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Overcoat Sale
To clenn up the balance ff our overcoats wo
make tho foliovvini; Bweojrins reductions:
$7.00 Coats go at $5.00
$8.00 Coats go at $5.75
$9.00 Coats go at $6.75
$t0.00 Coats go at $7.50
$t2.50 Coats go at $9.50
$ J 4.00 Coats go at $1 1.5O
All other pike coats not nient:one(l are re
duced in fame proportion.
Rebekahs and Odd Fellows Installa.
tlon, Followed by a Banquet Case
of Malarial Fever Nine and a Half
Pound Son Was Csrn Child 01, k'
With Nervous Prostration.
' HJ -44 fr 4 afr m
Six victims of tho Iroquois theater
fire nro at the point of dentil.
Forty per cent of the victims of
tho Iroquois theater lived outside the
A revolution hab broken out In Uru
Kuay. In some manner the race Is
sue white against blacks Is re
sponsible. The 1903 rice crop of the Philip
pines was enormous. Pan&aslnm
province raised enough for the entire
needs of the nrchlpolago.
The Countess V. Eaterhazy is sued
by Mrs. Laura M. Do Ijiub. of Vir
ginia, for alienating her husband's
affections. Tho countess Is an Aus
trian. Of 324 public halls and theaters in
Cnicago. over 300 are said not t
com:)! with the present law regard-1
inp exits and precautions against fire,
and will be closed at once.
Large capital is being put into a
factor' nt Denver for making rubber .
from a weed that grows profusely j
oast of the mountains. The qualities i
and capacities of the plant have been
demonstrated. I
Culonol Hart Gibson, a noted .
breeder of .thoroughbred running j
horses of tho iventucky stock. Is dead
at St. Paul. He introduced Kentucky
horses into Europe and made iui-1
mense forttine exporting
All the rats on the great freight
steamer Corboda, died on a recent
voyage Experts Investigated at the
end of the voyage and proved the fr.- j
tallty was caused by bubonic plague.
It was not communicated to the
crew j
Sunday las' two Italian snow- '
sbovelers on the New York, New Ha- J
ven & Hartford railroad, were run
down and killed by a train. One 1
hour later two other snow-shovelers
were killed on the same spot by an-,
other train. ,
Three times as many cattle wove'
shipped from Montana to Pacific :
Coast points during 1903. as during
any one preceding year, yet the on- J
tire output of the state was 20,000 ,
fewer than in 1902 The Eastern
markets went dead.
Hotel Pendleton.
.T. N. Teal, Portland.
(3. W. Whltson, Chlcngo.
Miss Isenbergor, Hood Itlver.
H. F. Ilarbow, Chicago.
William Mahor, Culcogo.
William Mahor, Chicago.
C. M. Smith", Chicago.
James F. Lnngfleld, Chicago.
W. St. Rice. Walla Wnlia.
A. II. Oalloway. Portland.
V. T. Tustin, Portland.
Fred Uraham, Boston.
It. L. Falrchlld, San Francisco.
C. E. Hedflold, Hoppner.
W. C. Ollbnnks, Oenosee.
It. E. Klepper, Spokane.
.Mrs. M. F. Hadloy, HaKor City.
H. H. Hewitt, Albany.
W. H. Humphrey, Stockton.
E. E. Stowart, St. Louis.
Fred A. Rogers, Spokane.
F. M. Hell, Spokane.
George Stevens, Spokane.
S. H. Klstner and Hlfe, city.
C. D. Illnkor, Spokane.
H. A. Converse, Portland.
J. A. Iluttonck, Welsor.
H. Looney, Spoknne.
Lytton Ivauhoo, I.n Grande.
Mina Glenn, Summcrvllle.
Venio McConnoll, Nyassa.
Stella Mayllold. Elgin.
Elsie McGully, Elgin.
E. Walsinger, La Grande.
W P. Allen. Ijing Creek.
Athena. Jan. 1. W. It. Taylor, who
hns a largo quantity of alfalfa hny,
is having It bnlod on his form, a mile
trom Ath"iin, and storing It In tho
Ilnrehouse to ship. Alfalfn Is worth
T 1 $ per ten.
