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    I Overcoat Sale
To clean up the balance of our overcoats we
make the following sweeping reductions:
$7.00 Coats go at $5-00
$8.00 Coats go at $5.75
$9.00 Coats go at $6.75
$10.00 Coats go at $7.50
$ J 2.50 Coats go at $9.50
$14.00 Coats go at $X J.sO
All other price coats not mentioned are re
duced in same proportion.
aer k
729 MAIN
The First National Bank .of Storm
lake I' wa, hns failed and a receiver
been appointed j
Miss Mary U Leader, of Corbe't.
has -been appointed teacher at the
Klamath Indian school. j
Exports from Germany to the Unit
ed States were $130,000,000 . In 1903.'
as asralnst $115,000,000 In 1902. I
Car and foundry employes of West '
Virginia have gone on a strike
against a reduction of 10 per cent in '
Charles Hitter, of IlrlstCi Pike. Pa.. 1
Is 70 years old; his wife Is 60. Mrs.'
Hitter on December 30. gave birth to i
twin boys. !
The Japanese army ha a i?ace
strength of 150.000 men and 30.0iii
horses, capable of expansion to 500.
000 men and 100,000 horses.
Several victims of the Iroquois
theater tire were "identified" who
hae sime turuci up illvc and well'
Jn different parts of the country
Young Corliett's share of the gate '
Teceipts and prize money from the
recent bout in San Francisco was
57.755; Hanlon's share was $2,475.
New York City will hereafter re
move ashiM and other refuse from J--partment
buildings and other- bus!
ness houses, at an annual cost of $1 -500.000
It has been found necessary to i- 1
sue an order in Now York City retir- i
ing from the police force every man '.
affected with tuberculosis, which is '
alarmingly on the increase. j
The "Are-proof" asbestos curtain In '
the Iroquois theater at Chicago, was 1
entirely consumed by fire. It would,
however have been very effective in
checking the fire could It have been '
pulled dovt,
A McMinnville saloon was robbfd
of $15 in cash Sunday morning.
J. C. ConKlln. a farmer, hanged him
self to a tree at Lyle. Wash.. Satur
day night. No cause Is assigned.
Claude J. rvine. h miner, was hor
ribly mangled at Everett Saturday
night by an explosion of dynamite.
There has been one death from
scarlet fever in Astoria and there sre
now three residences under quaran
tine. John Holmes was arrested at La
Grande Saturday for stealing a horse
and buggy and Is in Jail under $K'0
Jesse Kays was instantly killed at
Sand Lake. Tillamook county. Satur
day, by getting caught In a belt In a
shinglo mill.
Nicholas Eicher. aged 7. died Sun-
day from the effects of kicks received
from some older Ixjys at school, sev-
eral days ago.
Thu nrnom nricl nf TTntnn COUIltV
produced 80,000 pounds of butter in
i - A.-.,. 1. ,
tmiih. liver IHA.)' nan uaiu iu
ere for butter fat, an increase of $10.-
There aro'now 250.000 acres cl nearly dead condition to perfect ile-nimeoTl,KJ,Rur:1 EI,a Sl"b
.ehool land for sale, mostly In East- health, and have so remained. I .Held. Bertie Dl! en; Rebecca S c
doI land for sale, mostly in East-
rregSn counties: It sills to the
best bidder, but not for less than
nn ru.r cro !
,. ..... ' , ......j ' Medical Lake, Wash. ' June.
.Miss Elizabeth Hart, of Portland., fa Ta)lman fc Co.( leading! Ella Garrett, Harry Walker; Ar
was a victim of tho Iroquois theater drugsSU and c rioepp t ' mlnta Gavltt, William Zohrung: Nellie
fire In Chicago. She was visiting in BrM IUckSi AVut.n igorwood; Sarah
Chicago, attending the performance Stewart. Bert Bycrs; Mabel Nyq.
witzi a inenu wnu nan mw nuun'uu
to death.
James Unch. who was to have.we,,k ovor u,e jomeroy branch rorn"311 ec.r! t,n,no"e . CunnlDgham
been hanged at 8alt Lake City on , Frye-Druhn & Co or Seattle by spe-1 Jvan ',w,l: ,Ne,1,e Iu,sn: J' CrlB
January 8, for murder, has had his cIai lrain. The shippers were E. N I l?r.:. E?'0 V0- Guy Wado; Maude
sentence commuted to life .Imprison., jibing and James Henler. The pro-4 B"r, .j0lnBln:tI raud" S!0
ment for saving tho lives of two prls- ducert were j. 8. Qallaway, Richard ' .ir5" tt; Joale Hudspeth, AVllllam
on guards in the Tecont Jail break at Sargent. Campbell & Saniord and It. "aap : ?ry White, James Par.
