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Important Sale of
Wrappers J
assortment of Flannelette Wrappers, made in the
P (nncv fitrures and strines. shnulrW rni
5tJlcs, , .; . ,
Wednesday Specials
(Will Confer With All Pranertv HM.-I. I
1 ers from Time to Time to Secure '4. ace
me Necessary Right of Way as 1
Cheaply as Possible Plans of the 'J
Route Fully Discussed. I
Ladits' Suit" and Jackets at actual cost
Curtains o( all grades icduced
20 per cent
I flounce.
Sale Price, $1.38
A money saver. Great Value
Li is the lucky No. for the Piano. See if you have tt.
Our Work and the Bill
Will stand comparison with the best
of 'em. The work is as near perfee
tion as humans can attain the price
therefor as cheap as anybody should
expect. We do all linds of sani
tary plumbing and gas fitting, and
charge you not immoderately. Let
us estimate on your newt necessity in
our line.
. CLARKE & Co an Court Street
llllll I H II I I 1 1 I I HHtl H llfHHMMI I I HI I
15 East Court Street ;
I i
Iiy Prices Now Placed on all
Pianos (2b Organs
s, Mandolins, Violins, Sheet
lusic and Holiday Goods
p month's Free Instrucsion uiven i
I with Each Piano Sale I
M 1
Band empire music I
w casL Court avreeu
Phone Red U5t
MHiiM,lMillil''llll'tj' n
A conference between the members
of the state canal board and .Major
W. C. l-angfm, United States Kngln
eer corps, was held yesterday after
noon for the purpose of ascertaining
by the state officers Just what man
ner of right of way In The Dallas
Celilo canal project the United States
government wants.
Governor Chamberlain, Secretary t
of State Dunbar and Attorney-
General Crawford were present In thej
Interest of the state and Major I.ang-j?
fltt and United States District Attor-'4
T.ft. llftl! 4. - . 1
-t -men mo government i j
T 1 , ... .. . . I
iiiepareu ny .Major l-angmi,
showing the proposed route of the ca
nal, were discussed, and the difficul
ties incidental in securing the right
of way by the state found to be noni
Inal. Governor Chamberlain believes
that only half the appropriation of
$100,000 furnished by the state need
be expended In purchasing the right
of way.
The proposed line of the canal Is
nearer the river than the boat tnil
way would have been, thus materially
lessening the price which will have to
be paid to the O, It, & N. company.
A rloso Investigation will be made jy
the state canal board as to the rights
of J. H. Taffe, Kvarding & Farroll anil
Seufert Ilros., all of whom have prop
erty on the proposed canal route, but
which Is below high water mark of
the Columbia river.
The fetate board will also confer
with other owners along the
Thursday Specials
Jap Silk, ail coloif, 23c yard
Ladies' kc Wool Head Shaw's, reduced
20 per cent
Friday Specials
Men s and liojs' Suits and Overcoats, re-
dmcd 20 per cent
Men's Fleeced. lined Underwear, heavy
gtade 35c garment
Comforts and Woolen Blankets, re.
ouced 20 per cent
Saturday Specials
Calico, to yards for , 40c
Outing Flannel,
cent grade, 10 yards
All Dress Goods value joc yard, special
for Saturday 36c yard
Ladies' Slippers of all kinds reduced
20 per cent
Men's Slippers ol all kinds reduced
20 per cent
All sues
For One Day Only
90c pair
ber, without first 'having served tw i ,
.'eats' apprenticeship in a shop. '
What's In a Name?
Evei) thine is In the name when it
comes to Witch Hazel Salve. K, C.
lie Witt K Co. of ..icago discovered
somi) years ago how to moko a salve
from Witch Hazel that Is a st-ccltlc
route. I for Piles. Kor blind, bleeding, itch-
and with the O. R. & X. company, ing and protruding riles, eczema,
with a view of securing the various cuts, burns, bruises and all skin dls
properties at as low a tigure as possi-1 eases DeWitt's Salve has no equal,
ble. This has given rise to numerous
Other meetings will be held from worthless countcrlell-. Ask for Do
tirao to time and at the next meeting , Witt's the genuine. Sold by Tall
District Attorney Hall will present a man .t Co.
form of deed lor transferring the
right of way frum the stnte to th"
government for the consideration of
the state officials.
