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-'-T fiTffi ;r4-,s V'-: rift
k Eaistera Oregotffmii
I Tonight and Sunday falrj
.? frost tonight: "warmer Sunts
NO. 4 8G5.
r - .. 1 .. 1 W.SJ A
Ins and Preparations for a
Record - Breaking Attend
knee and Work.
rme Advantages of Irrigation by
Winter Flooding Natural Advan
ces of Oregon Much Greater Than
Utah Plans for the Coming
(tate Convention.
3, Hotbronk. of Umatilla, who
one of the delegates from this
i'r to the National Irrigation Con
itlon at Ogrten, was In the city to-
looking after his business Inter
here Mr. Holbrook Is well
sed with the results of the meet
at Optlen, and thinks that good
come from the convention.
he delegates from this stato were
e acquainted with the govern
,t engineers, and made friends
them. They learned to see from
standpoint of the engineers and
now bettor able to look ahead
forsee the outcome of the ques-
. What was done tnere and
,t was said will be remembered to
profit of the delegates, and
zb them to the benefit of the
of the state. The system that
mDlored in Utah, the kind of soil
the results that can be obtained
e all noted by the men who went
Ire as delegates, and the nrtvnn
M of th 0 iii and the climate of
state c it 'nai or man woro ai
noted, and from thesu dbserva.
s the men f tin- stutti will take
n courage n ine caane oi imgu'
Wine l"-;-flfifn.
ilolbiw.n has a hobby, and
. is wlctf " igatlon, and ho has
e han farts In support of his
ry ha made It plain to the In-
nf ha what he says Tie knows,
la greatly in favor of the -govern
it , an-1 thinks that they will
(he m-ans of reclaiming a vast
,er aiTti In the eastern part
tip l' c but he is not willing to
ta ', ces for the government
ai ' p knowB taat It will be
"me br-fore the men at the hea
he o.r-r.ment work can got their
3 in operation, aud he thinks
in the interim he can Taise tiro
dard of the land of this section
:uut he r help, and make long
lira toward the perfection that
be the outcome of the lnstitu-
oi the government projects,
he soli o; thts state Is better
pted to ,rTi nation than that of
at"" v- . bring quicker results
i i i- ".r There is no place la
wor'- wh-e by the simple flooft
of the lard for 10 days in the
ir the owners can raise thousands
lioiisanda of tons of alfalfa with
ease that they can on Butter
k and what can be done there Is
tlcal in the rest of the country
ditch system and the utilization
he flood waters m wnutr lrrlga-
are the means of fertilizing the
nd even before the government
come In with Its help.
he Soil as Storage Reservoir.
has b"en shown by practice that
re all he Hood water Is used in
Ing the land at the time of high
r mat the flow of the stream is
lated. and where In the summer
n dry before the system was put
raetire now under that usage
water for the use pf the farm
s' me time when It Is needed
t hy them. This stnnds to rea.
for 1 hc- ertat amount nf wnter
n runs awav down tht. channnl
stream m the wmtor Is spread
over he EUrrounrtlnir lnnil nnrl
ltd Into It It lpnvo thai In. .I
a large sponge and this water
will, as the season nd
:es find Us way back Into the
ior turtiier utilization by the
along the channel.
i1 13 the mnnnc Hint Mr Ilnl.
T0"1'1., employ for the lmmcdl
ma.Uo5 01 a larKp Portion of
land of the county, and ho is
11 Wl" "rU. for he has
fl',BuT.Mfl,, ,n piaces not 60
adapt 1 to It as the soil of this
of tue srato.
he Coming State Convention.
it '00k want
t lue frst and farmers' Inall-
r JB"ne invention to bo
b-r firnt of Novemwr In
n'W- of irrlnar nn u . . ..i.i
to n. je in. . t r,,, om , ,.-
. ox ins.ru tion. Tn. . hB is
Z , W"K tt0 Columbia Wall
t -,f ihe same time. '
Z ?, dd, rsat.(mlsi.i of tua emm-
whn ,k 1 1UC' aDd I Uor BUiee.
