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..j. The East
" tl,e only pap" 'n
'."..ivlna the news of
, wire.
L Defendants De
L to Have an Early
L Vindication.
L parks, Who Acted in
,nd Clerical Capacity,
lunow What the Govern.
to Prove Against
; Nature of Charges
others Can Only J3e
(lie United States vs.
Cbarles Cunningham,
isa Rayburn, Dallas
l Sallng, Sholly Jones,
Srd, Kate James, John
brd Roe, which was
Ipttrday by District At.
Hill, will now bo ;nllow-
3 the grand Jury meets
led until next ivreek.
nlaary hearing 3s hold
I states Ciimmlssloner
Ik, of Judge G. A. Hart-
i H. Parks.
i of Hartmiin and
line asked lor an im-
, tad Glen :Sallng,
I jet been served with
i tte case, all of the de
le pit up bonds for their
((ore the grand Jury.
Icilm furnishes bonds
k( 12,000, while the rest
en i JoOO guarantee
lag ltd Parks wore al
lot tMt own recogniz
ee enmln&tlon, the
iu em as yet been sot.
kitalting until the re-
I Hater, T. G. Halley,
ISSimptcr, boforo ho
(In the matter of his
luled for a bearing as
, but will waive his
He event that Air.
Kim strongly to wait
?of the grand Jury.
nails to see In what
M'olved In the case.
lit the examination In
Pnjknow something
ue government U-
Itaat him, Ho Is ic-
f, of having cnnsplr-
unninBham In so-
1 1pers fur the lands
M'ler lmrtles defend
Ring the reading of
f parties making tho
N, and with having
from Cunning
p 'or the entry fees
wt for the filing on
f uiuer Qcienuauts.
wd asks that ho bo
Of an earlv h.-iirliii-
1 1 mere Is enmich in
1 1 ra warrant his hnv
re the grand Jury,
ft fame boat as Mart
'flj wrote thn testl
PJ making the fll
' wanks w th tho nn.
P nado to tho ques-
' "His nctinir n n
He thllfl filnlma
t ltll anv rnnsnlr.
I' wlating, and will
'ring. u Is nroh.
iOt th nrnllmlnn..
1'vuruary 12. if
IT. ' " UUUJNTZ, UlUfiUUN, S AT U It DAY, JANUAltY 30. 1904.
nmMHn Imn 1..
mho UUUIl JQ V C!)fionn,l
besides my ropubllean friends 'have
offered every assistance.
"Yes, It Is somewhat humiliating
to myself and family, but as my con
sclonco Is clear, 1 shall lose neither
nosh nor sleep over It, but after
having lived In the county since boy
hood and received many honors. If it
1b as It seems to me, the intention of
District Attorney Hnll to humiliate
me, ho haB succeeded for a time at
least, but I have no fear of the final
Federation of Societies of the United
Detroit, Mich., Jan. 30. The
members of tho national executive
board of tho American Federation of
Catholic societies, or which Arch
bishop MesBmer of Milwaukee.
Dlshop McFaul of Trmitnn. nml
Henry J. Fries of Erin. in ih.
ing spirits, assembled In semi-annual
session in Detroit today. Routine
buslneBs of the federation was trans
acted and plans for the next general
convention discussed.
Tomorrow tho members of the
board will attend a mass meeting
which will be uddreBsed by Bishop
Foley and a number of the visiting
prelnteB. The affairs of the federa
tion are reported In splendid condi
tion with a membership that is In
creasing at a gratifying rate.
Villagers Follow Wright's Body to
Grave In Heavy Rain.
London, Jun. 30. Whlttaker
Wright wns burled at the vallage
churchyard at Whitley, this after-
noon in a driving rain. A crowd of
mourning villagers followed the fam
ily to the gravo.
Russia's Reply to Japan Fore
shadowed by St. Petersburg
Korean Emperor Is Willing to Main
tain Position of Neutrality Russia
Takes Steps to Fill Up Depleted
Regiments London Still Skeptical
About War Plot to Rid Canton of
"Foreign Devils" 1,000 Privates
and 50 Officers Blown Up.
Road a Mass of Ice Sleigh, Team
and Passengers Fall Fifty Feet
Passengers Cling to Bushes to Es
cape Drowning in the River Babes
In the Accident Are Uninjured.
