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Eastern Oregon Weather
fjZ Orcgonlnn. j
! Tonight clomly wlfli probnbly
occasional rnln ; tmndny cloudy
NO. 4S!)0.
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tell On I?nnrllirtfiH
;es win -
Bishop O'Reily at 3 P.
L and Thoroughly Modern In
It, Equipments Furnished
Elevator and Lined With Ad-
Plastering Cos! of the
lure Heaay iur
I Thousand Dollars.
lorK at tlio itispltnl hub reach-
fccglnnliig of tut: enu ami in a
tit ilme will 1)0 ready for tho
Itients. Inu carpenters, uie
and linemen arc all wonting
for the early completion or
k and by the time tho house
I to be thrown open to tho pub-
Irrow afternoon, everything
i nlacc ana all will be tlnlsn-
file exception of n few of the
retails .which can bo attended
ly Id the future.
bme days past the Sisters of
Ids have been busy cleaning
building and putting things
proper places as fast as the
were out of the way, and
Ivork it is honed to havo all
Ir the dedication on Sunday
lomphtte and Elegant.
is but to see the interior of
: in Its finished state to form
a of Its completeness as a
and Its value to tho city,
itnrc 'Is 'beginning to arrive
disposition of the rooms nas
e. The lodges and tho indl-
ho are Intending to furnisn
id beds aro gett.ng their turn.
aay, ko that all will be In-
iten the place Is opened for
Hon of the public.
of the building through-
M nml varnioiied, making
ter-proof and germ-proof,
walls are finished In nda-
sterlng. and all the woodwork
natural finish
Details of Arrangement.
t wing of tho third lloor is
:1 ojr the sisters as sleeping
aeToom in me extreme end
iag on the north side Is set
a Elck room for tho Bisters,
room just across tho hall, in
cast corner of the inillillni?
Jtted up as a chapel. The
' upper floor Is for the use
Pitai patients.
ngement of tlio second
tactically tho snmo ns tho
3 on this lloor the- rooms
oj prlvatu subscrlntlon bo-
war On i.ie northeast cor-
mie or rooms wnleh will be
"1 Mrs, I . A Tbotnnonn
r down the hall is tho Odd
un tho lower lloor. In
corner Is tho room to
ino Ellis. It is d rcctlv
te fitted un bv Mm
and .b Identical with It In
tondcred at tho Hotel Pendleton to
Bishop O llolloy. Governor Chamber.
lain and other of tho friends of the
nospitai by the Sisters of St. Francis
O. R, & N. Boats Will Soon Resume
Runs on Upper River.
Lcwtston, Nov. 7. The water
gauge at tne whnrf of tho Lewlston
& Southern Navigation company yes
terday morning showed that the river
nau risen an men during the night,
and during tho day tho water was
still coming up. It is bollevcd that
within a few days the river will be
sufficiently high to permit the steam
er Imnaha to resume the traffic on
me upper river as a raise of six
Inches will make navigation safe as
rar as turcica.
Tho company has sufficient busi
ness now in sight to keep the boat
engaged for soveral months, and
much of tho freight now awaiting
smpmont is needed at tho camps and
will be moved as soon as the boat
can bo started.
The Yellow Boy Mining comnanv
has a largo amount of ore that will
bo shipped to the smelter at Tacoma
as soon as tho boat commences to
make regular trips, and it is probable
mat otner mining companies will
havo ore to bring out later in the
season. Large quantities of provis
ions, lumber and mine equipment are
now stored at the company's wharf,
and more will he shipped as soon aa
me dock is cleared.
Loaned the State Money.
Salem, Nov. 7. The state board
last evening examined n large num
uor of applications for loans on ac
count of the Irreducible school fund,
and of tho many applications received
10 were approved, these loans aggre
gating $55,050, while hut two m-pre
rejected, amounting to $2,100.
Meteor Causes Terror.