Cured After Sufferina 10 Years.
II. F. Hare, Supt. Miami Cycle &
Mfg. 'Co., Jliddletown, O., suffered for
ten years with dyspepsia. He spent
hundreds of dollars for medicine and
witt doctors without receiving any
permanent benefit. He says: "Ono
night while feeling exceptionally bad
I was about to throw down the even
ing paper when I saw an item in the
paper regaining the merits of Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure. I concluded to try
it and while I had no laith in it I
felt bettei alter the second dose.
After using two bottles I am stronger
and better than I have been In years,
and I recommend Kodol Dyspepsia
Cuie to my friends and acquaintances
suffering lrom stomach trouble." Sold
by Tallman & Co.
Mickey Finn.
All that the word farce comedy 'm
lilies, capable comeulans, prettj
girls, blight costumes, catchy niusir
and special scenery and mechanical
effects is assured those who attend
the performance of the MicKey Finn
company at the Krazer next Tuesday
night, January 5. The cast Is made
up of metropolitan favorites and there
is a large singing chorus. In fact. It
is said to be an unusually strong sing
lnjr company. There are no less tnan
IS musical numbers Interspersed
throughout the three acts of rapid
Urn merry making. All of New York's
latest song hits are to be lounu in
this extensive iepeit .10. The coin
r.u'n 's in-aded by funny Rulo Wfi-h
and Klttie Francis, both well and ta
rorablv known In this city.
Hum nil II. I. Ilrtlrra.
The Clillleriii ale it range of chalk
eminences ilixlillng the counties ot
Hertford and l'.iilfoitt nnil extending
lo Henley In former days these Itllli
were InfcMvd with rubber, and the
lowrimuiit wi obliged lo take steps
to Mtpprcs thcM- rogues. The task
vra carried nut under an officer up
IMtlnted h, the crown and known as the
steward of the Ohlltcrn Hundreds.
The duties of this office ti.nr. long
been nlitilftc, but the office tuts Ikvu
kepi In foiee. and a nominal salary It
attached to I lie post. It is a position
of i-iinveiilence for members of parlia
ment. An M. I', cannot resign Ills scut,
so when lie wishes to tetlie he must ob
ta n n Kt under the crown, a post
with a Mil.ir.v. Any member accepting
such an olllee vacates his scat ami hut
lo tie re-elected. The .M. 1'. applies fot
the -ifuanUhlp of the Chllteru Iluu
dieds it it 1 1 reeeites the npK)lntuienl
wlliiout trouble. His sent is now vm
cant, and he docs not seek re-election
and after a few das he icslgus tils
appointment. That is the roundabout
waj in which mi M. I'. retires from
parliament. London Standard.
R. .1. NIXON, Manager
I'hoiif Main 1
One Night Only--Tesday, Jan. 5.
Musicel Farce Comedy
X All of New York's la et song, hits.
i Popular Prices 25c, 5oc. and 75c.
On sale Monday, 10 a. in.
1ELATERITE Is Mineral Rubber.l
or nil 1 It nrnvMiry to UKP1.AOK A Wtlll.N-UIIT HOOK
Tukrs th plate of uhlngles, tin. iron, tar aJd grarel, Hnd all lire par
'ooflngs. For flat and steep surfaces, gutters, valleys, etc. Easy to Ur
Temperc for all climates, lleasounble Id cost. Sold od merit. Qusru
teed. It will pay to ask frr prlcesnnd Information,
Worcester Building. Portlsnd
Saved from Terrible Death.
The family of .Mrs. M. L. Dobbitt
ot Uargerton. Tenn.. saw cer uying
anil were powerless to save her. The
most skillful physicians and every
remedy used, failed, while consump
tion was slowly but surely taking her
lite. In this terrible hour nr. Kings
New Discovery for Consumption turn
ed despair Into joy. The first bottle
brought Immediate relief and its con
tinued use completely cured her. It'b
the -most certain cure lu the world
for all throat and lung troubles'.