1 f the other dofon
'aw. nothlnn. la
1 bat could ho ..r.
iwUITlnni- nl.,nn l
"to t Portland and
neads of some
l'1 Jingo llollloger,
"" as hnlno. no.!.....
L'nr What
cnarKOH against
L,u"wn and uncor
"nod with Inter-
Nrtman Thinks.
ftKn. asKod about
"e charges, said
U..r0' a show nf
"ettoad proofs
W ami n
1 h4l a right to
'"'ore mo 1...
1r - in 1,10
' Without sollrl.
it. r uworo
J1 Mr Cl,n-
W An I
( tot, ' ,u,u
1 Annoylnn- In
5 C b
i. V7o thai thla
Ld Grande, Jan. 30. The Wallowa
stage, which runs from Elgin to Jos
eph, Wallowa county, a distance of
CO miles, slid off tho grade on the
Wallowa hill, about 25 miles from El
gin, Thursday evening, seriously in
juring .Mrs. Clinrlcs Henderson, of
Elgin, and injuring several other pas
sengers, Mrs. Foster, of Lostlne, be
ing quite seriously Injured also.
Tho stage was going townrfl Jobeiih
and a sled la used going through tho
Wnllown canyon, and at this point
tho roud was 11 mass of lee. The
sled slid entirely off tho track and
wont 50 feet below, turning complete
ly over. The injured were immedi
ately tnken to Wallowa for medical
aid, and at last accounts are getting
nlong as well ns could be expected.
Tho latest reports from Wallowa
county say that tho occupants of the
atago would have mot certain death
had they been In a wheeled convey
ance Instead of a sleigh.
Tho women clung to tho bushes on
tho hlllsido to keep fro mfulling Into
tho river below, and tho driver was
found lying between the horses, ana
it wns at first thought that he was
dead. Two of the women had babes
In their arms, but they wero not In
jurod, tho mothers being quite badly
St. Petersburg Jan. 30 Nove Vrem
la says It 1b imposlhle for Russia lo
enter Into an, understanding with
Japan concerning Manchuria, but re
garding Korea, she is willing to give
Japan full rlghtB south of the 39th
parallel, if Russia Is permitted to
control all north of that line. Jap
an must, however, agree not to forti
fy any part of Korea. This Is to be
the maximum of Russia's concession
to Japan. Ab the Nova Vremla is fre
quently Inspired officially, it is be
lieved this publication foreshadows
Russia's reply.
Filling Up the Army.
St. Petersburg, Jan. 30. Tho Nova
Vremya today prints a list of 28 re
serve regiments which have been or
dered increased by battalions,
Fifty Officers and Men Were
on Board the Ill-Fated
He Mysteriously Disappeared From
Vessel Before It Sailed for Toulsn
in December He Is Accused jf
Placing Bomb In Vessel Transport
Has Been Missing for Over a Month
Police Making Desperate Efforts
to Capture the Criminal.
Paris, Jan. 30. Official Inquiry
concerning the missing transport,
Vionne, reveals evidence tending lo
prove that the vessel was blown up
at sea by an anarchist's bomb which
wr.r. placed in the magazine of the
boat before It sailed In December for
Suspicion Is fastened on tho keep
er of the magazine, who suddenly dls
appeared from the Vionne. There
were 50 officers and men on board.
Every effort is being made to locate
the keeper.
About $85,000 Lost in School Build
ing and Garfield Hotel Fires.
Portland, Jan. 3u. The total loss
The paper adds that similar orders sustained by this city In the destruc
hr.ve 'been Issued
to all other regi-
London Skeptical.
London, Jan. 30. Despite bellicose
reports, the officials continue to as
sert they would be much surprised
should war between Japan and Rus
sia be declared.
Threaten War of Expulsion.
Canton, Jan. 30. Placards were
posted about the city last night Incit
ing the natives to burn the European
quarter. 'The consuls of the various
nntions have demanded an explana
tion from the viceroy.
Realism In Mimic War.
Rerlln, Jan. 30. Advices are said
to have come from nn authoritative
houron in Russia that during the re
cent maneuvers of Russian troops,
Grund Duke Serge (also governor
general of Moscow) ordered a bridge
blown up, forgetting that the super
structure was covered with troops.
