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l'tiiiiuhixl every nftcrnnon (except Sumtay)
m IVitcllotoii, Orcson, by tlw
1'boDc. Alain tl
Kalu jr by niall 15.00
Dally, til ruouthn by mall -.311
Dally. tUr month, by mall 1.-5
Dally, on oiontli by mall tin
Dally, per month by carrier 115
WMkly. cue year by mall t.fiO
wlsljr. alx months by mall B
Wly. four niooths by mall 50
feinl-Weekly. one year by mall .... 2.00
Hml-V-l:ly. ix months by mall .. l.oo
Semi-Weekly, three mouthi by mall .. .50
Th (ia.it Oresonlnn 1 on talc at II. II.
t'.tch'a Ner Standi nr Hold l'ortland auil
Hotel I'erklna, lMrtlnm), Oregon.
Srrlpiw Ucliae Newt Auocla
San Prauclxo llureau. os fourth St.
Chicago r.urcau. !)()! Security Htilltllng.
Waahtnetou. l C. IturcJiu, 501 Hth St..
. W.
Catered at I'enttletoa poatofilee aa neccond
claaa matter.
V Wl ONI L. I L . Hi t O
Religion Is not a little fenced
off enclosure, within which all
is sacred, and outsiau of which
all is secular nnd profane.
There is no sncn distinction to
bo drawn. Huligion is life,
character, conduct: it reaches
up to God and down Into the
smallest details of daily duty.
It covers everything.
The man who does not want
to mix his religion with his
business must have a very
poor quality of religion or n
very shady sort of business.
"While the city of Portland is
clinching friendships, by the hundred.
in her able and masterly handling of
the livestock conventions, the happy
ord reaches the city that Jefferson
Myers has added a master stroke to
the already matchless accomplish
ment of the stato of Oregon and city
of Portland, in furthering the inter
ests of the Lewis and Clark fair.
To the fine executive' ability and
foresight of .Mr. Myers is due the In
troduction and passage of a resolu
tion by the democratic natlonnl com
mittee, recognizing and Indorsing both
the St. Louis nnd Lewis and Clark
fairs, by that committee.
No other one act performed In the
interest of these expositions, will
have such a wide reaching effect. No
other single performance will appeal
o thrlllingly to the masses as the
commendation of this committee, of
ovents commemorating the two great
est achievements of tho father of de
mocracy the purchase of Louisiana,
and tho exploration of the "Oregon
Oregon Is fortunate In having such
a leader at the head of the state
Lewis and Clark commission. This
is a time In which she needs big men
men of Insight and wisdom, backed
by the ready wit to perceive and tho
backbone to execute such master
strokes as this.
Even the able and statesmanlike
speech of Senator Mitchell in the
halls of congress will not exceed this
act, In placing the fair before the peo
ple. This commendation of the two
historical achievements of Thomas
Jefferson by his followers, Is a fitting
tribute to bis wisdom and to tho
glory of the result of his far-reaching
policy, by which the major portion "f
the empire of the United States was
brought under the flag, and left as a
heritage for this generation.
Oregon Is fortunate In having Jef
ferson Myers for this occasion. She
has clinched a point through his ef
forts that counts, it will bring :o
sults. It means visitors for tho fair.
It means renewed vigor in congress.
It means greater publicity to the fair
and Its objects, and It means the
touching of a patriotic chord In tho
hearts of the people, which will draw
them to Oregon, as no other appeal
could do.
As tho West settles up, as tho arid
districts are reclaimed, new and
wondrous political problems will
arise. Western states are veritable
empires In magnitude.
Tho capital cities aro necessarily
far removed from many of the popu
lous districts. Travel to and from
present metropoles, and stato capitals
Is costly and tedious, from tho romoto
cornors of tho present great stales
of tho West.
As tho country Is sottled up new
centers of population will naturally uo
formed around tho fertile spots re
claimed from tho wilderness, New
lines of railroad and tho grouping of
now Industries will bring Into life now
central points and chango tho very
faco of tho maps of tho Westorn
These wonderful Industrial evolu
tions will rnnko now linos nnd new
conveniences noccssary, Tlio enor
mous mlicago bills by tortuous routes
from .mountain valleys to state legis
latures nnd county scats, will make
new counties, new states nnd now
cities inevitable.