wouiH v' ,u,d 1,0 Poetical):, acfl
mSI. C f '"lr ''"'ony wr to tho
erv -Rd craplojid to mane
' i 'i He would havo the
wii Rio Have nsado iertllo homes
out of sand by tho winter irrigation
plan toll how they had done It, and
would have a stenographer take all
of the speeches for the future use of
the people Interested. In shor.t, he
would mako of tho convention here
nn Institute for tho Instruction of the
people of the county. It will be the
effort of Mr. Holbrook to have the
convention held with this end In
First Centennial of Chicago Cele
brate for a Week.
Chicago, Sept. 26. Chicago Is 100
years old today. The two million cr
more inhabitants and the thousands
of guests knew It when sunrise carac,
even though the elaborate decora
tions of tho city yesterday and the
illuminations last evening may not al
ready havo forcibly Impressed the
fact of the approaching ljlrthday up
on their minds.
As the sun peeped Its head above
tho waters of Lake Michigan I hi?
morning all the bells and factory
whistles of the city Joined In a sa
lute, and the guns of the revenue cut
ters In tho harbor played an obliga
to. The celebration thus ushered In
will continue through the greater
part of next week.
Today was given over largely to
the completion of the final iletnlls
or the festival program, puttlu? the
finishing touches to the denrntlnns,
and tho reception of honored guests.
This nftemoon there were Interest
ing ceremonies connected with the
dedication of memorial tablets mark
ing the slto of the Fort Dearborn
massacre and of other historic events
In the career of the municipality. A
wondrous sight Is promised for to
night vhen tons and tons of Roman
Are will be burned on the tops of tho
tall buildings tlown town In reprodus
iion of the great fire of 1K71
The Dollars and Cents Loss
Will Nearly Reach Half a
Million Dollars.
rtolds Trrat Bank Reserved Should
Be Available for Circulation In
Times of Emergency PUn to Pre
vent "Panic.
Newport NewB. Sept. 2fi. Secretary
'Shaw, era board the steamer Norfolk.
last night, addressed a joint conven
tion of "Maryland and District or Co
lumbia 2jankcrs, offering a plr-n that
he believes will precliifle afl possi
bility of money panics for many
The substance of tits views is 'Jiai
the reserves held Tty hanking insti
tutions should be available in timer
of emergency, and contended 'hat tne
term reserve does not mean mot a
certain amount should lie 3oked up
and nwor touched .
Completed Structure Will Cover the
Largest Electric Power Plant in
the World Similar Accident at the
Coliseum in Chicago Lost Twenty
Lives Several Years Ago.
Chicago, So;n. 2C Six humlred
fact of tho skeleton of the Wstcrn
Electric Company's new steel build
ing collapsed this forenoon, killing
two workmen. A number are missing
anu me death list may Increase.
The iilant Is located nt Hwthorne,
Ambulances have been sent from here
to bring the Injured to the hospitals
The building is to cover the larg
est electric power plant in the world
Bieei trusses and upright posts bolt
ed togetiier a.s one part, :broke which
caused the structure tn fall like
row of cards.
A similar accident wecurred when
the Coliseum was erected several
years ago, where 2 were killed
Tle two killed today 'have been re
moved from the ruins.
The rallapsed portion was 140 icet
In height, excepting the cupolas,
xlilch were at Intervals of 100 feet,
nd each of which was 210 feel high,
The property loss. 'Including the la
bor account upon the collapsed struc
ture, and the coist of rebuilding, will
conKRicrabii- exceed $400,000.
Sixty-six Thousand Ironwork
ers Represented in Kansas
City Convention.
Quotations Furnished by Coe Commis
sion 'Company B. E. Kennedy, Lo
cal Manager.
Pendleton, Sept. S6. Depression in
tho stock market continues and
Btocks -are being old despite low
prices. Market is in tht- lianas or
professionals, with ira support from
any quarter.
Strength ot llie Amonrm innTKei
caused Liverpool whrat to open V
stronger today.
