East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, January 09, 1904, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 5

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Organs at cost at Pall
.i- ..!.t nlini. uImn I'm!
glass put in.
school shoes tuat wear
ti -4 pnniili.ntia
Cll .
. 1 .1 tnlitn,c Q(
Noll's book store.
atnrtt i:ntirr KtrRni
tablets are made with
Looso leaf dovlce.
furnished rooms for
W. J. Clark's, 70S Italey.
a first-class piano tun-
orders. Work guarantcou.
Ready for service at all
Kennedy's cab Is at your
hours. 'Phone main
clothes cleaned and
aereer s. izu west uouu
!s at his old stand, 221
un a ircBU eiock ci
, fruits, cigars, etc.
uuiKiuntjiti juiauuiuLiLfu.
nnrv n.T. niiifl runn I.
u-ii, l'jiH. iNauouai
Klatlon, Portland, Jan-
1904. For the above oc-
u. it. & N. makes
i (or the round trip,
ule January 10 and 11.
limit January 17, 1904.
CQlam rnlt mi nr mlilrAaa
i agent.
Ml we want to,
'e you you will
''mum mm ,w , ,,,,,, lwt.
We will give a Big Discount on
ajl Jackets, Cloafrs Hand Fars tip
t Saturday Night, angary IQth.
We desire to close oat the entire
lot, and the prices we have placed
on them will make them move.
if s i i ipt p. i.tj rv - t i vi h i iv Mixiii a i ia
t a lit i IT f TTTttt
Negative In Debate Won Out An.
other Prograh Next Friday NlghL
Considering the bad evenlnsr. a
a i f i!lV!ry S00'1 audlnco greeted tho stu
.4 piano. Apply at this aunts or the high school last night
I at the assembly hall, when they pre
madc skirts arriving sotitod their regular weekly program.
...LP. Th rlnl.oln .... ...
Lieu H. I uuHitj ua Willi iiv Lim itnirn.
furnished rooms to I out. "vo after a hard fight by all or Uio
iuuuicib. iuc rest oi me program
was perhaps the best that has been
given go far this year. On the even.
Ing of next Friday another nrosrram
will be given, for which the pupils
nve been making especial prepara
New Corps of Officers Installed at
Last Meeting.
At the last meeting of Excelsior
Council, O. of P., the following offlje-
w-B were installed to Borve for tho
coming term:
Past councilor, Anna Kegel (u
councilor, May Stanton; vice-council
or, W. H. Huson; chaplain, Sarah
McDrlan; secretary, Amanda Kellar;
treasurer, John Zahner; guide, Claude
Uoyd; warden, S. M. Stanton; senti
nel. Lester Iloyd; musician, Edna
Piano and Organ Sale.
Jesse Falling has inaugurated a
great clearance sale at which he will
sell pianos and organs at cost. At
this sale Mr. Failing proposes to
close out his entire line of rugs, mat
tings, pictures, frames, curtains, etc.,
and offers these goods at unheard of
low prices. The goods must go and
cost is not considered In making the
price. This Ib a rare opportunity to
buy as very deslrablo goods aro ob
tained at great bargains.
Seeks a Wrestling Match.
Tho East Orcgonian is in receipt
of a challenge from a Spokane wrest
ler weighing 1C0 pounds, who wishes
to arrango for a match in this city
with n man or equal proportions, for
a purse of $500, two out or three falls,
Police Gazotto rules to govern. An
swers will bo gladly received by Hert
Wiggins, In care of the Spokino
O. R. & N. Office Transferred.
Auditor Harradon completed his
work in making the change of sta
tion's accounts from F. F. Wannley
to his successor last night, and the
station was transferred to E, C.
Smith, who becomes agent.
First Presbyterian Church 10 n.
m., Sunday bciiooi: ll a. m., netmuu
by the pastor: 0:45 p. m., Christian
Knileavor; 7:30 p. in., sermon.
Strangers in the city are especially
Invited to all tho services. Itobert
J. Dlven, pastor.
Got Sunny. U C Rader.
Toward civilization one long
steD Schilling's Best at
home and in trade.
Have you taken it ?
You wilt enjoy a cup of our
delicious HOT CHOCO
LATE. We don't know
how to make it taste any
better. Don't believe you
ever had any finer. Ours is
Sc a cup.
