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Eastern Oregon Weather
. roar relenc
Fair tonight anil Wednesday (
light trout tonight
NO. 4857.
adiers and Mi-
g to San It Ste.
From Livingston to
t Thousand Dollars
for Montana Con-
Arc Trying to Black-
n - u; -
-i. cn. net Tho
. .l.,rr All
(i onen and heavily
. i.,.l .hot
the lumbering camp
01 lUv. UH IB"
aa hnvn nireadv
it v.a ramolnilAr
Ihn rlnv. Tho blc
franks of the ulscan-
foe peril or tho city.
res cannot poBsioiy
I Toronto before late
bi tonight.
From Toronto.
29. In addition 'to
dlirs, 70 picked men
o rollltia aro oeing
sMcial trains this
Ste. Mario. A dls-
Irael Elliott, who is
Id at Boo Straits, says
(t prehent SB entirely
alntaining order.
9. The Northern
fed reward of J2.600
5,000 end the county
hrrest and conviction
namlters who threat-
railroad nroDorty un-
tpald .then.
z'a -ultimatum, six
hth bridges and tracK
desnite the fact that
track from Livingston
whe last ultimatum to
Iplres October 4.
I supposed gang have
ind the chief of police
d that unless they are
y ban will bo destroy-
Special Agents of the Northwest Arc
In Convention.
Mii..i.n Bnnt 5l Thn annual
convention of tho Flro Underwriters'
Association of tho Northwest mot at
tho Auditorium Hotel today. Nearly
BOO flro insuraneo spociai agents, rep
resenting many largo companies in
ihn Knrthwnstern states, wcro nres-
ont. After reports of minor of.lcers
and the standing committees, me
convention listened to the annual ad
,1tviq nf tho president, revlcwlne the
work of tho last year and forecasting
the future or tno nro insuraneo dusi
ness. Tho afternoon was taken up
with tho reading and discussion of
sevoral papers on questions of im
portance to the underwriters. Tho
convention will continue and con
clude its sessions tomorrow.
Meeting of Montana Firemen.
ni-nnt Pnlla JTnnt.. Kpnt. 29. The
Montana State Firemen's association
convened In annual session today
with members present irom uuuo,
Annnnniln Ttn7omnn. Red Lodco. Hill
ings, Helena and other cities and
towns of tho state. Samuel French
of Groat Falls is tho presiding officer.
Tho Bosslons aro to continue four
days, during which timo there will
bo discussions on many topics of in-
torost to the flro ngniers.
Ninetieth Birthday of Mgr. O'Reilly.
Now York. Sent, 29. Tho lit. Rev.
Met. rvrielllv. nrothonotnry aposto
lic, an intimate of Pope Plus IX. and
the late Loo XIII, was tho recipient
of congratulations today on reaching
his 90th birthday. Mgr. O'Reilly lives
in the "castle" built by Edwin tor
rest, the tragedian.
larlum Cremation
Insas City.
Sept. 29. G. C. Ca
bain wan, was burned
pvc others badly injur-
pica destroyed Ralph's
re today Tho injur-
Stroll. Mrs. L. GodBon,
Minnie Lease and Dr,
I jumped from tho sec-
all suffered broken
lal Injuries. Ralph was
while trying to rescue
Iround the Arc-swept
sight until tho floor
pe spectators shouted
il, but he seemed fear-
gwheatcd furnace caus
famagi' small to proper-
Pacific Stock at South
aelfle Election.
Sept. 29. Tho suit
Taylor Resticon. for
(Pacific stock at tho
He annual election to-
lauy dismissed on tele
PS from New York.
pwod that tho annual
place at Beechment
week after next.
P'y In Carloads.
i Sept. 29. A ctinncn in
fae product of tho La
factory went into cf.
ago, whereby tuo
n mi oraera less thtn
pretofore ilenlfira onulil
I orders filled for any
l'o Bond Election.
SCO. P.fint OG .
anon, nt i.m nnt
i .uv VJ i, 1 J 4.WJ'
Ml OD thn hnn.l niiA.llnti
oto Is small, oxpecta
uuuus win carry.