An unintelligent subordinate obeyed
the orders and as a result 60 officers
and 1.000 men were killed and wound
ed. Tho dispatches suppressed the
news, and the grand duke's removal
from the army and loss of position rs
governor is said to be Imminent.
tlon of the Park Btreet public schoo
building and the Garfield hotel,
amount fo about $85,000.
The school building was valued -it
$65,000 and the hotel at $20,000, with
Insurance amounting to 122,000 on
the school and $C,000 on the hotel
The fire in the Park street school
! was discovered first In tho cupola,
1 and there was no fire In the regular
furnace at the time.
When the fire was first found It
was under strong headway and the
roof fell In soon after the department
reached the scene.
The fire In the Garfield hotel was
of Incendiary origin, and was started
in the woodshed In the back of the
hotel. There were CC guests In the
hotel at the time and many of them
escaped with nothing but their night
clothes on.
Cost More to Ship
Across the Pacific.
San Francisco, Cal., Jan, 30. On
nnn after Monday next It will coat
morn to shin flour from Pacific CoaBt
nnintn m fli Orlont man 11 iue
' " . . loo,l
now. unuer an ugruuiuum.
Into hy all steamship lines engaged
in transpacific trado the rato has
been advanced io $4 per ton.
Tho agreement provides also that
.lirforontlnl In favor of San Fran
cisco that has operated to tho disad
vantage of millers on tne norm 1
ciflc conat shall to abolished. San
Francisco has hod tho benefit of a
n oU in ur n SI ner ton. but
nio ,irti,,.rn Rtenmslun lines would
not follow tho cut of tho China Com
raorcial company to that extent, ns
tho cost of shipment between Pugot
Sound or Portlnuu and San francs-
a . i..tA..i in nrnrfpf I IIO
CO DOB boon Hiuuuium i""
$3 rato, the additional
homo by tho northern millers com
poUng with those of California for
tho Orlontal trado.
Decorate King Charles' Statue
London. Jan. 30. - Tho 1
1 ai.. tiirt niniuu ui
InTaiSPU-o took
place today (tho nnn.vora ry ojtt his
OXOCUllon 1" "", --7 ,,,. floral
onslBtod of wreaths an? other flora
Running Events by Noted Sprinters
at Madison Square.
New York. Jan. 30. New York
ers will have nn opportunity to see
the cream of tho college athletes at
their best tonight nt the big athletic
carnival to bo hold In Madison
Square Gerden under the auspices of
Columbia university. Tho program
will be made up mainly of relay
races at ono and two miles.
In these events teams from Har
vard, Yale, Princeton, Pennsylvania
and other ble eastern colleges will
be seen, and several western Institu
tions will also be represented, Arthur
Duffy, of Georgetown, world's
champion 100-yard sprinter will be
seen In a special event against Archlo
Hahn, the crack sprinter of the Uni
versity of Michigan, and holder of
tho western championship.
Stole From Consignment to Kemler
& Son, of This Place,
A car of goods, consigned to Kem
ler & Son, the grocers on AHa street,
was broken open at some point be
tween Echo and Portland, after hav
ing been Bhlpped and a lot of cigars
and sardines taken from it. The car
was discovered to have been looted
when it reached Echo.
President Approves Contract for Re
clamation of 27,000 Acres.
Hend, Jan. 30. The contract en
tered Into between tho state of Ore
gon and the Three Sisters Irriga
tion company for the reclamation of
27,000 acres of desert land on the
Tumelo river to the northwest of
this place, has been approved hy the
president. Tnese lands were se
lected some time ago but considera
ble delay was occasioned In having
the segregation passed upon by the
Interior department and the presi
dent. Tho Three Sisters Irrigation com
pany was the name of tho company
that first undertook this work, but
about a year ago it vns absorbed by
tho Columbia Southern Irrigation
company and the work of reclama
tion has been carried on by the lat
ter concern over since. These
lands have been In groat demand
among prospective settlers and the
greater part of them have already
been spoken for.
Reported That Heppner Hunters Kill
30 In the Hills Near There.
Arlington, Jan. 30. A report has
gained circulation In Heppner that a
party of pot hunters recently went
Into the Blue mountains, south of
here nnd slaughtered deer.
