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Eastern Oregon Weather
napp-",,- . r
f Ton
Tonight anil Saturday cloudy,
the "5"
occasional rain.
NO. 4 8H.
Board Appointed
aft a Law for the
for eastern ,o,regon.
Lmberlaln Acts on a Res-
l,ed at Last Sesslon-
nkeny, Zera Sntfw and H.
of Willamette Valley, Re
appointments Duties and
f the Commission.
. ... ...pl'npmnl 1V
Ld board upon the return
Chamberlain from the
the appointment of the lr-
Limlsslon for Oregon,
Ibt senate concurrent res-
jO, adopted at the last bcs-
legislature, mis cuiuiuis-
fcposed or nve men u.o
i practical irrigators anu
luce with thf provision,
has named as the law-
Snow, of Portland, anil
G. Halley, or mis cuy;
I Irrigators, C W. Mallet,
laid Henry Ankeny, of
! as civil engineer, H. V.
Li of Commission.
I of this commission Is to
lid offer for Introduction
session of the legislature,
rigatlon law for the state
so framed as to suit the
leds of the state, and so
as to tegulatu water
distribution in the most
helical manner.
i fact that the rccla-
mcnt has 4ntlmatCdthat
an up-to-date irri
rlght law, beforo
t would feel encouraged
the irrigation plans
Iplated' in the state, the
r resting on this commls-
Dr. Williamson, Asylum Physician for
17 Years, Resigns His Position.
Salem, Nov. 6. Dr. W. T. William
son, who has been head physician for
the Oregon ,Insane Asylum for the
past 17 years, has resigned his posi
tion to live in quiet for a time, after
which he will resume his old practice.
Tho resignation tajtcs effect in No
vember 15.
This will result in several promo
tions In tho asylum force of physic
ians, as Dr. U F. GntlU.is, second
physician, will now succeed to the
first place, Dr. W. A. McNary will be
come second physician, and Dr. Tarn
lesie will be third assistant.
The salaries paid In the respective
positions, are as follows:
First physician, $1,800 per year;
second', $1,200; third, $1,200; fourth,
Dr. Williamson is one of the most
prominent physicians in the state, and
his resignation will bo regretted by
those who have been associated with
him in the service of the state for so
many years.
The Famous Walking Delegate
Will Serve a Term at Sing
Sing for Perjury.
Caught in Mangle.
La Grande, Nov. C. Miss Eva Deal,
an cmployo of the union steam laun
ury had one hand severely Injured in
the mangier last evening, nnd but for
the prompt ac tion of the engineer in
shutting down, would have lost her
arm. It is not thought she will lose
the hand.
I treat.
ts are supposed to be
He meeting of the State
teoclation in this city.
and Tuesday tor the
letting in touch with the
tie state hut owing to
Ion which the commission
I 'I is Impossible to say
pra. Aultmy Snow and
"end or not
H1 be here and Mr.
kertalrjly he on hand to
ftuatlon 'rom the legal
personnel ot the com-
i to bo as good as could
tosen In the state It has
Irrigators that nt
t the commission would
In Eastern Oregon, tho
ruiplace Of Orpcnti tri-l.
fe Is every reason to bo-
memDors wt take lust
Iwt In the vital subject,
I I1 of them llvml with.
lot the sage umsh plains
toe Commission.
t .
m is empowered to
Clerku fniiirc ........
lunnuiato new
w upou uy the legisla-
Mai IUSKH VVII lw. tn
fe and take up the
iuuno and Utah,
electing the strongest
" nun now fnainMB
t Peculiar conditions in
we meetinir (,r t,,. ..
t week, tin antiun
Place on this com.
""UUtM Whftn ,.Ut-
Uca i7, uoneu na ne
Fw Irrigators to be
Smallpox at La Grande.
La Grande, Nov. C. Charles Mc
Clure, who went to the new mining
camp in Baker county last week, re
turned home today witn a well de
veloped case of smallpox, and went
immediately to the pest house.
I sire
"9 Real Winter
Ie ot thB 7" b ino "r8t
I fell t. . . ' Ha"
'1 ,n'8ht. which
V. owlnV . . 110 greater
Ma v Sniper-
-" traveling
. "U;6,
Other, n,.. .
Jured. ' n-
i Nov r .
..lo holler
er a8 , 8 exploded,
killed i ?awn bun.
Ullv : ,a,0B8tant,
.i. "y balded Pm
' W4 Injured.
Music Halt Will Be Beautifully Decor,
a ted and Will Contain an Exhibit
General Committee Will Meet Again
Saturday Night.
