East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, January 14, 1904, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 2

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Overcoat Sale
To clean up the balance of our overcoaip we
make the following sweeping reductions:
$7.00 Coats go at $5-00
$8.00 Coats go at $5.75
$9.00 Coats go at $6.75
$ J 0.00 Coats go at $7.50
$12.50 Coats go at $9.50
$J4.00 Coats go at $1 J.5O
All otherprice coats not mentioned are re
duced in same proportion. -
729 MAIN
The pawnbrokers of Lima. Peru, '
have formed a trust with J 1,000,000
capital. i
J. U. Wilkins. a well known Idaho
stockman, died January 11 nt Sau
Krnnclsco. aged "3 years. j
The government forces and the
rebels are ushtlng In Uruguay. The
war Is a continuous program of guer
illa fights. I
J. 1" Glllnn, while drunk, went to
sleep on the street car tracks In
Butte Tuesday night and had both
legs cut off. He will die.
One hundred tons of human hair.
valued at S30.000 per ton. were lm-1
ported, mostly from Europe. Into the
United States during 1903.
Leslie Collett jumped from a switch
engine at llutte. Tuesday night, slip-.
ped, tell beneath the wheels and had
both legs mashed. He will die I
Mrs. Ituth Brown Thompson, aged
TC years, eldest daughter of "Juhn
Brown of Osawatomle.' is dying of
the grip at her home In Pasadena. '
The Amorican Car and Foundry
Company, of St. I.oyls. omploying
5.000 men. has mado a horizontal cut ,
of 10 per cent in wages of all em
ployes, j
A juror in the Stockton. Cal.. police
court, was robbed of a $200 diamond
pin. The police force, many of whom
wero In the room at the time, are
greatly humiliated. i
A fund Is being raised to provide !
temporarily for chorus girls strand
ed in Chicago by the closing of the 1
theaters. .Many of them will return I
to their homes in various parts of the
John F. Damon, the pioneer city ed
itor of the Morning Oregonlan. died
In Seattle' Wednesday, aged 77
The trial of David Van Houtcn. for
the murder of Chas. Young. In Port
land, two weeks ago, has ben set for
Thursday, January 28.
Tho Yakima county bar association
has passed a resolution favoring the
division of the state of Washington
into two judicial districts.
Mrs. Catherine Costello, a pioneer
of Portland, died Wednesday of heart
failure, aged 71. She had lived for
10 years In the borne in which she
William Harris, a noted negro
tough of Portland was sentenced to
1C years in the penitentiary, Wednes
day, by Judge Sears, of Portland, for
Miss Grace Bagwoll, a beautiful
belle of Sacramento, has been miss
ing for several days and a bundle of
clothing has been found along the
river bank, indicating foul play. ,
The fire protection committee or
Portland has accepted both the Mar
quam Grand and Cordray's theaters
as being reasonably safely equipped,
but has not yet completed its inves
tigations in the other Portland thea
ters. The scowhnuse, moored on tbo Wll
lametto river, near Fulton, in which
Mrs. B. G. Cresp lived alone, broke
away from its moorings Wednesday,
and through fright, the woman leap
ed Into the river and swam ashore
as the scow started down with the
Multnomah politicians are still ag
itating tho removal of Postmaster
Bancroft, of Portland, for the alleged
crookedness In his office, some weeks
ago, and have already named two
men, cither of whom would be accep
table postmasters. Thoy are John
MInto and Senator J. E. Hunt,
la Real Estate t
3200 acres good wheat land
Well watered and improved.
912.50 per acre
1000 acre stock ranch. All
fenced. Raises 200 tons of
ha)'; has running water; open
range near by, $5000
lo-room house and two
lots. Modern conveniences,
All on Easy Terms.
r. o. iiox su
'Pkoae BUck till om in'E. 0. Bide
Hotel Pendleton.
V. S. Still. Chicago.
U. D. Boyd. Chicago,
V. H. Carter. New York.
P. W. Waito. San Francisco.
H. B. Cntton. Walla Wnlla.
E. Tausick. Walla Walla. 1
R. E. Porter. Meachaiu.
O. ill. Ulce. Dayton.
George Stoddard. La Ornnde.
C J. Freese, Spokane.
H. Brash, Portland.
G. D. Galley, Portland.
Fred Fisher, Spokane.
Harry Heed, Huron.
I. E. Johnson. Huron.
A. J. Hall, Spokane.
A. F. Nye. Portland.
P. C. Holland. Portland.
J. A. Butturick and family. Weiitut.
W. P. Allen, otty.
Hotel Bickers.
A. J. Ward. Echo.
J. U Cunningham, Portland.
S. .7. Pay, Jackson.
Ed J. Trlbley.
J. M. Hemphill.
S. E. Dickinson.
Mrs. 51. A. Rush. Athena.
.uiSr Alberta Rush, Athena.
.Mrs. F. E. Simpson, Athena.
