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Results of Kicks In the Stomach
More Serious Because He Had Sub
sequently Taken Poison and Was a
Drinking Man Is Still In Hospital
and a Very Sick Man.
llrucc Parrlsh, who was kicked in
the stomach by a horse Friday night
nt the fables of the Alta House, 1b
at the hospital in a serious condition.
The case Is aggravated by the fact
that the man's stomach was In a bad
condition before the Injury as the re
sult of repeated doses of liquor and
ivo doses of poison.
Some time ago .rfrs. I'arrish filed
a suit for divorce against her hus
band, alleging cruel and Inhuman
treatment nnd failure to provldo for
herself and family. This seemed to
hare a saddening effect on the man,
who, after some consideration on tho
subject, took a large dose of lauda
num and Bweet oil. As soon as he
had taken the poison a physician was
called and bis stomach was pumped
nut until he suffored no III effects
from his unusual dose.
Mr. Parrlsh was cot satisfied with
his attempt, however, and took an
other dose, though he substituted car
bolic acid for the sweet oil in the
second test of the durability of his
stomach. This time bo was in a se
rious condition, and a man was dls-
r. & a.
Cough Syrup
Will stop that Cough
Cure that Cold.
It is
Sure to reach
patched pout haste tn this city lor n
physician. The doctor who was call
ed could not go and tho messenger
went back homo, stopping nt the
ranch of V R Campbell, ot Cold
Mr. Campbell Is one of the pioneer
medical men of the county, though
ho has forsaken tho scalpel nnd the
pill box for the grain Back and the
plow, and when ho heard that the
life of his neighbor was In danger he
wont at once to the bedside of Mr.
Parrlsh. There be found that a force
of men wore at work over the frame
of the polBoned man, rubbing !i!p
ntomach and hands, and pouring
whisky down his throat.
The doctor put up a dose and forc
ed It down bis throat, after which
he took the man out and with the
aid of a large number of sympathiz
ing neighbors ran him up and down
the canon for many trips and several
miine Tlu. ilnsn nmntlml Parrlsh'H
stomnch. and the exercise overcome
the lethargy superinduced by the lau
danum, though the exercise had to W
superinduced by a great deal of pev
from the hoots and cither per
suaders of the neighbors.
ifmr runnvnrlni. from that attack
Mr. Parrlsh gave up the Idea ot tak
ing the long journey uy wie luuuu-
n.ivn rmitn nnd PMItlP tn thl CltV.
njhnra ha nipt with hlB ncCilU'Ilt Jllitt
as he started home after his New
Year's celebration. The injury trom
the kick, together with the after ef
fects of the poison In his stomach,
has made the case a serious one, and
It Is feared that he will have n hard
time to recover.
Umatilla's Proportion Is Exactly
What It Was Last Year Only Ex.
ceeded by Multnomah, Marlon and
Linn Appropriations Have Kept
Pace With the Increased Valuation
Umatilla county will pay $G0,02G an
Btate taxes for tho year 1004, or a to
tal of ,0490 of the ontlro stato tax for
this year, tho Bame proportion of the
total tax which sho contributed In
Of this tax from Umatilla county,
$1,226 Is raised for. tho state agricul
tural collogo and jns.siil) for gonoral
expenses. There nre hut three coun
ties In tho Btate paying more state
taxes than Umatilla Multnomah,
$382,50,7; iarlon, 75,092, and Linn,
jr.4,435, The county immediately fol
lowing Umatilla on the list Is Lnno
comity with a stat tax for the yoar
amounting to SSCSSG, and the next
highest la Yamhill with $17,897.50.
While tho total property valuation
In tho statu haB Increased from $14S.
000,000 in 1902, to nbout $175,000,000
this year, it will be noticed that the
Btate taxes Iiob also raised, owing
to the large appropriations of the last
legislature. Umatilla county, with nn
nsscssed valuation of $9.315 000 fur
1903, pays the same proportion of the
total Btate tax as she did in 1902, with
J -..i.CS mo valuatk-.t
Suit to Foreclose Lien.