Salt Lake. 'A.Jackson. The shipment comprised J1; Mau5e Baker' Armbr03tL Curl:
, ewes, wethers and lambs. It Is said V,1,,an Konnlson, Honry Casteol;
In Real Estate
5200 acres rood wheat land
Well watered and improved.
$12.50 per acre.
1000 acre stock ranch All
fenced Raises 200 tons of
liai- lisc rnnntnff uialnf nnpn
. .-j) o v.,.-..
range near by, $5000.
io-room house and two
lots. Modern conveniences.
t 250O.
AH on Easy Terms.
T E. T. WADE Ar Snw 4
I' O. llox 321 4
'PhoDe BUck 1111 Office In'E, O, nldj
Bailey o
E" i C" "4" ! 'I'!
Hotel Pendleton.
A. W. Wilson. St Joe.
M. Garoff, Bourne.
J. C. Hearing. Elgin.
W. I,. Kasson. Cardcn.
H. Richards, Sumpter.
W. Pallen, Iing Creek.
Mnud Drasll. Starbuck
Mrs. E. S. Drasll, Starbuck.
Ed Burke. Portland.
C. M. Mullen, Weston.
S. A. Keyston, San Francisco.
.Mrs. L. Young, Moscow.
Hazel Coffman. Milton.
W. P Cavlness. La Grande.
R. A. Kelsey. La Grando.
U W. White. Portland.
George T Williams, Portland.
M. J Schmidt. San Francisco.
A. II. Snyder. San Francisco.
A. H. Snyder. San Francisco.
J. H. Wood, Minneapolis.
J It. Flynn. Portland.
A E. Mcllreen. Portland.
W. R. McRoberts, Spokane.
R. M Mallory. La Grande.
H. Edwards. Weston.
Alma Edwards. Weston.
Hotel Bickers.
Mary Xlelntosh. Boise City.
Miss Stella Marbyell. New York.
Mrs. J. J. Barker, Meacham.
C T. Barker. Meacham.
G. Nelson nnu wife.
Sam Lee. Spokane.
A. W. Connott. Seattle.
G. E. Waber. Walla Walla.
George Bradley. Athena.
J. W. Clay. North Fork.
E. R. Jones. Portland.
C. G. Carnahan. Elgin
.Mrs. C. V. Standago. Milton.
Bessie Parker, Boise. y
A. J. Fletcher, city.
.Mrs. H. O. Canfield.
Mrs C. A. Benger. Lexington.
J H. Morrison. Weston.
J. F. Thrasher. Walla Walla.
John Baker.
Bessie Baker.
S. S. Gill. Spokane.
F. J Allison. Starbuck.
J. H. Roddy, Starbuck.
J. A. Hubbard. McKay.
William Morrison. Morn.
J. H Cunningham. Portland.
Henrv Flsch, city.
It Belts. Pilot Rock.
Tells His Experience With Medical
Lake Sales for Others' Benefit,
M-iKa' Lake Salts Mfg. Cc, Spo
kane, V:.I,.;
I)far Slif Aiw suffering for two
years from i.hrouic diarrhocs, and
four dlffere.nv phys; clans having fail
er to give mo relloj. I was Induced to
leave my Nebraska farm and come
Xlarll.Mil I nl'A mmfiin ni. nl tiic
jlar a (our p o da and tal;lnK
1)(Ullg th( wondPrtui waler
started east to sell my ftrm and get
mi-nfmlli Tlnnrn (rrilno Vinx.'oc.r T
uiugbt a pound package of .Medical
. , . ' . . P.., . .
I :it ?.niiK. - n n nissnivin. I'm in
water, I drank frsely cf U. In two
weeks' time I vas realored from a
hcaiin, anu nave so rcmaiueu. i
would not be without Medical Lake
Salts If thoy cost $10 a pound.
Sheep Selling Well. I
... . . . .....!
lambs brought $2.60, and wethers
$3.10.-Dayton Courier-Press.
' ; I
Just One Minute.