Chicago wheat Oponrx. uiostt.
Dec 1 7 77
May 78 78
Dec. 40
Mav 4C5
Minneapolis, Sept. 2G.
Wheat Opening.
May 78
Chicago Wheat.
Chicago, Sept. 20 Wheat otenl
7714; closed 77 ?g.
78 Vm
Campaign Opt-ns Tonight at Des
Moincs A .Torerunner of 1904.
Des Moines la., Sept. 2C. Tho
mt.ss meeting to he held under the
auspices of Die Polk County Repub
lican Club tonight, with Governar
Cummins as the principal speaker,
will mark the formal opening of the
republican state campaign. For the
next three Toeks the governor will
speak three times a week and then
every day until the. close of the cam
In tecorifuncc with looc-stcnding
custom the presidential campaign in
Iowa b oiwned the year preceding
-eifctlmi so that tho present campaign
is of national as well as state inter
'Wireless Oceanic Telegraph.
.Vcw York, Sept. 2fi. The Lucanla
which urrived. today from Liverpool,
linn the distinction of being the first
vessel to cross the Atlantic in con
stant wireless communication. She
exchanged messages with 10 lefcsds
en .ninte. ,
Curtli Jett Will Hang.
Cynthia, K.. Sept. 2C Curtis Jon
was today sentenced to lie lsajiged
IX'cember 18, for the murder of Jim
Cockrlll. His application for a new
triul ftifiet.
E. Smith Learns About His Affairs
From Outside Parties,
i Smith, the sheep man, was
rnirprlsed this morning to learn t.ot
he was abont to snip -iu.uuv ucau v
mutton sheep to the Eastern market.
He learned that he had Bpoken for
the cars and that all was uxou except
the date of shipment. This was
somewhat of a surprise to Mr. Smith,
no i,n t-nnw that he has 10,000 sheep
which lie would HKe to gi no ui. um
that Is all. . ..m
" xtr smith has on the ranges 10,00.0
sheep which he will dispose ot as
soon as the opportunity presents
itself, but for many reasons he would
rather Bell them to ship. I" 0
effort, then will bo to sell his flock.
.t foiling in this be may decide in
tho future to ship them, but where,
or when. -or to whom he has not yot
Escaped From Reform School.
Drover nankins, tho boy sent to
nnrm school a' QUI a JUUI1W1
ago from this county for robbing the
iftnncn fir Mr. -Itir.bT. near tho city,
i.nAa 'titat.escano -tfuir. that inatltu-
'5i:K3Ui tTK.'Vi ..i mil.,
for 8oW;4to r-j-wifii .captured;,
however, anu is i n' more in cue
school !' 'Jrf n 10 luo uowge
thore will In n p. i . Wlty wear the
Oregon t"'" " i''i'-
MaJor Pt'tmar t aUlng uproc,
ha sold for S1""s ,fi i'w Yovlt. Iiw
record 4s 2 00',
Suspected Thai a Dead Man Is
neath the '.Coal at Cavuse.
It Is reported by men of ihe city
who have been to thu scene of the
wrecV In Cuyiiwo canyon, that there
is beginning to 'bo noticed there a
stcncli arising from the heaps of coal
that are piled in the river bottom
along Hie side of rthe track.
Yesterday the company- brought In
four carloads of coal picked from the
debris, but there Js a vast amount
that has been pushed over the bank
Into the river. Tho coal Is mixed
with wrecitage of all kinds, and it Is
tnought that on the bottom of the
mass uro tho remains .of a tramp who
was riding on the train at the time
of tho wrf-ck. unknown to the crew.
Large Land Treat.
One of the biggest deals In farm i
lands to be made In recent months
will be closed tomorrow whon D. H.
WUsey, a prominent Yellow Hawk
farmer, will pay over to Mike Toner.