The case of Androw Miller vs. Sa
bina Leecn and J. H. Koontz was
heard this afternoon In the circuit
court. The action is brought by Mr.
Miller to enforce the collection cf
money due him for work done on the
sanatorium which is being built by
Mrs. l.eecb with the support of Mr.
Koontz, and is brought to foreclose n
mechanic's nen.
Returned From Helix.
Miss Gertrudo Whlttemoru has
turned to her home- in this city, after
having filled the position of principal
in the high school at Helix, made va
cant for a time by the hiokness ot
the teacher there.
Is Recovering.
.Miss Etlie Worcester, who has been
ill for several days with neuralgia of
the stomac.i, is reported as much bet
ter and will soon bo able to be up
once more after a painful Illness.
Associations Are Entitled to One
Delegate to Portland to Every Fif
ty Thousand Head of Sheep.
Several Inquiries have reached thl3
ulllce In regard to the apportionment
of delegates from the Woolgrowcrs'
r.bsoeiatlun of tho state to tho com
ing meeting of, the National associa
tion .n Portland, ou January 11.
A circular letter Issued by the sec
retary of the state association, J. H.
Clwlnu, some three weeks- ago, gives
all the necessary Information regard
ing the meeting. Each local wvul
growers' association is entitled to
one delegate to every 50,000 head of
i-'ieep owned by memberB of the as
sociation, or majority traction there
of I rem the indications now, (here
will he a large attendance trom Ulna
t'la county, as the O. K. & S. has
granted an especially low rate tor
the occasion and Portland has pr.
pared an elaborate program for tho
meetings. Portland will be prepared
to en.ertaln all the delegatuH nnd vis
itors, but it would be wise to engage
rooms In advance In order to avoid
unnecessary trouble after reaching
tnc city.
President Springer of the Natioiiul
Livestock association has now ?stuo
lished headquarters in Portland and
will bo In that city until after .tm
meeting. There is every ovldenco
that there will bo tit least 2.000 dele
gates present.
where hor mother is very 111.
Miss Sheppard haB been ono of tho
most nblo and miecesHtul teachers
ever employed by he city, nnd wl 11
be grently iuIshhcI Trom tho high
BChoot. Her mother has not boon
well nil winter and MIbh Sheppard
hns decided to resign and go home,
although regretting to lenvo the
school at this time.
Shu taught all the past winter and
until tho holiday vacation this
school term and was considered by
Professor ConUlIn -and the Hchnol
hoard i.h an especially proficient In
structor and her place will be n tUt
tlcult one to 1111 nt this time of the
MIbb Conklln, who haB been em
ployed In the sixth grnue, nlso re
signed last night on account of tho
dangerous IIIiicbb of her fathor, in
Illinois, nnd left last evening to bo
at his bedside. MIbh Conklln baa
made many friends during her brief
reslnence In the city and was consid
ered a very able teacher.
Mrs. Castleman, of this city, 1h
teaching MIbb Conklin's room, at
present and Cecil Wndo 1b uBslstlng
Professor Conklln in MIbb Shoppard's
place, until another permanent teach
er Is employed.
Biographical Sketch Mr. Huson Had
Been on the Coast About Fifty
Years Helped Sectlonlze Washing
ton and Led an Eventful and Use
ful Life.
Leading Druggists
1 Schilling's Best
tej taktnx-powiJfr
a-ffr fUTorv-ix itrictt
are better than money ; your
grocer knows it; for nobody
takes the money,
"I Forgot"
much is expressed in these two words
" I forgot." Many arc the times that a tempt
ing breakfast has been spoiled by a poor cup of
coffee. Can yon afford to be less careful about the
coffee you drink than about the food you eat ?
Think what one mistake may cost you.
There's only one safe way
When oidering coffee insist on having the old re
liable REVERE
You owe it to your family and to yourself, not
only to save money, but to buy the belt of food
"Caledonians" Will Celebrate Birth,
day of Robert Burns.