: Mr. and Mrs. Charley Itnmon and
family, who siiont n few days In the
city visiting relatives, have returned
to tholi homo in Wnlla Wnlta.
Ed Ktiontz has rentud T, J. Kirk's
large wheat fnnn near tho city nm!
has changed his occupation from a
sto t keeper to a farmer.
Mr ami .Mrs. Alf Copplc and little
son Howard, after a three wests'
visit, hnvn returned to Guy, Wash.
Charley U.ivldjor. Is confined to hu
li inn tho past tow t'ays with tho ma
larial fever.
Miss Stella Anderson, who spent a
few days visiting at tho home of Mr.
and Mrs. M. I.. Watts, has returned
to Edlnburg,
I.lttlo Marvin Kllgore is sick with
nervous prostration.
Harry nosonzwlg, formerly f this
city, but now of Wnlla Walla, Bpunt
tho holidays visiting his parents, Mr.
aud Mrs. Fred Kosonzwig.
Joint Installation.
I. O. O. F. and ltebekah lodges had
a Joint installation Friday, January
. t. The officers of the ncbokahs are
'as follows; Mary Gross, noble grand;
' Oenette Manasse, vice grand; May
I Gross, secretary: Eva Ogle, trensur
1 or; Marvllle Watts, Iluuuclul secre
The oilicors of the Odd Fellows are
a 4 follows: John Keen, noble grand;
Ira Kemp, vice grand; Fred Koontz,
secretary; George Gross, financial
secretary: Hugh WoriU'iigton, trc.ts
uror. Attei tfit 1: tailation, n boun
teous suppor wni spread and enjoyod
uy mo menmers or me iwo lodges
and their invl.ed guests.
Son Was Bern.
K i'ti-day. Dr-i'ember U:. to Mr. mid
Mrs I-'ud Kooiitz, i. nine and a half
poum! buy.
Hotel Dickers.
J. S. Hell and wife, jithcnu.
A. J. Kelly, Mi. ton.
T. F. Thrashor, Walla Walla.
James Nelson and wife, city.
Emloy Kolloy.
I.. U ...mpson, Raker City.
J. A. Earnst and wive, Vancouver.
W. J. Moore, Spokane.
J. A. McLaughlin.
G. F. Egan. Portland.
P. J. Kelly, Milton.
It. N. Adams.
J. A. McCarty, Echo.
Theo Robertson, Helix.
J. M. Hartnett, city.
Frank Nelson, city.
j Athena, Jan. l.-Mrs. Edward Mu
j r.asso of this city left for u short
j visit to Victoria, II. C, o few days
; ago. Her son, Herbert, is attending
j school there. She hns also a brother
Dr. and Mrs. J. I). Planiomlon gave
' a pleasant party Monday, In honor of
1 Miss Stella Anderson, who wns homo
j trom school at Ellenburg. Soverul
young peoplo were present, all hav
ing an excellent time.
I Tho Rtdonours held a family rciin
I Ion, Christmas day, nt Weston, it
which 32 members wore present, In
cluding the entire Kidenour fnmlly
excepting ono brother, William Ride
nour, ami family of Washington, and
n dat'shter of E. RIdenour. Mrp. Ilert
J Vaughan oi Pine, Oregon.
Saturday evening .Misses Anna
Rush, Cnrrlu Sharp, Jauette Manas-
se, Alta Sharp, Mrs. Charley Keen
Hint tho Mormon church has tmed its
influence against organized Uuor.
nm! has endeavored to 1111 tho place
' ....i ..ii. ...... .itii mm. union moil.
oi union nun"".-' v ,. v
we hereby omplmtlrnlly dony that
tho church over which wo prosldo bus
tnUon any such stop or Issued ntij' lb
strucllnns on this matter. Tho whole
story originated In n false now.-.j,..-
per report " , , ,
The elinrges referred to aroso from
the rending nt the rogrlnr tnbernnclo
services last Suinlny of n notice l.y
iiresldent George Q. Cannon, of h
t...i. t .t. nt.n ti'nt mm voro vnit-
ed In the Utah coal mines to fill the
places of sirikeis. Presldum Canno.i
says the notice vtat, banded him uy
n tonl coiiipuny olllelnl and rend with
o'.tuv notices, as Is tho custom. So
otifstum of church Inllucnce, he said,
win t..'cctly or Indirectly connctil
with the rending of the notice. (
Becomes Alarmed Over the'Condltlon
of Theaters.
