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Eastern Oregon Weather
1 Tonight nnd Sunday tlsht
daln or snow. .
NO. 4053.
. borrowed paper.
Aunnn an
Has Shifted in
Up the Tangled
C. B. Waae.
..inclM Tfl
AMOUNT OF $65,700
Aggregating Seventy
..... ir in Sloht.
of Lesser Claimants
. . ftl an An.
..J-..., of S30Q.000.
Is Secured Mr.
.-j. ai in t.oafi
ihn ilnmitv United
from l'ortland, was
..Aa. nnd In the
papers on C. B. aje
e Into the bankruptcy
with a claim of
Uurphy, $400; Miss
11.900: tssiner j.
Joseph Vey, $46,000;
tltlons In the united
Til dUU lunt mo I'i jr-
leveral other claim b
p limn ui luc ucaiiuL.)
of the Craig estate,
.1- 1 tnnU -
i no nrtn i,
recover. Joseph Ha-
and a stockman or
time comes a great
pivmr into the hands
ze esiaie. ana u win
ice mailer. 11 win
it will Insure all crcd-
the property. It Is
ite sale of lands and
Ule hv Ihn rnnrt Itnt
matter into vhe
cwnea by Mr waae
his fnllurn nnH fnr
-lor Irrespective of
'19 1 limn Th ..111
-fc lUlt i UIO Mill
ui ianu ana a great
that has rhnnporl
the asgregate $300,-
and or this nprhnns
to SC0J00 Is guaran-
scoured by raort
The rest mav be
Company, owned by
uu me rnarKet ana
will bring. Ho
- nuaiib. uuu ui
-"'c ucuu luaut',
- 1110 uuu kb tre
i uv nan nrnnKfi
. """oeement or xno
Id tha Ir t
"cu, luanR TAr in
Mui'u ior secur
deals u-firo
,. aae nnw pfttn
V lum. thev werp
management of the
ai uernnno m a
detectives of 4i
- racmc and
"Pany to be
e. . - m. nre
8B rr., "Lu. n
ho. t.
.-"' neon ar
detectives aro
OA "W iiiurtf
- w . stolon
whole muddle. Is the CralK estato
tangle. Here he was made the cua
todtan, as administrator of tho es
tate of $14,000. owned by the esta'e
and used .no money. Tho crash
came before tho estato had been set
tled and ne is short that amount
It is presumed that had Mr. Wade
still been at the aead of the bank
when the .time tor final settlement
came, that tile money would have
been forthcoming, but he was caught
In his own fall and could not make
Joseph Vey claims to have been
asked for a note which he knew
nothing of. and which has been can
celed by the bank. The note was for
$7,000. and was executed by Wade
who had been in tho habit of draw
ing notes and otucr papers fnr .
who is unable to read or write The
note in question was repudiated by
Vey when it was called up, and was
yesterday canceled by the bank
Whatever the conditions the "mat
ter will now be sifted out In the
court, and an equal distribution be
made to nil the creditors. It is esti
mated that the estate will pay about
0 cents on tne dollar, though this is
an estimate, It being too soon to tell
from what has come to light just how
much is available.
Two Thousand Occupants of
Masonic Temple Marooned
in the Upper Stories.
'Boise City Murderer Fails to Get Re
lief From Supreme Court.
- Boise City, Jan. 23. By a divided
court the Judgment of murder in the
first degree against Geo-e Levy for
the murder of Davis Levy on October
3, 1901, has been affirmed. The
opinion of the majority of thp cjuit
is by Chief Justice Sullivan, cm
curred in by Justice Sloekslager,
Justice xT.ilsh!e dissenting.
The opinion finds the evidence in
the case suflicient to sustain the
Judgment of conviction and further
finds that no vital error was made
by the trial court.
Chicago Wheat.
Chicago, Jan. 23. Wheat openid
90Tfi, closed !i4.
Six Floors on Fire With Fifteen Up
per Floors Cut Off Flames Were
Gotten Under Control at 1 O'clock
Only Desperate Etforts Saved
Hundreds of Lives and the Build
ing Itself Many Injured by Inhal
ing Smoke Grand Palace Again
on Fire.