The PopsTORE
City Treasury Enriched to the Ex
tent of $1,350 This Morning Les
ter Swaggart Held for Twor Counts,
Pays $300, the Others $150 Each
District Attorney Halley Will
Now Prosecute Under State Law.
Tho new council has shown
.mm me gamunng question, in
pursuance with the nolicv .derated
nana on the gambling question
at one of tho secret nicotines held
last week p"- tho week berore, the
marshal has begun to round up some
or the men who have a fondness fori
the card table, and as a result of his 1
visits Frank O'Hara, William G. Ho-!
gert, Charles Morrison, W. H. George,
C. F. Cook, Tom Johnson and A.
Stephens were arrested for gambling '
contrary to the ordinances of the
city, and were brought before the
court, where tnelr ball was fixed at
$150 each. All or tho men put :p
their money, and when their cases
were called forrclted their ball. T.os-
tor Swaggart was arraigned on two '
charges and paid $300 as ball, which ;
"VlB" fr,f"eu; ,
As a result or the transaction tha
til iiL-aniujr 18 l,dUU UCller Off iniS
afternoon than it wna tM ,nmtn
It annears that It I th. H nfi" ,no Euest ot fricn,ls ln Pendleton.
tho present administration to fine tho
gamblers whether monthly, or at
longer periods Is not plain, but Judg )
Ing from the amount of tho fines, or , James Wright, of North Yakima,
tho ball fixed, which is In effect a was a Pendleton visitor today on bus
fine, the Incidents will bo at longer iaP'!
intervals. Miss Lola McCulloch, of Pasco. Is
District Attorney Halley, who has In the city for a short visit with Pen
been threatening to reopen his cam-1 dleton friends.
paign against tho gamblers for som-j
time, has stated that ho will also, as
an officer of the state, file an Inform
ation against each man arrested by
the city for gambling and prosecute
him for the violation of the itate
Rugg Brothers File Heavy Mortgages
to Secure First National Bank.
A chattel mortgago was filed yes
terday afternoon In the'oHlco of the
county recorder by G. W. and a.
Rugg, known as tho lirm of Rugg
Urothers, in favor of tho First Na
tional Bank of Pendleton, by which
they secure to the bank tho payment
of $51,000 given them by the bank on
notes ranging from $4,500 to $7,000.
The mortgage calls for ono dollar on
Its face, but is given to cover the
poles which aro affixed to tho instru
Tho Instrument gives as becuilty
for the loan ail of the personal prop
erty of the mortgagors, consisting of
several thousand head or sneep, cat
tle, fatm implements, camp wagons
and outfits, saddles, horses, pigs and
In fact auout all of the property of
the ranches and holdings of tho firm.
A deed of trust has also been given
to H. F. Johnson as the present cash
ier of the bank to a large part of
their real estate holdings, sheep,
ranges and land of that sort. Just
how much of their real estate is sub-jer-t
to the mortgage Is not known,
but It is a large tract of land. This
is the largest mortgage or this nature
that has been filed ln the office of
the recorder for some time.
New Dental Parlors.
Drs. F. E. and M. C. Adams, who
recently came hero from the Willa
mette vojley, where they had built
up au extensive praetico in dentistry,
by their system of painless filling and
extracting teeth, have secured a lo
cation in the Dcspaln block and we
arc informed will be ready for work
by tho first of noxt week, when their
card will appear In this paper. Tho
doctors como to this secUon to get
tho benefit of a dryer climate.
New Dry Goods Manager.
I. Ackerman. of Portland, formerly
connected with LIpman & Wolf and
the Hub stores ot that city, has
taken tho position or manager or the
dry goods and ladles' section of Alex
ander's Department Store, Mr. Ack
erman comes to Pendleton with tho
highest recommendations and has
had extensive dxporienco In dry
goods departments or large stores.
Drainage Engineer.
H. D. Shultz, who superintended
tho putting in of the Pendleton sewer
system, has opened an office ln room
12, Judd building, where ho will glvo
his attention to sower work of nil
descriptions. Ho is a thoroughly
competent drain layer and has had
17 years' experience ln municipal
sower, pavement and water work,
which is a guarantee of satisfaction.
Mrs. Falken'berry Improving.