The Iroquois theater rntuBtrnplio,
Chicago, will probably bring about
a reformation In the matter of pro
viding proper nro safeguards In Seat
tle play houses says tho Senttle Star.
Ralph Cook, chief of the Are de
partment, Is going to draft an ordi
nance making It compulsory for the
theaters to keep llremen Ktntloned In
readiness for conilagratlims In
amusement places. Ab soon hb pos
sible be, together with other oHlr-or
of the fire department, Including Fire
Marshal Kellogg, will make an inves
tigation of the 10-cont theaters to
discover by what means life enn be
made more safe In some of those
veritable death traps.
In addition, a committee appointed
by the city council to draft n new
set of building ordinances, will take
Into Bpeclal consldurntlon the prob
lem of regulntlug the construction ol
theaters to Insure the safety of t'ie
This committee consists of City
Engineer Thomson, an architect ,e
lccted by the Washington Chapter or
Architects ami a contractor selected
by the Master Hl'.lldors' association.
The commltteo was appointed prim
arily to revise the prcseiit urclutlc
building laws, which are so poorly
constructed that loopholes are left
through which bulldors uro able to
construct llimsy and Inllnmmnble
City Engineer Thomson snyB that
the trouble lies nut so much with the
architects and builders us to the
owners, who are over-desirous to con
struct bullulngs cheaply at the e.v
pense of safotv ntul reasonable dnr
ability v I
In Hurry to Finish Work Clark of the
House Made a Mistake In Counting
Tho hill Introduced by Representa
tive Edwu'-ds, of Lnno county, prohib
1'lng tho killing of or having In ono's
piwaslon Chlneso phonsnuts, oxcupt
Mr met ding purposes, until Octojior,
IMli, f.itied to benoino a law..
In tht hurry cf tho work the ead
lug tlerli Inudvortontly nunouncf.d
that 31 votes had boon cost fpr the
lull, when in reuhly thoru wore b it
The check markh mndo by tho clerk
opposite tho names of tho- representa
tives, and filed In tho ofllco of tho
secretary of state, show iroyond a
doubt that the bill lacked one vote of
tne required number of votes, houco
the bill !h not n law na has been re
ported In various papers throughout
tne state.
The senate and governor, acting on
i no house report, duly passed and ap
proved thu bill. Tho abovo mention
ed discovery, however, Invalidates tho
whole measure .nnd tho law, thoro
tore, remains tho sumo as In the past.
When an Irresistible forco meots
an Immovable body the result Is a
millionaire alderman.
and Bon
Bythtbo, 1
Moki Tea Positively Cures Sick
Headache, Indigestion and Constipa
tion. A delightful ,ierb drink. Re
moves all eruptions of the skin, pro
ducing a perfect complexion or money
refunded. 25c. and 50c. For sale by
F. W. Schmidt Co.
Fire at Boulder. Mont., destroyed
tho Windsor hotel and outbuildings,
Monday; loss about $15,000.
L. D. Massey and I.ee Jeffries, sa
loon men of Mill City, near Salem,
are under arrest for selling whiskey
without a license.
Dr. M. II, Rhlmes, wife and three
chlldrrn. formerly of Spokane, were
burned to death In the Iroquois thea
ter firo at Chicago.
J. B. Stephons, a socialist orator,
was arrested fn Portland, Monday, for
causing a jam on the streets while
speaking to a crowd.
The Portland Ministerial Associa
tion is now Investigating the thjft
of the anti-gambling bill, lost in the
special session of the legislature.
Effort Will Be Made to
Wind Shields.
and O. W. Ilradley, all of this city.
Rule Out attended the Rebckah lodge at We.?
I ton.
