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    Mill M III M 1 1 n.
New Ci
729 Main St , Pendleton
'l"l H"l I 'i 1 M '"W
Throo brothers will be ulectroout-1
ed for munlor ..t Albnnv. N. Y., Oc-1
tober 1. j
A runaway cable car lu Chicago,
Monday, smashed two wagons and '
Injured 10 people, none seriously. I
The rate of lilrths In New York
City has risen from live to 11 an
hour, or one every live minutes. Hour
ly. Seven hundred employes of the
numford. Me., paper mills have been
locked out. the employers refusing to
recognize the union.
Incendiaries attempted Sunday
night to burn the Agricultural bullu
ing at the World's Fair, in St. Louis.
It was nearly successful.
The health of -Mrs. Jefferson Davis
is Improving, though she Is quite
frail. She is at the home of her
daughter in Buffalo. N. Y.
The transfer of American church
property in the Russian Traus-Cauca-cus
to the Russian government has
resulted lu rioting at Shushn.
Miss Mannoia Klores is mayor of
Linares. .Mexico, succeeuing by ap
pointment her father, who died of
yellow, fever. President I)lnz highly
compliments her work.
The employes of the American
Typo Fouudors- Company, at Cincin
nati, have struck. A general strike
of type foundry employes all over the
United Stutes is predicted.
Charles Becker has just been n
leased from the San Quentin. Cnl..
penitentiary, where ho served a term
oi seven years for raising a draft
from 112 to $22.0110. which he suc
ceeded in cashing.
Five fires were started Sunday last
in the basements of Harlem, N. l., j
flats, and terror has seized upon the
habitants of that district. A large
number of policemen and detectives i
In citizens dress, are at work trying j
to discover the perpetrators.
William Bell, of Portland, was fined
$20 and costs in Portland, Monday,
for knocking out a horse's eye with
a brickbat.
E. Blum, of Portland, was held up
and robbed of his pocket change, lu
broad daylight, on a side street, in
that city Monday.
Six Portland ministers simultane
ously attacked the gambling policy
of Mayor Williams, of Portland, from
their pulpits, last Sunday
J. H
Burke, who escaped from the '
Hlllsboro iall last week, was cantur-
d a few miles north of Vancouver,
WaBh.. in his brother's cabin, Mon-!
James Enger. a longshoreman of
Portland, shot himself through the '
hnnrt Mnnrlav in a fit nf .iesnnndn. !
ey, over a love nffalr. He cannot re
cover. Carvallis Is erecting a temporary
schoolhouse for the winter, there be
ing 100 more pupils in the district
than the present schoolhouse will ac
commodate. Jabour, of great fair fame, has been
sued and his property attached by
the Chicago Great Western railway,
for a freight hill of $5,500. His shows
arc now tied up in Portland, await
ing the process of law.
A purse of $100 was raised by the
citizens of Baker City. Saturday and
Monday, for Dannie Delter, aged 13,
who saved his three little sisters
from burning to death In the dwelling
whicb was destroyed by tire last Fri
day. 'V
1 School Books
1 School Tablets
No matter what the boy
or girl Needs for use in
school it can be found at our
store. Largest tabletswith
prettiest covers, at lowest
TSTE nro showing the Inrgosl
" and most select line of $
Swout re ever shown in ihis city, i
We have them in white, bliu'k X
anl blue, us well as all ihe new $
fancy strip s Our prices on $
them are the lowest.
Children's Swoators ...... 50o to $1.00
Boy's Sweaters 50c to 1.50 J
Men's Sweaters 50c to 5.00 T
4-M"t"M"l"H I 'i H"H"M-KM-M
Hotel Pendleton.
V. 1,. Smith, Hoppnor.
Ed lllackjurn, Huppnor
P. C Kittle, Salt Ijike.
A. C. Uabson, Portland.
H. V. Gilder. San Francisco.
O H. Flthman, Chicago.
.1. W. Chamberlain, San Frauclsco.
Harry. A. Cordis, Chicago.
Mrs. E. W. Saunders, "Walla Walla.
Alfred Hosch. Portland.
P. n. Oarrctson, St. Paul.
P. C. Holland. Portland.
V. M Rice, Portland.
A. R. Grant. Portland.
Julius Green, Portland
W. H. Weir, Portland.
William Matter. Portland.
C. M. Smith, Portlnno.
F. S. Malum and wife, Portland.
R. H. Pntton. Spokane.
A. G. Howard, Sokauc.
W. I). Mnrks, Spokane.
George H. Sutherland. Walin Walla
Golden Rule Hotel
Cunningham, Portlanll.
Gardner. Helena.
At. Elbert, Portland.
A. Btirk, linker City.
Walt Buss. Baker City.
H. McArthur. Portland.
Winnie Ellexsnn. Athena.
N. Derrick and wlfo. Milton.
C V. Daniel, city.
