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famous remedy
does for tho stom
ach I tut which It
is urublo to do for
Itself, even If but
slightly disordered
or overouraenea.
supplies the natural'
lulces of dlrestion and
does the work of the
stomach, relaxing the 1
nervous tension, while
the inflamed muscles
and membranes of that I
orjran are allowed to
rest and heal. It cures !
indigestion, flatulence,
palpitation of the heart.
nervous dvsoeosla and
all stomach troubles by
cleans! tie, purifying and
strengthenlne the glands.
membranes of the stom-
ach and digestive organs.
a Comet
in the sky comes
the star ol neaiui
to the weak and
weary despon-
curing an
troubles and
IKodol DjspepsiaCure
Tan Detltr Cu Scatty Tml
Botrisa only. St. 00 Sits holdlne 2M ttmes
tha ttlil ttia. which Kill (or 50c
tamnt ay E. C. DtVITT 4 CtX. COTU0O.
Has a First Class Record as a Mill,
tary Man, but Is Altogether Unpre
tentious Is Not an Educated Man
Possible Friction Between Him
and Secretary Taft.
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Is Your Stomach
Genuine sold only In Pucka kc
hennas thU trade mark
Will Straighten Vou up. Make
One Feel Life's Worth the Liv
ing, and give back to Vou the
BoujantSpirit of Youth. The
TABLETS are mailt from the
Medicinal Properties of Medi
cal Lake, and are Nature's
Remedy for Stomach Troubles
Testimonials for the Asking
T.wentj.five Centra. Jlottle
HeJiail Laic. iaJ $rfcaa(, Wash.
Washington, Jan. 9. Lieut. Gen. S.
M. 1). Young having reached the ago
limit prescribed by the regulations.
was today retired from active sen
vice and Major General Adna II.
I Chaffee wns sworn In to succeed him
1 as chief of uie general staff. The
I formal ceremony took place In the
j presenco of Secrotnry of War Hoot
1 and a number of the highest oftlclals
' of tho war department and prominent
officers of the army. Subsequently
the now chief of tho general staff was
1 taken on a tour of tho department
and formally Introduced to the lienils
of the various bureaus.
Biographical Sketch.
Lieut. Gen. Adna II. Chaffee, the
new chief of tho general staff, has
the distinction of having risen lrom
tho ranks to the head of tho army.
His rise may bo attributed to the
constant display of soldierly qualities
blended with rare good fortune. He
came into special prominence as com
mander of a brigade that took a
leading part in tho bnttlo of Kl
Cancy during the war with Spain ami
later ho distinguished himself as
commander of tho American troops
In China In tho troublous times fol
lowing the "Boxer" uprising.
General Chaffeo was born In Ohio
In April, 1842, nnd entered the ser
vice as1 n private in the Sixth cav
nlry In July. 1S61. Two years inter
he was commissioned second licit
tenant, becoming a first lieutenant In
February, 1S65. Ho won his first
lieutenancy on the battlefield at Out-
tysburg, and was moved up to thrt
grado of captain for gallant service
primary nomlnnting elections nnd
other measures, by Initiative potttlan.
Tho signers of nn agreement to
this ofTect nnd nny others intorostod
In tho movement nro oxpoctod to nt
tend. Tho meeting will bo hold In
the Oregon Mining Stock oxchnune,
Chamber of Commerce. Portland, i.t
2 o'clock In the nftornoou of Jnuu
nry 12.
Tho following outline of business 1;
Permanent organization and olec
tlon of president, vlco president, sec
retary, treasurer nnd executive com
mlttco: nnmlnc the organization
wlmlher It Is wlso to attempt to prc
sont all tho measures contemplated
in our ngreomcnt, and. It not, which
ones shall bo laid aside for this cam
palgn; constitution nnd rules of tho
organization; form and provisions t
tho measures to bo presented by the
1 1 u i uaKg
Oregon's Greatest Natural Wonder
Club Directory.
The Thursday Afternoon meets once
in two weeks, Thursdays.
The Current Literature, alternate
The Woman's Club meets the sec
ond and fourth Tuesdays of each
With the end of tho holiday season
tho club caleudnrs will begin to re
ceive attention again.
