East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, October 20, 1903, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 6

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Cuticura Soap, Ointment
and Resolvent
Cleanse the Skin, Scalp
and Blood
Of Torturing, Disfiguring Hu
mours with Loss of Hair
Thousands of the world's best peo
ple h&ro found Instant relief and
speedy euro by the use of Cuticura Re
solvent, Ointment and Soap In the most
torturing and disfiguring of Itching,
burning and scaly humours, eczemas,
rashes, ltchtngs and Inflammations.
Thousands of tired, fretted moth
era, of skln-torturcd and disfigured
babies, of all ages and conditions,
bavo certified to almost miraculous
cures by the Cuticura remedies when
the best medical skill bad failed to re
lieve, much less cure.
Cuticura Treatment Is local and con
stitutionalcomplete and perfect,
pure, street and wbolcsonio. Bathe the
affected surfaces with Cuticura Soap
and hot water to cleanse the skin of
crusts and scales and soften the thick
ened cuticle, dry without hard rubbing,
and apply Cuticura Ointment freely to
allay Itching, irritation and Inflamma
tion, and soothe and heal, and lastly
take Cuticura Resolvent to cool and
1 cleanse the blood, and put every func-
tlon in a Btato of healthy activity.
More great cures of simple, scrofu
lous and hereditary humours are dally
made by Cuticura remedies than by all
other blood and skin remedies com
bined, a single set being often nufflclent
to euro the most distressing caseo
when all else falls.
Sold throughout tbi world. Cotieort RefoWfaL c
I form of unocour MUa nut, wc. pr ioi
atmcaLAOo Hocp, Ufl. D potl iXondon, J7 Charter
HM BO., l'irii, 5 Kll. ! U 'till llortoo, IT Colon.
w At.. Potter Druie tntl Chem. Corp., fcol. nope.
irbad for B kin tnd aloud fttrlfleftfcoa."
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Best work
And lowest prices
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By buying Matting
Lace Curtains, Rugs
vLooking Glasses,
Etc. Etc. of
Sole agent for the genuine
Ostermoor mattresses
Enjoy Life
We will make your leisure
hours pass pleasantly.
TtnnMlncr nllnvs. rwvil. Iif lliftrcln
and shooting gallery, Every- "f
MENT8 and cigars. Musical f
entertainment every evening. 4-
Robinson's ParJors t
Under W, & 0. Depot. 1
'to Prevent Pneumonia and1 Consump
'Ion is to curd your cold when It
ami. Biiiiwrs. nciuri bnausn nam
y will atop 'the cough in a night,
ad drive the cold out of your system.
'Always a quick and sure cure for
Asthma, Bronchitis, and ail throat
aad lung troubles. It it does .not sat-
lefy you the druggist will refund your
inonoy. Write to us for tree sample.
W. H. Hooker Co., Buffalo, N. T.
r. jr. ftkniot oo., 4nmK.
Is Rapidly Affecting Amalgamation
Of. All Related Trades Curious
Conditions Shown to Exist In the
Southern States, Where Labor Is
Cheap Because There Are No Unions.
Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 20. The
second annual convention of tho Uni
ted Textile Workers of America,
which opened In Philadelphia today,
will devote n great deal of Its time
to tho discussion of tho unionizing of
cotton mill labor In the South.
Tho present convention Is the first
since all urnnches of textile labor In
tho United tSates wore amalgamated
in the association. It has been only
during tho past yenr that tho Amer
ican Federation of l.nhor gave the
association jurisdiction over tho Bilk
weavers. A number of Independent
cotton and woolen workers' unions
havo also been drawn Into the lnrgor
organization, nml now all are com
bined under the samo Jurisdiction.
The organization includes unions of
blanket weavers, woolen workers,
bleachery workers, silk workers, knit
ters, passementerie workers, rug mak
ers, carpet workers, lace workers nml
burlap workers. The convention be
gan today has before it the huge task'
of making laws for the government
of all these varied Industries.
Conditions In the South.