J K. Falkenbcrry. of Long Crook,
is In tho city today, visiting his wlfo,
who has boen for several days under
tho care of Dr. C. J. Smith. Sho Is
getting along nicely and there Is
every reason to believe that her re
covery is near at hand.
Returned From Los Angeles.
Gilbert Joyce has returned from a
.trip to Los Angeles, wheie he went
for a short vacation after bis sunf
mor's work of putting In the steam
boating plant" of dn Pendleton Hotel
and the courthouso.
Synodlcal Missionary,
Rev. W. S. Holt, synodlcal mission
ary for tho state, has been the guest
of Rev. Dlven, who Is on the same
board In church work. Mr. Holt wont
on to La Grando last evening.
ParJ, theater and boll Is offerod for
rout 'for f utertalnments, parties, pri
vate theatricals and dances. A"pply
to Pcnland Bros,
Fresh fruit dally at Martin's,
Associates of thj o. R. & N. Offices
Present Him a Gold-Headed Um
brella. Tho clerks and associates of P. K.
amsicy. In tho 0. R. ft N. offlcca
in this city, Joined In tho mirchaso ot
a handsomo present for Mr. Wamsloy
on his departure for Portland, In
token of their high esteem.
Tho present consists In a told
headed umbrella, elegantly engraved
with his name, and will bo highly ap
proprlato In tho moist climate to
which Mr. Wamsloy going. Ho
leaves for Portland tonight, to assume
his new duties on Monday morning,
but Mrs. Wamsloy will not
s;o to
tviriiimi ,.nn i , ?
i1""1 Unt" abollt MJr 1
C S. Mudsc, of Echo, Is In the city
on a business visit.
m Pattlnmr ni ti,nn
dleton vi&odav a
,. , ,
,JJa,,IasT. ot Brlgpon. spent tho
In tho cIty 011 business.
w- Stephens, of Echo, spent the
day in the clt' on business.
G. W. Hansell, of Athena, Isited
with fricnos In tho city today.
J Osborn, or Elgin, Is spending a
row days In tho city on business
Atlso V..l , , ,
I . ."ss Nann'e Cross, ot La Grande,
' ,A- MiimforU, a business man ot
"a"a. was a Pendleton visitor
Mrs. F. M. Fletcher, of La Grnndo,
is the guest of rrlends In the city
Tor a short visit.
G. W. Hunt left this morning for his
homo at Foster, after spending rov
era days In the city on business.
H. H. Mclteynolds, tho proprietor
of the Pilot Rock hotel, Is lu tho
city today for a short business visit.
n. Lougbead, ono of the well known
farmers of tho Echo country, is In
tho city today on a short business
Mrs. Mary Kester, tho luauing mill
iner of Pomeroy, is In the city tor
a visit with friends. At present she
Is tho guest of Mrs. Fred Taylor.
L. W. Damon, ono or the proprlii
tors or the Modern School or Com
merce, is In the city from l.a Grande
today, on business connected -vlth
the school.
Number of Sheep In 1903 Over Two
Million Head Less Than In 1902.
Tin. National Aseoclatlou of U'jol
-Manufacturers estimates tho number
of sheep on hand in the United States
April 1, 1903, at 39,284,000 head, as
against 42,181,122 head on the same
date In 1902, a decrease for tho year
of 2,900,122 head, says IJradstreet's.
The wool clip of 1903 Is estimated
at 215,150,000 pounds or llccco and
42,000,000 pounds of pulled wool,
making a total wool product of 287,
450,000 pounds of wool ln the grease.
The corresponding figures for 1902
were 274,341,032 pounds of fleece
wool and 42,000,000 pounds or pulled,
making a total wuol product for 1902
of 310,341,032 pounds.
The estimated decrease In tho wool
clip of 1903, ns compared with that
or 1902, Is. therefore, 28,891,032
pounds. Tho per cent of shrinkage
In scouring for the 1903 clip Is esti
mated at (0.8 per cent for fiecco wool
and 33 per cent for scoured, 30 that
the total 1903 clip as expressed In
terms of scoured wool amounts to
124,300,405 pounds.
Iu 1902 the shrinkage In scourlug
was estimated at an even CO per cent
for ,lfcco and 33 per cent for pulled
wool, tho total 1902 product of scour
ed wool being estimated at 137.9I2,-
OSS (ounda.