The genera) committee on arrange
ments for the irrigation contention,
met last night to apportion the ex
pense money among the special com
mittees, and make some final arrange
ments .for the entertainment of the
The Ittiauce committee reported that
tbry had raised about $500 for the
expenses of the work and this was
distributed according to the needs of
the severni committees
Decorations and Exhibits.
The committee on decoration and
entertainment was given $150. and
will be given moie if they need it.
This committee has in hand the doc
oration of Music Hall, where the re
ception will be given, and are going
to havo the best decoruted ball ever
xoen in the city.
It will be the.ir endeavor to show
some of tho produets of tho county,
and tho walls will he covered with
designs in fruit, grains and grasses of
tho county.
Some of the choicest Indian robes
from the Pendleton mills will be
used, and altogether tho different
rooms will be beautiful when finished
Tho reception committco was given
$50, and will return to the general
committee all that they do not use, if
there is a remainder. The test of tho
money was retained In the hands of
tiie general committee, and will he
used as the occasion warrants.
After somo informal discussion the
committees adjourned to meet again
Saturday evening, when the tinal ar
rangements for the convention will
bo made.
The people of the city have respond
ed ouito liberally in the matter of en
tertainment for the delegates, and it
Is thought that by the time of tho con
vention there will be plenty of rooms
provided for all who will attend.
Parks Is Also Subject to Prior Sen
tence for Extortion Conviction for
Perjury Secured by Another Walx
Ing Delegate Turnin State's Evi
denceMay Not Survive His Term.
Remarkable Case,
Instructions to United States
Representatives at Panama
and Bogota
Colombian Troops Have Evacuntej
Colon, Leaving All Holnts on the
Isthmus in the Hands of the New
Government "Republic of Pana
ma" Must Make Goo. With Law
and Order.
New York, Nov. 6. Sam Parks was Washington, Nov. i!. It is itnnomtcJ
loaay sentenced to two years and a tlmt mmodately after the cabinet
half. In the Tiffany case Counsel ,,,. , A , . . ... , ,
Battle for the prisoner asked for a n,CL',lnK '"V statement will bo is
new trial on legal questions. Judge . HUt'"' "cognizing the new government
Newburger refused. at Panama as a do facto government.
Battle then asked for lenience. The Tile American consular otneers at
Judge replied he had given the matter n
considerable thought, but concluded Panamn aml Coon' a,ul commanders
the sentence the lightest possible ! of American vessels at Panama will
, . .7 -I.- -1 , I... ,ia..j 1 1 ...
under the circumstances
Parks received his sentence calmly
and was led back to his cell. He will
probably bo taken to Sing Sing this
afternoon. There is considerable
doubt as to whether he will survive
the sentence.
Parks is also under sentence for ex-!
bo notified accordingly.
Colon Evacuated.
Washington, Nov. fi. Tho navy de
partment received n dispatch Irom
Commander Hubbnrd. of the Nash
ville, confirming last night's reports
populace iias accepted it with rejoicing
Admiral Cogh.an to Panama,
Washington, Nov. C The bureau of
navigation announces that Admiral
Glass' squadron is expected to arrive
at Panama this evening.
Tho president today assigned Rear
Admiral Coghlln, familiarly known as
"Hoeh dor Kaiser," to command tho
naval lorces nt Panama. Coghlan was
summoned by the secretary of tho
navy to Washington, whero ho was
instructed today. Ho leaves tonight
for ('olou on the president's fast
yacht .Mnyllower, and upo.i arrival
vlll Immediately assume command of
the American licet now rcndezvoulng
at Colon and Panama,
Clash Narrowly Averted.
New York, Nov. C Panama ad
vices ate thnl.a clnsh between Co
lombians and American marines was
narrowly averted at Colon yesterday.
Colombians throw stones nt tho ma
rine!, and otllcers and were finally
notllled that unless tlioy stopped they
would be fired upon. Tho Colombians
then subsided.
Recognized by Cuba.
Havana, Nov. G. Tho Cuban repub
lic Is among the first to recognize
the Independence of tho new republic
Panama. The Cuban consul at Pana
ma has been authorized to treat with
tho provisional organization as inde
pendent of Colombia.
Indians to Have Full and Impartial
WuKhlngtun, Nov. 0. Advices from
Pine Itldgo agency this morning nro
that all Is quiet. General Knox in
structed tho district attornoy of Wy
oming to see that tho Indians havo a
lair trial and full justice.
was swept away by the confession, of
Parley, a fellow walking dcgelate,
that both be and Parks perjured
themselves at tho trial.