Guaranteed. Hottles 50c and 11.00.
Trial Hottles Flee at Tallman & Co.
Can't Close Barber School.
Portland, Jan. 4. Tho Drlggs I3ar-
ber school still exists and grows, de
spite the efforts of the state, board of
barber examiners and the Portland
Ilarbers union to exterminate 't.
Since the arrebf of Driggs on a charge
of practicing tho trade without a li
cense Jonn isonnrup, wuu umus a
certificate which ho secured Deioro
the present law went into effect. Is
holding forth In the barber school on
Everett street. He is givlifc lessons
to all those who wish to try the short
cut to tho life of a professional bar-
The Standard of Excellency.
W. S. Byers, Pronator.
Tkr Cuk Mut be utmovta, Bmmm
War Wltb OandraS.
Kill the germ that causes dandruff,
falling hair and baldncne, you will have
! no more dandruff, and your 'hair must
grow luxuriantly. Kewuro uerpiciae
not only contains the dandruff germ
dpntroyer, but It Is also a most delight
ful hair dressing for regular toilet use.
No other hair preparation Is on this
scientific basis of destoying the dandrufl
germa It stops all Irritation, keeps tha
scalp sweet, pure and wholesome. Ile
member that something- sclalmed to bo
"just ns pood." will not do the work of
genuine Ilerplclde. Sold by leading
druggists. Send 10c. In stamps for sam
ple to The Ilerplclde Co.. Detroit, Mich.
F. W. Schmidt, special agent.
1'li- Ilrf-niu u r liifnitey.
When babies smile In I heir sleep.
some will bay .-tngels are whispering to
them, jut when they are old enough,
though not jet out of the age of I into
cence. to repeat their ilreaiiej it Is not
always of angels that fliese are found
to have been. Not tilwaj-s are they tie-
rlxe.l fiom (Icetliig. unconscious recol
lections of the home whence they have
hi lalely come. On the contrary. It Is
ehli'liy, ns Chailcs Lamb obscnes,
dining the period of sinless Infancy
that shapes of terror will Intrude upon
(he midnight pillow; that the slumber-
er will start from dreams "to which
the reveries of the cell damned uiur
derer are trnnitillllty." How vividly
doex the gentle essayist recall these
helpless ngoiiles of his own Infancy,
We almost fancy we can see him start
from . lumber on some murky night
Willi n dread foicliodliig, which wa
sine to realize Itself, of seeing some
frightful specter.
Alli-lrl lu II I a I'rliU.
It wan the most obstinate mule lu tb(
lot mid refused lo enter the car of a
train held up at a Mttle wayside sta
tion. Threats, cajolery and blows wer
alike useless. The mule refused u
budge, anil the blunt of his ears told
lho-e of the passengers who were fa
miliar with mule ear talk that where
be was be Intended to stay. Then the
aged African who was trying to loud
him In said in honeyed tones:
"Wliuffo" jo' U'have dl way Ijefo' all
deke strange iieople? Why. yo' fool
mole, don n' yo' know dm dew people
will Jes' beliew dnt yo' nebcr dou
(rabeled befo' lu all yo' llfe'r"
The Iouk ears lost tljclr aggresslrt
slant, and the benst went sedately up
the Inclined plank with the air of a
man entering a drawing room car toi
the first time and determined not to be
tray the fart.
FtimoiiN Famines.
In A. I), 430 famine prevailed all over
the south of Kuiopc, raging worst In
Italy, where parents ate their cbildreu.
and In 7KU England. Scotland and WaWt
were ruvaged. also In 823, when thou
sands starved, and In UM, when the
crops failed for four successive yearn.
lu 1010 an awful famine raged through
out all KurojH.' and again from 1103 tc
1195, wheu crop failures caused terri
ble suffering. In England and France
the people ate the flesh of dogs and
cats, and many case of cannibalism
were recorded
Have it done by a Scientific Plumber and )ou will not
be bothered with bad breaks. Let ns fiRtiru on your work
TUr Action of a Silllil.