ChargeafTWlU Robbery of Baroness
Rad&wehj In oan Francisco
Had (Tjjusands of Dollars Worth
of Pdflous Stones in Their Pos
sesejln Sold Many In Spokanr,
Seatle and Tacoma,
MinnfBnolis, Jan, 23. James Wal
ters fiks .arresteu this morn'ag
charge, -fth.' robbing Baronoss
HelenaJ Radskwele of $o,000 worth oi
diamonds "al the Colonial hotel 'n
San Francisco tnree weeks ago.
The police jclleve be Is one of the
most Important tmeves ana confi
dence men in America. On his per
son when arresteo were $12,'i
worth of diamonds.
Walters confessed to having dis-
. . . i r.nn
posed of stones worm tiu,vw. jjc
was captured at the National hotel,
where he registered as It. sirauora,
Seattle. William Kerry, said to be
o no,.nmi,iif.B nf Walters, was later
arrested at the depot. Both men
were preparing to leave for Chicago.
Walters says tuat of $15,000 wortn
of stones sold during the last three
weeks he sold $10,000 worth In Ta
coma, Spokane and Seattle. Atten
tion, wax attracted to him in Minue
apolls by the deposit of several
cems. . ,
Wnitem' home Is at Los Angeles,
where his parents live.
Liking Glass Pine Tract Sells fjr
$200,000 to Iowa Parties.
La Granae, Jan. .o. uuc
largest lumber and land sales ever
made In Oregon, was mm
terday to George Palmer, a rfcer
of Iowa, by Kobert Smith, pres dent
. I. i V. Jo K-ollnnnl Hank Of
the tract of white pine lands knon
as the Stanley lands below Llgln, in
i i.nn.tn qc inn
What nas '-- -
cin Lumuer ooiuouj. ".o--.
Situated near these lands, and was
ators being u . B 'V,h
wa Falls, Wis., and Robert Smith.
- .. ...hi. xr n n nnchard.
of La uranae, win. , ,;
as manager.' These max ; bwe all
been closely connected with the In
Susies in Eastern Oregon for many
years, and havo acquired a wide rep
Nation throughout the wen U bon-
A rtrnt InnfTueni.
esty. energy -u- , t
av rna0gesD lOOOOO fe of lumoor.
. . 7B-".V - .iHv market extend-
SMirlIU-SS and Chicago
This tract of timber sold com.
Krortrhe'7nesttracts.n Eastern
?Cralmer P-d D
mem r. -mher. but will
manuiaciuiu , ',(
hold It for increased stumpage
tn.LU Clrt.
Hotel Bt. oeorge rr: the
Chicago. Jan ..3, At noon today
fire broke out on the third floor of
the Masonic Temple, and has been
extinguished. Panic ensued among
the 2.000 occupants of the building,
who fied precipitately down the stair
ways and elevators. The building
was supposed to be absolutely fire
proof. A Few Escaped.
A number of girls succeeded In es
caping from the ISth story by flight
down stairs.
The fire spread so rapidly that
within 20 minutes 10 rooms on tne
third third floor were a mass of
flames, cutting off the elevators and
stairways and tilling the building
with dense smoke.
The building Is 21 stories in
After the elevators stopped all the
windows from the 17th story up were
filled with men, women and girls,
The police attempted to pacify the
crowds and keep the streets open,
but without avail. It is but half a
block from the Iroquois.
Telephone Reports.
Telephone reports from those ma
rooned In the upper stories of the
sky-scraper says there is no danger
of panic there, although several wo
men swooned. They were taken
care of by various office forces.
From the third floor the flames "x
tended to the fourth, fifth and sixth
floors. The firemen were compelled
to use, w)-foot ladders to fight the
Flames Under Control.
At 1 o'clock the flames are under
control. The damage will be between
$20,000 and $30.0u0, largely caused
by the down-falling flood of water
through the lower floors.
Suffered From Smoke.
Many tenants sunered from Inhal
ing smoke, but none seriously. Wal
.er Parker was badly b'irned and
William Danby seriously cut by fall
ing glass.
The firemen say that notwithstand
ing the supposed fire-proof construc
tion the building would have boon
gutted had not the alarm been quick
ly given and responded to.
Third Fire at Grand Palace.
Chicago. Jan. 23. Two hundred
guests at the Grand Palace bo-.cl
were again tnrown into a panic ann
compelled to flee to thj Icy streets,
scantily attired, by Are this morning.
This Is the third fire within 11 days,
The police believe all have been Incendiary.
Russia Threatening, and Making
Trouble In Korea.