A large number of spectators were
in court this morning, including
Walking Delegate McCarthy.
Discrepancy of $750,000 Between Evi-
' dence and Accounts.
New York, Nov. 6. Dixon was
again on the stand today in the
United States shipbuilding case and
closely questioned regarding the
amount of cash on hand when the
Crescent Shipbuilding Company was
tnken into the combine. Ho claimed
the books showed the figures. Attor
ney Guthrie claimed that while tho
books showed a surplus of $215,000,
there was an actual deficit of $50u,
000. Dixon denied such knowledge.
Dixon was questioned on tho ex
pert's advice regarding the various
plants. Mr. Guthrie wanted to know,
sarcastically, what eminent expert ap
praised the Union Iron Works at San
Francisco at $100,000,000. Mr. Dixon
replied ho had a letter to that .effect
fioin Mr. Folges an accountant In the
employ of tho Union company.
Quotations Furnished by Coe Commis
sion Company B. E. Kennedy, Lo
cal Manager,
Pendleton, Nov, C Liverpool open
ed higher and ciosed U .higher.
Fair demand yesterday at seaboard.
Northwest receipts, 8CC cars, against
800 cars a year ago. Chicago, 107,
against 283. The May future open
ed around yesterday's close, and after
a dip of 't cents, rallied with De
cember to a fraction above yester
day's close, where it. held steady dur
ing most of tho day. It looks as if
wheat had mnde a turn and should
do better.
Tho fnntnro of the morning in llio
stock market was tho selling of steel
preferred and common supposedly
for Pittsburg.
Chicago, Nov. C.
Wheat Opening.
May 78'.
Minneapolis, Nov. (i.
Wheat Opening.
Dec 78Vi
May 77
Chlcano Wheat,
Chicago. Nov 6. Wheat opened at
78, closed nt 78,
tortlng $200 from Joseph Plenty. Ho , or tllB evacuation of Colon by tho Co
had begun his sentence when release ; 'ombians and assumption of autborl
was' obtained a few months ago on a thu provincial government, and
certificate of reasonable doubt. This il,,ds tnnt everything is quiet today.
Recognizes Panama.
Washington, Nov. 6, The United
States has recognized the new repub
lic of Panama. Instructions were ca
bled this alteration to Minister Heau
pro at Bogota and Vice-Consul-Geiior-al
Bhrman at Panamn, ordering them
to notify Colombia and tho new re
public of America's action. A full
statement of tho position of thu Unit
ed States will bo made later, aLtlie
state department.
Official Recognition.
Washington, Nov. 6. The president
this afternoon authorized the follovv-
! Ing announcement:
The following telegram was tan.' i
by the state department today hi I
Viee-Consiil Khrman at Panama-
"Tho people of Panama have, in an
aii,,arently unanimous movemet.t, -Unsolved
political connections with Co
lombia, and assumed independence
"When you are satisfied that a do
facto government, tepuhllean in fmni
anil without substantia! opposition
from its own people is established jn
the state of Panama, you will enter
into relations with it as a responsible
government of territory, and look to
It for all due actions to protect the
persons and property of United
States citizens, nnd to keep open the
Isthmian transit In accordance with
tho obligations of existing treaties
governing the l elation of the United
States to that territory."
Conditional necognition.
Under his Instructions, VIco-Cousu.
Khrman Is really authorized to con
duct diplomatic business with the
provisional government's otllcers. This
does not necessarily mean its recog-
Governor Finds That Condrtlons May
Justify It.
Salem, Nov. G.-'While the governor
Ims not definitely decided, It Is
thought In official circles that he will
call a special session of the legisla
ture to remedy the tax muddle.
The conditions in many Oregon
towns and school districts Justify the
This Term Would Have Been Longer
Out for the Non-Appearance of At
torneys Adjourned Yesterday Af
ternoon. The supreme court finished its busi
ness for this term yesterday afternoon
and has adjourned until June, 11)04.
Theie were many more casos on tho
docket, but the attorneys failed to
put in an appearance, and thus the
Young Man Confossed to
"Knocking Down" on Cash
at Teutsch's Store.
Was Discharged In September Last,
and Has Worked for Mr. TeuUch
Two Weeks Appropriated Marked
Money and Was Easily Trapped
Good Looking, Capable oung Man
and "Religious."