J. W. Kilkenny and son, Heppner.
Ed Cluff, tone.
Mrs. Frank Wolr and sou, Los An
teles. E. H. Thompson. Portland.
C. W. Wilson. AValla Walla.
J. M. Cratlick and son, Heppner.
' C. L. Downer, Spokane.
O C Gallaher, Woston.
Robert Jamison, Weston.
J. W. Young, Weston.
I. E. Sallng, Weston.
S. Thomas, Heppner
W. Barclay, city.
F. E. Hemhalt, Fpokane.
.Mrs. C. F. Hemhalt, Spokane.
V. C. H. Hemhalt. Spokane.
Guy C. Hemhalt, Spokane.
Mrs. C. C. Moberly, Kansas City.
L. M. Hug. Sumniervllle.
B. F. Hays, Ogden.
.1. K. Ashley, Island Point.
Alice Weaver, Pocatollo.
Elsie Hart. West Fall.
FJ Gardner, Portlnnd.
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed proposals will be received
at the office of the undersigned, room
12, Judd building, until Thursday,
October 8th, at 3 p. m for the erec-
tlon and completion of the Bowman
hotel, sltuatod on Main street. Pen
dlcton. Or., according to plans and
specifications prepared by C. E.
Troutman. architect. Bids will be re-
felved for the different tranches of
tne, work, ,,or specifications. Plana
and specifications can be seen at the
office of the undersigned. Tho owner
reserves tho right to reject any and
all bids.
Notice to Patrons.
Having rented the retail depart
ment of my butcher buslnoss to Mr,
A. D. Augustavo, an experienced
butcher of Walla Walla, I myself will
conduct the wholesale part of Bald
business, and all persons knowing
themselves indebted to mo will please
call at thd market and settle their ac
counts. Mr. Augustavo also desires
to announce that the business will be
conducted as it has been, and all pat
rons of the market will receive the
same courteous treatment as hereto
How's This?
We offer One Hundred hollars Kewurd
for any rae of catarrh that can not be
curra nr nan a i.airrn cure.
f. J. (.HENKiT k CO.. Toledo, O.
IV, the undersigned, bate known K. J,
Clirnry for the I ant 15 yean, anil bcJieva
him perfectly honorable lu all busfatwe
transaction!! and financially able to carry
out any obligation made by tbelr llrm.
WKHT k TBUAX. Wboloulie Progst'tf'.
Toledo. O.
sale Druggist, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
acting directly upon tbe blood and raucous
surfaces of tbe system. Testimonials
sent free. Price 75c per bottle. Hold by
all druggists.
Halls Family Pills are the best.
Don't undo tbe good your vacation
has done you by drinking poor water
or putting Inferior loo into tbe boil
ed water. Ton cents worth of Ice per
day will supply an ordinary family
with plenty of drinking water. Be,
stiro, though, that you -got good ice.
Call up 'phono Main 1881 and get
pure distilled water ice -from -the
Robs Ice Plant,
Do 'You Want a CabT
When you- want prompt and relia
ble service call up 'phono Mailt 181.
Tbe McKay Cab Co.
Front Will Be Put In Later Upper
Floor Will Be Used Exclusively for
a Residence Three Months More
Before It Will Bo Completed.
Workmen nro tearing out thu stag
ing and fntso work In thu Matlock
building nnd nro now preparing to do
the finishing work on the Interior of
the place. There yot remains a lit
tle plastering to do on the upper
floor, and when this is done the house
will be ready for the Interior wood
work and the finishing.
In the meantime, the contract for
a cement sidewalk has been let, nnd
this will be placed in front of the
building soon.
The front of the building has not
been put In and will not bo until It is
rented, when It will be put In to biuc
the requirements of the renter. Mr.
Matlock has adopted this plan as a
convenience for the prospective rout
er for different busincssos require dif
ferent arrangements.
The entire upper iloor will be used
by Mr. Matlock as a residence, and
when It Is finished there will bo no
finer homo In the city. Evory piece
'Of glass In the building Is of bevel
pinto nnd nil of the Interior furnish
ings will be of the finest. By the
arrangements of the npartments tns
whole upper Iloor can ho thrown in
to one room for convenience In enter
taining. Hot nnd cold water Is in
each room nnd In the front rooms are
largo fireplaces.
It will take three months for the
frescoers and finishers to complete
their work and turn the building over
to the owner.
Expected to Be In Operation About
December 1 Excavating Begins at
The contract fur the excavation for
tlio new building to bo built by John
Schmidt was lot this morning to the
Hastings brothers, and they will com
mence work Immediately.
The new building will be on Cot
tonwood street, 100 feet from the cor
ner or Alta, and will he 25x30, with
one story nnd basement. The front
will be of pressed brick, and It is the
intention of the owner to have the
whole structure completed inside of
the next t!0 days.