London, Jan. 23. The Tokio cor
respondent of the Central News
Bureau, today wires that an official
emergency gazette is being promul
Gated, containing special regulations
tor harbor, roadstead and coast nav
igation. The move is regarded sig
nificant, as it practically puts the
mercantile marine under war regu
lations. Trouble In Korea.
Washington, Jan. 23. The state
department has received a dispatch
from Minister Allen at Seoul, that
there is considerable disturbance
throughout Korea. The Japanese In
many places have been attacked,
nnd there are indications that Russia
Is Inciting an uprising.
The news has also reached Wash
ington that Japan sent a major-gen-mi
to Seoul, wanting a high ranking
officer on the sceno.
The Koreans are reporiea to nave
3,500 men under arms.
Bellicose Russian,
c. D..f f.rul.iiri-. Jan. 23. Officii!
circles are bitterly lamenting "Jio
necessity of making concessions to
i.,o iipcnnsn of Russia's inade
quate seaport defenses, ana announce
the determination iu uueuicuv mo
fleet until able to combat even the
British, Propose to expend 60,000,-
Gon to Beet Meeting,
E. W. McComas went to Echo this
momlnir to attend tbe mass meet
ing of the citizens who met tboro
this afternoon to hear what theeugur
beet men have to say on beetSnlture,
and to listen to the projoaltiona
made by them to the farmd-s,
lc Floods Arc Doing Great
Damage in Pennsylvania,
Ohio and Indiana.
All Electric Power Shut Off Bull,
ness Sections Inundated Ceme
teries Scoured Out Half Million
Damage Done at Pittsburg and
Water Still Hlsing Much Suffer
ing Along Ohio River People
Trapped and Great Suffering.
Toledo, Jan. 23. The flood In tho
Maumee liver promises to surpass
that of 1SS3, whlcn was the worst
ever known.
All Industries dependent upon elec
tricity are tied up. Including tbe
newspapers. The first floors of all
buildings along tue water front are
tinder water.
Marietta Inundated,
Marietta. O., Jan. 23. The bus!
ness section being vacated. The
flood In the Ohio river is at 29 feet,
and rising six inches an hour. Re
ports from up rlvrr lead to the belief
that the buttress section will be
largely Inundated.
Cemetery Torn Out.
Indianapolis, Jan. 23. The flood in
Wildcat cieek has broken through
the cemetery, strewing skeletons
along the banks.
Damage at Pittsburg,
Pittsburg, Jan. 23. At 10 this
morning tho water was 29 teet above
normal and rising nearly three inch's
an hour. -irty feet Is expected to
day. The damage is already $500,000 in
this city and haruoi. Four thousa .
men are idle. Traffic Is suspended
along the river front.
Suffering at Wheeling.
Wheeling, Jan. 'li. Thlrty-seven
feet of water was recorded at $ this
morning and 4o feet is expected.
Tcere is a general exodus from tne
low lands. There is marked suffering
as many are exposed, which will e
-ncreased if the coid wave predicted
Highest Ever Known.
Youngstown, O.. Jan. 23. The
flood now exceeds any ever known.
No lights or power and the water
damage is heavy.
Railroads Abandoned.
Charon, Pa., Jan. 23. The sharps
vllle bridge was swept away, drown
ing Victor Dunham and three labor
ers this morning.
The water Is at the highest ever
known and still rising. ..11 trains be
tween Cleveland and Pittsburg are
abandoned. Tho traces aro five feet
under water.
Families In many parts of the city
are trapped in tho upper stories.
Damage Exceeds $500,000.
Loralne, O., Jan. 23. The flood
here Is nearly at a standstill. The
damage now exceeds $500,000.
Some to Seattle and Four Thousand
to San Francisco.
Rugg Brothers will ship a couple of
carloadB of wethers over tho W. &
C R. this evening to James Wright,
at Seattle." Mr, Wright was in the
city last week and made the pur
chase of the sheep.
While here Mr, Wright also wish
ed to buy a lot oi lambB from the
Hugg Brothers' flocks, but found that
the Arm had just sold all of tbolr
lambs to Air. Harrington, the San
FrancUco sheep buyer who was in
the city last winter and bought ill
of the iambs tne Bame firm had for
sale. There arc about 4,000 lambs in
the lot sold this year, and they will
be delivered tho 6th of February.
