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m'-'' -!SXrZijm ' advocate it to my lady Xlicnds in need
W25SW Neville, Tain.
These Tvo Women were Cared
"Dkaji Mr. Pre"": I wish to
cxrns niv pratitudu for the restored
health and happiness 1-J'dlu K- 1'lnU-
hnm'n rgvinmr vhjiiiimjuuu uus
brought into my life.
"1 had miOered for three years with
terrible pain at the. time of menstrua
tion, and did not know what the
trtniMe wa uutil the. doctor pro
nouiired it inflammutlon ol the
ovaries, and proposed an operation.
" 1 felt to weak and slrk tliat I felt
sure that 1 could not survive the or
deal, and to I told him that I would
"PiuMb.Pixkha: Gratltndei
compels me to acknowledge the great;
merit ol your Vegetable Compound.
I hive suffered for four years with
Irregular and painful menstruation,
aim dizziness, pains in the luck anil
lower limb, and a rltfol sleep. 1
dreaded the time to corns which would
nnlv mean sufferlnc to me
"Ilctler health was all I wantod.j
and cure if possible. Lyula I
IMnkhnm's Vrertnblr Compound
brought me health and happiness in a
few short months. I feel liko another
v-rhendTlnliar.iiint underco it. Tho following week
.... i w .Mm. nAw .wi l m.nl an lulrerti'tenieiit in tho Tiapor
to me, and eterythlngsooms pleasant of your Vegetable Compound In such
andeasv. Ian emergency, and so I decided to try
" Stxbottlesbrought me health, andl it. Great was my joy to find that I
was worth more than months under! actually improved after taking two
vhlcli really did not bottles, so I sepv Maine u mr wu
I am satitiied there! weeks, and at the end of that time I
the doctor's care, which really did not liottles, so
lumafil 1.1 'it nil 1 nrnKitlcton.! Ihnnt VWEft. anu
inomedicinesogoodforsickwonienwaj cured. I had gained eighteen
as vour Vegetable Compound, and I liouncU and was in excellent health,
.fujilk.l.n V VI 1 lit ivpmnn 1 ltmiil SI . nml urn 1H1K
f ... Voa ,urPlT deserve great success, and yon have my very best wfahc." Miss Alice TLm
!.V North Boulevard. Atlanta. Oa.
FORFEIT H we cannot forthwith produce the original letters and signatures of
above testimonials, which will prote their absolute gemilnenes.
t.ydia 11. lMnklinm Mrti. Cn., Lrvn, Mass.
The wonderful power of Lrdia E. Pinkhnin's VesetnMo Compound over the diseases of womankind is not ticcause it is a stimulant, not becauso it is a pallia.
tive, but simply because it is tue most wonuenui ionic anu recuusiruciurctt'r uimjimuivu iu mkunmij uvu w uitmn; rjMciu, i.iaimuij v,umrii disease
and restoring iieauu ana vigor. ... , . . , , , , , . .
31arvellous cures are reported from all parts of the country by women who hare been cured, trained nurses who have witnessed cures, and physicians who
have recognized the virtue in Lrdia E. I'lnkitnm's egetaine tjoiiipouiiii anu are iair enougii 10 give creuit wucrc it is uuo. 11 pnysicians dared
to lie IranK and open. Hundreds ol them wouiu acKnowieage uiai iney consranuy present; tij tim i-iiikiiuiii k vrgcuiiiif ompmintunK;vere
cases oi iemaie ins, as uiey Know ny exiwrience iiiai it- can te retieu umm w mm u i-mc
Women who are troul)led with painful or irregulai meiLstiiiation, iKicknehe, bloating (or flatulence), lcucorrhcea, falling, inflammation or ulcera-
uon ol tue uterus, ovnrian trouoies. luai - ncnruig-aown leeung, uii-.xnic.sss iuiiiiir-ks, iiiuii-.suiui, nervous pnisirauou tir inu oiucs, snouia
take immediate acuon toward oil tue serious eousequenccs. anu tie restored 10 iieneci ueaun anu sircngtu uy uiKing Lyuia li. l'lnklinin's
vegetable Coiiipound, and then write to -Mrs. llnkliam, i.yi.m .iitssn lor iuruier iree auvie.!. ao living iierbon lias had tho
beuetit ot a wider cxjwnence in treatmg leinaie ins. sue uas guiueu uiousanus s
to health. Every suffering woman should ask lor and lollow her advice. f?Ctv
i counci to sec that its instructions
lor furnishing liotter fire protect jj
j wi ;n detail faithfully carried ou
I The proprietors of the theaters
were told plainly to make all the
changes within two wrks, and oil
of them said they "were only too
glati to do fo" f he Instructions
given the theater owners were ver-:
ua! but by tomorrow Building In
se tor Place will place In their
hands written statements and
plans as to what Is to be done.