At this time of the year the deer
congregate In herds In tho canyons
to browse on shubbcry, being driven
down from the mountains and hill
sides by deep snow. It Is an easy
matter to stalk the unsuspecting
animals nnd kill them In largo num
bers. It Is said -.iat most of tho
meat was jerked and some of It wns
sold In Heppner.
Robbejs Enter J. B, Damain's
Saloon, One Block From
Main Street.
Proprietor Had Been Sleeping at Sa
loon for Two Weeks, But Went
Home Last Night, Being Sick En
trance Gained by Breaking Window
Thieves Leave No Clue What,
ever Police Working on Case.
Culllna and Toon Say They Didn't
Smoke Opium.
Frederick IJ. Culllns, who Is In the
county nail to answer to the charge
of opium smoking, was arraigned tni
morning and pleaded not guiuy.
waiving his preliminary examination.
Ho was held In $250 bonds anu win
remain in jail until tho meeting cf
the court on February 15.
Toon, the Chinaman who was ar
rested last night on the charge or
nmoklnir ODlum, was placed under
$250 bonds, but was unable to furn
ish them, and went to tho county jail.
He will be tried on Monday.
The heaviest recorded snowfall In
Alabama was January 27-28, at At
lanta and Birmingham. Eight Inches
on a level fell.
As soon as tho throe vacancies In
Pendleton churches aro niiea, mo
Ministerial Asociatlon of this city
wll bo reorganized and active reform
work again taken up.
At tho presdnt time tho association
Is disorganized and has not held a
meeting for some time. Rev. R. W.
King Is president of tho association,
and Rov. Potwlno socrotary, and
both hnvo resigned tholr pastorates
in this city, and there Is really no
Interost now being taken In tho or
ganization. Rov. Warnor, of tho M. E. church,
however, nald today, that It would bo
rovlvod and reorganized as soon as
liermnnont ministers arrived to fill
iiio vnonncica now existing In this
Probably one of the first matters
to como before the association, on Us
reorganization, will bo the great in
crease of tho gambling evil In this
city, and Its recognition by the city
officials. It has como to tho notice
of tho members of tho organization
that a great amount of gambling
furniture has recently been imported
Into tho city and Is now In use In
different places In violation of tho
law, In tho knowledge of the city
council, city marshal and tho district
attorney, and as thero Is a law pro
viding for tho arrest of officials who
knowingly permit tuls ovll to bo prac
ticed, a rigid enforcement will be
asked by tho church peoplo and the
Ministerial Association,
Further Annexation of Territory Is
Not for the Best Interests of the
American People Earl Makes His
Maiden Speech and Brings Convic
tion of Judges Remainder of Pro
gram is Excellent.
The assembly hall was filled last
night with patrons and friends of the
public schools who had gathered to
hear the regular weekly program as
presented by the pupils of Iho high
school. Owing to tho crowds more
chairs had to be brought in from tho
main building anil oven then tho
seating capacity of the hall was
The most Interesting part of the
program was the debate on the ques
tlon, "Resolved that further annex'
ntion of territory Is not for tho best
Interests of the Americun people.
Tho affirmative was represented by
James Reeves and Earl Archibald
while Ed Forrest and Francis Jack
son defended tho negative sldo of
the argument. Tho debate was won
by the speech or Earl Archibald, a
new student at tho school, who maJo
the argument of the evening and
gained the decision of tho Judges by
his efforts.
Tho rest of the program was good,
both in rendition and selection nnd
tho whole performance was a treat
to the peoplo who visited tho hall to
witness the entertainment.
Repairs at Woolen Mills Delayed
Through Sick Engineer.
The woolen mills will start up
again March 1. It was thu Intention
of C. J. Fcrgufcon, tho superintendent
of the mills, to start by tho middle
of February, but owing to tho Idle
ness of Engineer Herbert Wilkinson,
who haB been confined to his home
with rheumatism for some time, It
was Impossible to overhaul the en
gine room and this has put off the
date of resuming work. Mr. Wilkin
son Is able to be at his post once
more however, and will commence
the work on the engines on Monday
morning. As soon as that Is done
and tho rest of tho minor repairs'
completed, the mill whistle will blow
Overturned Lamp Does Damage to
Books and Papers.