Morning Train for Spokane Will
Walt One Hour for WestBound
The local offices of the O. R. & N.
received notice today that hereafter,
No. 8, tho morning train for Spo
kane, will wait ono hour for No, 1,
the west-bound train, instead of only
30 minutes, as has been tho rule un
der tho new time card.
This will enable passengers com
ing from the East to make direct
connection for Sp'-ane, if the mon
lng west-bound train Is not more than
an hour late.
Progress on Bowman Building.
Tho brick masons are at work on
the Bowman building, and if ho
present weather continues tbe brick
work will be completed In about 15
days. All of tho pressed brick is on
the ground and tbe most of tbe other
material, so there will be no delays
from this time on until tho building
Is flulshod,
City's Great Sea Wall Is Completed
at Coct of Millions.
Galveston, Texas, Jnn. 23, Tho
city of Galveston, larger, richer and
more prosperous than before Us par
tial destruction by the great Hood In
1900, Is to celebrnto her rejuvenation
during tho coming week with n mon
ster fete that promises to attract the
widest attention. 'Ino occasion of
the celebration is the completion of
the sea wall, erected at n cost of
millions of dollars and which is ex
pected to Insure the city against nny
recurrence of the disaster of four
years ago.
Arrangements for tho celebration
have been made on an elaborate
scnlo anu tho affair promises to be
one of the most notable of tho kind
ever seen In tho southwest. Tho
United States navy will be repre
sented at tho festivities by several
warships, and tho Gorman cruiser
Gazelle also will attend tho celebra
tion. The governor of Texas nnd
many other persons of note havo
been Invited to attend the ceremon
ies nnd no expenso Is to bo spared
by the citizens of tho rebuilt city to
make the ocroston a Uiomornbl') one.
Freight Ship 630 Feet Long and 73
Feet Six Inches Wide.
New Imdon, Conn. Jnn. 23. Two
weeks from today nnot'nor monstor
cargo carrier Is to !o launched from
tho yards of tho eastern shipbuild
ing company here. It Is a twin Bis
ter of the Mlnnesotn, launched last
spring, and will bo christened
Tho Dakota will a'eam nt the rnto
of 14 knots nn hour, nnd owing to
her great size will be steady In nny
kind of weather. Sho hns n length
of G30 feet and a width of 73 feet alx
Inches. Sho will be rigged as n four
masted schooner with polo shafts,
and will havo Ave continuous decks
and four Bhort decks. Tho ship Is
owned by James J. 11111, nnd will bo
used In tho Great Northern railway's
Pacific carrying trade.
Two White Men Were Hitting the
Pipe and Both Were Fined Pro
prietor of the Place Held Under
Bonds Discovery Made During In
vestigation Under Fire Ordinance-
While making an Investigation uf
the means taken In the Chinese quar
ters to prevent Are yesterday after
noon, Councilman Weils, Fire Chief
Wliheo and Marshal Carney ran Into
an opium Joint In full blast.
.Mr. Wells and tho lire chief had
mado one trip through the rats' nests
of Chinatown tho other day ami left
orders for thu Cinnamon to chango
tho stations of sevorul stoves nnd
mnko extra precautions for thu pre
vention of fire. Yesterday they. In
company with tho marshal, made an
other trip to see that their Instruc
tions had been carried out.
While in tho house of Yung Geo,
on Alta street, back of Tallmnn's
drug store, tho party camo to one
room where tho door was locked and
which tho Chinaman refused to open.
On the order of the marshal the
room was broken open and two white
men Collins and John Don were
found In the placo under the influ
ence of tho drug,
Collins is a contortionist an.l
dancer who has beeu traveling with
a show company, but who lost his
job through tho dope habit, and is
now tramping, Ho has no monny
and will serve five days In tho city
jail in default of tho $10 lino Impos
ed on him by the city Judge.
John Doe Is a Pendleton man who
has fallen Into tho habit and has be
come a wreck through tho uso of thu
drug. Ho paid his fine and left on
the midnight train for somo placo
Yung Gee, the proprietor of tho
den, was held under $60 bonds to in
suro his appearance In the court at
2 o'clock this afternoon.
Owing to the absence of somo of
the witnesses the trial of tho case
was postponed until Monday morning
at 10 o'clock.
Biggest uoad of Brick,
Tho record for a carload shipment
was broken yesterday at the Weston
brickyard. The huge car carried 27,-
000 brick weighing 108,000 pounds,
or about twice the load of an ordi
nary car. The shipment was con
signed to Purl Bowman at Pendleton.