McMInnville. Nov. 7. A large m
teor which swept through tho air just
anove tne housetops with a horrify.
ing noise last evening caused almost
u panic in this city.
Germany Was Expected to Be an Obstructionist, But Declares
"America's Action is Reasonable and Legitimate."
France Is Satisfied Because It Secures 'Protection of French Interests
American Cruisers Beginning to .rrive at the Isthmus The Provls.
lonal Government on the Isthmus Has Officially Declared Its Independ
enceGreat Excitement Prevails at Bogota.
Berlin. Nov. 7. Tho German for
eign office has authorized a statement
as follows:
Germany approves America's no-
tlon ns to Panama, which is reason
able and perfectly legitimate. Every
groat power would act similarly In
me same circumstances.
The senatius. all warmly congratu
lated thu president on his prompt ac
tion taken yesterday In recognizing
tho Panama republic and assured him
of the senate's support in the mat
ter. Hegardlng Cuban reciprocity meth
ods whereby tho president's plnns
uermany recognizes the new re- i. .,,;ij . .... ".
ilondtnv Pr,ahCtlCa",y an Air'C1,n dV: H hu not bo Welded
pendency. She welcomes the change I wnclner j, Hha)t Il0 by hm or Jolnt
resolution that Cuban reciprocity
I Class Operating Room,
'rating room has been fin
rows time and Is one of the
i. hi i nl8'l on the
" tiled in whit,. ,.,i,i
Mils urn nt . ...
IH 11. . ' """'"MUl pias-
I" the whole interior is cov-
linl i. , ,or namol-flnlsh
"UK it Olmn hit.. I.,
lU f ln8 carefuy clean-
ItiVLV. . ")rnor 10 corner.
W nail from the operating
P anaesthetic room, whore
'to be operator! mmn to ,.
L"'e 'nn-enie of the
to ii. .... m ,,lere across
room is
I the Instruments are kept
K?1?' PWo in
I '"ough not b0 inr. nflr.
17. . . the Mate.
K. and u.i, ""lle ovor
Hldta. jfn rf!!l'lcte tho
Hr,V,,u" cost In
No Especial Demand for it Yet, Not
a Member of the Legislature Having
Expressed Himself in Favor of It
Governor Chamberlain late yestor
day evening gave out tho following
brief Interview on the quostlon of the
special session to the Oregon Dally
Journal. The governor said:
"I have received no request from
any senator or representative elected
from any county that Is presumed to
bo liable to suffer It n special session
of tho legislaturo bo not called.
"If any of tho counties, cities or
school districts would bo crippled In
theft- corporate functions, I should
hear from members of the legislature
representing thorn.
"So far, I have not dotcrminod wluit
course I shall pursue. I am looking
into tho matter and am Informing
myself as to tho condition of the
state's finances. I find that the busi
ness of tho stato would go on without
Interruption ur serious inconvenience,
oven though thero -were no extra ses
sion, nnd tho expenses were provid
ed for by tho issuance of evidences
of Indebtedness,
"Thorefore, so far us concerns tho
state government, there is no press
ing need for a special session to cor
rect defects in tho inx laws that havo
been pointed out In the opinion hand
ed down by tho supreme court."
and jM-cfers that the canal be under
the wntrol or America rather than of
an unstable South American state,
whoso whim might lead her to block
the 'canal and bombard tho passage
of ships."
France Stands Pat.
Paris, Nov. 7. The news that
America has recognized the new re
public ol Panama favorably Impress
ed the Fiench officials.
The government has now definitely
decided to follow suit provided Pana
ma guarantees me maintenance of
the rights of of the French Panama
Canal Company and tho protection of
trench Interests.
Constitutional Government.
Washington, Nov. 7. Panama ad
vices say the revolutionary govern
ment has Issued a call for a constitu
tional convention to meet Monday,
for the purpose of adopting a perma
nent form of government providing
for the selection of a president and
for a cnnal treaty.
A White House Conference.