$33,000 for his ECO acre farm located
on the Cottonwood, eight miles south
eaut uf Walla Walla. The alo has
been practically closed, only tho for
mal signing of the deeds being neces
sary for Mr. W'llsey to become the
owner of ono of the finest farms in
the Walla Walla valley Walla Walla
City Marshal of Independence Under
Arrest Charged With Threatenlna
Militia Eight Hours and Increas
ed Pay for Coal Miners Electrical
Workers Elect Officers.
Kansas City, Sept. 26. An open
schism took place in the Ironworkers'
convention. President Duchannn this
morning adjourned the convention
because he could not control it. He
Bet no time for reassembling, but the
Parks delegates met at 2 this after
noon. Parks In his shirtsleeves pre
siding. They made no attempt to
placate the Buchanan faction. There
are 45 straight anti-Parks delegats in
tht body
Critical Stage Reached.
Later The Ironworkers' delibera
tions today owing to factional fights,
presents a critical stage, which may
result in disruption of the union,
which has 00,000 members.
More Trouble at Cripple Creek.
Cripple Creek, Sept. 2G. City Mar
shal Lynch, of Independence, was ar
rested last night charged with threat
ening the militia. Other arrests have
been ordered. A squad of cavalry
surrounds Labor Leader Dods
worth's house and no one Is allowed
entrance or egress.
Electrical Workers.
Salt Lake, Sept. 20. The Interna
tional Brotherhood of Electrical
Workers has adjourned. Among the
seven vlco-pr sldents elected today
is A." J. Snlllvan, of San Francisco.
William Gllsdorf was elected goner'
al orgatilrer. Popular vote from th
locals will decide which city El Pa
so or i.nntsvll!e, gets the next convention.
Dominion Will Make a Great Live
stocX Display at St, Louis.
Toronto, Ont., Sept. 2C The Do
minion department of agrlcultue,
with the ncVve co-operation of the
Canadian Livestock Associations, is
making active preparations on
large scale for the exhibition of Ca
uadlan Ttvestool: at the St. Louis
World's Fair. It Is proposed to make
the exhibit the largest nna most rep
resentative display of Its kind ever
Efforts are now maiung with hopes
of .success to secure a government
appropriKtion of $100,000 to aid the
Accused of Selling Brands Under
Counterfeit Labels.
Lancaster. Pa., Sept. 26, S. R.
Ross, manufacturer of cigars in Lan
caster, and his factory manager, H.
b. Ryder, havo been indicted by the
grand jury (two indictments being
found against each) for manufactur
ing and selling cigars under counter
felt labels and trade marks, all of
the brands being celebrated and used
by owners of Imported Havana goods.
One of the tirands was "Manual
Garcia,1' and one was "La Carolina,'
both of which are vhe property of the
Havana Commercial Company. An
other was "Henry Clay." belonging
to the Henry Clay and Bock & Com
pany, Ltd.
Complications Continue In the Colo
rado Mining Camp.
Cripple Creek, Sept 2G. Further
habeas corpus proceedings were In
stituted "today in the district court to
release President Kennason, of dis
trict No. I, and of Member of the Ex
ucltlvo Committee Davis, who are in
the bull pen without warrant, no in
formation ever being filed against
them. Two union strike breakers are
also confined, and arc Included In the
Offers $500 Reward
Portland, Sept. 26. The O. R. &
N', Company has offered a reward of
$500 each, for the capture cf the men
who attempted to hold up train No.
C, at Troutdale, Tuesday nlghL
Mrs. Davis Still III.
Buffalo, Sept. 20. The condition of
Mrs, Davis is unchanged. Her illness
Is said to be due to obstruction of
the bowels.
ft. 0. II. IN. IS
Financial Affairs of Famous
Fraternal Benefit Order Are
in Bad Shape.
Sixteen Thousand Members Were
Taken Into the Order In California
In Three Years' Time Debts Now
Reach a Quarter Million Dollars
Urgent and Great Issue.