The unionizing of the Southern
cotton mill workers Is the most vex
ing question expected to come before'
the convention. The situation Is made
tho more interesting by" the popular
belief that some of tho leaders among
tho unionized workers of the North
feel that they have tho warm secret
support of Northern manufacturers
In their efforts tn organize the South
ern workers, as the accomplishment
of this design would lessen tho fast
growing advantage tho Southern mills
havo in their competition against the
The problem, however, Is most dlf-1
ficult.' and nil the more so because i
the southern woriters nnvo imiu un
ion enthusiasm. They show a will
ingness to organize when approached
by an aggressive organizer, and stick
to the union so long as the organ
izer remains among them, but soon
drift away when he leaves. Tho lead
ers of tho movement say, however,
that tho present convention will tacklu
tho Southern proulem with a' deter
mination to boIvo It and to unionize
tho whole field. The ultimate object
Is to bring the Southern cotion mill
worker up to tho hours and wages
of the Northern worker.
In order to instill Interest among
tho Southern workers In the associa
tion and its objects It is probable
that the officers to he chosen at this
convention will Inciudo soveral work
ers from tho South. Tho present of
ficers are practically all from tho Now
England field. The president and
leading spirit of the association Is
James Tnnsey, of Fall Itlver, nnd the
secretary, Albert Mlbhurt, of the same
has organized a local stock company
for the coming winter to play the
Bakor and Sumptor thentors, nnd will
opon the season nt Baker on Novem
ber 2.
Owing" of tho refusal of the thea
ters of La Grande and Bilker City to
contract with Mr. McCord, of tho
Northwest circuit, through which
these cities would got nil tho first
class companies on tho road, they
are out of tho circuit of tho North
west Association, nnd can, only get
companies not booked for tho circuit,
and consequently, Inforlor. Tho or
ganization of this local company Is,
the outgrowth of this difference be
tween the association und those
theaters, and Its progress will bo
watched with Interest by tho3o Inter
ested In theatricals.
Complete System Being Installed in
Progressive Interior Town.
Tho water works aro steadily pro
gressing, says- tho Long Creek Llg'at.
The well Is dug, the engine room is
completed nnd tho machinery will
soon bo all In, 15,000 pounds having
been brought tn this week, the engine,
alone weighing 1750 pounds.
Mr. Goodrich and S. T. Dluwiddlu
will commence work on tho tower
next week. The tower will bo 50 feel
high. On top of this will ho placed
round metal tank, 12 foot deep. The
tank will be enclosed nil around am!
(.:. top nnd bottom vv;. u wall i !;v
tV.U't two feet Illicit.
Tills will keep the water cool In
summer and keep It from freezing in
winter. It will bo soveral weeks be
fore this work Is completed, but when
finished it will afford plenty of water
for house use, for irrigation purposes
and to use in caso of fire.
rtntelope, Wasco County, Maintains
Her Olden Reputation.
Antelopo has been behaving her-'
self so well or lato thnt she Is about
In Inar. Iinr rCCOnl for bolng tllO
i "ring" of Wasco county, says Tho
Dalles Chronlclo. Sho had a stabbing
fray, howovor, last week, which re-
minds us somewhat of her old-time
Btlints. AS tisuni, mo Hum
In n saloon and wns tho result ot a
rough and tumble between William
Gllsnn nno Ed Jones, a sheophcrdcr,
the Inttor gotting tho worst of tho
bargain. Jones is In a critical con
dition, thrco bad wounds being tho
lesult, one of Ihom to tho right of
the heart and the other two about
the shoulder. Parties coming down
Itom there, howovor, bring word
that It is now thought ho will re
cover. Gllsnn was arrested nnd pur
under $2,000 bonds.
To the Public.
Commencing Monday evening, Oc
tober lDth, tho following will close
their respective drug stores In tho
ovcnlngs ns follows: Every ovenlng
during week at 9 o'clock except Sat
urday, whon storos will bo kopt opoii
until 10 o'clock an don Sundays will
close at 8 p. m.
Edward Clifford Warns Public Against
Step-Son, Mathew Klser.
Edward Clifford, tho old gentleman
who lives Just over the mountain with
his family, was In town yesterday
looking for his oldest step-son and a
mare he took from home, says the
Long Creek Eagle.
Mr. Clifford wishes us to announce
to tho public that tho boy is not his
son, that he has no control over him
whatever and warns anyone against
harboring him. Mr. Clifford tried to
get tho county judgo to send him to
the reform school some time ago nml
preferred charges against him as In
corrigible, but unfortunately the Judgo
took tho boy's word in preference, to
that of tho old gentleman. Tho boy's
name is luatliow Klser, but is known
arotimr hero as "a Clifford boy." Mr.