Thoso chnngos nro coming nnd tho
people might ns woll prepnre for
them. tW same vlrllo industrlnl pol
icy which is now parceling out tho
former 1.000 ncre farms of tho West,
Into 20 nnd 40 ncro tracts, each sup
porting its quota of population, will
gradually divide Westorn counties
found now cities and pivotal conv
morclnl centers nnd In time dlvldo
state; or economic nud political reft'
Evftit now a plnn which may seem
visionary todny 1ms been proposed by
nn Idaho paper. This gonitis proposes
n new stato. carved from Eastern
Washington, Northeastern Oregon
nnd the panhandle of Idaho, with
I.owlstnn ns the cnpltnl of a iinturnl
state, formed by tho great districts
pouring tlicir products Into the lap of
that Idaho city.
Greater surprises than the forma
tion of Just such a state, havo been
sprung on unsuspoctlug politicians in
the past and it Is not an Impossibil
ity. The great Cascade range dividing
Oregon Into two natural sections, with
vastly dlfforent needs and surround
ings hns boon suggested ns the lino
for stato division In this state, nnd as
the vast Idle tracts of tho Interior
come under the hand of the home
maker, such a division would not be
unjust, nor unexpected.
ed on tho same day by the same com
mission man, One clip brought 13&
txints per pound, tho other 12 cents.
This difference enraged tho low man
nnd he abused the buyer very blttor
ly for tho seeming injustice Hut the
speaker explained tho renson for the
dlfforonco in price. The man receiv
ing the highest price lor his wool
sorted it nt the shearing pen, put.
Hub- nil tho clean fleeces In snclis a
themselves nnd all tho tags, pulled
wool and dirty gatherings from - the
shearing pen In sacks to themselves,
lnbollng them ns such. The man who
received but 12 cents, put his fleeces
pulled from dead sheep among his
live lleeces, scattered his worst tags
nil through tho clip, nnd when the
buyer cut onun n sack, he found n
dead fleece In the contor nnd this And
cost the owner 1M: cents a pound on
his entire clip.
The following sentiments are taken
from nn editorial of ex-Governor J.
J. Geor's in the Salem Statesman.
The editorial end of the Statesman
was never better handled than It Is
at present:
"No class of our public servants
are required to work so hard for o
small pay as tho teachers In our pub
lic schools. Theirs is the most thank
less of all public positions to All
while there is no vocation bearing
more directly on the future welfare
of the commonwealth. The intelli
gence as well as the moral worth of
the men nnd women who are to suc
ceed to tho management of our af
fairs depend largely ou those who are
placed In charge of the chlldten In
the school rooms.
One of the best results, of tho live
stock conventions being held in Port
land this week Is the obliteration rf
all traces of the differences between
the sheepmen and cattlemen. A weld
ing of friendships has been in pro
gress this week in Portlnnd, which
means peace and harmony on the
wide ranges of tho state. Thanks to
the broad Westerner, this is a result
in keeping with his size. It means
money, peace, equal rights, fair deal
ing and friendship that is beyond
price to the hardy race of men who
are the bono and sinew of the West.
Sir l'ollfiiore with nrmed hnuds,
Undo out to seek the Grail,
Hut though he sought In many
lie sought without avail.
Sir I'ollenore rode home ngnln
To see ills mother, denr.
And coming, found with bitter pain,
That mother on her bier.
And on the altar nt her bend,
All passion pure and pale,
Abrlm with sacred wine rosc-red
He saw the Holy Oral!.
God grant this little legend wings
To nil who love to roam,
The holiest nnd tho dearest things
May still be found nt home."
John Fox, tho nuthor of "The Little
Shepherd of Kingdom Come," on ono
of the occasions of his search for
local color" In the Kentucky moun
tains, stayed over night nt a cabin
where he slept up next the clap
boards and wont down a ladder to
breakfast. He washed his face In a
creek below tho house and dried It
on n siding of coffee sack hung
against the logs for family use, and
combed his hair with his own comb
bcTore a piece of broken glass stuck
between the chinking nnd daubing.
The progress of this toilet was close
ly watched by a smnll boy clothed In
cottouiule pants hitched by ono "gal
lus" to his shirt with a nail, nnd tho
rest of his nppcaranco In keopjn. Sir.
Fox believed he was making a good
Impression upon the spectator until
the latter casually remarked: "Say.
mister, nin't you a good deal of
troublo to yourself!"