I 1r n,l lnl P.l I.'..,.,,) nl thli
New York, Jan. 5. ine question of cUy Hn(,nt Sllmlaj. ln u (iramle Vs
permitting harness horse records Mng Mrs Koontz's motlier, Mrs. Ann
made with wind shields and with the jrj. of tnnt t,,y
aid of advance ruunors also the 1c- j Mr8, A oithens. wire of Postmns
gallty of Cresceus' work at Wichita, j tor rjUnoU8 ,)f ,nH clt.t rotrned
luin., Is llKOly to be settled at a con- Momo rura California, accompanied
feronci) of committees of the Amer- by bl!r son-in-law, J. Craig, and little
lean Trotting association, the Amorl-1 daughter. Grace, they having spent
can Trotting Register, nnd tho Na- lni tvun mnntho i nniirrin
Ltlonal Trotting association, In JeH-'ti, ,onon, f xrrs. Oltbens1 health.
sion today at the Murray Hill hotel. M,88 Kuth McAlroy wll ,, ,,
Various changes looking to a strbit- dangerously 111 for tho past few
er uniformity In turf rules will be weeks. seemB to bo gradually getting
discussed by the comm ttce and their tvorse. There Is llttlo hope for her
recommendations will bo acted upon I recovery
nt tho next meetings of the several j Mr ,, Mrif m. , 0 Orow of ,,
trotting associations. clly H,)ont tho noll(lays In Walla Wal-
...Z7TZZZZZ7Z. o 'la- visiting friends nnd relatives.
HIGH-BRED FOWLS. Attorney J. A. Foo, of Pendleton,
spent Tuesday in the city on busi
Ten Thoe- -d Are on Exhibition at
u.JI... r.. 3
I fnauiBUH oaudro UAIUCII.
Lee Sang, a Chlneso merchant, ie-i Krv York. Jan r, Thn ir,th nnnn.
cently locating at North Yakima. has,ni XhlbltlDu of the Now York Poul
try. Pigeon nnd Pot 8tock Association
opened at Madison Square Garden
today, and will bo continued until thu
10th Instant. Nearly 10.000 entries of
high-class chickens, ducks, turkeys,
geese and pigeons aro on view, tho
display of water fowls being especial
ly fine. Tho exhibitors represent a
dozen or moro states and various
befn ordered deported on account ot
bogus papers of admission to the
United States.
A new exit Is being built for tho
Baker theater at Portland, and also
a water tower over the stage, by
which the stage could be flooded in
an instant, in case of a fire starting
from the scenery.
Rummer lmnlnesn men havn none parts of Canada
Tack to the old policy of keoplng ,n conjunction with the poultry
open shop on evenings nnd all day is being hold an exhibition un
8undays, on account of the largo ; der the auspices of tho Atlantic Cot
number of miners, and .loggors who ' Club,
cannot trade on any othor day, with-
out losing time from their work. Wonderful Nerve.
. 1 -I Is displayed by many a man endur
ing pains of accidental Cuts, Wounds,
Utilises, Hums, Scalds, Soro feet or
stiff joints. Hut there's .no nood for
it. llucklen's Arnica Salvo will 1(111
tho pain and cure the trouble. It's
tho best Salvo on earth for Piles. 25c
at Tallman & Co., druggists.
Acker's Blcod Elixir positively cures
Chronic Hlood Poisoning and Scrofu
lous affections. At all times a
matchless system tonic and puriner
Money refunded If you ore not satis
fied. 50c. and $1.00.
For sale by F, W. Schmidt, &. Co.
In Real Estate t
1 32x acres quod wheat land 4
2 Well watered and improved.
i !2-5o per acre.
1 tooo acre stock ranch. All i
i fenced Raises 200 tons of i
J hay; has running water, open J
T range near by, $5000. T
to-room house and two
lots. Modern conveniences
T $2500
All on Easy Terms.
f J E. T. WADE & SON
r o, no 3.' 1 H
'fhnoe BUck 1111 OIIlcc lirK, U. Hldg
Olympln Beer Olympla Ceer.
Tho most popular brand for family
use. On draught at Anton Nolto'a.
Ho also handles tho uottlod lieor In
any quantity doslred.
Where Is the City Marshal?
