East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, February 01, 1904, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 5

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Iv, f7envcrcoat an Ulster In lhe house at prices
'that cannot be equaled in the state. We have on
jundoni) u.ul.uis ana desire
to close tneni uui ai utiv( rtuu me louowmg price
hould bring a rush to our store.
OriKoat. and $ 3 7 C
f"08 . h j p liters go at P0.5
! 00 Overcoats and C ?C Ulstersgoat .75
" . d A'lS Overcoats au.l ,i7E
... n,.rmnt8 anil A AH Tilator. ... I jl VK
$3 and $3.50 to your Choice $2.00
r i
tv uru vines
ijder Get Sunny.
lilppers at 'leutsch's.
(nit dally at Martin's.
i repairing at Tootach'i
!t. (cmUhpil rooms to I out.
l .ail nr i pniRcn s
tut satisfaction at How-
loads of cinders for the
i; the Domestic Laundry.
k1j furnished rooms for
Ha, W J Clark's, 70S Raley.
f nnti ft. n nlf
it 11 hours 'fuone mam
j-ar clothes cleaned and
. . . lor U'oot rr.rf
if phone main 701 when you
itri. Ready for service at all
a J. MrFaul has moved his of
tzs Association block to the
TT-njnm iiulci uu iuiuiducu.
w All furniture eood. 2 lots.
Z I Wade & Son. I
. .1 i l.t 1. .1
caaea anu preEsea. j. j
zz tasi uouri rweei.
1UL Til 1IHV Villi r hUUKLl 1 1" l
Booths or a year ahead. ,
t i
h it .l.n.t. I on har
f.J -.11. 1 . .-.! It
mis (intra
Get Sunny. TJ c Rader.
Fresh taffy at Miller's, Court
New ready made skirts arriving
iuuy at teutsch s.
Wool dusters, 10c to 90c. Bicycles
and bicycle sundrle.. Nolf',.
I' or Rent Four-room house near
old Academy. Apply at this office.
Fine hlch-crade ntnnn fnr sain
I cheap for cash. Address US, care
East Oregonlan.
High grade organ for sale. Will
sell at close price. Address 14C, care
I bast Oregonlan.
The "Citizens'" Ticket Has No Op
position and Will Be Elected.
Echo, Feb. 1. The first municipal
election will be held In this city to
morrow and as the "Citizens'" tick
et Is the only one In the field, It
will be unanimously elected.
There Is no Issue before the city
and the election will mean no
change In the conduct of the town.
Madge McQuarry Adopted.
Madge McQuarry, the little girl
over whose misfortunes at the hands
of her foster mother there was so
much excitement a few weeks
ago, has been adopted by her uncle,
J. II. McQuarry, of Milton, and was
taken to his home this afternoon,
he having secured the permission of
the Boys' and Girls' Aid Society of
Portland, to adopt the child.
. j .
. uui wc warn 10,
ISdlro ...:n
ivu vuu niu
guaranteed work
Advance Jeweler
Busy Golconda.
James H. Raley Jibs returned from
a trip to Sumpter and the Golconda
mines, where he went In company
with T. G. Halley to look at '.he
property. He reports the mines 'o
be In good condition and being
worked as they have been for some
time past. Development work Is
being pushed forward, and the place
presents a busy scene.
Wood for Vice-President.
Some of our democratic contempo
raries have mentioned the name of
Hon, George E. Chamberlain, our
present honored executive, as compe
tent material for tl e second place
on the national ticket. We are not a
democrat, and while we believe him
a worthy man in every particular,
and one who would go down In da
feat with as good grace as any one.
yet If we were to state our prefer
ence for an Oregonlan, who, If the
miraculous should occur, would
worthily occupy the position of presf
dent of the senate, and add dignity
and credit to the second mgnesi po
sitlon in the gift of the people, as
well as honor to Oregon, we snouia
name Hon. C. E. S. Wood, ol Pori
land. Even his enemies admire his
ripe Intellectuality, and his patriotic,
consistent course on an great nauuu
al uollcles. however much as republic
cans they may differ from him on
some questions. The Danes wnrou.
A. D. Mclntyre, of Athena, was a
Pendleton visitor today.
Horace Walker of Helix, was a
visitor In the city today.
T. V. Standlson, of Pilot Rock, was
a Pendleton visitor today.
Trof. J. c. Cherry of Adams, was
In the city this afternoon.
W. E. Brown, editor of the Echo
News was In the city yesterday,
George Clay, a stockman of North
Powder, Is In the city for a few days.
F. Ivanhoe, of La Grande, was In
the city today on a short business
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Walker, of Iji
Grande, are In the city the guests of
J. A. McRae, a prominent resident
of Helix, was In ;ho city today on
William Mills, n well known real
dent of Juniper, Is In the city for a
short visit.