Alfred Henry Lewis, In n recent
Saturday Evening Post, discourses ns
follows. "The Tool's n patriot in every
age. sang Pope, nnd It would seem
that our statesmen believe with the
iiMt.. himrlilinok of Twlckonhnm
Krniihiy, patriotism is ono of tho
rarest exhibitions nt tho cnpltnl, while
partisanship common as mo u
.,i,nii ,m the avenue. Once thoro
in u'lmhincton n member of
congress Mnrvelous to rolnto, ho
was mini Chicago, who hud counted
the ballots behind him and believed
liiK opponent truly elected by 42
votes Ills opponent hnd llluil u con.
test, and the memlior iioiioving ns
aforesaid, was so much the slave of
principle thai, without waiting for n
henrlng. he drew a losolution to un
seat himself nnd asked tho commit
tei on elections- Instantly to report It
for passage through Hie house. A
luitrlotlsm so surprising, an Integrity
so unique, brought the houso lo Its
feel. and. while tho resolution was
adopted, there wont with It a second
resolution commemorating tho house
amazement Hint so keen n sense of
honor and so foathor-edged a patriot
ism should have over gained a foot
hold In that body.
The Washington Post is probably u
cynic, at any rate It discussed as fol
lows about the ulleged revival of in
teiost in Mi'. Hny Llttlo llreeches:"
"One reads .Mr. Tlay's earlier poonib
with a thrill of pride. They open
glliupxos of unselfish courage and
sublime devotion, compared with
which the prancing paguntry of Ho
mer afflicts us like the cheapest tin
sel of the melodrama."
Contentment is a theme which has
Inspired the pens of numerous wntors
nnd the subject does not seem lo be
yet exhausted.
1 envy not the fumous men
Of nny time or land;
Hnmtliis may have hold the bridge,
I've held Myrtllla's hand.
Though Shakespeare may have writ
ten plays
And sonuetB not n few.
Vet lo Myrtllla 1 have penned
A Joyous billet-doux.
Away ipln the horioi, round iplnt theruu
bout -Bmakli' Hung I Craililll II H Un't a
total wreck, bring the remnln.ol your vehicle
bcre anil we Mill iln a rboiI Job of repairing for
yon and I'tnirc you no mora than la right
utlug good nmterluW and putting In good
work Ifjouliavo had no ncclilcnt and yoor
conveyance It merely "run down'rame m.
vlco-biliiglt hnrulor rejuvenation. We handle
cxchiitialr In Pendleton the celebrated Win
ona bucglix and wagoni.
- i,.' t il
I Asm
.I.i "'.
: i(-
Tl... -i
Co Onerati...
of n lmi, - . lue tlctJ
Drain- may have circled round tho
And though that pleased his taste.
Sultico for me to have my arm
At omul Myrtllla's waist.
Though Sherman may have made n
From Georgia to the sen,
A wedding march right up tin
is good enough Tor me.
Tutullln, January 1.1.
The Colombia
LodrHnr House
Well ventilated, neat and
comfortablf rooms, good
lied. Bar in connection
where best goods are
Main Street, center of
block, between Alta and
Webli Streets.
F. X. Schempp
Pr oprl e t o r
Peuce hai. her battlullelds, where
tlioy who fight win more than honor,
vanquish more than might nnd strike
ngalnst a fiercer foe than one who
comes nvith battleaxe and bow Ed
win Arnold.
Ab doon as a man Is good euoiiRh
he is no longer nny good.
All persons knowing
themselves to be in
debtcd to me will
call and settle then
their accounts as I
need the money.
Conrad Platzoeder
Meat Market
j. Really Co 1ra
Agents lor the Coo,
Has Real Estate for j
ranging from a jl
residence tn one ofM
most modern aril V-4 I
niulpped mansions tia.1
In the limits of
ofl'ttidletou, andfraail
farm of a fewtm(l
good alfalfa lmd J
liouaands of acral
wursi isnq, mil or
L. I). BOYD. Ill Courts
want to -aubncrlb to m-r.inM mI
papers In the (Jolted Hutt or taM
mi uj iiuniui Hole, CDI or KM I
i-.Ani oiii.uil.MA.N toe Dt paai
nrke of nubllcatlon nm ili
will have It sent jou and uihu
risk of the money belar lMt In uel
It will aare yon both trouble mil ni
you are o autucriber to the Eut M
in rcmiiiinc tou can uenntt iu ur
from the uubllfllier'i Drlce. AoMreai
I OUfXiONIAN I'UU. CO., l'mdlfloa,
One of the most important revela
tions to sheepmen that has been madu
In recent years, was unfolded by a
representative of the American Man
ufacturers' Association beforo tho
woolgrowers' meeting on Tuesday
afternoon In Portland. It was this:
Two men owned herds of the same
breeds of sheep, of the same grade,
and at shearing time about equal In
flesh and health, cleanliness and coat
of wool, The two clips were stored
in the same warehouse and purchas-
I We Want Money
The ttory of
great deal of the
unhappioeaa of
women is a story
of loot health.