One Minute Cough Cure gives re
lief In one minute, because It kills
the microbe v.-hlch tickles the musuus
mombrano. causing the cough, nnd
at the same time clears the phlagin,
draws out the Inflammation and heals
aud soothes the affected pans. One
Minute Cough Cure strancthoiis ihe
lungs, wardn off pneumonia, and Is a
harmless, never failing cure in all
curable cases of Coughs. Col s and
Croup. One Sllnuto Cough Curo Is
pleasant to take, Harmless and good
alike for young and old. Sold by
Tallmau & Co.
Olympla Beer Olympla Ceer,
The most popular brand for family
use. On draught at Anton Nolte's.
He also handles the oottlcd beer In
any quantity desired.
Swell slippers at Teutscu's.
Fees for Issuance of Same Amounted
" ' . , ,
to About $500-ABes Run f rom15
to 75 Years Two Chinese and
Eight Indians Among
the Appll-
n.,.. i ii......... i. .... i....,. ...
the clerk's office for the year 1903 Ins'
been n ...shlng one. and more tickets
. ... . .1 !.....
ueiv ISMi'.'U ill i.ilil l nil- iiiHii imiu
Iioj:. sent oi.t of the cft.ce at any year
In tho past. There have been IS4
licenses issued In the year, and nil
censes issucu in me year, una an. nan: .unrwia imniusi"", i. -
tit two of the certificates have been! son; Gertrude McQuary, IL Ktlwarils:
.turned, so that It Is safe to T tC.
that 3C0 people In the county hnvo
been made happy by the clerk ilur-
Ing tho year. If not permanently to,
fn, tin... n. le.ist. The rnuntv has
I been enriched about SSOO by tho fees, '
I the preachers nnd officers of the
county who are permitted to portorm i jinioks. J. J. La Fnve; Mnry l.anue,
t!c ceremonies have been put Into ' j( .Madison; Annie Searcey. P Kri
porseaslon of nearly twice that sum, 1 gor
ai.d. sorry to say, the lawyerw have November
also :eaped n small harvest from one . . , "
or U 3 mlsmated couples. Mry Henilrlckson K alman.
The nscs of those applying for II- ScWte To-Mnt. Henry An-
i" .... t ' t- na Hawks. Cnr! Hart Coruulln Tur-
years. There were two Chinese who , necllir. T. W Truman; ertlm Ballc
took the American plan for the guld.'l- McDern.ed; Sara Grllllth. 1? Dro.
ance of their future happiness, and 'noil; Uonu'va l.eedy, G. C Ransicr.
eight Indians. One couple backed out ; May Farley. J. H Beard; Mart hu Dai;
after the Issuance of tho license and noil. W . Look; H-rn Thomas. .
never married, and one preacher has 'I','1"'8' Kl ? ,U;,r,,n,',n"' J n ' . fi
1 forgotten to record the fact that he Clcav.. May Wallan. n Cm.brfl.
i performed a marriage. I Amy Baker. J. E. Owens: May Man-
! A romance Is recorded in one in-' h-y. U O. Stevens; Renn Johnson, M.
stance, where n man married the 1 Ceorge . Rosle Hx. 1 L. Adkinson.
widow left desolate by the death of Hlria nmrnth. T. A Allyn: Bessie
his brother, nnd In another case two I JobiiM.n .1 A. Mnrquis: IXirn Davis.
rrsnus or the same name secured a I w J- Waddle; Ruby Ford. C . Ham 1-
license to wed j ton. Mary Prohach. F. A. Mechtel;
The list of those who secured . Prudence Dunn, D. O. Adams: Roso
censes during the year is as follows: Sutton. W. G. Bogert.
i January. December.
Neva Rodgers, Harold E. Bettln- Amy Tuoker. C. G. Marcy; lJiurn
gur; Rose Kerrich. Carl Guiott; Alice Green. Bert Vincent; Caroline Bart-
( Tournllle. Charles .M. Lundy; Fnnny ' row. Benjamin Turpin: Nellie Mollis.
A Trask. Jesse A. Vaughn; Emma : Fred Laatr.; Alice Bacon. T. L. Baker;
: Brown, Charles M. Wright; Ijiura I May Bowlsky. H. " Updike; Mellls
Crafts. Marion Jack; Lucia E. Bow- sa Sherbum. W S. Brown; Dora
'man. 1). H. A. Clemens; I. M. John- IlehnUle. L. P. Johnson; Myrtle Hans-
'son. J. H. Olmsted: Delia Lehti. Mnr-1 i-om. H. T. HIII: GtMirgle Folsoin. H.
tin Mclaughlin; Clam Kessler. Wil- P Rolfe 11-hhI.- Miller. W. T. Gtnu:
llam P -ard. 1 Claude Copelnnd. U Boyd ; Hazel Ar-
, February. I nold. E It. Dupuis: Corn Cowan. C.