Ed York, a stockman of North
Fork, is In the city fo ra short visit
on business.
Miss Pearl Payne, of Cove, was the
guest of Pendleton friends Saturday
and Sunday.
J. F. McQuary, of Milton, was a
business visitor In the city today for
a short time. ,
J. H. Dunham and wife returned
home last evening from an extended
visit In I-a Grande.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Gulllford, or Gur
dane, are In the city for a few days
on a business trip.
W. C. Burgess, superintendent of
the electric light plant, was in
Walla Walla yesterday.
J. I., McCrary, extra passenger
conductor, will take the run vacated
by W. H. Kelsey for a few days.
J. W. Skiles, representing A. Bower
& Co., of Chicago, and a brother of
Ernest SUIes. of this city. Is here
for a few days.
George D. Goodhue, of Salem, is
expected to arrive from La Grande
tonight to look over the creamery
prospects here.
W. J. Homer, district agent of the
Indiana State Life insurance Com
pany, will go to Pilot Rock on bus
iness tomorrow.
Mrs. D. W. Jackson, of La Grande,
spent yesterday In the city with her
husband, who has been on the yard
engine for several days.
Mrs. F. E. Sherman who has been
In the hospital for some time under
going treatment, has so far recov
ered as to be taken to her home.
William Blakley went out to nls
farm at Eastland this morning. He
says the prospect for a bumper crop
of wheat was nevei better In Uma
The Misses Alma and Nora Tod
hunter, of La Grande, were the
guests of friends in the city yester
day while on their way home from a
visit In Wasnington.
Strike While
the Iron is Hot
One feels lucky indeed that could earn 10 per cent
on his money and here right now you can supply your
wants at a saving of at least 20 per cent and up to
40 per cent-a clear saving and equal to two years
interest; at the very lowest reduction we are mak
ing. This 17th Annual Clearance Sale is gaining in
momentum each day. Satisfied customers are bring
ing their friends.
Money to be saved in Dry Goods, Clothing and
The Peoples Warehouse
Wants More Trib.
F Foster. San Francesco, Cal.,
2nd, 1903, writes: "Please find
enclosed draft for $15U.00f Send me
one dozen treatments of Trib.' The
druggists here say tney nave orders
In they can't get lilled. Why Is this?
I took Trib myself last June and
never felt better In my life than I
do now. I have gone down In weight
to 195 pounds and never think of
liquor or tobacco any more. I know
of 23 cures you could get reference
from, if you caro to write for them.
Be sure to send me twelve Tribs at
once; I want to send them to Honolulu."
A.. KUNKEL (8, Co., Proprietors
Invested at Welser,
Frank Robinson, who recently
sold his Interest In the shooting gal
lery and amusement parlors on Main
street, returned last night from a
visit to Welser, Idaho, where he has
bought an amusement parlor with a
large side trade of soft drinks, can
dles and tobacco. He will make ar
rangements for removing bis family
to Weiser, where they will reside in
the future.
Not good-enough if Schil
ling's Best is not so good as
you thought, tell your grocer
you want your money.
We have to keep the chemically pure kind
'r medicine. The same kind is none too
Eod for cooking. Many good cooks buy this
ar'icle here to, 15, 30 and 60 cent packages.
ur aim is to sell drugs and chemicals that
a'e just a little better than you find in every
drug store.
The -Popular Price
Greatest Activity in History of tne
Trade In 1903.
The Oregon Tlmberman for Jan
uarv clu?s the following Interesting
resume of the lumber business on ths
Padfln roast for the past year:
"hie first seven months of 1903
showed the greatest activity In lum-
hpr pver known on the Pacific coa3i.
The last five months have shown the
Inevltab e reaction due to uisturuea
financial conditions and labor uneasl-
npsK throughout the unitea btaies,
eonnlod with an aggravated car short
age and overproduction. Despite these
unsat sfactory conuiuons ine luiuuei
Industry of the Pacific coast has
prnwn. Is irrowlner and will continue.
Elsewhere in mis issue w
found exhaustive and interesting
statements concerning every urancn
of the lumbering business, treated
frnm nil standDolnts.
rut of Column a River uasin min
for 1903 will approximate COO.000,003,
of which Portland cut auj.uvu.uuu a""
Astoria 45,500,000 feet. The cut of
the state will approximate 1,000,000,
000 feet.
The cargo trade from the Columbia
river for 1903 aggregated 171,677,003
feet of lumber, as compared with
134,056,789 feet in 1902, an Increase of
30,920,814. . .,
This gain was largely attributable
to the shortage of cars. Portland still
retains her prestige with 361,000,000
feet as the largest lumber producing
tity on the coast.