Clifford has soveral bruises on his
body at this time, which lie says wero
caused by rocks thrown by this same
boy, and also related that the boy
throw a rock into tho house recently
which struck his mother on her head
and knocked her uown. If these aro
facts, and Mr. Clifford vouches for
their truthfulness, thu boy should be
tnken caro of before lie does some
thing worse.
Will Have Select Exhibits at the St.
Louis Exposition.
The Bolso Statesman, speaking of
Idaho's effort to tako prizes at tho
St. Louis exposition, says:
"World's Fair Commissioner Hnrtt
nnd his associates have so tar se
cured between COO and C00 Iioxoh of
very superior apples to bo sent to St
Louis, where they will bo nUcuu In
cold storage pending the opening of
the exposition. Mr. Uurtt expects to
have between 1000 and 1500 Huxch.
'Tho agricultural exhibits thus far
secured are very fine. There havo
been somo good collections turned
over to thu commissioner from fairs
so far held and 50 private collections
havo been added. The prospect Is that
a magnificent display of thnt charac
ter will bo in place nt St. WhiIh wheu
tho exposition opens.
"The Idaho Beekeepers' assoclatlou
will compete for tho prizes offered
or the bout honoy. A Hpeuktl dis
play Is being arranged in cases and It
I expected the exhibit will bo a prise
w Inner in ever)' fealuri-.
Baker City Wilt Play Alone for the
Coming Winter and Fight the Cir
cuit. Manasur MeCurd of the Ilnknr
'City opera house, announces that bn
Best shoe repairing at Teutsch'n
Farms for Sale.
Wo now havo listed for solo some
of tho best wheat farms and stock
ranches in the county. All tho places
are well Improved and well supplied
with water. Also somo very dosir
ablo city property. Call and get
h a o s, g a llEi)
"Ileavene, dear, they think wu'vo just beun married.'
a m, a itititataaai a a a a a AAAa
I Clearance Sale
of Wall Paper
gPEClAL Bargains will
bo onerea on me re-
maittder of our stock of
WjiII Paper.
All thiB season's pat- 3
terns all now, natty and 3
up to dato.
C. C. Sharp
Opera House Block.
Seventh street.
- i
308 Court Streot
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f Tickets, 21 Meals.... $4.00 J
t Singlo Meals 25c J
The East Oreoonlan Is Eastern Ore
gon's representative paper. It leadi
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It by their liberal patronage. It Is the
advertising medium of this section.
Reliable C(
inat Pay thAiJ
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j mi "fHcriptioni.
Doors, Bllndu u
lug, lhilldlng and Ttr hp,
Bring Your Bill toll.
Get Our Figures,
Grays' Harbor Cot
0pp. Wi & C. R. DtWl
Cleaned, Pressed
and Repaifd
Work called for and tea
Jones is Cooper ;
Ml (larclcu Bttcit, Coratrlitl
Take Advantage of this Opportunity
R. J. C. PRICKETT, a Practical
cutter and designer from the J. fl.
Achison Tailoring Company, of Port
land, Oregon, wilt display a beautiful
assortment of woolens at our store.
The line embraces exclusive patterns
for Ladies' Suits, Skirts and Cloaks;
Mens' Suits, Overcoats and I rousers.
These garments are made up with
style and perfect workmanship, and
are sewed with silk thread throughout
and the best lining is ued. The J. M.
Achison Tailoring Company is the
largest tailoring establish ent in
Portland and is where the swell dress
ers go. Every order taken by this
company is made up for the individual
measurement of the customer and not
from stock suits altered to conform
with the measurements. As a proof
ef this, customers have the privilege of
having the garment ordered sentthem
to be tried on before completed.
1TU"E have on display a full line
line of samples of the New
Fall and Winter Woolens and ladies
and gentlemen can come in and
examine the goods, study the styles
and if they decide to order, can
have their measurements taken
by Mr. Prlckett
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 34th., 19o3.
Our stock is the most complete, :
best assorted, brightest and be 1
in Pendleton. Your inspection
asked. We carry all the Knox
and Dunlap styles in $3- nd j
$3.50 HATS.
MinV Furnishers- 614 Main Street