Badly Touched.
Sent !tio i I....
rc ordod m lard to
1 30 ct ts, The report
K j , 04 Co- tl10
VS for
m Stn
Sflor ru
s hrou'
I no. i,
P rc
I ho hp .
lor iidr,
ucs a
j . . .ilni?
m 1 1 U I
t to light
s ' irom
A chargo
ff"1 against
w hhj an
. - ' w Hut a
Irom that dairy.
m It
rn of
against ono
inn In
in taut
California Railroad Reinstates Men
on Its Own Terms.
San FranclBCo. Sept. 29. Tho Cal
ifornia & Northwestern strike was
settled this morning. Tho company
agrees to take back all tho men wno
have done no property damage to the
road. No lncrcaso In wages, no
change in hours and no reinstate
ment of men who caused the strike.
Unloading to Get Prices Down
and Then Rebuying on the
Quiet to, Get Control.
Northern Securities Went to the Low
est' Ebb Today In Its History
Amalgamated Copper and Pennsyl
vania Also Dropped Principal
Fight Is Over Steel Stocks.
Now York. Sept. 29. Tho liquida
tion of steel continued this morning
on tho curb. Northern securities
went down to 81, the lowest on
There was scattered liquidation
during tho latter part of tho day,
which affected special stocks most
acutely. Amalgamated Copper fell
nn extra 3V4, and Pennsylvania 294.
Rumor credited much of tho selling
to account of Pennsylvania, tho ef
fect being conspicuous In tho steels.
Before the close tho pressure
agalnBt the steel issues relaxed and
tho recovery was within a fraction of
Saturday's low level. Pennsylvania
and Amalgamated led a closing do
cllno, which was checked at some
Rockefeller Vie Bear.
Cleveland, Sept. 29. A special to
the Press from New York says Rock
efeller Is at the bottom of tho stock
slump, desiring to gain full control
of the steel trust. Ho Is unloading
his stock at 16w prices, and rebuy
ing through private brokers.
Failure Because of Slump.
New York, Sept. 29. Tho failure
of Taylor & Manduvlllo is announced
in the Consolidated Stock Exchange,
owing to this big slump.
Disappointed at Failure to
Carry Out Reforms Defined
by Treaty of Berlin.
His Case Will Be Called Today Mrs.
Bradley Pleaded Guilty Complain.
Ing Witness Brown's Wife All
'Round Sensational Case.
Ron ljiitn Kfint. 29. Mrs. Annie
Bradley pleaded guilty and asked
the mercy of tho district court this
morning, charged with adultory.
Judge Morse set her sentence for
next Monday morning.
Tho caBo against rormcr unneu
States senator from Utah, under tho
samo charge, comes up this after
noon. The two cases nre tho out
como of scandal for years past, in
which gun plays and assaults In pub
lic places flguro, cnamg uy -u.-Bradley
thrashing Browu in his of
flnn liisi ihnntli sho knocked out
his teeth with an umbrella. The com
plaint was sworn to by lirown s no.
charging adultery.
Quotations Furnished by Coe Commis
sion Company B. t. Kennedy, Lo
cal Manager.
IVi.jlsIni, Snnt "9 Town TolllCB
l QllUIVIiUU, I' - '
ka ail inrilrvitlmiK nolnt to a ro-
ottj 1 1' .... . . . . -
nowal of forced liquidation, and not
withstanding mo assuruuuu us nm
street bankers that all is well, thero
is a shaky weakness on tho stock
market, ,
whn.1 la imohnniren. Corn UUI1
and lower. Conservative buyers
say tho greatest cioenno . inv uvu..
Chicago, &epi. .j.
Wheat Opening. Close.
Dec 77 77
May 'S 78
Dec. '
Minneapolis. Sept. za. ,
Wheat Opening. Close.
Dec.'. 75
May ,77 "w
Liverpool, sep.i.
Wheat Opening. Close.