In Answer to Inquiry of Walla Walla 1
Even th ush tdmilarly troubled
must have different glasses. I
Spectacles flttted to any mtii- I
vidual will only suit him or her,
therefore a thorough t-st is n?ce- !
gary ia every caw. 5Iv optical
parlor is equipped with even- Iu- i
strument nece-s.iry to matte an !
alaoliiteJy areurate examination.
Prices as low iw flrvt class work
will permit. J
Jeweler and Optician 1
Pest Office Block
Experience Senator Hanna Confined to His Bed
Washington at Washington.
Board in "Washington, Jan. 21. Senator
Hanna has been confined to his bed
since yesterday with a renewal of
Evprv artinc envnrnor In the ' grip. .Memoers OI tne lamiiy say
t, i. j o. . i. i. . . . . , ' his illness Is not serious, but he
United States has been asked by the be conaDeu t0 bs fm scv-
Walla Walla Union to write. is eral days.
Union Says Oregon's
Was Unsatisfactory
May Consider Such ;
Next Campaign.
Away tpin the horKi, round tplm the run-boil-EDbb
buEf Crait. If It liu't a
lotAl wrtct. trlrr the rcmmi of jourTeblcle
here nd we w.:. Co a joo.1 jubof repalriSK 'or
yoa aod charge jou no mote than is right
tulnx good mairUl aod putut,; m ti
ork V )ou hare had no accident and yonr
cunieyance it merely ''rnn don."am9 ad
Tic bfing It ben for rrjaTeoatlon. We bandit
eielnalelr In pe-1inn the celebrated Win.
ODabujflii andwagoru,
. sentiments toward a railway com-
mission and to detail the experience
' of his state concerning this issue.
This has been done because the
railway commission question is a
I probable issue in the next republi
1 can campaign in Washington. It Is
thought that the experience of other
states and the views of the chief ex
ecutives of those states might to
some extent be a criterion.
Following is the reply of Gover
nor Chamberlain of Oregon to the
Union's Inquiry -
"In reply to your letter permit,
me t6 say that the legislature of Ore
gon in 1SS9 created a railway com-
mission and defined its powers and'
duties. This law continued In force
until the special session of tbe legis-1
lature in JSSS. when It was repealed. !
sr. that at this time we have no com-1
Oregon Commission Useless.
"Conditions in Oregon up to the '
present time have not justified a rail- .
, way commission, and very' llttl
i good, if any, was accomplished by it i
i during Its existence. The time j
may come when It would be wUe 'o ,
enact a law having for its object tbe
regulation of railways in this state .
1 through the instrumentality of a ,
' commission, but in order to make it I
What's In a Name?
Everythiug Is In the name when it
comes to Witch Hazel Salvo. E. C.
DeWitt & Co. of icngo discovered
some years ago bow to make a salvo
from Witch Hazel that is a specific
for PIIor. For blind, bleeding. Itch
ing and protruding Piles, eczema,
cuts. bums, bruises and all skin dis
eases DeWltt's Salve has no equal,
This has given rile to numerous
worthless counterfoil.' Ask for De
Witt's the genuine. Sold by Tall
man & Co,
Every Subscriber to Have an OpJ
t unity to Guess on a $1(
Rubber Tirtd Buggy
We Will Give Away, Absolutely Free, a CushionTire
now on Exhibition in the Show Window of the A. Kunk
& Co. Implement House, Two Dorrs South of the;
East Oregcnian Building.
Used are Defined, and
tion of Many Puzztinq
Terms Is Given.
" I 1 1 1- ( L- , . ...... .