When finished, the place will be oc
eupled by T. Crowner and C. C. Urol
liar as a laundry, and the new firm
liopes to be in running order by the
end of three months. Mr. Brollinr
left yesterday for Chicago, where he
will purchase the machinery for the
plant from the wnshing machines to
the holler, und ship them in a car (II
reel to this city. If the machinery
lu In stock it will be here by the time
the building Is ready for its recap'
tlon. All of the equipment will be of
the latest model and will cost about
$G,000 delivered here In Pendleton.
Dr. Garfield, of Victoria, B. C, Tell
of Three Hundred Cases Wherein
He Recommended the Use of Trlb
Dr. James G. Garfield, of Victoria
B. C, when asked, do you Indorse
TRIB as a cure for tho liquor and
tobacco habits? said: "I do. I havo
known your remedy long before
was sold to you, and can tell you of
three hundred people that I have ad
vised to take It. I never know of
failure to cure where tho party tak
ing- it was sincere.
Demonstration of Success of That
Crop on Heavy Clay Soils.
One of the entirely new and val
liable exhibits made by the Oregon
agricultural experiment station at
tho state fair. Is a collection of spec
imens of alfalfa, showing the succes
sive crops taken from a field In
single season.
Tho station has been experiment
ing with alfalfa for several years lor
the purpose of demonstrating what
can be done on heavy clay soils with
out irrigation. The college people
do nut conduct their experiments un
der unusually favorable conditions,
but sow their seeds on Just such soli
as tho average Willamette valley far
mer Is using.
The alfalfa exhibited was taken
from the field at four successive cut
tings In one year. Tho first crop
was cut on May 22, and yloldcd In
green forage 11.22 tons per acre. The
second crop was cut on Juno 22 and
yielded in green -forage 2.70 tons per
acre. The third crop was cut on
July SS, and yielded 2.80 tons per
acre. The fourth crop was cut on
September 3 and yielded 1.47 tons
per acre.
Buckien's Arnica Salve.
Has a world-wido fame for marrol
outi cures. It surpasses any other
salve, lotion, ointment or balm, for
cuts, corns, burns, boils, sores, lei-
our. ulcers, tetter, salt rbeum. fever
sores, chapped bauds, skin oruptions;
Infallible for plies. .Curo guaranteed.
Only 2G cents at Tnilman & Co.'s,
Red Men Attention.
Beginning with Tuesday, Septem
ber 29th, Umahotis Tribe will meet
at 7:30 p. m. throughout Jie winter.
All members nro requested to be
present at tho next mooting, as spec
ial preparation has been made for tho
delegation which will bo present from
Athena. ROY W. RITNBR,
' Chief of Records.
Mrs. Martha J. Moslor, of The
Dalles, dlod Monday, agod M years.
She crossed the plains in 1844 from
Only a Few Crops on Weston Moun
tain Yet Out.
Harvest is practically ovor In the
Athena and Weston wheat bolt. A
few crops on Weston Mountain are
yot to bo threshed, and there nr
about 3,000 sacks oxpoctcd to come
to Athona warehouses yot.
Plowing Ib in progress nt ninny
places on the resorvntlon. the ground
being In excellent condition.
Seeding will begin all ovor th
reservation about October 10 to 15
The summer fallow land 1b In excel
lent condition and while there are
many weedy Holds, the majority of
It is ready for the drills.
The best estimates on the Athena
crop nt this time places the amount
handled at that point at 250.000
sacks. The Into crops wero blench.1
out somowhnt by the recent rnlns
and tho weight of the grain Is some
what reduced.
Is Becoming One of the School Con
ters of Oregon,
Weston Is enjoying n healthful
growth this full, aud is rnpldly lie
coming one of the school conters of
the state.
Tho excellent public school at that
placo Is crowded and the State Nor
ma! started out this year with one
third more scholars than ovor before
Tho dormitory of the Normnl
now full and ninny scliolars are ac
cepting accommodations among the
homes of the little town.
Since tho school year opened about
15 farmers have bought homes
Weston for the purpose of being near
school. A new residence district
growing up on the hill nenr tt."j Nor
J. H.
Robblns Returned to Hot Lake
for Further Cure.
Hon, J. H. Itnhiilns spent a portion
of the week here on business, and
returned Monday to tint Lake, where
he will sojourn for u longer period
says thu Bluo Mountain American,
He felt that he had Improved some
what while there before, but was call
ed back to this city on urgent bust
ness before material benefit had been
Mr. Robblns says that if lie does
not improve soon he will seek mo
warmer climate of Southern Califor
nia for a period, us his present con
ditlou will nut permit of business ac
A Boy's Wild Ride for Life.