D. Gordon Giahnui, a young man
who has been In the employ of l.eo
Teutseh for the past two weeks, In
the clothing department, was iini'ist.
ed Inst night on tho charge el c.mlu
zlemcnt, ami in now In tho county
jail, having confessed to tho crlmo.
For the past "week Mr. Teutseh li.ii
been noting some Irregularity in the
cash account, and bis suspicions u',
last rested on the new clerk. Alter
allowing the mutter to run for soy-
oral days he confirmed lib suspieiiuin
and last night the young man iel
placed under arrest and at onco con
fessed He lias been knocking down
money Irom his sales thnee tin lui;t,
few days of his employment, and ln.n
made in that manner on an nv rngo
of 3 or $4 a day.
In all it is not known how i. - h
ho lias madt away with, hut as If linn
not only taken money, tint Mm .bm
carried off goods. It Is thought that
ho has made a good thing el (he truiiii
action while he was at it.
'Trapped With Marked Money.
Mr Ten I noli became suspicion! ul
the man and yesterday aftormx.n
gave Sheriff Taylor ami Deputy Blah
ley each some marked ' money ami
they bought articles ut the stem
from Gralmin. ImuI night whxj, il.o
man was arrested and searched i:wiMt
of this marked money wur toiiiul tit
his pockets, and he thou i onfcpiied,
He was detained III the slou mitr
the other clerks had goue. and n, mi
mlttlng die (hells, clalimd thit' b
had intended to replace the r.moutil.-!
, iillirl iviik rmnnnllnil tfi nillnnrn. In
. . .. - . t tin o.... n.. 1... ..I.. .....I 1.1...... tl- ....
the cases not reached the court order- "? """" " "" i'"""" "-" u u
in iri-i mi.iui-iiiiiy
Three Years In the Pen.
St. Louis, Nov. C Charles Weis
man was this morning sentenced to
three years In the penitentiary for
complicity in naturalization frauds.
Mine Collapsed.
Madrid, Nov, 6. Seven were killed
and twenty injured by the collapse of
a mine at Murcla today.
ed that they could be cither submitted
by hriei. or continued to the noxt
Chief Justice Moore Mated that ho
and the other members of tho court
us well, are sorry they would not bo
able lo leinain In the city for tho Ir
rigation convention, but that owing
to the pressure of business they would
have to start for homo at onco. In
order (o keep their docket clear H
was necessary to work all tho time,
and have no Idle days. I," thu law
yers had been present bo that tho
couit would have been busy while
heie, the would have buun able to
remain over until next week, but as
It was. such action wotiM tie lninos.
! si hie.
Clilcf JtiBtltc Mooro ami Associate
Just Ices C. K. Wolverton and 11. 8.
li'-.in left this morning for Sulum.
rltlon as a permanent Institution. Not i
until tho new government is thor- j claim Hague Tribunal l Biased and
oughly organized and bos demonstrat-, unfair
o,l II.. nhlllt.. I., mnlnluhi ,,r,l.- ,(l. , Ulliail.
a formal recognition as one. of the .. .1,,,rl'"- Nov. --pennaii
piniuiui uu n ( ill I tt ti
of Ger
many's Venezuelan claim from Tlie
Hague tribunal. Tho Zeitung today
says the arbitration is a farce; that
President Muravlcff, of Tho Hague,
shows anti-German bias and has in
sulted ihe German representative and
iilutiaiivuai J iim.Jiit itno 1-11111.1 t , in .
trol of the province, and that the!"' '''0 ' " 'um "nu , F'enc 1 VT-
foro urged to withdraw from tho
clownish proceedings,
family of nations ho extended by the
United States,
Almost the entire cabinet meeting
was this morning devoted to Panama.
Hay and Moody laid before the presi
dent the latest dispatches showing
the provisional government IiaB entire
Close. ,
78 y
New Haven, Conn., Nov. 6.
Judge Cleveland In probate court this
morning rendeied a decision In the
matter of admitting to probate the
will of the lato Phllo uenneu, n
which 150.000 was given William J.
Bryan and family. It is summarized
as follows:
As to the question whether the will
was properly executed, there was not
any claim that tho testator lacked
testamentary capacity. I find that ho
I find also that thero was no undue
influenced exercibed by Mr. Bryan,
Defendants Testify, Denying Every
Tho claim was made that the so- j thlno at St Louli.
called sealed letter should not bo In-: ... , ..,, ,, ' ,, '
fJl-llllim utile t-i Hit- Mlj ,1 ilttll)
over two weekti ago and went al. oiirn
to Ui II .1 Warner of the Methodli;t
church. He told m having just n
tinned Irom tl;e east, wlieit Ie tiuil
been in u hospital mi hiuii t nut, i,
co vol Inn n oui an operation - - u
I'luwth oil liis hip caused by an lu
J in y received In u holdup In rfn,!..uo
some two yearn ajto. As be w.i,- u'l
liorieni appearing' young1 fellow, Mr.