The spinet liihlrumeut was an im
provemeijt upou what was known at
the clavichord, the tone of which, nl
though weak, was capable, unlike that
of the harpsichord or spinet, of In
crease or decrease, rellt cllug the line!
gradations ot the touch of the player,
In this power of expresblon It was
without n rlal until the piano was In
vented. The early history of the clavl
chord previous to the llfteenth century
rests In prol'iMintl obsemit', but It I"
said that there Is one bearing (he dnli
1520 having four octaves without the
I) sharp and (I sharp notes. The spinet
was the Invention of tho Venetian 8pl-
Tho action Is unloue, The Instrument
Is similar (o it small harpsichord, with
one string to each note. Tho strings are
set In vibration by points of ijullls ele
vated ou wooden uprights known as
Jacks, and the depression of the keys
causes the mints to pats upward, pro
ducing a tone similar to that of a harp
Springs are iibed to draw the quills
back Into position. The keyboard Is ar
ranged In n manner nfter the present
modern piano.
Tlic Value of Kuowlrilsr.
To no uiau is the world so new and
tbe future so fresh as to hint who has
spent the early years of bis manhood
In striving to understand the deeper
problems of science and life and who
lias made some heudwuy toward com
prehending I bein. To him the com
monest things are ror awl wonderful
both In themseht and as purtu of a
beautiful and intelligent whole. Bucb
a thing as stateness In life and IU du
ties be cannot understand.
Knowledge Is always opening out be
fore blm lu wider expanses and more
comma tiding heights. Tbe pleuburo of
growing k-'iowlcdgu and Increasing
power makes every year of his life
happier and more hopeful than tbe
Wonderful Nerve.
Is displayed by many a man endut-
Ing pains of accidental Cuts, Wounds,
Bruises, ijtirns, Beams, ssoro ieei or
stiff Joints. Dut there's no need for
It. Hucklen's Arnica Salvo will kill
the pain and euro the trouble. ii'B
tho best Salve on earth for Plies. 25c
at Tallman & Co., druggists.
Whim nmi i.iri-.
Hour nfter hour Ihv cunlM were far)
And (airly dinli, Inn villi I koI nu hum):
Th- morning rnmi, uml hIIIi .i mind ut
nilllnl I only miIi), "I iln not uiMoifiiin.I."
I. Ife Is a tr.imc.of whlnt. Kinm iinnin
The ciirils nrr nhufmd im, i l.i- h.tinia
lire ileu It;
III In. aru our iiTorla lu ooiilrul I hi- fnii
That, ihoiiKh uiifi'i ii, are no lii- tlruut
ly felt.
I do not llkr lli way tbe card lire uliiil-lli-.l,
Hut yet I like the giunv uml tviint l
Ami through the long, long nli;hi will I,
I'lay nhat 1 get until the I. null ef tUy
"Itliymi-a of trniHiiilt. '
Tho miser's walk Is represented m
stooping, noiecloss, with short, nerr
ous, aftrlous stops.
What Shall We
Have for Dessert?
This question arises In tho family
every day. Let us answer It to-day. Try
delicious and bc&Uhful dessert, 1'rt
K red in two minutes. No tolling I t
lilngj add boiling water ami set U
tool. Flavors! Lemon, Orange, Hasp
bcrrj and Strawberry, (lot a pactaa
t your grocers to-day. lo etc
Why do You Cough ?
Do you know that a litllo cough I
dangeroua thing? Are you wus
that It often fastens on the Jungt,
and far too often runs Into Con
sumption and ends in death? Cms
you afford a trifle with bo serious
a matter? Acker's English Remetfy
for Coughs, Colds and Consumption
Is beyond nutation tbe greatest tt
tdl modern remedies. It will stop a
cough In ono uigbt ana It wm cnoat
a cold In a. day, It wl.i prevei
Croup, relievo Asthma and cure coti
sumption. Onr faith In It Is so
strong that "id guarantee every bee
tle to gtve latlsfaction or money
back. For ile b- V, W, Schmidt