The foreign shipments showed a
gain of 12,607,161, and the domestic
an Increase of 24.313,653 feet. The
foreign cargoes were distributed as
srIon- 22pB 23.4t4.277
South Africa 10 JJ.WWM
Russian Asia C 13,544,717
Manila c 6,156,827
South America 5 liiAo2
Australia 2 2,346,402
United Kingdom .... 1 J-J'SJ?
British India j 100$-
Oceanla 1 542.J23
Total 52 C4,680,2S1
Of the domestic shipments 35,100,-
000 feet went to lower taiiiiiri
points and some 72,O0U,uuu teei 1 oau
Francisco, an Increase of a little over
10 000 000 feet for San Pedro and dls.
trlct, and about 14,000,00 for San
Francisco. ,,
Of the lumber shipped from the Co
lumbia river 40,909,045 feet wer3 from
lower Columbia river points, and the
remainder, 60,088,177. from Portland.
Of the foreign, all but 907.571 feet
was from Portland."
Rockefeller Will
Now York. Feb. 1.-
-It Is under
stood on the street today that at the
meeting of the steel trust tomorrow
Rockefeller will resign from the
board, leaving his Interests to he
managed by his sou,
Working for Another Firm.
Sol Baum, who for a long time has
been employed In the Alexander De
partment stoie, has accepted a po
sition with the E. M. Lyons .Mercan
tile Company, and will be found
hereafter In the clothing department
of that place,
Grand Chancellor In Town.
Emll Waldman, wiu grand chan
cellor of the Knghts of Pythias of
Oregon, Is in the city for his official
visit to the lodge. He Is on his an
ual tour of Inspection and will meet
with the lodge this evening.
A la Barb Wire
Poultry Netting
Hog Wire
Leather anil Rubber Belling Lacu Leather Bolts
ICope Uaule JacKson f ork
Rubber Tire Buggies with Cushion Tires
Ciirrlngea with Leather TrlnmiiiiKH
Hurrays with Cloth 'dimming
Wllsnn Moline Buggies with Shaft Wilson Mollne Hacks with Pole
Jno. Deere Buggies with Top. Jno. Deere Hacks with Brake
Moline Wagon with l!ox&S;;t. Challenge Wagon with' U 1 tirHprluca
Jno. Deere Caug Plow Pie limited John Deere Walking Plows
Boiled Jno Deere DUc Plows, Caper Hauce
Jno. Deere Lever Harrows with Jno. JJeerc Disc Harrow Fritters
M until room Sauce Home Drawing
Forks Hoes Rakes Boiled buggy Cushions
HA I, A I)
Wagoji Jack Salad Wheelbarrow Salad
Minneapolis Threshing Machine Pie
Uelitcr Threshing Maclne Pudding
Deerlng Harvesting Machinery with Cake
Sickle Sections. Sickle Knives. Sickle Heads. Rivets. Repairs
We also carry Plows, Mowers, Rakes, Binders and Headers. Re
pairs in seatou.
Had the Grip.
E. M. Lyons, of the St. Joe Store,
Is out again after a short and severe
attack of the grip. While he Is yet
under the weather, he Is by an ef
fort, at his desk In the store.
Gray Horse W nted.
James O. Reeves Company want
one work horse; samo must be gray.
T.ke Uiitlit Bromo Quinine Tablet!. All
dnurrliu refund tb. mon.r II It fall to cure
E n. uroTe'i iifniinr. on c.cn wji
Keen-cutting instruments that keep their odges.
Carving Sets, Butcher Knives, Broad and Oake
Knives. Largo lino of Pocket KniveB, all sizes,
plain and fancy handles.
Helpfulness Is happiness.
1 i
621 Main St.
The Boston
Another shipment of the RED
pair) just received.
$J.25lfor sUc 6 to 5
$.50forsfee8to 1 1
$1.75 for sfce U to 2
$2.00 for size 2 to 3
We are selling of this shoe two
pairs this year to one pair last.
Why ? People have found tnat
. .. I I.
they wear uetter, 111 ucuci, iuu
better, price better.
Better Get a Pair
The children want this kind.
Toes in wide or narrow style ; low
heels, with and without hooks.
Sewed with silk.
Out Work and the Bill
Will stand comparison with the best
of 'em. The work is as near perfec
tion as humans can attain the price
therefor as cheap as anybody should
expect. We do all kinds of sani
tary plumbing and gas fitting, and
charge you not immoderately, Let
us estimate on your next necessity in
our line.
W. J. CLARKE & Co. jTFurt Street
Boston Shoe Store Made at home
Try "Pendleton Boqaet"
:nd "Pride of Umatilla."
A. ROHDE, Make