Weston Leader,
Will Occupy Krebs Home.
J. M. Stone, administrator for tho
estato of Mrs. H. Krebs, made ar
rangements yesterday with Mr, and
Mrs. O. V.'. Bontlcy to rnovo out to
tho Krebs homestead and take tem
porary charge, so .ue children co'ild
bo kept at home and together. Ad
ams Advance,
Nebraska republicans have in
structed for Roosevelt' for president,
and for John L, Webster of that
state, for vice-president.
Conflicting Evidenco in Trying
to Fix Responsibility for tho
Iroquois Fire.
Klaw & Erlanger Must Bear Part of
lame One of the Managing Pro.
prietors 1-ays All Blame on Subor
dlnates He In Turn Is Incrlmln.
ated by the Manager of the Thea.
ter Two Policemen Arrested on
Charge of Robbing a Body at the
Chicago,. Jan. 23. Architect Mar
shall, who drew the plans of tho Iro
quois before thu coroner's Jury to
day Untitled that thu plans wero np
provotrMi Klaw & Erlanger In all
particulars, thus directly Identifying
the firm with responsibility for tho
Managing Proprietor Was Ignorant.
Chicago, Jan. 23. William Pow.
ers, ono of tho managing proprietors
of the Iroquois, wits on tho stand n
the coroner's Inquest this morning,
lie threw nil blamo on tho subordi
nates, saying ho belluved until tho
tiro Hint nil matters of protection had
been compiled with. Ho Bald ho was
only an udvlsory.
Manager Davis was n witness tills
afternoon. He snld Powers should
shoulder his slmro of thu bloine, as
ho Bhould havu had knowledge of tbo
condition of tho houso and given It
strict examination as part of Ills per.
sounl responsibility.
Stole From a Body.
Chlcngo, Jan. 23. Policemen Gib
bons and Hnynus huvu been summon
ed liororo tho trial board on com
plaint or Christopher Fletcher, of Iji
Porto, Ind., who claims thnt valuable
diamonds disappeared from his
daughter's body after tho Iroquois
fire, after tho bony was taken to tho
morgue, where tho oillcers named
wero In charge.
Original of "Paradise Lost" May , ,w.
Come to America. ,
Jan. 23. English bibli
ophiles aro worried Just now over
the iHisslblllty of somo Amorican
millionaire obtuluiug pohhohsIoii of
tho Ilukor manuscript of Milton's
"Paradise Lost," round which groat
controversy was waged lecoiitly.
Tho manuscllpt, It Is understood,
will be put up for auction next week
at tho establishment of Buthoby,
Wilkinson & Hodgo. It was origi
nally Intended to hold tho sale tn
March, but thu datu was altered at
tho wish of tho owner.
It Is said thut an offer of $25,000
has ulready been received from tho
United Klates, hut tho' owner Is do
Hlrloiis of seeing thu manuscript re
tained in England If possible.
Work In Progress on Cayuse Steel
W. A. Stoilo, tho superintendent of
the bridge and building department
of tho O, R, & N., hud a work train
in tho yards this morning bound for
Cayuso Canyon, where thay will ro
pulr tho piling to thu big stool bridge
and do somo general repair work in
thut vicinity,
Thu train wus brought from Li
Grande, and after loading with sup
plies In thu yards nuru went east lo
tho pluco of work.
Storle, of Multnomah,
Sheriff W. A. Htorlo. of Portland,
was In tho city today visiting tho
tournament. Mr. Htorlo was at Bak
er City to witness thu banging of
Pleasant Armstrong and stopped in
this city on nls return homo.
Lecture to Men Only,
Rev. 8. M. Martin, tho Christian
evangelist, will deliver a free lecturo
to men only, ut tbo Christian church,
tomorrow at 3 o'clock. The subjujt,
will bo "Manhood and Homo."
California Natural Gat,
Ventura, Cal., Jan. 23. X
Work on construction of tbe
plant which is to supply Von-
tura, Oxnard and neighboring
towns with natural gaB, Is
started. This is tnu first time
in tbo history of California for
natural gag in commercial
quantities to bo developed.
Over 10 mlb)8 of pipe will bo
laid, and in CO days tho plant
will bo in operation. A flow
of over 40,000 cubic cot per
day has been secured. The
gas Is unusually pure, with
strong pressure,
uut - -
on tho etxoot,