With family around expecting him
to die, am1, a 3on riding for life, IS
miles to get Dr. King's .New DIscov
cry for consumption, coughs and
colds, W. H. Brown, of Loesvllle, ind
endured death's agonies from asth
ma; but this wonderful medicine
gave instant reliof aud soon curod
him. Ho writes: "I now sleop sound
ly TJvury night." Like marvelous
cures of consumption, pneumonia
bronchitis, coughs, colds nnd grip
prove Its matchless merit for all
throat aud lung troubles. Guaran
toed bottels 50c and $1.00. Trial bot
tles free at Tollman & Co.'s drug
The Willnmette Paper nnd Pulp
Mills, at Oregon City, have been forc
ed to close down on account ut the
low stage of the water In the Wll
lamette river.
A Shrewd Investor
will be glad to know how the
greatest accumulation of trust
funds in the world is invested.
A young man who is just
beginning to accumulate and
invest his savings will b
interested in a booklet that
describes the investments of
The Mutual Life Insurance
Company of New York. This
information is found in
"A Banker's Will." Sent free
on application.
Thl Company ranks
First lu Aweti.
AiVf-In Amount fld follcy-lioUlns.
nru in Age.
The Mutual Life Insurance
Company of New York,
ricxjuid A. UcCaaaT, rrtt-idtat.
Alma V. Knt-s, manager, Boise, Idaho.
Frank h. Hammond, District Manager,
Pendleton. Oregon,
A Cat-wee
of a Life Time
All fucial -blemishes removed
lenvingtlie fuce smoothc nnd per
fect, No drugs, no knife. Red
blister)' birth marks removed
without leavlngnscur or blemish.
Call on
J. B. Despain or
J. J. Worcester
to Prevont Pneumoula and Consump
tion Is to cure your cold when It
flrst appears. Acker Ennllsh Rem
edy will atop the cough In a night,
and drive tho cold out of your system.
Always a quick and sure curo for
Aathmu. Bronchitis, and . all throat
and Jung troubles. If it does not sat
isfy you tho druggist will refund your
money. Write to us for froe Bamplo.
W. H. Hooker & Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
W. Schmidt Co., druggists.
Possesses all the soothing
und healing virtues nfour
native while pine com
bined in a pnlatnMe form.
It is unexcelled for
25 and 50 cents
I er bottle
F. W. Schmidt's
The Reliable Druggist
loloflicr nlock I'liouc Mtiin 551
St. Helen's Hall
Has a Normal Kindergarten Training
Class In connection with Us Acade
mic Department. Separate residence.
Two-year course. Model Kindergar
ten. Provides practice work. For
details nddress
Pnrrvillla fnr tilnnln tincHna flnnil '
teams wun competent drivers for 1 ;
nnmniorclftl mnn Cniutili. lni-ona nml '
hn.il.nmn .tnn ,n. nn.ntn. .1 L-
day drives. Gentle horses for family
use. Stock boarded at reasonable
rates. Host of care given to transient
stock. Opposite Hotel Pendleton,
Phono Main 1C1
a a ... j a . a . .
I'l l! V 'T'l1 'l1 "l1 1" 'l1 ,,,' T r T I l"!1 'I'T'I TT7
I Insurance at Cost
Of Insurance in force
A Strictly Mutual H onie
M. H. RICE, Freewater
Agent for Umatilla County.
J. P. WALKER, city agent for
I if t 1 , . . . M. - tllllt
tiiiiiii rrri 111
Let us fill your
bin with . . .
Recognized as the best
and most e onomical fuel.
We are prepared to con
tract with you for your
winter s supply. We de
liver coal or wood to any
part of the city.
Laatz Bros.
Main Street
Kear Depsi
Rigby-Clove Mfg.i
Manufacture of the j
Kigby-Qove Combined
Repairs for all kinds of!
Farm Machinery;
Foundry Work u Specialty '
Cash paid for old castings '
I Conrad Platzoeder i
All kirfds of Fresh
Meats- always on
hand. Fine Bacon,
Hams and Sausage.
I Prices as low as (he lowesl
1 -"caiej., ,
mmhs or J.
-"unless, f.ts.
Which nr.'. .'t
rect ,loi. .1
burn t
rv , - " t
WW I hi ,
contains a lJrt
S'iisses and w
b"iV illlfd. nirf.1
Kv T.
. 1- 1
""iic prices,
and m chatty
nonary l usilles
LMiaranttM .1
T'l ACL- r-m...-
1 i-iinen i-
r ..1 1
Prompt deliver
Wholesale ntl
rL.r lnrt- and
r CtnW,
e .1, Atnrl ti l
II can "
ail UC5
WUltl --
ma aniiewtcfl
nr u:ii cent
r Mcin
nart of tbocitj-
' ...1
service uu
A I nai "nrs -
ic THE
..1,. In m"
r,.y nnnltry :
Poultry anu v-
Anf fnr LW
Slog Pur;v7aii t 1M
. .." iU . ft 1
too. Orr-