Cs 3d 6s 5V4d
Chicago Wheat.
r.himea. Sont. 29. Wheat opened
77; closed at 77.
Mysterious Alabama Murder,
nirmtiiirnam Sent. 29. The body
of a young and handsome woman was
fouud east or me
i. i,..ioa in tho head. To-
day It was positively identified as
Miss Nellie siieeiu,- wn uiiu.w
from home Thursday. Sho- belonged
to a prominent family. No clue to
the murdered or uio muu-
proved III Feeling.
. ...i i a n Knot 29. In the
Tillman trial today tho examination
..... l I . . .1 uAlnflim frt ilia
Of WiinG88GS COUIUIUUU jeiumu w ...
shooting, and showing continued 111-fot-ling
between Tillman and Gonza
les. Slot Machines Seized.
Twenty owners of slot machines
wero arrested in Seattle Monday and
fined from $10 to $20 each for vio
lating tho state law agnlnBt gambling.
Musicians' Union Makes Trouble in
Chicago, Sept. 29. Tho cornet
band's big parade tonight, which was
to '.be a feature of tho celebration,
will be called off, tho .Musician's
Union having refused to participate
unless tho United States Marino
Band Is ousted irom tho banquet cer
emonies which follow.
The management refused to do this,
hence present indications are that
the sole music for tho Immense pa
rade tonight will bo furnished by one
drum corps.
German Is Accused of Selling Gov
ernment Secrets.
Berlin, Sept. 2ft. Tho sensational
lrlnl of tho secretary of Public Pros
ecutor Dr. Beganza, began this morn
ing. Ho is charged with betraying
olllcial secrets to six prominent men,
who aro also In tho dock charged
with bribery. Three of them are
millionaire bank directors who aro
said to havo paid Haganz $25,000 at
various tlnv's.
Presidents of Three Roads to Meet
Soon at Pullman to Consider Re
ductions. President Hill, of tho Great North
ern; President Mohler, of tho O. R.
& N., and President Mellen, of the
Nnrtherri Pacific, will meet at Pull
man, Wash., in the near future to
consider further reductions of the
rato on wheat from Interior points to
the coast.
Tills moating Is part of a program
arranged by J. J. Hill last year, when
he agreed to meet tho people of
Eastern Washington raoro than half
way on tho Height rato quostlon.
Last year thp rate on wheat from
Kastcrn Washington, points to tho
rnnRt was reduced .2 cents per bush
el and ttils meeting is to bo held
with a view to runner rouucuoun.
This movo on tho part of Mr. Hill
Is thought to bo a means of softening
the people of Washington toward
tho railiouds. lo prevent such bitt'-r
railroad wars In the legislature.
Officers Sentenced to Imprisonment
Who Planned to Avenge the Mur
der of Alexander and Draga Wide
spread and Continuous Butchery of
Bulgarians Massacre of Christians
Constantinople, Sept. 29. Tho Brit
ish ambassador, O'Connor, has pro
tested to tho porto against its fail
ure to carry out tho Russo-Austrlan
reform scheme In Macedonia.
News from Burghas through Insur
gents, says tho Turkish troops havo
withdrawn from tho villages on tho
frrn.ini- nrncumnhlv In nnrnrilnnco
with Bulgaria's request. Tho general
opinion Is mat if open war do averr
ed until snow falls, it will bo a re
spite only in the Bulkans until
Punishing the Anti-Reglcldes.
Belgrade, Sept. 29. Officers of tho
Sen-Ian garrison at Nisha, connect
on win. thn rnnsnlracv to rcvenco the
deaths of Alexander and Draga, wero
Inrlnv Knntnn roil. Cftntaln NovakO-
vitch, the ringleader, gets two years'
imprisonment, the otnera a year or
less. Forty omcers aro impncaiea.
Wholesale Massacre Expected.
