered in Sa
lem during tho month of January,
which number Is 10C larger than
during tho same month In 1902,
Them Is a petition out among tho
citizens of this district to tho east
ward and along Wild Horso crook,
asking the county court to grant
permission to build a road down
Wild Horse Into town across tho Leo
street bridge, making a saving of
about a mile and n quarter over tho
old way, and doing away with the
two long nnd tlresomo hills that aro
now so much In tho way of thoio
who have to haul cither Into the city
or out.
Disadvantages of Present Route.
Tho rond ns It runs nt present
goes out to tho eaBt of town, crosses
tho river near tho railroad brldgo,
and thenco goos over tho hills and
onto tho Wild Horso grade through
Adams and Athena nnd the other
llttlu towns along tho crock. After
getting out of this city a fow miles
It Is an easy grado, but close In it
makes a swing fiom tho crook bed
nnd Hlmbs up a couple of high hills
nnd down ngaln, making n hard
route for tho farmers who have to
haul grain Into tho city and hay or
other produce. Theso mon always
have to hitch moro horses to their
wagons than aro necessary on tho
grenter pnrt of tho road, so that thoy
will havo power to climb theso two
hills when thuy get near Pendleton,
or so thoy can get out ngnln with
tho return load that It Is generally
tho custom to tako to tho ranches
when thoy start for homo.
By making tho now rond as wish
ed, the builders will cut off from
tho present rond whoro It crosses
tho Willi Horso soverul miles abovo
towp, and follow tho bed of the
stream down the creek to where It
omplloH Into the Umatilla rlvor a
short dlHtanco abovo tho city, when
they will follow tho rlvor down 'fi
tho Leo street bridge and so Into
the city.
Possibly Expensive.
There Is but ono drawback to tho
scheme, anil that Is after tho road
strikes tho river. Hero the banks
aro high and rugged, and It will bo
necessary for tho builders to blant
tho roadbed fiom tho solid rock for
some distance. This will, of course,
bo expensive, and this expense will
bo tho only thing that will deter tho
county court from grnntlng tho peti
tion. Tho estimates of tho cost vary
to a great extent, somo of tho men
interested placing it as high as $10,
000. This amount tho court will not
consider, but if. on H'o "th"r hand,
It Is found that tho work can be
done for less, It will bo given seri
ous consideration.
Fifty or More Petitioners.
Tho petition will havo CO or moro
BlimatiiroB by tho timo tno court
meets, us all those who have to haul
Into tho city from that direction will
bo glad to seo the change, Tho only
opposition that has been heard w
r.ir Is from thoso who live In tlio vi
cinity of tho race track, who will bo
nut nit from tho country road by thn
change ,as tho road branches u nh'irt
distance abovo mom.
flovornor Ilalloy, of Kansas, will
n. stand for a renomlnatlon. The
republican party In that state Is rid
died with strlfo and rolton with tho
record of tho past two years.
Genator Clark Sold Out.
Salt Ie, Fob. 2. It is
scmi-offlclally stated that
Senator W, A. Clark has
transferred his holdings In
the San Pedro, Ijos Angeles
& Salt Lako road, now build
ing, to tho Harrlman Inter
ests. Construction has prac
tically ceased, and It Is be
lieved Harrlman will not
complete tho building. This
Is at least a temporary flnls
to the much-talkcd-of Arizona
Canyon short lino from Utah.
tICIOro nur ucoiM,