Bama Phillips. Thomas S. Gibson; H. Waltersf
Maude M. Carlile. Charles J. IlllgarJ;
l.ucretia C. Rathrock, Samuel A. Ma
loney; Clara T. Ijsh, Walter A. Wy
att. Etta Bowman. James W. Kinder;
Anna E. Johnson. .Mark C Nowlon;
Olhe N. Larks, George SI. Froomo;
Olive E. Slorgan, Chnrles H. Taylor;
Hattie Evans, John H. Friswold;
Edith Clem, Roy Ik-sou; .Minnie Bis
singer. Slarcus La Hue; Lydla G.
Rose, William Garrett; Lottie E. Rus
sell, Archie E. rortor.
Belle Phenla, Antone La Barn. Jane
Baldwin, W. W. Kirk; Oi Sen. Ung
Dog Goey; Ruth Collins. John W.
Chaney; Eva Overturf Tom Sueur;
Paura Bell Carley. Will H. Caplen
ger; Elizabeth Luiwr, Harry C. Ev
ans, Martha E. Bans.er, Fred Gross;
Grace A. Proehstel. Clnronce White
man; Nellie Dunn. Lorau Kennison,
Eva I.. Gibbs. James D. Huggins.
Claudia Annerguin, Ey Aninrd
.Mabel Wheeier, Charles Wek3;
Iila Douglas. Oliver Turner. Flora
E. Furgerson, Andrew Larseu, Ixila
P. Brooks, Frederick- Sllckelaon; rio
renco SIcReynolds, Elmer Searcy.
Slarj- Clark. Charles P. Dixon; Star
tha Cly, John F. uulllford; I-aura Da
ley. Walter SlcCormack. .Minnie
Kurtz, Carl Oberg; Lulu Newport. F.
H Hnrwood; Jessie Bell, Albert War
ren: Bessie Lockwood, James Boll;
Bessie Black, Medfor Burgan; Stella
Tracy. Thomas .Meyers; Ada Scran
Ion. Carl Stewart.
Clara Wilson, Charles Fishman;
.Mabel Mathews, Clarence I.euland;
?8,e11" W'l,",DJ'i "lorJck Kershaw;
Anmiata MrCartv. PrnnV Unmmnnrt-
" ' -
Victoria Fortier, Kronk Gngnon; Ma
ry Anderson, William Clemens; Fran-
-r r -..-
I""1; I,ank I,anKs' E'h'
I '
Locniean Jlacleay; Besslo Batlcgorc,
Mn-ntil Mvi
ivmv "ur"e?- ,A"uur ? " ' "oso
D"nte' i?Coe" Stella Sco-
Hold, John Hall; Therresse Hays,
I r ranK iiernn.
Emma Klrkpatrlck. William Wil
son; .Minerva Chapman, James Metz
lor; Bertha Harris, Harry Davidson;
Busnu Noll, James Payne; Elizabeth
Dozlor, Wesley Adcock; Slarcla To
rholla. JLuigl llelloma; Edith Gibson,
Floyd Anderson; Elizabeth Shaw,
Preston Slooro; Elslo Chrlstensen,
Stewart; Emma Hnigh. It. Borck; Ed
na .Moulton. E. E. Wishard; Besslo
Itauth, C- F. Fitzgerald; Theresa Fa
gan, R, Inman; Sllunlo Rose. N. H.
Wolthy Warmoll A. W. Shafer; OI
lie E. Ahel; B. A. Cartiicr: Mno Ev
ans, C. E. Whittlesey; Lucy Ryan, G.
F. Williams; Ruby Roberts,' J. E.
Bates; Elma Baling, R. E. Ward, Et
ta Snyder, F. S. Willis; Dora Hall.
C U Payno; Catherine Beck, C H.
Nelson; Slyra Woods, C Crowe. Ma-
Sara Ilntler,
H. I). Morrison,
Inclln Greatarox, H. It. North; Net
tle Howe. J. I lllackbnrn; Emma
Noble Walter Adams; I.olln Zachnry.