Washington, Nov. 7. An important
conference took place at the white
house this morning, at which Aldrlch,
Allison, Spooner. Hale, Cullom and
Piatt of Connecticut, discussed Pana
ma ami Cuban reciprocity.
shall ! made effoctifce.
Cruiser Has Arrived.
1'annmn, Nov. 7. The cruiser At
lantn arrived at Colon this morning.
Panama's Provisional President,
Washington, Nov. 7. Consul Mai
mros, of Colon, cables tho stato de
partment .his morning that Proforlo
.Menendej; has been nppointed and
Change In Service to Shorten the
English-American Time.
New York, Nov. 7. Tho departure
of tho steamship Philadelphia from
this port today marks the Inaucura
tiou .of thu now sailing schedule of
the American line. Instead of sailing
Wednesdays, as heretofore, tho
steamships of this line are hence
forth to sail Saturdays. Tho princl
pal object of tho chnngo Is to ntd tho
United States postal authorities in
Improving tho mail service to Great
Deserters From Dowie's Colony Are
at Portland.
Portland, Or., Nov. 7. Wllllnm
Itodgers nnd seven ciders from Zlon
City aro here, and will buy land In
tho Wlllametto valley nnd start n col
ony tn opposition to Elijah It. Thoy
havo deposited large sums in local
banks nnd will biing nt tho start 150
Much Less Ginned in 1903 Than In
Washington, Nov. 7. Tho census
bureau this morning Issued n bulle
tin showing tho quantity of cotton
ginned fiom the crop of 1903 up to
October IS. It is approximately 3,
SOO.000 bales, as against nearly 0,000,
000 ginned up to the- corresponding
date In 1902.
Princess Attempted Suicide.
Paris, Nov. 7. Tho Happclo today
asserts that Princess Loulso recently
attempted suicide. Troubles sluce she
eloped with Glron aro rapidly unset
tling her mind, and sho will shortly
inaugurated governor of Colon nnd i ,10 SPnt n asylum.
nas omciany proclaimed tlio independ-1
Superintendent Lyman Now
Touring the Stato to Arouse
Teachers Urged to Gptlect Original
Essays From Puplrs to Form Part
of the Oregon Display Botanical
and Forestry Exnlblts Will Be Elab
orate Good Position Secured In
enro of the Republic of Panama.
It adds that everything Is quiet
there today. A message from Vice
Consul Khrman, nt Paunma, says qui
et prevails there also. v
Excitement at Bogota.
Panama, Nov. 7. A belated dlB
patch from Minister Ueaupro, at Bo
gota, dated Nov. 4, says great excite
ment prevnlls nt Bogota on account
of a serious disturbance on the isth
mus, tending toward a movement for
Tho state department has advice
that Burneaii Vnrllla has been chosen
by tho new republic as Its diplomatic
representative at Washington. Ho is
n prominent financier nnd one of tho
most Important stockholders In the
French-Panama Compariy.
"Went A-Kltelng."
Dover. England, Nov. 7. S. F, tody,
the kite expert, succeeded In crossing
the channel In n s'mnll boat drawn by
kites. Hit started Wodnesday after
noon and nrnved this morning.
Confession of Complicity In Kidnap.
ping of Cudahy Boy.
Omaha, Nov. 7. The pollctt anil
Cudahy discredit the alleged confes
sion by Costello at St. Joseph, that
ho assisted Pat Crowe to kidnap the
Cudahy boy. Neither will investigate,
costello worked In tho Cudahy plant
at tho time of the kidnapping. He Is
a hard drinker.
Company Responsible for an Illegal
Rate of Speed.
Indianapolis, Nov, 7. The coroner
at noon, after hearing moro evidence
as to the lata! Purdue wreck, fore
casted his verdict by criticising tho
Big Four officials. He said tho en
glneeer was not altogether to blame,
as the 'suiterlntcndent allowed only
live minutes to go two miles Into
the heart of the city, whereas the law !
only allows a four-mile speed.