J. L. Roe. Freewater.
William Lloyd, Freuwnter
T. J. Kirk, Athena.
L. M Watrus, Adams.
James Ward, Baker City.
Joseph Fountain, Lewiston.
H. K. Fontaiu, Lewiston.
F. H. Beathe, Weston.
C. C. Simpson, Portland.
G. W. Bradley. Athenn.
S. S. u.il. Spokane.
It. T. Motley, Milton.
D. J. Kirk, Milton.
Mrs. Lizzie Luhrs, Pilot Rock
S. L. Russell, Alturas.
A Very Close Call.
"I stuck to my engine, although ev
ery joint ached and every nurve was
racked with pain," writes C. W. Bel
lamy, a locomotive fireman, of Bur
lington, Iowa. "I was weak and pale.
, without any appotlte and all run
down. As I was about to give up, I
; got a bottle of Electric Bitters, ami
nftcr taking it, I felt as well as I
over did in my Ilfo." Weak, sickly,
nin down people always gain new
life, strength and vigor from their
use. Try them. Satisfaction guaran-
i toed by Tollman & Co. Price SO
. centa.
Delegates From Three States
1 at Ames, Iowa.
I Ames, fowa, Jan. 11. The Iowa
; state drainage convention to be held
at the stato agricultural college to
morrow and Saturdcy promises to no
tho most important authoring of its
I kind ever hold In this part of tho
' country.
i Drainage engineering and Its pruc-
Itical application to tho ordinary
farm will be one of the chief matters
considered. A number of drainage
experts or Iowa, Illinois and other
states will be present and address the
I Ten Dollars Reward.
A reward or $10 will be paid for any
Information leading to the arrest and
conviction of the party or partlos
(presumably boys) who broke Into
the house on the W. II, Jones place,
just north or town, recently, and
stole a number of articles, among
tnem being a volume from a set rf
Thomas B. need's "Eloquonco and Or
atory." if the books are returned
no questions will be asked. Enquire
at tuis office.
Domestic Troubles.
It Ib exceptional to Bnd a family
where there aro no domos tic. ruptures
occasionally, but theeo can bo less
oned by having Dr, King's New Life
Pills around. Much trouble they savo
by their great work In Stomach and
Liver troubles. They not only relievo
you, but cure. 25c, at Tallratui & Co,
drug store.
Olympla Deer Olympla Eeer,
The most popular brand for family
use. On draught at Anton Noltc's.
lie also bandies the oottlod beer in
any quantity .desired.
Sick .headache absolutely and per
manently cured by using Mokl Tea.
A pleasant herb drink. Cures Con
stipation and Indigestion. Makes
you eat, sleep, work and happy.
Satisfaction guaranteed or money
back. 26c and 60e. P. w. Schmidt
& Co.
Character la what we are whon wo
haven't time to calculate.
T I HArrfcNIMia IN Hit
: nwii iv nun i ! M
For More Federal Districts.
North Yakima. Jan. M. The Yaki
ma county bar association mat here
today, after a abort session of court
by judge Hudkln, and took up the
mnttor of n rosnlution relative, to the
division of the siule Into judicial dis
tricts. A resolution that had been
paBtil by the association of Spokane
was read favoring tbo division of the
state Into two districts, with the
Cascnde mountains ns the dividing
line. This resolution was endorsed by
the aklma bar association nntl a sim
ilar one ordered urnwn. Incorporating
therein the request that this city be
made one of the places for the court
to sit. The Yakima lawyers are op
posed to a division of the state Into
districts. That Is. to dlvldo the Btute
tim-tii nnil Hinitli. with n linn tlirnuch
.. ...,,.,- .f tit., ahitn Tluti ti.tll,,'t
that this may be good politics for
Tnconia and Seattle people, but It Is
not accoroiug io me imunui iuvihiuiiu
of the state. A copy of the resolu
tions will be forwarded to the dele
gation at Washington.
New Brewery at Palouse.
Palouse. Wash.. Jan. H. Work on
the new brewery building Is being
rushed by a large force of carpenters.
The-frame Is up and the rafters on
and the work of enclosing the building
liMgan today With the roof on and
sides unclosed work can be done "ti
the Interior during cold or wet weath
er. It is hoped to have the brewery
in operation by early spring.
The new 160 horse power boiler of
the electric light plant is being in
stalled and will be renijy for use by
February 1 The electric light sys
tem is being extended to nil parts )!
town and n large force of linemen .ire
ut work. Palouse now claims to be
the best lighted town In the Palmist1
country, the city paying for 1.", arc
lights of 12U0 candle jxiwor each
Officers of Pullman Bank.
Pullman. Wash.. Jan. 14. The First
National bank of Pullman held Its
nuuuni stockholders' meeting today
The stockholders elected Levi An
keuy. B. Lombard. Jr.. Gay Lombard.
A Colin nnd Eugene Brynut directo.-b.