The flro department was called out
at 11:30 today, to answer a call from
the Younger grocery store, but be
fore tho teams had responuca mo
flrn had been nut out by the efforts
of Fire Chief Witheo and Henry Har
rison, ono of the ciorKS in mo sioru.
mIkb iw Younger accidentally
overturned a lamp In the office which
sot flro to the hooks and papers,
which wero partly burned Aside
from tho burning of somo brooms,
thero was no damage done.
Pennsylvania Is tho greatest ship
building state, Now York second and
California third.
J, 1). Damnln's saloon, on Court
nnd Cottonwood streets, wns entered
this morning nnd $32.50 tnken from
the cash register. Tho remains of
the register wero left on tho floor rf
a back room. Tho front door was
broken open so that tho robbers
could leave tho building nnd no cluo
wns left to the Identity of tho loot
ers. For tho past two weeks Mr. Dam
nlu, tho pioprletor of tho saloon, has
boon In the place night and day, hav
ing a bed there, whero ho sleeps after
closing the houso about 1 o'clock in
the morning. Ho has had his meals
brought to him hy his son nml has
spent all of his tlmo In the Baloon,
which has been undergoing a course
of overhauling. I-nst night, howover,
tho proprietor wns tcellng under tho
weather and went homo for n good
night's sleep, leaving the saloon In
tho care of the night bartender, who
locked tho cash register about 2
o'clock this morning, closed up tho
saloon nnd went iiome.
When Mr. Damn In came to work
this morning, he found that a back
window had been broken open nnd
tho cash register taken from tho bar
room to n small room In the renr of
the saloon, whero it had been broken
into with n largo Iron lemon squeez
er. Tho money hnil been taken out,
nftcr which tho robbers broke In thn
small door In tho front room and
made good their escape, leaving no
clue for tho police who aro working
on the cubo.
2,000 Out of Work.
Palerson, Jan, 30. Two thousand
peoplo wero thrown out' of work by
the burning nf the Ashley llulley Silk
Mills, here, this morning. Tho loss 3
extremely heavy.
Wounded Man Dies.
Elgin, Jan. 30. II. F. Hons, who
was shot by Kaser, nt this place,
yesterday, died lust night of his
Blsslnger's Team Made Lively Runa
way on Court 6treet.
Tho tenui belonging to O. T. Ills-
slngcr, of South Cold HprlngB, took
fright thla morning whllo hitched to
it post In front or tho Owl 'feu house
on Court street and breaking away,
ran down thn street to Main, whero
thoy poked Iho tongue of tho buggy
Into a telegraph polo In front of the
Ilrock & MtComas drug store, break
ing tho tongue and thu harness and
twisting thu buggy up to a slight ex
tent. Ouu of tho horses fell on tho
cement sldowalk and slid over under
tho show-window, whero ho was
caught as lio scrambled to his feet.
The plato window had a narrow es
cape. Aside from tua uroKon tongue
and harness and a few bruises on the
horses, no damage was done,
SUIT FOR $61,177.
Seeks to Recover on Deposits In
First National Bank, .
Josenh Voy has filed a suit against
tho First National Hank In which ho
seeks to recover $01,177, alleged 10
bo duo him on a doposlt and wan-
held by tho bank.
Tho nlalntlff alleges that ho has
slnco tho first day of January, 1808,
and prior to tho first day of January,
1904, deposited In tho bank the total
sum of $139,311, from which ho has
drawn $76,107, leaving a balanco !n
his favor of tho amount asKeu 101,
which ho seeks to recover.
In Memory of Prince Rudolph.
Vienna. Jan. 30. Tho fifteenth
nunlvorsArv nf llifl traelc death of
Crown Prince Rudolph was observed
today. Thero was. tho usual memo
rial service In tne uapucnin cuurcu,
rblch was attended by jsniperor
.losenh. the Archduchess
Mario Valerie, his daughter and oth
er members of tho Imperial family.
For covcral minutes tno vonerauie
emperor nnd those who accompanied
him knelt and prayed beside the
wreath-covered tombs of the crown
prince and his murdered momer, me
Empress Elizabeth.
- I
" MUlca!