Piofessor II. S. Lynuin, superin
tendent or schools of Clatsop county,
nnd nlso superintendent of tho Ore
gon educational exhibit for the St.
Uttils fair, arrived In thu city this
morning on n tour of tho Knstern Oro
bon counties, In the Interest of tho
Professor Lyman tlnds thu Interest
In tho educational work very groat in
ovury portion of tho stale, and has
just returned from a very successful
trip through Southern Oregon, whero
ho wns rewarded by receiving assur
ances of nctlvo and energetic work,
on tho part of educators nnd cltlzuns
Interested in making a credanble
showing at tills fair.
Ha is organizing the work princi
pally through tho superintendents ot
the dlfforont counties nnd Is confer
ring with Supcrlntomicnt Nowlln to
day, who Is also n momber of . the
educational committee of thu state In
charge of thu work.
Features of the Exhibit.
Tho educational exhibit will con
sist In a display of tho toxt-bookH ot
tho dlfforont grade's, used In Oregon
schools, and a full complement ot
class papers and completed lessons
accompanying each grade showing tho
faithfulness of teachers und scholars,
in following tho prescribed courso of
study mapped out In tho text-books.
As one of thu special features ot
tho exhibit, Professor I.yinnn desires
to hnvo as many descriptive articles
on different localities and Industries
In Oregon as possible, to lend an orig
inal, local features to the exhibit, .In
addition to tho prescribed lessons
I rum tho lext books. Toachors nnd
pilni Ipals of public Hchouls, aro es
pecially ruiiui-sted to collect us.innny
Green Is Opposed to the Sale
of Intoxicants.
Cincinnati, Nov. 7. Mis. Lewis
Green, widow of the millionaire- whis
key king who died at Ixis Angeles
a year ago, has Issued notices to a
number of bur tenants, saloon keep
ors here, that she will not renew their
leases because she Is opposed to the
sale of Intoxlcnnts.
Transporting Troops.
Belgrade. Nov. 7. Ordinary tralllc
has been' suspended for two days to
permit the transportation of troops
nnd military supplies to the Turkish
Irontier Tin- reason Is unknown.
Harold Haynie, of'Seattlc, Will Go to
the Penitentiary.
Seattle, Nov. 7 Harold Haynie,
tho notorious "spotted horse" bandit,
was1 sentenced for six years this
moiuiug. Haynie did several hold-up
jobs, using a hoiso and buggy and
compelling his young wife to hold tho
horso while ho jumped out and held
up the victims,
Row Results From Investigation of
Charges That the Gamblers Have a
Stand-In Wltn Officials at City' Hall.
Chicago, Nov. 7. Angered bv rovo-
J billons made before tho graft Inves
tigation committee, Mayor Harrison
this afternoon sent out 20 detectives
Willi a li anxet order to ralil nvnrv
gambling house In Chicago. It Is lliol'T "'In eharaclor of articles as possl
most sweeping order .ii yearB and "10, aim lorwani them to Astoria,
ndds a sensational chapter to tho ! Tlio botanical exhibit from this
moral spasm now slinking the i-lty j "into will lie especially Interesting on
Two days ago reputable cltlzoim I ount of great variety of plates and
tostllled to games operated within a flowers lo be found and tho wonder-
iniuiiDN wiiiiw in mo city mill, ill- ui wiwua mm can no coi-
i though the filler of pollen staled Icclcd uiidur thu head of forestry.
Uheio Is no gambling In the city. ' I'f'fi'asor I ymnn Is meeting with n
citizens niso teslllloil that gnnibl- "cuny reception in overy portion or
f'ls were always given a tip from the
Inside when a raid wub pioposnd. In
some Instances (hoy bud tlino Id re
move tho entire furo and crnp wheel
layouts bcrore tho police arrived.
The first place i aided today was a
room In Shorman Place, w.'iero n pol
icy layout was poized, including bund
Receiver Appointed.