In view of the imminence of war , TO au n,uu-
I effective the powers of such a com-: "' " ' -
'mission must be ample, so that its ow'n6 s'ossary of native terms will Laoh receipt for $1.50 for tbe Daily,
t mandates are not merely expres- ,,e fou"d "f value of Interpreting , eekly or Semi-weekly East Oregon
1 slons of opinion on the part of the ne"'s d8Pces from tbe far east. Ian. to any address, the person to
' commission, but may be summarily iermi In Manchuria: I whom the receipt Is Issued, will be
enforced . ,
oame IE true uenerauy. i ,
"With few excentlons. commit phnirti.,. , .v, ,i """"" aim me person er
slons created for the purpose of rcgu- class. i
The East Oreconian lias nurchaaail I Rn.lcr. the furniture man. E. T. formed by irattbf tePj
r- U'rwln II... r-ol oulnlo rlunlnr C. A I CumlierS in tie OTCoIS"
a cushion Ure buggy. U ta a ' ffi oCT
beauty, strong. orvlrni, nm -n . t..., i , . numWr will rot U
- "-iiiuu v. ivuDKei, i ue iiupitiuiuui
finifched. For each year's subscription Tea numbers from one to naught
to the Weekly at $1.50 or for every I were cut irom a calendar. These
i similar amount paid on tho dally or , numliors were Malod up in 10 differ-
. LAlnl.n-uiLlv .1. ...V it ... - . ... V ....
ent envelopes uy ttio commiueu. mt
Prefixes and Suffixes Most Commonly fcetni-weekiy the subscriber is emit
he guessing contest J
henrr no one m
be IID'U It H Pw
The number of JJ
All persons knowing
themselves to be in
debted to me will
call and settle their
their accounts as I
need the money.
Interureta. ' lel to one guess at an unknown nuin- 10 envelones were nlaced In a hat
ti , i bor Of three (inures, thnt u-llt ,U 1 tl,r.r,,l,u. ci,rioil n1 Khnken.
placed In a sealed envelope. This Is Three members of the committee this contest ww
I IlOt a drawfnir lnttnrv r,- vf I ..!. nn..nln,n ant-h .miir cf rMtKi
which were marked one, two, three, range of ue
I- u , . i 1 vara 1 007 A. tM
iu iuc uruer in wxiica mc " miu ,j.
taken out. must be comp
-t tknn .1 tlmltl TM
iuese mree envelopes were " remt u - iim!Ji
placed in a larger cnvelopo and seal-! canuot be less
ed and a wax seal placed on tne nap dst
. ... . nnuiu me receipt is issued, will be ' , . . j,hu!t
a the name of a rity indl- given an opportunity absolutely with and dellvo'"eQ to Mo chairman of the' To a PLal
pital of province, a city of the out cost, to have a cues at tho n ' committee. M A. Radcr to keep un , maie guesslns J
M , , , ' known number, and the person or tM tbc "" tho wln hc drawn' be pied at f- jJ
Chou. Indicates city of the second persons guessing nearest that numW Tnc remaining seven envelopes con
lating railway transportation have y. a small post town, as Ycbang-
not accomplished much good. It Y
may be that the laws governing them
were defective, but in some cases I
fear there have been other reasons
than defective laws for making them
inefficient Yours very truly.
"George E. Chamberlain, governor '-f
Yehu. All
Kiang. Ho Y-chuan.
mean stream or river.
Hal. Sea, sometimes lake.
Shan. Mountain.
Kuan. Camp, ' strong, fortified
Shan-Hal-Kuan. The fortified BUl,in ol lne Ea81 Oregonlan
T . .minors. .J
persons guessing nearest that number .lT, """""'I'g "even eu.eiui.c-. gusoiuteu ""T fit J
will recplvn ., "uu" talning the other numbers were then no .i-ance tor tKy
any compensation whatever and T "urned in the presence of the cora-, Ue t.0inniHtM-J2a
Wilt t .! MICUIIU MU ' KI1UW - ,,
uiviuiy us an expiession of good will t
on tne part of the East Oregonbr;
toward IU subscribers, the $100
cushion tired buggy advertised In
this paper and on exhibition nt A.