Tho state federation year books
and copies of the revised constitution
are now In the hands of all club of
fleers in tho Btate. Thore" Iiavo boon
Bevoral most veesatlous and unfortu
n a to delays, but tho board of direc
tors hopes that the clubs will r.ow
matte such good use of tho books
th.it tho lost timo will bo made up.
Will the presluonts of clubs sco
that the commltteo reports and iec
ommendatlons are road tt tho noxt
meeting of their clubs?
The Woman's Club will hold Its
regular meeting on Tuesday nftor
noon at the Commercial Club roonjB,
at 2:30. All Interested - thu Saca
at Dinwiddle Courthouse. Subsenuent i Jawea statuo work aro cordially in
nrnmnilnni in fhn ki.i. nt ! vlttii to nttend. nnd heln fornmlntn
.1 t llantnnnn. nnlnnnl ...... I nlnTlR trt nRfllflt in tlllttini tilt, tTlflttfir
of lieutenant colonel
were earned in engagements with In
dlans In Texas and Arizona. He aim
served at one time as inspector gen
eral with General McCook, and later
still as subdlrector of the cavalry
school at Fort ftlloy, Knnsns.
At EI Coney General Chaffee hav
ing been given command of a brig
ado, the fight was opened by him,
ind his men bore the brunt of it
hroughout tho day. Chaffee's con
duct was magnificent and excited the
admiration of the entire army. To
his brilliant leadership, in fact, the
signal victory of tho day was chiolly
due, hut no one' could ever get Chaf
fee to open his mouth nbout It.
General Chaffee's force moved on
tho heights occupied by tho Span
lards nt an early hour In tho morn
ing, encountering a heavy fire from
tho enemy and suffering severely,
but " did not flinch, nnd carried the
summit with a hearty cheer. An eye
witness of the struggle said that
when the light was hottest General
Chaffeo dashed about at tho head of
plana to assist in putting tho matter
before our Pendleton women. All
will be made wolcomo. Tho ThurS'
day Aftemoon Club will hold its next
meeting January 14, at tho home of
Airs. E. I Marshall.
Notice has been received by tho
press correspondent of the stato fed
eration that tho Club Journal Pub
lishing Company has gone out of bus
iness. The club women of -jo stale
must now depend on the public spirit
of tho state press to assist in maklug
their work moro effect Ivo. Tho news
papers of Eastern Oregon havo al
ways been most generous in this re
spect, and the Oregon Dally Journal,
of Portland, published a club pago
that is not surpassed by any wo Imvo
seen In this or any otnur state. Send
news of your clubs to tho club editor
of tho Journal.
Slnco the Club Woman, the ufD.il 1
organ of the General Federation, has
been published in Now York, it is no
longer the organ ' tue Massachus
etts Federation, as it has been in the
past, A now club monthly Is now
Many Acres of Hottest Spring Water
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t Steam Arising From
Lake-View of Sanatorium, lot Lakd
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Hut LiiUo Ix to the Went what Arkansas Hot Spring are lo the Kast lllulnti..
aruntl Hondo Valley, on O. II. & N. railroad, 200 mik from Portland.
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The water la clear nt crystal. Tlio mineral in tho wuter is lu such trft wilTitln,,
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also in rheumatism, catarrh, nuuralirlu anil other nervous troubles,
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Sit down and w rite for our illustrated booklet today, II will imVnut you. Addrw
Dr. G. W. TAPE, Gen. Man., or Dr. W. T. PHY,
Medical Supt., Hot Lgke Oregon
tho rnlnmn u-lih hiu ht r, ,k u.b 1 nubllshed and edited by the Massa-.
of his head urging on his men and ! chusotta state president. Airs. May
...... I i ., , j. . . - Atlnn TTTnr.l n .1 nlln.l "Thi. ln Inn..
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druggists, and A C. Kooppen &
G 0 .In
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' bin with . .
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part of the city.
llaatz Bros.
Main Street Near Depot
tneir country win n victory." 'inp
men were right behind him ruid the
victory wns won.