Heading, Nov 7. A receiver was
appointed today for the great Carpen
ter bind Company.
tho state, nnd fools confident that ho
will bo nblo to ninko n showing from
Oregon fuily ns creditable as any of
tho older states, which havu mado ed
ucational work special foaturos for
nearly a century.
Excellent Position,
DM,. 41.... 1.1 l
.eda of tickets and u largo sum of llla" v,ir vmT o
money. Two operators wore arrest Z & Ilund o'ark
stnto commission, hns nocurcd ono of
-,.. M.7Zlrr "lc '")Ht portions in tho Oregon build
Expressman Murdered. ,ns for , inUo,,,,. ,,,!, ,,
Texarkana. Nov. 7. Rxnrnssiiinii ovcrv visitor ttw rummm i.. r ..,,
Couoluml, non-unionist, or tho Pacific! of tho building, will como In direct
uuiujiuiiy, was nssassmaiou last night i contact with tho exhibit.
Quotations Furnished by Coe Commis.
slon Company B. E. Kennedy, Lo
cal Manager,
Pendleton N'nv 7. Wires ale down
,, utrit- uiTriiHH , -- -
l"0 table. A.Hninin i., today and no market letter hns been
Mm l. -i-"""!. "in i , , , . , ).,.,,
Wie Slerllmni? I kvi. whuiu nuora -it ui" ........
viu.ii jcoiuiuuy,
Chicago, Nov. 7.
Wheat Opening.
Doc 7SV4
May 7&V4
Minneapolis, Nov. 7.
Wheat Opening.
Dec 78
May 77
Chicago Wheat.
Chicago, Nov. 7. Wheat oponod at
78; closed 78.
" 3 P. m., Sunday,
78 tt
r ""clock T, '""X
th I"10 People aro
f wr, ,r'7'n.. and at 3
Uomn;'1a K IbIP
I" wake tin ' "1H"P
lrnor oi ,p,enlnS "'
1 m aiirtro rlum w"
I of tho mi , V u A"0 cnurcii
h'lualol"".' 'ni""lnd.
Illi i .vllle addresses
v. - t mrnuttt . .
P t the n i, n lon
m t Lp"b c ami thoy
st ha fP tho cm
rWni .WT Provided
enro of
will bo
Last Uetalls Will Be Attended to To
night at 7:30 O'clock.
Tho final mooting of the general
committeo to make preparations lor
tho Irrigation convention and the en
tertainment of tho dolegatos will be
held this ovenlng nt 7:30 Jn the rooms
of tho Commorclal Association. At
this tlmo all of the final nriyingo
monts will bo mndo und the work
of entertainment will ho apportioned.
i wiiiio unioauing irolgbt. The nssas
sin escaped on horseback. Tho sher
iff Is In pursuit with bloodhounds. It
Is not bclloved ho was klllod on ac
count of tho strike, but because of an
old feud.
Chicago. Nov. 7 The stieet car
employes by live to one, voleiK' to
strllto. The ofllcors or the Interna
tional Association of Street Car Work
ers Immediately prepared to hold a
conference with tho street railway of
ficials. ;
The latter say thoy will arbitrate
all legal demands, but inasmucl; as
thov have repeatedly reHised an In
crease In wages, or to recognize the
unions, tho linmesslon Is growing that
a strike cannot be averted.
Conference Next Monday,
Chicago. Nov. 7 A conteience or
ofllolnls or the street railway employes
and tho Chicago City Hallway Compa-
nv will bo hold Monday at wnicn tne
employes' demands for an Increase of
lour rents an hour will lie uiscusseu.
I twas to have been hejil today, but
tho railways aro not proparad to lis
ten to tho employes' rnprcbentativos.
Thu belief is pievalent that a strike
is Inevitable.
There is some talk or application
for an Injunction restraining the uillon
officials from oiderlng a strike.