San Francisco, Sept. 26. Tho A
O. U. W. national convention was ad
dressed by Past Supreme Muster Wil
son, of Michigan, who explained a.
plan for relief for the debts which
are piling up and now amount to
California took In 16,000 members
within three years about 25 years
ago. Tnese members are now rapid
ly dying, and the plan to meet these
obligations Is to increase the month
ly assessments of all members be
tween 54 and 65 years to $4.20 per
mouth. Unless some plnn like this
Is followed it will take $30,000,000 to
pay the denth benefits in California.
In a few years.
Lives Were Lost on Both Sides, and
One Hundred and Forty Houses
Destroyed Interests of Foreigners
Were Not Involved,
Private Theater Burned,
San .Francisco, Sept. 2C. Fire to
day destroyed the private theater
and ballroom In the residence ot M
H. DeYoung. It also destroyed bric-a-brac
and pictures worth over $10,-
000. Two firemen were hurt. The
main building was uninjured.
"Shorter Hours and More Pay.
Fort Worth, Texas, Sept. 26. The
conftrence f miners and mine own
ctb closed today. It Is a victory for
the aniners, "who get an eight-hour
day and Increase of 17 cents per
ton. The owners say the Increase
will amount to $250,00 annually.
Men "Who Uttered It Afterward Forc
ed io Disgorge.
Two men passed a forged check
this morning on the clerk -of the Hotel
St. George. The paper was drawn on
H. S. Hott and . was for $15. One of
the men was a former anmiaintance
of the clerk at Uolse, and be agreed
to stand good for the check.
As soon as lie had taken tho paper
ti;e clerk became suspicious and
took It to the bank, where It was de
clared to be a forgery. The clerk
then followed the men to the train,
wnero lit) lound them, and forced
them to refund the money. They left,
on the train for the cast. Their
names are not known.
The sovereign grand lodge of 1. O.
O. i has voted $1,000,000 with which
to build a memorial building In Baltimore
Portland. Sepf. 26--A. M. Craw- , William H Willis, one of the oldest
ford, ntntrucy-geiieial of Oregon, rt!I lraft' Honors in tho state, prefers the
vuiutva. tio uiicKUS mat urawioru.
ho formally charged before the Statw (
liar AeoitaUun Mon'tiiy next, with
the erimo of po 1ury That body win
u 4 i LtVt
Id a case in vuIUi he was defendant
perjured himself while testifying in
h's own behalf A mass of doctiro.'o
iry evidence will bi presented.
St. Petersburg. Sept. 26. The offlc
lal version of the riots at Gomel was
made public today. It claims, the
trouble was started hy a fishmonger
fight, after which Jews paraded the
streets shouting, "This Isn't Kisb
neff," and dared resistance. They
nred revolvers, snowing they were
ramed. Railroad workmen became
incensed and attacked the Jews, and
a general fight resulted in which 140
houses were destroyed and many in
jured. The Hebrew leaders were ar
' Losses Stated.
Washington, Sept 26. The state
department has advices from the
American charge d'affalrs at St,
Petershurg, stating that eight Jews
ana Jive Christians lost their lives In
the Gomel riots. Neither foreigners
nor foreign Interests suffered.
Assembly Hall Beautifully Decorated
for Tonight's Unique and Interest
ing Entertainment.
tiigu scnooi assembly hall was
never more beautUuIly decorated, nor
was It ever the scene of a more
worthy undertaking than that of this
afternoon and tonight.
This Is flower day at the public
scnooi, ana me taeai is being carried
out to a full realization by pupils
and teachers. The assembly hall is
tastefully arranged with tables of cut
flowers, cosy corners, made of cling
ing vines and flashing blossoms, fes
toons of dainty flowers swinging
here and thore, and varl-colored
strlugs of Japanese lanterns, pots of
dreaming posies and a profusion of
oioom, perfume ana color everywhere.
The afternoon was devoted to final
touches and arrangement for tho
evening reception. It is to be no
stiff, formal affair, but it Is school
flower day. and everybody Is wel
come and Invited. The teachers and
pupils havo shown a wonderful ener
gy and taste in preparing for the day
and should be encouraged by the
presence of a large crowd of patrons
of the school.