Vienna, Sept. 29. Dispatches from
ituv.iv. In Alhnnln. tell of exceSBCB in
tho villages of Oallasbnlk, Mastroff,
Lcutnoff nnd Vucitna. Wholesalo nr-
root nf TlnlirnrlfinR In that dlBtrlCt
continue. Turkey Intends to cele
brate the czar's arrival at Vienna by
a wholesalo massacre or unnsuans
Jumned the Track With Hanna.
Berlin Heights, O., Sept. 29. A
special car on the Lake Shoro Elec
tric road, containing Senator llimnii
and General Herrlck, jumped tho
track at noon. None wero seriously
hurt, although several were more or
loss cut and uruisen.
Strenuous Campaign.
Washington, Sept. 29. That the
administration Is showing great In
terest In Hanna's campaign in Ohio
Is evidenced by tho fact that Shaw,
Wilson. Moody and Cannon aro all
sche'duled to speak nt different points
In tho stnto.
Specialists and Experts of Canada
Are Gathered Together.
mtnu-n rnt. Sent. 29. Special
ists and experts In all branches of
charitable and correctional worK .iru
gathered hero from many parts of tho
rinmlnlnn tn tnkn nnrt In tho Blxth
Canndlan, Confercnco of Charities
and Corrections, which upum-u iuuj
and will bo in session inrougn "
pmninr nnrt nf tho week. Tho pro
gram provides for papers and discus
sions covering tno various puusvn m
charitable nnd philanthropic move
ments, prison reform, charity organ
ization, children's alii societies, re
formation of Juvenllo offenders, in
dustrial schools, nnd tho prevention
and euro of tuberculosis.
Attempt Made at a Wholesale Loot-
Ing of the Sherman House.
Chicago, Sept. -29. A daring at
tempt was nmdo by thlovcs early this
morning to loot tho Sherman House
guests. Tho clerk, Blnglo handed,
after a long battle, ovorcamo one of
tho marauders, who hnd nearly $3,
000 In monoy nnd jewels In bis pos
session. Tho Immense throng of visitors to
tho city's centennial jubilee has at
tracted thugs and hold-ups until it
approaches a reign of terror.
Aged Odd Fellow.
Baltimore, Sept. 29. Benjamin
Selmmerman, tho oldest living past
grand master of the Odd Fellows,
nged 84, Is critically 111 and death
will ensue In n short time. He has
been a member of tho order 50 years.
Cannot Marry Cousin.
The marriage of Helen Sullivan
and James Ioftus, of Seattle, was
annulled by Judge Tallman, Monday,
because tho parties wcro first cous
ins. They were married in 1901 and
havo two children.
Frances Wlllard's Birthday.
Today Is Frances Wlllard's birth
day, but Pendleton has no W. C. T.
U. organization to take tho lead in
celebrating the event.
Document Is In Circulation Now and
Is Being Liberally Signed Will
Accept the Nomination Under Con
dltlona Stated.
New Lord Mayor of London.
London, Sept. 29. At tho meeting
or aldermen nt Guild Hall today, Sir
James Ritchie was elected lord may
or of London for tho coming year.
Ho was born In Scotland In 1835, and
is a brother or Charles Ritchie, tho
noted member of parliament.
Brakeman Was Killed.
Klwood, lnd., Sept. 29. A frolght
train was derailed on the Lnko Urlo
& Western near hero this morning.
Brakeman William Armstrong wns
killed and tho engineer nnd fireman
Blightly Injured.
Lewlston Going Into Debt.
At tho meeting of tho city council
last night City Attorney S. L. Mc
Farland wns Instructed to prepnro a
call for a speclul election to voto on
a proposition to Issuo bonds to tho
amount of $80,000 to redeem out
standing warrants and complete tho
wuter plant. A surplus of $5,000 will
remain, and this will be used ill
water main extensions. Lowlslon
Oregon Paper Changes Hands.
Tho Albany Herald has been pur
chased from! Train and Whitney by
Winn and Westgate, and will bo con
ducted by tho new proprietors on tho
sarno lines as Ihoso pursued by tho
former owners. Tho now purchasers
are Just entering tho field of journalism.