Chicago May Not Be Affected,
Chicago, Nov. 7. No official notice
of u general strike has been received
here of tho structural Iron workers,
Olllclals suy tho building season is
iiuuny over ami mat less man j.zuu
would be affected by a general strike
order. Secretary O'Brien Is of tho
opinion a strike will not bo called
against tho contractors who are not
affiliated with the New Yoik associa
tion, with which the union has Its
Arlington Robber Captured,
IJeppuer, Nov. 7. Sheriff U, M.
Shutt has captured K. I), (iruun, one
of tho innn nccusid or robbing tho
Arlington saloon or $000, some weeks
ago. Oreen was asleep In a hay mow
at lono when the capture was iiiuilu.
Fire In Shaw's Gardens.
St. Ixiuls, Nov. 7. Fire this morn
ing destroyed many rant plant In
Shaw's Hardens, which eannnt bo re
placed, and $10,000 worth or other
"Didn't Know It Was Loaded."
KnlsVlllo. Utah, Nov 7. -Clyde
Lambert.' 10 years old. was shot and
Instantly killed by hia 12-year-old
brother with a 22.callbro rlflo. Ho did
not knpw it was loaded.
Butte, Nov. 7. Tho Korsargo mine
at Virginia City, Is burning. Eight
lives arc reported lost, including It.
II. Turner, tho superintendent and
one of the most prominent mining
men or tne West. Six others are In
the mines
Turner Sacrificed Himself,
From Co to 55 men aro still in tho
Supcilnlendent Tmiiici gave his life
for his men. Ho was at breakfast
when the alarm enme, and rushed to
the main tunnel, fit 'ling everything
ablaze. He and om- miner groped
their their way dow r l drugged out
five Thoy then n .do a secohd at
tempt at rescue, id failed to come
out Later they were taken out dead,
British Cabinet Resignations.
, Liverpool, Nov. 7. Tim Post says
Iyird Stanley, who was recently up
pointed postmaster-general, and Cav
edlsn, tho financial secrutnry of tho
.casury, are picparlng In resign.
Bishop O'Reilly Will Arrive.
Bishop C J. O'liellly will leai h the
city this evening to be present at the
dedication of tho hospital tomorrow.
Ho has been ut Helena, Mont., to at
tend the funeral of Bishop John 11.
Biouditll, of that city.
Tremens or Insanity,
Joo Hughes, the old inun who was
arrested some days ago for having In
his possession the sack of tobacco
taken from the seno of tho fire of
Sunday night is In the tounty jail
with an attack of tho delirium trem
ens, or else ho is insane.
Professor Lyman will have direct
charge of -iu exhibit at St. Umls. mid
is very desirous of having all tho
stato exhinlts ut Astorjn by February
1, In order (hut they may be plucetl
In tho Oregon building in Ht. Louis
by April 1, tho tlmo fixed by the man
agement for the closo of the exhibit
It 1h hoped that Umutllla counlv
teachers and parents Interested In
making u good showing or tho state-,
will mnliii u' specialty or suturing urlx
Inul descriptive urtlclos mid oshioh mi
Oregon topics, for this dlspluy.
Has Much Trouble Vlth Violators of
the Limit of Killing Clause.
J W. Baker, of Cottage drove, the
stale me warden tftu L.v i i uun
ty, Is In the city for u Mliorl visit Mr
linker Is making a tour or Hie Man
to meet the various wiuiIkiin or He
state und Is nnv the mienl oi
.Mr. Baker is from the lund or the
China pheasant, and U having a
great deal of trouble In ciuthlng the
clubs who kill ovor thodnd..fi &&&
men rtoiu the Portland game shoot
liiK clubs who kill ovur the limit nr
10 birds a day. Those men will take
a couple or boys with them ami thou
divide tho birds, t (lint when tho
warden holds thorn up there In no
moro than an nvorago of 10 birds In
tho party. Birds In tlio valley are
very plentiful this season, and tin
sportsmen are reaping a harvest.
Tin Mexican government nnd Mex
ican corporations are actually encour
aging the immigration of Chilli "
coolies Into (hat country