Will nor took' Mine into hl-. Iiihih. , uml
he Hindi' It his fienililintter'i fr- ilm
Ho mad. application to Teutseh for
a place In his stole u a naUimiii.ii,
and piovlng himself to be a good ouii
was given u phuo DiiiIiih his stay
lie has huuii very icIIhIoun, and vun
one of tho lending singers in the
choir Ht 'lie Methodist ebilM ti
It an Ex-Convict,
Among the papeiH of the uu'ii.it i
was found a release (rom the Wulla
Walla penitentiary dated Hopwmber
last, uml Inquiry at Hie iHtnltimliury
this morning disclosed the fact Uint
I), Gordon Giuliani hud linlshod uiv
Ing a two years' sentence fn lust riep
tember for emlieziifemcni. Voiuiuittcd
In Kverett. He is evidently ai, old
hand at the business.
Explosion of Oil in Ptnni'v.'iiil.i
Round Houte. '
Pittsburg, Nov. CIly an tiploulon
of oil In thu Jack, Pa , lotind Iion.sc
this morning, Stuart Bret, uiunhlniuL
and Win. Sidles, helper, were ho bud
ly burned they died shortly .titer.
corporated Into the wi.l to become a
part thereof. After leviewlng the
conditions attendant upon wilting
such a letter the court finds the sealed
letter Is not incorporated. The court
expresses no opinion as to whether It
may bo Incorporated later,
Mr. Bryan arrives tbls afternoon
from Nebraska, when the court will
give a further hearing and decision in
This morning's decision was sum
mary, preliminary to an extended
Pendleton, Nov. (To .the Editor
In an editorial last night-you men
tloned as an objection to my candi
rinru the manner of my selection, say-
'nig that the people should be given a
to spare in political quibbling.
I therefore withdraw my candidacy,
leaving the field open for such a
meeting as you suggest, where public
sentiment can be expressed on any
A Pifl trial me pCUy'C onvuiu us Ui.vn nn. --i
J'chanee to nominate candidates In open , Issue of Interest to the citizens, and
meeting. , i ..iniu.... - --
As before publicly stated, I have no with die same,
political ambitions to satisfy, or time I W. G. COLE, M. D,.
ed Its case In the Karris bribery trial
this morning Senator Karris then
look the stand and denied every alle
gation made by ex-I.leutenant Gov
ernor l.ee. Ho denied having a con
vernation with I-e regarding the
alum bill. Senator llnynis testified
along the same line.
Collided in a Fog.
Kvansvllle. Ind., Nov. C- In a fog
this morning there was u collision of
Heights on the Kvansville & Terru
Haute railway, near North Branch.
Kd Tiillls was killed outright and one
other man unidentified, wns fatally
Blood Vessel Burst,
San Diego. Nov. C F. 8. Plump
ton, tor twenty years manager of the
Huss Lumber company hero, died this
morning from the bursting of u blood
vessel tu the bralu.
Federal Judge Appointed,
Washington, Nov 0. The president
today reappointed James O Hill fed
eial judge for the Indian Territory
Baker County Shy.
Baker City, Nov C. If the r,-.u:
lal session of the legislature is called
Baker county will have to elect a tep
rcsentatlvo iu place of J. II. Jlubtilun,
of Similiter, who has removed to iH"
knno. Mr. Bobbins wns a member of
the house committee on iiHseiit:mi)i:t
and taxation, which bad the tax I
under consideration for 20 day at tho
last session.
Held for Murder.
London, Nov. C.-Tlui iv.ii Ctollami,
who were arrested at Soutliomplon,
charged with murdering Coiitriieluc
Ferguson In Pennsylvuiila, were, title
morning lemaiiiieii to nwuh at, ai-
rlvttljiof Pittsburg detective
Hall 3torm in Texa:,
Foil Worth, Nov. fi. A severe hull,
rain anu wind storm ruged last jilgut
Much damage was done to cotton(
Hall Is six Inches deep tu placer,
Lost Two Fingers,
La Clrande. Nov C-FranK Wiliard,
an employo of thd Perry box factory,
lost two flngora last evening by ru
lug In contact with tho saw-,