The directors elected Levi Ankuny
president; B. Lombard, Jr.. vice presi.
dent; Gny Lombard, cashier, ami S.
G. Sargent, assistant cashier.
A dividend of 15 per cent was de
clared, making n total of nr, per cent
for the year, a dividend of 20 per c-mt
having been declared June 15. In ad
dition to the dividend of 15 per cent
tbo sum of $7.(500 was carried over as
Electric Power Along the Snake.
j Pasco, Wash., Jan. 1 1. Consider
able Intst Is belnc aroused here
I now In the matter or utilizing the tolls
; In the Snake, either at Fishhook rap
Ids or Five .Mile rapids to generate
powor for Irrigation and lighting.
I People who have Investigated the
project soy it Is entirely feasible nnd
that sufficient power can he devel
oped to water sovernl thousand acres.
Water has already been appropriated
nt Five Mile and it Is probable that
an appropriation will soon be filed nt
L Fishhook.
Boat Overturned, Boy Drowned.
Tillamook. Or., .Inn. 14. A hoy by
the name or Frank Fowlr, aged about
11' years, was drown Iii the Nestuc
ca river and the body has not been re
covered. FtnnU was In a bout and the line,
which was hold by another boy,
broke and the frail cruft was carried
some distance down the river, when
It struck a rock and upset.
Fowler was thrown Into tho river
and, thore boing a swift curront "t
the time, was unable to get out.
Seven Warrants Sworn Out.
Elltusburg, Wash.. Jan. H. The
local W. C. T. U. swore out warrants
for tho arrest of John ZIpporor, Hum
boldt Packwood, John Llnder, Sans
uel Pearson, C. Z. Pearson, John Ly
ons and James Shaw for violation rf
tho Sunday closing law last Sunday.
Tho ense camo up hcroro Justice W.
W. Bonnoy and a change of venue was
tuken to tho court or Justice James
O. Boyles. No date has been sot.
1 Fine Crop of Ice.
1 Palouse, Wash., Jan. 14. A lino
crop 01 ico is oeing harvested huru ajid
a largo force of men and teams are
employed In sawing tho Ice which is
seven Inches thick, and of good qual
Ity. About 1,000 tons of ico will be
put up in Palouso. The Ico is taken
from tho mill pond above the dam.
New Cart for Spokane.
Spokane, Jan. 14. Spokane o1ik
trie lines are doing considerable busi
ness with tho J. O. Brill car factories
at Philadelphia and 8t. Louis. Six
cars from the latter factory of the
company are expected this week for
tho Conor d'Aleno line.
If you are troubled with Impure
blood, Indicated by soros, pimples,
headaches, etc., o would recommend
Acker's Blood Elixir, which n haii
.undor a positlvo guarantee. It will
.always cum Bcrofulmm' nr flvnhllltl,.
poisons and all blood discos. C0c.
ana i.ou r, w, Hchmldt & Co.
Organization of a New Industrial
Pittsburg", Pa., Jan. 14. Offlelala of
tho rail rorolllng mill companies nf
the United States nre In conferonco
hero today with a vlow to bringing
. nuout a closer relationship among the
various concerns. Tho mills repre
sented at tho conference aro tlioso lo
cated at Cambridge. O., Huntington,
va., Cumberland, Md Fnirmont.w.
Va Buffalo, K, Y Clenrflolu, Pa
and Atlanta, (la
One of the prfneipul objects of or-
I Rnnlzntluii Is to snvo frolfihts on both
raw nntl tlnlHliotl material, anil buy
rcrollliiR mills from "H tin- railroads,
bcUIiik tho rerflllod rn..n to mines,
mills, lumber camps, etc.
Farmers and Societies in Session nt
Topeka, Kansas.
Topeku, Knn., Jan. 14. The second
day's sessions oi ilw annual meeting
or the KansoB state hoard of agricul
ture oitonod this morning with nn in
teiestlng paper on "The Selection of
Dalrv Cows," by Prof. O. Erf of tbo
Knnsns state agricultural college
Other paporB presented nnd dlscussod
duvlng the day were ns follows:
"The Big Horse and the Largo
Kansas Farm," H. W. Avory, Wake
field; "Prolltnblo Dairying." H. A.
tldremnn, Wcllston, Mo.; "Anrlcnlttt
rol Education ns a Factor In Develop
Ing I'Bofnl Men," Fred H. Rnnkln, of
the Illinois college of ngrlculturu.
Says it's a Pleasure.
I.,1I U'lln U'ncl, Qnnt '! I '111:!.
,, (UK, ,!, .
! "It Is n pleasure for mo to be nble
'to recommend TKIB ns n Manor ami
tobacco cure, nnd as a treatment to
cleanse the entire system. F. S.
Lewis ex-chnmpion middleweight
champion of the world.
Gray Horse W.-nted.
James O. Reeves Compnny wnnt
one work horse; sumo must bo gray.
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