0 W Thompson. Anna Hovel, 0.
Xlortamer; Sarnli Pi. a. j.
son, Mlra Owens. C. A. Hecilor; Car-
rle KlIeilKe. J W. Walker; llcsslc
Ilryson. K. I- nnvls; Alia Womiloy.
p Thompson: P orenco Ilnllou, D.
, C. E. 1 wmi . McAtcC;
j nag. 'stannt,d, y. Frnzor; Conlle
.a Hue. It. O. Earn-onrt; Ednn Han -
dnll R. C Hieronymus. ivy mnci.
A Husou. Florence Hull, C. Lubaugn;
' 1 1 i.. niu t iimviiMipv: ijtnei Ken-
oyer. 1.. R Corkrum; Mlllndn War-
' v mon ...
. vwm.. .
Mabel Alison. I). HorcckliiK; Nellie
Kussell. J T. CarKlll; Oertrmlo Klwp
alK. I HiiiKel, Jessie Gormnti, J. Kll-
llan: .Martha TlioriiiKion. t. ijicmt.
, , T r;,,.,.!.,,.!; Amy Hnllett. W l.
Gardner. Lydla Ileckwu... I. Pnrriott;
'hols Porter. 1.. Porter; May llarton,
J tiainarn. aiui iiHb.u..,
11. F Cnr-
Aulas Planting, J. A. Heiidrlck'
I Ul11 Annii, Kennedv. W. E Love,
Clara Gaboon, li. E. Stocker. Inez
A Vest Pocket Doctor.
Never In the . a. no 'rout.le to
carry, easy to tu.e, pleasa'u nnd nev
'.r faiinK results are DeWltfs Lit
tie Early Risers. A vln. or these lit
tle pills in the vest lMickit is s. cer
tain guarantee against headache, jll
iousness, torpid liver nnd ml or the
ills lusulting from constipation. They
tonic and strengthen the t'ver Sold
by Tollman & Co.
John IJchty. " nronil" ' xnwmill
mnn of Sllvertou. was drowned in
Silver Creek, near his home. Satur
day. He was operating a headgate in
a dam holding logs for his mill when
he fell Into the stream. His body was
recovered four miles below
Htulli-'il with wulnut
Crystalized Fruits
By the lnx
F. W. Schmidt
Druggist, Posffice Hlock
Phone Main 851
? All persons knowing
f themselves to be in
debted to me will
call and settle their
their accounts as I
need the money.
Conrad Platzoeder i
Meat Market
euro Dyspopsla and all disorders
arising from Indigestion. Endorsed
by physicians everywhere. No euro
00 pay. 2D contp
For sale by F. W. Schmidt & Co.
,Tr.,,al 'mc,kaS Ires I' writing to
W. II. Hooker & Co., Buffalo, N. Y
rv Yokum. M. Hulclior,
' --"
At Actual
For a Few Days Oily
Lantiqoe Ware Vases
, ,
Lotiwelsa Ware Jardinieres
Pcrfccto Ware Vases
This is a rare opportunity to get these
goods at a very low figure, and as we bye
bat a few pieces left this offer will not last '
1111 W '1 V llrAllin
m mm m K.m i w m m m iii
Let us fill them ar.d save you
No matter what you desire, be it an
elaborate and artistic odd piece or whole
set for any room, or for an outfit for
yoor entire house, or plain fornltgre ot
any description, we have It. We will
take pleasure In showing yoti thtoogh
our larfee and complete collection nl
new goods. Most attractive and largest
line of IRON BEDS in Pendleton ate
shown In our stock. Carpets and Lin
oleums to please the fancy of all.
b am . m & m m mm tk 11 r
Comolete Furniture Store.
r tnrinr rr rr n iv n t . . . n .. . " " .. " .. .. - -
m. wvt nTfOTr a r i
.iiiimsiiiiiiiiiim ai
Try "Pendleton Boquet" tnd "Pride ol uoau
iviaoe ai name. xx.
7Mm OT?TVTT TC flfl
For one of our high-grade Sewiuc Mocbui
'Pi,,, c: ; u..iAttA tn he the most
proven it to be the beat machine for any par
nose. We would be .pleased'to have yon uk
a iSinger on trial, we Jcnow wnai
payment down and the balance m ei)'n
Office-5o9 College Street
I wv I vw ou.'s riTa
The new store can ntver be A nFH ' ,W
known unless It advertises ML V u'
, - -
e. ... u..:i Time Ml 1
.. .. . without it"1
1 ? WUItHI""' .
i,v. work
not delay pic,u" '
in cljargp of
. T A I NIB'