During tho period he led tho Amer
ican forces In tho advance on Pekln
General Chaffee made a favorable
.showing In comparison with the beit
soldiers of the great armies repre
sented. Then lio was given command
uf the army In the Philippines. Here
he had troublo with Governor Taft
and In view of tho fact that the lat
ter is about to bocoruo secretary of
war tho differences between them
i aro being discussed with much intor
on In army circles. General Chaffee
and Govnor Taft could not agrno as
to the location nf tho lino dividing
too civil nnu military authority in
Mien Ward, and called "The FcJoro.
Hon Bulletin." Mrs. Ward Is too well '
known to need any Introduction to
American women or to readers of j
either sex. The Uulletln is assured of i
a wide circulation from tho start.
The date of tho St. Louis blonnlal
of the General Federation has been i
set. Tho meeting will bo May 17 to
25 Inclusive. 'Most elaborate plans
are being worked out by tho general !
and local boards and tho uavonth
meeting of the uonoral Federation
will be a most brilliant affair. Sev
eral of tho stato federations havo al
ready secured their headquartors at
St. Louis.
Under Mrs. Denlson's management,
there will be but ono meeting In pro
gress at a time, thus giving all of tho
TONIGHT and PVcrv F.vonJnrr A o4 TUT-stJnon C.44iir Aft
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your order.
Don't miss the place.
cure Dyspepsia and -a3"vaisorders
arising from Indigestion. Endorsed
by physicians ovorywherc. No euro,
no pay. 26 cent
For nolo by F, W. Schmidt ft Co.
Trial package froo by writing to
,W. H. Hooker & Co., Buffalo, N. T.
the islands. The dispute was carried i delegates a chanco to benoflt by all
tip to tho presldont. nnd ho sent a tnat ' done. Heretofore, oiton two
peremptory moasago directing them j a,1(1 sometimes three meetings havo
to reach nn agreement without dolay. been hold In different halls at the
They did, but It Is understood that t&ma hour, and one felt suro sho was
the relations between tho two still missing many good thlng3 by being
remained strained. unable to be In but ono place at a
whllo General Chaffee Is a modol
soldier In the field. It remains to be
seen what kind of an executive officer
ho will make. Those who know him
best declare that, with a true sol
dierly way of doing things, he Is li
able to balk at tho diplomacy and
rod tann considered necessary at
For some reason, which bas,nevor
been satisfactorily explained, n hair
of romanco has been thrown around
General Chaffeo almost from the time
he wore shoulder strapB. It is said
that ho has been the hero of more
romnntlc tales than any other officer
In the regular servlco slnco thn civil
war. Tho general, perhaps; .knows
bettor than anyone elso whether the
majority of theso stories aro true, and
in speaking of two or threo of them,
recently, ho said:
"Those yarns, llko a lot of others I
havo beard told about me, aro" Just
plain lies. I'm no horo and If tho
plain, hard truth wero always told
there would bo mighty few halos
stuck about tho ..ends of us army
officers. Wo Just go ahead and attend
to our business, llko any other busi
ness mon.-Wo'ro put In certain places
to succeon. If wo do succeed, thore
Is no particular senso In telling a
lot of heroic hos about us,' and, If wo
fall well, God help us."
I time.
Tho full effectH of tho campaign of
last winter (or child labor lows bogin
to bo folt slnco tho latest ono, tho law
of New York, took offoct on October
first, says tho Club Worker. It Is now
Illegal for an employer to permit a
child under the ago of 1C years to
work longer .than nine hours in ono
day In the stato' of Now York; or
longer than eight hours In ono day, or
after 7 In tho ovenlng In Illinois. And
In both states such a child must bo
able to rtad and wrlto tho English
language before beginning to work.
In New Jersey and Wisconsin, tho
cruel provision permitting orphan
children to bo employed younger than
othor children, has happily boon nbo
ished and In both states all children
boys and girls, orphans and othors
must now do tuny 14 yeara or ago
beforo thoy con legally bogin to
Portland Citizens Issue a Call for a
Meeting on January 12.
A. L. Mills. Gcnrcn HI Ortnn
Thomas 8. aroono, C. E. S. Wood and
w. b. iriien havo Issued a call for a
mooting to organize a league for the
purpose of proposing to tho electors
of Oregon a law to provide for direct
How-a Thle?
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