A. II. McEwen of Atbona, accompa
nied by his daughter, Miss Katie Mc
Kwen, was In tho city today visiting
friends and transacting business. Miss
McEwen was the guest of Mrs V L,
Smith while in the city
.Mr. McEwen reports that tho Cale
donians of .Athena are making prep
arations for the celebration of tho
birthday of uohort Hums on January
i'B. On that day the society will have
a great celebration and In the even
lug a banquet. They will have enter
tainers from Walla Walla and this
elty, besides local talent, and expect
to nave one or me most enjoyable
events of the season. The program
will be announced later.
J. W, Compton, One of the First Clr
cuit Riders of Eastern Oregon.
Hov. J. W. Compton, of La Grande,
who is assisting Hov. Hownrd in tho
revival services at tho Methodist
Church, South, this week, is one of
the very first Methodist mlnlstors to
preach In Eastern Oregon, having
been on thlH circuit ovor 28 years
ago, riding on horseback and in vehi
cles when tho roads would permit it,
filling appointments from Walla
Walla to Dolso City, and In all the
Intel vcnlng points through Umntllla,
Union and Baker counties.
He If now Htatloned at La Grande,
and fills the appointment at Wing
vlllc. Baker county, In addition to bis
repular cbargo at La Grando.
New Laundry plant Will Be Stored
Until Building Is Finished.
The machinery for tho new laundry
to bo started in tho near future by
C. C. Brolilcr and T. I. Crownor has
boon rocoived over tbo O. R. & N.
nnd Is now in the yards awaitlug tho
disposition pf tho owners. Tho
building Is not yet ready for the ma,
chinery and will not bo for some
time, owing to tbo Inclement weather
which prevents tho workmen from
pushing the construction.
Tho firm will store tbo machinery
nB soon as a safu and uultablo ware
house can be found, whore It will be
allowed to rest until tho tlmo when
tho building Ih completed,
Miss Jessie Sheppard, of the High
School, and Miss Conklln, of the
Sixth Grade, Go East.
Mls'i Jnsslo Sheppard, who has
totiaht tn tbo Pondlaton high school
for tho past two years, resigned her
position last night and expects to go
at once to bur borne In Chicago,
The funural of Lewis M. Huson
who died Saturday mornlug at
o'clock, at his home nt Helix, will
take place tomorrow morning at 10
o'clock In the ChrlBtian church, of
that city under tho auspices of tho
After the funeral the body will ;p
brought to this city, where It will re
main nt the undertaking parlors ,'
M. A Under until evening, when it
will he taken to Walla Walla, wheru
It will be tnKen to the home of tbo
Bou-ln-law. Charles Parris, whore it
will be kept until the following day
Wednesday, when It will be given in
terment in the elty eemetory at 1
o'clock In the afternoon, wnile the
remains are In this city nn opportu
nlty will be given to the trlends cf
the fnmtly to view them nt tho par
lors of Mr. Uuuer
I.ewlB Huson. n son o fthe deceas
ed, nccompnnled by his wife and his
mother, the widow of the deceased.
und Leonard Huson, a grandson
reached this city this morning from
San Hnrnnrdlno, Cal., wheru they
have been visiting und will leave tblB
afternoon for Helix to be present 't
the funeral.
Biographical Sketch.
The deceased was bom in New
YorK, April S, 1SS3U, where he spent
tho early years of his life. As a
young man be came to this part
the West, where he has slnre lived
tho greater part of the time. In the
enrly 'GOs he went to the California
gold fields, but after remaining th-ue
for a short time returned to tho Pu
get Sound country, whore he entered
the employ of the government as
sistnnt surveyor under ..iaJor Tllton.
In this capacity ,io helped to section
Ize n large part of the present staie
of Washington.
In lSfiS ho went to Walla Walla
and lived there for four years. After
moving from Walla Walla ho lived in
various partB of the states of Wash
Ington nnd Oregon for :!0 years, when
he came to Umatilla county and pre
empted a tract of land In the vicinity
of Helix, where he has since lived.