Coyotes aro roportcd so numerous
around Pondloton that they ontor
tho outskirts of the city and fight
with tho town dogs. Long Creek
Miss Fannie Scott, after spending
the holidays with relatives In the
city, returned to Vnltsburg to take
chargo of nor school.
Athona peoplo woro visited with
about four Inches of snow Sunday
night nnd 'Monday morning. Sleigh
lng Is fine now, ,
Mrs. William Thompkins Is sick it
hr home wltu a cold.
New .Brick Business House.
G. W. Gross has bought the old
postofflce building anu will take It
away and build a big brick store In
the spring.
A Daughter Was Born.
Horn, to Mr. nnd Mrs. Clarence
Gay, on Christmas day, a uaughtor.
More Evidence of Trlb's Good Work.
llnkor City, Ore., Sopt. 0, 1903. I
wus a constant user of both umoklng
and chewing tobacco for 4C years. I
took a tieatmont of TRII1 about threo
months ago and can endorse It 11 h a
cure. My genorul health Is much im
proved slnco I took your euro. Sin
rorely yours,
Mormon Church Issues an Official
Note to Labor,
Salt Lnko, Jan. fi.a Tho first iiresl
dent of tho Mormon church today
sont a tologram to President Com
pels, of tho Amorlcnn Federation ot
Labor, denying tho charge that tho
church had taken a stand against or
gaiiij'cfl labor. The message, which
Is signed by President Joseph II ,
Smith, nnd his advisers In tho first
presidency, John R. Winder and An-1
then H. Lund Is ns follows1
"Ai report having boon clrculntoilj
Some Novelties, and From Beginning
to End Excellent,
The entertainment given by 'he
Edison Novelty nnd Specialty Com
pany nt the Park theater lost night
afforded a couple o'f the best hours of
amusoment that has been offered 'o
the citizens of Pendleton for some
time. It was either funny, or other
wise good from the first to the Inst,
and the audience was more than re
paid for the time spent In nttoud
Ing. Happy Hooligan In his monologue
and with his musical specialties, is a
mirth provoker who can not be re
slstcd. and people Inugbed last ulgnt
who have not been seen to smile
since they took the pledge ou New
Year's ove.
Tho moving pictures and tho 111 us
trntcd songs and dancing were ill
better than has been put on that
stage In tho past, and Is well worth
tho time and money spent In henrmg
and seelug them.
This evening the specialties will
be changed, so that even those who
attended last night will be able 10
find something now in tho event of
their going to tho theater tonight.
House U ontf of the tlutle
thtii weak woman looks
jfotward to with drad. Am
a-rule, she knows that she
f.mujttfxjy for the over-strain
vvltji .days or weeks of
.Vjpmanly suffering.
' Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scrtption makes weak
women trong and sick
women well. It cures the
womanly diseases which
undermine the general
health. It esbiblUhc-s regu
larity. dries weakening
flrilltlQ llMila I..Hn .1
LA ?"d ulceration, and cure
I 'ema'e weakness.
I , " took two lottlm of your
ru , , 1 i . z , w 1 wripiion- ana two
w. imc diviiwi ifucuvcry-and nm feel.
lF we"."'"," Mr. Dan McKeiulc.of Luruuv
Mine. Cape llreloii Co.. Nova Kcotia, i ,j7i
uurlue trouble. nlM iln in the ideniid head'
die. After Inking your nit.liclne I wiw cured.
You may publhh Ihii or iwe it In any wny yi
think beat, as I cannot Kaklou lilslily of l)n
Pierce ami hit medicine.''
"favorite Prescription'' has the tcati.
mony of thousands of women to its
complete cure of womanly diseases. Do
not accept uu unknown and unproved
substitute In its place.
.Ih,S . ?' ,,,?rce' Coinmon Sense
Medical Adviser is sent fife 011 receipt
of stamps to jwy expense of mailing,),,.
Send 31 one-cent stamps for the 1,00k in
paper covers, or 31 stamps for the cloth,
bound volume, Address Dr. R.V. Pierce
Buffalo, N. Y, '
Top of Head Covered with Scales
Which Peeled oil TaiiM
Hair with Them,
Now Six Years Old with ThM
lair and Clean Scalp.
Cure Permanent.