Motschmann's orchestra, consisting
of piano, violin, cornet and clarinet,
will furnish music at the evening re
ception, from 8 to 10:30. There will
bo no regular program, except tne
musical program furnished by this
excellent orchestra, and as it Is the
result of a worthy plan laid by the
teachers and women's clubs last
spring, it should be made -..e happi
est occasion of iho school year.
O. R. & N. Is Using Gravel From, an
Immense Pit Near La Grande.
W. Bollens has returned from a.
visit to La Grande, where he has beeo
for several days starting the work on
tho 30-milo stretch of track that is
being overhauled at that place.
It Is the intention of the company
to reballast the track east of La.'
Grande for some distance, and the
work now under way is the begin
ning. For a long time the company
has been looking for gravel, and it
has at- last found a bed near La
Grande that will furnish It with -all
of tho gravel It needs, and the wort
on the track will be pushed as (ast
as possible.
The cars at the gravel pit arj be
ing loaded with a new steam crane,
such as has not been used In this
part of tho country before. It la
much faster than the old steam shov
el, and does the work better
W. C. Mlnnis Will Begin in Business
Again After October 7, After a
Year's Idleness.
W, C. Mlnnis, who was formerly In
the wood business in this city, but
who sold out to i: P. Collier a year
ago, will agal nenter the field about
October lu.
Mr. Mlnnis is well and favorably
known in this city and county, hav
ing conducted here ono of tho largest
and most extensive wood markets in
Eastern Oregon for several years. Ho
has a large amount of timber trib
utary to the O. R. & N. track, at
Murdock spur, near Meacham, and
will have a full stock on hand for the
winter trade, by the time set for
opening his business, on October 7.
Death of Mrs, Fitzgerald.
Mrs. Rboda Fitzgerald died last
night at bor home In Portland, from,
tho effects of childbirth. Mrs. Fita
gerald was well known here, 'where
sbo has many relatives and friend,.
and where she made her homo before
her marriage. As yet no ono In tho'
city has received word concerning
the arrangements for her funeral.
The little hoy born Is well and '
robust child.
C. H, Carter Recovcrlnfl.
Air and Mrs Charles H. Carter
havo rtUfhPd from the roust and
rortlnnd-tfliero t'jey went for the
henefti Mffilt. L'arier'B lW'b Mr
Carter has about recovered from Vs
iocsnt siclt rpejl und will bo in lis
dOJce frvm now on.
Decree of Divorce.
Judge Ellis today handed down ft '
decision in the divorce caso of
Carter vs. Alile M. Carter. The plals-
tiff alleged desertion and cruel and
inhuman treatment as tho caiiso for i
thu action, and in the estimation of
Hut court thft rhart?tt wnu fliiRtalftarf.
The couple wcro married on Juno 34,
18S9. Balleray & McCourt werjfc e,
attorneys for tho plaintiff.
Will Feed Cattle.
Boddy and Copplck, of Atbbba,
have purchased Iho herd of "itiltM!''
belonging to Warren Bros., nf Blr
kpy Prairie, and will food theiit -ta-
Ihe neighborhood of Athena tb8 vfae- t
ter. Hay Is very high priced in Star1 -
;cy, Hint other Eastern Oregon pofaun
and buyers find sUx-1: and beet eatifjs
sHIing very c-oap.
Returned From Hot Lake.
B. ' J. Sotninervtllo, the county
treasurer, accompanied by his daugh
ter. Miss Esther, returned tMs inorn
Ing from Hot Lake, where they have
been for a couple of weoks. Mr.
Hommerville went, there to spend Uls T, C. Taylor. oflhJiJiyy,,
vacationfandretufnsto his ,;rpBcAyjk grahfl wtaudardjitiwJBl
nninh InVmWfd' In "lifialtb. fl.TOHKnieFitj(T2mrjlnF'raf f!Vt
, In Grand Conr-mandery.
at Albany this we J;
grand wjr.' It i
iuai.t t J j st. year,
Cuba has
f cr, but
,i p uore tv
t Lm ery
i. year. .