Women wonder
how it is that
little by little
the form loses
plumpness, the
cheeks grow hol
low and sallow, and they feel tired and
worn-out all the time. In a large pro
portion ot cases wlieu women are r eaic,
run-down and falling off in flesh and
looks, the root of the trouble can be
traced to wutnanly dbeases which under
mine the general health. The proof of
this is that women who have been cured
of painful womanly diseases by the use
of Dr. Pierce's I'avorite Prescription
have recovered their general health,
gained in flesh and ill appearance.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription cures
the womanly diseases which sap the gen
eral health. It establishes regularity,
dries weakening drains, heals inflamma
tion and ulceration and cures female
"I suOrrrd for Hirer year with orarian
trouble." write Mrs. Anna Ouinn (Treauircr
Wom.in'i Athletic Club), of Sol Sycamore St..
Milwaukee, Wit. "The treatment 1 tool: did
not do me a panicle of good, uulil a KA neigh
bor who hail been lulnsr !r. Pierce's Favorite
Preacriplioa aiiviacd me to glre It a trial. The
next day took my firat doe, and it wa my firtl
ten toward recovery. In nine weeks I was a
different woman; my fleJh which hail beep
flabby became firm, complexion clear nnd my
eye bright It mi Imply an Indication of the
Ereat change within from pain and auftering-to
ealth and happtneaa."
"I'avorite Prescription " makes weak
women strong, sick women well. Ac
cept no substitute for the medicine
which works wonders for weak women.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets invigorate
stomach, liver and bowels.
We want to make January and February hummers, and propose to make
them record breakers. We are going to accomplish our desire by offer
ing rare inducements in the way of cut prices. Any article in our store
is now offered at a reduction of 20 per cent. This means that 80 cents
equals $1.00. and $4.00 gets $5.00 worth of goods.
Fleece lined, all colors, regular fi.oo
kind, now goc
Ribbed, all colors, regular $1.00
kind, now 8oc
All wool, any weight, any color, regu
lar $2.00 suit, now Ji.do
Egyptian comb balbriggan, regular
$1.50 kind,' now ..$2-oo
All wool, pink, blue or lavender, regu-$3-o
Gods, now
Silk and wool, blue and pink striped,
regular price $4.00, now $3.20
Other high grade underwear at propor
tionate reductions.
50c kind, 35c 75c kind, 50c. Jj.ookind,
75c- $1-25 kndi 9JC. 11.50 kind, i.i5
We wish to dispose of every pair of
gloves in our store.
Mackinaw Coats and
Mackinaw coats, $4.00, now $3.00
Mackinaw pants, $aa, now 3.oo
Working Shirts
50c kind,
kind, $75
$1 15.
40:. 75c kind, 60c. ti.ao
ti 2,5 kind, i.oo. $150 kind,
Winter Caps
25 kind, 20c. 5oc kind, 40c. 75c kind,
60c. $1.00 kind, 80c. $1.25 kind, 1 1. 00.
$1 50 kind, $1.15.
Corduroy Pants
The kind sold by others for $3.00, and
sold regularly by us. for $2.00 this sale
i 50, one half what others will ask you
for them.
Midget string ties, regular 25c, now
two for 2,c
50c Four-in-hand orTecks!.' mc
75C Ties I!
s. o Ties coc
20 per cent Off
rn utmn. tfhrio in tluc more. Ouflii
includes Hals. Bath Kobe;-, Fine)
Work Shirts, Dtess Gloves, Wo
Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Suspentlers,HiJ
erv. Fancv Vests. Nieht Holies, rJ
large line of Barkeepers' anJ W.il
Coats and Aprons, Painters buns.
t- , . .j. .,, c in suiu aa.
i ... .n tetlucuOJ
oruer. weuiy h5-' ' .
.1 i ,: Murine this Sik- '"B
regular prices of suits
1 ... in tn (O,00,
great bargains at th regular jm
propose to go one ucuci
cent discount.
made W
, -A
. ..... 1, ID 41
we want you u .- u(ut
great bargains we are offering.
pleasure in showing Roods wW $1
buy or not.