Net earnings of tho Northern Paci
fic for 1903 nro $22,000,000. nn in
crease over 1902 of $2,0ui),000.
Tho friends of W. F. Matlock havo
started a netitlon asking him to lo
como a candldato for mayor at the
coming oloctlon. Tho potltion Btatos
that Mr. Matlock will bo tho candl
datu of tho citizens of tho city. '1 no
miner was started last ovenlng, and
In a short tlroo was signed hv over
30 of tho voters of tho city. It Is in
tho chnrgo of Dr. C. J. Whlttakor,
and will bo completed thlB afternoon
If that gentleman has tho time from
his business to fnrtlior circulate It.
Tho nnllcv of tho nrosnectlvo randi
dato was noted oevornl days ngo, and
It Is assured that Mr. Matlock will no
copt tho call of his friends when tho
petition Is presented with names suf
ficient to entitle It to recognition In
tho law.
Mrs. Van Orsdall Talks Enter
tainingly of Her Trip, and
Other Topics.
Times Are Dull In Illinois, Iowa and
Kansas Grfe.it Interest in Oregon
by Middle States Dwellers Wo
men of Woodcraft Becoming Rich
est Fraternal Order on Coast.
Mrs. C. C. Van Orsdall returned
Sunday morning from Ixiiidvlllc, Col.,
nftor nn absence of six weeks.
"Olad to get back? Most emphat
ically," Bald Mrs. Von Orsdall.
'When you get right down to hard
facts, tho Pnclllc Const Is tho place
anil ICastorn Oregon tho best of nil.
Bnck In Illinois, Iowa and Kansas the
farmers are sitting up nights trot
ting about tho too early advent of
frost. Their corn Is very Into, and
may not have time to mature. Times
aro dull and tho chronic labor
troubles keep everything In a tur
moil. "It Is queer how tho oyca of tho
working classes nro fixed on tho
West. If you say you aru from Or
egon, tho clerks will stop trying to
induce you to pay two prices, to ask
you what tho chances aro for a good
worker on tho coast, what sort of a
climate wo have and a hundred other
"I nttended tho meeting of tho Na
tional Fraternal Congress in Milwau
kee, and our candldato was elected
vIco-prcBldent the first far Western
man to bo honored by tho congress
In this way. The noxt session will be
held In St. 1uIk, whero tho delegates
will bo tho guests of tho fair author
ities. A llttlo concerted effort will
bring the 1905 session to Portland.
"While I was In Colorado tho Wo
men of Woodcraft purchnscd $27,000
worth of bonds, making a total of
$00,000 since July.
"Wo aro making our customary
progross In all departments, nnd nro
rapidly becoming tho richest ordor
per capita nn tho coast.
"Tho hoard has decided that I shall
niako extensive trips tho coming
year, nnd I will be away tho greater
part of tho time."
Kaiibas City, Sept. 29. By unani
mous vote the ironworkers today an
nounced President Roosevelt un.
friendly to union labor In his action
111 IUB mm, v..-.-.
od the govt mors or voiurnuu uu
The Ropsevolt rosolutton, after de
tailing a80' ga: "Wo oelIeve
tt not only essential but imperative
to the welfaro and ultimata success
of the trades umu movement that
the closed shop policy be malntalnod.
There can bo no affinity of inter-
cbIs between tho unionists und their
opponents. Thero was none between
i the patriots and Benedict Arnold;
none between tho apostles nnd Judas,
1 Iscarlot." Copies wero ordered sent
to Roosevelt.
; Buchanan's suggostlou for a con
i forenco of representative union men
throughout America to oppose gov
ernment by injunction, was adopted.
Funds aro now to bo raised to niako
a fight by tho central body so tho
rights of frados unionists will bo
definitely determined.
This Was the Verdict of Dr. Gowen'a
Auditors Lecture Tonight on
H. H. Cowen, tho rector of tho Trin
ity church of eattlo, gave a vory
Interesting lecture last ovonlng nt
tho parish house on tho general sub
ject of Dant.0 and his life, and his
Inlluenco on tho language and civil!-,
zatlou of his country.