I Kunkel & Cos. Implement llOHKp Iwn
camp where the mountains and tbe I uu'lu'ng.
unknown number,
Each and every one of th
too was thoronrhlv satisfied
the absolute fairness of the method
of selecting tue unknown number,
and signed the following statement'
We, the undersigned, were pres-
Miun u ,i
, .insure that .rfja
e commit- Le rcceipu"fflJj u
w", test WU' f ni
i..,. ihB atuo - .v. i
Conrad Platzoeder
Meat Market
Will meet the lowest prices
quoted by anyone on meatH.
You always GET GOOD
MEAT when Mieucke tills
your order.
Don't mint the place.
Sweeping Changes Ordered Made
Seattle Vaudeville Theaters.
Seattle, Jan. 21. Sweeping alter
ations In the 10-cent vaudeville
houses were today ordered by tbe
sub-commlttoe, consisting of Fire
Marshal Kellogg, Ch.i Cook and
Building Inspector Place, appointed
by the special committee of tbe
Thi Oregon Dally Journal can b
eund on sale at Frailer' book atora.
What Shall We
Have for Dessert?
This question arises in the family
every day. Let us answer it to-day. Try
a delicious and healthful dessert. Pre
pared in two minutes. No boiling! no
baking I add boiliug water and set to
eooL Flavors: Lemon, Orange, Rasp
Derry and Strawberry. Get a package
ix your grocers to-day. jo etc
I the receipt wlil have an om.ort,.n!?v ' la'. afternoon. January the 18tb, and
of making one guess. For example i a8B,B,tC(1 ,D f0,r1ra,n ?n X
tt you send $1.50 for one year's sub-, ,n."Her. ardlng to the plan pub-
tea meet aptly illustrates these three; cacn 1.50 paid the holder of I 5" " ",0 taureBOU," Tc.h Tnd
Ling, Pass over a mountain.
Vtllftnw nllfin UAtn Tnu.n In .
villi,.- ' ' 5 scrlptlon the WeiwTv Vr ll8hcd, to be used in the East Ore-
In Corea the termination Po, or one year's subscription to the' Semi- K.n'?n 8UC88lne contest
Pho indicates thai th ni u a i weeklv von nm on.,ti.i . . Under the rules of forming
port or harbor on navigable waters I If J'ou pay $5.00 for one year' suh. i numbcr U Is Impossible for anyone.
I ' .. " '" BUU i nnt DIM lh. n.on.t.ara nt thin com-
u. v..j,uuu oy man to the Dally you
Yongampho. The harbor near tbe I will get three guesses. If you rav
mouth of Yalo river. $7.50 for one year's subscription to
Maaampbo The d spitted naval) tho Dally delivered by carrier you
base on tbe southern shore of the pel will get five guesses, or if you pay
the place is a province, and means, cs guess
therefore, "the district of," or that . .
it Is the capital city of such a pro- commission Is allowed to any
vlnce. . 6ent or solicitor lor securing sub
Han. River, scrlbers under this offer, and the
At the beginning of geographical p.er80n subscribing does it with
names the following prefixes may K"6 understanding that tbe East
generally be translated: Ya. Qr.t 1 Oregonlan is accepted as payment in
targe; mao small, little; Pel I lu" Jur tne money paid,
north; Nan south; He! black;
Huang yellow; SI west; Tune
cast; Strang upper; Hlo lower.
Unknown Number Mbu, p..j
Monday, January is, the following
committee of business men met at
the office of vMt Oregonlan and
formed the unknown number ihnt
It sometimes happens that the wo-
man who i. disappointed in love will get the $100 rubber-tired ha ?5 re7e!rt, ba7bn given out
Isn't disappointed in marriage. I Tbe committee consisted of IS.A.I nrSnkCowS nuBber. wl
not even the members of this com
wlttee, the publisners of the East
Oregonlan, or anyone else to know
what the number is.
Upon the day when the envelope
is to be opened and the buggy award
ed to tho person guessing nearest to
the number, the numbers will be a
scmbled In the order In which the
envelopes are markod. It may be
low a number as 012 or as blgh i
887, As a matter of course. It must
le three different figures, as no flK
uro was used twice. Somebody will
get a splendid $100 present when the
... i.
SUDSCriuvi -- -
lent karf.,"
the u" theG'L
pox v"" pf
office for iTSat
out of to"",!
'Si ?
llnlr B'BWl
depot's 5 !
re 5SS
BUD"-"-;-,. JJ
any tH-jftlM
the rW ;