'My baby was about six weeks old
when the top of her head became cov
ered with thick scales, which would
peel and come off, taking the hair with
it. It would soon form ngalu nnd be as
bad akbcfore I tried several things
and then went to the doctor. He suld
It was Eczuuin, and prescribed uu oint
ment, which (lid not do uny good. A
friend spoke of Cutlcura Soap. 1 tried
It and read 011 the wrapper ubnut Cutl
cura Ointment ns a remedy for Eczema.
I bought a box and washed her head In
warm water and Cutlcura Soap and
gently combed the scales off. They did
not come back nnd her hair grew out
floe and thick. She Is now a year aud
a half old and has no truce of Eczema. "
MRS. C. W. RURGES.IranlstanAvo.,
Bridgeport, Conn.. Feb. 21, 18'JB.
Mm. llurgcs writes Feb. 28, 11103 :
"My Imby, who hud Eczemu very
badly on her head, as I told you before,
after using the Cutlcura Remedies wus
cured. Site Is now six years old aud
has thick hair and a clean scalp."
Instant relief and refreshing sleep
for skin-tortured Imbles and rest for
tired, wurrlcd mothers ln warm baths
with Cutlcura Soap, and gentle anoint
ings with Cntlcura Ointment, purest
of emollients and greatest of skin cures,
to be followed In. severe cases by mild
doses of CiiticuA Resolvent. This Is
tho purest, sweetest, most speedy, per
manent and ecimmnlcal treatment for
torturing, disfiguring, Itching, burning,
bleeding, scaly, crusted and pimply skin
and scalp humours, with loss of hair, of
Infants and children, as well as adults,
and Is sure to succeed when all other
remedies and the best physicians fall.
Sold tbxrarluul tu workl Polkor. Ilaltat, KM.
(la inrm ot CbocoUu Omi-1 Plll. o. pr tUI o( On.
OUtaunl. Heap. In. lVU , Loadiui, V Ckutar.
("" Bq.i t"A. ill., do U lain Uvloo, IS Golut-
CCui. IVkp-. Sou frapwlen.
ar-Saaabr-TtK Urm llumear 0t.
Dri'Kg'st, Post.'ll
ne Main8SiJ
Don't be satisfied t J
"luu ine same old nJ
low waftes. We cm lid
Thousands have IncrtwJl
Kaliiries by following xtH
We can train joulnmrf
nllrl 11 email . m
Mootiatlcnl, Electrical
Hlirvrvnr. Aui. .
tnun. llmiklc eper, HUooiVj
Window rrHer, or AJ.w3
Boi 799
Or cull on mr liicil njrml
renuieien, ure.
AWftT tDlll thl. hflr .
lKu(-8mklil HaiiKt Crathlll If Un't 4
total wreck, bring the remain, ol jour vehicle
hr anil we will do h good ;ob ot ropalrlni for
.yoiand cbarjie yuu no more than It rlxht
liatnK.Kood materials and puttlnr In fod
norlc .It von hme hul tin .ih., . .t:...
,Wnvyinc li utrly "run dowrliawe-d.
..vv-m,,( u ncroior rrjurouatlorl, Webaodl
exeluilol) iu l'ndelon the otlebrahid Wn.
oua bUKKi'i iiuj wkodi.
Will be properly and promd
ly done it entrusted ton
We can fill vnur wanuk
electrical supplies ol ill lid
felectrical contracting is c
specialty f.nd we would I
tn fu'iire with V0U,
Sole dealers in theoldicil
able Edison Lamps,
Good Work RiRht Ptictsl
Wfst Catfft bttmn
Near Mattlock Bid.
Building.,. '
I -,1 .irinilnitt. Haw.
t.iij. Kodr-1
Ing, Building W 'T-
Brine Your Bill
Get Our Figures. .
Cravs' Harbor wal
j , si
iiT uu uu . ;.r viirn
&fone-back Goods-
is worthless w
practice. So if y""'
:..,n,lt il l P
our laundry work
'dojie tigW"
not .delay plpc.ng.yu-.-in
charge of , '
native Jferomo OuiriiHO
CuresoqpWlnOneDoy.CriptnS Dnya