A small, but intensely Interested
audlenco greeted the lecturer, who
told thorn of tho early life of 'Dauto,
and showed tbem how ho had res
cued tho Latin lauguago In Us purity
from- tho inroads of other languages.
Ho showed tbem In the writings of
thn poet how ho had Instilled In all
of his works tho religious principles
and bellofs that actuated him, and
pointed out thb effect of the II fu and
writings of the mun on tho history of
his land and of tho world. Tho loc
turo wns very instrnctlvo nnd inter
esting from tho first sontonco to tho
last, and tho auditors wero Borry
when tho recital was omlod.
T)r. Gowcn had announced no or
der for his lectures, and It was an
nounced that ho would speak of
"Othello," but tho lecturer had In
tended to glvo tho other presenta
tion first and did. This ovonlng ho
will deliver tho lecturo that wirs ad
vertised for last night.
Found flo Indictment.
Klyrla. O., Hopt. 29. Tho grand
Jury this morning completed its la
bors without niulliig nn Indictment
for tho Rolchllu niurlnr. This wnB
the caso whorein tho Catholic priest
Walser, was ncciisrd of tho murdor
of Miss Agalhu Rel- llln, sister of u
priOBt wl)om ho iMiing.
Irrigation In Idaho,
Tlioro aro nov 70-,0w acres of cul
tivated land urn. r lr-j Won in Idaho,
the value of vliC- or agricultural
purposes la reported i i 1 ? $31.25 per
acre. Such ns is -t.. .lo for fruit
Is estimated from w0 to 1500 per
One for Goods on Account, the Other
on a Note.
Thu firm of Iluwley Brothers has
filed suit against D 11. Bailey nnd
wlfo for $78.l). alleged to bo due on
a bill of $1115,25 contracted by tho de
fendants botween the dales or April
1, 1901 anil September 1. 1902. S. A.
Newberry is tho plaintiffs' attorney.
It, Alexander has Hied suit In tho
clerk's olllco ngalnst C. C. Morso to
recover on a nolo for joui.irj wun
tntorost at 0 per cent, from June 10.
1903 to tho picHi'n! timo. The platu
tilt asks for the amount of tho note
and for $100 attorneys' fooH, together
with tho other costs nnd disburse
ments of th" action. 8. A. Novborry
is the attorney for tin- plaintiff.
Pioneer Oregon Woman Passes Away
at Milton Last Evening, Aged 88,
Mrs. Clementlno Motley, of Milton,
died last evening of old ago and gen
eral debility. Sho has been ailing for
soino tlino anil thu end was not un
oxpeted Mrs. Motley wbh ilio ninth
er of H. T Motley, of Milton, and
grandmother of Mrs. Davo Ingram, of
Birch creek and had resided In that
city for the past two years.
Sho was a ploni-er of Corvalllb
having crossed tho plains and settled
thero In tho early '0s. She wns 8S
yoara of ago. Thuffliornl took place
ot Milton this afternoon ut 2 o'clock
Last night at the Christian church
Rev. N. II. Brooks, tho pastor of that
Church, united In marrlngo Miss Kth
ol Loretto Konoyer noil Leo It. Cork
rum. Thu groont Is well known In
Walla Willi" where ho has lived for
somo timo. Tho bride was formerly
a resident of Walla Walla, but lum
been a rosldent of thl city for some
time past. Mr. nnd Mrs. Cnrkruru
will mnko tholr homo In Walla WalK
where hor husband Is located In l'' b
ineas. ,
Want Ban Raised.
Sumpto? bufilnoss niou linve pc-ii
Honed tho clly council to ralso the
ban on tho houses of lMamo in tho
city and permit daneo hnllp nnd obon
bongos Iq ho run. Tho council ro
cuntly closed or placed under rigid
rostriclloiiB all tho bagnios- In the
city and thoso petitioners calm this
action Is Injurious to business.
California's output of beans this
year will ho 760,000 Backs," lOP.OOO
sacks uioro than early estimates.