Ho was married to Miss June Mc
Mlllan February Tl, 18G1, nnd from
this union nine children have been
born, seven of whom are now living.
No Formal Week of frayor.
The . reabyterlan church will not
formally observe the week of prayer,
owing to tho extraordinary burden of
work now being cnrrled by Hov
Divcn, In conducting services in -.lie
country each week, In addition to his
regular wurk here, but will hold a
series of meetings of the same na
ture, later in tho year, when Mr.
Dlven will be assisted by Kov Van
Nuys, of La Grande,
New Saleslady at the Inland.
Miss Hazel Bickers has accepted
a position nt tho Inland Empire Pi
ano House as saleslady, and will in
struct a limited number of pupils In
piano playing. A very convenient
and attractive music studio will lie
fitted up at onco, where piano, gul
tar and mandolin will bo taught.
Northwest Fruitgrowers associa
tion, Portland, January 11-12,
National Uvostock convontlon
Portland, January 12, 13, 14 and 16.'
Oregon Stnto Horticultural soclotv
Portland, Jan. 12-13.
North Pnclflo Fair association.
i-omnuu, junuury iu-iu.
Walla Walla Poultry show, Febru
ary 3-7.
Oregon Christian Endeavor conven
tion ut Pondloton, February 18-22,
Whltmnn-Orogon debate, Eupene
Jnnimry 15, 1004.
A. .
Incipient Typhoid.
Airs. G. A. Itobblns Is confined to
hor bod with what 1b thought to bo
nn attack of typhoid fever. Mrs.
Itobblns has novor ontlroly recovered
from an attack of tho grip which dhe
had about a year ago, and has been
lu poor health during all of the nnst
yoar. It Is thought that porhaps the
fever may ho uroKcn before It getB
under full headway, but at present
nho IB quite III.
. ,i,t. 'Men vs.
gnarled rU
, dleaJu silver!
'; oml' WaiViH
at Pi. .Pfoy
I Riven for i,."!
J the ' 1
t flliI Trin
if II I I PI u
Best sboe repairing at Tuutsch'n
Sale of Farm.
Mr, and Mrs. C. B. Wado have Hold
to E. U Smith for 12,600, a tract of
land In section 1 of township 2, north
of rango 32 cast, being about three
miles east of 1Mb city.
Preached at Butter Creek.
Hov. M. V. Howard, ot tho South
VutUodiat church in this city, preach
ed at the Butter Creek schcolhouso
Tho main difference betwen a
statesman and a politician lies In the
strength of the pull operated by eacn.
fcr It Is Fine
IN 1 and 2 LB.
'I S T '
Thankinc all our fnentlc !.i " '
very liberal patronaRe during the year
assuring them of our great apprcc.atinn.
all a Rlonous and prosperous New Year
We also desire to announce that nwlne to ti,. i
mm we iiiiisi mse our A.MJAIj INVKSTntiv "1
wo MUST REDUCE OlMl CTOCK. w aill16
We will oiler the Krentest lirLaln. ..v. , Tl'.. ?
dleton merchandising. We will put gold numSt
your ivockets. In HaviiiL't, h "uSWt
The Leaders of Low Price in l'ndltton.
Wc arc having a Sale of
Detter sec about it. KememDet
we are becoming the greatest
shoe and clothing house in eastern
Busy Boston Stoi
Keen-cutting instrunionte that keeptboirM
Orvinrr Snio -RntnW Ktiivts Bread and u".
o 1
KniveB. Largo line of Pocket Knives, all f.
plain and fancy handle.
G21 Main St.
' 1 1 1 1 1 1 i i i hiiihiiii'"
Shot Guns
Tobe a good shot you must be siippl'"1 t
class material, both gun and ammunition
to i. :i..., .t.. ,i,:,i. ;5 the reason lot r
iO HIV -
shooting coining to us.
741 MAIM 31
For tale at th Eait Orenonlan office Lsro DU bndl.
Mwtalnlny oer 100 big papart, ean be had for