Tho decrease In the output or
scoured wool In 1903 as compared
with that of 1902 Is thus estlmntcd
to be 13,G45,C80 pounds. Tho average
weight of ftoces In 1003 Is ostlmatal
nt C.25 pounds, a decrcaso of .25
pound from tho avcrago weight In
1902. which was put at 6.60 loumis.
The average weight of tlecces in 1901
wa3 6.33 pounds, and 6.4C pouudj in
Edison Novelty and Specialty Com
pany Have a New and Interesting
The program for tonight at the
Park theater is especially interesting
and novel. The Edison Novelty and
Specialty Company will present tome
of the freshest, cleanest vaudeville
ever seen In the city. Tho moving
pictures will consist ln a trip to the
moon, transformation scenca, a re
nroductlon of the recent Corbctt-Mc-
Govern fight, including tho knock-out
and other equally as good viows.
Kennedy will put on some espec
allly good features In banjo playing
and monologues, and the musical
specialties will bo repeated. Tho com
pany has put on a good show all week
end will make a special effort tonight
to please the crowd.
Woodmen Installation and Program.
Tho Woodmen or tho World will
hold an Installation tonight at their
nail, rollowed by a literary program
and banquet. A good program has
been prepared for tho occasion .mil
thoro will be an Interesting time, All
the newly-elected officers will be in
stalled Into their offlcos and Hher
business will bo transacted, All
members are Invited to bo present.
New Today.
ur.Ml-vn nv 1 riOMI'KTKNT. HKI.UHI.V
iun. morn ntll tmltluni m tnn b ok.
keeper. AddreT II MrJJrooiu, J'6 w, wurt
Mi rami.
A Chance in a
Piano and Organ
Oosing-out Sale of my entire stock
of Rugs, Art Squares, Por tiers. Lace
Cist tains , Matting, Fine Pillows and
Feathers, Pictures and Frames. All
must go regardless of cost.
You can get a fine VELVET RUG, 9x12 for
$20.00 ; worth $27.00
You can get a fine AXMINSTER RUG, 9xJ2
for $22.50; worth $30
Near the Bridge
Baker City Man Says Territory
Filling Up With Adventurers.
Mr. W. II. Washburn, the well
known mining man of linker City,
who has Just returned from Alaska,
states to tho Morning Democrat, that
that territory has a governor appoint
ed by tho president and that the
present official's name Is John 0,
nrady, but that ho has so little to do
with the actual running of affairs
that row people know thero Is a gov
ernor. Alaska as yet has no delegate to
congress; It Is a district governed
exclusively by federal officers sup
ported by dlroct licenses Imposed on
the different branches ot business.
Heal estate Is not taxed. In other
words, Alaska la not even a full
Hedged territory.
Population Is now Increasing no
fast In Alaska and Us mining Inter
cstu aro becoming so great that all
theso things will soon bo changed,
HcsldcB mining recent discoveries of
oil have been made, and there aro
large beds of coat which will soon
become valuable.
Tika Lax.llr. Bramo Quintno Tbltt, All
druxglm refund tb momr II II una to curt.
K. w. urof a atKaaiura on bmd wt,
The Boston
Who are paying $4.0
and $5.oo for their
Shoes are invited to
try the
at $3-50. They hold
their shape and wear
longer than most
women care to wear a
pair of shoes.
The Boston Store
Lifetime to Get a
I Special Goods
Special Prices
Large' S-duy Clocks, uori
$2.95, worth I4.00
Fine Line of Toilet Soap
ac to loc a box
Tablets, Complete lines irom
5c to 35c
New boards, linens and
cream laid.
Frederick Nolf
School Supplies
Avar apta the horaet, round aln tha mu-
abont-Smatbl BaDfl Crublll II U lin't
total wroek, brlug tUc rauialai of jour vehicle
here aud wa will do a food. Job ol repairing lot
you and charge 7011 no more than a right-,
ualng good umWrlaU and putting lu geod
4ork Ifjou have bad no accident and jronr
eonveyauce It iimnljr "tun down,"iame art-
Tloo-vilug It here lor U'JUTimallon, we.naaaia
eicluihely in rendition the relobratad Vn.
oiMbUKflt't mid Magoui,
The Oregon Dally Journal can t
found on sale at Frwler' boS wort.